by JB57

Anna smiled, but her heart was uncertain about the outcome of the coming battle. Anna was used to wearing her enemies down, of fucking her sex competitors into comas, then ravaging them even more. The biker babe reminded herself that she had already fucked the blonde beauty into submission once. She could certainly do it again; it was just a matter of getting the other woman into the right position.

Anna felt the heat in her body. Her pussy was a volcano nested in her core. Her clit felt pumped up beyond belief, and pulsing with power and sensitivity. The tips of her nipples sparked with sexual electricity, her tits were hard and strong, their dense flesh throbbing with sexual power. Anna and Maria had fucked each other mercilessly, but the mutual sexual abuse had served to enflame their voracious sexual appetites and feed their need to dominate and control the other. The women glared at each other with undisguised hunger. Each beautiful Alpha bitch wanted to consume the other woman, to devour every inch of her opponent’s delectable body.

The women touched their bare feet together, pushing the balls of their feet and their toes against each other. They enjoyed the brief, erotic contact before they slid their legs past each other and moved to scissor their enemy’s voluptuous body. Maria slid her hand down her belly, through the strip of pubic hair above her pussy, and reached between her legs to finger her hot, wet, slick twat. She used her index and middle fingers to spread her pussy lips wider, allowing her throbbing clit full freedom. Her clit was huge and hard, more than three inches long and rippling with power, burning with sensitivity.

Anna reached between her legs and spread her cunt lips wider. Her clit popped free and rose to meet its challenger. Her eyes were half-closed, her eyelids heavy with lust and anticipation, her body both craving and fearing the excruciating clit to clit contact that was only moments away. But her hunger, her desire to break and master and devour Maria’s sex was greater than anything. She had never been as aroused, as sexually voracious as she was now.

The women pushed closer, keeping their torsos almost vertical with the floor as they braced themselves with their arms. They could feel the heat in their crotches as their wet thighs meshed and their boiling cunts came within inches of contact. But it was the tips of their throbbing nipples that touched first, sending a thrum of pure erotic power through the two interlocked women. Anna gasped; Maria groaned. Then, smiling viciously at each other, they pushed harder until their nipples pushed back into their tits, until their heavy tits crushed tight. Between their spread thighs, their clits came within centimeters of touching.

“I’m going to fuck your little clit out your ass, you bitch,” Maria whispered to Anna, her sweet breath coming now in hot pants as her excitement rose. “After this, we’ll both know who’s the top cunt in this prison.”

“Bring it, you cocksucking sow,” Anna replied. “You won’t be able to cheat your way out of this, you dirty little fuck. I’m going to squash your little nub of a clit into mash and then I’m going to fuck every inch of your body until you beg me to stop.”

“Oh, I promise, I won’t be the one begging, you pussylicker,” Maria breathed back.

“Enough talk,” Anna snarled. “Let’s fuck, slut. Let’s fuck each other’s cunts off. Let’s see what’s left after we’re done with each other.”

Anna reached behind Maria and filled her hands with the warden’s broad, round, muscled ass. Maria instantly returned the grip. The women locked each other in place, making sure that neither of them could escape from the fuckfight to come. Then, signaling with their eyes, they drove their clits and their cunts together with all of their strength. Their protruding clits struck first, head to head, holding for a moment in an excruciating stalemate, before slipping side to side and driving deep into the other woman’s open fuckhole. Thick, juicy pussy lips slapped and sucked. The women’s long, incredibly sensitive clits were locked side by side, trapped inside the women’s merged, sealed cunts, locked into the hot, wet sexual arena formed by their sucking twats.

Maria and Anna both shrieked with unbearable pleasure as their clits crushed, then slid and fused, locked together and pulsing with sexual sensations. Both women squeezed each other with all the strength in their powerful cunts, their inner muscles contracting, forming a wet, hot vise. The action crushed and mashed their rigid, throbbing clits into one steaming mass of pulsing, erotic flesh.

Anna and Maria stared at each other in wide-eyed astonishment as terrible sensations of ecstasy boiled through their conjoined bodies. The women began to sob, then scream in unison, their cries of erotic bliss and shared hate harmonizing. Then, fighting off the waves of coruscating pleasure, they both pulled hard on the other woman’s ass, their legs spread wide, each woman trying to pull the other’s cunt as deep into hers as it could go. They leaned hard together, crushing nipples and tits then, forehead to forehead, tongue to tongue, they began to grind, bucking and jerking their hips, sliding and sawing their clits against each other, squeezing and crushing each other’s sexhorns with their powerful cunts. They locked into a deep, driving kiss, tongues twisted into a knot, swallowing each other’s sobs and screams of pleasure. Even so, tears streamed down their faces and their guttural moans and cries of raw joy continued to fill the small cell as their hips bucked, their asses thrust, and the clit to clit grinding went on and on, filling both battling Amazons with unbelievable sexual pleasure, pumping their muscles up with power and tension.

Maria thrust a middle finger up Anna’s tight ass; Anna immediately returned the gesture. Locked together, pulling on each other’s asses, the women worked every inch of their voluptuous bodies against each other. Their back muscles undulated at they rammed and rubbed their tits as hard as they could, raw nipples catching and struggling, hard areola grating. Naked bellies slapped and writhed, navels sucking. The women broke the kiss then threw back their heads, chin to chin, and groaned in an agony of sexual bliss, their hands pulling on their asses even harder, each woman trying to swallow the other’s cunt with her own. Anna bit Maria hard on her neck and shoulder, sucking up a hickey. Maria bit back. Their bodies continued rocking and thrusting, the raw pleasure kept building. Their screams of joy tailed off into moans and sobs of even greater pleasure, growing and building and filling their cores. The women squeezed and squeezed their cunts, even as their throbbing, nova-hot clits kept grinding and rubbing, twisting together into an unbreakable knot of pure ecstasy. Maria and Anna, still sobbing uncontrollably, under assault from the incredible sexual pleasure they were inflicting on each other, locked into another probing kiss.

Neither woman would release the other’s ass. Their bodies were twisted into an erotic knot, straining muscles twined with muscles, tits flattened and grinding against tits, legs wrapped over rounded hips, locking each other in place. The women anchored themselves by holding to the other’s ass, sinking in their claws, rubbing the slick flesh. If either let go, she feared that she would soon find herself flat on her back, her enemy on top, fucking her into submission.

Maria and Anna rocked and thrust harder and harder, the incredible heat in their sexual cores building to unbearable levels. They panted and sobbed and screamed in rage and sexual joy as the fucking went on.

Suddenly, Maria stiffened. She could feel her clit, so hard and strong, burning like an erotic furnace in her cunt, suddenly begin to throb and grow uncontrollably. She felt the impending orgasm, building, expanding, exploding, impossible to stop.

Maria locked Anna in another deep, furious kiss. The women kissed ferociously, biting, drawing blood. As Maria felt herself slipping out of control, however, she felt the deep trembling in Anna’s body and knew that the other woman was only moments from her own explosion. Maria jerked her hips just a little harder, squeezed their knotted clits with all the power of her cunt. Anna squeezed back with all her strength. They exploded together, the orgasms coming so close that it was impossible to tell who went first.

An eruption of pure, unbearable pleasure detonated deep within the women’s locked clits, filling their cunts, flowing out into their lower bellies like a nova of raw sensation. The intensity of the mutual orgasm was incredible, rolling through their bodies in waves, pumping up their battling tits, sending tides of pure pleasure blasting through their skin, making their bodies sizzle with erotic power. The women jerked and spasmed in their enemy’s arms, crushing each other tight, riding each other as the orgasms tightened every muscle then released them in a flare of intense pleasure, before tightening them again.

“God, oh God, OH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!,” Maria shrieked, her body dissolving and exploding with joy all at once.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, FUUUUCCKK!!,” Anna howled, lost in a sexual frenzy.

Deep in their cores, their sexual muscles convulsed and hot cum jetted out of both women, mixing and melting inside their joined vaginal canals, flowing from one gaping fuckhole to the other, pumping back and forth between the women, filling them with a warm, delicious heat. Maria and Anna both enjoyed the incredibly erotic feeling of violating and being violated at this most intimate level, as they shared their inner juices with each other’s body. The hot cum squeezed out from between their sealed cuntlips, soaking their crotches, riding up their rubbing bellies, trickling to the floor.

Anna and Maria locked into a deep, probing kiss, spit flowing between them, tongues lapping and licking, as wave after wave of sexual bliss spread through them. They screamed and snarled and howled like wild animals as raw sexual power raged through their battling bodies. They clung to each other, riding the waves together, until their bodies were slick with sweat and damp with cum, until the scent of raw womanhood permeated the air of the cell.

Finally, the orgasms subsided. Panting, gasping with heat and pleasure, the women clung to each other, heads on the other’s shoulder, their faces buried in the other woman’s wild mane, gradually recovering from the incredible fucking they had administered to each other. After several minutes, Anna and Maria pulled their heads back to gaze at each other through glassy eyes.

Maria felt the strength leave her limbs and her body begin to shut down pushed, finally, to its sexual limits. The orgasm had roared through her, almost crippling her with pleasure. With a groan, exhausted, she felt her body falling onto its back, away from Anna. She was, for the moment, too overwhelmed to care that she was leaving herself open to attack. But, to her amazement, Anna collapsed across from her. Still pressed cunt to cunt, the women lay on the padded floor, their bodies soaked in sweat and cum, their tits red and sore from the constant tit to tit grinding, heaving and jiggling as the combatants gasped for air.

Anna and Maria were physically exhausted. They had fucked each other mercilessly but, as yet, to no avail. Their bodies continued to meet and match each other in every way. But, in both women, the desire to destroy, to conquer the other bitch was far too great to deny.

Maria pushed herself up from the wet padding and looked over her tits at her foe. She was delighted to feel the sexual power lighting in her core once again, preparing for one final sexual battle. She did not know how much she had left, but she knew that she would go down fighting. Anna pushed herself up. Their eyes locked and both women saw each other draw on her final reserves of sexual strength.

Anna pushed herself up to a sitting position, then reached between her legs to her wet, hot, cum-soaked cunt, and began to stroke and caress her powerful clit. The majestic organ rose again, pumping up with power. Her beautiful body rippled in the light, her massive tits jiggled and trembled with her shuddering breaths, her nipples tightened. Somehow, from somewhere, her body was drawing the sexual power to become fully aroused, to ready itself for the final act in this fuckwar with Maria.

“Come and get it, you whore,” Anna whispered, her eyes burning, her body glistening with sweat and pussy juice. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Maria slid forward, stroking her own clit, feeling it harden and strengthen again, raw pleasure coursing through her in response to the delicious stimulation, burning sexual power rolling up into her sexual weapons from the core of her being.

The women scissored each other, right leg over left. Maria rubbed Anna’s taut belly and stroked her inner thigh with her right hand, while bracing herself with her left. Anna reached out and tweaked Maria’s hot, hard nipples and then moved her hand down, to rub at Maria’s lower belly and pubic hair. Maria arched her back, pressing her cunt forward, so that it could mate, once more, with Anna’s twat.

The women pushed closer, then sighed with pleasure as they felt their heavy tits crush, as their nipples met and kissed and then locked together again in confrontation.

“This is the final fuck, you little cunt,” Anna whispered in Maria’s ear. “This time will decide it.”

Maria did not reply. Instead, she slid her engorged clit into Anna’s waiting cunt, sliding her sexhorn through Anna’s soft, wet labia, sliding her clit up Anna’s fucktrough until it stroked deliciously against the prisoner’s equally swollen, pulsing clit. Anna gasped, throwing back her head to moan with pleasure. She then drove her own clit deep into Maria’s fuckhole, sliding it against the other woman’s clit. They moaned together in absolute bliss, their eyes closing in passion, both women biting their lower lips and smiling with delight, then opening their eyes to glare deeply into each other.

“Let’s see what you have, whore,” Maria whispered.

The women drove their drooling cunts together with all their power. Solid fuckmeat slapped to fuckmeat and meshed, melded into a wet furnace of sexual sensation. Their hips and asses pushed and thrust with all of their strength, locked together in a familiar dance. They stroked clit to clit, then squeezed their rubbing, throbbing clits with their powerful vaginal muscles, causing their bodies to shudder with the sudden ecstatic pleasure.

The women leaned back so that their massive, rocking tits could bounce free, so that their bodies’ hips and asses could gain a bit more leverage, and so that their access to each other’s cunts was unimpeded. Then they fucked, their asses lifted off the ground as they bucked at each other, their hips rotating powerfully as each bitch tried to drill her cunt as deep and hard into her enemy’s welcoming twat as she possibly could. Their swollen pussies crushed and flattened against each other, pussy lips thick and wet, sucked together, locked in a cunt to cunt kiss. Hot pussy juice flowed, lubricating their grinding, sucking cunts constantly, sealing them together, the excess liquid dripping down to the padded floor in a continual flow from where their fuckmeat intersected and joined their bodies in erotic battle. Their powerful, throbbing clits ground together mercilessly, crossing like thick, fleshy swords, caressing each other, rubbing and grinding head to head, struggling to destroy each other, to conquer each other for the final time.

The women pulled apart, thick strands of pussy juice linking their twats, then slammed together, with a thick, wet slap of meat to meat. They ground together mercilessly, throwing back their heads, their wild hair thrashing, animal groans and shrieks of pleasure and hate erupting from their mouths, before they pulled apart, then slapped together again, and resumed their relentless grinding. Their beautiful tits rocked and bounced frantically, hot sweat spraying in every direction. Their powerful abdomens rippled and flexed as they used every part of their fantastic bodies to drive their cunts together, to devour each other.

“Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!! You stinking, jizz-eating CUNT!!,” Maria screamed as her hips pumped, as her ass flexed, as she held her body up on her straining arms and drove her cunt and clit as hard and deep into Anna’s fantastic body as she could. Her teeth clenched in a snarl of hate and unimaginable lust. She squeezed at Anna’s cunt with all the power of her raging cunt, even as her engorged clit sawed remorselessly against Anna’s throbbing sexhorn.

“FUCK!! Fuck, you filthy TWAT!!,” Anna screamed back, her beautiful face a mask of hate and pure lust, her body rocking and thrusting and grinding back against Maria’s with equal fury, her cunt eating and sucking at Maria’s pussy with equal rage.

Physical tiredness finally forced the women to drop their bodies to the padded floor, but they continued to grind, working each other as hard as they could. With their pumping asses on the floor, both women braced their bodies with their left hands, then reached out with their right and seized a handful of the other woman’s hair to hold to as they bucked into each other.

“Give it to me, you bitch!!,” Maria squealed. “Come on, you whore, Fuck me!! FUCK ME HARDER!!”

“Take it, cunt!,” Anna screamed, “Give me everything you’ve got! GIVE IT TO ME, FUCKER!!”

Their panting, heaving, bucking bodies pulled each other higher and higher up the pleasure curve, building to ecstasy. The women rode each other’s clit, each other’s cunt, as hard as they could, opening and spreading each other, working their cores together, straining to unite into one bucking body. Their clits were harder than they had ever been, pumped up to full size and strength by the constant fucking, drawing on the final reserves of the women’s sexual power to fight this decisive battle.

Lining their clits head to head, Anna and Maria began smashing their sexhorns together. With each head to head impact, they gasped and shuddered, moaned and screamed, but they threw all the power of their bodies into the battle. As they began pounding their clits, struggling to crush each other’s sexhorn, the battle began to build in intensity. Their asses worked harder, their bucking hips drove faster. Their grip on the other woman’s hair grew tighter and more savage. Suddenly, Maria released Anna’s hair, placed her right hand on Anna’s right thigh, and began driving her clit harder to Anna’s clit. Anna did the same, releasing Maria’s hair and seizing Maria’s thigh for leverage as she pumped back with all of her strength. Once again, the room filled with the sound of hard flesh slapping to flesh, of hot cunts sucking. The women began to raise their powerful bodies off the padded floor, their pussies working and grinding against each other furiously, their tits bouncing rhythmically, their clits going head to head and struggling to crush each other back.

“Give you fuck, Give, Give, GIIIVVVE!!,” Anna shrieked, her body burning with pleasure, her muscles throbbing with building sexual power. She drove her throbbing, swollen clit into Maria’s clit with everything she had.

“You cunt, you cunt, you cunt, YOU FUCKING CUNT!!,” Maria howled as she pumped back with her final strength.

Their clits met head to head three, four, eight times. Each impact was excruciating in its pleasure, sending shockwaves of unbearable ecstasy through the battling women, carrying their mutual fucking to the next level of sensation.

It was on the ninth thrust that Anna felt, for the first time in her life, her magnificent clit suddenly bend and crush. Her eyes opened wide, staring in disbelief as her swollen clit suddenly twisted and bent before the onslaught of Maria’s clit. A moment later, Anna’s sexhorn squashed completely, exploding with a sudden flash of power. Anna stared wildly as unbearable pleasure erupted in her core, as the most sensitive, ultra-stimulated, nerve-rich part of her sex squashed tight against Maria’s clit, sending a pulse of unbearable pleasure blasting through her perfect body.

Anna shrieked incoherently. She fell flat on her back and her belly rippled powerfully as her cunt convulsed, hot cum pumping out of her core in copious quantities, bathing Maria’s pounding clit in warmth. Anna writhed on the ground, her massive tits flopping and rocking from side to side, her legs fully extended and straining with tension, her toes curled in passion, as she suffered through one terrible, excruciating orgasm after another.

Anna’s pussy juice flowed up into Maria cunt, it coated their intermeshed groins. Maria continued to fuck Anna’s coming cunt, driving her clit deep into the other woman’s conquered pussy, working her pussy around and around in Anna’s pussy juice, mashing their cunts tight. Maria followed Anna down to the ground and mounted the other woman, crushing her tits to Anna’s matching rack, driving her pussy hard onto Anna’s cunt, trying to spread and eat Anna’s cunt with her own.

Maria’s body was on the verge of an orgasmic explosion, but she wanted to be sure that she finished Anna off, that there was no way the other woman would be able to recover from this defeat. Anna kept coming, an orgasmic dam breaking deep inside of her. Maria rode her mercilessly, her sobs and screams of pleasure harmonizing with the animal groans of the prisoner.

Anna passed out, her head lolling to one side, her body going limp as the pleasure of her explosive orgasm grew too much for her to take. Maria groaned as she continued to pump Anna’s delicious twat, bathing her throbbing clit in the warmth of Anna’s cum, in the heat of Anna’s defeated cunt.

Gasping, Maria knew she needed a final orgasm. Weakly, she disengaged from Anna’s cunt, sucking apart with a spray of cunt juice, and crawled up Anna’s prostrate body. She kneeled over Anna’s face and began rubbing her cunt around and around in the prisoner’s face, using the other woman’s nose to rub into her clit, smearing her pussy juice all around Anna’s beautiful visage. It took only a few moments until Maria’s cunt, already on the verge of exploding, erupted in passion and heat. A long stream of pussy juice gushed out to cover Anna’s face, hair and tits. Maria held herself there, moaning as the excruciating pleasure pulsed through her body, causing her to gush again and again.

Finally, the pleasure too much, her body pushed to its sexual limits, Maria allowed herself to fall forward, over Anna’s body. Her face fell between Anna’s legs, and she eagerly licked and sucked at the woman’s defeated clit, before she rested her face on Anna’s pussy and allowed herself to pass out.

Over the next half hour, Maria faded in and out of consciousness but she slowly regained enough energy to pull herself off of Anna’s defeated body. Maria looked down at Anna, at the beautiful, incredible body that she had finally succeeded in fucking into submission. She admired the round, hard tits, the curving belly, the wide, womanly hips. She restrained herself from sucking at Anna’s defeated boobs, or licking the woman’s pussy. She had won, but she knew she had to act quickly to consolidate her victory. Or else Anna might recover and she might soon find herself being fucked into unconsciousness a second time under the prisoner’s pumping cunt.

Maria pulled herself to her feet and made her way, somewhat unsteadily, toward the door of the cell, where her coat and her meager clothing had been carelessly discarded. She kneeled beside the coat and reached into the left hand pocket and removed two thin coils of padded nylon rope. She threw one coil at the foot of the bed and the other beside the bed, near its head. She walked back to Anna, who had not moved. Maria reached down and grabbed a handful of Anna’s thick hair. She dragged the prison bitch a few feet, toward the bed. As Maria pulled Anna by the hair, the intense pain and pressure on her head caused the beautiful woman to stir.

“Unnngh,” Anna groaned, reaching for her head, the terrible pain cutting through her stupor. Maria had already gotten her to the cot. Maria grabbed Anna under her arms and hefted the woman up on to the cot. Anna lay sprawled across the narrow part of the cot for only a moment before Maria pulled her body around, placing her head at the top of the cot, her feet pointing toward the foot of the bed. Grabbing the rope near the crown of the bed, Maria straddled Anna’s body, after first pulling the prisoner’s hands over her head. Maria tied the rope securely around Anna’s right wrist, looped the rope over and under the bedhead directly above Anna’s head, then secured the binding around the woman’s left wrist. The rope bound Anna’s wrists tightly and was strongly attached to the bedframe, but it also allowed for considerable movement from the prisoner. Anna could turn over easily if she were ordered to do so. The rope would move with her. Maria smiled. Anna was now, unequivocally, her prisoner.

Anna was stirring, coming back to life. Maria moved quickly. She grabbed the rope at the foot of the bed, expertly tied it in two separate loops around Maria’s ankles, then secured the rope to the bedframe directly at Anna’s feet. The prison bitch was a big woman, and she stretched out almost the length of the bed, but there was still enough space for Maria to work.

“What have you done?” Anna demanded, her eyes blazing with fury. She tested the ropes, was surprised to see how loose they were. She turned over on her stomach, her arms pulled up toward the top of the bed, got on her knees, but then found she could go no further. She understood. She was tied just enough to allow her to move and shift position on the bed, but she did not have enough freedom to lash out or reach her bonds. She flipped back over on her back, her massive tits bouncing, and glared hatefully at Maria.

Maria, standing at the foot of the bed, watched the display with amusement. The ropes worked perfectly. But then, she had a lot of experience with this kind of thing.

“Don’t bother struggling, you whore. I know what I’m doing,” Maria said, her voice a low growl. She walked back to her coat and reached into the right inner pocket. She extracted a thick, 14-inch, two-headed dildo. She turned back to Anna, brandishing the sextoy, and smiled at the expression on the other woman’s face; intense lust mixed with fear, rage and burning humiliation. Anna understood just what was going to happen.

Maria pulled her cell phone out of her inner coat pocket and checked the time. “Well, it’s only 2:30 AM, cuntfucker. Do you know what that means?” She chuckled. “It means that I have three and a half hours to make you my fucktoy.” Anna said nothing, but her eyes radiated hate.

Maria walked back to the bed and sat down on the cot, to Anna’s right side. She placed the dildo on Anna’s left. She smiled at her captive.

“You’re a good fuck, Anna, but the best cunt won.”

“Like fuck, you ass-sucking sow,” Anna retorted. “You’re a cheat. I fucked you senseless hours ago. Some day, we’ll cross clits again, and I’ll fuck your clit until it pops out your ass.”

“Mmmm,” Maria replied, smiling lazily. “Maybe you shouldn’t have made me eat your clit. Maybe having that little bit of extra sexual power would have kept you going a bit longer. But trust me – I was going to fuck you into hamburger meat eventually.”

Maria ran her hand up Anna’s torso, until she cupped the prisoner’s massive right tit. She squeezed the nipple hard, eliciting a cry from her enemy, before running her hand back down Anna’s ripe, voluptuous body to her cunt. Maria dipped her index finger deep into Anna’s hot cunt, rubbing the woman’s defeated clit until it began to swell like a balloon, until Anna could not help but buck her hips and rub her ass into the wet sheets of the cot.

“Nnnnnnn, fuck, you dirty fuck!,” Anna gasped, as Maria pulled her wet hand away.

Maria smiled and used her wet fingers to tweak Anna’s right tit nipple, before lowering her head to Anna’s breast and sucking hard on the hard brown nub, chewing slowly and carefully, then taking as much of Anna’s tit meat into her hungry mouth as she could. Anna bucked and screamed once more, then thrashed around. Maria just held her more tightly and sucked harder, until Anna’s cries turned to moans of pleasure.

Maria smiled again, smug and arrogant, now completely in control. She raised her head from the prisoners beautiful tit and looked into Anna’s burning eyes, relishing the fight between the hate, humiliation and pure lust that she saw there.

Maria pulled the pillow from beneath Anna’s head, then placed it under the woman’s hips, elevating her pelvis and raising her cunt. Maria then climbed on to the bed and straddled Anna. She placed her thick-lipped cunt directly on to Anna’s pussy. She grinned and closed her eyes in pleasure as she wriggled her hips, smushing her soft, juicy cunt down on to Anna’s slick, thick, wet twat. Anna groaned, then bucked hard, opening her legs a little more, pushing her cunt up into Maria’s, inviting further violation. Maria reached down and took Anna’s magnificent tits into her hands. She kneaded the massive glands, enjoying their heft and tautness, their spongy warmth. She leaned forward on Anna’s body, until she was directly over Anna’s face. Anna glared up at her. Maria let a slow trail of saliva drip from her mouth; Anna opened her mouth and received it. As Anna’s lips licked up the spittle, Maria descended on her, locking her into a luscious, passionately, lustful kiss. Maria wrapped her arms around Anna’s back and rubbed her majestic tits hard into Anna’s matching rack. She writhed and rubbed and wriggled her body along the entire length of Anna’s beautiful form. Then, panting with heat, she stopped, pulled herself back into a sitting position, cunt to cunt with Anna, her hands running up and down the prisoner’s luscious torso.

“I’m going to fuck you, Anna. I’m going to ride your little pussy all night long. I’m going to clitfuck you and eat you and I’m going to make you eat me. I’m going to take this,” Maria held up the two-headed dildo, “ and I’m going to do things to your ass with my ass and things to your pussy with my pussy. I’m going to shove my fist so far up your cunt that I’ll have pussy juice on my elbow. I know that you’re going to enjoy it. But before we get started, I want one thing from you.”

“What’s that?” Anna asked, though she was certain she knew. Still, her nipples were turning to stone, her pussy was already as wet as a lake, her blood was boiling with lust. She hated this whore, she hated Maria passionately, but her body wanted what the warden was offering.

“I want you to say that I’m your mistress. And I want you to admit that you’re my fuckbitch.”

Anna paused only for a moment. “Never,” she spat.

Maria smiled. “That’s alright. I guess you don’t need to say it. You’re the one who’s tied down and about to get ass-fucked by my dildo. We both know who is top cunt here, and that’s all that matters.”

Maria spread herself over Anna’s magnificent body, lining her body up tit to tit and cunt to cunt with the prisoner. She grapevined her legs through Anna’s legs, pulling them slightly more open. She pushed her face down to Anna’s, so that they were nose to nose, their eyes glaring directly into each other, locked together in intimacy.

“I will make you pay for this someday, Maria,” Anna snarled. “I will…”

Maria cut her off. “But not today,” she whispered, and drove her tongue down Anna’s throat, wrapped her arms around the other woman’s body and squeezed tight, rubbed her tits into Anna’s tits and drove down with her cunt, working her clit into Anna’s twat, spreading the beautiful woman beneath her, until their clits began grinding deliciously. It was time to enjoy her victory.


At 6 AM, Maria’s phone alarm went off. Maria needed a moment to shake the fuzz out of her head before shutting it off. Then she flopped back down onto Anna’s body. She was lying on top of Anna, her body slightly angled, her breasts pushing into the curve below Anna’s shoulders, her right thigh hard up between the prisoner’s legs, crushing into Anna’s buttocks. She wanted desperately to sleep; she was completely exhausted. But the guard shift changed at 7 AM and she needed to be gone by then.

Maria pulled herself off of Anna’s splayed body. As she sat up, the dildo slowly slipped out of her pussy. The other end was buried deep inside of Anna’s tight ass. Maria smiled, then extracted the sextoy. Anna barely stirred.

Maria staggered to the shower stall and turned on the hot water. Her pussy and her ass throbbed; she had used both vigorously, in combination with the dildo, to ravage their counterparts on Anna’s body. Her tits ached, her nipples burned painfully. She washed quickly but carefully, cleaning away the sweat and the pussy juice that felt like it covered her entire form. She soaked down her hair, washing away the cunt juice that had crusted in it. She examined the many bruises, scratches and bites all over her voluptuous body, but she did not mind them. They were badges of honour. She dried herself with Anna’s towel, then pulled a brush out of the inner pocket in her coat and brushed out her hair.

Anna still had not awakened, but Maria was not surprised. She had worked the other woman as hard as she could, and that had been very hard indeed. Maria had established that she was the Alpha Bitch. She had no doubt that Anna would challenge her again, but she would do so from a disadvantageous position. Once a woman’s pussy was conquered by another, the element of uncertainty was always a problem.

Maria did not bother to put on any clothing. Instead, she stuffed her teddy and thong into her coat pocket, then retrieved and washed the dildo before sticking it in her inner coat. She carefully untied the ropes binding Anna to the bed. The padded ropes left little in the way of ligature marks. Anna remained motionless, dead to the world. Maria pocketed the ropes too. Maria phoned Virginia at the guard desk. “Ms. Dobbs, I need you to come and let me out of cell five. Thank you.”

While Maria waited for the guard to arrive, she tied the coat over her naked body, then pulled on her three-inch pumps. She hoped that she looked presentable, but there was no mirror in the cell, and she had forgotten to bring one with her. Her one oversight, she decided. She would know better next time.

Ms. Dobbs opened the cell door, then suppressed a gasp when she saw Maria. The warden’s face was a little blotchy from places where light bruises were rising and it was obvious from her appearance that she had just had an exhausting night.

“Ms. Dobbs, please come in here,” Maria said to the guard, stepping aside. The guard stepped in to the cell cautiously. She looked around. Maria could see the young woman taking in the sight – the room strewn with hanks of hair, the padded floor sporting numerous wet spots, the smell of sweat and sex that permeated the air. The guard’s gaze shifted to the bed, where Anna sprawled on the disheveled cot, nude and clearly utterly exhausted. The prisoner’s body was marked with scratches, bite marks and bruises. The padded rope had not left any harsh ligature marks, but there were fading red abrasion marks around her wrists and ankles that indicated what had happened in the cell.

The guard’s eyes returned to the warden, who had been watching her with an amused expression.

“My negotiations with Ms. Bennan were more difficult than I had thought they would be,” the warden explained, her eyes mischievous. “It took a lot of convincing to get her to see things my way.”

Virginia did not know how to respond. She knew what had happened here; she was just puzzled that the warden did not seem to mind that she knew.

“Let’s go, Ms. Dobbs,” Maria said. “I think that you and I need to discuss a few things.”

“Um – what about the prisoner,” asked the guard. “Is she alright?”

“She’ll be fine. She just needs some rest.”

The warden and the guard walked down the hall back to the guard post. Dobbs was very conscious of the beautiful Amazon towering over her in three-inch spike heels, who had just spent an entire night engaged in a physical and sexual contest with the most powerful prisoner in the jail.

“Now,” Maria said. “First things first. Let’s get rid of that security tape, shall we?” The guard started to stutter a protest.

“Please,” Maria said. “You’re smart and you’re savvy. You turned on that security camera as soon as I was in that cell, just in case I did something illegal. You wanted to cover yourself. I know that you’ve been watching all night. Besides, you weren’t nearly as surprised as you should have been when you opened that door. You’re not a very good actress.”

Virginia paused, then reached into the desk drawer and pulled out a DVD, on which she had made a record of the digital security file. “The original security file has been erased, but this is the copy,” she said. “It’s the only one.”

“Thank you.” Maria took the DVD, slipping it into her coat pocket, next to the dildo. She would look at it later, for her own amusement and stimulation.

“Here is the second thing. You have seen how I deal with problem prisoners. My methods are…unorthodox. I need someone I can trust who will assist me in situations like this. I’ve chosen you. I’ve reviewed your file. I know that you are smart and ambitious. If you stay with me, your career will go places very quickly. All you have to do is open some cell doors in solitary and look the other way while I do what I can to make this prison a better place by asserting my authority. And you have to be able to keep my secrets.”

Virginia did not have to consider the offer for long. She had been looking for opportunities for advancement for some time, but had been stymied by the head guard, Mrs. Barker. “I’m your girl, Ma’am,” she said smartly.

“Good.” Maria smiled. “We’ll work out the details later. First, I’d like you to do me a favour. My car is in parking lot D, behind the building. It’s a silver Audi.” She handed Virginia the keys. “I’d like you bring it around to the side door here, so I can leave without too many people seeing me.”

“Yes, Warden Jacobs,” Virginia replied. She took the keys and headed down the hall.

While she waited, Maria sat in the guard’s desk chair and watched Anna through the security camera. While she and Virginia had talked, the prisoner had regained consciousness. Maria watched her now as she sat up on the bed, looking around the room, while she rubbed her wrists. Maria could read the sheer rage and sexual frustration evident in Anna’s body language. Maria smiled as she crossed her long, muscled legs.

“Don’t worry, Anna,” Maria murmured. “You’ll have another shot at me. And I’ll have another shot at you, someday.” Maria felt the pulse of heat between her legs. “But for today, we both know who is top cunt.”

The End