The Clit Queen 2 - The End of The Queen

“You’re one hot slut, Jennifer,” the redhead said softly, her voice trembling with power and confidence. A dormant part of Alyson seems to have emerged after their epic battle. It was as if the redhead had obtained a new personality. She was an innocent dove that has blossomed into a majestic phoenix.

“Unfortunately, not as hot as me,” Alyson continued with her new, confident – almost cocky, tone.

At that moment, Jennifer felt like she never wanted to fight again. Defeat was overwhelming, and Jennifer found herself a broken woman. “Alyson, you sexy bitch… what have you done to me?” Jennifer asked herself, as she lay on the bed, too feeble to move.

“Jenny, are you even listening to me?” Ellen asked, irritated by Jennifer’s lack of attention.

“Sorry sweetie… I’m just a little tired today,” Jennifer replied, as she snapped out of her day dreaming. Returning from the solace of her thoughts, the brunette’s exotic’s eyes wandered in search of her redhead rival. The room was crowded and dimly lit, making the brunette’s search all the harder. Laughter and music vibrated across the room as Stacey’s party raged on. Surely, the redhead must be here? Jennifer thought, noticing the scent of alcohol in the air. “Hey, have you seen Alyson Ambrosia around?”

“That gorgeous redhead slut? Nope. Why? I thought you hated her.”

“Nothing… just forget it,” Jennifer replied, eyes still searching. Suddenly, someone else caught the sex goddess’s attention – a gorgeous blond in a black party dress that was staring at Jennifer ravenously. She seemed familiar, but Jennifer couldn’t remember exactly who she was. The blonde was very beautiful. Long, silky hair, slender, shapely body, and large, full breasts made this girl a human doll. The blonde seemed to know her, for some reason. Was she the new girl everyone was talking about? The brunette had no time to think about it, however, as Jennifer’s attention was shifted when she heard her name said.

“Hey Jennifer, do you have a moment?” a familiar voice asked politely.

“What is it, I’m busy,” Jennifer coldly replied. She had no time for such nuisances. Looking up, she saw that it was Elisha – one of her earlier victims.

“I need to talk to you privately, the brunette requested. Perhaps she wanted a rematch?

“Umm… I’m really busy right now…” Jennifer answered. Normally she would be more than glad to fight; tonight though, all she wanted was Alyson.

“It’s about Alyson, Elisha’s last word struck home. Jennifer felt her nipples harden at the sound of the name. Ever since their epic duel, Jennifer could think of nothing else. Her heart yearned for the redhead; her clit craved for its rival; her body ached for release. Jennifer grabbed Elisha’s hand and led the brunette to some place more private. She needed to know if Alyson was here.

“Alyson… is she here?” Jennifer finally asked, once that she was sure no one could hear them.

“Yeah she’s here, how did you not notice? But anyways, listen you. Don’t you dare lay a single finger on her, you hear me? ” The brunette threatened – or at least attempted to. Jennifer could easily see through her visage of courage, and into the true fear that resided in Elisha’s heart.

“Do you know where she is?” Jennifer asked; completely ignoring anything Elisha had said. Oh I will do much more than just lay a finger on Alyson, Jennifer thought, as a sudden surge of confidence swept through her body.

“I don’t know, she’s somewhere," The brunette mumbled.

Useless! Jennifer cursed and growled in her mind. Realizing that this conversation will not help her find her rival, Jennifer decided to end it. Not even sparing Elisha a glance, Jennifer walked away.

It took Jennifer almost a full hour until she found the redhead, flirting with a few members of the opposite sex. Jennifer felt herself melt as she beheld the beautiful redhead. Rudely, the brunette grabbed the redhead’s arm and dragged the surprised girl with her, oblivious to the redhead’s complains. They walked all the way outside of the mansion, until Jennifer finally released her grip on Alyson’s arm.

“What the fuck, you stupid –” Alyson complained angrily, but was silenced by a lusty, passionate kiss from the brunette. The redhead only hesitated for a moment before she returned the kiss fully, lovingly caressed Jennifer’s tongue with her own.

“What do you want?” Alyson panted, as they finally broke out of the kiss.


To be continued