by JB57

Maria wrapped up her first day by taking a tour of the prison and meeting most of the staff. She had made a point of reviewing everyone’s files and learning everyone’s name, so she impressed many of the staff with being able to call them by name. As part of the tour, she was led into the basement of the main prison building where the prisoners were kept in solitary confinement. She saw that every cell was monitored by a video camera. On a screen at the guard’s desk, she saw Anna sitting on a sturdy cot inside one the cells, her back braced against the padded wall. The prisoner looked sullen, but Maria understood the secret cues of body language and she could see that the other woman was also deeply aroused. Good, Maria thought.

At home that night, Maria reviewed her plans for the next few weeks. However, her thoughts kept returning to Anna. The gang leader was gorgeous, easily one of the most beautiful woman Maria had ever encountered. This fact added to the warden’s delight and her desire to begin the next stage of her plan as soon as possible.

Before bed, Maria examined her nude body in the full-length mirror in her bedroom. She was very pleased with what she saw: a tall, gorgeous, well-muscled blonde goddess, with wide, flaring hips and high, massive, rounded breasts. She cupped and weighed her tits, comparing their considerable heft with what she had felt on Anna. She was sure that her tits were every bit as big and dense as those of the prisoner, but she enjoyed the challenge, the mystery of not knowing if she could match the other woman. She stroked her thick brown nipples and groaned with pleasure as they rapidly hardened, jutting out of their coffee-brown areola. She pressed her pulsing tits together, then moved her hands down her body, sliding them along her smooth belly, feeling her taut, chiseled abdominals. She cupped her pussy, running two fingers along the damp slit. Her cunt was shaved clean, except for a thin, thatched blonde landing strip. She flexed her vaginal muscles, and watched the thick pussy lips flex and ripple. Her expert control of her genitals was a necessary skill for a sex-fighter, and Maria considered herself one of the best.

Nude, she climbed into bed and lay flat on her back, staring at the ceiling and imagining what would soon be happening. Her body was burning with heat and her tense pussy leaked juices that moistened the valley between her thighs and soon trickled down to dampen the sheet. The smell of womanly arousal filled the air. But Maria resisted the almost overwhelming urge to seek orgasmic release. She wanted to save her sexual energy for the battle that was coming.

As she lay waiting for sleep, resisting the heat burning in her blood, Maria looked back on her past. From early in her life, she had known that she had strong bisexual tendencies. While she enjoyed men, other women brought out a competitive and sexual drive in her that she could not explain. Her first sexual encounters with women were pleasant but unsatisfying. Then one night, in her late teens, she got into a vicious catfight with a biker chick at a bar. The battle was broken up by the bar’s bouncers, but Maria had been shocked and thrilled to discover that the vicious fight had left her more sexually excited than she had ever been in her life. What was more, she sensed, with absolute certainty, that the biker chick felt exactly the same way. Later that same night, both women contrived to meet again and to settle their differences in private. Their physical conflict soon became sexual and Maria and her opponent ended up fucking each other senseless long into the night. It was, to that point, the most ecstatic and exquisite sexual experience of Maria’s young life. When, hours later, she finally pulled her beautiful body off of the other women’s gorgeous young form - her body wet with sweat and pussy juice, her cunt throbbing with pleasure, her breasts sore but hot with sensation – she knew that she had awakened a ravenous hunger that could only be satisfied by sexually dominating other women.

Maria started studying law, but her part-time job as a guard and her interests in criminology soon took her into corrections. While serving as a guard in a woman’s prison early in her career, her studies of the women around her led her to understand how her own personal desires for sexual domination might be used to advance her career and satisfy her appetites at the same time. Her acute sensitivity to other people’s sexual desires and moods led her to realize that many of the criminal women she dealt with – especially many of the most powerful – expressed their criminality as part of their sexual aggressions. Maria found herself drawn to these women. Her first sexfight with a prisoner was a secret affair, where Maria had sensed the sexual attraction and excitement from a prisoner who had decided to be particularly rude and aggressive towards her. Maria settled their conflict by taking the other woman to an unused cell and fucking her brains out. They both understood that what passed between them was one woman proving her sexual power and superiority over another. She fucked the prisoner until the other woman collapsed in ecstasy, her exhausted clit soft and battered. Maria never had another problem with that prisoner again. As she worked her way up the promotional ladder, her secret ability to sexually humiliate and control key members of the prisoner population became an important part of her technique and her success. She needed to keep her activities secret, and the unwritten rules of sexfighting demanded silence from all those taking part.

Maria had made a career out of asserting her sexual superiority over other woman. But she sensed that Anna would be a challenge, even for her. She knew that Anna was probably the most powerful woman in the prison population. Humbling her and bringing her onside was essential to her plans for reforming McBride. And it was fortunate that Anna was the kind of woman who was open to sexual domination. Maria knew that she was putting a great deal on the line. She doubted she could recover from the humiliation if Anna proved too powerful for her to master. But the thrill of the challenge, the incredible pleasure that could be hers if she conquered Anna’s pussy with her own – these were enough to drive her on.

The next day, Maria went about the business of familiarizing herself with the prison and its procedures. She also made a point of checking up on Anna. Not much had changed. The prisoner was bored, but Maria could also see the signs of anticipation in the other woman’s posture.

That night, Maria made her move. She could not bear to wait any longer. At around 11:30 PM, the guard on duty at the solitary confinement facility was surprised to find the new warden striding into the guard station. The warden was wearing high heels and a thigh-length coat. Her hair was up in a loose bun.

The guard was a young woman named Virginia Dobbs. She was relatively new and inexperienced and, earlier that day, had been unexpectedly notified that her schedule had been changed to put her on the night shift on the solitary wing. She had no idea that Maria had ordered this done.

“Ma’am,” Virginia greeted Maria. “I’m sorry, Ms. Jacobs, I was not expecting you.”

“Oh, that’s fine Virginia – it is ‘Virginia’, isn’t it?” – The guard nodded her assent. “There was no reason to expect me. I am going to get straight to the point. I am involved in some delicate and secret discussions with Ms. Bennan in cell five. I am going to go in to see her right now. I need you to keep this to yourself. I also want you to turn off the surveillance camera in that cell.”

Virginia swallowed. This was all very irregular, and turning off the camera was strictly forbidden. On the other hand, she knew that the new warden was supposed to have some special methods that worked to bring prisoners into line, and she knew that Anna Bennan was a major player in the prison life. Even so, she found the whole situation very awkward.

“Pardon me, ma’am,” Virginia began, “but I am supposed to leave the cameras on at all times. Also, do you really want to go into Ms. Bennan’s cell without support?”

“Yes, Ms. Bennan is expecting me and I am in no danger. As for the cameras – well, the negotiations are in a difficult stage and Ms. Bennan does not want any record of her talks with me. I need to guarantee that I can tell her she is not being recorded.”

Virginia hesitated a moment more, then nodded. It was not her place to question the warden. She turned to her control panel and turned off the feed from the cameral for cell five. Then, grabbing her security key card, she led the warden down the hall to the solitary confinement cells.

They moved quickly, Maria’s stiletto heels tapping a rhythm on the concrete floor. The cells were sound proof, so no one could hear them coming. They reached cell five. Before Virginia opened the door, Maria stopped her.

“I will need most of the night to negotiate with Ms. Bennan.” Maria pulled a cellphone and a card out of her coat pocket. “I will call you when I want to leave. I have the number for the guard station. Otherwise, we are not to be disturbed. If there is some reason to contact me, use my cell. Here is the number.” She gave Virginia a card.

“Yes, ma’am, I understand,” Virginia replied. She swiped the key card and let the warden into the solitary cell.

Maria crossed the threshold and heard the door swing shut and lock behind her. Her eyes quickly swept the room. It was a 12 foot by 12 foot cell. The walls and floors were padded. The center of the room was occupied by a sturdy metal bed, which was bolted to the floor. Off to the side were a toilet and a sink and, in an alcove, was a shower. The shower did not possess a curtain or a door – it was simply a small, open space with the shower nozzle pointing down from the ceiling. The lights were always on in solitary, but they had been turned down just slightly to help with sleep. Solitary confinement was still a difficult punishment, but it was far more humane in the modern era than it had been in the past.

Maria took the particulars of her surroundings in at a glance. Then she focused all of her attention on Anna. The moment the guard opened the door, Anna had awoken, instantly alert. Now, she lay sprawled on the bed, braced up on her elbows, glaring at the warden over the top of her jutting tits. She was wearing a cropped white t-shirt which served only to emphasize her voluptuous curves as it strained against her chest. Her thick nipples were plainly outlined by the shirt. Her midriff was bare. She was wearing a tiny white thong. Her naked, beautifully-muscled legs stretched out endlessly from her body.

Anna said nothing. A fire lighted and flared in her eyes. Then, she pushed herself to a sitting position and, locking eyes with Maria, she reached down, crossing her hands at the bottom of her shirt, and slowly pulled the battered garment up her torso. The tight shirt peeled up her beautiful body. It rolled slowly up her massive tits, compressing the thick flesh, pulling her tits up, up, catching on her hardening nipples, until her tits finally bounced free as the shirt went over her head. Anna tossed the t-shirt into the corner of the cell. She thrust her chest out, giving Maria a moment to examine her magnificent chest. Maria licked her dry lips, her eyes fixed on the massive mounds filling her gaze. Anna’s tits were beautiful, perfect and round, high and firm, thick brown nipples and large brown areola crusting over with tension. Maria could not tell if the other woman’s tits were bigger than hers, but they certainly rivaled her own boobs in size and thickness. They were at least an E cup, Maria decided, the same as hers. God, she could not wait to test herself against this woman.

Anna waited only another moment. Then, she threw herself onto her back on the bed. She raised her hips and slipped the strap of the thong down her curving ass, before settling back on the bed, pointing her smooth, muscled legs straight up at the ceiling, and sliding the tiny garment off. She threw it into the corner, beside her t-shirt. The auburn-haired beauty was now completely nude. She sat on the cot with her legs bent at the knee and extended before her, the soles of her feet firmly on the mattress, her heavy tits pressed into the top of her thighs. Her breathing had increased noticeably and her eyes were burning with a raw, wild heat. Her green gaze locked and held with Maria’s turquoise eyes, both women joined in a complete understanding. Then, Anna spread her legs wide. Powerful thighs opened and she exposed her thick, pink gash. Her genitals were shaved clean, except for a thin landing strip running away from the top of her pussy slit. Maria found her gaze drawn irresistibly to the steaming, juicy cunt opened before her. As she watched, Anna flexed the muscles around her vagina, demonstrating her control. Already, her thick cuntlips glistened with moisture and a thin rivulet of pussy juice ran down from her twat toward her ass.

“I think that this is what you’ve come for, warden,” the prisoner murmured seductively. Anna smiled then flexed her hungry pussy again, challenging Maria’s womanhood.

Maria swallowed, her heart pounding in her ears, her blood boiling with lust, her pussy so wet that she was sure it would begin leaking down her thighs. Yes, she thought, that’s exactly what I want. It was time to begin.

To be continued