By AngelDawn30


Two hours earlier Angel had called Jane's office.. when she was told that Jane would not be in until one o'clock she asked to speak with Jane's secretary.

“Hi Angel. This is Judy.. what can I do for you?”

“Hi Judy.. it's nice to speak with you.. I need your help, but don't tell Jane I called.”

“Ok.. it will be our little secret ….. what do you need?”

“I need to know what Jane's favorite flowers are.”

“She likes pink roses Angel.. the big ones.. Jane likes them really big... I think that may be one of the reasons she likes you... Jane keeps telling me “She is just so big!” ...sorry, I should not have said that..... shhhhhh.. don't tell her I said that”

Angel laughed.. “Ok.. pink roses.. big ones.. got it. … Is there anything else that might … well... you know...”

“Turn her on?”

“Yes Judy... any suggestions?”

“Of course it depends on where you are.. but wearing something really sexy is a big turn on for her.”

“Ok.. anything else I should know?”

“Yes, but don't tell her I said so... promise?”

“I promise.”


“Lipstick?” Angel questioned.

“Yes.. lipstick.”

“I am not following you Judy.”

“Jane loves lipstick everywhere... are you with me?”

“Not really.”

Judy was searching for the right words … “Ok.. how should I say this... and remember.. you promised.”

“Yes I did.”

“Use the lipstick on her.. put it on her lips.. and.. anywhere else you might want to apply it... wherever your imagination takes you.. it's one of her fetishes.”

“Really? And how do you know this?”

“I am paid to know everything about Jane... 'everything' ...but please .. don't you dare say anything to her about this.”

“I promise.”

“Look Angel... I have never seen Jane like this.. she really does like you.. She goes around all day with 'Angel this and Angel that'.. she really likes you.”

“I like her too Judy.”

“Good. I want Jane to be happy.”

“Me too Judy.”

“I have another phone call.. was there anything else?”

'No.. you have been very helpful.. Thank you Judy.”

“My pleasure..oh and Angel?”


“Jane will be in the office all afternoon.”

“Ok thank you.”

“Bye Angel.”

Angel sat and pondered for a few minutes... “Lipstick,” she whispered. She dialed her florist and ordered three dozen roses.. pink... big ones... very big ones ... to be delivered this afternoon to Jane's office.. and three dozen more to be delivered to her home.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Michelle's secretary, Abby was dialing the phone...

“Joy Antonelli”

“Hi Joy, my name is Abby ...I will be brief. I am Michelle Richardson's secretary. I am calling you concerning the arrangement of a meeting between you and Michelle.

“Michelle Richardson the attorney?”


“What kind of meeting?” Joy asked.

“It is very personal.. if it's ok to talk on the phone... fine. .. if not I can text you.”

“You can text me.” Joy gave her the number and a moment later she received Abby's text.

Abby: “She wants to schedule a private titfight between the two of you.”

Joy: “Oh?”

Abby: “Sending you her pic.” It was a picture of Michelle in a string bikini. She looked incredible and her tits were huge. Joy looked at the pic and was interested.

Joy: “Got it. When?”

Abby: “Not sure... just calling to see if you were interested.”

Joy: “I'm interested.”

Abby: “Good, I'll let Michelle know and she will be in touch with you.”

Joy: “K”

Abby: “Thanx. Bye.”

Joy stared at the picture as she felt her nipples getting hard. She had heard of Michelle Richardson and had heard that she was into titfighting. Everyone who is really into titfighting knows others who are also into it.. and women talk.. and the rumor was that Michelle was a very accomplished titfighter. Joy smiled as she answered another phone call....

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was a little after two when Angel got a call from Jack.

“Hey Jack.”

“Hey Angel... got some info on the Cheyenne address... finally found the owner of the property... told him I was with ICE. It's rented to a Pedro Gonzalez.. He is bad news Angel... I gathered up info on him... drug dealer.. big time drug dealer... has a girlfriend who lives with him..”


“Yep.. Sophia Marquez. .. She had her name changed... don't know what her birth name was.. records are sealed.. would have to have a court order.”

“Don't have enough information to attain a court order.”

“I know ... Not much about her.. kinda off the radar.. no priors. If I were you I would leave this Pedro Gonzalez alone... it's trouble Angel.”

“Ok... got it... Does Sophia have a sister.. perhaps a twin sister?”

“Yes...twin sister .. don't know what her birth name is either... and don't know if she is still using that name or if she had her named changed also.”

“Ok.. thanks Jack.”

“Will keep working on it.”

“Ok.. be safe.”

“Bye Angel.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

As soon as Angel ended her conversation with Jack, her cell phone rang... “Angelica Johansen Investigations”

It was a sweet young voice “May I speak with Angelica Johansen please.”

“This is Angelica. How may I help you?”

“Hi Ms. Johansen... I'm Lisa. Jane Love gave me your phone number. She told me you were looking for a receptionist with bookkeeping skills who could also be your personal assistant.”

“Jane gave you my number?”

“Yes Ma'am.”

“First of all, you may call me Angel.”

“Ok Angel.”

“Tell me about yourself Lisa.”

“I am very good bookkeeping skills, am familiar with just about any software, can type 90 words per minute, have good phone etiquette and I have a very good customer service persona and I am very organized.”

“What else can you tell me about yourself?”

“Jane told me you were looking for someone who had … who had other things that they could also offer.”

Angel was interested... “Such as?”

“I would rather show you in person Angel.”

“I am going to be very busy until sometime next week... so just tell me what Jane said to you.”

“You are sure that I will not offend you?” Lisa asked.

“Not at all Lisa.”

“Ok … Jane said you were looking for a girl with big tits who knew how to use them.”

Angel laughed... “Oh she did, did she?”

“If this is some kind of a joke...”

Angel interrupted her.. “No, it's not a joke. Jane is correct... that is what I am looking for... what else did she tell you?”

“She said that we would be doing a lot of fucking.”

“My oh my... Jane really gets to the point, doesn't she?”

“Yes she does.”

“May I call you back and schedule an interview with you?”

“That would be great Angel.”

“I have your number here on my phone. I will call you early next week.”

“Thank you Angel.”

“You're welcome Lisa... Bye.”


Angel smiled as she laid her cell phone down... and wrote down “Lisa” on a piece of paper along with her phone number.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was late afternoon when Angel received a text message from Jack.

Jack: “How would u like to go watch a ballgame with me and some guys from Dallas PD.”

Angel: “Sorry have plans tonight.”

Jack: “My bad meant Monday nite. I owe them a favor.”

Angel: “So take them and have a good time.”

Jack: “Part of favor is to provide eye candy”

Angel: “LOL and I am the eye candy you promised?”

Jack: “Yep”

Angel: “What have you got yourself into now Jack?”

Jack: “U know they look the other way sometimes when I dig for info.”

Angel: “Yes they do.”

Jack: “And I kinda owe them a favor.”

Angel: “Don't really want to go.”

Jack: “Front row seats behind Rangers dugout. Free Beer peanuts dogs please?”

Angel: “Damn ok.”

Jack: “U are sweetheart. Meet before game 6:45 gate 4”

Angel: “k”

Jack: “One more thing.”

Angel: “?”

Jack: “Can u wear something for the guys?”

Angel: “Did you promise that too?”

Jack: “Afraid I did. Come on Angel u know most of them and I know u love to show off your headlights and u do kinda owe me on the ring case.”

Angel: “K Headlights will be on hi beam.”

Jack: “Your the best. Thanks. C u Monday nite.”

Angel “K”

Angel smiled as she thought to herself.. “Headlights on Hi beam on front row.. I can do that... and free beer is always good.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was mid afternoon when Wendy answered her cell phone. It was Sara calling. “Hi Sara.”

“Hi Wendy.. how are you?”


Sara laughed... “Yes you are. Hey.. I was wondering.. when can we meet for lunch or something?”

“The rest of my day is pretty busy Sara... but what about tomorrow night?”

“Sounds great.. where do you want to meet?”

Wendy purred.. “I was thinking that you might want to come over.. we could have a sleep-over.”

“You mean spend the night with you?”

“Un huh.. and all day Sunday.”

“Oh Wendy.. I would love that.”

“Good. I'm glad.. bring a few things to wear.. we might go shopping when we get tired of other activities.”

“Ouuuu Wendy.. you are sooo bad.”

“I'm a lesbian whore Sara... of course I am bad.”

Sara laughed... but Wendy was serious.. that is what she was.. she would fuck anything in a skirt... if it was attractive. “Ok, what time.”

“Eight o'clock.. I will text you the address... gotta go.”

“Ok Wendy... see you tomorrow night at eight... Bye.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was a little after 3 when Jane's cell phone rang. It was Angel. “Hi Angel.. I was thinking you had forgot about me.” Jane was teasing her.

“Never. Been a busy day... about tonight...”

“Yes Angel?”

“We never did make any plans to meet anywhere... and I was thinking.. why don't you come to my home... for the weekend.”

“I would love to. Should I bring a suitcase?”

“No... I should have everything you will need... bring a few changes of clothes.. we might want to go to some antique shops.. and it would be fun to go get a manicure together... what do you think?”

“Sounds lovely.. what time should I arrive?”

“How about eight?”

“I can be there at eight.”

Angel paused for a moment... “I was thinking that we would just stay in for the evening... unless you want to go out somewhere tonight?”

“Mmmm.. I think staying in is a wonderful idea.. should I wear anything special for you?”

Angel laughed.

Jane laughed with her ..“What's so funny Angel?”

“I was thinking you could just come naked.”

“You are sooooo bad.... so what are you going to be wearing when I get to your home?”

“Well.... I was thinking of this white dress I have.. it's cute and sexy.”

“Sounds lovely”

“And it has a zipper front... from the top.. all the way down.”

Jane spoke softly.. “That will be convenient”

“Ummm hmmmm... very.. But to answer your question.. wear whatever you want.. you would look amazing in anything.... oh.. and … underwear is optional”

“Which means you are not going to have anything on under that white dress?”

“You will just have to pull the zipper down and see for yourself.”

“Mmmmmm ...I can't wait... give me your address.”

“40 Cherrywood Lane.”

“Got it...” Jane repeated the address .. “40 Cherrywood Lane... that's here in Dallas, right?”


Jane then growled into her phone like a tiger.. “Grrrrrrrr.. see you tonight Angel.”

Angel smiled... “Ok... I am really looking forward to this weekend with you... oh.. and one more thing Jane.”

“Yes Angel?”

“Did you give my name and number to a girl named Lisa?”

“Yes I did.. I think she would make an excellent receptionist and bookkeeper.”


“She has very big tits Angel.”

Angel giggled... “You are sooooooooooo bad.”

“Yes I am.. I have to go.. see you tonight.”

“I can't wait. Bye Jane.”

“Me either ..Bye Angel.”

As their phone call ended Angel was already feeling her huge tits swell up with anticipation. She wanted to fuck Jane really bad.

Jane stared at Angel's picture again for a moment.. she wanted to fuck Angel really bad.

To be continued