This is a story that many of you will find very kinky and yet sexy. When I was in College I was afraid that I would lose my boyfriend. I in turn tried to make our sex more enjoyable and told him I would do anything he asked. He mentioned a threesome. I hoped he would change his mind when I told him that I didn't know of anyone that would be interested. He came right out and said that he did. This worried me, and I decided that I would go through with this fantasy. I have never been with another girl, and the idea was far from stimulating. None the less, I had become even more desperate than I was before and agreed.

About two weeks later Tom told me that we would be giving it a try the next day. He told me that Tammy was looking forward to meeting me. I was very nervous and worried. I felt that I had to out-show this bitch and let Tom know who the real women was. That night I waited in Tom's room while he picked Tammy up. I tried to picture the slut that would be willing to do this. I dressed in my new red bra and panties that I bought the day before at Victoria Secret. I was a scholarship Volleyball Player and have a very athletic build. I am tom-boyish in build with sandy brown hair, firm 38" breasts and a tight tummy. I knew Tom would be surprised. When I heard Tom at the door I strolled out as sexy as I could to get Tom's attention. He looked at me with his jaw open. I was hoping for the same from Tammy who was wearing a long raincoat. Tammy looked like a Barbie Doll and she dropped her coat to reveal a sexy teddy that made my outfit look like a pair of long johns. She was a beautiful blonde with equally firm breasts and a great figure and she knew it.

Tom introduced us and we simply glared at each other in mutual dislike. Tom sensed the tension and asked if this was a mistake. We both said through gritted teeth that it was okay. Tammy and I stripped Tom naked and sat him on the couch. Tom asked if we would strip out of our outfits. Tammy went first, moving like a dancer massaging her breasts, stomach and thighs. Tom was instantly aroused and Tammy was enjoying the tease. As she removed the top of her teddy she kept eye contact with me, watching how uncomfortable I was feeling. As she rubbed her nipples she gave me a wicked simile that sent hatred through my soul. She inched herself out of the teddy rubbing her waist, hips and tightly shaved pussy. She stepped out and in attempt to place it on Tom's head she rubbed it over mine. I grabbed the teddy from her and tossed it to the floor like an old rag. Tammy glared at me and sat down next to Tom on the couch and rubbed his chest.

It was now my turn. I couldn't move with the grace of Tammy, who I knew was giggling at me, which only made me more upset and uncomfortable. Even Tom was losing interest. I took off my bra and wrapped it around Tom's neck and pulled his head to my cleavage. His tongue quickly darted between my breasts. I gave a cocky grin to Tammy who was getting pissed. I let Tom fall back on the couch with a mile-wide smile and started to work out of my panties to show my newly sculptured bush. Tom's eyes were glued to my crotch as I worked down my panties. Tammy, in disgust, grabbed Tom by the chin and gave him a deep kiss. Tammy turned Tom's head back to give me another evil look. I was now pissed and threw my panties in Tammy's face. Tammy immediately shot up and we stood face to face, our nipples only inches apart, and glared at each other.

Tom tried to cool us down by saying, "Come on, ladies, let's kiss and make up."

Without a word we threw our lips together and forced our tongues in each other's mouth and wrestled with our tongues. We grabbed each other's hair, pulling it by the roots, keeping our violent kiss together. Our legs staggered to keep balance as our chests and breasts quickly pressed together. We shot our tongues wildly into each other's mouth in heated battle. We broke three times only to call each other a slut or a whore and quickly locked lips in a heated kiss. I knew that there was no going back now. I had to show this cunt, and Tom, who was the better women. Our legs started to rub each other's thighs and our breasts were smashed together. Finally, we broke from our kiss and looked at each other in disgust.

"You're not half the woman I am, Bitch! What? Do you want me to humiliate you in front of your man?" Tammy said with smeared lipstick on her face. She reached down with her right hand and found my trimmed bush, which made it easy for her to rub my lips and clit. A warm sensation ran through my body and I realized what was happening.

"I'll show you who is the better woman, you whore!" I said as I gritted my teeth and shot my right to her trimmed bush and started to massage her lips and clit which were already very wet. I then whispered in her ear, "It's getting warm down here. Am I making you uncomfortable?"

Tammy shot two fingers into my pussy, which made me stiffen like a board. My crotch was not getting wet as she worked her fingers in and out of me. "Whose uncomfortable now bitch?" Tammy whispered with a slight panting in my ear.

My legs were getting weak and so were Tammy's as we slowly worked our way down to a kneeling position never letting go of each other's womanhood. Tammy worked her fingers in and out of me getting as deep as she could each time. I rubbed her clit with my fingers and then shot three fingers into her hungry hole. All the while we cursed each other in whispers, as our heads rested on each other's shoulder.

My crotch was on fire! I felt the end to this fingering exchange quickly cumming to an end. Tammy's breathing started to speed up, as did my fingers. I felt a new batch of confidence, as I knew that she was close to a humiliating orgasm. Tammy let go of my bush and fell back, breaking free from my fingers. I quickly shot my hand back between her legs. Four of my fingers were engulfed by her love hole. I pounded away at her crotch with as much force and speed as I could muster. Tammy covered her face and started to moan, "No, no, oh my god, no!"

Without mercy I worked on her hole until she arched her back, sticking her pussy toward my face. I sped up my fingering and forced her to two or three orgasms. She covered her face and started to cry, "Please stop, please!"

I pulled my fingers out of her sticky cunt and wiped them on her hip in disgust. Tammy rolled to the fetal position and cried in humiliation. I looked over at Tom and gave him a victorious smile. He smiled back and was fully aroused.

I looked down at Tammy and said, "I'm not done with you yet, bitch!"

Tammy looked up in fear and Tom watched with excitement. I rolled the limp bitch onto her back with little resistance. I looked at Tom and said, "You want to fuck this whore? Here's your chance!"

I spread her legs and looked at Tom. He jumped off the couch and crawled between her thighs. I grabbed her feet from behind Tom and lifted them up high and wide. As Tom inserted his penis Tammy let out a loud moan of ecstasy. Tom fell into her as if she had pulled him in and I knew that he was close. I rode Tom's back holding Tammy's feet. It was like I was fucking her as I pushed Tom in deeper with each thrust using my pubic bone. Tammy lay there crying for us not to stop. I pulled Tom off and climbed over Tammy. I pinned her arms and straddled her body.

"Now for some real pussy," I told Tom. He slid his penis in me from behind. Tom worked me over as I rubbed my victorious breasts over Tammy's beaten face. Tom was ready to climax in no time and I pulled him out and sprayed his love juice between my legs onto Tammy's chest and stomach. Tammy lay on the floor limp as a rag doll covered in Tom's juices. It was now my turn for satisfaction. I spun around and placed my ass and pussy right over Tammy's nose. "You wanted to taste Tom? Well, here is your chance you dirty cunt!"

I brushed my lips against her nose. Tammy tried to struggle but I smashed my ass and pussy on her face. She wiggled her face trying to break free for some air. I lifted my ass up and asked her again, "Eat it bitch, or I'll make you!"

Tammy looked away in defiance. I sat down hard against her face and grabbed her nipples. I pulled and twisted and I could feel her pain between my thighs as she continued to struggle. Finally, I felt her tongue dart into my wet and swollen pussy. I lifted my ass up enough to give her some air. I freed her arms and her fingers went right to my ass and pussy. She licked my clit and fingered my pussy. I had never been eaten out by a woman before, and it was fantastic! I went through several orgasms, riding her nose, then fell on top of her and Tom's juices.

I rolled off Tammy and stood up next to her. She was exhausted and humiliated. I threw her raincoat on top of her and gave her a slight kick in the breasts rolling her to her side.

"Get out slut, or the next time I won't be so nice!" Tammy threw on her raincoat and ran out crying. I kept the teddy, which I wear when I feel insecure. As for Tammy, I see her from time to time on campus. When she sees me she goes out of her way to avoid me, like the bitch should.