The four women looked at each other in amazement. No one, with the exception of Mariko, knew what to think or say. So the beautiful Japanese woman tentatively opened up the dialogue.

“Ladies. Other than the fact that none of us seem to know exactly how this happened, is everyone OK with this serendipitous new arrangement?” Mariko was asking a question to which she already knew the answer. No one, including herself, objected to switching sex partners. Still it was worth checking, just to be sure.

“I’m fine with it.” Ruby said almost casually, as she rotated her pelvis into Brenda, sending shivers through her body. This was what she had wanted anyway. Locking up her thick labia with Brenda’s equally thick pussy seemed like a logical progression - the closing of the circle. This had to transpire. This was meant to be. They both knew it.

“No, no! I’m good with this.” Brenda responded through stilted breaths, feeling her cunt melt into the buttery, freckled softness of Ruby’s cunt. She also knew that the closing of this sexual circle was necessary. The completeness of this night could not be realized until she and Ruby fucked. Brenda now understood that it was also necessary for her beloved Antoinette to take on Mariko in a woman to woman coupling. As soon as all four women became entangled at the dojo, an unspoken “anything goes” edict had been declared. So far, everyone was cool with this idea. Indeed, way more than cool with it. The idea of matching bodies and cunts up against new bodies and new cunts fascinated all four of them. To be sure, each of them had harbored the occasional pang of guilt over whether or not this loose behavior was honorable. But with each stroke of cunt on cunt, those compunctions dissolved into the night air. They were there to extract as much pleasure as possible from each other. They were there to fuck.

Brenda then recalled an earlier observation by the perceptive redhead. Their pussies were a great matchup. Scratch that. They were an incredible matchup! She flashed a lascivious grin at the sultry redhead and moved her clit into position. Ruby knew exactly what was coming and she was ready. She squashed her think lips into Brenda, causing their cunts to flatten and open up, then waited in tense arousal for Brenda’s clit thrust.

But before she made a move on Ruby, Brenda took a second to sit up and assess the coupling of Toni and Mariko, who were propped up on their elbows in a ready position. In a moment of prurient reflection, Brenda tried to imagine the mating of Toni to Mariko. She now knew both women well enough to know that the fusion of their opulent pussies would result in a cunt fuck that would have them screaming out in unmatched hedonism. She wished that she could shrink herself down to a tiny naked woman and deposit herself between the two sumptuous locked cunts. She wished that she could somehow know and feel the sensations that her girl Antoinette felt (and Mariko too) as their pussies locked in sex. While the two women fucked, Brenda wanted to ride both clitorises like a mechanical bull in a Texas bar. Yee haw!!!
Brenda smiled inwardly. She returned her attention to the freckled pussy that was slowly tightening on her cunt…


“Wow! That Brenda woman’s got a deliciously dirty mind!” June exclaimed.
“You love it, don’t you?”
“So do you, Bianca.”
“I do indeed love Brenda’s dirty imagination. In fact, I love the way all four of them think. They’re all deliciously perverted.” Bianca summarized.
“So…can we get in there now?” Impatient June was anxious to enter the fray.
“Nope. Not yet baby. Soon.”
“You’re killin’ me, Bianca!”

Mariko then addressed Antoinette.

“What about you, Toni? Is your pussy ready for a new challenge? Do you think that you’re woman enough to handle my cunt?”

Antoinette grunted as Mariko worked their cunts into a full deep kiss. Truth be told, Toni was a little intimidated now that she was finally locked in a full frontal sortie with the sensei. Despite the fact that fucking Mariko was inevitable on this amazingly bizarre night, and that she had indeed wanted to come together with her in a scissor lock, she knew that this was a woman worthy of her respect. Still, feisty Toni could not help herself.

“I’ll fuck that pussy of yours right back to that tiny village in Japan, bitch!”

Toni felt regret as soon as the words left her mouth. Luckily for her, Mariko wasn’t offended. She merely took it as play and retorted.

“Oh really? Well, I’ll fuck that cunt of yours right back to Jersey, bitch.”

“Well, like my lady said earlier tonight. I wouldn’t dare challenge you on the mat. But cunt to cunt, I’m a formidable bitch.” Toni asserted.

“I don’t doubt that, judging from the way you fucked my Ruby. But I’d like to find out for myself, Antoinette. So, let’s fuck.”

“I’m going to show you just how much of a real woman I am, Mariko. I’m ready to fuck. I’ve been hoping that you and I would connect - that the four of us would come full circle. Let’s do this.” Toni challenged. Mariko nodded to her.
And then the two busty brunettes thrust their dripping, sex hungry pussies deeper into each other. With a muffled squelch and throaty moans, things got underway.


“Bianca, these four bitches are making me hot! I want to get in there now!!!” June was near her tipping point. But Bianca was in charge.
“Not yet, June.”
“When?” June insisted on knowing.
“What? Is your date book filling up? Do you have pressing engagements - places to go and people to meet?” Bianca asked, with irony.
“Well…no…but…” June sheepishly replied.
“This is the first time I’ve done this. The timing has to be absolutely perfect! So, please be patient, my love.” Bianca implored, as she gave June a deep clit thrust. June screamed. Her eyes widened and her head snapped back. She returned her eyes to the lady’s and then forced her clit hard against Bianca’s probing shaft. June never tired of the way Bianca’s muscular labia sucked hers and the way their clits battled deep inside. They slowly fucked each other as Bianca multi-tasked, gently guiding the four earth bound bodies.


Toni sat up. Mariko rose to meet her. They wanted to fuck tits to tits. They wanted to feel flesh on flesh while a space without air was created in their fused vaginas. Each of them could now feel their free to roam clits dancing around each other until they finally confronted each other. They let out a simultaneous scream of excruciating pleasure. Cheek to cheek, both women could feel tears of bliss welling up in their eyes. Both women felt the intense fusion of nipples and areola, abetted by the thin yet effective coating of oil. Now matched up directly, they could finally indulge in a face to face kiss. Toni’s full lips were wondrously soft as they sealed off Mariko’s mouth. Saliva lubricated their copulating tongues. Mariko was pleasantly surprised, and pleasantly aroused by Antoinette’s firm, luscious body. She had to adjust her love-making style to this new and exciting woman, and she loved it. Antoinette used her tits incredibly well, and she was a phenomenal kisser! Mariko could already feel the burgeoning rumblings of an orgasm mounting in the pit of her loins. She found it necessary to stabilize her mind set in order to maintain an even keel because she sensed that, with Toni, she was going to need all of her skill and a good deal of emotional control. This was going to be an amazing fuck! My god this woman was hot!!! The latent sexual heat that she had shared with Brenda for such a long time, and the spectacular fuck that they were finally able to consummate was an event unto itself. But a little earlier in the evening, Mariko began to understand that the jewel in the crown of tonight’s events was the lovely and incredibly sexy Antoinette. Observing the heated sexual joining of Toni and Ruby only served to inflame Mariko’s growing desire for this exceptional woman. Now they were at the summit, ready to satisfy their lust for each other.

The two women stared each other down like two boxers. When Mariko grunted girlishly and bit her lip, Toni knew that she was doing a good job of fucking her. But Mariko was a strong and disciplined woman. She fucked back skillfully, using her entire body. She made Toni groan when she rolled her plump tits into Toni’s equally full chest.

“Bitch!!!” Toni stated, categorically.
“Slut!!!” Mariko responded. And then, they went to town on each other, like it was the last round of an evenly contested twelve round fight. Toni cranked it up, giving her all to Mariko. Mariko responded as their bodies fused tightly. The thick, juicy fuck between their conjoined cunts was turning into a war of attrition.

“Fuck you Mariko!!! You ain’t no big deal!!!” Antoinette screamed into her mouth as their tongues slid and contorted.
“You’re a no good slut, Antoinette. I’m gonna fuck that pussy of yours back to puberty.”
“I doubt that. You’re not woman enough.” Toni slammed back.
“I’m way more woman than you are, bitch.” Mariko insisted. But she knew that Toni was a match for her in every conceivable sexual way.
“Prove it, cunt!!!” Toni asserted, wondering in the back of her mind if she should be careful what she asked for.
“Let’s fuck this out, cunt!” Mariko challenged.
“I’m all for that. Let’s fuck to the finish.” Toni hungrily accepted the challenge.

Next to them, things between Brenda and Ruby had slowly but surely been escalating. These two women, it seemed, had also been working on relieving the lust that had been building between them over the last couple of hours. Like Toni and Mariko, they were sitting up, fucking chest to chest. Brenda marveled at the silkiness of Ruby’s skin pressed against hers. Ruby was astounded by the size, fullness and softness of Brenda’s designed for pleasure tits.

“Brenda!!! Your tits are amazing! What a great match they are for mine!” an enthusiastic Ruby stated.
“Our four girls seem to be getting on rather well.” Brenda said, rubbing side to side, slowly raking her nipples across the redhead’s, then pushing them deep into her tit flesh. Ruby returned the favor, rolling and mashing her mouthwatering E tits into Brenda’s, joyously savoring the lushness of the slowly building tit fuck while the catfight going on between their thighs intensified. Ruby’s soft tummy luxuriated in the firm ripples of Brenda’s toned belly with navels in perfect alignment. As Brenda’s smooth as silk labia mated with hers, Ruby waited. When Brenda was satisfied with the vulvae lock, she kissed and tongued Ruby. The kiss broke off.
“You ready, baby?” asked Brenda.

“Give it to me. Give it to me!!!” Ruby cried out. The next thing she felt was Brenda’s intimate thrust. Her overly excited pussy lips were penetrated by the brunette’s rock hard clitoris.

“Fuuuucccckkkk!!!!” Ruby screamed. She reached around and grabbed Brenda’s ass and squeezed it to the point of pain. Ruby’s engorged clit responded to the incursion, meeting Brenda’s clit in a head on encounter. The ripple effect had now taken hold of both women. The waves of lotus eating emanated from their locked cunts outward, engulfing their entire bodies as their minds became clouded in perfect sexual ecstasy. Their ravenous cunts were perfectly locked as their clitorises battled deep inside. Their breasts and their bodies had become one with each other in this intense lesbian fuck. They screamed into each other’s mouths in between deep kisses, enticing each other to fuck deeper and harder…

Meanwhile, Toni and Mariko had now become so firmly enmeshed in their own heated fuck that they were now only peripherally aware of the other two women. Their bodies had fused and their fuck had evolved to uninhibited and sweat soaked pleasure-seeking. Even with Brenda, Antoinette had never fucked quite like this. Even with Ruby, Mariko had never fucked quite like this. Their sex had become voracious. Toni’s clit had long since split Mariko’s thick labia and hooked up with the sensei’s shaft to wage war in the depths of cunt meat. Between powerful kissing sessions, the two had taken to screaming obscenities at each other.

“Fuck you, Mariko! You’re nothing but a slut!!!”
“I’m gonna fuck you until you’re raw, Antoinette! You’re a skank bitch!!!”

But this only served to intensify things between the two crazed women and their interlocked cunts…

Bianca regarded the proceedings with increasing interest and arousal. A split second in time had arrived. She cried out excitedly…

“Now June!!! Now!!!”

To Be Continued