It was 2 PM on a cold afternoon in December. The company cafeteria was nearly empty, as Janet sat alone at a table, looking out on the gray New York skyline. Most of the people around her were there to grab a quick sandwich or a hot cup of coffee, but Janet hadn't come here to eat. Janet had come here to meet someone, the other woman, her enemy, and her rival for Steve's love.

Janet glanced at her watch and then looked up in time to see a slim blonde in a tight black dress enter through the main doors. It was her rival Susan and she was carrying a long slim box under one arm. It reminded Janet of a flower box, but then Susan probably wasn't here to give her flowers.

Spotting Janet, Susan quickly crossed the room, pulled up a chair and sat down. Carefully she placed the box she was carrying to one
side on the table.

Quietly, the two young women studied each other for a moment. Both young professionals, they worked for the Simon and Sons Investment Corporation. Susan worked down in the accounting department, while Janet held a position in purchasing. Unfortunately, they both also held a position on top of Steve's hard cock from time to time and this was a situation that neither could tolerate any longer.

Janet looked at her rival coldly and said, "You told me you wanted to meet and talk, so let's talk."

Susan met her gaze firmly and said, "This triangle between us and Steve has got to end."

"I couldn't agree more."

"I won't share my man with you any longer."

"He's not your man", Janet replied, with fire in her eyes.

"Well he certainly isn't yours either you little tramp", Susan responded hotly.

"I don't care what you say", Janet replied, "he's my man. I love him and I'll do whatever it takes to keep him."

"I was hoping you'd say that", Susan replied, "That's why I brought this", Susan reached over and pushed the box she had brought across the table.

"What's that", Janet asked?

"Open it and see."

Janet pulled the box closer and opened the lid. When she looked inside, she couldn't believe her eyes. In the box were two large strap on dildos and a couple of sets of handcuffs.

"What's this for?", Janet asked while shooting a hard look at her rival.

"I'm challenging you to a duel", Susan replied. "I love Steven and I'm willing to fight for him. I dare you to meet me in a sexfight with Steve as the prize. I propose that we meet in the nude with these strap on dildos and our hands cuffed behind our backs. The winner gets Steve and the loser goes away and doesn't come back.

Janet studied the blonde for several minutes and then said, "I accept, name your time and place."

"We can leave that up to our seconds", Susan replied as she stood up.

"Seconds?", Janet asked.

"That's right seconds. We're going to need someone to help with the handcuffs and such. I'll ask Ann Summers to be my second, do you know anyone you can ask?"

"I'll ask Cathy Clark", Janet replied.

"Good then, it's settled. I'll tell Ann to call Cathy in about an hour to make the arrangements. I'll see you at the fight, bitch!"

"I'll be there, bitch!"

Without another word, the two women parted to seek out their friends.

Later that day, Ann called Cathy and the final plan was set. Cathy got a key to an empty office from a friend in the maintenance department. The women agreed to meet there at 7 PM.

At a quarter till six, Cathy came to Janet's office. Janet was leaning back in her chair, sipping at a diet soda and staring out at the lights of the city.

"Hi Janet", Cathy said, "It's about that time. Are you ready?"

"Sure", Janet replied, taking one last sip from her drink. She picked up her purse and they headed out the door and down the hall to the nearest elevators.

After a quick ride down to the 14th floor, they stepped out into a partially lit hallway. Most of the offices on the 14th were empty, closed for remodeling. The few others were always vacant by 6.

Walking down the hall, they took the first turn right and then the second turn left and down the hall to room 1425. Susan and Ann were already there, waiting for them.

"Lose you way bitch?", Susan sneered as Janet and Cathy walked up.

"Fuck you", Janet snapped.

"Now, now girls", Cathy murmured. "Plenty of time for that later. Let's just get on with this shall we?"

Fishing the key out of her purse, Cathy opened the door and motioned the others inside. Once in, she closed the door firmly behind her.

The office was completely empty, just four bare walls and a slightly worn carpet. Cathy turned on the lights and a single florescent bulb, sputtered to life in the fixture above them, giving the room a dim glow.

Ann and Cathy took Susan and Janet to opposite corners. Cathy faced her friend and said, "I guess it's time for you to take your clothes off?"

After a moments hesitation, Janet began unbuttoning her blouse. Across the room she could see Susan slipping out of her black business dress and starting to unclasp her bra.

Janet shrugged off the white satin blouse and then unzipped her red knit skirt and let it fall to the floor at her feet. In a moment it was joined by her bra and white pantyhose. Across the way, Susan was rolling down her black nylons, one at a time.

"Don't forget the watch and rings", Cathy remarked.

Janet slipped off the jewelry and bending down, dropped them into her purse. When she straightened up again, she was completely nude, naked as the day she was born. Cathy stepped away for a second and then returned with a strap-on dildo in one hand and a pair of handcuffs in the other.

"Turn around", she said.

Janet turned to face the wall and Cathy passed the straps of the dildo around her hips. Deftly slipping the left strap into the plastic buckle on the right and pulling it tight. The dildo rested lightly over Janet's pelvis, riding just above her vagina. Toys like this usually had a third strap that passed between the legs, but someone had cut it away so that nothing would block access to her sex. The dong was about 10 inches long and made of a hard pink plastic. It was thick with a blunt but tapered point on the end.

Gently Cathy took Janet's hands and closed one of the cuffs, first over the left wrist and then over the right. Stepping back, Cathy took a deep breath and surveyed her work. Janet turned and her heart raced as she spotted her nude opponent. Susan had both hands cuffed behind her back. The huge plastic dong jutted out obscenely from between her thighs. Their eyes met and Janet returned her icy stare.

Cathy bent down and gathered Janet's clothes and purse into a small plastic bag. Job done, she and Anne stepped to the center of the
room as the two rivals gazed at each other sullenly.

"Only one thing left to do", Anne remarked. Digging into her purse, she pulled out a large tube of KY jelly. Taking off the cap, she squeezed a handful of the clear glistening gel into her left hand and emptied the rest of the tube into Cathy's open palm. Returning to their friends, they smeared the lubricant all over the dildos, from the tip to the base and back again. As Janet watched she couldn't help but think it looked like Cathy was giving her a hand job. In fact, the slippery gel reminded her a little of semen.

Task complete, Cathy and Ann returned to the center of the room to wipe their hands off on some paper towels. Gathering up their bags, they turned and looked one last time at the two young women staring at each other from the corners. They stood almost posed, their nude bodies gently lit by the flickering light of the florescent bulb. The big dildos jutted from between their legs like primitive weapons. For a moment, Ann forgot she was standing in a dark office in New York City. It was like she had gone back in time a thousand years to watch two tribal women preparing to fight in some ancient arena.

Shaking her head, she said, "It looks like we're done here. Cathy and I will leave the two of you alone now to get better acquainted."

She was answered only by silence. Janet and Susan had eyes only for each other. They were locked in each other's gaze and nothing
existed outside of it. Anne sighed and started toward the door. "Just kick the door a couple of times when your finished and we'll come let you out."

With that, Anne and Cathy left the room, closing the door behind them. In the descending silence, Janet could hear the scrape of the key in the lock as the bolt slid home.

They were alone now. Janet's heart beat like a war drum in her ears. She was stark naked, with both hands cuffed behind her back and locked in the same room as her worst enemy. There was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. The long tool between her legs was her only hope, her only weapon against a women bent on destroying her.

The two rivals stared at each other in stony silence. The only sound in the room was the faint buzzing of the light fixture. As if by some secret signal that only they could understand, the two women started walking toward each other. Stopping just a couple of feet apart, they began to circle. The dildos strapped to their waists, bobbed gently up and down, their glistening tips only inches apart.

"I'm going to make you sorry you ever messed with me", Susan whispered as they circled. "I'm going to fuck you raw. You won't be able to take any man inside you after I'm done."

"Oh yeah?", Janet replied. "You're dreaming bitch. I'm going to shove this dong into places you don't even know you have yet."

"Come on and just try it", Susan snarled.

With a low growl, the two women slammed into each other, breast to breast. Beneath them, the dildos came together with a plastic clatter and dug into their stomachs as they pressed against each other. The sexfight was ON!

Taking a small step back, Susan spread her legs wide in invitation.

"Come here and fight me you little bitch", she snarled.

Janet spread her legs and bent her knees, moving up until their pussies were only inches apart, the plastic dildos swaying above.

"You want some of me come and get it", Janet replied.

Bending low, Susan leaned back and thrust up at her rival. Janet twisted to the left and Susan's dildo slid over the top of her bare left thigh. Janet stooped lower and thrust back, missing her bushy blonde target and leaving a trail of gel on Susan's stomach. Standing nearly on top of each other, the two young women continued to rock their hips, trading thrust for thrust. Each tried to kneel lower than the other so that she could shove her dildo up and into her rival's unprotected cunt. The hard plastic dongs beat against each other as they twisted and fought, thrusting their hips wildly.

They battled on for several minutes, missing over and over as the dildos darted back and forth, bouncing and sliding, then suddenly it happened. Janet had just missed with a thrust, the dong passing between Susan's thighs and over but not into her vagina. As Janet started to pull back for yet another try, Susan rocked forward and thrust upward, the tapered point of her dildo slipping easily into Janet's exposed sex. Janet gasped in shock as Susan, smiling now, pushed the big thick dong about half way into her. Janet straightened up and stumbled backwards. Susan tried to follow, but was just a little too slow, allowing Janet to slide off the dildo and escape.

Laughing wildly, Susan pushed Janet into the wall. Stumbling back into the center of the room, they both crouched to resume the battle. The hard plastic dongs bobbed and jabbed as the two furious fighters went at each other now with wild abandonment. Susan was too eager and rose a little too high as she thrust again, her dong seeking Janet's hairy brown bush. With a quick arch of her legs,
Janet forced her dildo up and into Susan's cunt. Susan moaned and stood on her toes, but Janet pushed even higher, laughing as Susan squirmed on the end of her dildo. Susan quickly leaned forward and pushed Janet backwards. As Janet stumbled away, Susan leaned back and the two came apart, allowing Susan to slip off and escape.

"You dirty little whore", Susan cried, "you'll pay for that".

"Come here and make me you stupid slut", Janet growled.

Circling each other, they came together again, crouched and resumed their thrusting. Three quick blocks, a twist of the hips and one hard thrust later and Susan again had her dildo inside Janet. Janet backed up trying to get free, but Susan followed her quickly this time. They stumbled into the wall and slid down into a corner where Susan pinned her chest to chest. Janet threw one leg over her rival's hip but could do nothing as Susan pressed her into the wall. Staring deep into Janet's eyes, Susan began moving her hips, driving the dildo deeper and deeper. Janet arched her back and wiggled violently, but Susan would not let her escape. Instead, Susan just kept pumping into her, driving the dildo into her again and again.

Both girls were quickly covered in sweat from this strenuous but intimate battle. Perspiration ran down their faces and over their breasts as Susan fucked her enemy. Their boobs were plastered hard together as the two women squirmed against each other cheek to cheek, one trying to escape, the other tormenting her bitter foe. Janet felt like she was going to explode. The big dong felt alive inside her as Susan made it twist and thrust. Despite the fact she was being crushed against the wall and fucked by a woman she hated, Janet could feel herself becoming strongly aroused. The sensation of Susan's breasts rubbing against her own combined with the steady rhythm of the dildo within her was making her very hot. Desperate to escape, she planted one foot against the wall and pushed back hard. They stumbled backwards and fell to the floor with Janet on top. The fall knocked the wind out of Susan and Janet was able to slip free at last.

Seeing her rival flat on her back and breathless, Janet dropped on top of her, pinning her to the floor. Susan instinctively wrapped both legs around Janet's waist and making it easy for Janet to drive her dildo home, all the way to the hilt in Susan's damp pussy. Susan screamed and arched her back, but Janet was too heavy for her to buck off. Slowly and deliberately, Janet began pumping her dong into her mortal enemy.

"How does it feel to be fucked like the whore you are?", Janet said as she humped her rival.

"You'll be sorry you did this you cunt", Susan grunted as the dildo worked inside her. "Stand up and face me in a fair fight, I dare you."

"Ha!", Janet laughed. "It was real fair when you were screwing me into the wall back there. If you want out of this, you're going to have to fight your way out."

Curses gave way to grunts and moans as the two rivals battled on the floor. Janet was relentless, driving the dildo deeper and deeper as Susan's curses turned to moans and her legs tightened harder around Janet's waist. Suddenly, Susan cried out and squirmed beneath her on the dirty carpet. Susan shuddered through a tremendous orgasm and then with a hard twist, rolled Janet off of her and onto the floor, breaking them apart. Janet struggled to sit up, but Susan lunged on top of her. Janet knew what was coming and tried to roll away, but it was too late. Susan's dildo slipped smoothly inside of her, filling her to bursting.

"So you want to fuck you little bitch?!", Susan growled. "Good let's fuck!"

Janet tried to roll away, but Susan was on her and in her. Breast to breast, wrestling flat on the floor. Susan began rocking her hips steadily and there was no where to hide from the sensations building deep within her loins. Building and building until all Janet could do was grit her teeth and scream as wave after wave of pleasure rocked her body to its very roots. Eventually, the feelings subsided a little and Janet managed to get a knee into Susan's stomach and push her away. Staggering to their feet the two women glared at each other with hate and lust.

"So you want a fair fight?", Janet snarled, "OK, then come on, no more dodging around. Come here and fight me cunt to cunt if you dare."

"Fine!", Susan shouted. "No more playing around, just a standup fight, woman to woman."

Coming together again, they spread their legs and bent low maneuvering for position. Janet felt Susan's dildo begin to enter her vagina, but this time she didn't pull away. Instead, she angled her hips until she could press her own dong smoothly home into Susan's bushy blonde sex. Once they were in position, Susan looked into Janet's eyes and snarled, "Fight!"

Slowly but with increasing speed, the two fighters thrust their hips together, pumping away at each other. Standing face to face, neither could get more than half of the dildo inside her rival, but then half was enough. Stepping in as close as possible, they leaned back. Their bellies began to slap together with a steady rhythm as the two girls stood their ground and fought it out, hips rocking, dildos pounding away. Eyes drilling into each other, their nipples hard as rocks, Susan and Janet matched each other stroke for stroke. They fought each other while at the same time fighting the powerful climax that was building inside each of them. Perspiration rolled down their young hard bodies. The room seemed very hot and the air stank of sweat and sex. Janet could feel the pleasure growing inside her, building like some terrible storm. Susan squirmed and moaned on the end of her dildo, but continued thrusting back at Janet all the same. Suddenly it was on her, like a cloud burst, Janet could contain herself no longer. Her body shuddered and swayed as she moaned in uncontrollable pleasure. Somewhere in the distance she could hear Susan release a long trembling moan. Weak kneed, they fell to the floor slipping out of each other.

Gasping for breath Susan sat up and wiggled over to her rival. This was a fight to the finish and nothing was going to stop it now. Rolling over so that her head was facing Janet's feet, Susan began to work her legs around Janet's waist. When Janet realized what Susan wanted, she responded by wrapping her legs around Susan's waist and pulling her in. They squirmed in each other's grip until once more their dildos slipped inside each other. Now belly to belly on their sides and trapped between each other's legs, they began fighting once more. Now there would be no escape. Locked together they would fight until one or the other was vanquished. Forcing the dildos all the way to the hilt, the two exhausted women resumed their intimate fuck fight.

Time seemed to stand still. First one woman then the other would cry out in pleasure or in pain. The hard plastic cocks made wet slurping sounds as they moved in and out of the hard fighting women. No one was there to stop them. No one was there to pull them apart, so the battle simply when on and on.

Soon the KY jelly was finished and the natural lubrication of the two fighters would also run dry. The dildos began to rub in a dry and painful manner. The cries now were mostly of pain. Hard plastic cocks ground away against tender flesh, but neither women would quit. The dildo was burning like a hot poker inside Janet now. Each stroke made tears run from her eyes and she bit her lower lip till
it bled, but kept on fighting. Only the memory of Steve's love and his tender caress gave her the strength to continue. Just when she thought it was over, just when she thought she would die from the pain, Susan screamed out her surrender.

"Stop! Stop, Janet stop! Oh please stop, please, please, please!"

Bursting into tears, Susan ceased her endless rocking and lay crying, still trapped between Janet's legs. When Ann and Cathy finally opened the door, that was how they found them, still entangled on the floor, with Susan sobbing softly and Janet panting for breath. The two friends gently pried the two women apart. Cathy helped a wobbly Janet to her feet as Ann cradled the crying Susan in her lap. Janet dressed and then took one last look at her defeated rival. Susan still clung to Ann who rocked her gently back and forth. The dildos lay discarded on the floor around them. Turning, she and Cathy strolled out into the hall and began walking toward the elevators.

"Are you OK?", Cathy asked, as they rode down to the parking garage.

"I'm a little sore", Janet confided. "Actually, I'm a lot sore. Susan said she was going to fuck me raw and she gave it one hell of a try."

"What was it like?", Cathy asked in a whisper?

"Fighting her you mean?"

Cathy nodded, as the doors opened.

"Well, part of the time I was frightened and most of the time I was mad, but for a few moments, when we were locked up on the floor and going at it..." "Well it wasn't just good sex", Janet smiled, "for a while it was great sex and when I won it was best of all." "Thanks for helping me out Cathy, I'll see you in the morning."

With that, Janet turned and walked out into the parking garage. Cathy simply stood there and watched until she had vanished from sight. Cathy paused for a moment, remembering what her friend had said. She thought about Ann kneeling on the floor of the office and about the two discarded dildos lying on the floor. Her heart beat a little faster and her hand trembled slightly as she reached out and pressed the button again, the button for the 14th floor.