by JB57

Maria Jacobs gazed out the window of her chauffeur-driven limousine, not really seeing the suburbs and the passing fields racing by outside. This was her first day at her new job: taking over as the warden of McBride Penitentiary. Maria had big plans for her new assignment and was anxious to get started.

Maria broke her reverie. She settled back into the leather seat of the town car and stretched out her long, powerful, nylon-sheathed legs. She laced her fingers behind her head, pushed her neck against her hands and arched her back like a cat, giving her torso a long, luxurious stretch. Her massive, beautiful tits strained against her blouse, momentarily threatening to pop its buttons.

Maria was still a young woman, only 32, but she had joined the penitentiary system 8 years before and had risen rapidly through the ranks. As the previous warden of two other women’s prisons, she had quickly gained the attention of her superiors by proving herself adept at bringing chaotic jails under control very quickly. Her techniques were secretive; she did not really explain what she did to tame so many volatile and violent women. She had expertly sidestepped explaining her techniques to her superiors. But they never received any complaints and they could not doubt that Maria’s methods were highly effective. Now she had been given a career-making assignment: restoring order and discipline to the chaotic halls of McBride Penitentiary. Most people would have been daunted by taking on such a task. But Maria had studied the situation at McBride very carefully. She had pored over reports and prisoners’ files for many hours. And she was certain that she knew exactly how to make her assignment a success. Indeed, she believed that the situation at McBride was particularly well-suited to her unique approach. She smiled, and licked her ruby-red lips in anticipation.

The car arrived at the prison and idled for a moment as the guards checked Maria’s credentials. Then it drove up to the administration building, where a small delegation of prison officials was waiting to greet the new warden.

When the car pulled to a stop, an officious-looking man in a tweed suit stepped forward and opened the back door of the vehicle. Maria unfolded herself from the backseat, long luscious legs uncoiling gracefully from the back of the car to the sidewalk. She pulled herself to her full height and smiled with amusement as the small group of officials started with amazement and consternation as they got their first glimpse of their new warden, in the flesh. Maria was a modern Amazon. She was six-feet tall in her stocking feet; now, she was wearing three-inch heels. Her short skirt stopped halfway up her muscular thighs, offering just a glimpse of her garters under the right circumstances. She was dressed in a grey business suit and a pink blouse. The blouse did nothing to hide the powerful breasts which pushed out from her chest. The first two buttons of her blouse were undone, allowing a generous display of cleavage. Maria wore a pearl necklace and earrings. Her golden blonde hair was knotted into a series of tight buns on top of her head. Her face was remarkably beautiful. Blue-green eyes were set off by a pair of scholarly-looking rectangular glasses. Her pert, upturned nose was complemented by lush, ruby-red lips. The new warden was a gorgeous woman who clearly knew how to use her beauty to its maximum effect. But, whatever her appearance, her reputation as a strict disciplinarian and a highly effective administrator had preceded her and her new staff quickly recovered from their initial dismay.

In truth, Maria’s appearance was not a complete surprise to the people greeting her at the doors of the administration building. They had access to the internet, of course, and they had found out what they could about their new warden from the moment it became clear that she would be taking over. But they had not been prepared for the full impact of meeting this intimidating woman in person. While all of the staff was taken with Maria’s beauty, the power of her presence alleviated their many doubts about her ability to bring change to the prison.

Introductions were made all around. The officious man who had opened the door to her car was Mr. Nelson. He was in his early 50s, married with children. He had been at McBride for the past two years, which made him a veteran in an institution with a very high staff turnover rate. He was to be Maria’s second in command, the assistant warden, the person who would help acquaint her with the prison and its unique difficulties. Maria was also introduced to the head guard, a matronly, hard-bitten woman named Mrs. Barker. The prison doctor, a young woman named Dr. Martinique, was also on hand, as were a few other representatives of the various groups working at the facility.

Once the introductions were made, Maria turned to Mr. Nelson. “Mr. Nelson,” she said, “I’d like to start work immediately. Let’s go to my office and you can give me your brief on the situation here. I’ll do the tour and meet the prisoners later today.”

Nelson showed Maria to her office, a large and well-appointed room on the 10th floor of the administration building, in the most secure part of the facility. Maria placed her briefcase on the desk and pulled off her suit jacket. From the plate-glass window of her office, Maria looked out on the rest of the prison. It had both medium and maximum security components. Many prisoners lived in motel and cabin-like dormitories. The more hardcore criminals lived in an enclosed facility, which included rarely-used solitary confinement cells. The problems of McBride Penitentiary were focused in the maximum-security facility.

Nelson sat across from her and, over the next 30 minutes, gave her a status report on the prison. The long and short of it was that, over the previous four years, McBride had become a much more difficult prison to run. Strangely, violence between the prisoners had gone down. Unfortunately, violence towards the guards and other symbols of authority had become more frequent. The problem had deteriorated to the point where, in the eyes of many, the prisoners were running the prison for themselves. There were many areas of the jail where guards were afraid to go, except in force. This was an extraordinary situation for any prison, let alone a women’s prison, which were generally less violent than men’s prisons.

After Nelson’s report, Maria swiveled her chair away for a moment, crossed her legs and looked out the plate glass window onto the prison yard below. She paused thoughtfully, her foot fidgeting as she considered the situation. Nelson watched her carefully, surreptitiously examining her impressive bustline and her powerful legs. The previous warden had been nothing like this, he thought. He allowed himself the lascivious thought that coming in to work was going to be a lot more pleasant with the new warden to look at. But he quickly brought his thoughts back to the present when Maria turned back to face him, her turquoise eyes blazing.

“Tell me about Anna Bennan, Mr. Nelson,” the warden said.

Nelson started, realizing exactly how well-informed the new warden was. “Well, Ms. Jacobs, if you’re asking about Anna then you probably already know a lot about her.”

“Just what I’ve read in the file. But you give me a full brief.”

“Alright,” the man replied. “Anna came here about five years ago. She was brought in on assault and murder charges. She had been a biker babe, but that doesn’t really get at what she was really all about on the outside. She was the girlfriend to a string of leaders of the Hell’s Angels from the time she was in her early teens until her mid-20s. Around that time, something happened and she decided to get out of the life. It looks like one of her old boyfriends didn’t like her trying to get away and he came after her. She killed him and badly hurt some of his accomplices. So, she’s a really dangerous woman. She was put in prison on a fifteen-year second-degree murder charge. She was incarcerated down South for a while, but she was a really disruptive influence in her old prison, so she was shipped here. When she arrived, she was 27 and a real handful. She got involved in brawls and even beat up some of the guards. After a little while, though, she seemed to decide that the way she was doing things was not working out. She became a lot smarter. She built herself up her own gang, one that cuts across all of the usual color and ethnic lines. She has Latinas, blacks, whites, every group in the prison can fit in with her crowd. For the first year after she put her gang together, the violence here really spiked. No one got killed, but a lot of people got hurt as she consolidated her power. Today, she is the single most powerful prisoner in the place. The other gangs still exist, but they’ve all worked out truces and they try not to mess with Anna or her people.”

Maria nodded. “So, is she the source of the current insurrection in the prison?”

Nelson frowned thoughtfully. “Well, it’s hard to say. The thing is, all of the prisoners have become less deferential to the guards. They keep making demands and they seem pretty well-organized. They are a lot less likely to turn on each other. Anna is involved in this, but I’ve never seen any evidence that she is the source of all the problems or that she is the ringleader. But she does benefit from a situation where the authorities are weaker. And it is true that our problems started around the same time that she started getting hers worked out.”

Maria nodded. “Alright. Let’s go on with the rest of the briefing.”

For the rest of the morning, Maria and Mr. Nelson discussed the prison’s problems and issues. Anna Bennan was never mentioned again. However, before Mr. Nelson left for lunch, the new warden gave him an order.

“Mr. Nelson, immediately after lunch, I’d like Anna Bennan brought to my office. I want to meet with her.”

The vice-warden hesitated, then nodded. “Yes, ma’am. I’ll have her brought here at 1:30.”

Maria thanked him, and he left. Maria then ordered in a lunch from the prison cafeteria and got to work. Maria allowed herself a slight, amused smile. She smiled at the heat that was building between her legs, at the deep throb that had started in her straining tits. She looked at Anna Bennan’s file one more time, paying particular attention to the woman’s pictures. She was looking forward to this meeting.

At 1:30, there was a knock on her office door. As a security measure, the door locked automatically. Maria pressed a button on her desk; with a buzz, the door swung open. Mr. Nelson entered, followed by two guards who flanked Anna Bennan. The prisoner was tightly shackled at her wrists and ankles. She was wearing an orange prison jumpsuit.

The restraints and the prison-issue uniform could not hide the fact that Anna Bennan was a very beautiful and voluptuous woman. She was big – just as tall as Maria – and her impressive tits swelled up beneath the orange cloth of her jumpsuit. The top three buttons were undone, offering a clear view of her deep cleavage. Though her breasts were high on her chest, she appeared braless. Her hair cascaded from her head in long, thick auburn waves. Her eyes were a startling green, and her lips were red and lush. Despite the hardships of prison life, it was not difficult to see that this woman was ravishingly beautiful. Maria easily understood why Anna had been able to maintain her position as queen bee in a bikers’ gang for so long. Maria also had an inkling of why those bikers would be reluctant to let Anna go. This was the kind of woman who could easily become an obsession.

As the small party entered her office, Maria stood up behind the desk, her hands on her womanly hips and gestured to the guards to place Anna in an armless chair in front of her desk. Maria was amused to see the look of surprise, quickly followed by jealousy, that flashed on Anna’s face as the prisoner saw the new warden for the first time. Maria smiled to herself. That was just the reaction that she had been hoping to get. Clearly, Anna was used to being the most beautiful and intimidating woman in the room. Maria was a challenge to that status.

When Anna was deposited in the chair, Maria addressed the delegation that had delivered her.

“Thank you, gentleman,” Maria said. “That will be all. Please wait outside. I’d like to talk to Ms. Bennan alone.”

Mr. Nelson gave her a startled look. “Alone? Warden Jacobs, wouldn’t you like me to stay?”

“No, Mr. Nelson,” the new warden replied. Maria was gazing steadily at Anna, who was gazing back. “I would like to see Ms. Bennan by myself. Please wait outside. I’ll call you when I need you.”

Reluctantly, the assistant warden accompanied the guards out of the large office. The door locked automatically behind them.

Maria came out from behind her desk to stand in front of the beautiful inmate, her hands on her hips. The women continued to stare, to take each other’s measure. Maria let her eyes wander over the prisoner’s lush, voluptuous curves. She stared down into Anna’s cleavage and compared the other woman’s powerful tits to her own. Anna’s eyes roamed over the new warden’s impressive, womanly body. She took in the long, powerfully muscled legs, the bulging tits, and the perfectly symmetrical, beautiful face. She felt the heat of the warden’s turquoise eyes. Both women felt the deep tension and powerful attraction building between them.

“So, Ms. Bennan,” Maria began. “I’m the new warden. My name is Maria Jacobs.”

Anna said nothing, she just maintained her sullen glare.

“You seem to be the most important prisoner at McBride.” Maria smiled. “What will it take to get your cooperation?”

Anna snorted. “Can you let me out of prison right now?” The auburn-haired woman had a deep, sexy voice, though it was now tinged with bitterness and sarcasm.

The warden smiled. “No, you will be with us for another ten years or so. But I can make your stay here a lot more pleasant.”

“Well,” Anna replied dismissively, “ I think that I can take care of that myself. The reason that you are here is because your people are losing control of this place. We don’t give you any excuses to lock us down, but we also don’t respect your authority. That suits me just fine.”

“Hm.” While Anna talked, Maria watched her intently, all of her senses focused laser-sharp on the beautiful woman before her. Maria was waiting for a particular feeling, an instinctive reaction in her own body to the woman before her. Suddenly, it came: a sudden, intense rush of pure sexual arousal. It built in her pussy and flowed like hot mercury up into her tits, which began to pulse with tension. Powerful feelings of arousal rippled in her stomach and she barely suppressed a gasp of pleasure. She had rarely had such an intense reaction to another woman before, and she was relieved and excited all at once. This was the first encouraging sign that her plan could work.

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be more cooperative, Anna,” the warden said.

Maria removed her glasses and placed them on the desk behind her. Then, unexpectedly, she reached down and unclipped her mini-skirt, letting it fall to the ground, revealing the warden’s tiny black thong and the garter belt holding up her stockings. Maria leaped forward and landed in the prisoner’s lap, her legs straddling the chair, her thighs pressed around Anna’s hips. Anna’s eyes widened in shocked surprise, and she grunted with the impact of Maria’s luscious body with hers. Their heavy tits crushed. Maria noted the look of deep, hungry lust and excitement that flashed across the prisoner’s beautiful face. Anna found her hands, shackled in her lap, pinned under the warden’s ass. Maria seized Anna’s thick hair and pulled back on the prisoner’s head. Anna yelped with pain and Maria used the opening to instantly seal her mouth to that of the other woman. She drove her mouth deep, deep into Anna’s mouth, pressing her face hard into the other woman’s cheeks, her powerful tongue scouring the inside of the prisoner’s orifice, driving into the other woman’s throat. Anna responded immediately, instinctively, and, in moments, both women were locked in a tongue-twisting kiss, their powerful pink probes pushing and struggling, hot spit flowing within their sealed mouths. The women groaned deep in their throats as powerful sexual energy coursed from their locked mouths and twisting tongues and permeated the rest of their bodies. Maria felt her nipples harden into spikes and push out at the tops of Anna’s exposed breasts. At the same time, Maria could feel the nubs of Anna’s nipples pushing sharply at her lower breasts, even through the cloth of her blouse and Anna’s jumpsuit. Between her legs, she could feel Anna’s shackled hands rubbing and caressing her crotch.

Their breath came rapidly, their hearts pounded, the women groaned like animals and sucked at each other, their eyes closed in passion as they both enjoyed this intense sexual encounter. For more than a minute, they stayed sealed in the kiss, tongues struggling, passionate moans growing more intense, until overflowing spit and the need for more air forced them to break apart. Even then, their tongues licked and stroked at each other, before Maria leaned back. Panting, nose to nose, the two beautiful women regarded each other hungrily, trails of saliva linking their red lips, until they licked the shared spittle away. Maria was ecstatic. She saw in Anna’s eyes exactly what she hoped to see; an Alpha bitch, thoroughly aroused and enflamed and sexually threatened and stimulated by the challenge before her. Slowly, deliberately, Maria licked Anna’s face; the prisoner licked back and, for a moment, their tongues pushed and fought again. Then, the warden pulled back on the prisoner’s hair, using it to brace herself as she rose out of Anna’s lap. Anna snarled at the intense pain.

Both women regarded each other, panting, their hearts pounding. Maria had dampened her thong and she could feel that her nipples had crusted up and moistened with arousal. She could see Anna’s nipples pushing at the orange jumper. Again, doing the unexpected, Maria stepped forward, reached down, and slipped her right hand inside Anna’s jumpsuit. She cupped the prisoner’s naked left tit. Anna gasped as Maria weighed and squeezed the delectable mass of thick, heavy flesh. Maria realized that the tit felt as thick, heavy and full as her own. Maria felt the other woman’s nipple punching into her palm. She squeezed the sharp nipple like a knob. Anna gasped, her eyes flashing fire. She could have used her shackled hands to knock Maria’s hand away, but she did not. Maria slowly released Anna’s tit, her gaze locked to that of the other woman. She reached down and picked up her mini-skirt where she had discarded it, and clipped it back on to her hips. Maria retreated to her desk. She folded her arms across her chest and regarded the prisoner with a cool look of appraisal.

“I think that we understand each other, Anna,” Maria said calmly, ignoring the raging heat in her loins.

“I think maybe we do, warden,” the other woman said quietly, her voice hungry and thick with uncontrollable lust.

Maria stepped forward and suddenly clipped Anna smartly across her cheek with an open-handed slap. Anna had pulled back instinctively, so was saved from the full impact of the slap, but it still stung viciously.

“You fucking bitch!” Anna gasped, enraged at the assault.

Maria hit the intercom on her desk.

“Mr. Nelson,” she said. “Please come in here, with the guards.” Maria hit the button to open her office door to the prison contingent. When Nelson and the guards arrived, she nodded at Anna.

“Ms. Bennan is not being as cooperative as I would like and has said some regrettable things. She also tried to assault me.” Maria smiled inwardly as she saw the look of hatred on Anna’s face. “I think she needs to be punished. Please take her to solitary confinement and leave her there until I tell you to let her go.”

“You cunt!!,” Anna cried, but she was already being dragged out of the warden’s office, hauled down to solitary. “You cock-sucking whore!! You’ll pay for this!!”

Maria smiled smugly as the beautiful prisoner was pulled away. Anna’s cries of fury cut off abruptly as the door closed.

Mr. Nelson had stayed behind.

“Ma’am, it’s never a good idea to be alone with the prisoners, especially someone like Ms. Bennan. She’s very powerful and vicious and she’s dangerous even if she’s shackled.”

“Don’t worry about it, Mr. Nelson,” said the new warden dismissively. “In fact, I’m ordering you not to worry about it. There are going to be several times when I will need to meet with various prisoners on an individual basis, in private. This is part of my method, and you’re just going to have to trust that I know what I am doing.”

Mr. Nelson seemed about to object, but he stopped. The new warden had been brought in to work her magic here. He decided to just wait and see how effective she proved to be. Mr. Nelson excused himself and returned to his other duties.

When she was alone again, Maria paused to check her own body. Sexual power hummed in every cell. Her thong was now soaked, her pussy lips were wet and engorged with blood. Her nipples throbbed in time with her heart. She closed her eyes and remembered the intensity of the kiss she had shared with Anna. She felt wonderful and her body ached with anticipation. Everything was falling into place. She shivered. She could hardly wait for the next step.

To be continued