Last fall, as a college senior, I got a job with an NFL stadium in the buildings/grounds department. It was a Friday late-afternoon about 5:30 in the middle of December. I was in the utility room of the cheerleaders locker room. I had finished replacing some fuses and was sitting on an old folding chair looking at some of the old cheerleading calendars, when I heard someone enter the locker room. I turned off the light and listened. I heard the person go to a locker and begin fumbling around, like they were changing clothes. I cracked open the door and could see only down the first of two isles of lockers.

I heard a girl's voice from the other aisle and she sounded pissed at another girl. She was saying things like, "I can't wait to get my hands on that bitch" and "I'll teach her to fuck with my man." Just then she rounded the corner of the lockers and I noticed that it was Shari. She walked up the first aisle, her back to me and I saw her perfect round ass swish to and fro as she walked. She stopped in the middle of the aisle and began stretching, she was doing toe-touches. She was wearing a white cotton athletic bikini trimmed in pink. Her top two of three buttons on the bra-like top were undone and her bottoms had a pink elastic waistband. Her ass looked great sticking up in the air and the back of her thighs were tight. Her calves were rolled in little cute balls. Shari was arguably the foxiest cheerleader on the squad. Shari was 23, 5-5 1/2, and weighed 108lbs. She had thin, wild, platinum blond hair that fell to her shoulder blades and the sexy face of a slut. Shari was a stuck-up bitch and she always wore her clothes a little too short and tight. She liked to turn on the guys and make the other girls jealous of her great body. I couldn't imagine why she was here at this time. We only had one game left and that was the next Sunday.

She turned and faced the locker in front of her and said, as she raised her arms above her head and stretched back, jutting those double 'D's' out like torpedoes, "You'll pay bitch." She stopped and went and opened the door to the locker room and stuck her head out. Shari then yelled at someone, "About time you blond bitch!" "Fuck you, you blond slut!" someone yelled back.

Shari came back in and walked into the exercise room. It was a big empty room with the teams logo in the center of the red carpet. The girls used it to warm-up in and practice before games. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Stacie come in. She was the nicest girl on the squad and to hear her cuss like I did shocked me. I wondered what was going on? Stacie was Shari's main rival in the foxy body department. Depending on who you asked, they were always no.1 or 2 as best looking and both were crowd favorites. They had been on the squad for three years each.

Stacie was 26 and had straight, thick wheat colored hair that went down 3/4 of her back. She stood 5-7 and 115. She went to the locker that Shari had talked to.

"I thought you might chicken out," said Shari from the exercise room.

"You'll wish that I had after I whip your blonde ass," said Stacie as she removed her sweatshirt, exposing her big round double 'D's', and the top half of her belly.

"Tough talk for such a sweet young thing," Shari said.

"I'm not that sweet, or hasn't ***** told you?" (***** was a star player on the team).

"Yeah, he's told me. I guess we each know too much about each other's sex life with him?" said Shari.

Stacie slipped off her sweatpants. Her long brown legs were athletic, but still feminine. Her belly was smooth and firm, no ripples. As Stacie turned and walked up the aisle, the creases of her round butt cheeks winked at me with each step she took. She was wearing a silky, gray spandex athletic bikini. The bra-like top was cut low and her bottoms were trimmed in black on the waistband. They were pulled up high around her hips.

"We aren't going to settle this by talking," said Stacie as she entered the exercise room.

They were three feet apart, eyeing each other's body, especially their tits. They had bodies that most girls would die for. They each had golden tans, except Stacie was a little browner, their bellies were flat, smooth and softly firm. They each sported a beautiful, round firm ass, perched on top of finely-toned , sexy legs.

Shari said, "Winner gets *****," as she gently shoved Stacie in the shoulder.

"That'll be me," as she shoved back.

"Let's sweeten the deal," Shari said with a shove. "Loser can't ever come back and cheer," as Stacie shoved her back.

They now began shoving each other in both shoulders, "I should have whipped your blonde ass three years ago," said Shari.

"You couldn't then, and you can't now, you fucking whoredog," said Stacie shoving back hard.

They shoved each other harder and harder working up a good anger as they cussed, and then they sprang at each other, digging fingers into each other's hair. Shari couldn't get a good grip in Stacie's hair because she had put it in a bun, but Shari was trying to undo it. Stacie was slinging Shari around in slow circles. Shari was losing this hair pulling contest, so she wrapped her leg around Stacie's and they fell to the floor. The blondes rolled back and forth, fighting for position as they tugged at each other's hair. Shari grabbed hold of Stacie's top and began pulling on it, Stacie responded likewise, but had more luck in ripping the cotton top. It ripped down the middle and most of Shari's tits showed. Stacie then grabbed a handful and began squeezing. Shari cried and pulled the blonde off her by grabbing the bun of her hair, this time Stacie's hair fell down.

Now side by side, Shari slipped her hand under the spandex top and began squeezing Stacie's right orb. Stacie rolled back on top and tore the rest of Shari's top off, her big DD's bounced free, and sank her nails into both. Shari then pushed Stacie's top up and over her big DD's exposing most all of Stacie's tits. Shari then grabbed both big round brownish nipples and pinched and twisted them.

Stacie screamed "Bitch!" and grabbed Shari by the hair and began pounding the back of her head into the carpet. This wasn't enough, Shari's nipple attack was too much and Stacie had to roll off. They sat on their knees clutching their breasts and looking at each other. Stacie removed her top, being pushed up under her armpits was bothering her, and it would just happen again.

Without saying a word, they got up and circled each other, their fists doubled up in front of their face. Stacie moved in and threw a wild right, Shari ducked and sank a left into Stacie's firm mid-section. "Oof," said Stacie before Shari clipped her across the jaw. Shari then got her in a headlock and began punching her face, but Shari's right tit was too close to Stacie's mouth and she bit down hard. Shari screamed and released her hold. Stacie rose up, her face red and swelling, she had a slight bloody nose. She busted Shari with a right to the mouth, knocking her to the carpet on her belly. She sat on her back, grabbed her by the hair and began scooting the
right side of Shari's face back and forth along the carpet as she bounced up and down on her back, flattening Shari's big tits with each bounce. Shari reached back and dug her nails into Stacie's wrists. Stacie scooted her butt down so that it now rested in the small of Shari's back and pulled her platinum blonde hair even harder. Yanking out a fistful and said, "I'm going to rip all this fake blonde hair out."

"Fuck you, it ain't fake," Shari said as she began bucking with all her might. She was in severe pain from this hair pulling.

Stacie moved back up Shari's back and turned and began spanking Shari's round ass. She yanked Shari's bottoms up her ass. After a minute of this torture, Shari bucked the foxy rival off. Stacie quickly got up and went to kick Shari as she laid on her back. Shari, seeing the blonde coming, rolled and was able to plant her right foot into Stacie's crotch. Stacie stopped cold, her knees buckled as she doubled over and grabbed her crotch, slowly sinking to her knees.

Both girls took a minute of rest. Stacie rubbing her crotch just five feet away as Shari lay on her back massaging her scalp. Her tits glistening with sweat and red from the carpet burns. Each one hurried to be the first to attack. Shari, from her knees, dove on Stacie, still on her knees. Stacie fell backwards with Shari on top. Stacie wrapped her sexy legs around the blonde's waist. Shari dug her nails into Stacie's left orb as she pulled hair with the other. Stacie squeezed her legs, and grabbed two handfuls of thin blonde hair and pulled back, stretching Shari's head back. Shari didn't want to lose any more hair than she already had and began punching Stacie in the left-side of her face. Stacie released her lock and threw Shari off. Shari landed on her ass, about a foot away, and Stacie's right hand grabbed Shari's cotton briefs on the side just under the pink waistband. She ripped the material to the middle of the waistband, exposing the left side of Shari's privates, a little blonde hair showed.

"Fucking bitch," said Shari as she pounded a left fist down on Stacie's belly. She reached at Stacie's bottoms. She couldn't tear them so she began to pull them down. Stacie's kicking only helped. Shari got them down to her knees. Stacie had finished ripping the front of Shari's bottoms off. Her material hung below her legs, held on only by the stitching in the back. Now that both girls were exposed, a new front opened up. They wrestled around for position. Each one's attempt at a pussy attack was being thwarted off by the other. Finally, Stacie was able to roll on top of Shari just a little, and used her right leg to split and move Shari's left leg.

Now Stacie didn't mean to, but both girls had an open shot to do some pussy pulling. Stacie wrapped her fingers around Shari's blonde bush and Shari grabbed several fingers full of Stacie's hairier and thicker black pussy hairs. They roared with the pain that was being inflicted on their sweaty, tight pussies. They wanted to give, but couldn't. They were now determined to destroy each other. Stacie leaned over Shari and was able to bite down on Shari's left tit. Shari, under immense pain, split Stacie's pussy lip's with her fingers and began pinching on her clit and scratching the lining of her insides. Stacie screamed, and rolled off the blonde. They lay on the carpet, soaked in blood and sweat, their big red tits heaving and their soft smooth bellies sinking in and out with each breath. They had been at it for 10 minutes.

They sat up and looked at the damage they had inflicted on the other. Stacie was bleeding heavier from the nose, her left eye swelling. Shari was red in the face from the carpet burns, and both her tits showed deep teeth marks, something Stacie smiled about when she saw them.

"Had enough bitch?" said Shari rubbing both tits.

"I'm not done with those tits yet," she said wiping her hand across her nose.

They staggered to their feet, each one sensing victory or defeat was close at hand. They cussed each other as they attacked. They stood toe to toe and slugged it out. They landed hard lefts and rights into each other's jaw and cheek. Stacie bloodied Shari's nose, Shari split Stacie's lower lip open, they each traded, what tomorrow would be shiners. Stacie attacked Shari's hair, sinking her hands in deep. Shari did likewise, but Stacie's hair was too thick to pull out, unlike hers. Shari then drove her right knee into Stacie's cunt.

"Oof". Shari caught her again in the crotch,

"Oof". Stacie dropped to her knees. Shari then drove her right kneecap into Stacie's mouth. I could hear teeth smashing. Stacie fell on her back, blood pouring from her nose and mouth. Shari sat down on Stacie's stomach and began mauling her big tits.

"I'm ripping these fuckers down to a 'B' cup!"

It was at this time that I got involved. Shari was shocked as shit to see me. She stood up over her beaten foe proudly, her tits standing tall and proud, her ass tight on those luscious legs and looked me in the eye and said,

"Who's number one now?"