By Unknownfan

Victoria never knew she would become one of the most popular showgirls in Vegas. After only working at the casino for a mere 2 months, Victoria had become one of the well-known showgirls, worshipped by the usual crowd and admired by the visitors. The lovely 22-year-old was seemingly on her way to stardom. She was quite happy with her life until her recent success had caught the unwanted attention of a fellow showgirl. Maria was a gorgeous 27-year-old veteran showgirl, who saw Victoria as competitor and rival for the crowds’ attention. She was even better known and more successful than Victoria, being contracted to pose as a model for several adult magazines, and having performed for many famous celebrity couples in their private parties. Maria was the kind of woman who had to prove that she was sexier than any other woman, and the fact that Victoria’s career had blossomed so quickly didn’t help. The two women became lusty, bitter rivals in a short period of time, battling for the title of the sexiest, most beautiful showgirl of all Vegas. Maria seemed to be determined to show Victoria that she was the better woman, something that Victoria did not believe.

Victoria’s rival was extremely beautiful though. The veteran showgirl had skin that was smooth like a child’s. Not only was her body slim and shapely, it had a beautiful tan as well, a bit darker than Victoria’s own soft tan. Her inhumanly firm breasts were 38-Ds, larger than Victoria’s 36-Cs, and the younger woman suspected that the striking brunette had them artificially enhanced. Maria had large brown eyes that anyone attracted to women would find himself or herself drowning into it. Her face was angelic, and her smile showed off her perfect, white teeth. Maria also had a belly button ring – a silver butterfly, which further enhanced her sexiness. Both women seemed quite evenly matched in the beauty department.

Victoria was a stunning woman whose looks got everyone’s attention – on and off the stage. Victoria had a beautiful mane of dark brown hair with red highlights, which reached all the way to her back. Her facial features were sharp, hawk-like. Striking dark green eyes coupled with an elegant nose and delicate lips. Victoria had a sapphire belly ring, which she felt increased her sexiness even more. Her skin was smooth and creamy, her body was slim and shapely, and her legs were long and lovely. Sporting big but tight buns, a flat but soft belly, and large but firm breasts, Victoria was a goddess among women.

Victoria’s family was extremely wealthy, and the reason why the Victoria performed as a showgirl was because she loved being one, not because she needed the money. Rumors had it that Maria was extremely wealthy, and became a showgirl because all she wanted to do was to show off that body of hers. Others say that it’s because of the fact that Maria was probably the head concubine to half the rich men in Vegas that makes her so rich. Victoria believed that Maria was probably just a slutty, spoiled little brat who was quite proud of her body and was willing to do anything to show it off… much like Victoria herself. The two girls were like two sides of a coin.

It was hatred at first sight. Victoria still remembered the older woman’s sneer when she first met her. It was Victoria’s first day as a showgirl, and Maria was making every moment of it miserable. Every little mistake Victoria made were stepping stones for Maria’s insults. All of Victoria’s co-workers feared Maria, but were too afraid to say anything. Things only got worst after Victoria’s first show with the girls ended successfully. The audience loved the new edition and many were determined to find out who she was. The weeks that followed only increased the intensity of their mutual hatred. As Victoria became more and more popular, she was beginning to steal a bit of the spotlight from Maria. The older woman was still the fan favorite, but Victoria was a close second, surpassing almost all the other old favorites only after working for a few weeks. The older woman was obviously threatened by the new comer, and the superstar was determined to let the young scarlet know her place. Their outfits became sexier and sexier, and their insults changed from little catty remarks to direct attacks to each other’s womanhood. Rumors were spread, insults were traded, and challenges were issued; it was going to be an all out war. Yet neither woman was willing to unleash their fury on her rival until the time was right. Neither one wanted to get fired or lose their composure in front of their rival. Victoria knew that the time for their inevitable duel would come soon, when both women’s destiny would collide to ignite the spark that would be required to urge the two women towards their apocalyptic showdown.

Their rivalry had recently reached a new level. Both girls were invited to accompany the owner of the casino to an awards ceremony. Both women were angered by the fact that the owner of the casino, Ronald Drake, found them equally beautiful, and was “unable to choose between them.” Both women believed that she should’ve been the only one chosen, and there wasn’t enough room for both women to help represent their casino. Both of them knew that this was an opportunity to meet many famous and powerful people and neither one wanted the other to get in the way. Maria and Ronald were well acquainted, the lovely brunette was Ronald’s favorite showgirl and the two had spent many intimate nights together, before Ronald finally remarried a couple of months ago. Victoria on the other hand, had only met Ronald in person only a few times, and the fact that Ronald was unable to simply choose Maria over Victoria infuriated the older woman. Victoria knew this and used it to her advantage when she confronted her rival in a verbal war. Their verbal attacks on each other lead to challenges that couldn’t be withdrawn, and that led to a dirty finger-fucking contest between the two women. Both women believed that they were sexier and the better lover. Unfortunately, the place wasn’t right, and the two were quickly disrupted before either woman was forced into an orgasm. But Victoria still remembered how Maria’s expert fingering made the younger woman felt pleasure she had never felt before…


“What’s the matter bitch? Can’t accept the fact that even your old lover Ronald Drake finds me just as desirable as you?” Victoria whispered mockingly, eyes boring into her rivals.

The last show had been over for almost an hour now. Thirty minutes ago, the two received the news from Ronald himself that they were both going to accompany him to the convention. Both were pissed off at the owner’s decision, and an inevitable confrontation was just on the horizon. Both women were clad in their sky-blue showgirl bikinis, and had return to the change room late after their private meeting with Ronald. Completely alone now that the other girls were long gone, both women were more than ready to settle their rivalry. Catty remarks and insults led to open challenges to each other’s womanhood, and the two girls were now on their way to battle for sexual supremacy in this emptied change room.

“Bitch… I can’t believe you actually think that you can compare with me!” Maria spat. The younger woman’s word had pushed a button. Maria had always been Ronald’s prized showgirl, and the fact that her boss wasn’t backing her deeply angered the older woman.

“Face it Maria, ever since I’ve gotten here all you’ve tried to do is prove that you’re hotter and sexier than me… and I’ve always wondered… why would you?” Victoria whispered sexily to the older brunette. Then with a smirk, she continued. “Is it because you’re threatened? You’re afraid of me? Tell me, I would like to know.”

“I don’t need to prove anything to you. I KNOW that I’m better than you are. It’s just that you can’t get it through that thick head of yours.” Maria replied coldly, regaining her composure. Placing her hands on her sexy hips, Maria proudly presented her body to her opponent. “I’ve seen the way you look at my body with envy… girl. This is what a real woman body looks like… Take a good look, because you’ll have one of your own.”

“Yeah right. Why don’t you prove to me just how good your body is, bitch?” Victoria said challengingly, urging the older woman to a sexual contest. Victoria hated it when people called her a girl. Their rivalry was now too big to be settled with words alone. Her body demanded action. Her anger demanded release. “Why don’t you show me just how powerful that famous pussy of yours is? I think I remember I heard that Ronald Drake ditched it for a better woman’s pussy?”

“Hmph, if that is so, then why the fuck would he regular come to my place for a real fuck, something that slutty wife of his can’t give him?” Maria breathed, as the two women unconsciously moved closer and closer towards each other. They were now only about a foot away from each other. Victoria could smell the other woman’s expensive Ralph Lauren perfume, the same kind that she used. Both women were about the same height, and were able to look at each other directly in the eye.

“Maybe once he tries my hot, wet pussy, he’ll never go back to that old, used up pussy of yours.” Victoria hissed. Mirroring her opponent by putting her hands on her hips. “By the way he’s been hitting on me; I know he’s desperate to try it.”

“Whose pussy are you calling old, little girl? This is a real woman’s pussy.” Maria replied calmly. The older woman sexily, slowly grabbed and pulled down her sky-blue thong, exposing her heavenly cunt.

Victoria stared at her rival’s shaven cunt for a few seconds, before accepting the brunette’s challenge and removed her thong in the same sexy manner. Kicking their discarded thongs aside, the women prepared to face each other for the first time in a true sexual contest.

“Why don’ you feel what a woman’s cunt feel like, little girl?” Maria demanded cruelly.

“Only if you feel the pussy that is going to crush yours.” Victoria replied, accepting Maria’s challenge.

“Doesn’t feel like much to me.” Maria whispered, as her right hand made its way down Victoria’s lower belly to her shaven cunt. Tracing her index finger across the younger woman’s labia, Maria smiled in satisfaction as she sensed the level of wetness Victoria was at.

“Yours don’t feel like much to me either, bitch.” Victoria growled, as she slid her right hand down to Maria’s exposed cunt. She felt the older woman spread her legs a bit, welcoming the young brunette’s invasion.

“We shall see… Let’s fuck skank.” Maria hissed, and with that, the sexy brunette plunged her middle finger deep into her younger opponent’s waiting pussy. Maria felt Victoria respond by sending both her index and middle finger up her cunt.

The women stood about a foot apart from each other, pressing nose to nose and looking down at their opponent’s cunt as they fucked it with their skillful fingers. One hand on their hips and the other in their rival’s pussy, the two commenced an intense finger-fuck war. Maria skillfully searched Victoria’s pussy for any signs of weaknesses, while the younger woman wasted no time fucking Maria’s cunt.

“Give it to me!” Victoria grunted, chest heaving, breathing raggedly.

“Oh I will,” Maria growled back at her rival through clenched teeth, boring Victoria’s assault on her pussy.

A moan of pleasure escaped Victoria’s mouth as Maria’s fingers continued to explore deeper and deeper into her pussy, caressing her exquisitely smooth vaginal walls. Her skillful fingers wandered against the walls of Victoria’s cunt endlessly, until it passed by a particularly sensitive spot. Upon contact, a lightning bolt of pleasure raced through Victoria’s voluptuous body, causing the lovely brunette to shudder. A slight feeling of fear crept up Victoria’s back as she beheld sensations she had never felt before. As if she was reading Victoria’s mind, the lovely older brunette ceased her exploring and attacked Victoria’s weak-spot with such intensity that made the younger woman squeal.

“You like that, don’t you?” Maria growled with satisfaction as she intensely rubbed Victoria’s g-spot.

“Ohhhhh… You bitch…” Victoria managed to let out a groan in response.

The gasping Victoria retaliated the only way she could, by increasing her own tempo and hopefully be able to find the gorgeous, older brunette’s g-spot as well. The liquid sound of fingers fucking pussy filled the room. Both women were panting against each other’s face, eyes looking down at their opponent’s impressive pussies. Maria rubbed Victoria’s g-spot in a circular motion with her middle finger, while Victoria had jammed two fingers into Maria’s cunt, fucking it with a piston-like motion.

After a few minutes of intense finger-fucking, the younger brunette’s knees felt like giving up as the pleasure of Maria’s expert attack forced moans after moans of distress from the lovely younger brunette. Victoria had never felt so helpless and angry, yet so excited at the same time! It was the first time she had met an opponent so skillful and beautiful… truly a worthy foe indeed…


A worthy foe that I will crush, Victoria thought to herself. They abruptly stopped their finger-fucking contest when they heard noise outside the change room. The two women promised each other they would settle things after the ceremony, to determine once and for all who the better woman was. Victoria was an experienced fighter, and while she had expected Maria to be quite skilled in the art of lovemaking, the younger woman was caught off guard in their initial sexual encounter. Never again, Victoria whispered in her mind, as she finished putting her lovely dress, a gift of Ronald’s. Her boss had gorgeous dresses made especially for her and Maria. Obviously, Ronald wanted his two favorite showgirls to look good. The lovely dark green gown that Victoria received was a traditional evening gown, which was as sexy as the showgirl outfits she usually wears. It showed off Victoria’s curvy body wonderfully and left little for imagination. The long dress was cut low at the front and even more so at the back, exposing Victoria’s large rack and her smooth back. It had long slits along the sides, which allowed Maria to show off her long creamy legs. Underneath the dress, Victoria only had on her favorite emerald green panties. Her hair tonight was artistically curled, and Victoria put on a bit more make up than usual – not that she really needed it. Wrapped around by a matching green silk robe, silver high-heeled sandals and a green feather boa, the sexy brunette managed to give her sexy look a classy feel to it too. Putting on her platinum necklace and diamond earrings, Victoria felt she looked more like a rich celebrity than a showgirl. As Victoria pondered and admired herself on the mirror, the lovely brunette imagined pitting her body against her rival’s. Their ringed bellies pressing together as their cunts dueled for supremacy. Victoria was more than ready to settle things tonight with her rival, and she knew that Maria would not be an easy opponent.


Maria could feel the intensity of Diana’s hatred by simply looking the other woman in the eye. The blonde was sitting across from her in the limousine beside her husband, Ronald Drake, who hasn’t been able to keep his eyes off Maria ever since he picked her up from her suite. When she had first met Diana, the lovely blonde was a simple girl who had just found out that a powerful and wealthy man who owned half of Vegas had fallen for her. Now, Mrs. Drake looked like a snotty, higher-class woman who had been rich, powerful and spoiled all her life. Maria had to admit that the blonde was quite a looker. Diana had a lovely tanned body that was well toned like a dancer. The white even gown she wore tonight showed off her impressive cleavage quite effectively. Maria knew that the blonde hated her guts. It was pretty obvious that Ronald had told her about their relationship… all those long nights they’ve spent together. Although the blonde was stunning, Maria knew that Ronald had been even more amazed when he first saw her coming out of that hotel door tonight. Maria was dressed in the same dress Ronald had given Victoria only that it was in red instead of green. She wore laced, pink panties that she wore in one of her photo shoots, and shiny black hooker boots. Maria had put on jewelry that Ronald had given her back in the days before he met Diana, and she looked like a majestic beauty queen competing in a pageant instead of a Las Vegas showgirl.

The girl’s stare-off was interrupted when the limousine finally came to a stop, in front of the hotel where Victoria was staring. When Maria finally saw her rival open the door and sat beside the older brunette, the veteran showgirl couldn’t help but feel her nipples harden at the sight of her sex rival. Victoria looked amazing, matching Maria in almost every department.

“Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Drake,” Victoria said sweetly, “Maria.”

“Nice to have you join us, Victoria,” Ronald greeted heartily, eyes gleaming.

“Nice to meet you, Victoria.” Diana greeted with a friendly smile. Her eyes suggested otherwise.

“Good evening Victoria,” Maria greeted, trying her best to hide the hatred in her voice.

The four of them talked about business and other casual things on the way to the ceremony. Maria felt Victoria’s legs rubbed herself sexily in anticipation of their inevitable showdown, but otherwise both girls were on their best behavior. Both girls knew they wouldn’t have time to settle things until their boss finished delivering his speech for the award he was about go get, which meant they had to keep their hands to themselves for at least a few more hours. Maria finally looked Victoria in the eye and a silent agreement passed between the two women – they would wait patiently for the time to finish what they’ve started, once and for all.


Victoria still couldn’t believe how amazing Maria looked, but her thoughts of her rival had to be saved for later as the four of them walked down the red carpet towards the front door of the casino. The young brunette put on a smile as they walked pass reporters, admirers, and other invitees alike. They took about thirty minutes to meet many of Ronald’s partners, and almost every one of them was unable to keep their eyes off Maria and her. It soon became a competition to attract the attention of all the men and women in this ceremony. Both women scored silent victories as different people commented on their looks. Some of them would tell Maria how great she looked tonight, while others would comment on Victoria instead.

Maria was enjoying herself being admired by a familiar crowd. Most of the people here she had already met with Ronald on business trips. Each time Victoria received a compliment, Maria felt like as if someone plunged a knife into her heart. The older women felt victorious and satisfied by the fact that more people commented on her than they did Victoria, but looking at the brunette in the eye told the older woman that Victoria felt otherwise.

Finally they reached the main hall where tables were set up near a stage. Both women tried to relax as they sat down on the table, across from each other. Maria noticed how Victoria leaned forward a bit, allowing that beautiful low-cut dress to expose her cleavage for Ronald Drake. How dare her! Maria wanted to explode. Not wanting to be outdone by her rival, Maria lean backwards sexily, allowing Ronald to have a good look at her chest when he looks over to talk to her.

Victoria felt Maria’s leg find its way to hers and caressed them seductively. When she glared at the brunette, the veteran showgirl just smirked. Victoria tired to dismiss the older woman’s attack, but feeling of her smooth legs stroking hers felt sensational. Her nipples hardened at this leg contacted, and Victoria knew that pussy juices would start flowing if she doesn’t do something or control her bodily desires. Knowing that she mustn’t let Maria get to her, and held her composure the best she could, as the long ceremony finally commenced.


The last two hours have been almost unbearable for Victoria, but it was finally over. The two women had kept the leg contact going on for the entire length of the show. Obviously the leg stroking had its effects on Maria too because Victoria saw the older woman’s face strain with effort to keep her own desires under control. Victoria felt so angry and horny that she wanted to immediately grab her rival and go settle things once and for all in the ladies room, never mind who might walk in on them. Yet unfortunately, as soon as the presentations were over, Maria disappeared into the crowd to ‘talk’ to many old associates of Ronald, who knew Maria all the way back when the two had ‘dated’. According to Mrs. Drake, Victoria learnt that Ronald Drake gave the earrings and necklace that Maria was wearing tonight to her. Victoria had always known that the two had been close, but not that close. A feeling of fear crept over Victoria’s body as she realized that just exactly how powerful connection-wise Maria was. That girl knew as many people here as Ronald did, and it made the younger woman want to think twice before messing with her. Snap out of it, Victoria ordered herself. She was not about to back down from their duel just because Maria could go crying to Ronald after she whipped the bitch. Finally, Victoria decided to go do some socializing on her own, to take this chance to create her own network of connections. Not only would that prove to be quite profitable, it would also help the lovely young brunette calm herself before her inevitable showdown with her rival tonight.

Finally, the crowds began to thin out after all the socializing was done. Even with all the beautiful celebrities and women in the room, Victoria felt that Maria and she stole the show. Almost everyone there were familiar with them, and many of them were dying to talk to them, some wanted to date them, and some wanted to offer them jobs at their own casino. Victoria had almost forgotten about Maria completely until she finally bumped into the lovely brunette near the bar.

“Watch it, bitch!” Maria hissed venomously at Victoria. Her hatred abruptly returning and her attention once again focused on her young rival. Maria knew that the time was near. Tonight will be a long night for both women.

“God, I can’t wait to teach you and your sorry excuse for a body a lesson!” Victoria growled back, her anger igniting. Victoria felt like she had just snapped back to reality, as her mind was once again filled with the familiar feelings of desire, hatred, and anger.

“Why don’t you then? The parties almost over and I’m sure Mr. Drake will let me burrow one of his limos for a ride home.” Maria replied challengingly, not wanting to wait any longer to fight the younger brunette.

“Why don’t we then? Let’s go, bitch.” Victoria said. Turning around to lead the search for their boss. The younger woman could hear the clicking sound of Maria’s hooker boots as her sexy rival trailed behind her.

It took them about five minutes to locate their boss, and Ronald was more than happy to lend them one of his limousines. Diana looked relief as the two announced that they were leaving. The blonde had been pissed off ever since the two girls stole Ronald’s attention, and she knew that she could have her husband all to herself after their departure. After a quick call, Victoria and her lovely rival found themselves alone, inside one of Ronald’s limousines. Sitting across from each other, the two girls drank each other’s beauty as they stared off silently before their final conflict. Eyes locked together, and the two exchanged challenging glanced which would serve as a mutual agreement to start their duel.

“You dirty tramp, rubbing your leg against mine… just what I expected from a slut like you.” Victoria said coldly, finally breaking the silence.

“Aww… The little girl afraid of a little leg rubbing? Oh my, if you’re crying about something this small, just imagine what you’ll do once I beat that body of yours!” Maria replied with a mocking laugh. Then to complete her taunt, Maria lifted her leg and pressed it against Victoria’s, and grinned with satisfaction as the younger women glared murderously at her.

“Bitch. You dirty, filthy bitch.” Victoria groaned as she felt Maria’s leg rubbed itself against her legs sexually. Then, taking this confrontation to the next level, Maria lifted her hooker booted foot even higher till it sensually parted Victoria’s thighs under her dress. Victoria let out a small cry of surprise as she felt Maria jammed her boot’s heels into her cunt, through her panties.

Maria was impressed that the young woman managed to keep her composure and took the blunt of her heel assault. The skillful temptress wiggled her boot to sent waves of sensation down Victoria’s cunt. She felt the lovely brunette respond to this initial attack by sending her foot and high heel sandal up Maria’s cunt, slowly parting Maria’s thighs under her dress and began fucking it in the same fashion as the older woman was fucking her. So began a dirty heel-jamming contest inside the limousine. They both knew this was only a little foreplay compare to what will happen tonight, but each time they managed to force a small squeal of pleasure from their rival, each woman felt that she scored a small victory.

“The little girl likes it dirty doesn’t she?” Maria hissed as she continued jamming her heels into Victoria’s cunt. The younger brunette grunted in reply and smiled in satisfaction when she forced a moan of pleasure from Maria’s glossy lipsticked mouth.

“Oh I like it dirty alright, and you better be pretty damn dirty if you want to be able to make me cum.” Victoria purred seductively and confidently, as she managed to make Maria growl in pleasure again. Despite the fact that their panties were still on, they provided little protection. Maria had skillfully parted Victoria’s labias, and the pleasure Victoria felt was incredible. Yet as horny and excited as she was, Victoria never felt so sure and in control of herself. She was ready to take this bitch on.

Suddenly, Victoria felt Maria withdraw her foot from her cunt, breaking off all contact with the younger woman. Maria tiled her head back, letting out girlish moans of pleasure and allowed Victoria to continue fucking her cunt. The only sound in the limousine was Maria’s moaning and the liquid sound of Victoria’s heel jamming itself against the sexy brunette’s pussy.

“*Gasp*… Enough… We’re here.” Maria purred sexily, after letting Victoria’s one way assault take place for more than two minutes.

Now knowing why her opponent had stopped, Victoria ceased her attack and removed her foot from Maria’s cunt. The two beautiful ladies took a moment to straighten themselves out before they prepare to depart for their final arena. The lovely brunette motioned Victoria to follow her as she got out of the limousine. After thanking the driver, Maria strode gracefully towards the front entrance of her hotel, with Victoria hot on her trail. Victoria was still excited from their little foot fucking contest, and only realized how soaked her panties were as she followed her gorgeous rival. All eyes in the hotel lobby were on them as they sexily walked towards the elevator, the sound of their high heels hitting the floor rung throughout the room. The hotel lobby was beautifully decorated, bright lights and a shinny marble floor. Many of the guests looked like extremely wealthy couples or people on business trips. The pair managed to get into the elevator without anyone else, leaving them both alone to resume their war. After the elevator door closed, and Maria pushed the button for the top floor, both women focused their attention on each other. They stood about two feet away from each other, and neither made a move as they silently studied each other.

Victoria looked even more amazing then she normally did, or at least that’s what Maria felt. The lovely brunette’s hair looked fantastic. Lively waves really showed off Victoria’s red highlights. Not a single mark of imperfection was on the auburn haired woman. Her large full breasts looked like they defied gravity, and every curve of her elegant body complimented her exquisite face. Victoria’s heavy purplish-blue eye shadow only complimented her lovely green eyes helped increase the lovely girl’s sexiness. Her lovely dress and the way that she was wrapped with that green robe and boa made Victoria look like a majestic goddess. Maria couldn’t help but feel herself drowning in her rival’s beauty. For the first time in her life, she felt that she had met her match.

Victoria couldn’t help but admire her rival either. Maria’s dark red dress showed off her huge, firm breasts. Artificially or not, they looked amazing. The dress exposed Maria’s smooth, tanned shoulders and the expensive jewelry she was wearing added more class to her look. Her earrings nicely complimented her confident, sexy face. Her lovely brown eyes, delicate nose, and lush lips made Victoria wanted to lock lips with her in a kissing war forever. Maria’s long brown hair was straight, but slightly curled at the end. Victoria now understood why Maria was so high praised. The woman was walking sex, an embodiment of female perfection.

Their thoughts were interrupted as the elevator finally came to a stop. As the elevator door opened, Maria gracefully walked out towards a large double door. After unlocking it, Maria opened both doors with one powerful shove, revealing their finally battlefield. Maria’s penthouse was truly a work of wonder. The main room was the size of small gym. Inside, Victoria could see that it was decorated to look like a hunting cabin, beautiful wooden walls and a stone fireplace. The beautiful scenery of the Vegas night could be seen from the penthouse’s huge windows. A beautiful crystal light dimly lit up the room. Victoria also saw a mini bar and a beautiful fur rug the size of Victoria’s own bedroom, with two sofas on each side, in front of the fireplace. Obviously that would make a perfect arena. Victoria closed the doors behind her and turn back just in time to see Maria taking off her robe. The gorgeous brunette faced Victoria and confidently, sexily removed her strapless dress, letting it slide to the floor before picking it up with her leg and placing it on a nearby chair. Victoria also wanted no damage to this expensive dress, and was quick to remove it seductively by letting it slid onto the floor the same way Maria removed it. Then, she placed it neatly on top of Maria dress, sending her rival a mental note – I’ll always be on top, bitch.

To be continued