By AngelDawn30

Previously on Friday (highlights)
Jane and Sara met at the pool
Angel called Jane's secretary to learn a little more about Jane
Michelle's secretary, Abby, called Joy to set up a titfight between Michelle and Joy
Jack called Angel with more information about the missing ring
Lisa called Angel to schedule an interview for a job as a receptionist/personal assistant
Jack texted Angel and invited her to a ballgame on the following Monday night
Sara called Wendy and they made plans to meet Saturday evening
Ashley showed Wendy a home for sale on Lake Grapevine
Jane visited Angel at Angel's home

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Angel and Jane

Angel Unicorn in leather
Jane Unicorn in leather | Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Jordan Carver, Jordan's and Hot Blonde

It was a little after eleven in the morning when Jane woke up.. she looked and Angel was not there.. she rolled out of bed and saw a light pink fluffy robe laying across the bottom of the bed with a piece of paper laying on top... it read “For Jane” Jane smiled.. “Angel thinks of everything.' she thought as she slipped the robe on and went to the bathroom. She found a toothbrush with her name written on another piece of paper that was taped to the toothbrush. Again she smiled. She was feeling so very content with Angel. She brushed her teeth and then headed down the spiral staircase... she smelled something good.. Following the scent she made her way into the kitchen where Angel has just finished making pancakes.

Jane walked over to Angel, who was still bare-footed, wearing a pair of jeans with a navy blue t-shirt that read 'NAVY' in big white letters. She smiled at Angel and leaned forward and kissed her... “You made pancakes?”

“Umm hummm... the best pancakes on the block.”

Jane laughed.. then she looked into Angel's deep blue-green eyes.. “Oh my.. you know what they say about spending the night with someone and they make pancakes the next morning.”

Angel stared straight into Jane's beautiful eyes.. “That they are falling in love?”

Jane was speechless.. she stared for a few moments at Angel before speaking.. “Angel.. I.. I.. I don't really know..”

Angel quickly reached around and slapped Jane's ass...'Smack!' .. “Just kidding.. here, sit down.. I'll bring you some Angelic pancakes.”

Jane sat down... wondering if she had just blown the opportunity of a lifetime. Angel placed a plate in front of her with two pancakes.. there was real maple syrup and butter on the table... with strawberry preserves.. and grape jelly.. and some apple butter. A moment later Angel was back with a cup of coffee. “Cream or sugar?”

“Just black is fine.. it's all fine Angel.. it's perfect... thank you.”

“Kinda strong coffee this morning.. it may cross your eyes.” Angel laughed as she sat down at the kitchen table with Jane.

Jane took a few bites... Angel's pancakes were very good. “Mmm these are good.”

“I'm glad you like them... I was thinking about the rest of our weekend.”

“Un huh.” Jane replied with her mouth full of pancakes.

“I thought we would go shopping at some antique stores.. there's an area where there are several of them within walking distance from each other.. then I thought we could go get a manicure and a pedicure.”

“Oh that would be nice.” Jane smiled as she devoured Angel's pancakes.. She was hungry.

“Angel, there is one problem... we will have to stop at my apartment.. I forgot to bring clothes... in fact, I did not bring anything”

“You can wear my clothes.. we are about the same size.. it will be fun... and I should have most anything you will need in personal items... make-up.. eye liner.. whatever. ”

Jane giggled.. “I would love to wear your panties Angel.” Again they both laughed. After they finished off the pancakes, Jane helped Angel straighten up the kitchen before they walked back upstairs to get ready.

“I am going to take a shower Angel.”

“Ok... you need to run the hot water for about a minute before getting in the shower.”

Jane walked into the bathroom, took off her robe and turned the water on... she found a hair towel.. twisted and wrapped it around her head and a few minutes later she stepped into the shower.. it was a huge shower.. about the size of a walk-in closet. Jane could have laid down in the shower and stretched her arms up over her head without touching either end. She grabbed a round body sponge, squirted some soap on it and stepped under the shower. She closed her eyes as she lathered up her body, enjoying the warm water... then she heard the shower door slide open.

“Want some company?” Angel purred.

'Mmmmmmm yes, I would love some company.”

Angel stepped into the shower and closed the shower door.

“You're hair is going to get wet.” Jane said as she noticed that Angel had not wrapped up her hair in a towel.

Angel moved close to Jane, reached up and untied her hair wrap and tossed it over the top of the shower door. “So is yours.” Angel said as she took the sponge from Jane's hand and began to wash Jane's big tits. “God I love your tits, Jane.” She pressed the sponge into Jane's tits as Jane moaned... sliding the sponge up and down and around each of Jane's over-sized tits.. dragging the sponge back and forth across Jane's nipples which were now hard and extended. “I love your nipples too,” Angel whispered as she washed around Jane's neck and shoulders with the sponge. “Turn around.” Jane turned around as Angel squirted more soap onto the sponge and began to wash the back of Jane's neck and shoulders.. slowly moving down her back... sliding the sponge up and down Jane's spine until she reached Jane's buttocks. She slid the sponge around and around each of Jane's ass cheeks before pushing the sponge between Jane's thighs. Jane moaned as she moved her right leg out, widening her stance as Angel slipped the sponge through her thighs and up to her pussy... rubbing up and down Jane's slit with the soapy sponge.

“Ohhhhhhhh Angel.” Jane moaned as Angel massaged her pussy with the sponge.

Angel stepped closer and pressed her massive tits against Jane's lower back as she reached around with her free hand and began to stroke Jane's clit as she pushed the sponge against Jane's vagina. She rubbed and pressed her fingers against Jane's clit as she slowly managed to push a little bit of the sponge into Jane's vagina.

“Oh God Angel!” Jane moaned as Angel pushed more and more of the sponge into her pussy.. she would squeeze the sponge then push it in.. then squeeze some more and push it in.. until after a couple of minutes, Angel had pushed all of the sponge inside Jane's hot cunt.. with only the string hanging out of her pussy....her fingers continued to dance on Jane's clit... rubbing up and down as Angel mushroomed her heavy tits against Jane's back. Jane was beginning to breathe deeply as Angel stepped to her left and pushed her pussy against Jane's hard left ass cheek... and began to grind her pussy on Jane's tight ass.

“Mmmm.. does that feel good Jane?”

“Yesssssssssss!!” Jane gasped as she began to thrust her ass against Angel's pussy. For the next several minutes they humped against each other.. pussy to ass... as Angel continued to slide her fingers up and down and back and forth against Jane's hard clit.
“Oooooooooouuuuuuuu.” Jane moaned with pleasure... the sponge stuffed inside her vagina was wonderful. Angel's fingers were working magic on her clit and Jane was getting close to an orgasm …. so she turned around facing Angel. “Now its my turn to wash you.” She spoke softly as she looked down at their huge tits almost touching. “It seems we have misplaced the sponge.” Jane grinned as she reached for the bottle of soap and squirted it over Angel's big tits. “I guess I will have to wash you with my tits.” Jane pushed her tits against Angel's and they both moaned as Jane began sliding her huge tits back and forth against Angel's... the soap making their tits slippery as they easily slid against each other.. back and forth.. up and down.. mushrooming as they met before slipping past each other. Jane lowered herself down and placed her tits beneath Angel's and slowly slid up... until their extended nipples met and flicked past each other.

“Ohhhhhhhhh.” Angel gasped as Jane slid her massive tits back down.. their long hard nipples flicking past each other again... up... flick … down … flick .. up... flick … down … flick .. up... flick … down … flick .. again and again as they moaned together. It was the ultimate turn on for both women who loved big tits and who were now pressing their big tits together.. sliding them up and down against each other. Jane's pussy was on fire with the sponge still buried inside her vagina as they began to sway their tits back and forth against each other.. flicking their hard nipples each time they passed. They would sway in opposite directions as Angel's left tit would mushroom against Jane's right tit then slip between Jane's tits as Jane's right tit would slide between Angel's tits... as they continued their movement, Angel's left tit would mushroom against Jane's left tit before slipping past each other.. then they would move in the opposite direction.. dragging their heavy tits back across each other.. each time one of their tits would squeeze past the others tit, their nipples would meet and spring apart.. sending chills up and down their spines. Angel and Jane kept massaging each others tits for several more minutes.. it felt so good.. sliding and mashing them together in the slippery soap.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Angel.. I love your big tits!!” Jane gasped as she stopped swaying and pushed her huge rack against Angel's... tit to tit... mushrooming them together and reaching behind Angel and holding her as they ground their large tits into each other. “Mmmmmm.” Jane purred.

“Ahhhhhhhhh.” Angel gasped as she began to titfuck Jane.. moving in and out.. their tits pushing and releasing.. but always in contact with each other.. their hair was wet.. water dripping off of their hair and running down their backs as they pumped their tits together again and again. Jane pushed her thigh between Angel's legs and began moving her thigh up and down against Angel's pussy as Angel moved her thigh against Jane's pussy. They slowly lowered themselves down a little so they could press their hot cunts more firmly against the top of each others firm thighs as they began to hump their thighs against each others cunts. “Oooooooh Jane.” Angel groaned as they fucked each others cunts with their thighs. Humping and bucking.. still pumping their tits together as the warm water sprayed over their heated bodies. Angel and Jane were getting close to an orgasm as they ground their smooth thighs against each others pussys. ...but neither one of them wanted to cum yet... they were enjoying fucking each other and wanted it to last.... so Jane stepped back... cupped her heavy tits in her hands and pointed them at Angel.

“You love my big tits, don't you Angel?” Jane purred.

“Hell yes I love your big tits.”

“And you adore my long hard nipples too, don't you?” Jane toyed with Angel as she pinched her throbbing nipples.

“Yessssssss love your nipples.”

Jane released her hard nipples and reached for Angel's concrete rods.. twisting and squeezing them between her fingers as Angel moaned. Angel reached out and began playing with Jane's stiff nipples.. rolling them between her fingers as she tugged and pulled on them causing Jane to gasp with pleasure. They twisted and pulled and tugged each others nipples back and forth …. up and down ... until they were moaning with pleasure. “Mmmm Angel... I love your nipples.”

Angel released Jane's nipples from her fingers and moved closer to Jane.. her nipples were so fucking hard as she pointed them at Jane's pair. Jane understood what Angel wanted to do.. she wanted to touch nipples with her as she lined up the stiff points and pressed hers against Angel's. “Ouuuuuuuu.” …. '”Ahhhhhhhh” they moaned together as the sensitive tips of the hard nipples touched and pushed together.. but it only lasted a few seconds as they slipped past each other in the slippery water and soap... poking into each others areolas. Angel stepped back then moved forward again.. placing her long steel rod next to Jane's equally hard extended iron spike. They moved forward... both of them somewhat curious as to whose nipples were really longer... they both watched in awe as the incredible length of their nipples slowly moved against each other.. the tips getting closer and closer to each others areolas.... closer …. closer... before Angel's nipple touched Jane's areola first. Angel had longer nipples... not by much.. perhaps an eighth of an inch... Angel smiled as she whispered to Jane... “Told you so.” Jane reached around and playfully slapped Angel's ass. “Oww.” Angel said as Jane laughed.

“Yes, you do have longer nipples... you have to be the only woman in the world with longer nipples than mine.. and for the next couple of days.. they are all mine.”

“Mmmm Jane... all of me is all yours.” Angel said as she leaned forward, mashing their big tits together as she kissed Jane.. it was a loving kiss as they parted their lips and swirled their tongues together slowly.. moving them around and around each other for the longest time before stepping back. Angel them dropped to her knees in front of Jane as she placed her hands on Jane's incredible hard ass and began squeezing and kneading her tight buttocks. She moved her face toward Jane's hot pussy, extending her tongue and began licking Jane's clit... long strokes... using the entire length of her long tongue as she licked up and down Jane's hard clit. Jane reached down and grabbed two hand-fulls of Angel's wet blonde hair and tugged her face closer to her pussy as Angel licked and sucked at her clit. .. licking... stroking... pausing occasionally and sucking Jane's clit into her mouth. … licking … up … down … up … down … flicking Jane's hard clit with her tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhh Angel....... Angel …. I want to cum on your tongue.” Jane moaned deeply as Angel licked faster and faster... stroking Jane's clit with her long tongue. She could tell that Jane was getting close to her orgasm as she grabbed the string that was attached to the sponge and slowly began to pull it out of Jane's vagina.. licking her clit hard as she pulled more and more of the sponge out... the sponge quickly reforming its shape as it squeezed out of Jane's hot fuck-hole. “God Yessssssssss!” Jane panted as her hips began to buck.. jerking her clit against Angel's tongue... just as the sponge popped free of her vagina, Angel latched her lips tightly on Jane's clit and sucked hard... her cheeks hollowing as she sucked on Jane's jerking clit. “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!” Jane panted … “I'm Cummmmmming Angel!! … Cummmmming!!” Angel quickly moved her mouth to Jane's vagina and sucked the juices that were gushing from Jane's cunt... sucking and lapping as she reached for Jane's clit and pinched it hard between her fingernails. “YESSS!! .. Cummmmmmmmmming!!!” Jane screamed as she came.. her body trembling as she gushed into Angel's mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmm” Angel moaned as she kept her lips glued to Jane's cunt.. sucking her pussy cum into her mouth. “Mmmmmm.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss.” Jane gasped and moaned as she fucked Angel's mouth with her steaming cunt for another minute before Angel stood up and pulled Jane close, parted her lips and kissed her deeply... sharing Jane's pussy cum in a long tongue twisting deep kiss leaving both of them breathless. “Mmmmmm.. Angel... you are sooooo fucking hot.”

“You are incredible Jane.”

Jane placed her hands on Angel's shoulders and pushed her down to her knees... she then knelt down on her knees facing Angel and kissed her... It was a long gentle kiss, their tongues rolling together. “Lay down on your back.”

Angel placed her arms behind herself with her hands on the shower floor and slowly lowered herself down.. extending her legs as she looked up at Jane.. “Are we going to fuck?”

Jane had also laid down and was scooting toward Angel.. parting her thighs as she moved closer.. “We are going to fuck.”

Angel began to scoot closer to Jane as they scissored their legs... the warm water of the shower constantly spraying on them... “I love to fuck.”

“I love to fuck too, Angel.” Jane inched her cunt closer to Angel's.

“Mmmmmmmmm … let's fuck Jane.” Angel gasped as she pushed her pussy into Jane's feeling their swollen labia spreading out against each other.

Jane scooted just a bit more... pushing their open pussys tightly together. .. “Ohhhh .. Oh yessssssss.” Jane moaned as she began moving her hips in a small clockwise motion, rubbing and grinding her cunt against Angel's. “I bet I can make you cum before I do.”

Angel smiled as she also began to move her hips in a clockwise direction.. grinding with Jane … “I bet you can't.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh.” Jane moaned as their clits met and sprang apart.. “Yes I can.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh Jane.. your pussy feels sooooooooo good against mine.” Angel moaned as they fucked each other, their pussys tightly pressed together. “Ohhhhhh you are going to cum before I do.”

They began to grind harder against each other... trying their best to make the other cum first as they fucked and fucked and fucked. Both women had lifted their asses up off the tiled shower floor and began to push into each other.. with the water making their movements difficult. They kept sliding around as they humped and ground their open cunts together... their clits flicking and grinding together. Angel and Jane grabbed each others legs making it easier to pull each other together on the slippery floor. Again and again their clits flicked and pushed and drilled into each other as they began to moan louder and louder.. their moaning reverberating off the walls of the tiled shower.... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yessss.. fuck me Angel.” Jane gasped as they forced their clits harder and harder against each other... grinding … thrusting … fucking.

“Unnnnnnnnn Jane... ohhhhhhhh fuck me!!!”

“Fuck me Angel!”

“Fuck me Jane!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckkkkkkkkkk!”

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck!!”

Angel felt her orgasm nearing as she ground against Jane's clit as hard as she could.. jerking her clit up and down against Jane's... “Fuck!!!!!!”

Jane could tell that Angel was close as she bucked her hips wildly.. mashing their clits hard together …. “Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK!!! … Jane suddenly felt the rush of pleasure begin... she tried to focus her mind and turn it off... but there was no stopping it.. she knew she had reached the point of no return... her only chance of winning was to make Angel cum before she did. She frantically jerked her hips quickly up and down.. stroking their swollen clits together as fast as she could... “God!!” Jane groaned.

Angel was gasping.. her orgasm approaching... “Ohhhhhhhhhh Jane!! I am gonna cum Jane!!!”

“Me too Angel!!” Jane groaned deeply... “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssss!!! .. Cummmmmmmmmming !!!”

Angel felt Jane's clit spasm against hers.. then a split second later she felt the warmth of Jane's cunt contracting against hers.. Jane was cumming hard against her pussy... somehow Angel had out-lasted Jane as Jane began to tremble.. her cunt twitching and jerking against Angel's... a few seconds later Angel felt her vagina gush hard.. really hard... her pussy juice spraying deep inside Jane's cunt.. “Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK!!! Jane!! Squirting!!!.... Fuck yessssssss … Cummmmmmmmming !!!

“Cummmmmmmmmming!” Jane whimpered and moaned.

“Cummmmmmmming!” Angel cried out as her pussy squirted her sweet hot cum inside Jane. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss!”

“Ohhhh Angel.. I feel your pussy squirting into mine !!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. gonna Cummmmmm again... Ohhhhhhhh Angel!! Cummmmmmmmming!!”

“Cummmmmmmmmming Jane!! Cummmmmmming!”

They moaned and gasped as they came together several more times... multiple orgasms flooding their cunts as they fucked each other.... finally laying down on their backs.. the shower spraying them as they gasped and moaned... “Ohhh Angel.. that was sooooooo fucking good.”

“Yesssssssss... Mmmmmmmm Jane.. God I love fucking you.”

“Mmmm I love fucking you too Angel.”


“I think you won Angel.”

Angel knew that Jane had cum first, but she was not the kind of woman who was going to brag about it... certainly not to someone that she was fond of... and there was no point of 'rubbing it in'. “Mmm.. did I? .. I was lost in the moment.”

“Yes... you came just before I did.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm... sooooooooo.. that means.... that I get the bathroom first!!” They both laughed as Angel stood up....then helped Jane get to her feet. They stepped out of the shower.. grabbing two towels and drying off each other... pausing every few seconds to share a tongue kiss. It took them ten minutes to finish drying each other as the kisses lasted longer and longer each time they kissed. Two hours later they had dried their hair... each of them putting their hair in a pony tail.. had applied their make-up, eye-shadow and eye-liner and were ready to pick out some clothes to wear. They decided on t-shirts and jeans with athletic shoes. Jane knew that she and Angel were almost identical in size, but she was still pleasantly surprised when Angel's jeans fit her exactly right...hugging her ass perfectly. did one of Angel's beige 34E bras ..and as did the red t-shirt with the Coca-Cola logo written in white. She was also surprised that Angel's shoes fit her perfectly. They both wore a size 6 or 6 ½ … Angel had picked out a white t-shirt that read 'Support our troops'. Even with their jeans and t-shirts, Angel and Jane looked hot … the t-shirts had scooped necklines which showed off a little of their cleavage... not a lot.. but just barely enough to draw attention.. indeed they looked hot…. smoking hot. They grabbed two pair of sun-glasses and were off to spend the afternoon shopping.

To be continued