Teresa gasped as the giant dildo rammed hard and deep, up into her tight, wet cunt. The young woman squirmed and moaned as she was invaded from behind. Her bare tits rubbed into the cold metal of the desk that she had been shoved down upon, her rock hard nipples folding back into her taut areola. Her hands gripped the edge of the desk tightly, as she struggled to hold herself in place. She tightened her vaginal muscles around the invading shaft, stopping its progress, and was rewarded with a grunt from Martha, the woman at the other end of the two headed dildo. Martha pulled back along the dildo, her cunt sliding along the shaft. Then she tightened her own vaginal muscles in response and, bracing herself, used her powerful hips to drive the massive shaft even farther into Teresa’s core. The girl snarled and groaned, thrashing her legs and bucking her hips, but unable to resist the sheer pleasure as the dildo impaled her ever deeper. Almost two-thirds of the 20-inch shaft was lodged in the depths of Teresa’s vagina; most of the rest was buried inside of Martha’s sopping cunt as the teacher fucked her pupil viciously and with relish. Martha was having problems controlling the rubber shaft. Her twat was so wet with her lubrication that the dildo slid easily inside her vaginal walls, delighting her, forcing her to squeeze the sex toy with all the strength of her deep cunt muscles.

The women were in Martha’s office, the door securely locked. The school was virtually deserted, except for the odd teacher and the janitorial staff. It was 5 PM. Around 2 PM, Martha had sent a text message to Teresa to come to her office at 4:45 that day. The teacher had been anticipating this late afternoon encounter for the past couple of days, but springing it unexpectedly on the student had been part of her fun. She enjoyed inconveniencing the young woman, forcing Teresa to change her plans and make excuses at the last minute. But this was part of their arrangement. Teresa was Martha’s sex slave. She was obliged to put herself at the teacher’s beck and call. Martha delighted in rubbing Teresa’s face in the power that she had over her. Just as important, however, abusing the girl and constantly humiliating her meant that Teresa was always in a rage when she arrived to service Martha. The angry, hateful sex they then inflicted on each other was deliciously satisfying to both women.

Teresa had arrived at Martha’s office wearing 3-inch leather pumps, a mini-skirt and a skin-tight white blouse, open halfway down her chest. Her long, smooth legs were bare. Now, she was spread over the teacher’s desk. Her thong was thrown to the far side of the room, beside her discarded blouse. Her push-up bra was bunched down under her tits, leaving her breasts naked, even as it forced them up and thrust them out. Her skirt was shoved up around her waist, leaving her ass bare as the teacher pounded at her. Martha had greeted Teresa dressed in her usual tight gym shirt, shorts and running shoes. Right now, as she snarled with animal fury and pumped the thick rubber dick into Teresa’s cunt, the only things she had on were the shoes and a white demi-bra, which could barely hold her bouncing tits.

The women grunted and groaned as they fucked, each hard thrust from the dildo accompanied by simultaneous gasps and moans of pleasure from both combatants. Teresa felt her pussy lips, her inner vaginal walls, stretching and straining around the dildo shaft and she had to admit that, while she hated Martha passionately, she loved this. She loved being violated, she loved this ongoing fuckwar with the teacher, in which this was only the latest skirmish. When she had been canceling her plans and arranging to meet Martha for this afternoon’s assignation, she could not deny that her pussy had been wet and tight, her nipples hard like little pebbles, and a deep, excited tension had been building in her gut ever since she had received the text message.

“You’re a fucking cow, Martha,” the teen groaned as she continued being fucked from behind. Her three-inch spike heels thrashed dangerously around Martha’s bare legs. The teacher smiled, thrusting the dildo just a little further up Teresa’s deliciously tight twat, enjoying the sensation as the dildo rubbed into her own engorged clit and stimulated the depths of her cunt. Then Martha relaxed for a moment and pushed her nearly naked torso down on Teresa’s bare back. The teen felt the older woman’s hard nipples pushing through Martha’s whisper-thin bra and into the skin below Teresa’s shoulder blades. Martha bit at Teresa’s beautiful bare shoulder, leaving teeth marks, and smiled.

”I’m your mistress, you stupid teenage slut. Don’t forget that,” she replied. She shoved the dildo in further with a hard jerk, just to punctuate her superiority. Teresa grunted in response to the attack. Then, suddenly, Martha pushed herself back and to her feet, and slid her pussy off of the dildo shaft as she backed up. She grabbed the few inches of the dildo not buried in Teresa’s twat and pulled the whole thing out, a gush of cunt juice splattering the desk. Teresa gasped with the sudden shock, but she also thrilled in anticipation. She knew what Martha wanted to do next, and this was another part of their struggle that Teresa loved.

Martha tore away Teresa’s mini-skirt and threw it aside. She unsnapped the girl’s bra and tossed it after the skirt. Teresa was now naked, except for her pumps. Martha reached between her breasts, unsnapped her demi-bra, slipped it off, and threw it after Teresa’s skirt and bra; her majestic tits bounced free. Then, Martha grabbed the girl by her wide, luscious hips and flipped her over, onto her back. Teresa squirmed, arranging herself on the desk top, her massive tits rocking exuberantly, then spread her legs wide, opening her naked, shaved cunt, displaying the thick-lipped pink slit to her enemy. She reached out to Martha and beckoned.

“Come and get it, you dirty cuntfucker,” she rasped.

Martha snarled, then threw her body onto Teresa’s beautiful, voluptuous form. The women’s equally large, F cup tits crushed and flattened each other, hard nipples grinding, chocolate-brown areola eclipsing and grating. Martha and Teresa both groaned in ecstasy, deep pleasure reverberating through their lush bodies as their massive tits crushed. Both women loved rubbing and grinding and mashing their tits together. Each woman hated the challenge, the beauty of the other woman’s tits. It was a tit rivalry that had started their war. It was a source of endless pleasure to both of them to match tits to tits and fight, trying to squash the other down, trying to prove who had the better rack. They drove each other crazy with lust and pleasure as their nipples crushed and fenced, as their dense titflesh trembled with pressure and sensation, as they rubbed each to the verge of nipple orgasms, rolling their tits around and around each other’s chest. The women despised each other, even as they lusted after each other with incredible passion. They saw in the other woman a perfect rival, a competitor whose body demanded to be conquered and subjugated, and then enjoyed by the victor.

For long minutes, Martha and Teresa writhed in each other’s arms, enjoying the tit to tit battle, slapping their wet, thick hungry cunts together with increasing violence. Their hard bellies clapped in a faster rhythm. Martha seized Teresa by her dark hair, threw back her head, closed her eyes, and simply reveled in thrusting her slick, taut flesh down onto the girl’s delicious body. She slid her sex-slicked, naked cunt lips against Teresa’s equally naked twat. Their fuckmeat slapped and sucked, both women working their hips, trying to spread each other as they fucked. Martha pulled back her pussy, then shoved it down powerfully, splatting wet twats with Teresa again and again. Teresa bucked up to meet her every time, cunt to cunt, both women rubbing around into each other for a time before pulling back to start again. Their mutual moaning grew ever louder and more passionate as the fuckfight raged.

Martha opened her eyes to look down at Teresa’s beautiful, cruel face. The girl’s eyes were closed tightly, her face was a mask of sexual pleasure and animal excitement, her lips parted wetly as she panted with lust and effort. Martha smiled savagely, then lowered her head and drove her tongue between Teresa’s red lips. Teresa eagerly opened her mouth and allowed the teacher in. Within moments, their tongues were fighting as vigorously as their hot, wet cunts. Teresa locked her hands to Martha’s pumping ass, pulling the teacher as hard into her twat as she could. She wrapped her thighs around Martha’s narrow waist, resting her calves on the teacher’s wide hips and crossed her bare legs at the ankles, her toes curling inside her pumps. The women swallowed each other’s moans and gasps of joy and hate, their tongues tangling and twisting.

Martha felt the hard nub of her engorged clit push its way out of her cunt and into the wet, hot furnace of Teresa’s gaping, spreading fuckmeat. Teresa moaned within their locked mouths as she felt the delicious invader rub into her soft labia, and wriggled her hips, opening herself just enough to allow her enflamed sexhorn to pop free, to push up into Martha’s hot, wet cunt in reply.

Without breaking the kissfight, the two battling women maneuvered their clits into position and, trembling with lust, brought the heads of their engorged sex organs into direct contact. They shrieked together, within their locked mouths, their bodies bucking and twitching in spasms of delight, clawing at the other’s firm flesh. Then, they started stroking, rubbing, grinding clit to clit, losing themselves in the delicious fucking that they were administering to each other. Martha grabbed the edge of the desk and thrust deep and hard into Teresa’s welcoming cunt; Teresa tightened her legs around her enemy’s hips, pulled with her hands spread on Martha’s ass, and writhed hard, working her clit into Martha’s matching sex. The women rubbed their torsos and ground their naked, squashed tits with all their strength. Hot sweat and flowing cunt juice lubricated every inch of their writhing, bucking bodies as they mated, lost in the sexual frenzy.

Their clits fought up and down, back and forth, head to exquisitely sensitive head, rubbing, fencing, building up to unbearable and ecstatic levels of erotic pleasure. Neither woman tried to hold back. They fucked and fucked and fucked, clit fused to clit, sexual electricity inundating their muscles, occasionally pulling their cunts apart only to splat them together again, penetrating each other even more deeply. They broke their kiss, gasping and panting as they bucked harder and harder, spitting obscenities in each other’s face, before locking their mouths together again. They rode each other mercilessly, fucking as hard as they could, kissing furiously, tongues struggling, as the rest of their beautiful bodies warred.

Teresa suddenly broke the vicious kiss.

“Fuck, fuck, YESS!! YESSSS!!” she screamed, her body exploding in unbelievable pleasure. Her pussy gushed uncontrollably. She sank her claws into Martha’s thick, shapely ass and pulled the other woman as hard and tight to her bucking, writhing body as she could.

Moments later, her clit bathed in Teresa’s hot cum, her sexhorn squeezed by the delicious compression of Teresa’s orgasmic cunt, Martha came hard, screaming out in joy.

“YESS, OH YESSS, you Dirty Little Whore!!,” she cried. She thrust down with her hips, trying to suck and seal her cunt as tightly to Teresa’s wet, hungry twat as she could, trying to inject her hot cum deep into Teresa’s welcoming cunt. Teresa bucked up to meet her, and the women basked in the delicious feeling of their cunts eating each other, of their pussy juice mixing and filling their vaginas, before squeezing out and soaking their inner thighs. For several minutes, the women shared delicious orgasms, their clits melted together, their sweat slicked bodies rubbing and writhing and driving each other to greater heights of ecstasy.

Finally, the orgasms subsided. The women lay wrapped together, nude except for their footwear, sprawled out on top of Martha’s desk. They panted furiously. Teresa’s ass was wet with the combined sexual secretions that had flowed down to the desktop. The women let the sex fever abate, while they enjoyed the sensual weight and heat of their bodies pressed tight, the heft of their equally large tits crushed together, their hot cunts pulsing in unison. Teresa slowly unwrapped her thighs from around Martha’s hips, and dropped her legs to the desktop.

Martha rolled herself off of Teresa, then stretched her body the length of the teen’s voluptuous form. Martha crooked her right arm and propped her head up on her hand, to look down on the student. Her firm right breast was pushing hard into Teresa’s left tit.

“You’re still a lousy fuck, you stupid skank,” Martha drawled at the student. “Even after almost a year of being my fuckbitch, you’re still just a trashy little slut who couldn’t fuck her way out of a paper bag.”

Martha cupped the girl’s right tit, squeezed it hard, then slid her hand down Teresa’s torso, over her smooth, hard belly, her flat palm sucking at the girl’s deep, damp navel, before moving down to Teresa’s wet, naked pussy. Martha ran her finger along the girl’s slick, wet slit.

“You’re a fucking whore, Martha,” Teresa sneered, struggling to keep from gasping as the teacher’s finger stroked her sensitive pussy lips. The teacher raised her wet finger to her mouth and licked it clean. “You’re a used up, fat old cunt.”

Teresa cupped Martha’s left tit, squeezing the thick brown nipple hard, then pulled the massive tit to her mouth. She licked and sucked at Martha’s nipple, smiling as it grew hard and long under her ministrations. In reply, Martha slid her hand back down to Teresa’s twat. Soon, her fingers were working their way into the girl’s vagina, her nails were gently tweaking Teresa’s still-swollen clit. Teresa groaned around Martha’s delicious titmeat, then slid her right hand down to the teacher’s naked cunt. In a moment, the women were fingerfucking, the room filling with the sound of two wet, tight pussies being worked by vigorously pumping fingers.

“Mmmmm, mmmm,” Teresa moaned as the tension built in her body, as her clit throbbed and pulsed with sensation. She sucked harder at Martha’s beautiful tit, taking even more of the delicious titflesh into her mouth, devouring it with a ravenous hunger.

Martha continued working her left hand in the girl’s cunt, but she now dropped her head to the desk and looped her right arm under Teresa’s neck and down around her shoulder. Martha filled her right hand with Teresa’s massive right tit, squeezing, kneading and caressing the beautiful golden orb. She pressed her face close to Teresa’s beautiful visage, licking and nuzzling at the girl’s nose and lips, trying to distract her from her masterful suckling of Martha’s gorgeous left tit. But Teresa resisted the urge to lock her tongue with Martha’s. Instead, she sucked harder and more passionately and her fingers moved even more eagerly inside of Martha’s cunt.

The women’s moans and gasps grew until, with a cry, Martha stiffened, her long legs lashing out and going rigid, her whole body suddenly convulsing with pleasure. She struggled to keep working Teresa’s clit and tit, but the orgasm burning through her was almost too distracting. Her cunt squirted, soaking Teresa’s hand and coating the girl’s thigh with juice. A few moments later, Teresa groaned in pleasure and suffered through a deliciously intense orgasm. She bit Martha’s nipple even harder as she spasmed joyfully, provoking a cry of pain and passion from the teacher. Her cunt gushed again, trickling down between her legs to the wet desk.

The women released each other and lay together for a few moments, side by side, their breath coming in hot pants, Martha’s right tit crushed tight to the side of Teresa’s left boob, their bodies gleaming with sweat and sexual juices.

“I knew you couldn’t last, you dumb fuck,” Teresa snarled. “You’re no good at fingerfucking, you’re no good at any kind of fucking. Someday, my pussy is going to suck yours inside out”.

Martha just smiled, then slid off the side of the desk, her round, taut ass slipping in the pussy juice. She enjoyed the trash-talking that followed their battles. She sat down in her desk chair and began unlacing her running shoes.

“So,” Martha said, conversationally. “Your graduation is coming up, soon. What do you plan to do for the summer? Besides being my fuckbitch, of course.”

Teresa sat up on the desk and glared hatefully at the beautiful, voluptuous, naked blonde woman in the chair beside her. Martha was only a few years older than Teresa and her body was still in its prime, and would be for many years to come. Teresa hated to admit to herself that Martha’s body was just as firm, well-rounded and magnificent as her own. She glared at the teacher’s golden tits, the well-muscled abdomen, the wide, womanly hips, the long, strong legs. She hated this bitch, but she also wanted nothing more than to conquer and dominate that beautiful body with her own.

“I’m planning to be gone for part of the summer. Our deal doesn’t include me just sticking around to fuck your fat ass. I only have to do that when I’m going to be here anyway.”

Martha smiled. “Well, I don’t think that your interpretation of our agreement is really accurate. I guess we could ask Cynthia to clarify it. But it doesn’t matter – I’m going to Europe for about six weeks myself, and I’m leaving in two weeks.”

Martha had removed her shoes and now stood up from the chair. Completely naked, she stretched her magnificent body, raising her arms over her head and standing on tiptoe to get a good, long release of tension in her muscles. Her fantastic tits jutted high and proud from her chest, her belly tucked in, the delicious muscles in her long, smooth legs stood out in stark relief, the curve of her back from her spine to her ass was deep and enticing. “Mmmmmm,” the teacher sighed, smiling in satisfaction. Teresa glared at her. The teenager was clearly caught between intense jealousy at being confronted by a body that rivaled her own and intense lust.

Teresa pulled off her pumps and stood naked, in her bare feet, her hands on her hips and her chest thrust out at the teacher. She was caught by surprise by the news that the teacher was so close to leaving for the summer. Teresa was torn by several conflicting emotions. She knew that she and Martha would still have opportunities to ravage each other when the teacher got back, but she also realized that her time to pay Martha back for all of the humiliation she had been subjected to over the past 10 months was running out fast.

“I want to discuss something with you, Martha,” she said. “A slight…change in our agreement.”

Martha smiled, cocking a jaunty hip at Teresa. “Really? Now, why would I agree to any changes? Right now, your cunt is mine all the way to September. That’s more than two months. Why should I want to change anything?”

“Because what I am offering is this: you agree to my terms, if you win, I’ll keep being your bitch for…” she hesitated. “Another two months. To the end of November.”

The teacher snorted. “You’ll be gone by then, you little whore. Do you think I’ve forgotten that my favorite little fuck toy is heading off to university?”

“Well, then, for the rest of the year. Whenever I come home for vacations, I’ll be your slave. All the way through next summer.”

“Hm.” Martha considered. That did sound like a good deal. She hated to admit it to herself, but she was enjoying her fuckwar with Teresa enormously. The girl’s body was beautiful, as fantastic as her own, and the girl’s voluptuous flesh had given her endless hours of intense pleasure. Moreover, she had to admit that forcing an Alpha bitch like Teresa to kowtow to her was incredibly pleasing. She loved humiliating the girl, and she had been rather unhappy about the prospect of losing Teresa as her own personal sex doll come September. She had even considered putting off her European holiday for this year, just so she could take advantage of Teresa’s body during the summer. But, in the end, she had decided to carry out her usual plans. Now, however, the girl was offering another way for Martha to get at her pussy for the upcoming year.

“What’s your request?,” Martha asked, her interest piqued.

“Simple,” Teresa replied. “I want another fuckfight with you – no holds barred, a straight rematch. Just you and me. If I win, then nothing changes. You still have me until September. If you win – well, then, you get me for another year, whenever I’m around.”

Martha considered. “One other condition: If I win, you call me ‘mistress’. I’m tired of your lip. You will be a proper slave.”

Teresa gritted her teeth. Her refusal to acknowledge Martha as her mistress had been a major source of conflict between them, and had been the one consistent resistance that Teresa had been able to offer. Giving it up – finally having to say the words – was a possibility that made her, literally, nauseous. But it would be worth it, if she could win.

“OK,’ Teresa muttered. “I’ll do it. But you have to agree: an all-out fuckfight, all night long or until the loser gives. Dildos, vibrators, whatever other toys we both agree to use. No surprise attacks.”

Martha smiled. She knew why Teresa wanted to do this, of course. She wanted both of them to know which of them was the stronger woman. Teresa had never accepted Martha’s earlier victory. Teresa had spent the past year locked in continual sexual warfare with the blonde teacher. Every time it had seemed like she might win a sexual battle, or had gained an appreciable advantage, Martha would invoke her victory and her status as the mistress, to force Teresa to give up and pull back. There had been a few times when the fucking had been so deliciously intense that Martha had not been able to call Teresa back, or she had just decided to let the girl win. But she always made sure that she paid Teresa back twice over. Any victory the girl had was short-lived and resulted in much greater punishment and humiliation. The entire situation meant that Teresa was enormously frustrated, an Alpha bitch who was chained and muzzled, unable to prove her power.

“So,” the teacher said, walking up to Teresa and stopping when they were nipple to nipple, their hard, fleshy nubs pulsing. The two nude, beautiful young women looked intently into each other’s eyes. “You want another shot at me, hmm?”

Teresa bit her lip, determined not to say anything that might lose her another chance at a fair fight with Martha.

Martha’s smile widened. “Well, I’ll think about it. I’ll let you know by the weekend.”

She turned away, her hard nipples deliberately flicking across Teresa’s tight pair. “For now, let’s go shower.” She motioned toward the back of the room, where she had a private shower and change room. She had already lined the floor of the change room with mats, in anticipation of doing other things to Teresa. Martha retrieved the dildo and held it up. “There are still some places I want to stick this thing.”

Teresa smiled grimly, but her heart quickened with excitement and she felt her inner cunt moisten. She walked past Martha toward the shower, her nipples starting to tighten in anticipation.

Martha followed her in, closing the bathroom door.

“I’m going to make sure that you remember tonight every time you walk or sit down for the next week,” the teacher murmured to the student. “I’m going to teach that tight little cunt and that cute little asshole a few lessons that you’ll never forget.”

Teresa said nothing, but she put a saucy wiggle in her ass as she walked into the shower stall, turned on the water and adjusted it to a steamy hot temperature. Martha followed her in and closed the door. The women pressed tight, tit to tit, belly to belly, nose to nose. The warm water covered their bodies, providing a delicious lubrication to every inch of their voluptuous flesh. Then, simultaneously, Martha and Teresa grabbed the other woman by the hair, pulled their faces together and kissed savagely. Thick thighs pressed tight into naked, slick cunts.

The afternoon’s activities were just getting started.

To be continued: