By AngelDawn30


Wendy and Ashley

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A few weeks earlier Wendy had called Ashley Williams about showing her some homes on Lake Grapevine. Wendy had chosen Ashley because she had seen her picture on her website and Ashley was very attractive and had an amazing pair of massive tits. Wendy had a saying .... 'When in doubt, go with the big tits.' The Corleone family had several lake front as well as ocean front homes but none near where she and Carlo lived. She was quite sure she could convince Carlo in purchasing a home on Lake Grapevine. It was close to their estate.. she could be there in thirty minutes and it would be a great weekend retreat. Ashley told her that she would call her when she found something that Wendy might be interested in. When her cell phone rang, Wendy was pleased to see that it was Ashley.

“Hi Ashley. Did you find me a home?”

“Something just became available and I think you will love it... when may I show it to you Mrs. Corleone?”

“You may call me Wendy.. and how about right now?”

“Right now works for me Wendy. Should I meet you there are pick you up?”

“You can pick me up at my home.”

“Ok. I have the address.. It will take me about twenty minutes to get there.”

“Ok Ashley... text me when you are at the gate and I will let you in.”

“I will... see you in twenty minutes.”

“Ok Ashley... bye.”

Wendy had to change clothes.. she wanted to fuck Ashley.. but she wanted to be seduced... so she had to wear something hot. Ten minutes later she was dressed in a pair of white short shorts which showed off her lovely legs and she had put on a black low cut bra with a red tank top that had a very low scooped neckline which made the upper swells of her huge tits visible. She grabbed the bottom of her tank top and yanked it down until you could see the edge of her bra. … perfect. A pair of two inch heels completed the outfit.. along with about twenty thousand dollars worth of diamonds hanging from her ears and around her neck. She looked fabulous.

Wendy got the text from Ashley and let her in the gate... she was waiting for her on the steps when Ashley pulled up to the front of her home. Wendy quickly jumped in to Ashley's car and they were on their way to Lake Grapevine. Ashley was wearing a dark red skirt … almost a deep purple-red... and the skirt was very short, riding more than halfway up Ashley's smooth thigh athletic legs. Wendy immediately noticed... and she also noticed that Ashley's white blouse fit around her big tits perfectly... and even though it was completely buttoned, it was more than obvious that Ashley had a huge pair of tits under her white blouse. Wendy's nipples twitched as she looked up and down Ashley's hot body. At first they made small chit chat.. Ashley asked her a few questions and Wendy politely answered. When they were about halfway there, Wendy noticed that her nipples had created a couple of tents on the front of her tight tank top... she thought it would be a good way to change the subject to something more sexy. “Damn, would you look at that?”

“What?” Ashley asked.

“My nipples are poking out... it is so hard to keep them from doing that.”

“I know what you mean.. I wear nipple covers.. Bezi bra disks... or I would be poking out all the time.”

“Oh I suppose I could do that... but I have to confess.. I kinda like 'em showing.”

“Me too, but I have to be careful.... don't want to give the wrong impression to anyone.”

“I can appreciate that Ashley.. but I don't mind if your nips show.”

Ashley laughed.. “I'll remember that next time.”

Wendy leaned a little toward Ashley... “I don't mind if it's this time Ashley.”

Ashley gulped... Was Wendy making a pass at her? She looked over and tried not to gasp as she noticed that Wendy was pinching her nipples through her tank top... as if she was trying to make them even more visible... and they certainly were visible.. Wendy's nipples were stretching the front of her tank top.... Ashley could only imagine how big they really were …. without all the clothing holding them back. As they continued their short journey, Ashley would occasionally steal a peek at Wendy's massive tits and those hard nipples. It was difficult to keep her eyes on the road as they drove to Lake Grapevine and she was beginning to feel some discomfort. Her nipples were straining at her Bezi bra disks as her inch long nipples were now fully erect and throbbing.

Wendy sensed Ashley's discomfort as she leaned over toward her.. “Want me to help you?”

“Help me?” Ashley was puzzled.

“Help you remove those disks that are covering your nipples.”

“Oh... well... no, it's ok... I'm fine.”

Wendy laughed …. “Bullshit.... it's driving you crazy... I'll help you.”

“No, really, I'm fine.” Ashley replied, but Wendy ignored her as she reached over with both hands and unbuttoned the top two buttons on Ashley's blouse. Ashley shivered as she felt Wendy's hand reaching under her bra and pulling the bezi disks out... one at a time... and then placing them in the console of the car.


Ashley was not sure what she should say …. “Much better... thank you.”

Wendy then surprised Ashley by reaching over again, and slipping her right hand down inside Ashley's blouse. .. once again squeezing her fingers under Ashley's bra and cupping her huge left tit.... gently squeezing it... feeling the firmness in her tit. Wendy was impressed.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh.” Ashley moaned as Wendy fondled her big tit … palming it... squeezing it... moving it around with her hand and fingers.... then Wendy's fingers locked on to Ashley's throbbing nipple.... rolling it gently between her fingers.. tugging .. pulling.. stretching her nipple... digging in with her fingernails just enough to force a moan from Ashley's lips .. “Ahhhhhhhhhh.”

Wendy's original plan was for Ashley to seduce her... but it now seemed that she was the seducer as she leaned her face over toward Ashley's and whispered into her ear.. “I love your big tits Ashley.”


“And I love your hard nipples... they are so fucking huge.”

“Unnnnnnnnnn.” Ashley was squirming as they made the last turn and drove to the home at the end of the cul-de-sac. As they parked in the driveway Wendy removed her hand from inside Ashley's blouse and they stepped out of the car and walked to the front door without saying a word. Ashley unlocked the door as they walked inside...the home was still completely furnished although all the personal items such as family pictures had been taken down. It was a beautiful home. Ashley turned around and locked the door behind them... “Where would you like to begin?”

Wendy stepped toward her, placed her arms around Ashley's waist and pulled them together.. their big heavy tits mushrooming .. “Lets begin in the master bedroom.” Wendy stepped back, grabbing Ashley's hand in hers and whispered .. “Show me the way.”

Ashley squeezed Wendy's hand as she led her to the master bedroom. Once inside Wendy released her hand from Ashley's and walked over to the bed and began undressing... removing her top then her bra. Ashley could not keep from gasping as she saw Wendy's spectacular tits for the first time. They were big and round.. riding high on her chest with nipples that were huge... thick and long and fully erect. As Wendy tugged her shorts down over her tight ass, Ashley began undressing... each of them facing each other as they removed all of their clothing until they were staring at each others naked bodies. Ashley's big tits were amazing... tits that were made for titfighting. .. big and round and they were capped by hard one inch long nipples that were sticking straight out. Wendy stepped closer to Ashley until their tits were only a few inches apart. Again they stared at each other... their eyes moving from their faces all the way down to their heels, then back up again before they locked on each others massive racks. Wendy's nipples began to twitch … vibrating … and extending out even longer. Ashley gulped at the sight of Wendy's huge tits and throbbing nipples as her own nipples began to twitch. As Wendy's nipples began to vibrate more.. twitching up and down, she began to moan. She could not help it... she was a nymphomaniac …. there were times when Wendy could not control her urge to have an orgasm... sometimes the mere sight and presence of another big pair of tits was all it took to push her over the edge... and right now was one of those times as her body began to tremble and her huge tits began to quiver.. her nipples were jerking up and down as she began to sigh.. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” Ashley watched in awe as Wendy closed her eyes and moaned again .. “Ouuuuuuuu”.... She gasped as she reached out and grabbed Ashley's hands and looked into Ashley's eyes. “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!” Wendy panted as her orgasm rushed through her body.. “I am cummming!”

“My God.” Ashley whispered as Wendy squeezed her hands very hard.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK!!!” Wendy cried out as her cunt spasmed and she gushed ,, her girl cum spraying from her pussy... and running down her inner thighs... and her nipples began leaking... a few drops of clear sticky nipple cum oozing from the tips of her hard jerking nipples. “Cummmmmmmmming!!!” Ashley could not remember ever witnessing anything so fucking hot in her life as Wendy's body jerked and spasmed. … “Ohhhhhhhh.” Ashley pulled her hands free from Wendy's and placed them on Wendy's shoulders, pushing her backwards as she fell onto the bed moaning and groaning. .. “Fuck me Ashley.. I need to fuck.” Ashley crawled up on top of Wendy and lowered her body down on top of Wendy's.... She could feel that Wendy's huge tits were already swollen with desire.. her tit skin so very tight... and they felt so dense and hard under her big tits as their heavy tits met and mushroomed together... their hard nipples drilling into each other as Ashley placed her knees between Wendy's and spread her legs open before lowering her wet cunt down on Wendy's... their wet pussy lips squished together as they spread out against each other.... it was enough to send Wendy into another orgasm as she wrapped her legs around Ashley's and squeezed as she began to cum again... “Cummmmmmmmmming!!!.... Oh Fuck me Ashley... I'm cummming!”

Ashley began to hump her wet twat against Wendy's.... squishing and sliding their open cunts together as Wendy continued to spasm and shake. ... It was hot …. it was wet … they pushed hard against each other... mashing their pussy lips tightly together... squirming against each other until they knew that their wet wide open vaginas were perfectly lined up together.... then the sucking began... Ashley squeezed her pussy against Wendy's... her hot pussy sucking and slurping at Wendy's cum... Wendy felt the suction on her vagina.. she felt Ashley's pussy sucking her hot wet girl cum from her vagina... she moaned with pleasure as Ashley humped and sucked her. “Ohhhhhhhhh God yes Ashley!!!!!... suck my pussy!!” Wendy screamed … She knew she was going to have multiple orgasms … Not every woman can have multiple orgasms... and some women can experience them now and then... but Wendy could achieve multiples often... in fact, it was the norm for her... to cum and cum and cum. Within a few minutes, she was cumming again.... gushing into Ashley's sucking vagina... “Cummmmmming again! ….. Oh fuck fuck fuckkkkkkkkkk Cummmmmmmming!!”

Ashley was so turned on by Wendy that she could not hold out any longer.... as she sucked Wendy's cum into her vagina... her clit began to buzz... and she felt her big tits began to swell against Wendy's huge swollen tits... “Ohhhhhhhh Wendy!” Ashley moaned as her pussy clinched hard... and she began to cum .. “Oh fucking yesss!! … Cummmming!!!”

Wendy was gasping and panting with Ashley .. “Cummmmmmming!!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Wendy …. Cummmmmming!!”

“Cummmmming with you Ashley!”

“Ohhhhhh Wendy! .. Cummmmming with you !”

They gushed into each other.. their cum-spray gushing against each other as they rocked and humped together.... it was hot! … and it was sooooooo fucking wet!! … Ashley could not remember if she had ever been with another woman who was so fucking wet. Wendy's pussy was a fountain … gushing and spraying against her hot cunt. They were trapped in another dimension as they fucked each other.. their hips still moving as they forced their wet cum-soaked cunts together.... grinding …. humping... thrusting … fucking and fucking and fucking.... several more minutes of their intense fucking passed and then Ashley felt it.... she had felt it before.. but never like this... her eyes opened wide with amazement as she felt the suction on her pussy... Wendy was squeezing her.. and it was more powerful and intense than anything she have ever experienced. “Oh . Oh... ah ah ah ahhhhh ahhhhhh!” Ashley moaned with the deepest pleasure as Wendy flexed her powerful pussy... sucking the juices out of Ashley's cunt... and when Ashley tried to squeeze back... she was helpless.... it was to no avail.... Wendy's pussy was overpowering her cunt. “Ahhhh ah ah ahhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh GOD!!” Ashley moaned as Wendy pushed her hips up hard.. lifting her buttocks off the bed.. grinding her sucking pussy against Ashley's... sucking Ashley's vagina …. “Wendy!!”.. Ashley screamed … “Oh ohhh ahhh oh ahhhhh … Cummmmmmmming!!!” Wendy clamped down hard on Ashley's cunt and squeezed... sucking Ashley's gushing girl-cum into her sucking vagina... “Cummmmmmmmmming!!!” Ashley panted between deep breaths.

They were two bitches in heat.... and the fire was burning out of control as Wendy reached up and grabbed Ashley's shoulders, rolling her over on her back and mounting her. Wendy began stroking Ashley's throbbing clit with her own vibrating clit … up and down... sliding their heated clits together... up … down …. up …. down …. fucking each other clit to clit. … sometimes their extended clits would catch and then slip past each other sending shocks of pleasure through their bodies... Wendy and Ashley were moaning and gasping together as they worked their clits up and down against each other.. pushing themselves to another orgasm....

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Wendy moaned as she pushed her sensitive clit hard against Ashley's swollen bud of pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh God Wendy!!” Ashley cried out as the waves of pleasure washed through her body once again... “FUCK!!! ….. I'm Cummmming!”

“Cummmmmmming with you Ashley!”


“Ohhh Ashley!!! Ah ah ah ah ahhh ahhhhh Cummmmmmmmming!”

As their orgasm faded, Wendy collapsed on top of Ashley... their heavy tits slightly spreading out against each other.... those two pair of huge tits were just too fucking dense for them to completely pancake together. Ashley looked into Wendy's eyes as she flicked her tongue against Wendy's lips causing Wendy to moan as she extended her own wet tongue to meet Ashley's. As they licked at each others tongues Wendy began moving her hips again.... she could not help it.... she was a nymphomaniac.... she could never get enough. Their tongues fought each other in the small space between their lips as they humped together again. Several minutes went by as they licked together... taking turns to suck on each others tongues, before Ashley grabbed Wendy's shoulders and turned her over on her side. It was her turn to be on top. Ashley was going to fuck Wendy... but then she quickly changed her mind as she got to her knees and turned around with her face over Wendy's pussy. She straddled Wendy's face and slowly lowered herself down on top of her as Wendy reached up and grabbed Ashley's buttocks in her hands... pulling Ashley's sweet wet pussy down to her face. As their big tits pressed against each others abs they moved their mouths to each others cunt. … it was time to eat pussy. As you know, women love a slow build-up.... it takes a little more time to really get turned on as compared to a guy. Normally Wendy and Ashley would have teased each others pussy with their lips and tongues before they got to the tongue fucking and clit sucking..... but they were already turned on …. they were already as sexually excited as they could be.... there was no need for toying with each others pussys with their lips and tongues. … they wanted to fuck …. they needed to fuck.

Wendy and Ashley simultaneously wrapped their lips around each others throbbing clits and began sucking.... tugging and pulling with their mouths as their cheeks hollowed out …. trying to suck as much of each others clit between their lips as was possible. They moaned together …. they trembled together... as they sucked on each others sensitive clit, they began licking and stroking those hard clits with their tongues. Sucking and licking ….. sucking and lapping …. moving their heads back and forth as they sucked and sucked and sucked.... minutes went by.... the bedroom echoed the moaning and groaning which escaped their lips. A few more minutes elapsed …. slurping and sucking each others hard swollen clits.... they were breathing rapidly... deeply … gasping for air between each long hard suck. Wendy began to quiver... her clit was on fire..... Ashley began to tremble … they approached their orgasm together... sucking and licking... their faces wet with each others hot sticky juices … Wendy began to moan louder …. and so did Ashley.... the pleasure was intense.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Ashley began to moan loudly.

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy gasped out loud.

“Shit!!.... God! … Yes!” Ashley screamed … “Cummmmmmmming!”

As Ashley's cunt spewed it's sweetness against Wendy's chin, Wendy felt her own release overpowering her body … “Ah ah ah ahhhhh ahhhh Cummming!”



They sucked as hard as they could... trying to rip each others clits from their bodies.

Wendy was screaming ...“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssss Cummmmmmmmming”

And Ashley screamed with her … “Ohhhhhhhhhh my God!! Cummmmmmmmming!”

Their bodies shook together as they finally pulled their sucking mouths from each others pulsing clits...their lips making two 'popping' sounds. The two hot vixens withered together for several minutes before Ashley rolled away and laid down on the carpet next to Wendy. Their huge tits rising and falling on their chests as they lay there catching their breath. …. Wendy finally speaking … “I'll fuck you for it.”

Ashley was still gasping as she answered … “What?”

“I'll fuck you for the home.”

Ashley was regaining her senses … “I can't do that... it's not my home Wendy.”

Wendy smiled... “No, that's not what I meant.” She got up to her knees and looked down at Ashley .. “I'll fuck you for this house … if you win, I'll buy it.... if I win, then you will have to show me more homes.”

Ashley giggled as she looked up at Wendy … “Then it would be to my advantage to loose..... so we could do this again in another home.”

“That's true... but in the meantime, I might find something else that I like... and what if it was a home listed with another realtor?”

“Hmmmmmmmm..... ok … I agree. When do you want to fuck for this home?”

Wendy scooted back on her knees... then dropped to the carpet on her ass... spreading her legs out in front of her as she reached down and began rubbing her clit with her fingers … “Right now.”

Ashley was already on her back as she spread her legs and scooted toward Wendy... scissoring their legs together.... feeling their smooth firm thighs sliding against each other … bringing their hungry cunts closer and closer together until they were just a couple of inches apart.... “First one to cum loses?”

Wendy whispered “First one to cum loses.”.. clarifying the rules.

Wendy inched closer until they both could feel their extended pussy lips barely touching... then Ashley's eyes opened wide as Wendy clenched her magical pussy... spraying a fine mist of her delicious juices on Ashley's pussy. “God!” Ashley whispered as she flexed her own pussy.. and sprayed a fine mist of her own sweet juices on Wendy's pussy. As Wendy gasped, Ashley purred .. “This is going to be fun.”

“Mmmmmmmm.” Wendy whispered as she pushed forward.. their hot pussy lips merging and spreading against each other… “You have no idea.”.

As they began to grind together Wendy wished that she had agreed to different rules. Being a nymphomaniac, her clit had a short fuse and she always had a difficult time holding back her orgasm... she wished she had agreed to a sexfight to see who could outlast each other.. fucking until one of them could no longer continue.. until one of them literally begged the other to stop. After she had perfected her skills years ago with Sara, Wendy had never lost a 'fuck 'til you drop' match. She could fuck for hours.. she could never get enough..... but, … a deal is a deal.. and she had agreed to fuck-fight until one of them came... so she closed her eyes, determined to out-fuck Ashley. Their wet cunts slurped together as they mashed their swollen labia together, grinding hard into each others cunt with their own.. They began to moan as their hard swollen clits found each other and began to fence... flicking against each other... back and forth.. up and down... sometimes meeting head on and pushing together... the pleasure was intense. Ashley lifted her ass up off the plush carpet... and Wendy lifted her ass up in the air as they forced their wide open cunts together in a wet slurping squishing struggle.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh God!! …. Can you feel my clit Wendy?”

“Unnnnnnnnnnnnnn oh fuck yessssssss... can you feel my clit fucking yours Ashley?”

“Ouuuuuuuuu yesssssssssss … fuck my clit Wendy!!!”

“I'm gonna fuck your clit until you cum!”

“You are gonna cum first Wendy!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit!!!” Wendy gasped as she began to jerk her clit against Ashley's.... up and down … up and down... up … down …. up … down... rubbing their big hard clits together... up and down... their hips moving quicker and quicker as they fucked their clits and cunts together in mid-air.

Ashley moaned deeply, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuck me!!!

“Ahhhhhhhhhh Ashley!! .. Ohhhhhhhhhh you nasty whore!!”

Wendy was running out of time... she was going to cum again very soon... she could not help it... she was a slut... she was a pussy whore … she was a fucking nympho. She closed her eyes and began to do some math equations in her mind... trying to delay her approaching orgasm … Wendy had a gift for math... which is why Carlo allowed her to keep 'His books'. She began to calculate square roots..... what is the square root of 35.. she worked the problem in her mind as she continued to grind and drag her sensitive clit against Ashley... let's see... 35 … that would be … ah... would be … uh.. five... five point... damn …. five point 91 ….. “Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck!! Wendy gasped with pleasure. Then she felt it... every woman knows that feeling... when your clit takes over... and the orgasm is about to happen.... there is no way to stop it.... She knew it was going to happen... so she pushed her clit hard against Ashley's.. driving their engorged clits together.... forcing them together... feeling them pulsing and vibrating against each other... and just as she felt her orgasm about to overpower her, she heard Ashley scream ..

“FUCK!!!!!! …. I am Cummmmming!!!”

“Yesssssssssss Ashley!!! Wendy moaned as the rush of pleasure flowed through both of their bodies.

Ashley screamed loudly … “Cummmmmmmmmmmmmming!!!”

“Cummmmmmmming !!!” Wendy gasped.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckkkkkkkkkk!!! Ashley panted as their clits jerked together and they sprayed each others hot cunts with their girl-cum.

“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” Wendy grunted and moaned as they felt the liquid heat from each other... splashing against each other... as they mashed their open fuck-holes together.... once again their vaginas sucking together as they began to have multiple orgasms together …



“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Wendy!!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cummmmmmming!”

“Shit!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Their huge tits heaved on their chests.. as their hard tight asses dropped to the floor... their cunts and tummies drenched with their cum... both women laid there... their cunts still mashed together as a few more spasms flowed between their clinching pussys. A few minutes went by as they quietly moaned and sighed.... Ashley finally getting up on her elbows and scooting back... stringing their sticky wetness between their cunts until the strands of their liquid pleasure snapped apart. “I think you won Wendy.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm.” Wendy was still moaning as she answered .. “I'll take the house.”

“But you have not seen all of the home yet.”

Wendy giggled as she got up on her elbows, staring at Ashley... “I had already decided to purchase the home when I saw it last week.”

“You saw the home last week?”

Wendy smiled as she continued .. “Yes. I know the owners... and they told me they were going to sell the home... so I got a preview before the house went on the market... they told me they had already spoken to you about listing the property... so I waited for you to call me.”

“Soooooooooooo you had me bring you here …...”

“So we could fuck.”

Ashley smiled.... “You are a sneaky little bitch..... Oh... oh my.. I am so sorry Mrs. Corleone.. I did not mean to say that!”

Wendy stared at her for a few seconds then burst out laughing... and Ashley laughed with her... “Call me when you have all the papers ready for me to sign., and I'll write you a check.”

“Yes Ma'am.” Ashley smiled as she got up to her feet, then helped Wendy stand up. They hugged and kissed for a few minutes before dressing. As Ashley drove Wendy back to her home they chatted about clothes and shoes and the newest restaurants. When they arrived at Wendy's, Wendy leaned over and kissed Ashley... “It was a pleasure doing business with you Ms. Williams... oh, and one more thing...”


“I understand that a friend of mine has interviewed for a position with your company... Sara Jones.”

“Yes she has.”

“Don't tell her I said anything about this.... she told me she was interviewing for a job and I did a little snooping and found out that it was with you …. You should consider hiring her... She would make an excellent employee.”

“Thank you for your recommendation Wendy... As a matter of fact, I have decided to hire her.. and will call her today and let her know.”

“Good. You won't be disappointed.”

Ashley grinned as she spoke, “I am sure of that.”

Wendy stepped out of the car... “See you soon Ashley.”

“Bye Wendy.”

As soon as Ashley arrived back at her office she called Sara. …

Sara answered the phone hoping it was good news ...“Hi Ms. Williams”

“Hi Sara... and please, you may call me Ashley you have a minute?”

“Yes Ashley.”

“I have decided to hire you.”

Sara was thrilled. “That is wonderful news! Thank you.”

“As you know, I had narrowed it down between you and Amanda.”

“Yes, you had told me that you were going to make a decision between the two of us.”

“Well, as it turns out, Amanda is no longer interested in the position.”


“Yes, she called me and said I should hire you.. that you would make an excellent employee and that you were exactly what I am looking for.”

“That was very nice of her.”

“Yes it was.....anyway … you can start a week from Monday.... come by sometime next week and we will fill out some paperwork... ok?”

“Yes I will.... and thank you so very much Ashley.”

“See you later... Bye Sara.”

“Bye Ashley.”

Sara sat down and thought for a moment... 'Perhaps Amanda was not a bitch after all.'

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Angel stayed at her office until about four... she had to get that perfume and she knew exactly where to find it. Saks Fifth Avenue. She was also going to pick up some lipstick.. some with flavors.. and some that were sticky... that might be fun. Just as she was about to walk out of her office her cell phone rang... it was Jane.

“Hi Jane.”

“Angel... thank you... these are the most beautiful roses I have ever seen.. they are gorgeous!!! Thank you sooooooo much.”

“You're welcome Jane.. just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you.”

“Awww you are so sweet.. and the roses are soooo big.. the biggest roses ever.”

“Well.. I know you like things that are big.”

Jane giggled.. “Yes I do... I love big... things.”

“I am glad you like them.”

“Oh Angel.. I love them!!”

“You are talking about the roses.. right?”

“Mmmmmm yes.. and.. other things.”

“I can't wait to see you Jane.”

“Me either Angel... I have to go... see you tonight at eight.”

“Bye Jane.”

“Bye Angel.

'Wow', Angel thought to herself.. 'this was going to be a wonderful evening.' She walked to her car and was on her way to pick up some lipstick and perfume. The store was not far from her home.. and after stopping to get her things, she was home before five. The roses were waiting on the front door step. She carried the three vases inside one at a time and placed them around the living area.

Angel showered, washed her hair, blow dried her hair and put her make up on.. she wanted to look her very best for Jane. It was a few minutes after 7:30. She looked through her extensive wardrobe for the white dress she had told Jane about. After a few minutes of searching she found it and slipped it on.. because it zipped in the front, it was like putting on a blouse. It was a beautiful dress.. white as snow.. with a thin layer of Chantilly lace and a scooped neckline. The hemline was about eight inches above her knees... which was short enough to show off almost all of her perfect thighs when she sat down. Angel loved the dress. She reached down and inserted the slider into the chain... then she grabbed the inch in diameter gold ring pull tab and zipped up her dress... well... almost zipped up her dress. As she pulled the zipper up it would only zip so far.. Angel's amazing tits were too big to pull the zipper all the way up. She exhaled and tugged the ring tab as far up as she could.... until it was about two inches below where her nipples were. It was not going to zip any higher.

Walking over to her full length mirror she looked at herself. Her massive tits displayed an immense amount of cleavage.. but it felt a little tight around her tits.. so she unzipped it about an inch.. that was better.. she could breathe. Angel loved the way it looked. As she had told Jane.. 'underwear was optional'... so she looked for her favorite pair of white 'fuck me' pumps, slipped them on, and applied one more coat of the cherry flavored lipstick she had purchased earlier. She put on a gold necklace and some gold hoop earrings... big hoops. The last little detail was to spray some Dior Pure Poison perfume on her wrists and neck. She took one last look in the mirror.. Her long blonde hair flowing around the back and front of her dress... her eyes looked perfect. Angel walked downstairs to the living area and sat down in one of the leather chairs....her short dress barely covered her ass when she sat down. Angel looked stunning.. She was ready ...Jane would be here soon.

As soon as Jane finished her conversation with Angel she got on her computer and did a search for dresses that zipped all the way up in the front. 'Two could play that game' she thought... and it would be fun. As she was searching through the web she found this site that sold fetish clothing.. mostly leather..and there it was.. a picture of a black leather dress that had a low neckline.. was very short.. and zipped all the way up the front. “Perfect” she whispered to herself. She called the store.. and yes, that had that dress in stock.. it came it three sizes. The store was a little out of the way home, but she would have time.

Jane left work at five.. the traffic was bad on a Friday afternoon and the twenty minute journey to the store lasted forty minutes... it gave her time to think about what she and Angel were going to do tonight... kissing.. licking... fucking.. and cumming... but the one thing that occupied her mind the most was Angel's tits. God, they were huge and Jane was anxious to compare them to her own... maybe they would titfight.. but she really did not want to titfight Angel... not that she was afraid … it was just that titfights can sometimes be very competitive.. to the point that it can hurt. This was not what she wanted for tonight.. They could titfight another time .. tonight, she wanted to love those big tits that belonged to Angel. Jane wanted to kiss them, and touch them, and lick them... and suck them ... She wanted to press them against hers.. she wanted to mash them together... feel them mushroom together.. and she was very curious about Angel's nipples.. if they were as big as Angel said they were.. then Jane had to nipple fuck with Angel. God, that would be so fucking hot.

Jane arrived at the store.. “Leather Fantasies”... she walked in. and, as usual, drew stares from everyone.. guys and girls. She had printed a picture of the dress she was looking for and showed it to a young girl who had tattoos on her arms and neck.

“This way.” Jane followed her, stopping at a circular rack of leather dresses. “This is the one.” It looked shorter than the picture, but it did zip all the way up the front. Jane touched the leather.. it was soft.. very soft. “Want to try it on?”

“Yes.” Jane replied.

“What size dress do you have on?”

“It's a size six.”

“Hmmm ok... lets try this one.. but I think it might be too small for your boobs.”

“Lets see what it looks like on.” Jane smiled

“Ok” The girl took the leather dress off the rack and walked toward a dressing room, opened the door and handed Jane the dress. Jane closed and locked the door as she put her purse down, took off her dress and tried the leather dress on and closed it around her. The dress fit around her hips just right.. it was a tiny bit loose in the waist but it was acceptable. It was short.. the neckline was scooped...but it would not fit across her big tits. She zipped it up anyway.. the zipper only going up a little past where her tits were attached to her rib-cage.. if you drew a straight line between her nipples, the pull tab was about two inches below that line. Most of her tits were exposed.. but it did cover up her nipples. Jane twisted her shoulders back and forth... shimming .. to see if her massive tits were going to fall out... they stayed in place. Being the exhibitionist that she was she smiled at herself in the mirror... “Perfect.” She purchased the dress and headed home.

Jane showered and redid her makeup... She applied a very dark eye-shadow and eyeliner.. it gave her a witchy look... kinda evil... sorta kinky.. Jane loved it. She applied some strawberry flavored glossy lipstick.. it was sticky.. it would make their lips kinda stick together... She grinned .. It was time to show her 'dark side'.

Jane was much like Angel... not only did they look similar... they were about the same height and weight.. both had enormous tits.. but both women also had the same deviant taste in clothes.. the black leather would be a 'perfect look'.... Since Angel had told her that underwear was optional, she slipped the leather dress on with nothing under it. Jane loved the way the soft leather felt against her skin. She looked at herself in the mirror ..Jane had enough cleavage for three women... and the leather dress only accented her deep cleavage. White gold earrings and a pair of black double strap heels completed her attire. A few sprays of Pure Poison and she was ready to go.

To be continued