By AngelDawn30


Joy had picked out one of her 'little black dresses' to wear when she met Mark. It clung to her body like a second layer of skin, showing an ample amount of her huge tits and her toned legs. The four inch pumps gave her that added sexy look as she stepped into her car and headed to the Hotel Texas. Built in 1925, the Hotel Texas is still the standard by which all other hotels are measured. When speaking about grandeur and opulence, the Hotel Texas has no peers. Joy had heard that the penthouse rooms were beyond belief, and to share it with her lover, Mark, brought an immense amount of excitement to their planned meeting. Joy was not going to be able to pick up Mark at the airport... she had a meeting that was going to last a couple of hours past closing time at her bank so she had texted Mark and told him she would just meet him at the hotel. Mark said that it was fine and told her that he would arrive at the hotel about eight o'clock. When her meeting was over, Joy quickly drove home and changed into her 'little black dress' and drove to the Hotel Texas, and sure enough, when Joy walked into the foyer a few minutes before nine, Mark was waiting for her. They went to the front desk and checked in, the girl behind the counter handing the key card to Mark and then they walked toward the bar. Mark had had a long day and wanted a drink before they went to their room. A few minutes later they were seated at a table and sipping their drinks.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Earlier in the evening.... Ashley had been thinking about her rendezvous with Mark. He had called her this past weekend and told her that he would be in flying into Dallas Thursday evening and wanted to spend the night with her before he had to fly back to Chicago after a meeting at the bank Friday afternoon. Tomorrow night could not get here quickly enough. She had been dating Mark for about nine months... he was the only man that she had been with in the last couple of years. Mark was an executive vice president at one of the larger banks in Dallas and was a hunk. A few months ago, Mark had been transferred to the bank's main office in Chicago for some additional training before he was to return to Dallas and become the president of one of the Dallas branches. It would only be a couple of more months before he would be moving back to Dallas and they could continue their relationship. It had been several weeks since that had spent time together and needless to say she was ready to spend a romantic evening with him. As she drove from her office to her home in Southlake, she thought about how much fun it was going to be to surprise him at the hotel room where they had planned to spend the next two nights together before he had to return to Chicago. She was going to be waiting in the room for him... naked. Yes, it was going to be fun evening. …Her mind slowly drifted back to the present... she had an appointment with a new client who was going to be moving to Dallas in a couple of months. He was a young executive in his mid-thirties who was single and they were going to meet at the hotel where he was staying. Ashley wanted to impress him... she was going to wear something sexy and alluring. No doubt they would want to go out and have a few drinks before the night was over. After arriving at her executive home, she took a few minutes to eat a bowl of Special K and a banana before taking a long bubble bath. As Ashley soaked in the tub her thoughts once again returned to Mark.

After spending the next half hour putting on her make-up and drying her hair she was ready to pick out the dress she would ware for the evening. Ashley selected a red dress. It had a deep V neckline that plunged halfway between her tits and navel... Obviously she would not be wearing a bra... of course she did not need one.. her massive tits would stand straight out and look heavenly without the need of a bra.... naturally, her nipples were going to poke at the front of the dress, but that was ok. A matching red pair of see-through panties and a pair of four inch red pumps completed her attire. She looked like the devil in the red dress.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

As Joy and Mark ordered another round, someone noticed them. That someone was Karen, Ashley's receptionist. She had been to dinner with a few of her friends and they had ended up in the bar at the Hotel Texas. She immediately recognized Mark. They had met once before weeks ago. Ashley kept a picture of Mark on her desk and Karen was absolutely sure it was Mark.... and he was with another woman. She did not think too much about it until she saw them kissing. 'Oh my God', she thought to herself. A minute later, all of her friends were aware of the situation as Karen asked them what she should do.... the opinions were mixed, but the majority opinion was to tell Ashley... and to tell her right now. This was something that Karen did not want to do, but it seemed to be the right thing to do as she picked up her phone and called Ashley.

Ashley recognized the number as her cell phone rang.. “Hi Karen... what's up?”

“I hate to tell you this... and maybe I shouldn't... I am in the bar at the Hotel Texas, and Mark is here... and he is with another woman.”

“It must be someone else.. Mark does not arrive until tomorrow.”

“I am sure it is Mark.”

“Can you get close enough to take a photo?”

“Yes I can. . . give me a few seconds.” Karen got up and headed toward the ladies room, a path that would lead her right by Mark and the girl.... they were so engrossed with each other that Mark did not notice her as Karen took a couple of pics with her cell phone. The last one caught the pair kissing. When she reached the ladies room, she quickly sent the two pictures to Ashley.. “Sent.”

“K.” Ashley waited a few seconds for the pics to arrive and then gasped out loud. “That's Mark!! .. and they are kissing!”

“I am so sorry Ashley.”

“Listen to me Karen... you keep your eyes on them.. don't let them get out of your sight.. . . follow them if you have to... understand?”

“Yes Ma'am... I can do that.”

“You said the Hotel Texas?”

“Yes Ma'am... Hotel Texas.”

“I am on my way.”

“Ok.” Karen replied as Ashley disconnected the call.”

Ashley called her new prospective client, explaining that something had come up and that she would not be able to meet with him tonight., reassuring him that they would get together soon. He seemed a little disappointed but understood. A couple of minutes later Ashley was out the door and driving to the Hotel Texas... She was in a state of shock. She felt betrayed... and she was angry.

“Holy shit.” Karen whispered as she walked out of the ladies room and back to her table. Mark and the woman were still there, sipping their drinks. Karen watched them from a distance as they talked to each other.. pausing every few minutes to share a long deep kiss. A few more minutes went by before they stood up and began walking out of the bar, with Karen following them. As Mark and Joy stepped on the elevator, Karen quickly stepped into the elevator with them. Mark touched the button for the 30th floor and looked at Karen, “What floor?”

Karen looked quickly at the button that Mark had just pushed and replied.. “Thirty.”

“That's where we're going.”

Karen forced a smile as she replied, “I hear the view is really nice from there.”

Mark took another long look at Karen … he thought he recognized her, but decided not to say anything. The elevator stopped a few floors on the way up... guests getting on and off until it stopped at the thirtieth floor. Mark held the door open as Karen stepped off, followed by Joy. “Enjoy your evening.” Karen spoke as she turned and made her way down the hallway. After taking a few steps she stopped and reached into her purse as if she were looking for something as Mark and Joy walked past her... Karen kept her eyes on them as they stopped at a room near the end of the hallway and went inside. It was room 3025. She fumbled with her phone as she called Ashley...

“They are in room 3025.”

“Ok.. thanks Karen.”

“I am so very sorry about this Ashley.”

“Don't be. You did the right thing.”

Karen disconnected the call and took the elevator back to the main floor where she rejoined her friends at the bar.... all of them talking about what had just happened.

Fifteen minutes later Ashley had parked in the parking garage at the Hotel Texas and was walking into the lobby and headed for the front desk. A young man greeted her. “May I help you?”

Ashley leaned over the counter, her huge braless tits almost popping out of her red dress as she read his name tag and spoke in her sexiest voice... “Hi Jonathan.... Where have you been all my life?”... she quickly continued before he could respond. “Yes, there is something you can help me with... I am meeting my boyfriend here tonight. He is not expecting me for another couple of hours, but I wanted to surprise him.. His name is Mark White and he is in room 3025. Can you give me a key so I can surprise him?”

“I'm really not suppose to do that Ma'am.”

“Oh Jonathan. you are soooo cute …You don't have to call me 'Ma'am... you can call me Ashley.... it would really mean a lot to me if you could give me a key to the room.” She then leaned over a little more as Jonathan's eyes could not help but look down at her enormous tits... “It would be our little secret ...Please?”

“Well... don't say anything about this.”

“I promise.” She smiled as she moved her arms together... almost squeezing her huge E cup tits out of the top of her red dress.”

He stared in awe for a few more seconds before he turned around, found the key, and handed it to Ashley.”

“Thank you Jonathan. You are my newest hero.” Ashley whispered before turning around and walking toward the elevator. A few moments later she had stepped off the elevator at the thirtieth floor and was carefully placing the key in the door. She quietly turned the key and opened the door to the suite. As soon as she stepped inside the living area she heard moaning coming from the bedroom.... She could definitely hear moaning as she slowly made her way to the sitting room that was adjacent to the bedroom. The moaning was louder... It was a woman's voice. For a brief moment she thought that perhaps she was in the wrong room.. but then the key would not have worked.. and then she heard a man's voice. …. A voice she recognized. …. It was Mark's voice. She marched into the bedroom and gasped as she saw the back of a big-titted dark haired woman sitting on top of Mark. She was working her hips up and down as she swayed her head from side to side. She was riding Mark. .. They were fucking. Mark began to moan. It was a moan that she had heard many times before. She could see his body tense.... Mark was about to cum. The dark haired woman moaned... “Yesss Mark.. cum in my pussy!” Ashley watched as the woman lifted herself up and down on Mark's huge cock... they were fucking each other hard as she met each of his hard thrusts with her pussy.... sliding up and down the entire length of Mark's nine inch dick. Ashley tried to speak but was mesmerized by the sight of them fucking. She could see Mark's body began to shake as she rode his cock like a crazed animal.. Mark continued to drive his huge cock all the way inside her pussy . . . . pumping his swollen dick in and out of the woman's cunt as they both moaned and gasped. Their rhythm was perfect... working their hips in unison as she met each of his hard thrusts with her own hard thrusts. The woman began to moan loudly.. “I'm almost there Mark! I want us to cum together!”

Marked moaned .. “I am gonna cum!”

“Yes Mark.. pump that hot cum into my pussy!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cumming!”

“Yessssssssss Mark...... fill me up with your cum!”

“Unnnnnnnnnn Joy!”

“Cummmmmmmmming with you Mark!!! Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!!!”

Ashley's purse fell out of her hand as she yelled.. “What the fuck?”

The dark haired woman turned her head to the side as her pussy continued to squeeze and milk Mark's cock. “Who the fuck are you?”

Ashley's eyes turned blood red as she stepped toward the bed.. “Who the fuck are you... you fucking whore!!” Her voice was loud and clear.

Joy lifted herself off of Mark's cock and rolled over …. his cock still oozing cum as he spoke “I can explain.”

Joy sat up, her huge tits wobbling and looked at him...”Explain what?? Who is she Mark?”

By now Ashley was at the bed... “Who the fuck is she Mark?”

“I can explain.” He repeated again.

Ashley reached down and grabbed Joy's hair and jerked her head to the side..”I'm his fucking girlfriend.”

Joy reached out and slapped at Ashley missing as she managed to get her hair loose from Ashley's fist.... “I'm his girlfriend, you bitch!” She yelled at Ashley.

Ashley stepped back,, she was shaking as she yelled at Mark “Get the hell out of here... Get the fuck out!”

Mark rolled off the bed.. trying to cover his nakedness... “Ashley...”

Ashley swung her left hand at his face... 'SLAP'... “Get the fuck out!!! I don't want to ever see you again!!”

“You know her? Oh, you dirty lying cheating bastard!!” Joy yelled at Mark.

“Mark... Fuck you Mark!” Ashley screamed at him.. shaking and trembling.. She was mad. …. Angry …. 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.'

“Fuck you Mark!... you lying cheating bastard!!” Joy yelled at him.

“Joy, I can explain.”

“There is nothing to explain... you lying bastard! You heard her.. Get the fuck out... NOW!”

Mark grabbed his pants and slipped them on and grabbed his shirt and shoes as he walked to the door. “I can explain.”

“Fuck you!!!” Both women yelled at him at the same time.

“I can explain.” Mark pleaded.

“Save it for someone who gives a shit... cause I don't.” Joy yelled at him.

“Neither do I.” Ashley chimed in. “Now get the fuck out of here!”

Mark pleaded again ... “This is just a big misunderstanding.”

Ashley yelled at him.. “There is no misunderstanding. You were fucking both of us and you got caught... so get the hell out of here.” Mark walked out of the room without saying another word.

Joy looked up at Ashley... “What the fuck is going on?”

“I was about to ask you the same thing.”

“How do you know Mark?”

“We have been dating for quite a while, until he got transferred to Chicago... he told me a week ago that he would be in town tomorrow... then a friend of mine called me and told me that he was already here... with you!!”

Ashley could see the anger in Joy's eyes as Joy responded.. “I met the lying bastard in Chicago a couple of months ago.”

“So what are you doing here in Dallas?” Ashley asked.

“I got a promotion at my bank and they transferred me to Dallas.”

“Soooooooooo the lying cheating bastard has been fucking both of us.”

“It seems so..... the dirty fucking bastard.... you can have him.”

Ashley hissed.. “You can have him, I don't want the fucking bastard.” .. Ashley was looking at Joy's huge tits as she continued.. “So you are Joy.”

“And you must be Ashley.”

“You might be kind of fun sometime Joy.”

Joy's eyes took a long look up and down Ashley's hot body. She looked so fucking hot in her red dress. “You look like you would be a lot of fun too …. sorry we had to meet like this... perhaps another time.”


Joy grabbed her purse and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. She was going home.... she was not in the mood for anything else.

Ashley was mad as hell as she paced back and forth across the carpet for the next several minutes before she walked out of the room. She continued to vent her anger as the elevator descended to the main lobby.. “Fucking bastards... everyone of them.. men are nothing but fucking bastards!” When she exited the elevator she made a bee-line for the bar. Ashley needed a drink. She located a secluded table in the corner as she began thinking.. 'I am through with men.. Never again... fucking lying cheating bastards!... Nothing but women from now on.' The waitress took her order.. a double margarita. She would worry about getting home later... right now Ashley was going to get drunk. After her second double margarita a guy approached her table. There he was... a man … another fucking bastard. “Hi, I'm Michael.” When Ashley did not respond he continued.. “And your name is....?”

“Do you want my first name... last name... middle name... or all three?”

“Whatever you feel comfy with.”

“C'mere.” Ashley motioned for him to lean over toward her. “Closer.” He complied. She leaned up so she could speak in his ear... I will give you my first, middle and last names ...listen carefully... so you can understand how to pronounce them..” He nodded. “I will say it real slow …. Ready?”


“No ….... Fucking …... Way. …. Now leave me alone.” Ashley finished her second drink, left more than enough money on the table, and began walking toward the exit.

To be continued