About six weeks ago my wife, Marci, and I were having dinner at another couples house. After dinner, and little too much wine, we started chatting about a number of things until the topic turned to sex, women's bodies and fantasies. I mentioned that one of my turn-ons was watching two women fight. As the conversation continued my buddy Jimmy and I began egging on our wives to put on an exhibition for us. I guess under the influence of the wine, they agreed.

As they prepared to start they asked about rules. Well, wrestling only, and, I wasn't sure they would buy this, naked. Before I knew it Jim's wife Karla was topless. I had always wanted to see her this way because she had huge tits. She popped open a pair of 39DD's with nice brown nipples. I love brown nipples! I was already hard! My wife, Marci, was somewhat reluctant to disrobe, but had no choice now that Karla had filled the room with her massive mammaries. Marci was considerably smaller than Karla. She was a 35C. But she was as firm as they come--a gym rat. Her nipples, pink, were large, actually larger than Karla's and quickly displayed a thick erectness to them. I was ready to cum in my pants just watching the two undress. I could hardly wait for the match!

The match began with a test of strength between the two. Marci quickly took advantage as she was much the stronger. She had biceps. Karla was lacking in definition in that department. To be honest, Marci pushed Karla around for about 5 minutes or so and then pinned her. The rule was that the host got to make love to the winner. I got Karla as a consolation but I did get to play with her mounds of tit.

Every other week for the last six weeks we have taken turns hosting these wrestling matches. And every time Marci has just overpowered Karla and pinned her in about 5-10 minutes. However, the last time we met for dinner at their house, Karla asked and was granted a rules change. Anything goes, it would not just be a wrestling match.

As usual, the match began with a test of strength. Marci quickly had Karla on her back. Karla, operating under the new rules, bit Marci's right nipple. Marci rolled off in pain. Once to her feet she was livid and was prepared to really destroy Karla. She charged in a pique of anger only to be met by a solid right to her stomach by Karla. Karla followed that up with an uppercut to her chin. Marci was stunned and stumbled backward. Catching her composure she stepped in to go toe to toe with Karla. The two traded a series of punches. Surprisingly, Karla's seemed to be the more effective. For all her power and strength, Marci lacked the ability to land a hard, direct punch. Soon Marci's hands were at her sides and Karla blasted away with body punches and blows to the chin. Marci crumpled to the floor. Karla, with her gigantic tits pumped up by her success, taunted Marci, then grabbed her by her blonde hair and yanked her up. She continued the onslaught as Marci's muscular body began to sag under the pounding. Finally, Marci crashed to the floor on her back. Karla straddled her and took her massive tits and used them to punch Marci's face. Whap! Whap! With each blow Marci's head would rock to one side then the next. Karla finished Marci off by lowering her big boobs over her face and smothering her. Marci was out and had been thoroughly dominated by a woman she had seemingly owned in previous encounters. I didn't like seeing my wife whipped like that, but it was really stimulating to watch.

The really exciting part is tonight we host the match. I am anxious to see how things go with a new champ defending her title. I'll let you know whether the big breasted brunette or the big nippled blonde prevails. Any bets as to who you think will win?