By Unknownfan

When she turned back, she saw that Maria was standing beside the artificial fireplace, waiting for her opponent to come join her on the fur rug. Victoria sexily strode across the wooden floor to the fur rug to stand in front of rival, ready for their confrontation.

“Any last words before I completely destroy you?” Maria growled, her eyes narrowing with hatred. The gorgeous brunette had removed everything on her except for her black boots, diamond necklace, and soaked pink panties. Hands on her hips, Maria grinned sexily as she waited for her rival’s answer.

“Most people despise defeat, yet you seem like you want it.” Victoria calmly stated. The younger woman had kept the same things as Maria on – her green panties, necklace, and high heels. Victoria had a feeling her heels would come in handy in their upcoming battle.

Closing in on each other until their erected nipples touched, the two women stood in the center of the fur rug, prepared to take their rivalry to the next level. Their panties were soaked, and the smell of their womanly juices mixed with their perfume, to create a weird, erotic smell which both women found quite arousing. Victoria felt Maria’s chest pressing against her with more force with each passing moment, and soon she felt the older woman’s brown nipples rub against her own sensitive pink rods sexually, before aligning themselves against each other to prepare for a nipple war.

“Who are you trying to impress with those fake tits of yours, Maria?” Victoria hissed as their nipple contact sent tingling sensation through their bodies.

“Who’s tits are you calling fake?” Maria growled. It was true that her breasts had been surgically enlarged, but she wasn’t about to let her nemesis believe that her breasts were superior to hers.

“Fake or real, I’ll beat them just the same.” Victoria replied coldly. It was true that she didn’t care whether they were fake or not, she just knew that she was going to beat them.

Hands still on their hips, the two women crushed their proud chests into each other. Victoria gasped in surprised and pain as she felt Maria’s hard nipples slid by hers and dug into her soft areolas. She heard Maria hissed in response to Victoria’s nipples digging into her soft tit flesh. Their faces were inches apart, and Victoria could feel Maria’s icy breath against her face. Looking into each other’s eye, the two passed a silent agreement to commence another war. Victoria felt Maria’s lips lock onto hers, and the two drove their tongue outward towards their opponent’s sweet mouth, trying to force their way down each other’s throat. For a brief moment, Victoria had forgotten about the wetness at her crotch and her unsurpassable desire to ram her cunt against her opponent, as the two beautiful showgirls battled for supremacy with their tongues and breasts.

Victoria spread her legs a bit to maintain her balance as she felt Maria crush her breast against her own with increasing force with each passing moment. Pain began to replace the erotic sensation they once felt on their breasts, and both women welcomed it gladly. The pain didn’t satisfy their lust, but it did satisfy their hatred and anger. Meanwhile, their lips fought hotly for dominance. Soft bits and wild thrusts forced the panting women to moan softly into each other’s mouth. Pressing nose to nose, the two women parted their lips, and allowed their tongue to meet in the space between the mouths to stroke each other sensually. The erotic forces generated from their kiss war mixed with pain borne from their tit crush sent an unusual mix of sensations throughout their bodies.

As the two girls finally ceased their kissing war to pull back for air for a moment, the pressure on their breasts also decreased. Maria’s enhanced tits were less sensitive than Victoria’s fully natural ones, and the gorgeous brunette felt satisfied by the fact that the lovely auburn-haired woman had gotten the worst of their battle. Deciding to press her advantage, Maria quickly wrapped her hands around the recovering brunette’s back, and aligned their nipples directly against each other. Smiling confidently, Maria felt Victoria’s hand wrap around her back, accepting her challenge. Not wanting to let her opponent recover, Maria quickly forced their aching breasts together once again.

Victoria gasped in pain as she felt their hard nubs bent each other deliciously backwards. Both women were growling into each other’s face as they applied more and more pressure to their bear hug. Maria was a tigress, an experienced alley cat that knew when to press her advantage. The more experienced woman wasn’t letting Victoria any time to recover, as they crushed their tits together painfully again and again, each time their nipples would meet and bend each other painfully. Both women began to perspire as their constant effort to keep the crushing pressure between their breasts began to take its toll. Their legs weakened after having to support their fighting bodies for so long and soon both women began maneuvering around the rug as they tried to support themselves. They looked like two dancers whose breasts were stuck onto each other’s as they fought for breast superiority.

“So, little girl, how does it feel to have my tits crush yours?” Maria snarled and her teeth clenching with effort as she managed to shove the auburn-haired woman back a few steps.

“Your tits feel weak and fake, bitch.” Victoria muttered, as she took a step back to keep herself up. Maria was slowly forcing Victoria to either the ground or the wall, depending on whether Victoria’s legs or chest give up first. Her breasts were burning from the crushing pain and Victoria knew it was time to end this battle. Drawing on her inner reserves, Victoria managed to shove Maria back and their now sweat covered, slippery breasts slid off each other. Finally, the two women separated for the first time for what feels like an eternity.

The two of them took a brief moment to rest. Maria watched as her lovely rival brush a lock hair away from her face. Victoria’s body was now glistening in sweat, which in Maria’s opinion made her look even sexier. Her heavenly reddish brown hair was still rested neatly on her shoulders. The younger woman’s breasts were slightly red from their previous encounter, but it still looked as firm as ever. Her heaving rival stood tall and proud, softly massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples, almost as if she was playing with herself. It was quite a scene, but Maria knew that Victoria was just playing with her mind.

Maria herself was pretty much in the same condition as Victoria. In fact, she looked pretty much the same as she did when the fight started. Smiling confidently, Maria knew that she had won this battle, even if it was just a very minor victory. Her eyes narrowed as she prepared for yet another assault on her foe. Maria closed in towards Victoria, trying to press her advantage and deny her enemy the time to recover. Suddenly, Maria received a stinging slap to the face from Victoria, who had anticipated this. Maria quickly countered with one of her own, and when it connected, it almost knocked Victoria to the ground. The two women locked hands in a test of strength, and their legs began to maneuver back and forth, trying to trip their opponent and at the same time avoid being tripped. Finally, Victoria managed to wrap her right leg around Maria’s left, and with a burst of unexpected strength, she managed to forced the beautiful brunette back wards and off balance. As the surprised Maria fell backwards, she tightened her grip on Victoria’s hands and managed to bring the younger woman down with her. Victoria landed on her rival and attempted to mount her, but Maria expertly evaded being pinned by using the slipperiness of their sweaty bodies to her advantage to roll away from her opponent. The experienced cat fighter quickly sat up, eliminating Victoria’s hope of mounting her.

“You’re very good, bitch… *pant*… But you won’t be so lucky next time.” Victoria complimented her rival cruelly. Despite the fact that she hated Maria with her guts, she always respected those who had great sexual prowess and fighting skills.

“Thank you… *pant*… Bu there won’t be a next time, tramp.” Maria panted.

Victoria leaped towards Maria and the two exploded in a fury of slaps and punches. Victoria felt Maria’s fist sank into her soft belly, and her own belly button ring painfully crushing into her own belly. The infuriated Victoria sent her own fist into Maria’s belly, making sure to hit the other woman’s belly ring. She felt Maria deliver stinging slaps to her tits while she punched her opponent’s ribs. Both women tried their best to surpass their pain as they continued their catfight. Finally, Victoria managed to get a hold of Maria’s hand to pin the lovely brunette, but the skillful Maria was too quick for her; the lovely brunette grabbed a handful of Victoria’s hair and yanked, rolling the young scarlet off her, and quickly wriggled free and rolled away. Victoria leaped towards her opponent in hot pursuit, but Maria had anticipated this and quickly countered attack. The older woman performed a quick but weak roundhouse kick that managed to hit Victoria in the cheek, which managed to send the younger woman crashing to the floor, winded for a moment. The younger woman moaned as she lay on her side. Maria quickly gathered herself to use this to her advantage. Victoria managed to look up in time to see Maria pouncing towards her. Instinctively, the lovely auburn-haired woman raised her leg. Maria’s lovely brown eyes opened wide in shock and pain as she drove herself against the heel of one of Victoria’s sandal. The silver heel sank deep into Maria’s firm left tit, just below her erected nipple. With a powerful kick, Victoria sent her beautiful rival flying. Maria landed on her ass, and luckily the fur rug broke her fall. Both women took a moment to gather themselves. Nursing her left breast with her right hand, Maria narrowed her eyes with hatred and glared at her recovering rival. Victoria returned her nemesis’ stare with one of her own. Victoria looked incredibly sexy as she fixed her hair – not like it needed any fixing – with one hand, while the other supported her body up. Her lovely sharp features made her look like a bird of prey that was studying its enemy, watching its prey for any signs of weakness.

“Had enough yet, bitch?” Victoria finally asked her rival, as her breathing once again returned to normal. “Or are you really as tough as they say you are?”

“You know this hasn’t even started, lover.” Maria whispered sexily. Now that she had fully recovered from their little skirmish, Maria felt her horniness returning, and once again her cunt ached with anticipation as to what was to come. “We both know that there’s only one way this will end.”

Smiling a cocky, but very sexy smile, Maria pushed herself up and walked towards her rival slowly, showing almost no signs of hostility. Confidently, she reached out and gave Victoria her hand, offering to help her up. Victoria took it without any hesitation, because she didn’t want to show any signs of weakness to Maria. With one powerful pull, Maria pulled Victoria up, and against her body. Their body pressing together once again, but this time it was more sensual than painful. Maria’s hand began exploring Victoria’s soft, slim body. Rubbing her smooth skin with her expert hands, Maria was rewarded with a sexy purr from the brunette. Victoria wasn’t going to be outdone either. She mimicked Maria’s motives and was quick to catch on. Exploring Maria’s smooth, tanned body, she carefully rubbed the spot where her heels struck Maria’s lovingly. Victoria felt her own nipples come back to life as Maria’s skillful stroking re-ignited Victoria’s lust. Her breathing quickened as her nipples hardened. Their exploring went on for only a minute or two before Victoria lightly pushed her rival away.

“I believe it’s time for me to prove to you that I have the better body… by settling things where it counts.” Victoria said confidently, and to make her point, she placed her hands on her hips cocked her pelvis forward challengingly.

“My body the best body there is in Vegas, and no one’s ever beaten it.” Maria whispered sexily. She then lower her hands to her panties, and seductively wriggled her hips as she peeled her panties, soaked with sweat and womanly juices, off her cunt and down her thighs. Maria expertly used her foot to kick her panties away, exposing her beautiful cunt to her rival. Her pink labia glistened with her body fluids; Victoria could see Maria’s non-erected clit waiting to rise majestically to meet its rival in combat. Smiling that sexy, cocky smile of hers, Maria continued. “There’s a reason why Ronald chose me, and it’s because I’ve managed to beat all the other women that challenged me and my position as the hottest woman in Vegas and as the one woman Ronald Drake admires above all. If Ronald allowed me to fight his wife like I fought all his other girlfriends, he would’ve realized by now that the only worth cunt for a man like him is mine.”

“So Ronald is protective of his wife, huh? Sounds like somebody’s just jealous they couldn’t get the man they want.” Victoria taunted, trying to focus on insulting her opponent. Yet all her attention was on Maria, who had spread her legs a bit to give Victoria a good view of that amazing pussy.

“He literally has to beg me for sex, since his wife couldn’t satisfy him. Don’t get me wrong, Ronald’s a great man… but even he isn’t worthy to marry a woman of my caliber.” Maria smiled cockily as she continued her tale. “Do you know how many times I’ve rejected his marriage proposals?”

“Big deal… so you’ve out fucked all those snotty rich girls Ronald brings home. Too bad you haven’t met a cunt like mine, and now you’re about to learn why I’ve managed to grab all of Vegas’ attention in a matter of months!” Victoria smirked. Jutting her hips towards Maria, Victoria slowly slid her panties off her heated cunt, presenting Maria a view of her equally powerful pussy. Drips of womanly juices ran down her pink labia folds as she spread her thighs with her hands to give Maria a good look. Softly rubbing her belly and hips, Victoria bit her lips sexily in anticipation to the upcoming battle.

“Not bad girl, maybe in a few years, that girl pussy of yours can mature into something just as powerful and beautiful as mine.” Maria whispered sexily, as the two women leaned closer and closer to each other. Soon their nose pressed together for an Eskimo kiss, and a delicious lip lock followed. Their dry mouths were licked furiously as both girls began stroking each other’s body once again.

Their kissing war was as sensual as it was furious. Each woman was forcing her tongue down her opponent’s throat, but at the same time licking and biting each other’s lips. As their glossy lips locked in furious combat, their breasts softly touched. Nipples pressed their lengths against each other, while their hands slowly found their way to each other’s cunt. Victoria moaned against Maria’s mouth as she felt the experienced brunette plunge a finger deep into her cunt. Maria had sent her middle finger into Victoria’s pussy to search for the g-spot that she had found last time they fought. Knowing Maria’s strategy and plan, Victoria decided to play evasive and began wiggling and clamping her pussy onto Maria’s finger, trying to stop the lovely brunette from reaching her vulnerable g-spot at all cost. Although all that pussy clamping and wriggling sent waves of undeniable sensation up Victoria’s spine, it was undoubtedly much less devastating compared to what Victoria would’ve felt if Maria had attacked her most vulnerable area. Victoria felt Maria’s free hand softly rub her sensitive belly, tracing circles around her belly button. Damn, she’s a good lover! Victoria thought. Victoria had also been assaulting Maria’s vaginal area. The younger brunette had decided against mimicking Maria’s technique. Instead, she went for the more reliable route. Sending two fingers into Maria’s cunt and fucking her like a piston, Victoria was able to make much more progress than Maria, whose g-spot search had been unsuccessful due to Victoria’s efforts. Victoria grabbed Maria’s lush, tight ass with her other hand and use it to stabilize and help increase her finger fucking tempo. Should things continue the way it is now, Victoria would surely be victorious.

The couple finally pulled back from their kissing war to breathe moment, after almost choking on each other’s tongue. The panting pair searched each other’s face for any signs of weaknesses. Both women looked incredibly sexy, Victoria’s had a very determined, sexy look on her face which nicely complimented her delicate features; while Maria had her usual ‘I’m the hottest woman in Vegas’, cocky, sexy look, which made her very presence breath taking. Maria let out a sexual hiss of frustration as with each passing moment, Victoria’s straight forward pumping was weakening her defense, while she was unable to successfully locate the lovely girl’s g-spot. Juices flowing, Maria knew that her mighty clit would soon be awakening, exposing itself for many attacks. As powerful and mighty as Maria’s clitoris was, it was very vulnerable in a finger fuck war. Victoria knew that Maria was about to change tactics, and the lovely showgirl prepared for the worst. Finally, Maria removed her hand from Victoria’s cunt, and pried the younger brunette’s hand away from her cunt as well. Grabbing a handful of Victoria’s smooth, tight ass, Maria pumped her wet cunt against Victoria’s challengingly.

“Had enough of finger fucking me?” Victoria asked sexily, smiling satisfyingly, knowing that she managed to force the more experience woman to change tactics. Then feeling her opponent’s hot, wet, silky smooth sex against her own for the first time, it was as if all her fantasies finally became real, and the lovely brunette could only let out an uncontrollable, sexual purr. “Ohhhhhhh… You’re so fucking wet…”

“God you horny little slut… Ahh… You just can’t get enough of me, can you?” Maria growled as she ground her wet cunt hard against Victoria’s one more time, before prying her rival’s hands off her ass and pushing the younger woman away.

“I’ve had enough of you and your snotty remarks for a long time.” Victoria replied, and then a sneer formed on her beautiful face. “I’m so glad I can finally fuck you over and shut you up once and for all.”

“We’ll see who’s going to do the fucking once you press that weak pussy of yours against mine.” Maria challenged, her hands traveled from her hips to her inner thighs, as the sexy showgirl spread her steaming hot cunt gloriously for Victoria to admire. “This is what a real woman’s pussy looks like, girl.”

“Oh really? Is it as tough as a real woman’s cunt? Cause from where I’m standing, it doesn’t look like much.” Victoria lied. The truth was the young woman had never been so impressed. Even though they were about an arm’s length apart, she could feel the heat radiating from the other woman’s incredible pussy. Victoria couldn’t wait much longer to press her cunt against it to test her sexual prowess against her rival’s.

“Why don’t we find out then? Come on slut, let’s fuck!” Maria growled, as she took a step, moving dangerously close to Victoria. The younger woman instinctively accepted her challenged and jutted her pussy out for Maria, who sent her steaming cunt plunging forward without any hesitation. Both women hissed as their hot pussies made contact, and their legs spread to allow more contact, at the same time helping the two women maintain their balance.

“I’m feeling your cunt right now, and it doesn’t feel like much.” Victoria grunted, as she ground her cunt against Maria’s. They commenced a slow, cunt grind as they began an all out fuck war. With their hands resting on each other’s asses, the two women looked like they were in a slow dance. Pressing cheek to cheek, cunt to cunt, breast to breast, they panted against each other’s neck hotly as they became more and more aroused. Their belly button rings collided and sent tingling pleasure from their navel to their lower regions. Their silky smooth labia folds rubbed each other deliciously, sending waves of sensation that traveled up their spines. Victoria tightened her grip on Maria’s lush ass as she struggled to keep herself balanced and concentrate on fucking her rival’s cunt at the same time. Maria was also faced with a similar problem, as her need to balance herself limited her cunt fucking capabilities.

Victoria shivered when she felt a droplet of her juices dripped down her cunt to her thigh, before sliding all the way down to her left foot. Both women were beginning to leak an immense amount of fluid as their arousal reached a new level. Suddenly, she felt Maria’s head move, as she felt the other woman’s silky hair slip away from her shoulder, and the pair made eye contact for the first time since their cunt war started. Maria looked amazing. Her eyes squinted sexily in determination, as she licked her lush, full lips. Victoria suddenly realized how wet she was as she continued to stare at her foe, drinking in her flawless beauty. Unable to look away without showing her opponent signs of weakness, Victoria held her ground mentally and physically as she pitted her body against her opponents.

“Feel how my cunt is sucking yours in, crushing your weak pussy?” Maria panted, and smiled with satisfaction as she forced her opponent to let out an uncontrolled sexual moan. It was true; the veteran showgirl’s cunt looked like it was slowly swallowing Victoria’s cunt whole. Never more confident and in control, Maria fearlessly smashed her weapon against Victoria’s, challenging the young brunette to take on the best cunt in Vegas.

Sweat dripped from their foreheads to their heated breast, as they two women stood in a tight embrace in front of the fireplace, battling for sexual supremacy. They hissed through clenched teeth, and panted against each other’s face as their cunts ground themselves deliciously against each other, mixing their womanly juices. Maria’s clit was slowly hardening, awakening from a deep slumber to fight and defend its reign. Victoria’s clit fearlessly prepared itself, as it too rose from the safety of its hood to challenge its mighty foe. Their hands tightened their grip, as both women prepared themselves for the orgasmic clash of their clits. Victoria hissed as she felt Maria’s sex rod push itself pass her labia folds, invading the lovely auburn-haired woman’s cunt, daring Victoria’s clit to come fight it. Maria gasped as she felt Victoria’s hard nub plunge itself into her cunt, parting its lips and fucking it skillfully and forcefully.

“Is that what you call a clit? I don’t feel a thing.” Maria growled, ever so defiant. The tingling pleasure she felt at her breasts and belly felt obsolete now, as her proud clit began exploring the exquisitely soft wetness of Victoria’s pussy.

“It’s more than anything you’ve got… *gasp*… you’re lucky I’m not fully aroused.” Victoria growled back, panting against Maria’s beautiful face as she bored the assault of Maria’s clitoris. Victoria plunged her clit into Maria’s cunt again and again, and to her satisfaction, she managed to make the beautiful woman let out gasps and hisses. At the same time, the lovely brunette moaned as their cunts continued grinding deliciously against each other, and Maria’s fat clit was forcing its way into Victoria’s vulnerable pussy. The younger woman tried to study her opponent’s face for any signs of weaknesses as they pressed nose to nose. Maria was looking down at the cunt war below, clenching her teeth as she welcomed Victoria’s attacks. Victoria couldn’t believe how confident the other woman was, to be able to take her assault without hesitation. Uncertainty and doubt clouded Victoria’s thoughts, as Maria’s impressive display of self-control astonished even the young scarlet.

“Ugh… Feel how my clit is fucking your pussy senseless?” Maria gasped hotly, as she sent her clit plunging towards Victoria’s cunt once more. The gorgeous brunette’s sex horn parted her younger rival’s labia, and then slashed upwards travelling a good two inches before pulling away from Victoria’s heated cunt. Maria’s glistening clit was completely covered by Victoria’s bodily fluid, like a sword that was coated with the blood of its latest victim.

“My clit is fucking… *pant*… fucking your pussy just as much as yours is fucking mine.” Victoria murmured, as she felt Maria’s rod invade her snatch once again, narrowly missing her own clit, yet coming so dangerously close to clashing with its rival. The younger woman had been intentionally avoiding Maria’s sex rod, for reason yet still unknown. Their most prized weapons have threatened to meet times and times again, yet each time Victoria would pull away at the last instant, leaving the other woman unsatisfied and frustrated. There were only a few logical reasons why Victoria would be avoiding the inevitable, devastating clitoris contact and Maria seemed like she had her formidable opponent figured out. The seasoned lover let the younger woman escape direct contact, but used Victoria’s escape as an opening, for her to send her clit plunging into the other woman’s vulnerable pussy.

Smiling cruelly as she forced a sexual moan from her foe, Maria managed to out fence her nemesis as she once again plunged her majestic clit home against Victoria’s cunt. Their stiff clits reached out passed the folds of their labia to probe their enemy cunt, but at the same time carefully avoiding all contact with their hated rival. Victoria continued to play keep away, as Maria became more and more aggressive, slamming her cunt mercilessly into Victoria’s. Their pussies continued to leak a seemingly unlimited amount of fluid as the two continued this hot, cunt war on the soft fur rug of Maria’s expensive penthouse, which was now soaked with their juices.

“Why does your weak little clit keep running away from mine, if you claim that it is just as good as mine?” Maria gnarled sexily, as the two women pressed their nose together and looked down at the hot pussy war below. Although their large, firm breasts partially obstruct the view, they managed to see Maria’s clit successfully driving itself into Victoria’s pussy, again and again. And for each time Victoria managed to score a hit, Maria would retaliate by slashing her clit furiously into Victoria’s cunt many more times with much greater intensity. It looked like Maria was in complete control, as if her clit really didn’t feel anything as it rammed itself into the smooth hotness of its rival’s cunt.

“Fuck you bitch; my clit can take yours on anytime, anywhere.” Victoria growled defiantly.

“Then why you don’t fight my clit?” Maria said with a smirk. Looking back up to stare at her rival’s eyes once again. Unable to retrieve any look of confirmation from Victoria’s sexy poker face, Maria waited patiently for a verbal agreement; but not before letting out one last taunt. “Let’s see what your girl-clit can do against the clit that’s out-fucked any other woman in Vegas?”

Their grinding had stopped completely now, as they stopped to await Victoria’s answer. Both women can feel the heat radiating off their opponent’s formidable cunt, which rested only a few inches away. The only sound that could be heard in dimly lit room was the fading panting of the girls, who took this time to recover as much as they could from their erotic trance, and the realistic burning sound created by the artificial fireplace. Maria felt Victoria remove her hands from her ass, and watched the lovely girl brush strands of hair away from her face. Victoria made a few minor adjustments to let her beautiful mane to let it flow heavenly on her silky smooth shoulders – which was now glistening and slippery with sweat – like she normally does. The brunette looked amazing. Her glossy, lipsticked lips made her delicate mouth look full and lush. The blue eye shadow made Victoria look very dirty, in a very sexy way, fitting their situation perfectly. Her mouth finally opened, revealing two rows of perfectly white teeth, as the young brunette ultimately presented her answer.
“If going clit to clit is what it takes to bring down a sexy, dirty tramp like you, then so be it.” Victoria spoke with a newfound confidence. Her melodic voice trembled with majestic might, as a blaze of glory seemed to have ignited within the young brunette. “Prepare to feel the clit that has brought down every cocky, arrogant bitch that has ever challenged this body.”

“This body has never been defeated either, and you’re about to find out why.” Replied Maria confidently, not nearly intimidated by this seemingly newfound confidence of her opponent. Getting a good hold of Victoria’s lush, slippery ass, Maria felt every nerve ending inside her body tense to prepare itself for the orgasmic clash of their weapons.

“Then let’s settle this once and for all.” Victoria replied, lowering her hands back to Maria’s tight buns.

“That’s right bitch.” Maria stated coldly. “We fuck till one of us can’t take it anymore.”

“Heh, I can take anything you can give and more.”

“Yeah right. You won’t last a minute against me.”

“I’ve taken all you’ve given me so far and I’m still standing.” Victory replied, sneering. “Don’t worry bitch, we’ll be up all night.”

“Yeah, we’ll be up all night talking if you don’t shut the fuck up.” Maria snapped, as she tightened her grip on Victoria’s butt. Then without warning, she smashed her cunt against Victoria’s. “Let’s fuck!”

Victoria’s was about to say something when Maria’s cunt ram into hers and the only thing that came out of her mouth was a sexual hiss. The lovely brunette felt her clit stiffen once again at the feeling of contact, slowly swelling up in size, to reach out pass Victoria’s protective labia folds to expose itself to its rival. Maria’s hard sex rod also came back to life as their pussies meet once again. Nose to nose, breasts to breasts, belly to belly, cunt to cunt, the two women resumed their battle for sexual supremacy. They have taken this to the final stage and there was no turning back. From now on it would be an all out fuck to determine just who the sexiest, best lover of all Vegas was.

“What are you waiting for, bitch? Bring it on!” Maria growled as she sent her clit plunging into Victoria’s pussy, probing the other’s cunt and searching for Victoria’s rising clit. Victoria gladly welcomed Maria’s invasion by pulling back and slamming her sex horn forward, directly into Maria’s clit. Their ultimate weapons met head to head, deliciously crushing each other before the pressure forced the slippery rods to slide by each other’s length, licking each other fully. Both girls’ squeal trailed off into a sexual scream as an orgasmic shockwave of earthquake intensity traveled from their engorged clits to every nerve ending in their body.

“Did you… *gasp*… feel, – feel it? Feel… me?” Victoria demanded, shuddering as she felt Maria’s clit slash hers from all direction, like a leopard pouncing on its prey. Victoria replied by driving her clit deep into Maria’s cunt, before sending it upwards and licking the entire length of Maria’s majestic sex horn from the bottom, and Victoria’s clit dragged a trail of womanly juices from Maria’s cunt. This critical hit forced the lovely Maria to shudder and gasp uncontrollably.

“FUCK!” Both women screamed in unison, as their clits met head for a second time. The unbelievable sensation traveled throughout both women’s bodies, causing both women to jerk wildly as they held their clit head to head, determine to force their rival to succumb to the pleasure. Both women felt their knees weaken as pleasure began to overwhelm them. It became impossibly difficult to balance themselves with their high heel shoes one – Victoria was wearing silver high-heel sandals while Maria had on shinny, black hooker boots. Another orgasmic shockwave of pleasure traveled from their dueling clits to their body, and with that, their legs gave away and both women fell to their knees. Still keeping their clits head to head, both women let out sexual moans as even their knees threatened to give in to the sensations that were overpowering their flawless, perfect bodies. The two panting women forced their mouths together in a furious kiss fight, at the same time crushing their tits and bellies together. Breathing became very difficult as the panting woman struggled to breath and fight with their mouths at the same time. Their clits continued to smash fearlessly into each other, both confidant that they could take anything the other could give. Their clits had grown to epic proportions, as neither woman had ever reached this level of arousal – not even in their previous sexfights. Their majestic clits parried and slashed each other passionately, uncaring of the resulting uncontrollable sensations which threatened to make either woman explode in the greatest orgasm of their life. When their clits met head on, both women would hold it there in hopes that the constant contact would shatter the remainder of their nemesis’ defenses, sending one of them over the edge. Victoria moaned in despair as she felt Maria’s tongue fought off her own, and forced its way deep down its enemy’s throat. Nearly choking on Maria’s skillful tongue and coming against Maria’s powerful cunt, Victoria was finally overwhelm by her opponent, and was forced backwards. Victoria felt Maria’s hand leave her ass to grab a handful of her silky hair, yanking the auburn-haired woman’s head back painfully, and forcing her to the ground. Victoria kicked weakly, hoping to escape from being mounted, but Maria expertly entwined their legs together and slowly lean forward, mounting her fallen foe. Maria’s right leg slid over Victoria’s left, while Victoria’s right slid over her left, And Maria forcefully grounded her cunt onto Victoria’s, sending her opponent’s ass crashing down onto the rug covered floor.

“Who’s on top, cunt?” Maria hissed mockingly, as she placed one hand on Victoria’s belly and the other one her hips, and resumed smashing her clit ruthlessly into Victoria’s.

“Ahhh! *Gasp*… Just give it to me bitch! I can take it all.” Victoria shot back through clenched teeth, ever so defiant. Hands rubbing Maria’s belly and her belly ring, the fallen woman tightened her buns and forced her cunt upward to meet its rival.

Moans filled the room as their clits once again lock together in fiery sexual combat. Maria’s fully engorged clit wrapped its full length around Victoria’s massive clit, as the majestic sex horns continued to battle for supremacy. Both women were leaking an incredible amount of juice as their first epic battle slowly reached its climax. Uncontrolled moans and groans echoed throughout the room as both women dueled with the most sensitive part of themselves, in the most intimate of battles. Victoria bridged her back and sent her belly up, lifting her ass off the ground to increase the intensity of their cunt war. Maria gladly accepted this increased pressure and used it to drive their glorious clitorises together with much greater intensity. Their clits met head on once again, and this time, drawing the energies of her inner reserve, and harnessing the power of gravity, Maria sent her clit plunging downwards with apocalyptic force. The Maria’s divine clitoris met Victoria’s majestic clit head on, and Victoria’s carnal squeal trailed off into an irrepressible shriek of undeniable pleasure as Maria’s victorious clit crushed hers, forcing Victoria’s mighty rod back into its hood. Victoria’s clitoris exploded in pleasure, and the orgasmic shockwave that followed set off a chain reaction as every nerve ending in the lovely showgirl’s body erupted in an orgasm of its own. Victoria’s belly expanded and contracted as her tummy pumped out a prodigious amount of warm gooey female cum that the woman had held back for so many hours.

“BITCH! FUCKING DYKE! OHHH! FUCCCCCCK…” Victoria screamed wildly as her forced orgasm rocked her body. The gorgeous girl had never come so intensely in her life. She began thrashing wildly, and Maria had force her entire body on the brunette, pinning the girl spread-eagled, to keep her from escaping. Maria just held Victoria there for a few minutes, letting the gorgeous auburn-haired woman buckle wildly till she was too exhausted to thrash anymore.

“How does it feel to have your brains fucked out?” Maria whispered hotly to Victoria, whose orgasm had finally subsided. The lovely woman had closed her eyes, and looked incredibly hot as she just lay there, as if she was asleep.

“I’m not finished yet, cunt.” Victoria replied with a voice that was filled with more confidence than Maria had expected her to be. Maria felt Victoria’s hands travel down Maria’s back, to her own pussy. Maria heard the slurping sound of thick goo-like liquid being moved as Victoria cleaned her cum out of her pussy. Then, Maria watched as Victoria brought her hand – which was now coated with cum – towards her mouth and began feasting on the goo, licking her hand clean. Maria felt incredibly aroused as Victoria offered her cum-coated index finger for Maria. The smell of it alone drove Maria crazy, and the older woman licked Victoria’s finger clean without hesitation. The gooey fluid was still warm and tasted amazingly strong – something that Maria didn’t mind at all.

“Your cum is delicious girl… Mmm… I’ll have to fuck more of it out of you…” Maria purred sexily into Victoria’s ear.

“Then why don’t you? Give me everything you’ve got.” Victoria demanded her voice angry and filled with lust. The younger woman spread her legs as wide as she could, challenging the gorgeous brunette to fuck her.

To be continued