Images of Jennifer’s clit forcing her own back into its hood in Alyson’s mind was like a huge ugly scar, which could only be cured with the complete defeat of the brunette. Never again, Alyson vowed. The lovely redhead had just gotten out of a much-needed shower. After her long-anticipated confrontation with her nemesis today, left her body covered with the other woman’s and her own juice. Thoughts of her defeat today continue to haunt her. Alyson could remember how the lovely brunette allowed her to finger her to even the odds. If the brunette weren’t so cocky, Jennifer wouldn’t have been near an orgasm at all when Alyson reached hers. Perhaps she was trying to be honorable? Alyson quickly erased that thought from her mind. No way, that snotty bitch was a dirty tramp that fought dirty.

As the lovely redhead began to dry herself, she couldn’t help but admire her own body. Other than a few scratch marks at her ass, there were almost no physical signs of her being involved in a catfight. Combing her hair into one of the latest styles, Alyson prepared herself physically for the sex war tonight. The fight at work was merely a taste of what they would be doing tonight.

“There’s no way that weak bitch will ever make me cum again,” Alyson reassured herself. Although her body was still a bit sore from their fight this morning, she was more than ready to fight the sexy brunette to the finish tonight.

Dirty thoughts raced through Alyson’s mind as she decided what she was going to wear to the confrontation. Realizing that Jennifer only wore black lingerie, Alyson decided to irritate her opponent by wearing the same color. Slipping on black nylon stockings, and a matching black bra, Alyson felt that she was irresistible. Alyson decided to wear a short dark green mini skirt, which contrasted her flaming mane nicely. Slipping on silver high heel sandals and a fur laced jean-jacket, the gorgeous redhead set off to face her rival for one last time. They were going to settle their rivalry, once and for all.

“Good,” the redhead softly replied. “Cause I’m ready to fight all night with you, slut.”

Licking the last drop of girl cum from her fingers, Jennifer stood up, with some effort, and then seductively walked toward the sitting redhead. Jennifer once again surprised Alyson by extending her hand, offering to help the redhead up.

Dismissing the thought that the brunette’s action was a trap, Alyson took Jennifer’s hand. The brunette helped Alyson to her feet. Slowly, the brunette leaned forward and pressed her cheek against the redhead’s.

“Follow me,” the brunette whispered into Alyson’s ear.

Then the gorgeous brunette turned around and walked down the hall, deliberately showing off her perfect ass as she walked. Alyson followed the brunette all the way to the staircase, where the brunette stopped and turned to face the redhead.

“Once we go up there, there’s no turning back.” Jennifer taunted. “We fuck till one of us is finished, completely.”

Pressing her softly tanned body against the brunette’s, Alyson drew the brunette in for a long, delicious kiss. The pair gently probed each other’s mouth with their tongues – neither was resisting. Finally, touching nose to nose, the redhead whispered. “Then may the best woman win.”

The brunette smiled confidently, and took the redhead’s hand, leading Alyson up the stairs with her. As the two walked side by side down the hall, Alyson could hear the sound of running water from the distance. The redhead’s thoughts were interrupted by the brunette’s question.

“Have you ever been in a sexfight?” There was no mockery in her tone, which was strange.

“No, you’re the first. Why?” Alyson was curious.

“Really? I’m surprised…” Jennifer exclaimed. Alyson saw that they reached the end of the hallway. In her right side, there was a room that had a bead curtain for a door. The sound of running water was clearly coming from that room. Alyson also noted that on her left side was Jennifer’s bedroom. It had a set of twin doors, but one door was open, and Alyson could see a king-sized waterbed covered by red silk sheets.

“I’ve been in a lot of sexfights, Alyson. Some of them I would defeat in the first challenged. Those who were tough enough to come back for a rematch most were defeated in that living room we were just in.” Jennifer explained. Then with a smirk and an expression of respect, she continued. “But a privileged few would get the chance of fighting with me here.”

Letting go of Alyson’s hand, Jennifer brushed aside the curtains and walked in. Alyson was surprised for a third time this evening, as she entered Jennifer’s new “arena”. The room was larger than the living room. The room was decorated with marble tilts; the tiles on the walls had exotic decorations on them, making the room look like that of a fancy Hawaiian hotel. What caught Alyson’s attention was the rectangular hotel size whirlpool at the center of the room. This must be where Jennifer wants to settle this, Alyson thought.

Reading the redhead’s mind, the brunette went to a nearby counter and took a bottle of wine and two cups with her. Handing one of the cups to Alyson and filling it with wine, Jennifer finally said. “Did you know that I was crowned the clit queen by the cheerleader squad? No one has ever beaten my clit, and I’m determined to keep it that way.”

Alyson hungrily drank the wine. All that fighting had left her body dry and Jennifer’s gift was much welcomed. The gorgeous redhead couldn’t help but admire her arch-nemesis’ exquisite body as the lovely brunette placed the wine and cups back onto the counter.

“You should be proud of yourself, red,” Jennifer said. “Not many get to fight me here.”

“I gotta admit, Jennifer.” Alyson replied as she continued to admire the decoration of the room. “This is a side of you I never knew.”

“Do you want to stand here all night and admire the decoration?” The brunette said with a “come and get me” look on her face. Jennifer stood beside the whirlpool, her nipples proud and firm, her majestic clit stood out from her swollen pussy, daring the redhead’s clit to come meet it in an all out war. Not even bothering to remove her nylon stocking and gloves, the gorgeous brunette climbed into her whirlpool. The lovely brunette submerged her head into the water, wetting her hair. Water droplets could be seen dripping from her long wet hair and chin onto her large firm breast. Sitting on her ass, spreading her legs wide open challengingly, waiting for the redhead to join her for their next battle.

Alyson wasted no time slipping herself into the whirlpool, soaking herself from head to toe. Spreading her legs much similar to Jennifer, the redhead made sure that her rival got a good glimpse of her erected nipples and engorged clit. The water reached the top of Alyson’s breasts, making those juicy orbs float like balloons. Their eyes met, both women smiling confidently, their pussies only a leg’s length apart. There was no turning back now; the final battle was about to begin.

“You should’ve quit while you had the chance bitch,” snared the brunette as she commenced the all-out sex war by sending her nylon-covered foot towards Alyson’s sex.

The redhead retaliated by sending her own foot to the brunette’s cunt, carefully exploring her rival’s sex underwater. Alyson felt the brunette’s sexy foot invaded her pussy with deadly precision. It was obvious that the brunette practiced sexfighting underwater and now Jennifer was using these skills to her advantage. Alyson continued her foot assault on the sexy brunette’s sex, but to no avail. The brunette was clearly winning this skirmish and Alyson knew she had dislodged herself from her rival’s feet soon or she’ll be coming all over Jennifer’s skillful feet.

Sensing her opponent’s futile struggle, Jennifer was determined to take the lead by inflicting as much damage as she could to her enemy’s sexual reserve now that she had the advantage. Jennifer pinpointed Alyson’s clit and ferociously attacked it, and was rewarded by the sound of the redhead squealing.

Alyson, desperate for escape, finally retreated from Jennifer’s assault, and go onto her knees. With her hands on her hips, the redhead challenged the brunette to yet another pussy fight.

“Come on bitch, enough teasing; let’s bump clits.” Alyson challenged.

The confident brunette accepted, and got her knees as well. The water reached a few inches above their navels. The two sex goddesses pressed forward, allowing their charged bodies to meet once again. Nipples aligned themselves with their rivals while clits placed themselves side by side. The two women proceeded to rubbing their most sensitive parts together. Wet hands softly stroke each other’s breasts while their tongues locked into a duel of their own.

Jennifer parried Alyson’s tongue in a fencing duel. The redhead’s pink probe was on the offensive, savagely ramming itself into the brunette’s glossy lips. Alyson was surprised that neither girl let out uncontrollable moans as their proud clits fenced below her. It seems like that both she and Jennifer had reached a new level of control over their erotic feelings. Finally, Alyson broke through Jennifer defenses and drove her long tongue down the lovely brunette’s throat, choking her. The lovely brunette pulled back to gasp for air, leaving herself wide open for an attack. The lovely redhead immediately clamped her lips onto the gasping brunette’s left tit, sucking on the brunette’s proud nipple.

“Yeah bitch… suck my tits you whore…” moaned the brunette defiantly. With her back now pressed against the back of the whirlpool and the redhead leaning against her, the brunette’s upper body was unable to counter attack. Her majestic, undefeated clit was still fighting its nemesis, but her upper body was betraying her. Unable to stand the double assault anymore, Jennifer began buckling as her body quivered and her cunt came against Alyson’s. Alyson’s saliva could be see trailing from Jennifer’s swollen nipple to her lips as the lovely redhead removed her head from the brunette’s tit. Jennifer allowed herself to collapse against redhead for a moment to recover, before pulling away.

“You bitch…” Jennifer growled weakly. Nipples and clit still erected, the gorgeous brunette prepare herself for their next confrontation.

Suddenly, with great effort, Alyson stood up. Water dripped down her thigh and nylon stockings as she brought her engorged clit back to the surface.

“I know how much you love eating my cum, so here bitch, eat me!” The redhead pressed her clit against her rival’s delicate lips, demanding that her opponent finish her off. Alyson was on the blink of an orgasm, and she felt that it didn’t matter whether she came now, or after a few strokes in the pair’s next confrontation.

Softly, Jennifer twisted her tongue around Alyson’s pink rod, then finally thrusting her tongue deep into the redhead’s pussy, at the same time sucking the redhead’s clit with her upper lip.

Alyson let out a squeal as she shot girl cum all over Jennifer’s face. Releasing her mouth from the redhead’s still engorged clit, Jennifer purred softly as she licked the warm and unusually thick cum off her gorgeous face. For the first time in her life, Alyson felt like she had an endless supply of cum. Even after 4 intense orgasms, her body could still take more. The redhead felt a small token of pride as she discovered more and more of her body’s full potential.

After licking every drop of cum off her lovely face, the brunette also stood up, locking her eyes with the woman she hated, and prepared to issue her next challenge. Jennifer knew that this was a risky move, but if it worked as she planned, she would be able to use her superior sexfight experience against the fiery redhead.

“Let’s play blow for blow bitch.” challenged the brunette. “Take turns making each other cum, you up for it?”

“I’m ready for anything, bitch.” the redhead accepted Jennifer’s challenge. “I can take anything you can give me.”

“Excellent. I’ll take the first blow, since I issued this challenge.” the brunette smiled confidently as the redhead positions her for her fucking. The trap was set and the proud redhead walked right into it. Alyson forced Jennifer to have her back against the corner of the whirlpool. Forcing Jennifer’s legs to do the splits, Alyson placed Jennifer’s nylon clad legs on the edges of the pool, allowing easy access to Jennifer’s cunt, which floated on the surface of the water. Finally, Alyson pressed her lips against Jennifer’s magnificent clit and began sucking on it softly, while her fingers invaded the brunette’s cunt.

The stunning brunette moaned as she felt the redhead’s finger stroke her sensitive g-spot. With one nylon-covered hand playing with her own breasts, Jennifer used her other hand to tenderly stroke her rival’s silky mane, encouraging her rival while at the same time trying to ease the redhead’s touch.

“That’s right, suck my clit good…Ohhh…” Despite the fact that she hated the redhead with a passion, Jennifer could not deny the fact that the redhead’s cunt licking skills were superb… perhaps even better than her own. For a moment, the brunette felt intimidated by the redhead’s skills. Quickly reassuring herself that she was the better woman, Jennifer decided to boost about her superior sexual prowess.

“The clit that you’re sucking right now has never been defeated, whore,” Jennifer said proudly. The brunette’s breathing quickened as she felt the redhead increased the pace of her fucking. “I’ve beaten every single girl in the cheerleading squad in our old high school.”

Then with a smirk, she said. “I defeated Vanessa and stole her boyfriend from her.”

The redhead seized her assault on the brunette’s cunt as she heard Jennifer say that.. Vanessa was one of Alyson’s best friends in high school. Although the two had lost contact ever since graduation, Alyson couldn’t help but hate the striking brunette even more for what she did to her friend. Jennifer was pushing her buttons, attempting to distract Alyson from the task at hand. Determined to make this bitch come, Alyson attacked the brunette’s clit with renewed energy, and was rewarded by sounds of the brunette squealing. Her fingers continued stroking the brunette’s tender g-spot while her tongue punished Jennifer’s majestic clit with rapid licks, in hopes that would be enough to make her lovely rival come.

Jennifer let out an animalistic howl as her cunt came against the redhead’s face. The squirming brunette squirted warm, gooey fem-cum all over the redhead’s angelic face.

“Ohhh… Ahh… Not bad… not bad at all.” The coming brunette hissed passionately. Her belly muscle rolled sexily as it pumped waves after waves of female goo out of her pussy. After her massive orgasm finally subsided, the panting brunette gathered herself to prepare for her attack on the redhead.

Alyson submerged into the water and came back out inches away from Jennifer. Waiting for instructions from her nemesis, the redhead could only imagine what brunette had in store for her. Alyson knew that when she accepted the brunette’s challenge the bitch probably had something sinister planned for her. Alyson accepted because she felt confident that whatever the brunette can throw at her, she could take it.

Jennifer finally instructed the redhead to turn around, and get into doggy-style fucking position. With her cunt in the air, and her engorge clit skimming the surface of the water, it was sight to behold. From her perfect, lush ass to her swollen vulva, to her marvelous, engorged clit, Alyson was a perfect example of physical perfection. Pressing her body close to the redhead’s wide-open cunt, Jennifer finally unleashed her secret weapon on the waiting redhead.

Alyson moaned as she felt a rubbery rod invade her snatch. Looking back, she could see the brunette driving her stiff nipple against her cunt, fucking the way a clit would fuck a pussy. Alyson squealed as she felt the brunette slide her nipple up and down her pussy lips, before driving it home against Alyson’s aroused clit.

“You dirty bitch!” gasped Alyson as the brunette drove her nipple against her defenseless clit once again. Again and again Jennifer aimed her nipple at the exquisite softness of Alyson’s drooling pussy. In a matter of strokes, the lovely redhead was on the blink of a titanic orgasm. Determined to make this orgasm count, Jennifer decided focused her devastating nipple assault on Alyson’s engorged clit. The brunette’s pink probe was covered by the redhead’s gooey love juice as she removed it from Alyson’s vulva, and aligned her deadly weapon with Alyson’s clit.

“AYIEEEEEEE!” the gorgeous redhead screamed as Jennifer’s nipple assault finally drove her over the edge sending the lovely redhead into a series of massive orgasms. Jennifer lodged her nipple against the howling redhead’s clit, humping the coming redhead to intensify the redhead’s orgasm. Alyson felt her own body betray her as her senses were overwhelmed by the onslaught of orgasms. Waves of pleasure rippled through her body like a chain reaction. Spit ran down Alyson’s chin, as the redhead let out one last moan of ecstasy. Her juices flowing, the redhead finally collapsed against the side of the whirlpool, and lay there, buckling herself to exhaustion.

“Had enough, bitch?” asked the brunette mockingly.

“Fuck… *pant*… you…” the heaving redhead breathed weakly.

Alyson knew that she should allow her weakened body to recover before challenging the brunette to their next contest. Despite the fact that she felt absolutely drained, the redhead’s pride demanded that she continue to fight, to deny the brunette the satisfaction of witnessing the effect of her devastating attack on the redhead.

Alyson turned around and spread her legs daringly, exposing her weakened cunt to her foe, challenging the brunette to come meet it with her own.

“No more silly games, rich bitch! Let’s just fuck till one of us can’t take it anymore.” Alyson whispered slutishly.

“Let’s fuck then,” the brunette sexily replied. Her glistening body ached for it. Closing in on the redhead, the two met at the center of the pool. Their toned legs entwined underwater, thighs prying each other away, the two gorgeous competitors pressed their steaming pussies together once again.

Alyson felt the brunette’s firm tits crushed into her globes as the brunette drew her in and locked their delicate mouths together. Their clits entwined in a duel of their own as the ladies pumped their cunts underwater. The weakened redhead was no matched for the brunette, whose powerful thrusts forced Alyson back into the wall of the whirlpool. Their wet tits pressed into each other, and Jennifer’s wet tongue continued its assault on the weakening redhead’s. Grinding her clit and cunt into the pinned redhead’s deliciously; Jennifer felt that her adversary’s next orgasm was only moments away.

Alyson knew that she was too weak to continue their battle in water, which was the brunette’s advantage. Desperate for escape, Alyson reached for the water jet control, and turned the jets onto full blast. The feeling of the water jets against her body surprised Jennifer, who momentary pulled away. Pushing with the water jets, Alyson managed to push the brunette’s wet slippery body away from her own, and with strength borne of desperation, the lovely redhead managed to weakly lift her body out of the water. Jennifer made no attempts to stop her as she watched the redhead attempt to escape. Despite her expertise in underwater combat, she too felt that it was too exhausting to continue in their duel in the pool.

Alyson’s body felt like it weighted a ton as she slowly dragged herself onto the wet tiles. The redhead collapsed in exhaustion, and could only watch as the brunette prepare her pursuit, dragging that lovely tanned body of hers out of the water. Water dripped from the brunette’s sexy glistening body as Jennifer finally climbed out of the pool, and slowly walked towards her adversary.

From her position, Alyson felt that the brunette’s powerful clit looked impossibly large. Water droplets dripped from the brunette’s majestic pink sex horn as the brunette continue walking towards her fallen prey. Jennifer brushed her wet, silky locks away from her eyes with her gloved hands as she finally came to a stop in front of Alyson. The brunette looked incredible hot as she prepared to mount the redhead. Alyson could feel the heat radiating from the stunning brunette’s cunt as Jennifer lowered herself onto Alyson. The skillful brunette plunged her clit into the redhead’s pussy, parting its lips before driving her exalted clit home against Alyson’s waiting clit. The redhead weakly massaged the brunette’s exquisite body with her hands, while the brunette softly rubbed Alyson’s tits with hers. The brunette expertly used her smooth gloves to rub the redhead’s erected nipples, making Alyson’s pink probes explode with sensation. Alyson’s sexual moans slowly became frantic squeals as she felt the brunette’s pussy clamp itself onto hers, devouring it.

“Give it to me bitch! Make me cum with that big clit of yours, I have enough cum to flood this entire mansion of yours” Alyson growled defiantly.

“Oh I will,” promised the brunette. Maneuvering her engorged clit against her opponent’s sex horn, licking the length of Alyson’s clit deliciously, before pressing in hard, bending the redhead’s clit backwards. The redhead was driven over the edge by this clit attack and her glistening body convulsed into yet another mind-blowing orgasm. The brunette giggled in delight as she felt her rival’s tummy muscle contract and spurt out her womanly juices. Jennifer continued her assault on the Alyson’s pussy as the redhead trashed wildly under her. The coming redhead’s cataclysmic trashing managed to dismount the brunette. Falling to her side, the pair quickly realigned their clits to continue their fuckfight. Finally, the redhead’s orgasm subsided and the redhead began pumping back at the brunette with renewed energy.

Alyson knew she had the advantage this time, since she had just come and the brunette was much closer to coming than she was. Hands gripping the brunette’s ass tightly, the redhead closed her eyes and fastened her glossy lips onto Jennifer’s, determined to wage war on every single part of the brunette’s body, to overwhelm her opponent. Their firm nipples and flat, but soft bellies pressed together, as both women continued their epic sex war.

Pulling their mouths away from each other to catch their breaths, the two pressed their nose together, breathing in each other’s girlish-sweet breaths, and looked down at their warring bodies.

“See how my clit is longer than yours?” The gasping brunette whispered as she aligned her majestic weapon against the redhead’s proving her point.

“Yeah, but can it beat my fat clit?”

“Considering the fact that this clit… *pant*… has beaten the clits of every other hot bitch I’ve met… Yeah.” The brunette hotly replied, as she felt that familiar tingling sensation build up inside her hot cunt.

“We’ll see bitch… we’ll see.” Sensing that the brunette was weakening and close to coming, Alyson focused her attacks on the brunette’s wet cunt. Pressing their clits together, letting them lick each other deliciously, Alyson felt the brunette’s belly muscle twitching, as the brunette prepared to come. Knowing that her opponent was weakened, Alyson prepared herself to mount the worn out brunette.

Anticipating her opponent’s motives, Jennifer quickly thought of plans to evade the redhead’s mounting. Knowing that she would be weakened when she comes, Jennifer knew that the only way to avoid being mounted was to escape.

Alyson felt the brunette’s body shook with the intensity of an earthquake as it prepared itself for yet another orgasm. Knowing that the time was now, Alyson attempted to mount the gasping brunette by rolling on top of her. But as soon as Alyson stopped her pumping to mount the brunette, Jennifer quickly pulled back from their breast war and clit war and slid back on the wet tiles. Using the energy she had reserved from this escape, the brunette forced herself to sit up, ruining the redhead’s plans.

The redhead’s disappointment was short-lived as she quickly reacted to the brunette’s actions. Sitting up had left Jennifer’s pussy vulnerable for attack. Alyson strode towards the sitting brunette and drove her breasted home towards Jennifer’s pussy with vengeance. The brunette gasped in pleasure as she felt the redhead’s nipple slash her clit. Alyson lodged her right breast into Jennifer’s pussy while her hands tightly wrapped themselves around Jennifer’s waist, trapping the brunette.

Jennifer could only let out intimate moans of despair as the redhead continued humping her pussy with her nipple. The brunette weakly pulled the redhead’s hair, trying to distract the redhead from doing her dirty work. Undeniable sensation flowed through the brunette’s body as she felt the redhead’s stiff nipple met her clit head on. The shaking brunette collapsed on her back as she convulsed into her most intense orgasm of her life. The brunette was devastated physically and mentally. Jennifer’s pride took a major blow when the redhead used the brunette’s own technique against her. Physically exhausted, only her discipline and sexual hatred drove the coming brunette on.

When Alyson felt the brunette’s pussy discharge a huge load of girl cum onto her breast, she felt that she finally got her revenge. As the redhead continued her nipple assault, she felt the brunette’s smooth, nylon covered leg slide down her tummy to lodge itself into the redhead’s pussy. Alyson moaned into Jennifer’s shapely belly as she felt the brunette’s foot began fucking her, its toes parting her labia and rubbing her clit expertly.

“Thought I’ve given up, bitch?” the brunette spat, her striking hazel eyes were filled with hatred as she titled her head up to look the redhead in the eye.

Looking pass the brunette’s large breasts and into her exotic hazel eyes, Alyson narrowed her lovely blue eyes, but said nothing, The redhead’s tongue found Jennifer’s navel, and the redhead began her oral assault on Jennifer’s sensitive belly button. Alyson felt Jennifer’s gloved hands seize the hair pulling and began softly massaging the redhead’s neck and hair, not only to turn the redhead on, but to ease the feeling of Alyson’s nipple on her clit and tongue on her navel.

“You’re one wet bitch,” gasped the brunette as she continued her foot assault on the redhead.

The redhead moaned into the brunette’s belly, but didn’t reply as she continued her tonguing and nipple assault. Alyson slowly mastered the brunette’s technique as she expertly ran her pink rod in circles around Jennifer’s proud weapon. The tingling sensation her felt on her nipple was nothing, compared to the orgasmic shockwaves of pleasure that brunette felt. With each stroke of her nipple, the redhead was rewarded with the sound of the brunette squealing in pleasure. Alyson moaned against the brunette’s belly as she felt the brunette’s foot continued to explore her wet pussy.

Although the brunette just had the most intense orgasm of her life, Jennifer felt a second, devastating orgasm building up in her cunt rapidly from the redhead’s ferocious nipple attack. Although the redhead was already pretty close to coming when Jennifer had her first orgasm from Alyson’s nipple attack, that lead was slowly fading away as Jennifer felt her juices flowing, her body was weakening. She knew that the redhead was closed, but could she make Alyson come before she does? Alyson’s dirty attack was much more damaging than Jennifer’s foot assault. The brunette desperately stroked the redhead’s hair to ease the touch of the redhead’s nipple. Anger consumed her as the thought of the redhead using her own technique against her raced through her mind again.
Jennifer felt her body involuntary hump the redhead’s breast as she began to lose control of herself. Alyson also felt herself humping the brunette’s foot, which was still lodged in her damp pussy. Both women tried their best to hold off their orgasm, determined to finish their adversary first. Alyson desperately rammed her nipple against the brunette’s stiff clit, trying to take the brunette down as she felt that she could hold her orgasm back no long. Jennifer’s foot deliciously rubbed the redhead’s dripping pussy and clit. The brunette continuously rubbed the smooth nylon against the redhead’s burning clit, while she tried her best to bore the assault of the redhead’s pink rubbery rod.

“Ugh… YOU BITCH!” The redhead cried as she pulled her head away from the brunette’s navel. The redhead felt her vagina exploded against the brunette’s foot. Although the foot instilled orgasm was not very powerful, it was enough to make the redhead gasp for air. Jennifer’s soft stroking suddenly became tight grips, as the brunette forced the gasping redhead against her belly, cutting off the redhead’s breathing.

Alyson knew the only way to escape was to let go of her hold of the brunette’s pussy. Determined to take the brunette down with her, Alyson tried to ram her nipple against Jennifer’s clit for one last time, before the brunette makes her escape. The redhead knew she only had enough time for one attack before she had to release her hold on the brunette to give herself room to breath. Quenching her ass muscle as she drove her tit forward, towards the brunette’s clit.

Jennifer didn’t believe what she felt. Her lovely exotic eyes bulged in shock as she felt the softness of Alyson’s tit flesh on the head of her clit for one last time. The redhead’s nipple slid deliciously along the bottom of her clit, sending sensations through her body that could not be denied. The brunette felt her grip on her opponent’s soft hair loosened, and the redhead let go of her own grip and pulled away. The brunette delivered a powerful kick to the redhead’s chest, sending the redhead sliding.

Alyson landed on her side painfully, and looked at the result of her action. The lovely brunette was sitting up, her body buckling as she came. Her hands crutched at her exploding cunt and her hair covered her lovely face as Jennifer watched warm gooey female cum squirt out of her pussy and onto the wet tiles. Judging from the amount of cum that was squirting out of the brunette’s cunt, Alyson knew that this was the strongest orgasm the brunette had in their entire war. The heaving brunette remained completely silent; not even a single pant could be heard. The coming brunette locked her exotic eyes onto the redhead’s cat like eyes. The lovely brunette’s facial expression was a mixture of hatred, lust, and… fear?

Jennifer weakly got on all fours; her womanly juices still flowing from her cunt, and began crawling towards the exit. The lovely brunette’s coming cunt continued squirting, leaving a trail of girl cum on the floor.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going, bitch?” demanded the redhead weakly, too weak to pursuit immediately. Alyson could only watch her coming nemesis crawl pass the bead curtain, and disappear from her view. The amount of girl-cum the brunette discharged was unbelievable; Alyson never thought anyone could come so much. She felt proud for making the clit queen retreat from their battle, but at the same time she knew that the war was not over yet.

Alyson took one last breath before ringing the doorbell. The brunette’s house was quite large – Way too big for a single person to live in. Alyson always knew that the lovely brunette’s family was wealthy, but not this wealthy. Alyson’s thoughts were interrupted when the door opened. Primal desires and sexual hatred once again began to build up inside the redhead’s body when she saw the brunette. Jennifer was wearing a transparent black silk robe, her erected nipples could be clearly seen poking against the material. The lovely brunette was wearing black nylon stockings much similar to Alyson’s and black nylon gloves, which went all the way up to her arm, but had holds cut for the brunette’s fingers and palm. A heart-shaped platinum necklace rested on top of the brunette’s tanned chest. The lovely tanned brunette had pink glossy lipstick on, making her look even more irresistible.

Smiling that same irritating smile, the brunette greeted her rival. “I see you’ve decided to come back for more.”

“Yeah, I just can’t get enough of whipping your tight cunt,” Alyson swore.

“If I’m not mistaken, I believe I was the one who ended up on top last time?” replied the brunette, deliberately pushing the redhead’s button.

The redhead fought to keep herself composed. “Are we just going to stand here and talk all night? I came here to fuck cunt, not talk.”

Giggling like an amused little girl, the brunette shook her and turned around, heading into the house. The redhead quickly followed suit. The brunette led the redhead towards the living room, which was definitely the ideal place to commence their battle. Any furniture that the brunette had in the middle of the room has been removed. The only thing left was the fireplace and a 3-person couch.

Turning around once again to face her red-haired nemesis, the lovely brunette decided to get things started. Jennifer gently slid the black silk robe off her shoulder to arm level, revealing her beautiful breasts. Then finally slipping the robe completely off her, the brunette flung the discarded robe onto the couch with one swift motion of her toned legs.

Alyson wasted no time removing her jean jacket. The redhead seductively took off her bra, making sure to compress her breasts together to give her rival a good view of those beauties. Swaying her hips sexually, the redhead than removed the mini skirt, which barely covered her cunt. Instead of the usual hesitation, the girls were dying to get their hands on each other.

Like a cobra, Jennifer moved in like a predator closing in on its prey. Within seconds the two girls were pressing their bodies against each other once again. Alyson can feel that familiar feel of the brunette’s icy breath on her face, and unable to contain her sexual anger anymore, the lovely redhead grappled the brunette into a bear hug while locking their lipstick covered lips together. Alyson felt the lovely brunette massage her body with her skillful hands as the two gorgeous women made out. The women were parrying with their tongue; each one attempting to force theirs down into the others, at the same time protecting themselves from the other.

Jennifer could feel Alyson’s finger and long silver fingernails tracing the outlines of her labia as the two continued releasing their sexual lust. The brunette responds in kind by running her own fingers and red fingernails across the redhead’s labia and ass crack. Saliva mixed as the two girls continued their kissing war. Breasts found each other again, and the four orbs pressed together. Alyson’s orbs were still a bit sore from their defeat earlier today, but the redhead was ready to bring them up against Jennifer’s should she have to. In fact, she wanted to. She needed redemption.

Pulling away from their kissing duel, Alyson whispered into her rival’s ear. “Let me fight your tits…”
Slightly amused by Alyson’s challenged, Jennifer raised an eyebrow. “Have you forgotten how easily mine crushed yours earlier today? You just don’t learn do you?”

Hands wrapped around each other into a tight embrace as the girls began their second tit war. Both girls growled in pain and pressure. Alyson felt Jennifer’s nylon covered arms wrapped even more tightly around her, increasing the crushing pressure. Both girls’ face reddened from the pain the pressure, and breathing became ragged.

Alyson felt once again her softer breasts mushrooming around the brunette’s as it gave in to the increasing pressure. Alyson let out a wail of defeat and pain as her opponent crushed her breasts.

“See how my tits crush your pathetic excuse for tits once again, you fat cow?” demanded the brunette.

“Fuck you, and your fucking boobs!” rasped Alyson. With strength born out of desperation and hatred, the redhead increased her pressure on the brunette, determined to crush the brunette’s breasts along with her own.

“Ah! You fucking slut!” Screamed the brunette in agony. Her lovely brown eyes bulged in shock and pain at the redhead’s desperate attack. All four juicy orbs were now flattened against each other. It wasn’t long before the brunette let go of her grip, and angrily shoved the redhead away.

Losing her balance, Alyson fell on her ass. Yet her face had an expression of triumph when she spotted the tears coming out of the brunette’s eyes. Recovering herself quickly, the brunette pressed her advantage and pounced onto the fallen redhead. The two girls shrieked and pulled hair as the wrestle, the brunette trying to wrestle the redhead down and pin her, while the redhead tried to escape from her disadvantageous position. Jennifer had a hold on Alyson’s arm and tried to pin them above the redhead’s head. Alyson countered by driving her leg against Jennifer’s lower belly and kicking the girl off her. The brunette fell off the redhead but quickly recovered, and shot a murderous glance at her enemy. Softly massaging her sore breasts, the brunette stared the redhead down. Neither woman wanted to make the first move.

Alyson didn’t know what to do. She wanted to break out into an all out catfight with her hated rival, but at the same time her cunt tingled with desire. Deep down, the redhead knew that this was all foreplay. Before the night would be over, their clits would meet once again for their final duel. Alyson couldn’t help but feel lustful moisture gather up in her cunt as she thought about how this rivalry would ultimately end. The brunette could wait no longer. Began crawling and circling her opponent like a cat. Alyson responded by also getting onto all fours. The love girls braced themselves for what was about to come. Finally, the brunette crawled towards and stood on both knees, about 2 feet away from the redhead. With her hands on her hips, her challenging pose beckoned the redhead to come forward and fight her.

Accepting the brunette’s challenge, Alyson crawled forward till her face was right in front of the brunette’s smooth shaven crotch. Softly licking the brunette’s labia, Alyson could taste the other woman’s sex juices. Jennifer made no attempts to stop Alyson as the redhead began kissing her way up the brunette’s body. Slightly teasing the brunette’s lovely navel, the redhead proceeded to sucking and licking the brunette’s erected nipples softly. Finally the two girls meet eye to eye, and the redhead planted a soft kiss on her opponent’s delicate lips before positioning herself to mirror the other girl’s body.

Removing her hands from her hips, Jennifer’s right hand reached down towards Alyson’s cunt while her other began massaging the redhead’s voluptuous body. Jennifer was careful not to penetrate the redhead’s cunt; she traced her fingers around the outlines of her nemesis’ labia. Jennifer wanted to excite the lovely redhead, not to fuck her. It seemed that both women were much more in control of their desires and emotions than they were in the morning. Perhaps the mind shattering orgasm from their first fight wore down their sexual energy. Or perhaps the lust that fueled their excitement had been spent, and both women’s only desires is to send the other into an orgasmic volcanic eruption; proving to the other that they are the better women.

Alyson also realized this, as she mirrored Jennifer’s action and played with the dreaded pussy that she must defeat tonight. They have satisfied their own lust for sex. Now they must satisfy their hatred and lust of victory. The redhead teased the other woman’s nipple with her free hand, wanting to make her opponent’s body more sensitive for the erotic war that was about to come. Both women tried to keep their breathing at a normal pace, to intimidate their rival – acting like they weren’t turned on by all this foreplay.

“You’re getting so wet you horny bitch.” Jennifer abruptly said, perhaps the brunette felt that it was time.

“So are you, slut,” the redhead countered, noting the moisture that had gathered in the brunette’s cunt. “How about we get it on, bitch?”

Jennifer gasped as she felt Alyson’s middle finger invade her cunt, stroking her vaginal walls. The brunette responded by inserting her own middle finger into the redhead’s cunt, making sure to stroke the other girl’s most sensitive walls – her g-spot.

“Mmm…. Ohhh… how dare you touch me dare, you bitch! ”Moaned the redhead, losing her control for a moment. “You dirty tramp”

“You like it don’t you, you little slut?” hissed the brunette, quickening her pace, hoping to inflict as much pleasure on her opponent as possible. The two girls were panting against each other’s ears as they rested their heads cheek to cheek.

“FUCK,” The redhead growled sexually as the brunette’s assault overwhelmed her. Her juices flowing, Alyson knew it would only be moments before her restless sex horn will once again emerge from its sanctuary to face its rival. The only thing she could do is mirror Jennifer’s actions and increased the intensity of her fingering on the brunette’s beautiful pussy. Gasps and moans filled the air as the girls braced themselves against each other's sexual offense. As their free hands explore and erotically massage each other’s increasingly sensitive bodies, Alyson felt that it was time for them to break into and all out war. Softly biting Jennifer’s ear before she tilted her head back, removing them from their cheek to cheek contact, Alyson hatefully stared at her rival, who glanced back with a venomous look of her own.

“How about that pussy fight you promised me?” Alyson taunted challengingly. “I thought you wanted more of my sweet girl-cum?”

The brunette grinned nastily, and removed her hand from Alyson’s drooling cunt. Using that same hand, she pried away the redhead’s hand, which was fucking the juices out of her cunt. Finally she responded with that cocky smirk of hers. “I’m glad you asked.”

Alyson felt the brunette’s hands on her lush ass, and she couldn’t help but feel that familiar feeling of excitement rush through her body. Jennifer leaned back a bit, allowing better access to her opponent’s cunt. Alyson mirrored the brunette’s movement, and the two gorgeous girls began pumping their waiting cunts together. Nipples barely touching, and faces about a hand’s length away. The two spat insults at each other as they felt their cunts attempt to devour each other.

“Finally… ugh.” The redhead whispered and moaned as a familiar sensation rushed through her body.

“Yes… at last,” agreed the brunette. “Time to show you once again what a real woman’s cunt feels like.”

The rhythm of their pumping increased with the rhythm of their breathing. Soon both women were panting, occasionally losing control and letting out soft gasps of pleasure. Their soft thigh flesh pressed together as their hot pussies continued to war. Alyson felt that Jennifer’s powerful slams were driving her backwards, forcing the lovely redhead to support herself with one hand, while her free arm still gripped her rival’s ass tightly, slamming her rival into her cunt.

“Ohhh… you dirty bitch…. AhhhHHHH!” the redhead squealed as the brunette suddenly increased the tempo dramatically. Alyson’s rival was gripping her ass tightly with both hands, and began grinding hard into the redhead with strong upward thrusts, sending waves of pleasure down the redhead’s body as their pussies made delicious direct contact every thrust. The lovely brunette was slowly mounting her.

Determined to not let that happen, the lovely redhead quenched her ass muscle and powerfully slam upward against the brunette three times. The third pump was enough to knock the gasping brunette off balanced, who was surprised by the sudden ferocity of fiery-haired girl’s fuck assault.

Seizing the opportunity, the redhead charged the brunette, sending both girls to the floor once again. The brunette landed on her back and the redhead landed onto of her. Immediately, Alyson got a hold of the Jennifer’s nylon covered arms before the brunette could recover. Pressing the brunette’s arms to her side, Alyson mounted the brunette for the first time in her life. The brunette lay there, panting from exhaustion and pleasure. Alyson wasted no time aligning her cunt lips to Jennifer’s and slowly, deliciously, began grinding down on the brunette’s defenseless pussy.

“Who’s… *pant* ah… on top now… bitch?” Alyson managed to say between squeals and moans as she ground her pussy powerfully down on its prey. The brunette could only gasp with pleasure as she felt the full erotic power of her rival’s pussy. Jennifer felt her clitoris quickly stiffening and growing into its full length as her arousal got stronger and stronger. She also felt its rival emerging from its sex hood to challenge it. Each time Alyson ground her pussy into Jennifer’s, their clitoris would grow in size, waiting to bear itself against their rival pussy.

It didn’t take long before Alyson’s weapon became erected and stood out of her pussy, allowing the redhead to drive it into her opponent’s pussy. Parting Jennifer’s labia with her clit, Alyson ground it across the labia’s length until it slashed Jennifer’s clit from the bottom, making Jennifer’s clit explode with pleasure.

“Ohhh… Ugh… Fuck you bitch! Ahhhh! And that clit of yours!” The brunette moaned as she felt that the end was near. Then to the redhead’s surprise, the brunette spread her legs even wider, welcoming Alyson’s clit attacks. “Give it to me!”

Alyson didn’t realize how close she was to coming herself until the brunette’s unexpected demand made her stop her pussy grinding. The girls’ lusty eyes locked onto each other as if the two girls suddenly agreed to each other’s conditions. Jennifer’s pussy was filled with womanly juices – both Jennifer and Alyson’s. Alyson’s own pussy juices were flowing uncontrollably, and only then did Alyson realize that they were still equally matched, despite their different positions. Alyson’s fat clit was only inches away from its rival – Jennifer’s pulchritudinous long clit, which stood tall and proud despite the fact that Jennifer laid there exhausted. Positions didn’t matter now, because both women knew that in the end, the better women always win. Releasing her hold on Jennifer’s pinned arms, Alyson slowly massaged her breasts and softly stroked her dishevel curls. Jennifer placed her hands onto the redhead thighs, getting ready for their next fuck fight.

“You wanted more of my cum, didn’t you?” Alyson whispered sexily as she stroked her own hair with both hands, playing with it. Looking away from the brunette for the first time, she continued, “well, now’s your chance. Fuck me.”

With that, Alyson raised her cunt several inches above Jennifer’s, her cunt drooling, juices dripping onto the brunette’s cunt and thighs, awaiting Jennifer’s response.

“Take it bitch!” Jennifer sneered. It was almost as if the brunette completely reenergized herself. Her grip on Alyson’s ass tightened, and in one swift motion, slammed the redhead’s cunt downwards towards her own. Alyson squealed as she felt their pussy once again made orgasmic contact. Jennifer rammed her own cunt upwards into Alyson’s while Alyson would bring her cunt up several inches, and with the help of Jennifer’s hand, drive downwards into the brunette’s waiting sex with full-force. The pussy pounding was unpredictable and uncontrollable. Direct hits made both girls squeal with delight, while near misses would make both girls hiss in disappointment. The pain and pleasure produced satisfied both their lust and sexual hatred for each other. It was the perfect way to end this fight.

Jennifer’s quickened breathing trailed off into a series of rapid moans as her body prepared itself to come. Alyson herself wasn’t much better off; her sexual moans were turning into orgasmic screeches her body began to buckle uncontrollably, accepting the inevitable. Alyson ground her cunt down onto Jennifer’s one last time, before switching back to rapid, delicious grinds to finish off the duel. Finally the brunette let out a last cry of despair before her body succumbed to her pleasures. The coming Alyson saw the lovely brunette’s tanned belly muscle rolled as the defeated brunette’s floodgate opened, before her own orgasm erupted.

The coming redhead dismounted herself from the coming brunette and fell onto her back in exhaustion. For a couple of minutes, only the girls’ quiet panting could be heard. Unbelievable. Alyson thought as she reached down and stroked her still-erect clit. Although this orgasm was not as powerful as the one she had this morning, it was still one of the strongest ones she ever had. Yet, she felt unsatisfied and still horny. Gathering herself, Alyson finally sat herself up, only to find that Jennifer was already up, licking girl cum from her fingers.

“Bitch,” Jennifer cursed. The brunette sat with her legs spread wide open. One hand was stroking her erected clit while the other hand scooped cum out of her pussy. “I’m far from finished.”

Finally, Alyson gathered enough strength to slowly stand up, to pursuit the brunette and fight her in their final battle. Looking into the body size mirror at the counter, Alyson carefully fix her silky mane with one hand while her other hand rubbed her sore right tit, wiping off Jennifer’s now-cold girl cum. Her glistening, softly tanned body looked incredibly hot; from her nylon-covered legs to her tender breasts. Alyson felt that there was no way the brunette can beat her body. After she finished preparing herself physically and mentally, Alyson finally followed the brunette’s trail of cum to pursuit the brunette and fight her in their final battle.

The trail of cum lead to the brunette’s bedroom on the other size of the hall, and Alyson saw that the brunette had closed the twin doors. Taking one last deep breath, Alyson turned both doorknobs at once and pushed both doors open.

Jennifer stood in the middle of the room, in front of her silk covered waterbed. The gorgeous brunette was wrapped around in a white fur-trimmed transparent silk robe. Jennifer had left the robe open, showing off her lovely breasts, her pink nipples erected. Alyson noticed that the brunette had reapplied her lipstick and mascara. Her silky brown hair was fixed and neatly brushed. Still wearing her platinum necklace, black nylon stocking and gloves, the brunette stood there tall and proud, with one hand pinching her nipples, while her head was tilted down to watch her other hand play with her new weapon.

Alyson couldn’t believe her eyes when saw what has happened to the brunette’s gleaming pink weapon. Jennifer’s majestic clit was almost twice its original size. It stood proudly out from the gorgeous brunette’s tanned body and pink labia. The brunette’s gloved hands softly played with it as Jennifer herself was marveled by what has happened to her prized clit. The brunette’s new weapon was beautiful and terrifying at the same time. It was majestic. It was supreme.

Without even looking at the surprised redhead, the brunette smiled and said “Do you like it bitch? You’re the one who created it.”

It was as if Alyson’s nipple assault has awakened the beast within the brunette’s clit. For the first time in the sex war, Alyson felt that beating the brunette was impossible.

“I don’t care how big your clit has gotten, because my clit is going to beat it.” Alyson finally said.

“Then why don’t you prove it, lover?” Purred the brunette sexily, as she cupped her breasts and pinched her nipple. Finally, placing her hands on her hips, the brunette whispered, “come here you whore.”

Striding sexily towards her opponent, Alyson pressed her body softly against Jennifer’s. Creamy orbs flattened themselves as the two beautiful women kissed passionately. Alyson felt the brunette’s sweet tongue massaged her own lovingly, for the first time in their war. Finally pulling away, the girls stood there, pressing their noses together, in anticipation to their final battle.

Taking one last look at each other’s beautiful body, and Jennifer’s newly enhanced clit, the brunette finally whispered into the redhead’s ear, “Let’s fuck.”

Turning around, the robed brunette seductively crawled onto waterbed. Resting herself on oversized satin pillows, the brunette turned to face the redhead once again. The lovely brunette slid her fur-trimmed robe off her smooth shoulders to arm level, while she spread her nylon covered legs challengingly. The brunette looked irresistible, like a supermodel in a lingerie shot. Alyson could see juices drip from the brunette’s aroused pussy, while Jennifer’s firm clit stood out proudly, awaiting its challenger.

Alyson lowered herself onto the bed and crawled seductively towards the brunette. The softness of the waterbed and the smoothness of the silk sheets made the redhead felt like falling sleep right there. Alyson placed her right leg over Jennifer’s left, while she slid her left under Jennifer’s right. Alyson could feel the warmth of the other woman’s pussy, as the two pussies prepared to face each other for a final time.

“Here I come bitch,” said Alyson as she pumped her pussy forward. Using one arm to support herself, and the other gripping the brunette’s sexy thigh, Alyson leaned back to allow her pussy to face off with every inch of the brunette’s pussy.

“Ah… at last… you’ll find out why they crowned me the clit queen,” the brunette hissed sexily, as she too leaned back and started pumping.

Their hungry pussies clamped their lips around each other, trying to devour its opponent. The brunette smiled in satisfaction as she felt her pussy suck the redhead’s in, stating its dominance. Their clits slightly brushed, and both women squealed in delight. Alyson felt Jennifer’s impossibly long clit only momentary, but she couldn’t help herself but tremble at the thought of that monstrous clit fucking her.

“Never has anyone gotten the privilege to fight me on my own bed,” the brunette whispered sexily as she looked the redhead in the eye. Their scissors-locked position separated their upper bodies, but both woman were satisfied that in this position, they could both use their cunts to their full potential.

“I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but this time you’re fighting a real woman’s cunt, not some high-school girl’s undeveloped pussy,” the redhead snapped, and as soon as those words came out of her mouth, Alyson increased her tempo of her pumping. The redhead took the initiative and rammed her clit into the brunette’s waiting, drooling pussy. Parting her opponent’s pink vaginal lips, her clit deliciously fucked the brunette’s pussy.

“Mmm… You’re one hot little slut, you know that?” the old brunette hissed, as their cunts ground themselves into each other with more and more intensity. Alyson managed to send her clit plunging into Jennifer’s hot sex again and again, while Jennifer’s own clit continued to avoid all contact with Alyson’s steaming cunt.

Alyson was glad that the brunette hasn’t fucked her with her newfound weapon yet. While she wouldn’t back down from the inevitable clit war that would decide the outcome of their final battle, she felt intimidated, perhaps even feared the brunette’s powerful sex horn. She tightened her buns as she pierced the brunette’s labia once again with her engorged clit, exploring the silky softness of her opponent’s cunt.

“Ohhh…” Jennifer tilted her head back and let out a sexy purr, as she bore the redhead’s constant clit assault. The waterbed began to creak faster and faster, as the girls rode each other, their asses no longer touching the bed. Alyson could feel their love juices drip onto the bed sheets below them, as they continued to pump their cunts in the air. Alyson’s soft breathing slowly became ragged pants, as she felt her juices flowed. The lovely redhead thought all carnal energy had left both women after their previous orgasms, but she was wrong. Both girls clearly had more to give as their pussies ground themselves into each other with more and more pressure. Alyson let out little gasps of pleasure as her clit continued to invade her rival’s cunt, while the heaving brunette continued to let out sexy purrs.

Finally, the brunette tilted her head back forward, once again looking into the redhead’s striking blue eyes. Licking her lips, the brunette breathed. “Had you fun bitch? Cause it’s my turn now.”

Alyson immediately found out what she meant as she slammed her pussy into Jennifer’s once again. This time, Alyson squealed as she felt herself penetrated by the brunette’s weapon. Parting her vaginal lips, the brunette’s majestic clit buried itself deep into Alyson’s hot sex, coating itself with the redhead’s juices. The girls took turns fucking each other’s cunt with their clits.

“Can you feel it? Can you feel how my clit is fucking your little pussy?” demanded the brunette as she pounded her cunt against Alyson’s harder and harder. Alyson could only let up an agonized moan as she felt the brunette’s sex horn violate her pussy. She could feel her pussy juice flow as the brunette continued her brutal attack on her cunt.

The beautiful redhead squeal as she felt the brunette’s clit found hers, pressing its full monstrous length against her, before bending Alyson’s with little effort. Acting out of instinct, the gasping redhead pulled away from the brunette’s cunt, unable to withstand the brunette’s powerful clit.

“That’s right slut, its useless… feel how much more superior my clit is?” The brunette grinned cruelly as she felt her rival retreat from her newfound weapon. “To think that a little slut you made me afraid…”

Recovering from shock, the redhead gathered herself to face this new challenge. “That big fat clit of yours is nothing. Bring it on you big bitch.”

With that, the two girls closed in on each other, belly to belly, breasts to breasts, lip to lip, cunt to cunt. Alyson moaned into the brunette’s mouth as she felt Jennifer’s majestic clit press against hers. The two rivals tongue massaged each other softly, neither one fighting for dominance. Their sweet saliva mixed as they moaned hotly into each other’s mouths. Their nipples softly brushed against each other, sliding side by side, sending tingling sensation down both girls’ body. Both girls felt that their bodies were evenly matched, and that there was no point of competing with them anymore. Instead, all of their concentration was diverted to the clit war happening right below them, for it was the only thing that was left to settle. The two sex rods pressed their full length into each other and licked each other ferociously. The girls panted at the increasing sensation as they engaged in their final duel. Alyson felt Jennifer’s majestic clit dominate hers as the brunette’s clit easily bent hers left and right.

Finally pulling away from their passionate kiss, the panting girls locked their eyes onto each other, admiring each other’s beauty. Jennifer giggled in pleasure as she forced a sex moan from the lovely redhead by crushing her throbbing clit into Alyson’s.

“See how your clit is no match for mine?” Jennifer mocked, pressing their noses together, the girls looked down and watched their dueling clits. Both girls screamed into each other’s face as their clits met head to head, and held it there. Alyson gasped in pleasure as she felt her clit being forced by into its hood by Jennifer’s.

“Give up bitch!” Demanded the brunette cruelly, as she applied even more pressure against the redhead’s clit.

“FUCK YOU! I’ll never give up!” Answered the redhead, determined to go down fighting if she must.

The two pressed their cunts together for what seemed like an eternity. Alyson felt that her clit had no chance of escaping as the brunette plunged her weapon against it. Waves of pleasure flowed through the redhead’s body, every nerve ending as Alyson’s clit fought desperately. Alyson felt hopeless; her clit was clearly outmatched by Jennifer’s.

“I gotta congratulate you, nobody’s ever managed to fight me for this long,” said the brunette softly, as she sensed that victory was only moments away. Mockingly, she continued. “I’m going to tell all your slutty friends about how I made your pathetic little clit come against mine. I’ll tell them how much you enjoyed letting me fuck you, how you couldn’t resist me. No one will ever dare compare you to me again, cause they’ll all know that I’m the better woman, I’m the one that – What?”

Alyson felt a terrible power awaken itself from the depths of her pussy. Her muscles tensed as she felt her defeated clit stiffen, returning to life. Looking down, the redhead saw her beautiful clit slowly grow, pushing itself against Jennifer’s and forcing its way out of its protective hood. As the redhead aligned her growing clit beside Jennifer’s, licking the brunette’s clit, she realized that her still growing clit was now nearly as big as Jennifer’s.

“Impossible!” Jennifer moaned as she felt the redhead’s new terrible sex-weapon against her. It was now impossible to tell whose clit was larger, as the two clits licked each other erotically. Alyson heard the brunette gasp in pleasure as her powerful sex horn stabbed Jennifer’s. Her clit was now every bit as majestic and magnificent as her rivals, perhaps even better.

“It seems like you’ve awakened the beast hidden within my clit,” the redhead lioness said with a newfound confidence. Her melodic voice was powerful and sexy at the same time. The panting girls squealed and moan as they fought towards a devastating orgasm.

“Fuck me bitch!” demanded the redhead confidently.

“Only if you fuck me! Give it to me!” The sexy brunette replied.

Softly pushing the redhead away, the girls repositioned themselves into their original position – leaning back with one hand on each other’s ass while the other supported them, to give them maximum fucking potential. Their hungry pussies, hungry for each other’s juices. Their breasts bounced up and down as they pumped with more and more force, driving their clit directly into each other; both women opening up completely for each other.

“Fuck you and your weak clit,” growled the sexy redhead, glaring at her moaning rival as their clits engaged in their final duel. “I’m going to beat it with mine… *gasp* and make you cum all over my hot, steaming cunt.”

“You seriously think your clit can beat mine? UGH!” grunted the brunette, as she felt the redhead’s clit brush pass hers and ram itself home into her steaming pussy. Jennifer counter attacked by fucking her clit into the redhead’s pussy, rubbing Alyson’s pussy with her majestic clit before sending it upward to meet Alyson’s. “I’m the queen clit, and this is my royal clit. Nobody has ever beaten my clit, and nobody ever will.”

“Well your majesty, prepare yourself to be dethroned,” panted the redhead nastily, as the girls’ majestic clits once again met head on. “Yeah baby… Ohhh… Yeah, fuck me. Fuck your clit into mine! Lets fucking finish this, once and for all! ”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself! Let’s fuck to the finish and see who is the real clit queen!” the reigning clit queen replied, as she felt the redhead’s thighs spread themselves open, challenging the brunette to their final duel. Accepting Alyson’s challenging by clamping her drooling pussy onto the redhead’s the lovely girls brought their clits together to end this epic battle once and for all.

The two huge clits met head to head, and the girls’ quick pumping slowed down into slower, forceful ones. Eyes never leaving each other’s the panting girls let out animalistic howls and squeal as their clits fought for dominance in this grand finale.

“Is that all you’ve got? You gorgeous slut. I don’t feel a thing” the panting brunette hissed through her clenched white teeth. “It’s going to take a lot more than that to finish me.”

“I’ve got more than enough to make your hot pussy come, you sexy bitch.” replied the moaning redhead. Both girls sensing the end, their savage pumping slowed down to soft sexual thrusts as the girls wrapped their legs tightly around each other. Time seemed to have stopped as their epic duel finally came to a conclusion. Their juices flowing, both girls knew that their next stroke would be enough to send them into the strongest orgasms of their lives. Their breasts bounced up and down, as their heaving bodies prepared themselves for what was about to come. Their lovely hips pulled back, revealing the girls’ drooling cunts, womanly juices dripping from their majestic clits. Their hands tightened their grips on each other’s asses, ready to drive the two waiting clits into each other. Their soft but flat bellies tightened, ready to unleash an unworldly amount of girl-cum. Their beautiful faces smiled confidently, as exotic brown eyes looked into cat like blue eyes. Both girls narrowed their eyes, preparing themselves physically and mentally for the final blow.

“Prepare to be dethroned, your majesty,” whispered the redhead sexily as she drove her clit forward towards her opponent for their final contest.

“Come for me, you hot slut,” growled the clit queen seductively as she plunged her clit fearlessly towards Alison’s.

Their majestic clits met head on for this one final time. The panting girls’ gasps became screams as unbearable sensation exploded from their clits, flowing to every nerve ending in their lovely slim bodies. Through the overwhelming sensation, Alyson could feel her majestic clit force itself against the brunette’s, fighting it to the finish. Jennifer’s elegant brown eyes open wide in shock as Alyson’s ultimate weapon drove the brunette’s queen clit back, jamming the lovely brunette’s sex horn back into its hood. Jennifer’s glass shattering scream trailed off into a girlish moan of pleasure as her defeated body fell backwards, collapsing onto the bed in exhaustion. Her belly rolled as her cunt jet out a hot gooey stream of girl-cum directly into Alyson’s cunt. Her silver finger nails dug into the redhead’s ass and the silk fur sheets as every fiber of the brunette’s defeated body exploded in orgasmic eruptions of their own.

Alyson leaned forward, weakly mounted the fallen, groaning brunette. The voluptuous redhead pressed her cunt – which was on the verge of coming itself – on top of Jennifer’s coming cunt, which continued to eject Jennifer’s juices into the redhead’s heavenly pussy. Softly humping the brunette’s cunt, the sensation of Jennifer’s cum geyser shooting her warm juices into her pussy finally brought the redhead to a massive orgasm of her own.

The moaning redhead sat up straight and softly stroked her silky locks as her pussy exploded in an uncontrollable storm of sensation. Her body rocked and tummy rolled as her juices flowed. Her girl-cum flooded the former clit queen’s defeated pussy, making womanly juices spill all over the brunette’s white silk robe and thighs. Jennifer’s perfect body heaved softly as her orgasm finally subsided. The semi conscious brunette just lay there, sulking at her defeat as her heavenly rival spurt her thick juices all over her. The lovely brunette's once reigning clit, now defeated, retreated to the safety of its hood, while the redhead's victorious, throbbing clit stood out proudly, declaring itself as the new, and supreme queen clit. Finally, the exhausted redhead collapsed dismounted the brunette and collapsed beside her vanquished foe. The sex war was finally over. The clit queen has been dethroned.

To be continued