by JB57

Anna’s blood was boiling. She was determined to fuck Maria until the whore’s cunt caved in, until she sucked the warden’s twat dry with her own hungry pussy. The sexual heat in her body demanded that this fuckfight be settled cunt to cunt and tit to tit. But the gang leader was enraged at the warden’s arrogance, at the slut’s willingness to violate the rules of sexfighting. She was going to mess Maria up a little first, she decided. There was no way that this blonde bitch could be a match for her in a real, savage catfight.

Maria was equally enraged. She had never been so close to abject defeat before. Anna had fucked her into submission, she had almost broken her, had almost suffocated her in her cunt, had forced her to submit and be a fuckbitch. No one had ever done that to Maria before. She was determined to master Anna cunt to cunt, to prove that her pussy was more powerful than that of the prisoner. But she also wanted to hurt the other woman, to weaken her, to inflict some real pain on her instead of just conquering her through overwhelming pleasure.

The two women tightened their grips on each other’s hair and dragged each other painfully to the end of the bed to confront each other in the one place in the room where there was space to unleash their anger on each other. When they reached the foot of the bed, both women tore free of their tormentor. The two beauties crouched, facing each other, their wild manes a wet, tangled mess, their hands extended, their massive melons swinging from their chests, their nipples jutting like spears, their eyes blazing with fury.

“I’m going to make you pay for that little stunt, you cocksucking whore,” Maria growled at her enemy. “I’m going to fuck your stupid little brains out. But first, I’m going to beat the shit out of you.”

“You prissy cuntlicking sow,” Anna breathed. “A college girl like you is no match for a woman like me. I’m going to kick your fucking ass, then I’m going to fuck you blind.”

“Let’s see, slut,” Maria snarled and lashed out with her right hand. Anna’s head snapped back beneath the force of the open-handed slap, her cheek stinging with the impact of the blow. The biker chick cried out, then clenched her teeth in rage and struck back, landing a solid slap to Maria’s left cheek. She followed it up immediately with a savage left-hand punch to Maria’s massive right tit. The warden groaned in agony and fell back; but as Anna pursued, Maria blocked her next blow and sent a punishing uppercut into her chiseled abdomen in response. Anna gasped, the breath knocked out of her, and staggered back. Maria punched her again, hard, in her left tit as she retreated, and the prisoner gasped with the shock of pain. But she lashed back and struck Maria a full blow in her muscled belly, forcing the warden to back off.

Panting, tits heaving, heat raging between their legs, the women felt the pain from their short but vicious exchange. Maria and Anna glared at each from just a few feet away. The brief violence had hurt them both, but the brutal contact had also fueled a raging sexual heat in both Alpha bitches as well. Each blow, each infliction of pain, had sent a pulse of sexual power and desire coursing through the erogenous zones of both women. The violence, the pain, fed their growing arousal, their mutual, overwhelming desire to destroy each other sexually.

Neither woman could take it any longer. With incoherent shrieks of anger, the two voluptuous beauties leaped at each other, their naked bodies shining with sweat, taut with rage. They crashed together, tit to tit, in a hard, heavy, delicious slap. Their tits crushed, their bellies slapped, their legs twined and struggled for position and advantage. Their arms wrapped around the other’s back, their hands moved immediately into each other’s hair and, taking firm grips, Maria and Anna pulled savagely at the locks of the other beauty. Their hard nipples scraped and pulsed together, their solid tits squashed, their sweaty bellies slid and rubbed. Screaming, snarling at each other nose to nose, they lost their balance from their tangled, straining legs and crashed to the padded floor, Anna on top for just a moment before Maria pulled her enemy’s head and hair viciously and started their twined bodies on a roll. One hand still locked in the other’s locks, the women scratched and clawed at each other, they pummeled each other as much as their awkward, intimate positions would allow. Their heavy tits were squashed tight, sweat flowed to cover their hot bodies.

After a few rolls, their bodies thrashing, fighting for position on the floor, Maria succeeded in kicking Anna away. They leaped to their feet and went for each other again. Each woman grabbing a handful of beautiful hair, they punched and slapped and clawed at each other with their free hand even as they pulled and jerked each other around the room by their wild manes. They crashed into the padded walls and fell over the bed, before regaining their feet and continuing their vicious battle. So far, neither woman had lost much hair, despite the furious beatings they were administering to each other, but it was just a matter of time before someone lost part of her scalp.

Maria punched and slapped Anna’s exposed tits and face repeatedly, even as she pulled with all her strength at the thick, resilient hank of Anna’s hair that she was holding onto. Anna punched back, dragging Maria’s head painfully to one side. Both women concentrated on assaulting the other’s prominent tits, on battering at the beautiful face they had come to know so intimately and hate so much. So far, however, they had not been able to inflict too much damage on each other. Their continual hair pulling kept their bodies off-balance and prevented them from delivering blows that did much more than reddened their fantastic tits and lovely, hate-filled faces. Every blow sent a flush of erotic electricity through both women, feeding their desire, pumping up their voracious sexual appetites with even more hate, pain and lust.

For more than ten minutes the women battered and dragged each other around the cell, tearing at the other’s scalp, punching and slapping, screaming with rage, pain and inarticulate desire, punishing each other, unleashing their full hate upon each other’s beautiful bodies. Maria finally saw an opening and suddenly, savagely, grabbed Anna’s hair with both hands and pulled the prisoner’s head down at the same time she sent her knee rocketing up. Anna managed to avoid having the knee smash her in the face, but her heavy tits caught the painful blow. She gasped, screamed with agony. Maria followed up the attack instantly by snapping her foot hard and directly into Anna’s sopping wet cunt.

“Oh, Jesus Fuck!!,” Anna sobbed as the pain exploded in her core. Maria shoved her away and she staggered to the other end of the small cell, holding her lower abdomen protectively, seeking support. She fell to her side. Maria advanced on her rapidly, eager to press her advantage. But Anna summoned all of her will and strength and, as Maria advanced, lashed out with a powerful leg. Her kick caught Maria directly in the crotch.
“Fuck!!,” Maria gasped, her eyes widening with the sudden agony. She dropped to her knees beside Anna. Forcing back her own agony, Anna punched Maria hard with a right fist to the side of her head that sent the warden sprawling, almost hitting her head on the side of the cot. Anna pounced, filling her left hand with Maria’s hair and using her right hand to choke her foe, who was now prone on the floor. Anna’s thick right thigh pressed hard against Maria’s aching, wet twat. Maria thrust her thigh into Anna’s womanhood and used her right hand to seize Anna’s throat and her left to yank at Anna’s hair. But she was rapidly losing air and she knew she had to act quickly. She saw Anna’s pendulous tits rocking, hanging down towards her own. Instantly, she released Anna’s hair and seized Anna’s right tit instead. She sank her fingers into the perfect orb, squeezing with all her strength.

“Oh shit, fucking SHIT!!,” Anna screeched and instantly released Maria’s throat and hair and tried to pry Maria’s attacking hand from her tit. Maria used the opportunity to sink her other set of claws into Anna’s remaining tit. Anna screamed, then instantly returned the grips with both of her hands. The women screamed in agony, then glared at each other hatefully through their tears of pain. They staggered to their knees, mauling each other’s tits, neither one willing to let go. They pressed forehead to forehead, leaning into each other, screaming and cursing each other. They leaned away from each other, throwing back their heads to scream and sob as they continued squeezing tight, pushing their lower bodies forward so that their pubic hair tangled, their throbbing cunts slapped and rubbed, if only for a few moments.

Maria sobbed, the excruciating pain in her tits almost more than she could stand. Anna cried just as hard, but neither woman wanted to be the first to give up, to admit that she could not stand the tit mauling. But Maria knew this could not go on more than a minute; soon, they would do terrible damage to each other, and she was not prepared to accept damage to her beautiful, flawless tits. Similar thoughts passed through Anna’s mind. Still, they squeezed and squeezed, their enemy’s beautiful titflesh bulging up from between their fingers, sobbing and screaming, finally leaning into each other, cheek to cheek, the back of their hands pressed tight by the weight of their burning tits.

“Cunt, you filthy fucking cunt…,” Anna moaned in Maria’s ear, before inserting her tongue.

“You cum-sucking sow,” Maria groaned back, licking, kissing at Anna’s cheek.

Finally, in desperate pain, Anna shoved Maria away, brutally. Maria gladly disengaged as she staggered back, grateful to be free of the tit squeeze.

Groaning, each woman cradling her aching tits, the combatants glared at each other from across the room. They lowered their arms, allowing the other to see her reddened tits. Both women had left finger and nail marks in the other’s dense titflesh, but their tits seemed to have survived the vicious encounter intact, still high and hard and now starting to pulse, once more, with erotic power.

Maria and Anna glared at each other from across the length of the cell. Their arms at their sides, both women thrust their tits at each other. They allowed their hungry eyes to roam the fantastic body of the other gorgeous woman. Their bodies glistened with the sweat of their exertions, making it look like both women had been dipped in baby oil. Their hair was wild, bushing out on all sides. Long strands of hair were now scattered all over the cell from the women’s vicious battle, but they both still sported full heads. Their heaving tits were reddened and blotched with bruises and scratches, but still unspeakably beautiful and erotic, maybe even moreso now that they showed the signs of battle. Their nipples and areola stood stiff and strong. Their torsos were covered in blotches, bruises and scratches, and their thighs showed the same indications. Small bite marks were scattered around their bodies, but particularly around their necks and shoulders. Their naked pussies were reddened with the flood of arousal. Pussy juice trickled down their inner thighs from their throbbing cunts.

As Anna took in the spectacle of Maria’s voluptuous battle-scarred body, the constant heat flaring between her legs blazed into a raging inferno. She wanted this woman. She wanted, needed to break Maria’s sex, to feel that delicious body surrendering to her own, once again, to feel Maria’s cunt opening and spreading and giving in to hers, to feel Maria’s clit bending and crushing beneath her own, to feel the flush of final victory as Maria was fucked into unconsciousness in her arms. Her tits tightened with arousal, her nipples grew even harder, her cunt drooled in anticipation.

Maria drank in Anna with her eyes. She was consumed by pure lust. The heat exploded in her crotch, in her tits, it suffused every inch of her perfect body. She had not yet felt the glory of conquering Anna’s sex with her own, but she knew that she wanted that sensation, she needed it. This battle was about two Alpha bitches fighting to see who had the stronger sex. It was really about nothing else.

Anna and Maria crouched, their hands extended, their tits swaying, their burning bodies ready for more intimate, savage contact. They hurled themselves at each other, screaming with rage and lust.

“Fucking twat!,” Maria cried.

“Cuntsucking tramp!,” Anna shrieked.

Their bodies crashed together and the women struggled for control and domination. Arms wrapped around their powerful backs, they pushed at each other in a test of strength. Their faces pressed cheek to cheek and they exchanged breathless obscenities as they fought. Their sweaty feet slipped on the floor padding, but Maria succeeded in holding her balance well enough to shift her weight and slam the other woman against the wall. They writhed against each other, grinding their sweaty bodies together, feeling their massive tits slide around and over each other, letting their hard bellies rub and ripple. Anna twined her left leg through Maria’s right and, pulling on the warden’s hair, succeeded in tripping the other woman. They fell to the floor, their bodies still tangled together, and proceeded to roll back and forth, clawing and scratching, gasping and moaning as they fought for purchase, as each woman tried to gain the advantageous, dominant position from which she could fuck her foe into submission. They slid apart, kicking each other away. Then, almost rabid with sexual heat, with the desire to conquer each other, they threw themselves together again, panting with anger and lust.

The women fell in a violent heap, their oversexed bodies thrashing and struggling, falling head over heels as they rolled and struggled for position, sliding and slapping at their enemy’s sweat-soaked body. Somehow, they ended up facing each other’s pussy, their arms wrapped around their bodies, but in a perfect configuration for a 69. There could not have been a clearer sign. Eagerly, viciously, the women hurled themselves at the cunt of the other. Maria rubbed her face deep into Anna’s twat, then began licking and nibbling the other woman’s labia. She looped her arms around Anna’s hips, spread her fingers on the woman’s buttocks, and drove her tongue against Anna’s three-inch clit, a target impossible to miss. At the same time, she plunged two fingers deep into Anna’s steaming cunt and another into the woman’s tight, puckered asshole. Working Anna’s cunt and ass, Maria wrapped her lips around Anna’s clit and sucked with all of her strength. As she did this, she felt Anna violating her in the most intimate ways. Fingers moved deep up her ass, others fingers explored the depths of her vagina and then her cunt nearly exploded with sensation as Anna began sucking and nibbling viciously at her engorged, enflamed clit. Both women pressed their heavy, massive tits into the belly of the other and could not help wriggling and grinding in lust as they forced each other higher and higher up the pleasure curve.

Anna and Maria both screamed deep into the other’s twat, as they began this desperate mutual violation. They rolled several times, still eating each other ravenously, before settling on their sides, their powerful thighs wrapped around the other woman’s head. Both women drove their faces and their tongues deep, deep into their enemy’s cunt, devouring as much of each other as possible, enjoying and rejoicing in the waves of sensation that roared through their oversexed, overstimulated bodies. Their fingers moved expertly inside their vaginas, seeking each other’s most sensitive inner pleasure spots. Anna occasionally squeezed and massaged the other woman woman’s clit with her fingers. Maria returned the favour, occasionally freeing a hand to reach down and squeeze at one of her enemy’s throbbing tits.

The room filled with an erotic symphony of sounds; fingers pumping up and down inside sopping wet cunts and asses; the sucking sounds of mouths, tongues and lips working swollen, throbbing clits; the animal moans and muffled screams and sobs of two women driving each other insane with lust and pleasure as they worked and stimulated each other to higher and higher peaks of sexual ecstasy. Hanging over it all was the delicious smell of hot, wet pussy, of fully aroused womanhood.

On and on, Anna and Maria feasted on each other. Maria worked three, then four fingers of her right hand deep into Anna’s cunt. Anna did the same to Maria’s twat. With their left hands, they pumped each other’s ass. Their lips and tongues remained locked around their enemy’s clit, licking, sucking, stimulating. Both women forced greater and greater pleasure on each other as they expertly devoured the swollen, gristly nubs, causing three inch clits to slowly swell to even greater size. They sobbed uncontrollably with the indescribable pleasure, their tears adding to the lubrication of their already soaking wet pussies.

How long they ravaged each other, neither woman knew. The tension grew unbearably and their bodies trembled with erotic power. Both women felt terrible orgasms growing and burning deep in their cores, filling them with aching, burning pleasure. Maria sank her claws into Anna’s rounded ass, holding on, struggling to control herself as she sucked Anna’s clit desperately. She could fill the quivering deep in the prisoner’s muscular ass, she could feel Anna struggling to control her own orgasm. Maria sucked even harder, knowing she was only moments from her own explosion, feeling the unbearable suction of Anna’s lips and tongue on her clit grow even more intense. Suddenly, Anna reached down her body, seized Maria’s hair and pulled viciously, trying to yank Maria’s head back from Anna’s pulsing clit. Maria resisted and, instead, redoubled her efforts, sucking harder, using her sharp teeth to rub along the sides of Anna’s engorged clit, using her tongue to lap the full length of the prisoner’s throbbing, convulsing pussy. Anna screamed, still locked deep in Maria’s cunt and increased the frantic pace of her own assault. But it was too late.

With a convulsive cry, Anna’s pussy flexed, her clit pulsed like a nuclear bomb, and her cunt gushed a stream of hot fragrant cum into Maria’s waiting face and mouth. Maria swallowed the discharge happily, eager to continue sucking Anna’s clit, eager to pull as many more excruciating orgasms as she could out of the other woman’s cunt. Anna bucked her hips and trembled in ecstasy, she sobbed and screamed in frustration and pleasure, but she did not stop sucking at Maria’s burning clit. A few moments later, Maria felt her own body hitting the peak of pleasure. Throwing back her head and howling in ecstasy, Maria felt her clit expand to fill her with an unbearable heat, felt her pussy contract and then the hot, delicious release of warm cum jetting out of the depths of her body and into Anna’s face. The prisoner gulped back the cum, lapping hungrily at Maria’s core, desperate to keep the warden’s orgasmic release going. The women bucked hard and discharged into each other’s faces twice more, until their hair was streaked with sexual juices and their necks and tits were wet with pussy cum. They held each other tightly, licking and lapping, until the immediate wave of orgasms passed.

Maria and Anna rolled on to their backs, side by side, gulping for air, their massive tits shaking, their perfect bodies quivering with desire and sexual power, struggling to bring the raging beasts in their cores back under control.

For several minutes the women rested, each regaining her bearings, both preparing for the next attack from the other that they knew was coming. Anna finally pushed herself into a sitting position; Maria rose to meet her.

“Are you ready to keep going, cuntfucker?” Maria sneered. “Or are you ready to give up and be my bitch?”

Anna smiled grimly. “We keep it going until one of us gives out, cunt,” she replied. “Isn’t that what you said? You’ve been lucky so far, but I can keep this up all night. I’m going to suck your cunt out your asshole by the time I’m done with you.”

Anna pushed back from Maria, her slick ass sliding over the padded floor, until she had a bit more space. Then she spread her thighs, opening her cunt to her foe. Maria trembled as she glared down into Anna’s succulent, reddened pussy, the naked flesh wet with juices, the thick cunt lips swollen with heat and blood. Maria turned and spread her legs to match Anna, so that they were sitting with their arms bracing their bodies, toe to toe, legs wide, cunts confronting each other.

“Are you ready to finish this cunt to cunt, you cocksucking whore?” Maria snarled, her body hot with desire, her clit trembling with power.

“Not quite yet, Warden Jacobs,” the prisoner replied, with a cool smile. Then, Anna leaned forward and gently stroked Maria’s gaping, hairless pussy. She ran the warm fingers of her right hand up the woman’s sex-slick pussy slit. Then, she formed a knife with her hand and slipped the longest four fingers into the inner lips of Maria’s boiling pussy, and shoved her hand into the warden’s cunt, up to her thumb. She pressed harder, driving her whole hand into Maria’s amazingly tight, taut slit, all the way up to the wrist.

Maria gasped, her eyes wide with shock at the sudden invasion, her twat completely filled, her vaginal walls and cunt lips slipping around and gripping Anna’s hand like a glove. Involuntarily, Maria’s inner muscles squeezed and sealed to the invader tightly. Then, Anna closed her fist and thrust hard, and Maria shrieked with the delicious sensation of being stretched wide.

“Oh God, you filthy fuck!!,” Maria screeched, her ass bucking wildly, slapping the wet floor.

“Come on, cuntlicker, fight back!” Anna smirked. She flexed her pussy lips in challenge and drove her fist even deeper into Maria’s sucking pussy.

Fighting the incredible sensations pouring out of her violated pussy, Maria knifed her right hand and drove it savagely up into Anna’s welcoming twat. She shoved her hand all the way in, feeling it instantly soak with Anna’s pussy lubricants. Anna’s slit was deliciously tight and the prisoner’s inner vaginal muscles seized the invader and squeezed. Maria thrilled to the feeling and closed her fist, then opened it, then closed again. She rotated her fist inside of Anna, forcing the woman’s inner walls to expand and strain. Anna shrieked in ecstasy, then did the same to Maria, forcing a cry of pleasure from her blonde foe.

The women spread their legs wider and pressed ever closer, until they were tit to tit and nose to nose, looking deep into each other’s eyes. Their tongues lashed out to play and taunt. All the while, their hands worked viciously in each other’s cunts. They felt stretched to the breaking point, their enemy’s fist moving around inside, filling every inch of their inner cores, grinding and pressing at all of their internal pleasure spots at once. Their swollen clits were crushed and throbbing, constantly stimulated as they were forced to ride the women’s invading hands. The room filled with new sounds; the sucking, squelching sound of hot, wet cunts filled to overflowing, the gasps and sighs and screams of two women fist-fucking each other to the brink of ecstasy.

Anna and Maria leaned into each other, tit to tit, hard nipples holding each other and throbbing in unison, the soles of their bare feet and toes pressed hard together as they spread their legs wide, wide. Their foreheads pressed tight, they shared hot breath and desperate curses as their wrists and fists worked inside of each other.

“Unh, unh, unh… oh, you dirty, filthy fucking twat…,” Anna murmured, groaned at her enemy, as her cunt came close to exploding.

“Fuck, fuck, you whore…,” Maria panted back.

They worked each other harder and harder, clenching and unclenching their fists, pumping back and forth, stretching each other’s cunts, crushing clits, sending spasms of pleasure rippling through their battling bodies.

Maria thought she could not hold out much longer. She had just come off a clitsucking battle that had left her body suffused in absolute bliss. She had come back down a little, but now the full-fledged invasion of her cunt, the delicious and overwhelming erotic feeling of having her enemy deep inside of her, working her vaginal walls, filling her to overflowing, was driving her crazy with lust and erotic heat.

The women licked at each other, then locked in a hot, hungry kiss, pulling each other in by the back of their heads with their left hands. Their bare feet flexed against each other and the women pushed tighter, tits pressing hard even as their hands and arms moved ever more frantically and brutally inside of their pulsing, struggling cunts. Their tongues worked feverishly against each other, both women grunting and gasping, their pants and snarls growing ever more frantic and desperate as their pumping hands moved ever faster and harder.

Anna felt her insides expanding, she felt like she was being churned inside out by Maria’s attacking fist. She felt herself on the verge of orgasm, a huge, terrible, building orgasm that was in danger of exploding out of her womb, filling her cunt, driving her over the edge. She kept pumping Maria’s cunt, kept sucking Maria’s tongue, even as her body shuddered with suppressed tension and the tears began flowing freely from her eyes. Maria was in a similar state, gasping and sobbing with pleasure.

Shuddering, trembling with erotic tension, the women slowly broke their biting, licking kiss. They glared at each other. Anna and Maria could both see and feel that they were both on the verge of massive orgasms. They had fucked their bodies to the point of almost no return, they had beaten and battered and violated each other in every way that they could. They pumped more frantically still, hands and fists almost vibrating inside of their ravaged cunts and, suddenly, it came to an end.

“NNNNN, oh JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!,” Maria shrieked as her pussy exploded. Her inner muscles convulsed and strained against Anna’s fist, struggling to crush and meld to the invader. Pussy juice gushed out of her twat, squeezing past Anna’s wrist, soaking the prisoner’s arm, creating a pool of clear cum on the padded floor. Anna held Maria as the other woman bucked uncontrollably, as her hips jerked and her body worked to drive itself even deeper and harder onto the arm of the bitch violating it. Maria thrashed and writhed in ecstasy, slapping her hard ass to the soft floor, feeling one excruciating orgasm run its course only to be followed by another.

As she bucked in the throes of ecstasy, however, Maria continued to drive her hand deep into Anna’s cunt. Anna could not take the stimulation any more. With a cry of unrestrained ecstasy, Anna finally came. Her clit felt like it expanded to fill her loins, to saturate her belly with incredible heat and driving pleasure. She howled like a banshee, incoherent shrieks of pleasure. Maria and Anna both leaned back, toe to toe, their bodies perfectly paralleled. Their pussies were sucked and sealed around their invading fists, the powerful muscles of their rippling cunts holding them up. They heaved and bucked in unison until, finally, their gasping moans trailed off. Gulping for breath, panting, tits heaving, bodies glistening with sweat, their thighs and bellies coated with cunt juice, they pushed back into a sitting position, and faced each other nose to nose.

They looked into each other’s eyes, they saw the mutual hate and lust. Slowly, carefully, Anna and Maria pulled their soaked hands out of the other woman’s twat. Their pussies gushed uncontrollably, leaving them sitting in a spreading puddle of cunt juice. The women brought their wet hands together, interlacing their fingers, squeezing tight. They raised their intertwined hands to their faces and licked at each other’s hands, their tongues touching as they lapped up the pussy juice.

Maria looked deep into Anna’s eyes.

“Let’s finish this,” she murmured.

“Yes,” Anna replied. Her heart was pounding, her body was taut and pulsing with sexual charges, she felt aroused to the point of near transcendence. She knew that she and Maria had worked each other to this point. Their cunts were hotter and wetter than ever. Their clits were swollen up as hard and bigger than they had ever been. Their tits were burning with need, throbbing with the erotic power pumping up their sexual organs. Their nerves were alive with power and sensation.

“Cunt to cunt, until one of us can’t go on. Clit to clit, until we can’t take it anymore,” the prisoner whispered to the warden, her eyes burning with raw, pure lust.

“Yes,” Maria sighed, and smiled. Now, she and this slut, this prison whore, would pit everything that they had against each other and finally decide which of them would be the fuckbitch and which the mistress. Maria felt the thrill of fear. So far, Anna had met her thrust for thrust, sex to sex. Her insatiable sexual appetite was still burning strong within her core, but it was matched by the equally ravenous sexual hunger of this woman. Maria did not know who would win, but she knew that she wanted this. She prepared herself for the final showdown.

To be continued