By A. Penman

Lady Bianca slowly returned to consciousness. It had been almost fifteen minutes since what had been the most mind bending orgasm of her life. Every muscle, every sinew in her body was exhausted and achy. Her cunt however, was fortuitously still engaged with June’s.

Both exhausted beyond belief, the two had fallen asleep with their legs still scissored and their dueling pussies still in moist, sticky contact. What a pleasant way to wake up, the lady mused.

The lady had, however, been vanquished. There was no other way to describe what had just happened-what this fervid redhead had just done to her. The mysterious, sexually formidable goddess could have used her intense desire to reunite sexually with June as an excuse for being so easily overwhelmed. But she knew better. Straight up, cunt on cunt, this silken, creamy white pussy had out fucked hers. June, the rookie, had turned the tables on the teacher. She had taken control almost from the beginning and never relinquished it. A surprisingly aggressive June had sexually demolished her. And no woman that she had ever matched cunts with had EVER done that.

Lady Bianca needed to know if what she suspected was true. Now, as she lie there in a euphoric state, thoughts quite foreign to the Lady’s normal mindset began to surface and she could not cast them aside. How wonderful it would be to have June all through the night? Even better, to have her all to herself all the time and what if...?

“Oh stop it, Bianca!” she admonished herself privately, as her mind snapped back into the present tense. There was no “what if” or “if only.” There was nothing more than THIS moment in time. Unless...

The two hungry for each other women had wasted no time with preliminaries. They had stripped naked and jumped into bed almost immediately upon June’s arrival and had been going at it non stop to this point of exhaustion since 5:30 PM. It was now 6:45. One solid hour of hot womanly fucking and a fifteen minute nap, apparently. The line between the two had become blurred. But, by the now refreshed lady’s reckoning, there was still plenty of time-time to fuck-time to reassert herself.

The dominant redhead had been in and out of consciousness, and in a state of disbelief for a few minutes prior to the lady’s awakening. She lie dormant, confused and disoriented. She did not understand what had just possessed her. As the cobwebs cleared and awareness of her surroundings returned, June could feel her cunt still locked in a sweet kiss with the lady’s wondrous labia.

“Apparently, we’re Siamese twins connected at the pussy.” June observed wryly. The lady smiled at the remark. June loved the sensual thrill of their cunts still being sealed in soft wet kiss. But, oh my word! What had just happened?

The lady found the strength to prop up on her elbows. Shaking her head in disbelief, she looked down at the goddess who had just fucked the living daylights out of her and noticed the look of bewilderment on her face. She sensed that June may not even have been aware. But she had to ask, because she needed to know...

“What just happened, June? How on earth did you do what you just did to me?” the lady wanted to know.

“I’m not quite certain.” June replied, hazily.

“What possessed you?”

“I don’t know.” June replied with a sense of uneasiness. While it was true that the lady was responsible for her improved sex life at home, she had never been quite this voracious or aggressive in her marital bed.

“You know this isn’t finished, don’t you?”

“I expected not.” June nonchalantly replied.

“No one fucks me like that. No one!”

June sensed the lady’s obviously injured pride.

“Excuse me Lady Bianca, but I believe someone just did fuck you like that.” June said, smugly. She knew that she had just completely stunned Lady Bianca and that she wasn’t going to be getting up to leave any time soon.

But the lady’s statement was a double edged sword. She could not believe there was another woman who could match her. Yet she was thrilled on the most profound level that she had indeed met that woman. She needed to continue this cunt to cunt sexual encounter in order to salvage a modicum of her dignity. And then, to make matters even more complicated, in the deepest recesses of her heart, a place where no one had ever gained access, June had found the key and brazenly entered. This was not going to be easy. For Lady Bianca, it was a new and unfamiliar journey-a journey for which she needed a companion. But, first things first.

“Well, I’m not done yet. WE’RE not done yet.”

June then raised up on her elbows. She needed to face Lady Bianca, eye to eye.

“Are you angry with me?”

“Well...no...but...I don’t think so.”

“Well then, if you want to finish this, if you need to finish this, I say lets get down to business right here and now.”

“June. There is no ‘if I want’ or ‘if I need.’ There is only what MUST transpire. And there is the possibility that what we finish here tonight may only be the start.”

“I’m not sure I follow. The start of what?”

“It will become clear soon, sweet June.”

“You do know that this is all your doing. Right?” June paused dramatically.

“My dear Lady Bianca, you taught me how to release, how to give in, how to surrender completely to the passions inside me. Three months ago, you unleashed something in me.” June reminded her.

“I kind of got that impression.” The Lady responded, sardonically.

“But, my sweet June, it’s far deeper than that.”


The Lady offered no further explanation. Rather, she began to slowly grind her sexually re-charged pussy into it’s perfect match. June had no choice. She came alive once again with lust for her dark eyed, olive skinned goddess. June rotated her pelvis into the Lady in a way that gave her goose bumps and hard nipples-a way that she knew thrilled Lady Bianca.

Once again, the fuck between their cunts was joined. Despite the coating of the incredible lubricant (that never seemed to be absorbed into skin like ordinary oil), the two pussies seemed to become one flesh. June could not understand the depth of this exquisite union. All she knew was that she desperately needed it. She could not get enough of it. It was apparent to June that Lady Bianca felt this way too. Fifteen minutes of blissful, locked pelvic rotations passed as the heat between the two cunts gradually intensified. Fifteen minutes of equal give and take between them. Then June felt it. The Lady began to assert herself, forcing June ever closer to the precipice. Lady Bianca skillfully guided her engorged clitoris deep into June’s receptive cunt. June’s labia minora welcomed the stiff clit into a loving embrace. But June knew the Lady was challenging her. With equal skill she directed her tumescent clitoris into full meeting with the Lady’s clit and the two shafts squared off once again. In the arena of folded cunt meat two female gladiators engaged. The erotic battle was one again joined.

Through the rhythmic, fuck-induced haze that she was in, June noticed a fleeting glint in the Lady’s eyes. It was both tantalizing and spine chilling! The same feeling one gets when looking into the eyes of a cat whose intentions are uncertain. As the Lady’s lush labia fucked her with deep sensuality and skilled, precise strokes, June felt pleasure like never before. With each incursion, and with every stroke of the lady’s pussy on hers, June was being re-schooled in pleasure so deep that she feared her cunt would never want to stop. The Lady poured it on, sensing that June was yielding. Indeed, she was. The Lady fucked June deeply, but with a tempered aggression because she understood the depth of this union. She wondered as she fucked if June knew what was happening and where they were going.

June’s body now began to writhe and then thrash. June was out of control. She forced her cunt into the Lady’s. The Lady responded aggressively. She could feel her clitoris wrap around June’s shaft. June screamed and pulled on Lady Bianca’s right leg, wanting to fight her to the death and fuck her to the death, wanting to remain locked with this heathen goddess of a woman.

“Ohhhh!!!! Fuuuuuccckkkk!!!!!” June screamed, now totally out of control.

“Shoot into me June. Give it up, CUNT!!!”

“Fuck you Bianca!!! I’ll fuck you to the finish!!!”

“Good!” the Lady responded excitedly.

June was now screaming, flailing and pounding her fists into the bed, just like the lady had done earlier. Her massive tits were jumping and swinging and shaking disjointedly. Once again she took a tight hold of the lady’s right leg pulled hard, desperately trying to gain purchase for her pussy in this intense engagement. She waited for just the precise moment, then worked her hungry cunt meat deep into the thick folds of the lady’s masterful pussy. But the lady anticipated June’s move and used all the skill of her fulsome labia to lock June’s throbbing anatomy into their most recondite vulva lockup so far. As for June, she knew immediately that she had miscalculated. Somewhat annoyed by the tactical mistake, she tried to recover. In another attempt to gain some ground, June tried to slip her engorged clitoris deeper into the lady’s cunt. But the lady seemed to read her every move. Once again her clitoris was met full on by Lady Bianca’s, and June was forced to lock her clitoris in yet another protracted sex battle with the lady’s womanly phallus. Not that she seriously minded. June was now beginning to realize that she would fight this woman and fuck this woman no matter how long it took, no matter how many fusions of labia it took, no matter when, no matter where. Is this what the lady meant when she said “tonight may only be the start?”

Through the measured pain of June’s fingernails digging into her upper and lower thigh, the lady continued to pound her cunt into June’s. She could feel June’s pussy slowly but surely loosing ground to hers and knew that it would be over soon. She felt a sense of satisfaction in reasserting her sexual power, and thrilled at watching June flail helplessly, though not in a malevolent way. She knew full well that she was cunt locked with the most sexually potent woman she’d ever met. The dusky lady harbored no delusions of superiority. She knew that from the very first meeting of their consummately matched cunts that she had unleashed a sexual animal. June could turn the tables on her at any time. Indeed, she had experienced the sexual powerhouse that June was, and found the evenness of their skills so exciting.

But this round, it seemed, belonged to her. Lady Bianca’s powerful cunt took control of June’s, and she felt the exquisite galvanization of two cunts locked deeply and fucking almost savagely, with her cunt dictating the ebb and flow.

Suddenly June grunted. It seemed that she had no screams left in her. Lady Bianca now felt the warmth of a massive amount of secretions entering her as the redhead’s body went stiff, as though she was in the throes of a seizure. It was only a matter of seconds before Lady Bianca ejaculated into June’s gaping cunt, with the two cunts still sliding and lapping, labia still gripping and grappling, clitorises still jousting and fully engaged.

Both women were now flat on their backs. Through the climax induced euphoria they were in, they griped each other’s right leg for leverage and slowly, almost imperceptibly continued rotating their pelvises, softly and lovingly maintaining cunt to cunt contact, the magic oil heightening even the slightest friction.

Lady Bianca lie there, eyes closed. She could feel, more acutely than ever before, the fullness of her own breasts as they rose and fell with her measured breathing. Her tits were still in a state of heightened arousal, as was her entire body. She had never experienced anything quite like this before. There could only be one explanation for this. Through the clouded mix of emotions and uncertainty that she felt earlier that made her atypically nervous and out of control in her own element, one thing was now becoming clear.

“Sit up June, please.”

“I don’t know if I can. I’m wiped out.”

June suddenly felt a surge of energy and deep arousal that came from the junction of their womanhood and shot through her entire body. She knew instantly that the lady had done this.

“June.” the Lady paused thoughtfully. “There’s something you should know. Please sit up.” Lady Bianca requested as she herself sat up.

With their legs still scissored, June rose to meet her. Both women thrilled at the oil slicked friction between their still mated cunts. They matched breasts and tummies. Aroused by the body contact, once again their clitorises hardened inside each other and reflexively sought each other out, connecting in such an intimate way-a way that made June so flagrantly wanton-a way that June still did not quite understand. They kissed softly. June felt her breathing change.

But the Lady understood. She understood that this incredible beauty in her arms had her from the first night their eyes met, from the first full contact between their perfectly matched breasts and bodies and yes, from the first full kiss of their lush labia and the first meeting of their womanly clitorises. Eye to eye, Lady Bianca spoke openly and honestly. It was time to enlighten June.

As the Lady spoke, June sat in jaw dropping disbelief. It was a tale of such incredulity, that if she wasn’t exactly where she was, feeling exactly the way she was feeling, she’d have quickly dismissed it as unbelievable nonsense. But her breasts and body were molded perfectly to Lady Bianca’s. Their pussies were locked as one. She had never felt so complete as when she was with Lady Bianca.

“I’m an old soul June.” Lady Bianca stated, carefully selecting her words.

June listened, not quite believing yet somehow sensing that what Lady Bianca was saying was the truth. Then, not surprisingly, June’s entire body came alive again with heated desire for her dark, enigmatic lady. She understood that she wasn’t going anywhere, ever again.

“Let me ask you a very important question, sweet June. And let me be very clear that your answer will determine the rest of your existence. Do you understand?”

“I think I do.”

“You MUST understand, June. There can be no hesitance. There can be no thinking it over. Your answer has to be immediate and truthful.”

“Ask me, sweet Lady Bianca.” June said firmly. The lady nodded. So be it.

“Truthfully June, is there anyplace else you’d rather be than right here, right now, body to body in my arms?”

“No. Absolutely NOT!” June’s response came, quick and certain, leaving no doubt that the lady had assessed her correctly. As for June herself, she was now only beginning to comprehend.

“So, tell me.” June asked.

“I came here to find you, June. I’m convinced of that, now.”

“So you’re saying...”

“Exactly what you think I’m saying, June.” The lady wanted to be very clear.

“What about Steve? How will he go on without me?”

“Steve is a wonderful man, June. But he isn’t your soul mate. Nor are you his.”

And before June could ask the next obvious question, the Lady spoke. “Don’t worry June. I’ve taken steps in his behalf.”

“I’m going to miss him terribly, but this is right. Somehow, I know it is.” June was beginning to accept what she now knew was her fate. The two women looked deeply into each others eyes. Then June began to feel an awareness. But this was not just an awareness of someone who had come to understand a basic dilemma. This was more like an gradual, deep understanding of everything. It was as if the Milky Way Galaxy had chosen to reveal its deepest secrets. It was as if she now understood the beginning, middle and ending of everything-everything that had ever been or ever would be. Lady Bianca was granting her full access to ultimate knowledge-to the never ending cosmic truths. She knew immediately that this new expansion of consciousness that was unraveling in her mind and becoming enlightenment was exactly what the lady knew and how the lady perceived and experienced and understood everything. It was incredible!

June was absorbed in this wondrous revelation for what she perceived as a few more minutes-a thousand more minutes. She could not tell. Time now seemed irrelevant. Indeed, it was.

What brought June back to the moment was the exquisite thrill of the Lady Bianca’s full breasts moving sensuously against hers, and her breasts responding without hesitation. It was a feeling she’d felt before, but something was different. Next, her smooth stomach was moving in rhythm with the lady’s magnificent belly. With all of the overwhelming sensations that happened when their tits and pussies met, June had forgotten how amazing it was to feel their bellies rubbing together, to feel their navels align and suck together. The next thing she felt was her inner thighs matching up with the lady’s, and ultimately the full on meeting and kissing of labia. Again June noted that this intense thrill was something she’d experienced before. Yet, they were bonding together like never before. It was, by far, the most complete sexual bond of June’s life and by far, the most consummate, perfect physical and sexual bond between her and her enigmatic lover. Then it hit her!

“We’re both covered in the oil! Oh Bianca!!!” June cried.

“It’s what you imagined-what you wanted. Is it not?”

“You read my mind?”

“I’ve been able to read your mind from the beginning, sweet June.” The lady thought for a second, then hastily added, “But let me say that I have never been intrusive and I have never exerted any influence on your thoughts June. You’re here because you want to be here. Not because I want you here. The decision was of your own free will. Understand?”

June understood now, more that ever. She was now-they were now-an eternal essence, eternal lovers. June’s eyes were closed as she felt their lush bodies fully united. They were rolling around in the fervency of timeless passion. June now sensed they were no longer being supported by mattress. Indeed, they did not seem to be supported by anything! Eventually June realized they weren’t even in the lady’s bedroom anymore. She had no idea where they were, or when or if they were. She felt weightlessness. Her instinctive fright response was sublimated by the comforting fullness of Lady Bianca’s body on hers. And, in a revelatory and comforting way, June could now sense the true essence and spirit of Lady Bianca. Everything that had once been eccentric and enigmatic about her was being revealed to June. It was the beginning of an amazing journey, and June loved it. Their mouths separated. June’s eyes wandered. She saw nothing but pure white. Lady Bianca spoke to her in thought.

“You have questions, my love?”

Surprised, June found herself able to respond in thought. “Where are we?”

“On another plane of existence.”

“Are we...dead?” This thought did indeed frighten June.

“To be honest, June, I’m not sure. I’ve never been sure of that part.”

“Will we be united like this eternally?”

“Is that what you wish?” The lady asked in return. June’s answer was instantaneous.

“Yes...Oh YES!!!”

“Are you 100% certain?”

June caressed the lady’s face lovingly, then kissed her.

“One hundred percent certain, my lady.”

Then, everything beautiful on earth and in the cosmos entered June’s conscious and sub-conscious mind. She was flabbergasted by this continued journey to enlightenment.

“Is this what you know and experience every second, sweet lady?”

“It is, indeed.”

“It’s nothing like I imagined and yet everything I imagined.”

“Glad you like it.”

“Have we...?”

“Yes June, neither of us will ever again be in a corporeal state. We have transcended.”



A full seven days had passed. Steve was now officially frantic. He couldn’t eat, he couldn’t sleep and at least two building contracts were seriously lagging behind due to his inability to concentrate and/or his absence from the job site altogether. Mistakenly, he thought that immersing himself in work would help ease the pain of loss. But after a couple of days, he knew that it was an exercise in futility.

Two to three calls a day to the local police yielded no progress in the ongoing search for June. It was as if she’d vanished into thin air. Every possible trace of her was gone. It was almost like she had never existed in the first place. Steve had grown weary of angrily slamming down photos of June on the desk of the increasingly skeptical detective charged with locating his missing wife. There simply was no reason to believe Steve’s story, but the detective promised to keep the file “open.” Steve knew that this meant he was moving the search for his missing wife to the back burner. It was frustrating, even angering. He felt like he had no recourse or options. What in the world had happened to June? Where in the world had she and Lady Bianca gone? Was this all Lady Bianca’s doing? Was stealing June from him her intent from the very beginning? Worse yet, had violence or any kind of harm come to them? Nobody could help him or seemed willing to help him.

Then one day Steve found himself in his car in the North end of town. He didn’t know what had motivated him, but he decided to try to re-locate Ethereal Lane. With little difficulty, and with what felt like some sort of external “guidance,” he pulled into the Cul De Sac. As he parked his car and got out, he could not believe his eyes. He stood, jaw agape, in front of an empty lot where Lady Bianca’s house once was. Not only was there no house, but there was no sign that there ever was a house on this lot.

The empty lot was overgrown with weeds and there was a noticeable “Lot For Sale” sign. What in the hell was going on? Steve searched his memory. Everything fell into place, the street name, the Cul de Sac...except there was no fucking house!!! He looked around and his attention was drawn to a simple brown ranch style house. He had no choice. He crossed the street as there appeared to be someone home.

One ring, then a second, and finally the door opened.

“Good afternoon, sir.” Steve greeted a kindly looking elderly gentleman with thinning hair and a sparse salt and pepper beard.

“Can I help you son?” The man asked.

“Well, Mr...”

“Mr. Penman. What’s on your mind, Steve?”

What the hell? How could this man he’d never met know his name?

“I’m sorry Mr. Penman, but do you know me? Do we know each other?”

“In a way, son. But that’s not why you rang. You seem troubled.”

“Well sir, I was wondering what happened to the house that was across the street.”

“What house?” the man asked. “There was never a house across the street.” Steve’s heart sank. He could feel himself being helplessly sucked into a vortex of the unexplained.

“Sure there was! A very beautiful woman named Lady Bianca lived there-long black hair. You couldn’t possibly have missed her! She had this kind of eclectic gypsy thing going on.”

“You’re right. I couldn’t have missed a beautiful woman such as her. But Steve, I’ve lived here almost two years and that lot has been vacant the entire time. There was never a house. There were supposed to be houses-several houses. My house was the only one they fully finished. I got it and the lot for a song. This was a development, as I’m sure you know. But the developers ran out of funds, or some shady dealings went on...you know that goes I’m sure. Anyway, now they’re trying to recoup some of their money by selling off the lots. If you’re looking to buy, I can give you a name and number.”

“Thanks. But I’m not looking to buy. This is all so mind boggling...I swear there was a house there. And now it’s gone?” Steve shook his head, mystified by the situation.

“I mean no disrespect sir. But I’ve been here before. I was IN the house that was on that lot!”

“Are you sure you’re on the right street?”

“This IS Ethereal Lane, right?”

“It is, but...”

“I need to know what happened to the house that was on that lot and what happened to my wife and that supposedly mystic, wife stealing bitch and whether or not I’m going insane and...” Steve threw his arms in the air and shook his head and found himself almost hoping that guys with a straight jacket would come and take him away and sedate him heavily and that, when he woke up, this would all be a very bad dream.

But Penman’s attention wasn’t on Steve.

“Well now. That’s interesting.” Penman said, noticing the metallic blue hatchback that had parked behind Steve’s car.

“I’m sorry sir...what’s?”

“That’s the second time I’ve...”

“With all due respect, sir...what are you talking about?” Steve asked, more confused than ever.

“Why don’t you go ask that woman across the street, Steve. I have a feeling she’s going to purchase that lot. Maybe, just maybe, she can help you.”

Steve turned to look. Across the circle, there appeared to be a lovely woman in a simple yellow dress. A redhead!!!! His heart began to race. His breathing became rapid. He turned back.

“THANKS!!! Mr...”

The door was shut. Penman was gone. All signs of life from inside oddly seemed to be missing. He would have investigated, but he had something far more important waiting across the circle. He leapt off the porch and moved across the circle quickly. But something told him not to move too aggressively. The closer he got, he saw the truth. The red of her hair was at least two shades brighter. His heart sank once again. Still, as he got closer, he could NOT help himself.

“June!?” He called out, as if he had no choice.

She turned casually to face him. Somehow, she was not afraid of being confronted by this stranger. A sweet smile lit up her face.

“You’re two months early.” she replied, cryptically.

“I beg your pardon?” Steve asked as a soft hand was extended. He felt compelled to scan the vacant lot in which they were standing, then the ground beneath his feet, fully expecting the hand and the woman to be gone when he looked up. But she was still there, waiting for his hand to clasp hers.

“My name is April. So, if you came here looking for June, you’re two months early.” she smiled warmly. Steve noted real soft human flesh as he accepted the hand in his. He followed the bare arm up, noting that it was teeming with freckles that would multiply exponentially with exposure to the sun. He knew this from experience. When his eyes finally met hers, Steve swore that he was having an acute episode of chest pain. Freckled, alabaster skin, reddish orange hair down to the small of her back, and jet black eyes...Lady Bianca eyes. With some effort, he regained his composure.

“I’m sorry. My name is Steve. I came here looking for...”

“You came here looking for June...I know.” April said, with compassion.

Steve looked baffled. “How did you know?”

“Well, unless you have a habit running up on women you don’t know and randomly shouting out the months of the year, I have to assume that you came here looking for June. I also assume that June is someone for whom you cared very deeply, even loved.”

Cared? Past tense? Why would she say it like that?

“Sorry.” Steve stammered. “From across the street...the red hair...well, you get the idea.”

Steve noted that the lovely April had not yet released his hand. As beautiful as she was, he didn’t mind.

“Ah! June was a redhead and so you mistakenly thought...” her voice trailed off.

“Yes I did.” Was a redhead? Again, the past tense?

“June must have been quite beautiful.”

“She was incredibly beautiful.” As are you, sweet April. Steve thought to himself. He also noted that he had just referred to his wife in the past tense.

“Well then Steve, I guess I’m quite flattered.” said the lovely redhead, slowly releasing his hand. Her dark eyes seemed to glimmer at him. Steve felt something-something very deep inside him. It was both sexual and emotional. Something was going on here-something pre-arranged.

“If I may be so intrusive, have you purchased this lot, April?”

“Indeed I have.”

“Do you have plans to build on it?”

“Yes. As a matter of fact, I do. I’m looking into building my dream home. Or as close to my dream home as I can afford.” April said, scanning the lot and seeing its potential.

“That’s wonderful!” Steve responded, genuinely happy for her.

She turned back and addressed him with sincerity. “So tell me, Steve. Do you know any good contractors?”

For the first time in almost two weeks, Steve smiled.

The following morning, Steve woke up to find all traces of June had vanished. Clothes, photos, everything. GONE! He understood that from now on, she would only live in his memory. As he sat down at the kitchen table with his coffee, he checked a message that had been left on his cell phone about an hour ago. It was from April. Sweet woman, he thought.

“Yes April. I know a great contractor.”

Then he noticed something that unnerved him. On the table was a business card with two words that printed in handwriting style font.

He smiled, knowing that his life was beginning again.