Prologue: The Lady intervenes.


“Pray tell. What is on your deviously clever mind, dear Lady?” June’s curiosity was getting the better of her.

“Let me answer that question with a question which, I expect, will answer your question.”

“I’m listening.” June waited.

“If you could hook up with any one of those women, which one would you choose?” the lady asked. “Think about it, June.”

“I don’t have to. The redhead, unquestionably!”

“Humm…” the lady stroked her chin, as if she was pondering deeply. This was a universally understood sign, denoting contemplation. “Redhead against redhead. Now that would be hot!”

“What about you? Who would you choose?” asked June.

“I’d have to think about it.”

“Oh come on, Bianca. There’s no thinking about it!”

Bianca looked at June quizzically.

“The Asian girl. It has to be her.”

“Why?” Bianca wanted to hear June’s reasoning.

“Because, she’s been calling you out. She wants you. She wants you really bad.” June pointed out.

“Humm. So do you think that I should teach her a lesson, June?”

“Pussy on pussy. That’s what she seems to want.”

“While you take on that gorgeous redhead?”

“Pussy on pussy, that’s the idea.”

“Well, I guess you’re right. And it could be a lot of fun to get into the mix.”

“So let’s do it!” June said eagerly.

“Ummm…not just yet.” Bianca hesitated.

“Why not?”
“Let’s give them something they want first. Then we’ll hit them with something they’re not expecting.” Bianca said, with a roguish grin. June understood completely.


The final showdown was now about ten minutes into it’s inception. Once again, Ruby and Antoinette had settled into a smooth, comfortable fuck rhythm. Their well appointed vulvas were in an exceptionally close fit, yet Lady Bianca’s female specific oil allowed them delicious freedom of movement deep inside each other. Toni had to admit to herself that she had never felt cunt to cunt intimacy such as this - not even with Brenda. She made a mental note to ask Ruby where this small shop was located so that she could purchase a bottle of this wondrous product for her and Brenda. As for now, she was content to settle in for what promised to be a long night of juicy cunt fucking with this extraordinary redhead.

Antoinette also found herself thinking deeply about this sex jammed night. She marveled at what an amazing match Ruby’s thick labia were for her equally dense outer cunt lips - how wonderful it felt when their pussies engorged themselves in each other’s thick meat - how avaricious they had become in their quest for deep, mutual gratification. How eager both cunts were to suck orgasm after orgasm from each other. And, once again, as Ruby’s clitoris located hers, and the two throbbing erectile organs mated, Toni’s body stiffened and shuddered. She could feel the counter response in Ruby’s tightened body.

“Oh fuck, Toni! Let’s stay like this all night.” Ruby pleaded, as she moved in tight rotations in a clit to clit stroke with this amazing woman.

“I’m all yours, baby. All night long.” Toni promised.

Sensing Brenda had turned to her, Ruby turned her head to meet her gaze.

“You two seem to be doing quite well. You must really like fucking my girlfriend, Ruby.”
Ruby sensed that the question was non-threatening and responded.

“I do like fucking your girlfriend. We seem to be very sexually compatible.”

“Hum…” Brenda responded.

“I too, have noticed how much you like fucking my girlfriend, Brenda.”

“I have to confess, I do. Our pussies are very well matched.”

“And the two of you are obviously enjoying this much anticipated meeting of cunts.”

“You’re right, Ruby. I’ve wanted to take on Mariko like this for a long time.”

“You do know what that means don’t you, Brenda?”

“Please tell me.”

“It means that your cunt would be a great match for mine…”
“And Toni’s pussy would pair up nicely with Mariko’s. You really are a devious slut. I like it.”

“I love the fact that we all turn each other on, and that we’re all so willing and eager to give sexual pleasure to each other.” They smiled at each other. Brenda felt Ruby’s heat.

“Can I have a kiss, Brenda?”

“Sure. But first, lift your head up and take a look.”

Ruby raised her head to see that Mariko and Toni had initiated a sloppy tongue twister. They were sucking tongues and gasping for air. Their tits were rising and falling. This vision shot a bolt of electricity through Ruby’s body. She turned back to Brenda, who reached around and pulled Ruby’s head to hers. Their lips locked and their tongues connected. The kiss between them quickly became incendiary. Things between Mariko and Toni became increasingly spirited. They were massaging each other’s tits and grunting as they sucked tongues, while still grinding pussies with their respective partners. Brenda then reached across and helped herself to Ruby’s full tits, offering her two tits to Ruby.


“There it is!!!” Bianca said, excitedly.

June knew that she was about to take control of the proceedings. Exactly what she had in mind remained to be seen. June melded her mind to Bianca’s as best she could. This was something that she had been working on for a while - indeed, since they had transcended to the eternal plane. But the complete melding of her mind to the lady’s was something that still required much practice to achieve, as Bianca’s mind contained the knowledge and wisdom of millennia. Fortunately for June, Bianca was eternally in love with her and completely open to this experience. The journey for both would be more fun than the destination. After all, they had eternity to fully consummate in mind body and spirit. But, Bianca had neglected to mention to June that, every once in a while, they could revisit the earthly realm…sort of.

Lady Bianca turned her head to peer into the wormhole. June was able to read her thoughts as she had relaxed into a sensual thought process. June could feel her clitoris responding to the playfully erotic plan Bianca was hatching, because what Bianca was conjuring up had also worked her clit into full arousal. Now, as their shafts softly stroked deep inside each other, June began to peer into the opening to Ruby’s bedroom. What she saw amazed and titillated her…


Toni and Mariko had broken off from each other, as had Brenda and Ruby. The four beauties now refocused their attentions to the scissor locked fucks that they were involved in. Their cunt to cunt fusions had remained true and intensely satisfying. It seemed to all of them that they were all at each other’s mercy. The regular, rhythmic fuck strokes were allowing for a gradual, paced increase in the dynamic tension between the four sex locked cunts, bringing each woman ever closer to the precipice of volatile orgasms.

Lovely Ruby could not fathom the depths of sexual pleasure that her cunt was receiving from Antoinette’s well endowed pussy. She dug in and began to fuck Toni with skill and alacrity. Toni responded, giving her all to the deep synthesis of their thick labia. Her cunt stroked and sucked Ruby’s generous cunt. No longer feeling any pangs of confusion or guilt, Toni was now of the opinion that this four way girl on girl encounter was somehow meant to happen. Toni felt pretty safe in reasoning that the other three women felt the same. The unbridled enthusiasm and lust that all four of them seemed to feel for each other now seemed perfectly natural and only slightly to the left of normal. Antoinette then mused to herself that she had given up trying to assess what was “normal” the night that she and Brenda first made love, body to body.

Mariko’s facial expression was pure bliss. She had never anticipated that the simple act of sealing her lush cunt to Brenda’s thick cunt could or would bring her so much deep gratification. Her Zen beliefs made her wonder if this meeting of flesh was, somehow, a way to satori. Or, on the other hand, her now solid acceptance of the Lady Bianca story that Ruby had shared with all of them made her wonder if this supposed “dark mistress of the other side” might somehow be guiding the proceedings in her and Ruby’s bed. The sudden impulse that Mariko had to look up did indeed confirm her intuition. Beautiful martial arts sensei Mariko simply shook her head in delight and amazement when she saw that she was no longer fucking Brenda, but rather she was in a cunt lockup with Antoinette. Toni then took notice. Ruby and Brenda quickly followed, amazed by the switch.

“What the hell???” Ruby exclaimed loudly.
“I’ll second that!” Brenda stated, almost as loudly.
Antoinette then stuttered in disbelief.
“What the fuck!!! Does anyone know how this happened?”

Then, feeling a definite connection to another realm, Mariko then responded wryly.

“Does anyone care?”

To Be Continued