by GOTJACK 10/99 (edited by Avidmike 12/13)

Devon Daniels was laying out on the beach somewhere in the Bahamas. It was her second time she there. She remembered how much she liked it her first time and she was glad to be back again even if it was for work. Relaxing was getting harder for her since going to college as she was getting recognized a lot. After all, she was Devon Daniels, the latest all-natural big bust beauty to hit the men's magazine stand.

At 5 foot 1 inch, 44-24-34 and 117lbs, she came from Italian decent but was raised in America. She had plain good looks, not glamorous mind you. Between her body and her face it just worked for her. Many women were jealous of her because of the attention she commanded and twice as many men gave her that attention. It was once rumored that the pastor at her local church, seeing Devon for the first time, hung his head and prayed and then kicked out a stain-glass window. She was beautiful, a temptation and life is a bitch.

Devon was in the Bahamas for another photo shoot and video. The high demand for her first video caused John Graham to hire her again. Mr. Graham is a very famous big bust photographer for many men's magazines. The video that Devon did with fellow big bust model Lisa Phillips sold so well that it prompted him to hire her again for another layout and video. But Devon was going to be alone this time and she was glad of it.

She had made it very clear to Mr. Graham in her first video with Lisa that there would be no lesbian scenes. No "faked" lesbian pictures are to be taken etc., in short "I am not a lesbian" she proclaimed to him. So be it.

Now she was alone on the beach with just her thoughts. Her brunette hair was still wet and just starting to dry from the warm tropical breeze; she was in between photo shoots and had decided to take a break from it all. As she sat there she told herself, “I really don't want this anymore.”

You see, fame has its price. She was getting pressured from all sides now. Back home there were guys hitting on her constantly. In the beginning it was great, the recognition, the fame, and the offers. But the worm turned all too quickly. In most men's minds, if she takes off her clothes in front of a camera she must be a slut. If she's a slut, she's probably a whore. If she's a whore, ergo... she will fuck me. This philosophy is as useful to women as a vibrator with one dead battery. 99% of these guys couldn't see past her tits to tell her what color her eyes were.

All that aside, this caused a lot of friction between her and her boyfriend/fiancé'. He was the one who got her in this business in the first place. She had taken some karate classes (at his insistence) just in case a fan became too friendly. Though she did alright with the classes she was no Chuck Norris. All she had learned was a lot of attitude and sometimes the right attitude will get the other person to back down. Not to forget the competition with other big bust models was tremendous and these silicone models were a joke to her. She referred to them as plastic women with "cartoon tits". Regardless, they were still a threat to her career. The magazines started insisting she do more girl/girl layouts, which she flatly refused.

As she sat there she thought, “All I need is just a little more money in order to take that extra law class at college. Maybe a couple of photo shoots after this and that’s it.” Then she started thinking of all the negative things about this business and she lost her enthusiasm all over again. She lost it so much that Mr. Graham was really unhappy about this last photo shoot. He told her to take a break while he tries to figure something out.

Devon went for a swim as Mr. Graham went for a walk along the beach. “This girl needs to interact with another female” he thought to himself, “but who am I going to get at the last minute like this? Maybe one of the native girls? Maybe a couple of the native girls? Maybe all of the native girls? Yeah, that’s it! Maybe I could have them all playing nude soccer or have them chasing Devon down the beach? No, I think I did that in my last video. Maybe I can get all the native girls and a witchdoctor to perform a ceremony in chicken blood on her and call the video ‘DEVOODOO’? Wow! Where did that come from?”

"SHIT!" he said out loud throwing his fists in the air. "What am I going to do?" he thought. Just as he was about to scrap the whole project and tell Devon to go home, as fate would have it, a small miracle happened.

Where do you start with Chloe Vevrier? Chloe was born and raised in East Germany of Czech and French parents. She is an extremely beautiful woman. At 5 feet 3 inches tall she measures 43-26-36 and 123lbs. and is an all natural beauty herself supporting an olive skin complexion, exquisite face with a fulsome physique. Michelangelo would have been proud to carve out her features in stone.

Men’s hands would start to shake just being around her. She had that kind of an effect on the male population. To the ladies, she was the subject of ridicule because of the size of her chest. In time she learned to grow more comfortable with her body. It was truly a god-given gift. Stripping in front of a camera was no more than a celebration of her beauty. But what really stuck out was her voice. She has a slow sultry sexy voice that was as soft as a prayer, the kind of voice that a guy wouldn't mind hearing her call his name in or out of bed.

A great event happened in Chloe's life on November 9th 1989. The Berlin Wall came down that day. Freedom at last was a big change for her as she was now free to leave the country and travel. But before she could afford to leave she did some modeling in the German underground circuit, mostly ladies underwear on the catwalk and a little stripping and dancing. The money was alright, not great, but alright.

It was enough to travel with and she set her sights on America, because that's where the real money was. She knew if she got known in America the pay would be much greater there. So she picked up a few modeling jobs in Europe to help her with her travels and one of her first stops was Greece. She liked it there for the different culture it had to offer.

While sunning there one day she overheard some people visiting from London talking out loud about the Bahamas. She heard them say that the Bahamas was where a lot of famous models are photographed because the Bahamas was such an exotic location with its private beaches and picturesque palm trees. She didn't think anywhere could be more exotic than Greece. Boy was she in for a surprise.

“Well” she thought, “I've never been there before and America is calling, maybe this will be my big break?”

Once there she had the time of her life. The people were beautiful, the island was beautiful, it was a totally new experience for her and that’s what Chloe loved, new experiences. She had been behind the Berlin wall for the better part of her life and that this was extremely overwhelming. To be young and to be free was a great combination. "Young and free!" she thought. She liked the sound of that. The younger generation of today more than ever believes in bisexuality. Chloe believed this also. She loved women as well as men. She could see beauty in all things. Her motto was "live in beauty" and she did.

One day while on the beach she put on a grass skirt like the native girls wore and a t-shirt from some men’s magazine given to her by the people from London whom she'd met a couple of days ago in Greece. While going for a stroll on the beach she noticed a man there walking along the edge of the waves. He was talking to himself. She decided to walk the other way so he could carry on his conversation and not be interrupted by her passing him by.

As she turned around to walk the other way she heard a voice from behind call out "DEVON! DEVON"!

As the voice got closer to her she heard him say "Hey, Devon, I see you've got a grass skirt on - I was just thinking of an idea for a photo....” Just then Chloe turned to face him. The man stopped dead in his tracks in the sand a few feet from her. His eyes blinked once and stayed wide open the whole time as he took in the entire frame of this gorgeous woman before him. His jaw dropped to his knees has he lowered his eyes to her chest.

"MOTHER OF PEARL!" he screamed, and then he looked up at the blue Bahaman skies and gave a quiet "thank you".

Chloe had a perplexed look on her face as he looked her over from top to bottom. Then he finally spoke or at least tried to. "Hello, I'm a big boob... bust... photo taker...." the words came tripping out of his mouth. Sometimes his mouth moved and no words came out at all. "I make videos of booby women in busty locations, I...." By now his grasp of the English language was in the toilet. The funny part about all of this was, Chloe didn't speak good English either, but all of his words made sense to her.

"Vot is your name?" she asked with her soft German accent.

"My name name is.....” his hands started to shake, "John Graham" as he remembered his name at the last minute. You'd think a guy who photographed as many beautiful women as he did could keep his act together long enough to remember his own name. I guess it’s just the excitement of the job. "I would like to take some pictures of you if you don't mind. I could pay you...." Ahh, “pay” the magic word.

"Why don't you come with me?" he said as they walked along the beach to where his film crew was. "There's someone I'd like you to meet."

Devon was making her way through some palm trees back to the shoot location where the film crew was set-up. She was wearing a white dago t-shirt that read MIAMI LIFEGUARD on it. Coming into the clearing she noticed a girl with a grass skirt on lying in her lounge chair.

As she was coming up from behind her she said out loud. "Does this look like the break room to you?" Devon was still not in the best of moods. She had mistaken this girl for the hired help on the island. As she got even closer and got a better look you can only imagine the surprised look on her face. Devon looked at this girl's face then stopped at her breasts. Her eyes got narrow as she arched on eye-brow. This was not the hired help. It is said that the only danger to a beautiful woman is another beautiful woman. How true. Something in Devon’s stomach started to knot up.

"I'm sorry “the voice came from the chair "Ver you zitting here?" The girl had a look on her face of the ignorant innocent.

As the girl sat up, Devon had a frown on her face. A voice from behind them said "Wait, don't get up!"

It was John Graham. "Devon, I want you to meet this girl!"

Now the only thing on Devon’s mind was "that's my lounge chair!" “Don't get up?” she thought, "I'll have his balls for this!"

"Devon this is Chloe, Chloe this is Devon."

Chloe, always the lady, finally did stand up to greet Devon. In Devon's eyes it looked like Chloe's chest just kept getting larger and larger as she moved towards Devon. In a gesture of friendship she stuck out both her hands in greeting.

Devon hesitated for a moment, stuck out her chest first and then her hands.

Then John stated, "This is great! Heaven must be missing two angels instead of one!"

Chloe just smiled as Devon did a slow burn. "You two look really good together, Devon..."

“Oh shit, here it comes,” she thought.

"Can I speak to you about something?" He took Devon by the arm and left Chloe by the lounge chair. "Wait here, my dear" he said.

Chloe just nodded her head and sat back down in Devon's chair. As John and Devon walked away from the scene of the crime, Devon turned her head back to see what Chloe was doing, turned her head back again as she tightened the muscles in her lower jaw.

"Listen Devon..." John broke in... "I know....”

Now it was Devon's turn to break in, "Forget about it!"

“What the... Why not?" John said.

"Because I don't do girl/girl stuff and you know that!"

Then John said, "How do you even know what I was going to say, she seems like a nice girl...?"

"Yeah, well I don't like her!" stepped in Devon.

"How on earth can you say that when you don't even know her?" asked John.

"I don't care. She's sitting in my chair!" Devon said almost with a pout.

"Oh you’re being childish now Devon. Won't you please.....?" John implored.

"No...!" she said and with that she folded her arms in front of her chest, turned her head to the side and stuck her nose in the air in great defiance.

After a little more pleading and begging and with Devon standing there like the Statue of Athena, John was losing patience with her. He said with a slow, stern voice, "You know, when they shot J.F.K., he was replaced in 20 you get my meaning, love?

With that, Devon understood. She unfolded her arms and said quietly, "Alright, I'll do it."

John just smiled and said, "Good. Thank You."

Devon then said, "Just a couple of pictures and that’s it."

John, still smiling from his victory said, "I was thinking more in the line of a video."

Devon’s hands went in the air and then slapped down upon her sides. She said, "Last time I did a video it was "Battle of the Bras", what's it gonna be this time a "Battle of the Boobs"?

CHA-CHING!!!!!!! The dollar signs were now spinning around in John's eyes like a slot machine. “Perfect!” he thought. “Utterly perfect!” he joked to himself. “Why didn't I think of this myself?”

He remembered he saw some "titfight" videos when he was staying at a friend’s house in California a few years back. He didn't think too much of them then, but now, now this was going to be the titfight to end all titfights. All he could think about was how much money the "Battle of the Bras" made for him and the magazine. "A titfight video!" he said out loud.

Devon just rolled her eyes to the heavens and said, "I don't think so; it's not in my contract to do something like that....!"

He thought for a moment and said, "I can pay you some extra money if you do it!"

Ahh, those other magic words again, "extra money."

“We can work out the details later." he said, "I have to put together a fast script for this video."

Devon reluctantly agreed. As they walked back to where Chloe was sitting there was a small group of men around her each trying very hard to get her attention. Devon saw this and quietly did a second slow burn.

"Alright, break it up everyone!" John commanded as the men scattered away from Chloe. "Chloe," John said with this impish grin on his face, "I'd like you and Devon to do a video together." He continued, "It’s going to be different than what you’re used to," he paused, "I'd like you and Devon to match tits together."

Devon stood there stone-faced as Chloe didn't seem to understand what was said by John.

All of a sudden Devon said out loud, "Speakenzee titfight, Miss Germany?" as Devon inflated her chest to its fullest and pointed it in Chloe’s direction.

"Tit-enzee-fighten, yes, yes!" as she filled her lungs with air and pointed them at Devon, but as she did this, she started to giggle.

Devon was totally not amused by all of this and thought, "What’s this bitch laughing at, is she laughing at my tits or is she just stupid?"

John then said, "Girls, wait right here, I need to get my camera." As John tripped over the lounge chair to get his camera, he left both girls facing each other.

Devon took two steps in John’s direction when she heard Chloe say, "You are a very beautiful woman Devon. I've seen your pictures before."

Devon stopped in her tracks as Chloe continued to speak, "I vant to be a top model just like you."

Devon thought to herself, "Yeah, this business needs another pair of "cartoon tits.”

“John tells me you are going to school, vot classes are you taking?" asked Chloe.

Devon feeling very uneasy about talking to Chloe didn't even face her, so both girls stood side by side facing the beach. "Law" Devon finally spoke as she pretended to look at something in the ocean, "Law class."

Just as Devon was about to continue, Chloe broke in and said "I'm going to school next year in London to study natural medicine."

"Jez," Devon chimed in, "The medical profession needs more faith healers doesn't it?" she finished coldly.

"Vot do you mean by zat?" Chloe asked with a confused look on her face.

"Never mind that," Devon went on, "why were you laughing at my tits before?"

Chloe started to draw small circles in the sand with her feet and spoke, "I vasn't laughing at your tits, they just looked funny when you stuck them out at me." As Chloe finished the drawing it looked to be two pairs of tits in the sand.

Devon then turned to Chloe and spoke, "At least my tits are real honey, not fakes like yours."

With that Chloe turned to face Devon, as she did this, she drew a line between them in the sand with her foot. "Oh no,” she spoke, “mine are very real, very natural, here feel them." With that she reached for Devon’s left hand and put it on her right tit. "There," she said "now vot do you think?"

At that instant John looked up from searching for his camera to see from a short distance Devon’s hand on Chloe’s tit. "Good” he thought, "the girls are getting along quite nicely," totally unaware of what was really going on.

Devon couldn't help but give a fast squeeze before she took her hand away quickly. "Watch it sweetie, I don't play that shit."

Chloe, not knowing what that American slang meant, moved a little closer to Devon, crossing over the line in the sand and said very softly, "Can I touch you too?"

Devon’s face went from green to red. "YOU MOTHER...!" Was all she could get out when all of a sudden...? "I found my camera!"

It was John. "Lets take some pictures shall we ladies?"

Devon was now doing slow burn #3.

As soon as Chloe heard “let’s take some pictures,” off came her t-shirt instantly.

Devon gave Chloe’s tits a side look and started to boil.

"Devon," John said, "Aren't you going to take your t-shirt off too?"

"No" Devon replied. "I don't want to get my boobs all sunburned."

John looked extremely puzzled and took a picture anyway. As it turns out this is the only known photograph of Chloe and Devon together. Chloe smiling topless sticking her tits out and Devon very tight lipped, hands on hips, sticking her tits out, only with her shirt on.

John pleaded with Devon to take her shirt off, but she just said. "Don't you have a script to write?"

In the excitement of seeing the 2 girls together in the same frame, he forgot about the video shoot. "Yeah, that’s right, I almost forgot." Acting like he was still in charge he said, "O.K. girls. Devon we'll meet back at your bungalow in say, 3 hours?"

With that Devon folded up her lounge chair, turned and looked at Chloe and John, then proceeded to make tracks in the sand leaving deep imprints as she made her way back to the bungalow.

Devon sat there with her third glass of wine waiting for John and Chloe to show up. Call it a shot of courage, a shot of confidence if you will. Maybe she was just trying to settle her nerves, who knows? All she did know was that she wanted to teach this bitch a lesson. "I'll Jackie Chan this bitch’s ass back to where she came from!" she thought to herself. “Titfight my ass!" she went on. “She won't have any jugs left to put a bra on when I get done with her!” she mused. “I'm a confident, beautiful woman!" she said out loud. Then she looked around the empty room and asked herself, "Who the fuck am I talking to?"

That's when the knock on the door came. Devon jumped out of her seat and said with a slight crack in her voice, "Come in!"

It was John, Chloe and the camcorder. Dispensing out the pleasantries. "Hello, hello, hello!" John then pulled two pieces of paper out of his pocket and said, "I got the script done. We may have to improvise a little but I think it's a good one!"

When Devon looked at the script, each girl only had about four lines each. Devon then thought, "Oh yeah, this is an epic! I wonder how many brain cells died when he wrote this.”

Chloe then spoke up, "May I have a glass of vine, please?"

Before Devon could even speak, John just said, "Sure, help yourself, love!"

Devon now turned her attention back to John while Chloe searched for an empty glass. As she stared at him and thought, “Maybe I should go over there and Jackie Chan his ass too?”

Meanwhile Chloe, not looking very hard for an empty glass, saw Devon’s glass on the table, filled it with wine and drank it down very quickly.

Devon noticed her doing this and her ass started to pucker up. "Ah, excuse me Miss Germany. I know you’re used to drinking beer like that where you’re from, but when you drink wine you should sip it and drink it from your own glass, not mine!”

With that Chloe started laughing out loud and said, "Oh Devon, you remind me of Jane Rivers, you are so funny...!" as she kept right on laughing not even knowing she got the name wrong. The more Chloe laughed, the more Devon started to fume.

Just as Devon was about to go into kill mode, John interrupted and suggested that the girls rehearse their lines while he set up the camcorder. Now picture this, Devon was still wearing the white dago tee she had on before, only now she is wearing black French cut panties.

Chloe on the other hand is wearing the same men’s magazine t-shirt only this time she cut off the sleeves and the lower half of the shirt, just below her boobs. Also the same type of panties as Devon’s, only in a marine blue. Of course both women weren't wearing a bra.

The girls stood a few feet apart and started rehearsing the script which read as follows;

fade in: empty room
D comes in from the right of the camera
C comes in from the left of the camera, the girls circle each other twice and stop
{Devon} "I bet my boobs are bigger than yours!"
{Chloe} "No, I bet my boobs are much bigger than yours!"
Chloe bumps her boobs into Devon’s
Devon bumps her back
{Devon} "Bet my tits can beat up your tits!”
Devon bumps tits with Chloe twice
Chloe bumps Devon’s tits three times
{Chloe} "O.K., put up your tits, lets titfight"
titfight, titfight, titfight, titfight...
{Chloe} "You Bitch!"
Titfight, titfight, titfight, titfight....
{Devon} "You Rag!"
More titfighting, more titfighting....

“Well, it isn't War and Peace; remember it's only a movie.” Devon thought.

Just for the hell of it John was also filming the rehearsal. Now when the girls started rehearsing their lines out loud Chloe read her lines and the action cues as well.

Devon just rolled her eyes as John had to circle the only things she had to say. With all that done they started reading again until they came to Chloe’s last line, when Chloe said, "O.K., put up your teats, let us titen-fighten!" as she threw her arms in the air like she was in a cabaret show and started swinging her jugs to and fro.

Devon took the script threw it on the ground and shouted at John, "Fuck this shit! I don't need this! This dizzy bitch can't get anything right! Get her the fuck out of here now!"

John went into a panic as Chloe said, "Vot's wrong now?”

“What's wrong now?" Devon said as she looked at the ceiling as she spoke. "What's wrong is the word is TITS, not teats, not teetenz, its TITS, god dammit! Get it right!"

Her voice was loud with an added sneer. Chloe had no reply, John on the other hand asked Devon to calm down.

"It's not that big a deal!" he said. If truth were known, when it came to acting, neither girl was Meryl Streep.

"Really?" Devon went on. "Then I just won't do your video unless you give me more money to work with her!"

"I'm giving you an extra $200 on top of what your contract already states!" John went on. "What more could you possibly want?"

Devon looked at him directly in the eye and said, "I want a percentage of the sales on this tape; otherwise it's no BIG deal!"

John just looked at her stone-faced for he knew this could not be done. None of the models got a cut on the video sales, it just wasn't done. As far as the magazine was concerned that's where a great deal of the money came from, they weren't going to give some back to the models that made them their fortunes in the first place. That's just not right. Their version of right was the models were free to do as they were told.

Devon just stared him down. Finally he broke the silence and said, "I will have to call the magazine first to confirm this. I can't do this on my own."

Communications in the Bahamas was still very primitive. Basically you'd be better off pounding on a hollow tree trunk with a big stick than to deal with the Flintstone phone company that was there.

"This may take a little time to make this call." John went on, "Why don't you girls continue rehearsing your lines? Devon, do try to calm down and I'll be back as soon as possible."

With that he turned and left. Now the girls were truly alone together for the first time. Devon stood there with her glass of wine, paying no mind to Chloe at all.

Chloe, on the other hand, just stared at Devon with the eyes of a hawk locked in on its prey. Chloe broke the silence by saying, "Vye?"

"Why what?" Devon finally acknowledged she was there.

"Vye are you being the bitch to me?" Chloe went on with a slight irritation in her voice.

Devon finally turned to face Chloe and said, "What did you call me? What are you fronting off about?"

Chloe placed her hands coolly on her hips and said, "You are the bitch!"

Devon’s anger was starting to rise. "Look you fuzzy foreigner, don't you ever call me a bitch! If you don't like the way things are you can kiss my left tit, frauline!"

With that she cupped her left tit and pointed it at Chloe. As she did this, Devon could feel a twitch of excitement in her pussy. Chloe then said rather smugly, “This is the Bahamas, ztupid girl, we are both foreigners here."

Touché' for Chloe, as she went on to say. "Are you sure you’re not going to college to be a dumber bitch?"

That just about sent Devon over the edge as she started to close the gap between her and her big titted opponent she loudly said, "You got some ass on you talking to me like that, you fuckin' dyke!"

Now Chloe mistook that "some ass" remark as an insult to her bottom half and was truly offended. You see in Europe it's not the size of the bust, it's the ass that counts. Now its Chloe’s turn to move in closer, as she did she spoke with a wild look in her eye and a wicked smile. "Maybe you’re just jealous because my TITS really are bigger than yours!"

Devon, with her hands on her hips is laughing like a witch and said, "Bigger? Ha! You wish! Maybe I'll just take off my shirt and show you how small you really are!"

Chloe, still angered by the comment about her ass, decides to move in a little closer to Devon. Without the girls knowing this the video recorder was still on capturing every precious moment.

Devon, feeling Chloe was getting too close to her, decided to do a little "fronting off" of her own. "You better watch it bitch, I know karate, and I’ll kick your ass all over this fucking bungalow!"

Chloe without a trace of fear in her eyes and a witch’s laugh of her own said, "Try it... vye don't you try and see vot happens to you!"

Devon, her mind now racing, thought, "Oh shit, she’s not backing down!" Moving her hands from her hips to her ass as she spoke, "I would but I still have a photo shoot and I can't afford any bumps or bruises on this gorgeous body of mine!"

Chloe was looking a little miffed because they didn’t get into it right there and then. A small moment of silence passed as the girls exchanged looks from their eyes to their massive breasts that were now less than a foot apart. Chloe broke the silence by saying, "I vant to titfight you!"

Devon with a look of contempt on her said, "You want to titfight, ME? Bitch, you must be high?"

Chloe, stamping her foot then added, "No, I vant satisfaction! I'll bet your boobs are no match against mine!"

Devon knowing if she backed down this time she would look like a fool said, "You’re on dipshit... the loser has to leave the island and she also has to leave the business as well. There's no fucking way I want to see my beautiful tits in the same magazine with your ugly tits, got that straight you piece of... bitch?"

"Good, now kiss your tits goodbye!" was Chloe’s heated reply.

With that the girls went into a head on collision with each other. The first bump recoiled the girls back a half of step, after that they took a slightly gentler approach with Chloe placing her arms bent over her head and Devon running her fingers through the back of her own hair and tightening her grip.

Now the girls were doing lazy circles around each other bumping their large endowments face to face. Once in a while Devon would put her right shoulder into it showing some aggression. She was amazed at how firm Chloe’s boobs were even through the thin t-shirt she was wearing.

"So," Chloe said with a bump, "You really think mine tits are ugly? Vell, I've seen pictures of your boobs, you should vear a bra more often, miss sloppy tit!"

Devon’s heated reply was, "Yeah, and I’ll bet you think your shit is ice cream too, don't you bitch?” Noticing a slight imperfection in one of Chloe’s eye teeth she then added, "How did you chip your tooth dear, blowing statues of naked men?"

Now the girls are standing tit to tit, but instead of bumping jugs, this time they are rubbing them back and forth. With each pass they get rougher. With a couple more frontal assaults Chloe put her hands on Devon’s shoulders and pushes her away. The girls t-shirts are now in disarray. Chloe’s right tit is completely exposed under her cut-off t-shirt, while Devon’s left tit is now hanging out of her dago tee underneath her armpit.

"What's the matter, honey? Can't take it?" Was Devon’s reply for being pushed.

"Can't take vot? Your tits are nothing to me, you sow!" Chloe went on, "Vye don't vee settle this with our shirts off?"

With that, Devon instantly took her t-shirt off displaying her lovely set of "beef curtains." She then threw her shirt near the camcorder that was still rolling tape.

Chloe on the other hand was a little more dramatic. She took her t-shirt by the neckline and tore it right down the middle expanding her chest with every tear. Each gazed silently at the other.

The great Chloe vs. Devon debate on which girl has the bigger tits will go on for ages to come. Devon’s tits do have more "sag" to them making them appear larger and some days they do appear much fuller and huge.

Chloe on the other hand seems to be fuller and firmer giving her tits a "lift" so to speak. In this writer's humble opinion; I wouldn't want to live on the difference.

Now comes the moment of truth. Goddess vs. Goddess. Watching each other as they move toward one another, tits swaying gently back and forth with every move, they stop as soon as the tips of their tits meet causing Devon to shudder as she leaned back a second. She just wasn't used to having another woman's breasts against her own.

The girls are lightly dragging their tits across one another almost flirting and taunting each other to "try something." Neither girl took her eyes off their massive jugs as they begin to move closer. The sound of smooth skin dragging over smooth skin, their mams now start to expand and contract with each passing, like two (four) balloons ready to burst.

Devon notices Chloe’s tits are much firmer than hers starts to look uneasy.

Chloe picks up on this and with an evil smile says, "Vell, how do you like my titz now?"

With that Devon took one step back and screamed out, "TITTYFIGHT, YEAH!!!!" and came out swinging. This took Chloe by surprise so she stepped back for a split second only to get "tagged" first in the right tit by Devon’s left tit, but soon recovered as these two "sisters" from different worlds met each other head on.

With their hands locked at the wrists behind their backs, giving the girls greater movement while swinging their money makers at each other, the sound of colliding titbags filled the room with the sweet music they make.


Their tits slapped back and forth in the heat of the bungalow. Once in awhile the girls would swing and miss, nearly falling due to the size and weight of their tits and the force that carried them.

Devon’s sag in her breasts gave her a greater "reach" when she slung them at Chloe. Chloe on the other hand, being more "solid" were slightly more stationary when she fought, but when she connected with them they hit hard.

Now the girls grabbed each other by the shoulders and decided to take it head on. After several tit jams the girls broke apart for a breather. Their massive jugs heaved up and down as both girls searched for their second wind. Devon’s tits had turned angry red from the "boob battle" while Chloe’s turned a lovely shade of maroon. The veins in each girl’s chest were starting to become more pronounced underneath the skin due to the rush of excited blood pumping wildly.

"Look vot you've done to mine teats, you pig bitch!" said Chloe as she rubbed her enormous chest.

"So what? That'll teach you to fuck with me!" replied Devon.

Each of the girls was working up a little sweat giving their skin a nice satin finish, like a racehorse that just ran the quarter mile.

"So," Chloe continued, "Are you ready to admit defeat?"

"Ha!" Devon replied, "Looks like your tits are losing to me, sweetheart!"

Chloe then went on, "Your the vone who vill be kissing mine left tit vhen vee are done, sloppy tit!"

Now the girls poised themselves for round two. Grabbing each other in a mutual bearhug their slick tits found their center. The girls beautiful faces were almost touching. Chloe could smell the wine on Devon’s breath. Chloe’s tits, still firm, caused them to practically drill a large hole in Devon’s tits, while Devon’s tits were surrounding Chloe’s and almost engulfing them, swallowing them whole.

Devon couldn't take too much more of this pressure and the fighter in her came out. She decided to drop her left shoulder downward and then heaved her left tit upwards very quickly and followed suit with the right tit twice.

“BAM! PIP! PIP!” She struck twice with the left again and once with the right. Being slightly shorter than Chloe it helped her to execute this move quite effectively.

Chloe, knowing she could not take too many more of these "titty uppercuts", in a desperate move of her own jumped straight up into the air, almost hitting Devon’s face on the way, came straight down on Devon’s tits with her own.

“SLAP!!!” This jarred Devon for a split second, so she went to take a step back. But as she did she was unaware that Chloe was standing on her foot and it caused her to lose her balance and fall on her voluptuous ass.

"You fucking bitch!" Devon yelled.

Chloe then put her arms in the air and screamed, "I VONE! I VONE!"

"You didn't win, you bitch! You tripped me!" Devon said, still sitting on her ass.

"No, you lost! I knocked you down vith mine tits and you lose! HA, HA, HA!"

Devon really pissed now said, "You lying little cunt! You cheated!"

Chloe still laughing said, "All I know is, you are on zee floor and I am still standing!" With that Chloe bent over slightly, cupped both of her melons with each hand and sticking them out at Devon said, "How do you like me now?"

The anger just swelled in Devon and she reached up with her hands at Chloe’s tits. With her thumb and index finger she grabbed Chloe by her nipples and pulled her down to the floor with her.

"IIYEEE!!!" screamed Chloe. As the old saying goes (when you’ve got the other girl by the nipples, her heart and mind will follow). Chloe was rubbing her nipples and staring at Devon who is now in total satisfaction.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did that hurt?" Devon said sarcastically.

Chloe with blinding speed reaches out and slaps Devon in the left tit very hard. So hard, in fact, it made a nice little echo in the room. "That is for my tits and zis von" SLAP (on the right tit)." is for mine ass!"

Chloe’s well placed slaps brought a tear to Devon’s eye. Not to be outdone, Devon reached out with a slap of her own. “SMACK!!!” on Chloe’s right tit causing it to collide into her left tit.

"Oh yeah? Well that’s for sitting in my lounge chair and this is for…" as she was bringing her right hand around for another slap, Chloe caught it in mid air, stopping Devon’s hand dead in its tracks.

Now came a little test of strength and Devon was amazed that Chloe was much stronger than she looked. She soon gave up. Both girls were trying to recover from their little tit slapping contest, checking their tits to see if any more damage had been done. Luckily no scratches were found.

While Chloe was massaging her large orbs, Devon noticed Chloe’s tits were starting to sag a bit. With that she started to laugh and said, "Now look at who is miss sloppy tit!"

It's true. Chloe’s tits were becoming more pendulous from the beating they had taken. Chloe went on to say, "No way! Mine are still firmer than yours!" With that she shook them at Devon.

Devon, still laughing, sat straight up on her knees and cupped her hands underneath each tit and blew Chloe a kiss.

Chloe mocked Devon’s movements and challenged Devon to a "nipple duel" right there. As the girls got closer to each other their bodies glistened with sweat.

Each girl had very large areola, double the size of a half dollar, but no clear definition as to where the areola ends and where the tits begin, they sort of fade into the tit flesh. As big as their areolas are the girls have very little nipples to speak of. But they still fought with what they had giving it their all.

Through her clenched teeth you could hear Devon quietly saying, "Come on bitch, COME ON!" Devon’s pussy was getting wetter by the minute as the two warring nipples kept circling and poking each other to no avail.

Chloe started to get frustrated that there could be no winner to this contest leaned into Devon and said, "Pull mein heir!"

"What the fuck did you say?" was Devon’s reply as she tried to get her panty covered pussy next to Chloe’s.

"PULL MY HAIR!" Chloe shouted in perfect English.

Devon did not have a problem with this at all, grabbing Chloe’s head by the back of the hair she said, "Is this what you want, bitch?”

"Yeahvo!" was Chloe's response as she grabbed at Devon's hair.

Now the two girls are stretching their necks back as far as they will go as they renewed their tit fight. The sweat mixed with the oils from their bodies caused their humongous boulders to slip and slide over and under each other making for some very erotic foreplay. Somehow the girls managed to get to their feet. Still holding on to one another’s hair, they were both bent forward at the waist causing each girl's tits to dangle in delight.

Devon, noticing this, reached down and cupped Chloe’s left breast and started to squeeze, not hard, but just hard enough to let her know she was there.

Chloe responded in kind.

Devon then decided to double her effort and went for the other mound of flesh. Still head to head bent at the waist, the girls gave each others tits the business.

Chloe, whispering thru clenched teeth, said, "Sqveeze zem harder! Harder!"

As Devon did this she could feel Chloe’s tit flesh ooze between her fingers.

Chloe took in a deep breath and let out a sigh. Placing both hands on Devon’s rack she squeezed and pulled, beginning a titty tug of war. Still bent forward slightly at the waist, the girls rested their chins on each other’s shoulder. While they continued to squeeze, pull, and milk the other’s knockers, each woman made sure she didn't scratch the soft skin. Once in awhile the girls would throw in light slaps just for fun.

The sexual tension became too great for Chloe so she reached down between Devon’s tits and made a play for Devon’s pussy. She got as far as getting two fingers underneath her panties. Devon grabbed her hand and pushed her away breaking the two girls apart.

Each girl was now drenched in sweat. Little ringlets of sweaty hair formed around their faces as both girls stood there sucking wind. Devon was leaning forward with her hands on her knees while Chloe was trying to push her boobs back into shape.

"Ready to..(pant) give up?" Devon said while putting her hands on her hips.

"Give up?...(sigh) ...I've already von vhen my tits...(pant)... knocked you to zee floor!"

"BULLSHIT!" Devon screamed as she reached down and grabbed the front of Chloe’s panties and stretched the material outward revealing some of Chloe’s pubes and then letting it snap back like a rubber band.

Chloe had this look on her face that read, "Oh, Really?" so she reached down and gave Devon’s panties a snap.

Devon gave another snap.

Chloe returned the favor again. The girls hesitated for just a moment and then threw their arms around each other in a mutual bearhug. The sweat seemed to splash off of them as their tits met in an angry kiss.

Over they fell onto the carpet, still locked in a bearhug. Interlocking their legs together, Devon could feel Chloe’s muscular calves tighten against her own. The girls were rolling around the carpet like a couple of fur-balls. Letting go of their bear hugs, the girls locked fingertips over their heads, each trying very hard now to impose her will upon the other.

Nose to nose, thru clenched teeth and a crazy look in their eyes, the girls said to the other, "I'm the best!"

Their bodies would slip and slide off of slick contrasting skin as they tried hard to out tit wrestle each other. Devon has a fire growing between her legs, and no matter how the girls wound up, Devon always made sure her vagina was pressed hard against Chloe’s.

Both girls sensing this now want to let their bottom halves go to war. Chloe thought a little fuck fighting might be in order. Lying side by side, Chloe opened her legs up a little and hunched her panty covered pussy into Devon’s, giving Devon’s snatch a wake up call.

Devon rolled Chloe onto her back and started pumping frantically, tit to tit, thigh to thigh, and cunt to cunt as their erotic sexfight begins.

After a few minutes of this, Chloe in fear of an orgasm overload, bucked Devon off and tried to crawl away on all fours. Devon, regaining her senses quickly, reached over and grabbed for Chloe but only managed to hold on to her panties. As Chloe was still crawling away her panties came off quite easily over her slick body. When it came to getting the panties past her knees Devon just gave them a fast yank causing Chloe to fall face first onto the carpet.

Devon tossed Chloe’s panties away like a wet rag. Chloe turned to face her and placed her two fingers on her wet vagina lips and spread them open like butterfly wings. Her womanhood glistened with desire.

She then spoke proudly, "This is vhat a real German pussy looks like!"

Devon watched all of this and started to tremble. All she kept thinking to herself was, "I'm not a lesbian! I'm not a lesbian!" Devon didn't know whether to fuck, fight, or just take a cold shower, but her desire and hunger took over.

Self discipline out the window, she just peeled off her panties, spread open her legs revealing her golden pussy to Chloe and said, “Well this is what a REAL slice of AMERICAN pie looks like, honey!"

Devon has a very lovely patch of pubic hair, triangle in shape with just the right amount of "kink" to her pubes.

Chloe on the other hand, had slightly more hair than Devon’s, only her pubic hair was "straighter" than her rival’s. Each girl was dragging her voluptuous ass along the carpet to get to the other. Their hearts were racing a mile a minute as they inched along and as soon as they got close enough the girls interlocked their legs. Now their throbbing clits were only inches apart as they stopped. Their perfumed pussies just stared at each other, dripping with sex.

Chloe spoke first, "I don't think they like each other very much, do you?"

"No, they don't!" Devon said, "As a matter of fact, I think they're gonna FIGHT!"

With that she thrust her hips forward and smashed her pussy into Chloe’s. This caused Chloe to wince as the first strike had hit her pubic bone.

"You American pig fucker!"

"Commie cunt!"

Now the fight was really on as both girls drew their hips back and thrust them forward at the other, causing a lot of pain and pleasure to shoot through their bodies.

Devon locked her feet behind Chloe’s ass and said, "You’re not getting away this time!"

After a little "bump and grind" session the girls interlocked their slits and started flexing their vaginal muscles to see who was strongest pushing back and forth for control. At one point Devon leaned back too far and Chloe’s pussy was directly on top of Devon’s. Luckily for Devon she had a strong back. She simply arched her back, raised her pelvis, bringing Chloe in the air, causing Chloe to fall back.

Both girls’ asses were a few inches off the carpet now as they continued their pussy fight in the air, keeping their hands and feet on the carpet for balance. Once in awhile they would slam their asses back onto the carpet for better leverage. The sound of pube raking against pube and the girls’ moaning and groaning filled the room.

The girls leaned forward and grabbed each other in a nude embrace, undulating their bodies. The girls’ eyes, half open, kept looking at each other through sweaty faces to see which one would cum first. It appeared to be Chloe, she was writhing the most.

Just as it appeared she would, Chloe did the strangest thing. She let go of her embrace with Devon, leaned back and turned her body half way around into a full 180 degree turn, leaving her face down on the carpet. In her doing so, Devon never let go of her cunt-lock on Chloe and also wound up face down on the carpet.

Now the girls were on all fours facing in opposite directions, ass to ass as they began slamming them hard into each other. Once they were tired of slamming them, they would grind them together with Chloe circling her ass clockwise against Devon’s ass with each girl trying to knock the other off balance. The girls were digging their nails deep in the carpet like cats do.

It was soon after this that Devon’s right leg started twitching, then trembling, more and more. Soon her whole body started to convulse wildly. Her muscles were starting to spasm as she was holding onto the carpet so hard it began to tear. Every fiber in her being crashed with waves of pleasure again and again until orgasm, a sweet surrender and release!

Now Chloe started her orgasm, though not as intense Devon’s it still made her quiver and shake just the same. While her body was going through its spasm, her ass bumped Devon’s.

Devon made sounds that only a satisfied woman can make after orgasm. She was still a little weak, so when Chloe bumped her ass, this caused Devon to fall flat on her face onto the carpet. Devon laid face down looking around the room from the point of view of the floor.

Still satisfied but very confused Devon and Chloe lay still on the carpet exhausted from their sexfight, their secreted temples still dripping with pleasure. Devon was the first to rise. She sat there with her head buried between her knees and started to quietly cry.

"I can't believe I lost!" She wept on, “I can't believe it!"

Chloe was now sitting upright with her ass planted firmly on the back of her calves. She placed her hand on Devon’s shoulder and spoke, "Please don't cry. You didn't lose to me. You just didn't want this anymore."

Devon was crying a little less now.

"I could tell this from the first moment I met you, you were troubled and wanted out of this business.” Chloe continued, “This was your way of closing the door behind you, so to speak"

Devon looking at Chloe with tearful puppy eyes said, "Do you really think so?"

"Yes, I know this." was Chloe’s reply.

Devon was starting to come around to Chloe’s way of thinking.

"You know you're probably right." Devon said with a half smile.

"Besides," Chloe went on, “I seduced you."

Now all the little bees of confusion were starting to go away in Devon’s head and, for the first time, it all became too clear. Chloe drawing tits in the sand, placing my hand on her breast, the drinking from my wine glass, it all came crystal clear.

A lesser woman would have gotten up and killed Chloe by now, but not Devon. Deep down she had a good heart. Devon just smiled and started laughing hysterically. She'd been had and she knew it.

Chloe, looking like the cat that swallowed the canary, was quietly laughing also. "You're not mad at me?" she said.

Devon still laughing quite loudly said, "No, I’m not mad at you at all." She continued, "We had fun though didn't we?"

"Yes vee did have fun." Chloe said with a big smile on her face as both girls continued to laugh while they traded quips of how they made fun of each other’s body. The two beautiful women had bonded; after all it wasn't a question of love or hate anymore. It was just two healthy women putting their endowments on the line and coming to terms with sexuality.

After awhile the laughter died down and girls were both on the same level. Chloe spoke, "Please stay. Don't go. I want you should stay."

Devon said with a sad smile, "No," as she looked around the room, "No, I've had my time in the sun, it's your turn now Chloe. You helped me realize that. I’ll finish up my last two photo shoots and that's it. I and my boobs are going back to school to study law."

With that Devon got up, went over to the video camera, put on her t-shirt, and hesitated for a moment. She turned to look at Chloe still sitting on the carpet, walked over to her, knelt down in front of her and placed both hands on the sides of Chloe’s face and gently kissed her on the lips and spoke very softly.

"Thank you Chloe. Thank you. You are truly a very remarkable woman." Devon finally came to terms with her own sexuality in that instant. With that Devon got up and walked out. Chloe watched her through the open door as Devon just faded out of view.

Forty-five minutes later John came bursting into the bungalow and shouted, "Devon, good news! The magazine said they're willing to give you an extra $100...if you.....!?” The bungalow was completely empty. No Devon, no Chloe and no camcorder. "What the bloody hell?" John thought.

Moments later Devon showed up still wet from her swim. John looked at her with great concern and said, "What the shit is going on? Where's Chloe and where's the camcorder?"

"Beats the shit out of me." Devon said as she bit her lower lip. "She left and said she'd be back and didn't show up.... I guess she chickened out so I just went for a swim."

John pressed her for answers, "And the camcorder? Where is the video equipment?"

Devon looked surprised and said, "It was here when I left... maybe one of the locals came in when I wasn't here and stole it? Oh shit, I better check my things and make sure nothing of mine is missing."

With that she ran off into the bedroom to see if all her things were still in place. A few minutes later she came out.

John looked at her and said, "Well?"

Devon looked at him and said, "Everything is cool, looks like they just got away with the camcorder. Sorry, it's my fault. I should have locked the door when I left. I thought Chloe might be back so I left it open. I ahh...."

John just looked at her and said, "It's alright, don't worry about it. I'll talk to some of the locals to see if they know anything about it. Maybe I can get it back before it gets sold off for money. Are you sure you don't know where Chloe’s gone to?"

"Yes I'm sure." Devon said.

"You two didn't get into an argument or anything, did you?” John enquired.

Devon pursed her lips and said, "No, no nothing like that. As a matter of fact, I apologized to her for acting like such a bitch."

John stood there rubbing his whiskers. "Well it’s too late to look for her now; I'll try to find my camera. Tomorrow I'll look for Chloe on the other side of the island... SHIT!"

The next day John spent the whole day looking for Chloe who was nowhere to be found, good thing for Devon because her boobs were still sore from titfighting Chloe. After a day and a half of rest she was ready again for her photo shoot and she was better than ever. She felt good about herself and good about her life. A new woman. Although John did ask, "How come your boobs are so red?"

Devon would just reply, "sunburn."

John was happy the photo sessions went well. Devon was at her zenith but now it was over. The two girls never saw each other after that first encounter. That was almost ten years ago. Devon finished school, married, had a child, and then divorced. She's now working at a big law firm and doing quite well from what I've heard. With her short career as a big bust model she is now known as, "The Legend."

Chloe, on the other hand, showed up shortly after Devon left the biz and also became a legend in her own right. Whatever brought these two celestial bodies together that day is tough to say. Was it chance? A simple twist of fate? Who knows? Whatever it was that brought them together it's a grand experience that only two women can share.

Whatever happened to the video tape you ask? Well, sometimes when it's late at night and the baby's asleep, Devon will turn out all the lights, sit down and watch the video of her and Chloe titfighting. She just shakes her head and smiles, remembering the first time she met Chloe.