By AngelDawn30


After her rendezvous with Emily, Joy had called her secretary, Lisa, and asked her to pick up a turkey sandwich from Subway. Lisa was not at the bank when Joy returned, but the sandwich and a diet coke were on her desk.. By the time Lisa arrived back from lunch, Joy was just finishing her lunch. She swayed into Joy's office, leaning over Joy's desk, which exposed some of her deep cleavage and asked in a quiet voice. . . “Is there anything else I can do for you, Ms. Antonelli?”

Joy stared at Lisa's deep cleavage for a few seconds before she replied, “There is plenty you can do for me, but we are at work right now.” It was the first time that Joy had said anything suggestive to Lisa.

Lisa smiled and whispered . . . “Anything you need... anytime.... all you have to do is ask.”

“Thank you Lisa... I will keep that in mind.”

Lisa turned and walked out of Joy's office back to her receptionist's desk. A moment later she buzzed the intercom … “You have a call on line two Ms. Antonelli . . It's Mark White.”

Joy picked up the phone.. “Hi Mark.”

“Hi Joy .. I have been missing you.”

“I've missed you too.”

“Awww, you are so sweet. About to leave for the airport... should be in Dallas at 7.... You are going to pick me up at the airport?”

“Oh Mark, I can't.. something has come up and I am going to be in a meeting until about 7... I will have to meet you at the hotel.... I can be there by 8 o'clock.”

“That's fine Joy. I'll meet you in the lobby at 8..”

“Ok Mark .. see you soon.”

“Bye Joy.”

“Bye Mark.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Emily and Jennifer

Emily A Beautiful 'Girl Next Door' with stunningly Big Breasts!

Jennifer Pin by Angel Parker on Favorite Angels | Pinterest | Sexy Curves, Faeries and Curves

It was a few minutes after three o'clock when Jennifer sat down at a computer desk in the library to do some research for one of her college classes. Ten minutes later, Emily was stepping out of her car. She was wearing about the tightest t-shirt that she could fit over her massive tits.... how massive? .. thirty-nine and a half inches of firm dense hard eighteen year old tit-flesh.... Big, round firm globes that were bouncing just a little as she strutted into the library. As Emily walked over toward the computer desks she noticed another girl who was sitting at one of the desks with her back turned toward her. As she walked past the girl she turned and looked and noticed it was her old rival, Jennifer. Anger began to sweep through her as she approached her rival. “Hey Jennifer.”

Jennifer looked up to see Emily staring at her.. “What do you want?” She asked in a haughty voice.

“Oh.. nothing.. just wanted to say 'Hi' .. nice padded bra you're wearing.. makes your boobs look bigger.”

“It's not padded.”

“Yeah right.” Emily laughed.

“It looks like you're the one wearing the padded bra.. I did not know they made bras with that much padding.”

Emily walked over closer to Jennifer and looked down at her as she whispered.. “Fuck you.”

Jennifer felt the rage building up inside her as she stood up and faced Emily.. the computer desk between them as she stared with hatred into Emily's eyes and whispered .. “Fuck you.”

“You wish.” Emily responded as she put on her fake smile.

“Ha! Seriously?”

“You're the one looking at my tits.”

“Well you're staring at mine.”

“Yeah, I was... but there's really not much to see there.”

“I got plenty more than you do!” Jennifer whispered.

“Sure you do Jennifer... and I bet you just won the lottery too.”

“Fuck you Emily.”

“Fuck you Jennifer.”

“You are such a bitch.”

“You're nothing but a cunt.” Emily gave Jennifer the finger then turned and walked away.. disappearing from view as she looked down the reference isle, looking for a book.

A couple of minutes later she heard Jennifer's voice behind her.. “The children's books are a few aisles over.”

Emily turned around and stepped toward Jennifer.. their big tits inches apart. “Fuck you.”

“Fuck you.”

“Fuck you.”

Jennifer stepped forward pressing the front of her t-shirt against Emily's ..“Fuck you.”

Emily pushed forward, their big firm tits mushrooming .. “Fuck you.”

“I hate you Emily.”

“I despise you Jennifer.”

Jennifer pushed forward... their tits compressing for a moment before Emily stumbled backwards from the impact. “Take that.”

Emily quickly recovered her balance as she lunged forward.. sneering at Jennifer .“Well take this bitch.” Their big heavy tits met head on.. sending Jennifer back against the bookshelf behind her. As Emily stepped back with a smirk on her face, Jennifer stuck her tongue out at her... “What a childish act... sticking your tongue out.”

“Fuck you.”

Emily sneered at Jennifer.. “You probably have no idea what a tongue is for other than speech.”

“Oh?' Jennifer mocked Emily as she stuck out her tongue and extended it down to the bottom of her chin... showing Emily how wide and long her tongue was.

“That's nothing compared to mine.” Emily replied as she extended her long wide tongue down to the bottom of her chin and wagged it back and forth.

“Fuck you Emily.”

“Damn Jennifer, you really must want to fuck me.. you keep saying it over and over.”

“Fuck you.”

“See? You said it again.”

“God! I hate you Emily!”

“At least I know what a tongue is for.”

“And you think I don't?”

“Maybe.. maybe not.. prove it.....prove it Jennifer.”

“Prove what?”

“Are you so fucking stupid that you don't know what I am talking about?”

“Fuck you.” Jennifer pushed hard into Emily again and Emily pushed back as they both mashed their dense tits together... pushing against each other... their eyes glaring at each other.

“Show me you know how to use your tongue Jennifer.”

Jennifer stepped back... “What?”

Emily laughed.. “That's what I thought... you're nothing but a pathetic little girl.”

“I am not.”

“You are too.”

“Am not.”

“I bet you have never kissed a girl before.”

“Sure I have.”

“Prove it.. Kiss me Jennifer.”

Jennifer moved her face to Emily's and placed her lips against Emily's and kissed her hard for a few seconds before pushing Emily back.. “There!”

Emily laughed... “That was a kiss?... it was more like a little peck... where was the tongue action?

Jennifer was getting pissed... “You want me to touch tongues with you? I always knew you were a lesbian.”

“You have never kissed a girl before have you?.... my my... you don't know what you are missing.”

“All right you fucking bitch.. I'll show you how to kiss.” Jennifer moved her face to Emily's again, parting her lips, her tongue extending from her mouth as Emily did the same... their tongues met first.. then their lips...then their mouths opened wide against each other, trapping their long tongues inside their locked mouths.. They swirled their tongues together.. licking and lapping inside each others mouths.. the kiss lasted about ten seconds before Jennifer pushed Emily away.

“What's the matter... can't take it?” Emily purred.

“I can out kiss you any day of the week.”

“That sounds like a challenge. Prove it.” Emily teased her.

“You stupid bitch... we're in the library!”

“Let me know when.. you can send me a text.”

Jennifer was really pissed off ...“You want to fuck it out bitch?”

“Yeah, I want to fuck it out.” Emily whispered as she leaned forward and swiped her tongue across Jennifer's lips.

Jennifer parted her lips and extended her tongue to meet Emily's as they slowly licked each others tongues in mid air between their lips. “I want to fuck you until you beg me to stop,”

“You're the one who will be begging, bitch.”

“Fuck you Emily.”

“Fuck you Jennifer.”

“Let me know when you want to fuck it out, whore.”

“Pussy to pussy Jennifer.”

“Clit to clit Emily.”

Jennifer grabbed Emily's face between her hands and stuck her tongue as deep as she could inside Emily's mouth... Emily immediately wrapped her lips around Jennifer's tongue and sucked it hard.. deep into her mouth for several seconds before Jennifer pulled her tongue out. “Fuck you.”

“Fuck you Jennifer.” Emily answered as she wagged her tongue then turned around and walked away.

“I hate you Emily.” Jennifer whispered to herself as she watched Emily shake her ass all the way to the front door of the library and left.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It was later in the afternoon when Angel's phone began to ring... it was Jane. Angel answered the phone with her most sultry voice... “Hi Jane.”

“Just checking in with you about tonight. Eight o'clock at the Red Rooster?”

“I am so glad you called Jane... there has been a change of plans.” Angel waited for Jane's response.

Jane really wanted to meet Angel, but she remained calm. “Ok...what's the new plan?”

“I was thinking about Armando's .. it's a little Italian restaurant on Main street... not far from your office... and they have private rooms.”

“Oh, I think you might be a devil instead of an Angel.”

“See you there at eight.”

“Ok Angel, ...oh,... and Angel?”



Angel laughed and answered... “Longer”

Jane questioned her...”Longer?”


“What are you talking about Angel?”

“My nipples.”

Jane laughed.... she had never met anyone who could match her in nipple length... “No fucking way”

“Yes way... I gotta go... see you tonight.”

“Bye Angel.”

“Bye Jane.”

The remaining couple of afternoon hours went by with Angel calling and texting her informants... trying to find a lead for the mystery woman 'Kiera.' Angel had eyes and ears at the pawn shops that were known to give a little more for diamond rings.. and she also had a few people on the inside at some of the upscale jewelry stores.... in case Kiera came in to try to sell the ring or have it appraised. There was still no information about the phone number that was left on the note. It was now a little after 5 o'clock. Angel closed up her office and drove home. It was time to get ready to meet Jane.

Jane had been working most of the day on a merger contract. One privately owned company was buying out another company that had stockholders. Everyone was in agreement on the terms.. it was just a process of getting everything in writing in 'lawyer speak'. As she was finishing her project, she noticed the time.. it was almost 6 o'clock. Jane was a couple of days ahead of schedule so it was time to call it a day... she had to get to her apartment and change so she could meet Angel at Armando's restaurant. As Jane drove home she thought of what she was going to wear. She had told Angel she was going to wear her special little black dress.. and she did not want to disappoint Angel. She was almost giddy with anticipation … Jane could not remember the last time she was so excited to go on a date.

Ten minutes later Jane was pulling into the secure parking garage at Park Place Towers. One of the reasons she had chosen Park Place was because of the security. No one could enter the apartment buildings without sliding their card through the card reader and there were always two security guards at the reception desk. The parking garage was also very secure. Besides having to slide your card to enter the parking area, you also had to slide your card when leaving the parking area and entering the building. With dozens of security cameras everywhere, it would be almost impossible for anyone to get inside the building. A few minutes later she was inside her penthouse apartment on the top floor. She had been overwhelmed with sexual energy all day as she had thought about meeting Angel. Her big tits had felt squeezed most of the day, and as she undressed she noticed how her tits had swelled up.. threatening to burst out of her lacy black 34E bra. “It's going to be one of those fucking big F cup nights.” .. she said to herself as she looked at herself in her full length mirror. “Yes,most definitely an F cup night.” She walked toward the shower, turned the water on, and began looking for the right pair of heels to wear tonight.

It was a little after 7 o'clock. Angel had showered, dried her hair and had finished putting on her make-up, eye shadow and eye liner. A few last brush stokes and her eye lashes were perfect. Like Jane, Angel's tits were a little bigger than they normally were, as if they knew they were going to get fondled and sucked before the night was over. “It's going to be a F cup evening” she whispered to herself. It was time to put on her 'little black dress.' .. then she had another idea... an 'evil' idea. What if she went to the restaurant naked? Well, not exactly naked, she could wear a long coat... No, it was summertime in Dallas. Perhaps a cover up … Hmmmm, that did not sound like a good idea either.. The little black dress would do just fine.

Jane searched through her clothes... until she found it. It was black... very thin.. The top had a very deep scooped neckline. From the waist up, it left little to the imagination. It was not quite as low cut as some of her dresses, but it definitely was scooped enough so that most of her massive tits were exposed. Two straps over each shoulder held the dress in place. The waist fit tight around her body and hips and it was very short...the hem of her dress was about halfway between her knees and her crotch. …. perfect for showing off her lovely legs and firm thighs. .. but what she loved the best about the dress was the material. Made of stretchy lace the dress fit her body like a glove … a tight fitting glove. ... It would be perfect. Jane slipped on a sheer black thong and then looked for the perfect bra. It had to be a low cut bra to work with the dress. She found the one she was looking for and slipped it on.. reaching around behind her back and hooking it... Even though it was a 34F, the bra felt tight. Her amazing tits were swollen just a bit because of her anticipation of meeting Angel. Jane slipped it off and looked for another one.. finally finding it... it was also a 34F. Jane slipped it on and it fit her tits perfectly...and was low cut enough so that it would not show.... A pair of black heels added the finishing touch. She modeled her outfit. Her big tits needed no help, but the bra she had chosen did squeeze them a little more together, creating an incredibly deep cleavage. “It's perfect.”

Angel was also searching for her special dress. At last she found it. It was also made of stretchy black lace and was just as revealing as the one Jane was going to wear. Angel also picked out a sheer thong that she slid up her legs and found a bra that would hide beneath the low cut scooped neckline. Angel already could tell that her tits were really, really big as she did not even bother trying on an E cup bra. She slipped her black see through 34F bra on.. her immense tits filling the huge cups completely. Like the bra Jane had chosen, Angel's bra also pushed her big heavy tits in just a bit creating the deepest cleavage that you could imagine. Black heels completed her attire. She admired her image in the mirror... She could not remember the last time when her tits looked so huge and displayed such a tremendous amount of cleavage. “It's perfect.” A few moments later Angel and Jane were on their way to Armando's

Angel and Jane



Jane lived closer and arrived first. I was a few minutes before eight as she stepped out of her BMW and handed the keys to the valet attendant. She walked into the restaurant, her hand bag over her shoulder, and looked around for a moment. The restaurant seemed small... perhaps a dozen tables and was dimly lit. She inhaled the fresh sent of oregano and basil. As her eyes were searching for Angel, she was greeted by an older gentlemen. “Good evening Ma'am. I'm Armando, welcome to my restaurant. Do you have a reservation?”

“I am looking for a friend... Angelica Johansen.”

“Ahhh Ms, Johansen.. one of my favorite patrons. She has not arrived yet, but I can take you to the dinning room she has reserved... this way Ms....?

“Love. Jane Love.”

“Please follow me Ms Love.”

Armando led her through a door that opened into a dimly lit hallway.. Jane followed him until they reached the last door on the right. He opened the door for Jane and waited for her to walk in. The room was small. There was a small table with freshly cut flowers, and a small dining table with one side against the wall. There were two 'booth' type bench seats facing the table on opposite sides. The back of each seat was against the wall and each one was obviously designed to seat one person. It was, indeed, a small room. Armando extended his hand toward one of the seats and Jane sat down, removing her purse from her shoulder and placing it on the table. “Shall I get you something to drink Ms. Love, while you wait for Ms. Johansen.?”

“No, thank you. I will wait.”

“Of course. She should be here soon. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“I'm fine Armando, thank you.”

“Yes Ma'am” Armando turned around and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Angel had already given the keys to the valet attendant and was walking into the restaurant, carrying a small clutch purse as Armando was making his way back from seating Jane. He noticed Angel immediately .. “Ms Johansen, so very nice to see you again.”

“Thank you Armando”

“It is always a pleasure to be in the presence of an Angel.” He smiled and continued before Angel could ask about Jane. “Ms. Love has already been seated. I will take you to your table.”

“Thank you.” Angel followed Armando to the room and waited for him to open the door. Angel walked in and saw Jane for the first time. She managed to hold back a 'gasp' as she stared at her. Before she could speak Armando asked if they wanted something to drink. With her eyes never leaving Jane, Angel responded ..”A bottle of Coche Dury Bourgogne Chardonnay please.”

“Excellent choice Ms Johansen. Will that be all?”

“Yes Armando”

“Yes Ma'am.” He closed the door as he left.

Jane smiled at Angel as she stood up.. “It is wonderful to finally meet you.” They were both in awe as they looked at each other. Two of the most beautiful women in the world were meeting for the first time.. and both were amazed with what they were viewing. “You are more beautiful that I could have ever possibly imagined.”

“So are you Jane. I feel overwhelmed. … You look amazing.” Angel was not sure what to do... hug her? Lean over and kiss her? Then she remembered what she had told Jane on the phone.. about touching their tongues together. Angel extended her very long tongue all the way out and kept her mouth wide open so Jane could see all the way inside Angel's mouth... Jane then extended her tongue out as far as she could reach it.. then they slowly moved toward each other and touched their tongues together.. wide tongue touching wide tongue... the tops of their tongues completely touching as they held them together for a long time... as much as thirty seconds before Angel slowly moved her tongue up and down against Jane's as they slowly licked each others tongues.. they sighed together as another minute passed... both women were getting wet.. Angel finally pulled back from Jane and stared in her eyes for several seconds before she finally spoke again, her eyes drifting down to Jane's immense cleavage.. “You are soooo... sooo....”

“Big?” Jane whispered.

“More like Huge.”

Jane's eyes were also looking at Angel's massive tits with their seemingly endless cleavage.. “They are so much bigger in person.”

Angel continued to stared at Jane's tits.. “Yes they are.”

Jane stepped closer until the front of their dresses were only a few inches apart.. “I want to touch them.” She did not wait for Angel to respond as she reached out with the palms of her hands and placed them on the front of Angel's incredible tits. .. feeling … softly squeezing.

Angel moaned as she reached out with her hands and began to fondle Jane's over-sized tits.. touching.. moving her fingers over the front of Jane's black dress.. gently squeezing. For the next few minutes they fondled each others heavy tits.. the back of their hands occasionally touched as they weighed each others huge tits.. squeezing.. lifting.. pushing them up and down and back and forth.. running their fingers over each others huge globes. Angel traced her fingernails around the tops of Jane's exposed tit-flesh as Jane softly moaned. The palms of her hands touching and pressing against the bare flesh.. Jane was touching and feeling the exposed parts of Angel's tits too as she pressed and pushed and squeezed. Two women with big tit fetishes were squeezing and fondling the biggest pair of tits that either had ever touched. “I love your tits, Angel.. they are so big.. and firm.”

“I love your tits too Jane... so heavy and dense.”

“Heavier than yours Angel?”

“Mmmmm,” Angel whispered... “Like you said on the phone, there's only one way to find out, Jane.”

“Umm Hmmm... only one way.... tit to tit.”

When two women with a big tit fetish meet they compare tits. It's what they do. Whose are bigger? … Whose are firmer? … Whose tits could take the most compression in a bearhug? … Who had the heavier tits? … Whose tits were more dense? Jane began to compare Angel's tits with her own... Were they bigger? Maybe. They certainly were massive.. and they felt so firm.. every bit as firm as her own tits. Angel was also asking the same questions in her mind... Could Jane's tits be equal to hers in size? .. in firmness? .. They sure felt firm and solid.

They continued to play and fondle with each others huge tits until there was a knock on the door.

“Armando with your wine.”

“You can come in Armando” Angel answered.

Jane stepped back from Angel and sat down. Angel sat down in the seat across from her. “Ouch.” She quickly slid out of the seat.. looking down.”

“What?” Jane was concerned.

“Oh, it's nothing really. The leather is torn.. right under my left thigh.”

“Oh my, well.. you can't sit there...... “Armando, we would like....””

Angel interrupted Jane, knowing she was going to say something about the tear in the seat.. “What Jane is saying.. is .. how lovely the room is... It is just perfect, isn't it Jane?”

“Yes … everything is perfect.” She said in a quiet voice as she smiled at Angel.

“Thank you very much.” He placed two linen cloths on the table, and then placed two crystal wine glasses on the cloths.... opened the bottle of wine … the cork popping loose … Armando allowed the wine to breath for a moment, then picked up each glass, one at a time, and carefully poured the wine. He then placed the bottle on the table .. “Anything else I can do for you Ms. Johansen.”

“No, thank you Armando. oh, and we do not wish to be disturbed.”

“Absolutely not Ms. Johansen” He pointed at a button with a speaker on the wall.. “You may use the intercom if you need anything. Enjoy your evening.”

“Thank you.”

Armando left the room, closing the door behind him. Angel turned around from facing Jane and stepped to the door... locking it... before turning around and facing Jane again.

“You look amazing Angel... the photos did not do justice to you.” Jane whispered as she stood back up again.

“And you are … are … I am not sure what words to use... You're gorgeous Jane.” Jane was everything she had imagined and more.. “It's very nice to finally meet you Jane.”

“It's nice to finally meet you too, Angel.” For the first time in her life, she was not sure what was supposed to happen next. She wanted to grab Angel and hold her and kiss her and hug her... but it did not seem appropriate... she knew that all of those things would come later... She stepped closer to Angel and leaned her lovely face forward.. kissing Angel on the cheek, then stepped back... Angel tried to keep her composure as her eyes once again dropped down to Jane's massive rack. 'My God,' Angel thought . 'Jane's tits are fucking huge!'. ... Jane could see that Angel was staring at her tits... “I'm glad you like what you see” She whispered.

“Yesssss.” Angel whispered back as Jane smiled. ... The sheer cups of Angel's bra and the tight fit of her dress, allowed Angel's huge nipples to show against the tight stretchy fabric of her dress... Jane could easily see them straining at the front of Angel's dress as she stared at Angel's big tits.

Jane wanted to talk more about Angel's tits ...“Angel.” Jane gasped … “I had no idea you were so …. so …...”


There was a few seconds of silence.. then they both giggled... “Yeah, you could say that.” Jane turned toward her seat and sat down.. scooting over as far as she could as she reached out with her right hand and patted the small space next to her. “Come sit with me.” Angel moved toward Jane.. and looked at the space that was left on the seat.. Angel thought that even though the seat was intended for one person, there might be enough space for her to squeeze in next to Jane. She stood at the edge of the table placed her clutch purse next to Jane's, turned around and began to lower herself into the seat. Before she was all the way down, she felt her left hip touching Jane's right hip.. Looking down, Angel noticed that there was an overlap of a couple of inches.. It was going to be a tight squeeze as she wiggled her ass down into the seat next to Jane, the outside of their hips pushed tightly together.. their short dresses left almost all of their thighs exposed and touching... the outside of Angel's left thigh was pressed tightly, skin to skin, against the outside of Jane's right thigh. Angel and Jane were about as close as they could be to each other. … The naked skin of their thighs felt heavenly against each other. 'Is it too tight?” Jane asked with a very sultry voice.

“Maybe if I turned a little bit.” Angel answered as she twisted her upper body toward Jane... “You might want to turn a little too.”

Jane turned her torso a little to her right ,, the outer swells of their massive tits pushed against each other.. Jane gasped.. “Oh, that feels good. .. maybe just a bit more” as she turned her body a little more.. the side of her right tit pushing more firmly against the side of Angel's left tit. Angel then turned herself toward Jane.. as much as her hips would allow.... her left tit was now very firmly pressed against Jane's right tit. They both looked down … Jane quietly laughed as she spoke ..”It looks like we have created an extra pair of tits.... look Angel.”

Angel was looking... and Jane was right... there were two big tits.. pressing together.. side to side.. with two hard nipples straining at the front of their dresses.. You could see the deep line of cleavage between their two pressing tits.. It did look like one set of tits. Angel could not resist any longer.. she looked up and gazed at Jane as Jane returned her gaze. Angel reached out with her right hand and placed it on Jane's right cheek and gave her a little nudge, pulling Jane's face close to her as she moved her face close to Jane. Jane thought they were about to kiss... but at the last moment, Angel moved her face a little more to the right, extended her very long tongue and licked Jane's right cheek.. her tongue slowly licking from the corner of Jane's mouth all the way up to just below her right eye.. before moving her face back. Jane quickly followed her lead as she extended her long tongue and licked up the side of Angel's right cheek.. then she licked down to the corner of Angel's mouth.. then back up again before withdrawing her tongue. Their eyes locked as they both extended those two incredibly long tongues toward each other and touched the tips together.. slowly moving toward each other as their tongues began to flatten out between their open mouths.. They kept their eyes wide open.. staring at each other as more and more of their lengthy tongues began to touch until their tongues were extended downward... the flat top of their tongues touching length to length as the underside of each of their tongues were pressed against the front of their own chins. They held their tongues together for a long time.. just letting them touch.. and feel … and discover... until they finally pulled apart.. and licked their own lips. Their eyes were still open … It was lust at first sight.

Angel whispered.. “I want to lick every inch of your hot body.”

“Mmmm, and I want to lick every inch of your hot body Angel.”

Angel moved her mouth toward Jane again … but Jane moved her fingers between their lips.... “Angel... we have some papers to sign... if we don't do it now.. it may never get done.” Angel gave Jane her best pouty look as Jane continued. “It will only take a few moments... then we have the rest of the night... I don't have to be at the office until 9 in the morning.”

Angel sighed. Jane was right. “Ok, where do I sign?”

Jane laughed... “Not so fast tiger...”

Angel responded by growling in a tiger voice “grrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

Jane laughed again as she reached into her purse and pulled out several sheets of paper that were folded up. She unfolded the papers... “I will be very brief … It is a basic retainer agreement.. we don't need to go over every small detail.. You know how these things work.” Angel nodded as Jane continued to speak … “The only thing that has been added to our retainer agreements is this part.” She pointed to a couple of paragraphs on the last page. “It refers to how we settle disagreements.... At some point in time, I, as your attorney, may give you advise, and you, as my client, may disagree on the advise.” Angel was listening … “If, or when, this happens, we have a system in place to handle these disagreements. .. are you with me?”


“Ok good.. here is how it works.. Each of us … you and I .. will present each other with a written plan on how we should handle the situation.. the plan will consist of two bullet points.. So …. you and I will need to pick out just two areas of conversation that we feel are most important. Then we will compare.. your two bullet points and my two bullet points.. It will be a frank and honest discussion and we will reach an agreement. Perhaps it will be your two bullet points, perhaps mine.. or a compromise. .. ok?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Great. Ok... here is where you sign.” Jane handed Angel her pen and pointed to the blank line on the contract.

As Angel took the pen, her phone rang. “Damn.” She placed the pen down on the table as she reached for her clutch purse and grabbed her phone... “It is one of my informants.. We are working a case.”

“It's all right Angel.”

Angel answered the phone... He had his eyes on the woman who took the ring. She was in Tiffany's at the Galleria. The informant knew someone inside and had told him to be on the lookout for someone wanting a ring appraised. He had sent a picture of the ring to the employee at Tiffany's and he had verified that the woman had the ring in the photo. “Ok, let me know what happens.” He then said that they would keep her there as they appraised the ring.. keep her until he could get there. “Good, when she leaves, follow her and keep me updated.” Angel turned her attention back to Jane..“Sorry for the interruption... I am working on a case.. trying to recover a stolen ring” Angel quickly sorted through the pictures on her phone.. “Here, let me show you.”

Jane looked at the picture of the ring. “Whoa.. that is huge!”

“Seven carats... worth about a million.. give or take a hundred thousand dollars.”

“Oh my” Jane whispered as Angel placed her phone down on the table.

“Ok, back to our conversation ... I want to clarify what you just said.”

“All right Angel.”

“At times, we may have disagreements on how you want to handle any legal issues.. correct?”

“Yes, Angel.”

“And when we do have these disagreements, we are to meet face to face.”


“Like this.” Angel moved her face close to Jane's.. so they could feel each others breath on their faces.

Jane twisted her body just a little more her big right tit sliding a little against Angel's big left tit.. their nipples getting closer together... “Yes.. face to face.”

“Then we present our two bullet points to each other....” Angel reached out with her right hand and placed her finger on the front of Jane's dress.. right where her nipple was located ..... “Your bullet points..”

Jane reached over with her left hand and placed her finger on the front of Angel's dress, right where her left nipple was straining at the front of her dress.. “And your bullet points.”

Angel then lifted her left leg and placed it over Jane's right leg, the warm skin of their thighs sliding together as she turned more toward Jane so that their nipples were now laying next to each other.. “And, of course, I would want to push my side of the problem forward.”

Jane moved her left leg out and placed it on top of Angel's left leg so that their legs were now intertwined.. this allowed her to turn her upper body a little more toward Angel.. It was just enough for their sensitive nipples to line up .. with only their bras and the thin stretchy fronts of their dresses keeping them apart. “And I would have to press my points forward as well.” Jane whispered as she placed her lips against Angels and leaned toward her.. applying a little pressure on the front of their dresses.. right where their nipples were hidden from each other.

Angel whispered.. moving her lips against Jane's as she leaned into Jane.. each of them feeling a little pressure on their hard nipples .. “There could be some resistance.”

“There could be a great deal of resistance.” Jane whispered.. her lips moving against Angel's as she leaned just a bit more.. their nipples being squashed inside their bras.

“Maybe more resistance than either of us have ever known.” Angel arched her back and thrust her big left tit against Jane's.. they both felt the pressure... as the naked upper swells of their tits touched.. skin to skin.

“As your attorney, I may have to apply some pressure, so you can fully appreciate my points.” Jane arched her back as their heavy tits mushroomed up over the top of their dresses.. their hot skin burning as more bare flesh pressed against bare flesh.

“We might have some stalemates, Jane”

“That is when we may have to press our points even harder.” They were really leaning into each other now.. their big tits felt so heavy against each other... and they could feel each others nipples through their bras and dresses.

Angel continued to whisper, her lips brushing Jane's lips as she spoke.. “It could take some time to work these stalemates out.”

Jane's lips brushed Angel's as she whispered back .. “It could take quite a while to fully appreciate the length and breadth of each others points. The points I make are usually quite lengthy.... and I can tell that the points you will make will be very lengthy as well.”

“I also believe that each and every part of our points should be explored.”

“Explored to the fullest extent that is possible.”

“Unnn” Jane moaned as she and Angel pressed their immense tits together. “Mmmm” .. the two incredibly hot sexy women moaned in unison. Angel kept herself plastered against Jane as she reached for the pen, picked it up, and signed the document. “Now that we got 'business' out of the way … it's time for 'pleasure.” Jane reached over with her left hand and placed it on Angel's right tit.. sliding her fingernails up and down and around the front of Angel's tight dress. A moment later Angel's fingers were on Jane's left tit.. she palmed Jane's big tit and gently squeezed it.. Jane's tit was firm and dense … solid... and fucking huge. Two beautiful faces moved toward each other, their tongues reaching out and flicking together before their lips touched as they tongue kissed.. moving their tongues together. … up and down .. left and right.. wagging them back and forth against each other until their lips finally touched and sealed their wet tongues together. Their mouths slowly moved back and forth as they pushed their tongues together … moaning … tasting …. licking …. Jane wrapped her lips tightly around Angel's tongue and sucked... slowly pulling away until Angel's tongue popped free from her full lips... then it was Angel's turn to suck Jane's tongue.. For the next several minutes they took turns sucking each others tongues as their hard nipples throbbed together... buried under their huge tits. Angel lifted her face a couple of inches above Jane's.. opened her mouth and drooled a string of saliva down toward Jane's open mouth.. Jane eagerly extended her wet tongue to catch the string of sweet spit from Angel's mouth... then brought her mouth up to meet Angel's .. once again, locking mouths as they deep kissed.. swishing the saliva around in their mouths before breaking the kiss.. slowly separating their wet lips.. a couple of strings of saliva stretching between their mouths.. They both thought it was kinky and nasty.

For the next few minutes they wet kissed... each time they pulled their lips apart, there would be strings of spit... stretching between Angel's tongue and lips to Jane's tongue and lips... as they continued to kiss, more and more strings would stretch between them until their mixed saliva was stringing from their chins.. and drooling down on their tits... right where their two nipples were still buried inside their huge tits. Angel's right nipple and Jane's left nipple were throbbing under the touch of each others hands as Jane began squeezing and pushing Angel's big tit with her fingers..'My God', Jane thought.. 'Angel's tits are fucking amazing' Jane continued stroking, .squeezing .. pushing up and down... pushing left and right... Angel moaned with pleasure as Jane felt up her tit.… Angel was also playing with Jane's huge left tit.. her fingers squeezing and pushing her big tit around on her chest. Jane's tit was firm and very dense under her fingers. Then as women do.. they began to compare.. Jane's mind was ablaze with thoughts of Angel's tits.. Were they as big as her own? They sure felt very big.. and they felt firm.. when she squeezed them, Angel's tits felt so dense.. it was all Jane could do to push her fingers into Angel's tits ....they were solid... and fucking huge.. maybe as big as her own.. Jane wondered.. she had felt a lot of tits in her life, but had never held one like the one she was holding now. Angel's tits were immense... incredible... full heavy globes of dense tit-flesh. Angel was thinking the same thoughts.. her mind fantasizing as she played with Jane's bountiful tit. Angel's tits were hard.. yet pliable... dense.. yet squeezable... and Jane's tits were just as heavy. When Angel lifted Jane's tit it felt heavy as her own … solid … heavier than any tit she had ever lifted in her life... big and round … but where they as big as her own magnificent tits? Were Jane's tits as heavy as her own? Angel was not sure.. She had not ever met anyone who had a better rack than she did.... but Jane... she was not sure.. Jane's tits were enormous... As they continued to kiss and make spit strings and fondle each others weighty tits, Angel's phone rang again.... “Damn.”

“It's all right Angel.”

“Sorry.” It was a text message... 'She left Tiffany's. I followed. Got in a white Honda. Got the plates. Jack is running plates. Following her. Will update.' Angel texted back … 'K'.

She put her phone back down on the table as she moved her lips to Jane's again and began kissing her..... Deep kisses... long kisses … wet kisses... Angel's sheer thong was wet.. as was Jane's. Angel pulled away from a very long deep kiss.. keeping her mouth open as the kiss ended.. creating a thick bubbly spit rope between their lips... Jane then touched her wet lips to Angel's and asked a question.. Angel could feel Jane's lips moving against her lips as she whispered.. “Have you ever had a nipple orgasm?”

“Umm Hmmm … Have you?”

“Yes I have... I love it” Jane whispered as she licked Angel's lips and pulled her tongue back slightly .. making another spit bridge between them.

“I love it to..... have you ever nipple fucked and both you and your lover had a nipple orgasm together?” Angel whispered back as they continued their spit kissing.

“No. Not together .. not at the same time … how about you?”

“Not that I can remember. . Not cumming together that way.” Angel continued to whisper as they kept licking each others lips and tongues. “Do your nipples cum when you have a nipple orgasm Jane?”

Jane whispered back... licking and whispering at the same time ..“Sometimes... I have this clear cum that comes out of my nipples ... it is a little gooey … and sticky. … you?”

“Yessss .. just like you... clear and very sticky” Angel responded as their tongues stroked each other… “Have you ever been with another girl whose nipples can cum?”

“No, …. never …. you?” Jane answered.

“No, .. me either... Can I ask you a question Jane?”

Jane ran her long tongue across Angel's lips.. “Um hmmm.”

Angel licked at Jane's tongue as she asked her question.. “I am guessing that you have really nice nipples”

Jane sucked Angel's lower lip between her lips and ran her tongue across Angel's lips before pulling her face back and letting Angel's lower lip 'pop' out of her mouth.. “Is that a statement or a question?”

Angel's lips continued to brush against Jane's as she whispered, “Earlier today I said 'longer' and you asked me what I was referring to.. and I said my nipples and you said, if I recall, 'no fucking way' .. sooooo?”

Jane giggled.. then leaned her mouth toward Angel's ear and whispered.. “They are the biggest … longest … thickest nipples that you will ever see.”

Angel felt her pussy twitch... “Ohhh God Jane.... I love nipples.”

“And yours?” Jane asked.

Angel leaned her head back slightly and looked at Jane with a wicked grin on her face as she whispered... “Longer... bigger... thicker.”

Jane moved her mouth to Angel's, licking around Angel's lips and whispering.. “No.... fucking …. way.”

“We'll just have to find out, won't we?”

“Yes we will ….Do you like to play games, Angel?”

“I love games”

“Lets play the promise game” Jane was still whispering and licking Angel's mouth.

“How do you play the promise game?” Angel answered as she too kept licking Jane's lips and tongue.

“You say something... and then I will repeat it.. only I add a promise.. then you repeat it .. and add a promise .. until we are content with what we have promised each other.. got it?”

“Not really … but lets try it”

“Ok … you go first … just tell me something that you want to do … anything.”

“All right Jane … since you have... as you say... such long.. and thick.. and hard nipples... I am assuming that I could easily get my lips around your nipple and suck it deep into my mouth....Soooooooo...Would you like for me to give your nipple a blow job?”

“I would love for you to give my nipple a blow job, Angel … if you promise to let me give your nipple a blow job”

“Mmmmm, … I promise to give your nipple a blow job Jane … if you promise that you will let your nipple cum in my mouth”

“Ohhhh yessss Angel.... I promise that my nipple will cum in your mouth .. if you promise that your nipple will cum in my mouth”

“Oh God Jane ...I promise that my nipple will cum in your mouth … if you promise that your nipple will cum in my mouth at the same time” They had both started to gently push their big tits together even more... the upper swells of their cleavage making as much skin to skin contact as was possible as they mashed their dense tits together.

“God …. I promise that our nipples will cum in each others mouth at the same time.. if you promise that we can kiss and cum swap our nipple cum back and forth in our mouths” Jane whispered in her sexiest voice as she continued to lick at Angel's mouth

“Mmmmm yessssss. That sounds so nasty.. I promise Jane” There were now a few permanent strings of saliva that connected their lips as they whispered to each other.

“Me too … I promise” They were still stroking and squeezing each others tits with their hands.

Then Angel asked a question ...“What happens if our nipples don't cum in each others mouths at the same time? … I don't want to break a promise to you.”

“It's not a broken promise … it's an un-kept promise, .. an unfulfilled promise ... we will have to do it again .. until we keep our promise to each other”, Jane reassured her.

“And if our nipples don't cum in each others mouths at the same time the second time?”

“Then we keep trying Angel… until we can keep our promise to each other... we do it again … and again … and again ….”

“And again … and again … until our promise to each other is fulfilled?”

“Exactly … Mmmmmm, I love the promise game … lets play again … I would love to fuck your pussy with mine.”

“Mmmm, God Jane … Yesss. I would love for you to fuck my pussy with yours … if you promise to squirt inside my pussy when you cum”

“I promise to squirt inside your pussy when I cum Angel … if you promise to squirt in my pussy when you cum”

“Ohh fuck yes Jane ...... I promise to squirt in your pussy when I cum .. if you promise to squirt in my pussy when you cum … at the exact same moment in time”

“Oooooo Angel.... I promise I will cum and squirt in your pussy at the same time that you cum and squirt in my pussy … together … squirting .. at the exact same time.”

“And if you squirt and I don't.. then it is an unfulfilled promise.. and we have to fuck again?”

“Yes Angel ...Or if we both squirt when we cum … but it is not exactly at the same time .. then we will have to fuck again.”

“And we will have to keep fucking Jane… until we both cum together … and we both squirt together... at exactly the same time ... pussy to pussy.”

“We may have to get together Angel and fuck pussy to pussy many times …before we cum together and squirt together.”

“We might have to fuck dozens of times ….”

“Maybe hundreds of times … until we both cum at the exact same time ...”

“And we both squirt at the exact same time.”

“I promise.” Jane whispered as she licked at Angels mouth

“I promise too.” Angel licked at Jane's mouth as she responded.

Their hands were now really squeezing and feeling each others tit as they continued their nasty spit game.. kissing and licking at each others lips and tongue. Jane had to ask a question.... a question that she had been thinking about for the last twenty minutes... “Angel?”

“Yes Jane?”

“Can you … I mean .. do your nipples... I want to know if your nipples can suck.”

Angel grinned as they kissed and whispered .. “Um hmmmm.”

“Mmmm that is so fucking hot.”

Angel licked at Jane's mouth … “The tips sometimes sorta flare... when it happens the end of my nipples look like little suction cups... know what I mean?”

“Yes I do.” Jane was now grinning as she whispered and licked at Angel's lips. “Mine do the same thing... kinda flare out at the tips.. like you's as if they have little suction cups.”

“My God Jane... Mine do that.. but I have never been with another woman who can do that... God that would be so fucking hot if they sucked together.”

Jane moved her hand from cupping and squeezing Angels big tit and moved her hand down between Angel's legs.. pressing her fingers against Angel's pussy and began stroking the front of her wet sheer thong... as she whispered … “We need to have our nipples suck together.” Angel moaned as they continued to swap spit back and forth between their wet hungry mouths. Angel gave Jane's big tit one last hard squeeze, forcing a moan from Jane's lips then moved her right hand down between Jane's legs.. her fingers easily finding Jane's wet thong and pressing her fingers against Jane's swollen clit. “God Yes Jane... that would be so kinky and sexy.. if our nipples sucked together.”

“Sucked together until they were cumming together.”

“Oh fuck yessssss.” Angel and Jane were stroking each others clit... rubbing their fingers against the sheer nylon of their thongs.. they were breathing hard and deep. Their locked nipples were throbbing together. Neither one of the incredible hot women could remember when they had been turned on as much as they were right now as they rubbed each others swollen clits. …. then Angel's phone buzzed again. “Shit.” Angel whispered. . . . . Again her phone buzzed … “Shit.”

“You better answer it Angel.”

Angel pulled her hand away from Jane's thong and slid her finger across the screen, reading the text to herself .. it was from Jack. . “Rental car... she just parked at a house and went inside. Address is 7799 Cheyenne. We got her Angel.. Hurry.” …. “Shit!” Angel exclaimed again as she showed the text to Jane.

“You better go.”

“I don't want to go.”

Jane kissed Angel.. it was a loving kiss... “It's all right Angel.. I know you need to go. I understand.”

“Jane... I am so very sorry. You are an incredible woman.”

Jane kissed Angel again... “So are you... fucking amazing.. and Angel … we always have tomorrow... and the next day .. and the next day … I'm not letting you get away.”

That was all Angel needed to hear... “Ok Jane.. I will talk to you very soon.” She kissed Jane one more time, texted a 'K' to Jack, unlocked the door and left. Jane poured herself another glass of wine. She felt a little disappointed, but then she smiled.. knowing for certain.. that she and Angel were going to fuck. .. Soon... and it would be the best sex she had ever experienced. There was no doubt in her mind as she sipped her wine.

Angel quickly found Armando.. “I have to run.. put it on my bill.. and give Jane anything she wants.”

“Yes Ms. Johansen. Anything for my Angel.”

“Thank you.” A couple of minutes later the valet attendant was at the front door with her Vette. Angel gave him a nice tip as he stared at Angel's tits. She then leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek as she whispered .. “Thank you” He was about 18 or 19... It made his day. A moment later she was on her way to Cheyenne street.

Jane finished her second glass of wine and left the restaurant, thanking Armando as she walked out the front door. The Hotel Texas was a block away and she had heard they had a nice bar with good music. She decided she would go check it out. A few minutes later she was in the bar.. she sat down at a table in the corner and ordered a glass of white wine, her mind occupied with thoughts of Angel.

To be continued