Here it is, my friends. This is my tale of woe and, eventually, my tale of redemption.

I don’t know exactly when or how or why it happened. If I had to take a guess, I’d say that it was about three to four months ago when June, my lovely wife, began to go a little cold in the bedroom. This process slowly but surely escalated, until she ultimately lost all interest in fucking me. We talked about it, and then we talked about it some more. She had no explanation for what she was or, more accurately, wasn’t feeling.

This extraordinary turn of events reared its ugly head after seven of the most wonderful physical and non physical loving years of my life. She was, and still is, my goddess and my best friend. And until this happened, she was my sensual, wanton, lustful, fuck buddy. We’ve had a great life together, in all ways. Until this inexplicable aberration, our sex life was amazing too! That’s why this was such a shock to me.

Many futile nights of trying (and failing) in the bedroom transpired. June tried her best, but just could not convince me, or for that matter herself, that she was into it. And so, for a few months, we floundered unsuccessfully with what should have been normal husband and wife sexual relations. I was beside myself. I didn’t know what to do.

I broached the subject of her, perhaps, having an affair that I didn’t know about. I didn’t believe that she would actually do this, and the discussion of it was like trying to walk barefoot on a bed of old razor blades. It did not sit well with her.

But I told her that I had to delve into the most common culprits that were involved in a sudden change of heart (or shall I say pussy) like this. She begrudgingly understood where I was coming from when I reasoned that if the shoe was on the other foot, and I had suddenly lost interest in fucking her, that she would also want to know if an extra-marital affair was the reason. This having been settled, she assured me that there was nobody else, and there never would be because she still loved me, perhaps even more then when we first got married. But she just could not explain this sudden loss of sexual desire for the man she so desperately loved.

And so began the long procession of potential cures for my loving wife’s “condition.” First we tried herbals. Then came commercial remedies. Nothing worked. Next came the lengthy couch sessions with psychologists who were, in my non medical opinion, full of shit.

On their advice we tried changing up our lovemaking practices. We experimented with some pretty kinky (for us) stuff. We tried role playing, dominance, submissiveness and a couple other things too embarrassing to mention here. It was ALL BULLSHIT! Neither of us enjoyed any of it. June just couldn’t “get it up” for me. We were desperate for a fix.

Then, as sometimes happens in the company of male friends, guys will spill what’s troubling them. This one friend had been kind of tuned in to my plight (so he said) for a while. And so he took it upon himself to intervene.

“What you and June are going through is not unusual. Trust me brother. I’ve suffered through it myself.”


His name was Andy, and we had worked on several contracts together. We’d occasionally grab a beer after work with the other guys before we all headed home to our loving spouses. On this particular night, however, he took me aside in the parking lot to talk privately.

“Your problem at home is fixable my friend.” He said confidently. Finally I caved.

“I appreciate your offer to help Andy. But we’ve tried everything. No success.”

“Wait, let me guess, Steve. You’ve tried herbal and medicinal products. When they didn’t work, you and June got on the psychologist’s couch. You even tried some kinky ‘alternative’ approaches to sex. Am I right?” I marveled at his accuracy.

“Nothing works!” I bemoaned.

“It’s all bullshit. Especially the psychologists.”

“Then what, bro? I’m desperate!”

“You may need to try the unorthodox.”

Andy then reached into his wallet and pulled out a business card. On it were the two words LADY BIANCA, printed in script style lettering.

“You and June, especially June, should see this woman. She saved my marriage.”

“Really?” I was excited, but still skeptical.

“If the conventional hasn’t worked, then perhaps it’s time for the unconventional.” Andy said. I still wondered.

“Are you sure this woman can help?”

“Absolutely. But you better be open minded Steve.”

“What is she? Some sort of sex therapist?”

“More accurately, a sexual ‘healer.’” Andy summarized.

“Open minded, huh?” I pondered.

“You’ll witness some very interesting stuff, should you and June decide to give her a try.”

“Really? Like what?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you. You’ll need to go in without any preconceived notions or prejudices.”

“Hummm.” I scratched my skeptical head.

“Steve, she gave me back my wife of ten years. In spades, brother!”

“How do I contact her?”

“Let’s take a ride.” He suggested. I was up for it, if for no other reason than morbid curiosity.

We then got into Andy’s car and drove to the north side of town where we ended up on a road called Ethereal Lane. There were two houses on a dead end road. Both very nice. It looked to be some sort of development project that had been put on hold. Still the area was nice. We parked in front of an off white one, got out and walked to the door. Over the door, there was an infinity sign, clearly where the house number once had been. I brought this to Andy’s attention.

“This is not going to sit well with the folks at Homeland Security.” I observed.

He laughed, and then stood with his arms casually at his sides. He didn’t knock. He didn’t ring the doorbell. I’m not even sure there was a doorbell.

Mysteriously, the door opened... Before my eyes, in slightly Gypsy style apparel stood a very beautiful woman with a mane of jet black hair and eyes to match. She looked to be about five feet seven or eight inches. About the same as June.

“Andy! Nice to see you. How’s your wife, Stacy?” She asked, in one of the sexiest, duskiest voices I’ve ever heard.

“Stacy and I are doing well. Thanks to you, Lady Bianca.”

“Wonderful! And let me guess. This must be Steve, right? Come in...Come in.”

She then turned to glide into the dwelling. I swear that she floated! I marveled at her grace, and her beauty. But as we entered, I turned to Andy.

“You told her about me?” I asked, slightly annoyed that he would be so presumptuous as to share my personal plight with someone I didn’t know. But he denied having spoken with her ahead of time.

“No! I did NOT! I swear! I don’t know how she knows who you are.”

I was still skeptical, but we proceeded anyway. In spite of my cynicism, there was something about this woman. I looked around the living room, which was apparently where Lady Bianca conducted her interviews. There were no candles to be seen, and far less hanging beads than I would have expected. But you could, somehow, sense that a whole lot of prognosticating had transpired in this space which, I must say, was very comforting. Off in the distance, Lady Bianca verbalized instructions to us. I could not see her.

“Gentlemen. Please be seated at the table. I’ll be with you shortly. Oh and Steve before you sit, why don’t you light some candles?” Her voice trailed off.

A minute ago I didn’t see any candles. And now, as I scanned the room, there were candles. What the hell? Andy lit some on one side of the room and I lit the opposite side. Then the house lighting dimmed.

Andy and I sat down across from each other at a round table that was, by my estimation, perfectly in the center of the room. It was draped to the floor with a cloth covering that appeared Middle Eastern in style and origin.

Then, from a darkened part of the house, the lovely Lady Bianca reappeared. Only this time, she was wearing clothing that was quite revealing. And believe me; what it revealed was absolutely amazing! Through the translucent material that draped her from shoulder to toe, one could discern the kind of body that keeps men awake at night. Her breasts, which were huge, and her pubic region, which I guessed was sans hair, were discreetly covered. But you could tell that she was some kind of incredible woman. The translucent covering did nothing to conceal her gorgeous abdomen and her long, silky, shapely legs. I was dumbfounded. I was transmogrified! All my good friend Andy could do was chuckle to himself over my behavior. The Lady then sat between us.

“If you’re done admiring the terrain, Steve, June wants to speak with you.”

“What the...?” I asked. What was she talking about? Then my cell phone rang.

“‘Do It To Me One More Time’ by the Carpenters? Nice ringtone Steve.” She said, amused. I had no retort. My wife was calling and I wasn’t sure what to tell her.

“Hi, honey.” I said. The slight tremor of my voice was reminiscent of a kid who was guilty of something. “No, no. I’m with Andy. We went a little overtime at work. Now we’re headed for a quick beer.” I continued. “Sure, babe. Be there in about an hour. Maybe a little longer. Andy and I need to have a talk and look over some work stuff. I love you too, June. See you soon.”

I ended the conversation and looked at the Lady. “OK. You gonna tell me how you knew she was going to call?”

“I just know some things before they happen, Steve.”

I looked at Andy. He just shrugged his shoulders. Lady Bianca then took my hand. I must say, I found the gesture kind of erotic.

“It wasn’t really all that hard to figure out. You’re here because you are having some problems at home with June. Problems of a sexual nature, right?”

“Well, that’s not hard to figure out. Aren’t you some sort of sexual surrogate? I mean, why else would I be here?”

“Correct Steve. But actually, I’m more of a ‘healer.’ And your lovely wife June is the one having trouble. Now she’s a bit concerned that you may be starting to look elsewhere for gratification of a sexual nature. Gratification that she, for some reason, is currently unable to give to you, the man she deeply loves. Have you noticed that she’s calling you more often?”

“Yes.” I admitted, realizing I had noticed that a couple weeks ago. I have to say, I was starting to become more impressed with the dark haired lady.

“By the way, Steve. You would never cheat on June. Your love for her is too deep.”

“OK, Lady Bianca. You’re starting to make a believer out of me.” I squeezed her hand gently. She returned the caress and smiled warmly at me. What an exquisite woman! Her jet black eyes were focused only on me. One of those deep red shades of lipstick adorned her full lips. Underneath, in contrast, were beautiful, pure white teeth. And then, there was the soft looking olive complexion. Just beautiful. Not to seem redundant, but what a hot woman!

“Bring the lovely red haired June to me. I can help her. And this in turn will benefit you. But you are going to need a great deal of trust in me, and my method.”

How did she know June was a redhead? I was impressed. With just the slightest amount of skepticism, I agreed on a Friday night private session for June with this beautiful lady. Now all I had to do was convince June to venture into the unknown. I had no idea how my loving wife would respond. But, like I said, I was desperate. After a cup of surprisingly refreshing herbal tea and some more chatter, Andy and I left.

Back in the parking lot of the bar, I thanked Andy. But I also observed that the lovely lady was a bit of a flake.

“But!” He was quick to point out. “For reasons you do not understand, you trust her, don’t you?”

“You’re right. I do.”

“She’ll fix June. She’ll give you your wife back. Her method worked for Stacy.”

“Oh yeah. The ‘method.’ What exactly is it?”

“Steve. That’s the one thing I can’t divulge.”

“In that case, I’m not sure I should have thanked you, Andy.” Andy smiled at my remark. But he had been in my shoes, and knew what I was feeling.

“Let me know how things turn out, OK?” I nodded, and then we both drove off.

As I pulled into my driveway I realized I had no idea how to relocate Lady Bianca’s residence. Great! What was I supposed to do? I wasn’t going to see Andy for a couple of weeks, as he had an out of town job. I decided to call him on his cell phone in the morning. As things turned out, that wasn’t necessary.

To be continued