Suddenly she felt Rhonda’s long tongue snake into her mouth. She flinched at the incredible sensation of the wet, sweet intruder licking inside of her and twisted away from the redhead’s face for a second. “What’s the matter, pussy?” Rhonda demanded. “I thought you could handle anything I could put out.”

Christina turned back and glared sharply into Rhonda’s eyes. “I can handle you fine, you fucking bitch.” The girls glared at each other nose to nose for several seconds, each realizing that a new gauntlet had been thrown down. Christina reached forward and grabbed Rhonda by the hair, then forced her mouth down on the other girl’s. This time it was Christina who plunged her tongue deep into Rhonda’s mouth, forcing a moan of pleasure from the redhead. Rhonda’s tongue immediately retaliated, slithering across Christina’s. Christina pressed her lips down on Rhonda’s and twisted into a searing, erotic kiss, and Rhonda’s head tilted in the opposite direction until their mouths had locked into a perfect join. Christina’s tongue thrashed violently against Rhonda’s, slashing into her cheeks and across the roof of her mouth as the two dueling taste glands tangled and forced themselves against each other. In seconds Christina felt her labia slicking with a full load of lubrication and suddenly her pussy was sliding sensuously against Rhonda’s, the hot friction of their snatch battle replaced by a gliding eroticism every bit as intense as the struggle between their two tongues. Rhonda’s fingers slipped from her hair and smacked down on her clenching ass cheeks and she immediately responded, filling her clutching hands with the redhead’s tight ass. There was no doubt of what was happening now: the two enemies were fucking each other, and Christina knew that the key to victory lay in fucking Rhonda harder and better than Rhonda was fucking her.

As she twisted around Rhonda’s mouth she could see their two bodies reflected in the mirrored walls of the bar, mouths glued together, tangled hair cascading down their necks and backs. She could see the muscles coiling in Rhonda’s legs and ass as she worked her tall body against Christina’s, and she could see her own lean figure responding as it pressed back into the cocktail waitress. She wondered what the bar regulars would think to see the two most familiar employees out of their uniforms, stark naked, locked together in a heated, wholly sexual conflict in the center of the bar. She wrestled against Rhonda’s sweating flesh and felt the other girl’s curves and bulges strive back against her own. Back behind Rhonda laid the one area of the bar not covered in dangerous, breakable glass: the metal ice cooler that curved up from the floor and tucked up under the surface of the bar. She began to slowly, forcefully wrestle Rhonda back in that direction as she licked at her rival’s mouth and slid her slick sex against the redhead’s slippery vulva. She knew she didn’t have enough leverage now to really work her pussy against Rhonda’s the way she wanted to, the way she would have to in order to defeat the cocktail waitress once and for all. But if she could lay the other girl down across the cold metal surface of the cooler she might have a chance.

Rhonda struggled against her sweatily, seeming to sense Christina’s tactic without looking backward at what lay behind her. The waitress probably knew the layout of the bar as well as she did, Christina thought. Probably she knew what Christina wanted. The redhead’s tongue thrashed more violently against Christina’s and she used her shoulders to stroke her hot breasts more insistently against the brunette’s, but Christina continued to force her back. Finally Rhonda pulled out of Christina’s mouth and the two girls gasped against each other as they wrestled; Christina’s hot cheek pressed into Rhonda’s as she took long gulps of air.

“Don’t think you’re going to fuck me back there,” Rhonda said huskily.

“That’s exactly what I plan to do, whore,” Christina replied. She no longer cared that the redhead was on to her.

“You’ll be the one under me, bitch,” Rhonda growled. Suddenly both girls threw themselves together with renewed fury as both attempted to force her rival backward and down onto the surface of the ice cooler. Slaps, smacks and grunts erupted as the girls fought viciously; Rhonda grabbed Christina’s hair and spun her backward, and their hot groins collided briefly as the redhead tried to pivot Christina across her pelvis into the cooler. Instead Christina spun around Rhonda’s body and both girls landed on their sides on the ice-cool metal surface. Grunting, the girls tugged at each other’s thick hair, their forearms bulging with effort as each tried to throw her rival down. Finally Christina managed to slowly, painfully force Rhonda’s back onto the metal. She saw goose bumps leap up on Rhonda’s breasts as the chilly metal touched her back, and the other girl’s pink nipples, which had retreated a little in the long breast to breast battle, suddenly stiffened up to their full length again. Christina dodged warily around the protruding points as she settled her jiggling breasts over Rhonda and pinned her spread-eagled on the cooler, pressing her chest, belly and pelvis down onto the redhead’s supine body. She realized she had shoved Rhonda up far enough on the cooler that her crotch was situated a few inches above Christina’s, and the redhead’s breasts were also up out of reach of the bartender’s, which now settled just under Rhonda’s ribs. As the other girl’s erect nipples waved like antennae in front of her she realized she had hit an unexpected advantage.

“I’m glad you wanted me to suck the milk out of you tonight, bitch, because this is the perfect place to do it!” she said as she brought her full weight down on top of Rhonda and leaned down to bring her open mouth inches from the tip of the redhead’s right breast. “You’re on tap tonight, honey!” She sank her teeth into Rhonda’s waiting breast, closing her incisors around the rubber shaft of the redhead’s aroused nipple and chewing on it viciously. She bit hard enough to cause the redhead pain but not hard enough to break the skin; she wanted to hurt her, not maim her, and she knew in Rhonda’s current state any contact with her nipples was probably unbearable. She sucked the nipple and aureole in deep and sank her teeth into the pale, freckled flesh surrounding the breast tip, slashing her tongue across Rhonda’s nipple and sucking it hard. Rhonda screeched and bucked under her, her hips slamming against the curved metal door of the cooler, pubic fur scraping at Christina’s stomach. Christina sucked even harder before letting the swollen tit pop out of her mouth; she immediately twisted sideways and feasted on the redhead’s left tit in the same manner as Rhonda writhed underneath her. Finally the redhead could stand it no longer and in a violent burst of energy threw Christina off her to the side of the cooler. Their upper bodies smacked together briefly and Christina felt Rhonda’s nipples stab into her soft tit flesh before her own brown cylinders responded, stiffening up to flick their way back, briefly tangling around the redhead’s quivering rods before Rhonda’s boobs slipped underneath hers.

She hissed as the freezing metal of the cooler pressed into her back and ass and felt goose bumps leap across every part of her body. The contrast between the chilled metal on her back and Rhonda’s hot, sweating body pressing down onto her from in front was dizzying. The redhead’s cruel face hovered above hers for a moment. “Let’s find out how much you can give, cunt,” she said before flashing her face down into the playland of Christina’s quivering breasts. Each of her dark brown nipples and wide, brown aureoles was bitten and sucked hungrily until she felt her breasts burning with raw sensation. Unconsciously her hips gyrated against Rhonda’s body, eager for more contact with their counterparts. She struggled to twist her hands free of Rhonda’s grip as the cocktail waitress sucked and bit at her breasts viciously; she managed to free one hand and immediately grabbed Rhonda’s crimson mane of hair and yanked the other girl’s face close to hers. Snarling, both girls’ tongues fluttered against each other in taunting, teasing flicks. As Rhonda jointed against her she began crawling upwards, mashing her massive breasts into Christina’s, melding their stomachs and finally pressing her searing cunt down into the matted, sweating black fur of Christina’s crotch. The redhead’s big vulvae lips plastered down onto Christina’s and for several moments both girls worked at rubbing the thick mat of mingled cunt fur between them, working the curls and tangles aside until the glistening, slippery flesh of their labial folds could mingle intimately. Christina knew she was sacrificing herself to her own dirty plan to defeat her enemy, but she couldn’t stand having her throbbing pussy separated from the redhead’s sex for one more second. Rhonda worked at her slowly, dragging her boiling cunt lips across the full length of Christina’s as each girl urged layer after layer of tingling tissue aside in search of the prize they sought.

Rhonda’s tongue slowed its agitated lick of Christina’s to an equally incremental slide back and forth across Christina’s taste organ as both girls stared at each other, trembling into each other’s mouths. Christina knew exactly what the redhead was doing and she matched her, tonguing slowly in an identical rhythm to the measured mingling of their dueling pussies. Buried in the folds of the redhead’s cunt was another tongue, Christina knew, waiting to emerge and duel. Rhonda withdrew her tongue from the slow skirmish just long enough to confirm Christina’s thought. “I’ll bet you think you’ve got some big fat clit for me, don’t you bitch?” she said quietly.

Christina grunted in reply and tilted her pussy farther forward, wincing briefly as she teased her sex horn out from its hood of slick flesh and brushed it against Rhonda’s labia. “Is this big enough for you, you big tight slut?” Rhonda immediately twisted against her and she felt her rival’s clitoris emerge to challenge her own. Deep in the tangled jungle of pussy flesh and fur, her lengthening clit slid silkily against the redhead’s and both girls let a long, shuddering quake of arousal ripple through their interlocked bodies. Rhonda began to slowly but aggressively work her long clit against Christina’s and Christina in turn fought to keep her slick sex horn in hot opposition to her rival’s.

“I’m going to fuck your clit right here and now, bitch,” Rhonda growled. “I don’t care how big and stiff you are down there, I’m bigger and harder.”

“I’m longer and stiffer than you’ll ever be, pussy-licker,” Christina said, maintaining as much bravado as she could despite her inferior position and the intimidating length and firmness of Rhonda’s clitoris. She struggled to press the full shaft length of her clit alongside Rhonda’s in an attempt to compare the two length to length, but with each attempt the redhead flicked her organ around Christina’s and sent waves of pleasure surging through her pelvis. Rhonda began to pump insistently into her and Christina fought to meet her stroke for stroke. Even with the icy feel of the cooler against her back and butt the heat of the pussy battle was overwhelming, pooling sweat in her stomach and chest and allowing Rhonda’s breasts to slide over hers stickily. She was back in the same position she had been in the storeroom, she realized, bent backwards under Rhonda’s dominating body, drowning in the redhead’s sexual heat.

“Let’s fuck right now to see who takes this job and who leaves,” Rhonda growled into her sweating face.

“I’ll fuck you right out the door, honey,” Christina said bravely. Rhonda began to take long, thrusting strokes, slashing her big clit against Christina’s, and the brunette felt herself squealing against the sensations being beaten into her by the other girl’s body. An overwhelming sense of shame flooded over her as she realized the full impact of her humiliating position: naked, being pussy-fucked by a girl who should be taking orders from her.

“I hope you like it on the bottom because that’s where you’re going to be from now on, you sexy little bitch,” Rhonda purred over her. The redhead reached over and grabbed a seltzer dispenser from its rack, pulling the pressurized hose out from its mount and holding the spigot over Christina’s face. “Why don’t you cool down a little, honey?” she asked and jetted cold, carbonated water over the brunette’s face and chest. Christina thrashed as the cold liquid sprayed her, jetting onto Rhonda’s breasts as well and splashing downward to seep between their stuck-together bellies, finally tickling into the heated space between their dueling cunts. Christina writhed in the new, slippery environment and finally managed to slide out from under Rhonda. Thrashing violently, she managed to force the redhead aside and mount her lean, pail body, smacking her throbbing, wet breasts down on top of the cocktail waitress’s quivering boobs.

This time she made sure every inch of their bodies were aligned as she plastered herself against her enemy and forced her open mouth down onto Rhonda’s. She rubbed her cunt deep between the redhead’s waiting legs and used her own sleek, muscular thighs to pry Rhonda’s long legs apart, forcing her pelvis into intensely intimate contact with the cocktail waitress’s. Her buttocks clenched and she began to do her own long, deep stroking of Rhonda’s furry cunt, slowly working her way into the folds of the other girl’s sex. To her credit, the redhead eagerly humped back against her and met her thrashing tongue with equal force. It took only a few seconds to relocate Rhonda’s long clit and lay it down with her own.

“Let’s see what you can take now, bitch,” she said after pulling out of Rhonda’s slippery mouth for a second. “Let’s see how much of my big clit you can take on.”

“Every fucking inch of it, you filthy whore,” Rhonda insisted. Both girls wrapped their fingers into each others’ hair to draw each other in closer, their mouths hesitating over each other for a second before plunging together ravenously. Christina took long licks across her enemy’s tongue as she aligned herself clit to clit with the redhead and began to focus herself for the harrowing sex on sex strokes that would be the only way to win this duel. She slid against the exquisite tenderness of Rhonda’s searing hot cunt and felt her enemy explore Christina’s sex with equal determination, each girl fixated on locating the most sensitive, unspoiled regions of each other’s cunts, intent on stroking her rival’s electrified clitoris into submission. As she pumped away the slippery, erotic feeling of Rhonda’s mouth and pussy against hers seemed to expand as their bodies grew slick with sweat, as breasts slid across breast, belly across belly, inner thigh across spread inner thigh; it was as if Christina’s split, exposed vagina were expanding its regions across her entire body, turning every inch of her into one massive, sex-slick erogenous organ wetly interlocked with another woman-sized genital, sliding and undulating across each other like mating oysters.

She suddenly felt Rhonda thrash wildly against her and pull out of their dueling kiss, her hair whipping across Christina’s face in an explosion of violence. “Cunt!” she screamed into Christina’s face. “You fucking dirty cunt!”

Christina glared into Rhonda’s face before diving down and biting savagely at her lips, cheeks and chin, finally thrashing her tongue deep into the other girl’s mouth, almost choking her before withdrawing. She continued to stroke against Rhonda’s throbbing clit until the redhead’s sex horn slowly withdrew back into its moist cavern of safety, away from the victor buried in Christina’s bush. Christina leaned up, letting her hot breasts pull themselves stickily off of Rhonda’s defeated bosom. She grabbed the discarded seltzer spigot and sprayed the bubbling water over Rhonda’s face and breasts, finally pulling herself away enough to spray water between their two crotches. Rhonda shook in wet humiliation until Christina had to deliver two sharp, stinging slaps to her breasts, then to her face, to regain her attention. Staring coldly down at the redhead, she brought her pussy to bear and slowly stroked her way to her own orgasm onto the wet, hot fur of Rhonda’s cunt while the cocktail waitress shuddered and moaned in fury underneath her.

Standing, she sprayed water on her own face, breasts and body, exulting in the soothing, cool feel of the water. Rhonda sank down onto the filthy floor, her voluptuous body glistening with sweat and water. Christina stared at her for a moment, then turned and lifted up the bar surface panel and walked back to the office. She picked up Rhonda’s clothes, stalked back to the bar and threw them down onto the shivering, naked redhead. “Get out,” she said.