“Wow, look at it out there,” Tony said, shaking his head. “Looks like it going to be a nasty one today!”

“Yeah,” his lovely 22-year-old wife Ann replied, “Looks like we’re in for a thunderstorm, doesn’t it?”

“Well,” Tony said with a grin, grabbing his jacket for some protection against the coming rain and turning toward the door, “At least one of us has the day off and can stay home and dry today.”

“And that’s exactly what I plan to do,” Ann giggled, with a grin of her own. “I only have one quick trip to make, and I plan to get it done early. Then it’s back home in the nice, warm, dry house.”

“Have a great day, honey,” Tony said, kissing his wife before heading out the door. The wind was starting to pick up already, and Ann knew she’d better get moving. She put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, started it and went upstairs to change.

She put on a pair of jeans shorts, a T-shirt and tennis shoes, then grabbed her own jacket and went quickly to the car. It was still warm, well over 70, but the storm was moving in and the rain was cool. She tossed the jacket on the back seat, just in case, and started up the car.

Ann was on her way to the mall, where she’d do a few errands that wouldn’t take more than half an hour. Then it would be back home for a day of relaxation. As she drove along, she glanced up at the sky several times. It was darkening and the wind was picking up even more, but there were no raindrops on her windshield yet, and she was fairly confident she could beat the storm home.

Ann was singing along with the radio, her left foot tapping with the beat, nearly at the mall, when it happened. A car from the other lane dove in front of her, cutting her off and nearly hitting her. Ann was forced to hit the brakes while screaming, “Son of a bitch!” and hitting the horn.

And, things would probably have stopped right there if it weren’t for what happened next. As Ann steamed behind her, the red-headed woman in the car that had cut her off slowly lifted her right hand from the steering wheel, held it in front of her rear-view mirror, and raised her middle finger to Ann.

The brunette responded by slamming the horn again and flipping a bird of her own, while yelling, “Fuck you, too, bitch!” The red-head never turned around, just kept driving. But, when Ann saw where she was driving she knew the bitch had made a mistake. The red-head put on her blinker and turned into the mall.

Ann smiled and followed. Maybe this would take a little longer than she thought, and maybe she’d get a little wet, but she was also going to get some satisfaction from this ignorant slut.

The red-head drove to the far end of the parking lot and found a spot. Ann was right behind and parked one spot over, leaving room for her to open her driver side door. She quickly jumped out of her car while the red-head was still undoing her safety belt. Since the woman’s head was turned away, it wasn’t until she got out as well that Ann saw who it was.

The 5’7”, 127 pound red-head now coming around the side of her car was none other than Leslie, Tony’s ex-wife and a bitch on wheels.

“Leslie you fucking bitch!” Ann yelled, moving toward the red-head, who like the brunette, was wearing shorts, a T-shirt, and sneakers.

“Fuck you, Ann,” Leslie shot back, stopping where she was, behind the trunk of her own car, and folding her arms across her chest.

Ann walked right up to her husband’s ex and stood just inches away with her hands on her hips. She was three years younger than Leslie, four inches shorter, and weighed two pounds less. She was also spitting nails angry at the red-head. “I’ve had just about enough of you, you bitch.”

“Then do something about it,” Leslie said with a smirk.

Ann was fighting hard to hold back her temper for Tony’s sake. He had enough problems with the bitch without a brawl breaking out between his current wife and his former one. So, instead of knocking the red-head’s block off, Ann took a deep breath and said, shaking her head, “Fuck you, bitch. You aren’t worth it.” Ann began to turn to walk away, then felt a stinging slap across her right cheek.

The blow surprised Ann, who stumbled a little before turning back to face the red-head with a shocked look on her face. “There, little girl,” the red-head said, grinning. “That’ll teach you to mess with a real woman like me.”

And, that, of course, tore it. Ann didn’t say a word. She just ducked her head and charged Leslie, tackling her at the waist and driving her to the cement of the parking lot. The two women began rolling around and both grabbed the other’s hair with both hands.

Ann managed to get on top after a few seconds, but, just as she was pulling back her right hand to aim a punch at the bitch’s face, she felt hands pulling her away. She was lifted off her feet, still kicking at the downed red-head, by a security guard who wrapped her up in his arms, turned around, and set her back on her feet.

Leslie got up quickly and moved forward, but the burly guard kept his body between the two women. “All right, stop!” the big man said sternly. “That’ll be about enough of this. We’re not going to have any fighting on mall property. Now, I’m going to ask you two ladies to get back in your cars and leave. If you won’t do so voluntarily, I’ll have to call the police, understand?”

“Fine,” Ann said, biting off the word.

“And you, miss?” the guard said, looking at Leslie, who was scraped up a bit, but not hurt. “I’m sorry, officer,” the red-head said with a sweet smile. “She started it. I was just trying to defend myself…”

“Why you no good…” Ann growled, starting forward only to be restrained again by the guard.

“Ma’am,” he said to Leslie, “I want you to get back in your car now. I’m going to keep this lady here until you drive away to make sure there are no further incidents.”

“Thank you, officer,” Leslie said, fairly beaming at the man. She walked very slowly back to her car, as Ann stewed, then got in and slowly drove away.

Ann and the guard had remained silent until Leslie had backed out and began driving off. The guard then turned to the brunette and said, “Miss, get in your car now and leave. If you don’t, I’m going to have to call the police.”

“Fine,” Ann said again, knowing when she was beaten. She got back into the car, slammed the door, revved the engine, and peeled out of the parking spot as she headed back for the highway.

The drive back was nowhere near as pleasant as the drive out of course. Like Leslie, Ann had some scrapes but wasn’t hurt. She was, however, pissed. Then, raindrops started hitting the windshield just as she pulled into the drive. She gathered her things and ran. She got the door open, ducking inside expecting the clouds to open up any second. “Well,” she thought, “at least one good thing happened today. I didn’t get caught in that mess.” Then, she glanced at her answering machine and noticed the message light blinking.

Of course, the message could have been from anyone. It might have been Tony or a friend or family member. It could have been a hang-up from a telemarketer or a wrong number or any of a dozen other things, but Ann knew it was not. She knew whose voice she would hear when she hit the “play” button. And she couldn’t wait to hear what the bitch had to say.

Ann pressed the button, listened to the automated voice telling her she had one message, and then heard the voice she was expecting. “Too bad that security guard broke things up, bitch, because I was going to smash your face in! Of course, if you’re not the chicken shit I think you are, we can finish it. You know where I live. I’ll be home all day. Show up any time you like for your ass kicking.”

Ann shook her head and smiled. She knew very well where Leslie lived, and it wouldn’t take long to get there. Perhaps the bitch had forgotten who was on top when the guard arrived, Ann thought. But she was not going to forget what was about to happen. No, Ann would make sure of that.

She looked out the window and saw that the rain, surprisingly, was continuing to hold off. A few drops fell, but nothing like what was certainly coming. But, she’d been waiting a long time for this, and even a torrential downpour was not going to force her to miss this opportunity and let Leslie’s challenge go unanswered. She’d wanted to kick the slut’s ass for too long.

She tossed on her jacket and went back out the door, jogging to the car and firing up the engine. The drive to Leslie’s house was not a long one, and when she pulled up the driveway, the rain was still just a drizzle.

As Ann was closing her car door, she heard a door slam. She looked up to see the red-head, who’d apparently been watching for her, walk out onto her front porch. Leslie just stood there, smiling evilly as Ann walked over to the bottom of the porch steps.

“I got your message, bitch,” the brunette yelled to her rival. “Now, are you coming down here, or do I have to come up there and get you?”

“Around the back, bitch,” Leslie yelled back, “Where the neighbors can’t see!”

“Fine!” Ann said, and began walking around the side of the house. Leslie disappeared through the door and came out onto her back porch just as Ann was rounding into the yard from the right side of the property. There was no fence this time, and the woman was different, but the brunette could help but get a sense of déjà vu. She thought for a moment of Alice. She’d dealt with that bitch all right, and now she’d deal with this one.

Ann walked to the middle of the back yard and looked around as Leslie walked slowly down the porch steps. There was a row of three-foot high hedges on the left edge of the property and four evergreens along the right border. The back side of the yard was marked with a row of five, old fashioned, T-shaped metal clothes poles running along an unpaved paper alley that ran between the yards on this street and the yards on the next street over. The poles showed remnants of the green paint that used to cover them, but their current color was pretty much rust. And, of course, the clothesline that used to run between them was long gone in the modern age of dryers.

Leslie reached the bottom of the steps, but came no further. “Sure you want to do this, little girl?” Leslie said. “You can still turn around and run back home.”

“Fuck you, slut,” Ann growled. “I’m not leaving here until I’m done kicking your ass.”

“Then you’re gonna be here a long time,” the red-head said with a laugh. With that, she moved to the middle of the yard and stood about a few feet from Ann. Leslie stood with her hands on her hips and said “I’m gonna beat you bloody, you husband-stealing little bitch!”

“I’m waiting…” Ann shot back.

And she didn’t have to wait any longer. Leslie took two steps forward and swung her right hand. Ann ducked and the fist flew over her head as Ann slammed a left uppercut into Leslie’s belly. “Ahhh!” Leslie screamed as her left hand went to her guts. The red-head doubled over just a bit, and Ann took advantage, using her right hand to apply a headlock, jerking Leslie’s head against Ann’s own side.

Ann then pulled back her left fist, planning to slam it up into Leslie’s face. But the red-head had other plans, reaching up with her left hand and grabbing Ann’s hair, then pulling down on it with all her strength. “Fuckkkkk!” Ann wailed as her neck was bent back by the force of the hair-pull.

Ann released the headlock and turned into Leslie, but the red-head was ready for her, smashing her right fist upward into the brunette’s jaw. “Unnhhhh!” Ann moaned, as the punch snapped her head around. Her knees wobbled, then gave out as Leslie jerked back on her hair again. Ann fell to her rump and Leslie stepped across in front of her, leaning over and now sinking her right hand into the brunette’s hair.

Tears of pain had welled in Ann’s eyes. Her scalp felt like it was on fire, and Leslie went about making it worse, pulling up on Ann’s hair while beginning to stand up, and literally lifting the brunette off the ground a few inches by her own air. Ann’s scream was an ear-piercing, “Ahhhhhhhhh!” But the pain did not cloud her ability to respond.

As Leslie stood, she exposed her belly, and, with her hands busy in Ann’s hair, she had no defense for the right hand that slammed into her midsection. Leslie grunted and winced. The blow didn’t have all of Ann’s power behind it because of her lack of a base to punch from, but it had been enough to hurt the red-head. Leslie, though, kept up with the hair, so Ann repeated the punch. This one had a little more behind it and Leslie gasped and doubled over, returning Ann to her rump.

The brunette, however, was still in agony as the red-head still had her hair, so she swung a left hand that glanced off Leslie’s chin, then a right uppercut that smashed into Leslie’s right breast. That was enough for the red-head, who groaned, “Oooh, my tit!” and staggered away from the brunette, her hand coming up to massage the violated B-cup.

Ann took advantage of her respite. She rolled to her feet, her own hands rubbing her burning scalp, and then jumped as she heard a terrific boom. Leslie was startled too, her body shaking with the sound. They’d both apparently missed the flash of lightning that had come seconds before, but the thunder had registered.

Ann looked to the sky, just as the heavens, literally, opened up. Both women just stood there for a second, then, not about to be stopped by the storm. They charged. Leslie reached for Ann’s hair again, but the brunette ducked it and caught Leslie at the waist as she had done in the parking lot, tackling her to the ground.

Soon, the pair was rolling around and Ann got a second sense of déjà vu, not from earlier on this day, but from the day she’d battled that blonde bitch Alice in her yard. There was no fence to stop the pair from rolling this time, though, but like she had in the parking lot, Ann managed to get on top. When she did, she paid the bitch back for what had happened in the parking lot, slapping her across the face three times. “How do you like it, you bitch!” Ann screamed, as her face hit Leslie’s cheek for the third and final time.

Then, Ann made a fist with her right hand and slammed it off Leslie’s chin, just as the red-head’s own fist hit home Leslie groaned and her eyes lost focus. Ann gurgled. The brunette fell to her side, in a heap, both hands coming to her throat, which is where Leslie’s punch hand landed.

Ann couldn’t breathe. She just lay there trying to get her throat to work, but it didn’t want to do so. Leslie, meanwhile, lay on her back, her eyes closed against the pounding rain, trying to clear her head, and listening to her rival gasp for breath.

Ann fought to draw air into her lungs, but her throat seemed to be slammed shut. She gagged and coughed as she writhed on the wet ground, her T-shirt quickly soaking through and now clearly showing her pink bra. She hardly noticed the rain or the fact that the ground was getting wet and that mud was beginning to form. There were splotches now on her bare legs and her shorts and T-shirt, caused as she rolled involuntarily in the grass, still trying to recover from the awesome blow Leslie had struck.

The red-head was in a little better shape, but not much. Unlike Ann, she wasn’t moving at all, though the world seemed to be, at a slow, sickening, spinning pace. Since she remained stationary, while her clothes and body were getting soaked, she wasn't smeared with mud. But, like Ann, her hair was becoming lank and sodden as the skies continued to pour water onto her prone body, and her own white bra was now visible beneath her sodden T-shirt.

And, as the rain continued to pound down onto the back yard, both women stayed on the wet ground. Dimly, in the back of her mind, Leslie knew she needed to get up. But her mind wasn’t working well enough to actually tell her muscles how to accomplish the feat. As for Ann, rising was surely secondary to breathing, and she was having enough trouble doing that at the moment, though she was now managing to get a little air down her throat and was no longer rolling along the grass.

A few minutes passed before either woman was able to gather herself enough to think about resuming the fight. And, had the women not been who they were, rivals with a real hatred between them, it’s likely that one or both would have suggested ending the fight and calling it a draw.

But they were who they were. Leslie loathed Ann; the woman she believed had stolen her husband. And Ann despised Leslie, the ex-wife who had done her Tony so wrong. Neither was going to settle for a draw on this day. Someone was going to be the winner, and someone was going to end up the loser.

Both women, however, looked like losers at the moment, as Leslie rolled slowly to one elbow, then to her knees. She rocked back and forth a few times, trying to steady herself. She didn’t notice that her brunette rival was also starting to move, albeit slowly.

Ann, who’d been lying on her back, rolled to her belly, then pushed herself up on her elbows, one hand still at her aching throat. The shorter woman was able to breathe now, but her throat hurt like hell and swallowing was excruciating. Still, as she noticed Leslie rising, the brunette forced herself to her hands and knees, determined to make the bitch pay for what she’d done.

It was Leslie who got to her feet first, but she struggled just to stay there. Ann’s punch had found her sweet spot and came close to knocking her out completely. She was still seeing double, but that was better than quadruple, which is what she had been seeing a few moments before.

Leslie was still just standing, unsteadily, near the middle of the yard when Ann got to her feet, still coughing and moving slowly, one hand unconsciously rubbing her throat. The brunette took two steps toward Leslie, then slipped and fell to her knees, her sodden tennis shoes sliding on the rain soaked grass. Ann got back up as quickly as she could, saw that Leslie was still too unsteady to risk walking, then backed up a few steps and peeled off her shoes. She tossed them toward one of the clothes poles, and then advanced, barefoot, on her red-headed rival.

Leslie tried to move forward to meet Ann but stumbled and ended up grabbing the brunette around the shoulders to keep from falling. Ann, though, helped Leslie back to the ground, ripping her right fist upward into the bottom of Leslie’s left tit. The red-head screamed, “Oooh-hoo!”, then “Agghhhh!” as Ann’s left fist did the same to her right breast.

Leslie released her hold on Ann’s shoulders and her hands came to her own tits and she tumbled forward, face first, to the grass. Ann kicked her prone rival one time; her left foot slamming into the red-head’s left ribcage. The blow brought forth a groan from Leslie that was music to Ann’s ears. The brunette would have loved to continue literally kicking the crap out of her husband’s ex, but she didn’t have the breath for it. Ann still wasn’t breathing all that well, and the exertion had winded her. She stepped back away from her rival, trying to catch her breath as Leslie lay on the ground moaning, while hoping the red-head wouldn’t recover from her punishment too soon.

As it was, Ann got her breath back just as Leslie was wobbling back to her feet. This time, the red-head didn’t try to move. She simply raised her fists and waited for her rival. Ann didn’t need any more of an invitation.

The brunette stepped forward and threw a left jab that hit Leslie in the nose, snapping back her rival’s head. She followed up with a right uppercut that sunk deep into Leslie’s belly, bringing an “Ooool!” from the taller woman’s lips.

Leslie doubled over and Ann wrapped her left arm around her opponent’s head, applying a nice front face lock. The brunette then pulled back her right fist, preparing to smash it into Leslie’s chest. The red-head, though, was looking down. And her head had cleared enough to notice, for the first time, that Ann was barefoot. So, as Ann wrapped her arm around Leslie’s head, Leslie lifted her right foot and slammed it down on top of Ann’s left.

Ann screamed in pain as her fist fell to her side and she released her rival’s head. She hopped backward on her right foot, and then went all the way to the ground with an “ulllhhh!” as Leslie hit her right in the midsection with a shoulder tackle. Ann, however, rolled with the blow and, for the second time this afternoon and the third this day, the two women began rolling across the ground.

This time, though, it was the red-head who managed to get on top and secure enough leverage to keep the shorter woman underneath. Leslie got her knees down on either side of Ann and grabbed her rival’s hair with both hands. She began turning and twisting Ann’s head with her hold as the brunette moaned and screamed beneath her, her feet kicking and scrabbling uselessly in the now-muddy grass.

Ann reached up for Leslie’s hair, but the red-head leaned backward, pulling Ann’s head up as she did so, further agonizing the brunette. Ann couldn’t quite get to Leslie’s hair, but she did manage a slap across the face that caught the red-head flush on her left cheek.

Leslie screamed, “You BITCH!” and responded by slamming Ann’s head back to the ground. Fortunately for the brunette, the ground had softened quite a bit as a result of the rain. The blow still hurt, but not nearly as much as it would have before the storm. More fortunately, when her head hit the ground, her hands went over her head, and one touched something.

Ann knew immediately what it was. She grabbed hold of it with her right hand, securing it just as Leslie began to pull her head up again. Ann swung, and the shoe she’d kicked off a few minutes earlier, slammed right into Leslie’s left cheek, the toe of the shoe digging into the red-head’s eye..

Leslie screamed, “Ahhh!” and rolled off of her downed rival, her hands coming to her face. Ann rolled in the other direction, away from Leslie, and got slowly to her feet. By then, Leslie was on her knees, her left eye blinking furiously and tearing badly as she wiped it with one hand. Ann took three steps and smashed her right foot into Leslie’s left side, the blow striking just below her hanging breast. Leslie wailed, “Ohhhh!” and flipped to her back where she lay with one hand now across her midsection and the other still rubbing her eye.

Ann realized she still had the sodden tennis shoe in her hand and threw it as hard as she could at Leslie’s face. The shoe bounced off the red-head’s forehead and Leslie, instinctively, rolled to her belly with her hands covering her face. Ann again flashed back to her fight with Alice. She straddled the downed red-head and grabbed her left wrist with both hands, then yanked it back behind her back. Leslie moaned, “Ahh, Fuck!” as Ann completed her hammerlock.

As Ann pulled up on Leslie’s arm, the red-head wailed in pain, just as Alice had done the last time Ann had been in a scrap with another woman. The brunette resolved to do the same thing to this bitch as she had done to that one, cripple the arm and leave her a one-armed fighter.

What Ann, however, did not realize was that there were two crucial differences between this fight and the one with Alice. One was that Leslie was taller and had longer arms than the blonde Ann had battered helpless. The second was that Leslie and Ann, unlike Alice and Ann, were soaking wet due to the rain, which was continuing to come down in proverbial buckets. Those two factors combined to create a situation quite favorable to Leslie.

As the red-head squirmed beneath Ann, the brunette felt herself slipping and sliding from her perch on the red-head’s back. Leslie bucked Ann toward her right side, and Ann slipped, nearly falling off of Leslie’s back. With the brunette now on the side of her free arm, Leslie reached back and dug her right hand into Ann’s hair and pulled forward and to the right.

Ann screamed, “Ahhhhh!” as her hair was yanked, painfully, then began to slip even further. She lost her grip on Leslie’s left arm and fell off the red-head’s back to her own right shoulder. Before Ann could react, Leslie released the grip on her hair and applied a headlock with her right arm while shoving up with her left arm, getting to a three-point position, with her knees and left arm on the wet ground.

Ann struggled up to a similar position and tried to shove her way free, but Leslie tightened the headlock, then lifted her left hand off the ground and smashed it into Ann’s face. The blow struck the brunette hard on her left cheek, and a second punch then rocketed into her right eye.

Ann saw a flash of light when the second punch landed, but had enough of her wits still about her to realize she could apply a headlock of her own with her left hand. She did so, pulling Leslie’s head toward the ground so that the red-head’s left hand had to come back to the muddy surface to prevent her from being pulled forward off balance.

The women now looked like participants in some bizarre version of a three-legged race. They were both in the exact same position, on both knees, with a hand on the ground, and with one arm wrapped around the head of her opponent. There was one important difference, however, and that was that Leslie was on the right. She had the headlock on with her dominant arm, while Ann did not. And that was costly for the brunette.

Leslie was able to force her head up enough to get her left hand off the ground. She then placed the hand on her own right elbow, securing Ann’s head against her right side, then pivoting her hips quickly and strongly while pulling Ann’s head forward with all the strength she could muster. The result was just what Leslie hoped for. Ann lost first her balance, then her headlock as she was pulled off her knees to her back with Leslie’s weight falling on top of her.

Ann immediately realized she was in trouble and began struggling for freedom. Leslie, however, with her opponent secured beneath her, made use of that left hand again, landing two short, nasty punches into Ann’s face. The second bounced off the brunette’s nose, which began to bleed.

In desperation, Ann reached up and reapplied her headlock with her left arm, and, at the same time, looped her left leg over Leslie’s hip, hooking her heel over Leslie’s left knee.

The red-head could feel Ann pulling her backward, trying to reverse the situation. And, soaking wet and with the slick ground beneath her, she knew the brunette might do it. So, instead of staying in her dominant position and taking her chances, Tony’s ex slammed one more punch home, this one into the brunette’s left eye, then twisted to her own knees. The move knocked Ann’s leg free and broke the brunette’s headlock, but it also cost Leslie her leverage. She felt Ann getting to her own knees and released the headlock, shoving her rival with both hands in the face.
Ann grunted in surprise and fell back to her right side and Leslie got to her feet and moved a safe distance away, waiting for the brunette to get back to a standing position. Ann was a bit unsteady as she did so. Leslie could now see that blood was trickling from her foe’s nose and that her left eye was swelling. She took the opportunity to taunt the shorter woman. “You walk into a door or something, bitch? That face is starting to look like hamburger.”

“Fuck you, slut!” Ann said, walking carefully forward.

“I wonder what Tony’s gonna think tonight when you show up uglier than you already were!”

“Whore!” Ann screamed, and stepped forward, swinging a right hand. Leslie ducked and dodged, but lost her footing as her wet shoes slipped in the mud. She fell to one knee, which put her own face in range of Ann’s left knee, which, conveniently, the brunette raised and slammed right under the red-head’s jaw.

Leslie groaned, “Oooool!” and fell to her back and Ann immediately dove on top of her, one knee ramming hard into Leslie’s exposed belly. With an “Oooof!” Leslie’s hands went to her midsection and she tried to roll to her belly, but Ann’s weight kept her on her back. The brunette then began raining punches down on her rival’s face, screaming, “I’ll bust your face you fucking slut!” Leslie tried to block the punches as best she could, but several slammed home, bloodying the red-head’s lip and smashing into her right eye. A final punch to the jaw brought a sighing moan from Tony’s ex, whose eyes closed as her body went limp.

Ann didn’t get up right away. She was spent and near exhaustion from the fury of the barrage of punches she’d just thrown. After a few seconds, however, she pushed herself to her feet, standing above her senseless opponent. It was way too late when Ann realized Leslie wasn’t senseless at all. Because, by that time, the red-head’s still shod foot had buried itself in Ann’s groin, the brunette had screamed, “Oh GOD!” as her hands came to her groin, and she had, almost in slow motion, dropped to her knees and then fallen flat on her face in the mud.

As Ann groaned, teeth gritted, eyes welling with tears, Leslie got to her feet, a bit wobbly but still very much in the land of the conscious. She grabbed the brunette by her hair and stuck her right leg beneath her body, and pulled Ann to her back, her shoulders resting right across Leslie’s long leg.

The brunette’s mind processed what was happening, albeit a bit slowly, but her body, racked with agony, was helpless to prevent it. An instant after Ann’s brain realized what Leslie’s next action would be, the red-head looped her left leg across Ann’s chest and locked her feet together, placing the brunette’s C-cup breasts between the muscles of Leslie’s leg and the bone of Ann’s own chest.

Of course, things were going to get worse for Ann’s boobs immediately, and they did, as Leslie tightened her legs, squeezing Ann’s body between them. It couldn’t be said that the pain in Ann’s breasts was so great as to make her forget about the agony in her groin, but it was certainly bad enough that it more than registered. The brunette groaned, “Ohhhhhh” and her body tensed as Leslie squeezed.

When the red-head lessened the pressure to rest her muscles for a second, Ann’s hands, which were inside the scissors, came from her crotch to Leslie’s legs, trying to pull the long gams down and apart. Of course, it was a useless effort, as Leslie’s legs were far too strong to be parted this way. And, before Ann could do anything else, Leslie squeezed again. “Ahhhhhh!” Ann screamed, her body again tightening in pain as her breasts were mashed down by her hated rival’s legs.

“What’s the matter, Ann? Boobs hurt?” Leslie said, laughing.

“Fuck you…OOOOOOOOOH!” Ann screamed, as Leslie squeezed again.

“Let me know when you’ve had enough, you little slut,” Leslie said, with a cruel smile on her face.

There’s an old football cliché about bad weather that coaches like to use. It’s that the weather shouldn’t matter because “both teams have to play in the same conditions.” Like most clichés, there’s a kernel of truth to it, and said truth was about to play out in the set-to between Ann and Leslie.  It was just a few moments ago that Ann had had Leslie in serious trouble via a killer hammerlock that she’d used to defeat her last opponent, pretty blonde Alice. The weather, however, had ruined Ann’s plans to dispatch Leslie the same way, with the rain that had made both their bodies slick with moisture playing a major role in the red-head’s easy escape. Now, it was Ann trapped in a nasty hold. And the weather was again about to move to center stage.

Leslie squeezed Ann tightly again, driving some more air out of the shorter brunette, who groaned, “Ummmmmhhhhh!” as her breasts were again crushed cruelly by Leslie’s legs. But, when the red-head relaxed her muscles, Ann twisted her body violently to the right. Leslie reacted quickly, squeezing again and forcing Ann back to her back with an “Ulllllhhhhh,” but the brunette had managed a lot of movement, again due to the slickness of her body and Leslie’s legs.

When the red-head relaxed again, Ann spun right a second time, and, this time Leslie couldn’t stop her. She got her shoulders perpendicular to the ground, breaking Leslie’s feet apart and ruining the red-head’s hold. Leslie leaned forward and grabbed Ann’s hair, trying to pull the brunette back into position for the scissors, but Ann responded by turning her head, despite the pain of the hair pull, and biting into the Achilles tendon of Leslie’s top, or left leg.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Leslie shrieked. The red-head immediately released Ann’s hair and tried to jerk her leg free. Ann, though, held on with both hands and her teeth, rolling on top of Leslie’s left leg as the taller woman rolled to her own left hip. That freed Leslie’s right foot, which she used for some pawing, desperate kicks at Ann’s head, anything to get the bitch to stop chewing on her leg. Finally, when one kick landed in Ann’s left ear, the brunette had had enough. She released Leslie’s leg and rolled free, while her rival grabbed her ankle and rolled into a ball, tears of pain in her eyes.

Ann got slowly off the ground, her sodden shorts and shirt now splotched with mud, as were her bare legs, arms, and feet. Leslie stayed where she was for a few seconds longer, then, seeing her rival had gotten up, forced herself to her knees, her Achilles bleeding slightly from where Ann had bitten it.

The brunette knew she should move in while Leslie was still down, but she didn’t have the energy at the moment. That scissor had taken a lot out of her, and her body was still heaving for air. So, instead of attacking, she took the opportunity to rest and watch as Leslie struggled to her feet. The red-head was also mud-caked now, her own shorts and T-shirt showing as much dirt as Ann’s, as did her bare legs and arms. Her tennis shoes, now totally soaked through, were nearly black with the stuff.

When Leslie was standing again, the two women just stared at each other for a second before the red-head said, pointing at her ankle, “You fucking bitch, I’ll kill you for that!”

“I’m not going anywhere, bitch!” Ann shot back, standing her ground.

“Oh, you’re going somewhere,” Leslie said with a sneer. “You’re going down!” And then she began to move forward, visibly favoring her left leg.

Ann moved as well, circling Leslie, waiting for the red-head to make her move. It didn’t take long. She lunged forward and grabbed for Ann’s shoulders, getting hold of her T-shirt and pulling her forward. Ann’s feet slipped in the wet grass and she grabbed Leslie’s shirt to stay upright. Leslie brought up her left knee, but Ann saw it coming and twisted her body, catching the blow on her right hip while she kicked Leslie in the right ankle. The kick had the desired effect. Leslie lost her balance and began to fall backward. She kept her hold on Ann’s shirt, however, and pulled the brunette right on top of her.

Leslie began to roll as soon as the pair hit the ground and, with her hands still holding Ann’s shirt, was able to toss the brunette aside. Ann found herself on her back, but she didn’t stay there. Instead, she began rolling away from Leslie, knowing the red-head would straddle her if she got the chance.

That had, in fact, been Leslie’s intention, but, by the time she’d gotten to her knees, Ann was rolling away. The brunette came up to her knees a few feet in front of one of the evergreens that marked the border of the property. Leslie got to her feet and moved in quickly. Ann rose and again circled her rival and waited for the red-head to make a move. The brunette was facing the pine and her enemy’s back was to it when Leslie did so.

This time, the taller woman swung a right hand that caught Ann on the left cheek. The brunette groaned and her knees wobbled, but she managed to partially deflect a follow-up left which, as a result, landed, nearly harmlessly, high on the side of Ann’s head. The brunette saw another right coming and stepped inside it, grabbing Leslie around the waist and beginning to shove forward. The red-head was not expecting this tactic and, taken by surprise, was driven backward, desperately trying to regain her balance, until her back cracked painfully against the tree and the air was driven from her body with an “Ooool!.”

Ann stepped back from her rival, grimacing slightly, at the pain in her bare feet. There was a carpet of pine needles beneath the tree, and a few had dug into Ann’s bare soles. The brunette, though, ignored the pain and slammed her shoulder into Leslie’s midriff a second time. The red-head gasped, “Gaaahhhhhhhh!” and doubled over. Ann stepped back again and got some more needles in her feet. Leslie dropped to her knees, holding her belly, and Ann hobbled gingerly backward, onto the muddy grass. She stayed on her feet, watching Leslie, and picked up first her right foot, then her left. Only a couple of needles had actually stuck in her flesh, and she was able to remove them before Leslie rose from her knees. The brunette’s feet still hurt like hell, but at least the needles weren’t going to do any more damage.

When Leslie was upright again, Ann stayed where she was, again planning to let her foe come to her. Leslie growled, “I’m gonna kill you, you bitch, and moved forward to meet her rival. What happened next happened in an instant, but both women saw it in slow motion. Leslie planted her shod foot on the edge of the pine needles and began to throw a punch aimed at Ann’s jaw. Less than a second later, Ann planted her bare foot on the wet grass and started to throw one of her own. And Leslie’s foot, covered with a mud-caked tennis shoe and standing on wet, slick pine needles, slipped.

The result of the slip was that Leslie’s body lunged forward, involuntarily, as the red-head tried to keep her balance. This meant that her head and shoulders moved downward as her knee moved up and the foot slid forward. The good news was that this allowed her to remain upright. The bad news was twofold. First, her punch went off target, whizzing past Ann’s head. The second was that Leslie’s head dipped right into range of Ann’s punch, an uppercut that caught her squarely on the chin. The red-head didn’t scream. She just grunted, “Uhhh!” and fell to her back. Senseless.

Ann was taking no chances this time. The bitch had fooled her once. She stepped out of range of any punch or kick and waited. Leslie never moved. She shouted, “Come on, bitch! Get up and fight!” Leslie never moved. Finally, Ann went and got one of her shoes and threw it at the red-head, hitting her in the forehead. Leslie didn’t react. The bitch was out! KO’ed! Knocked Cold! Finished!

Ann gathered up her shoes, and then had a thought. She pushed them into the mud, not deep, but deep enough so that mud would adhere to the tread. Then, she pressed them firmly against Leslie’s face. The result was perfect. Dual shoeprints on the bitch’s cheeks.

“There, you slut,” she said with a smile, something to remember me by. That and your sore jaw, you whore.”

Ann didn’t bother putting the shoes back on. Instead, she limped, achingly, back to her car, tossed the sodden footwear into the back seat, and began the soggy drive home, thinking of what she’d tell Tony.

THE END (Ann Will Return In “Ex Redux”)