By JB57

Alex rolled off of Brianna, smiling contentedly, her luscious body wet with sweat, cum dripping from her twat and soaking her inner thighs.

“God, that was a good fuck, baby,” she sighed. “I knew that riding you would be a lot of fun.”

She stretched out beside Brianna, propping up her head with her hand and running her other hand and up and down Brianna’s belly, caressing the blonde’s breasts and teasing her cunt.

“You know, time runs differently in here. It slows almost to a stop in the outer world. And the water here is a perfect source of energy. It can easily replace food and when you drink it, it restores you. In other words, I can take my time with you. I can fuck you for days, weeks, if I want to. And I plan to take my time. When I said I planned to make up for all of the fucking we didn’t do, I wasn’t kidding.” She gave Brianna a malicious little grin.

“How do you know all of this?” Brianna asked. She needed to know what she was dealing with.

“Oh, I really did find that map in the desk, as I said,” Alex explained. She began to knead Brianna’s breast, twisting the hard nipple. “But I was looking for it. When I was just a girl, I dabbled a bit in sorcery. Since that time, I’ve been very… sensitive to supernatural powers. I learned about Cthaka, I learned about It’s rituals, and I made contact. Cthaka has been visiting me in my dreams for years now. It can’t speak to me directly, but it sends me visions and dreams that I have to interpret. It’s taken me years to track down the old scrolls and other scraps of information that I needed to find this place. But now I’m here. And, thanks to you, it won’t be long before the great god is free.”

Brianna glared at her enemy hatefully, but she felt somewhat hopeful. She knew that if her plan was going to work, she needed to buy time. Now that she understood how the eye was opening and Alex had shown she could be distracted by her own her sexual desire, Brianna began to feel that her chances of delaying the full opening of the eye were getting better. She was especially encouraged by what the redhead had said earlier. If Alex truly wanted to stretch out this sexual encounter for as long as she could, encouraging her to tend to her own orgasmic pleasure might not be that hard. Brianna knew that the incredible lust burning in her body was making it hard for her to think of anything but sex. She hoped that the water and the temple were having a similar effect on her foe.

“You vicious little fuck,” Brianna spat at the redhead. Alex merely smiled and slid down the slab. She positioned herself between Brianna’s wet thighs and began to lick and tease the blonde’s swollen clit. From her position tied to the onyx block, Brianna looked down her body, between her throbbing tits, and watched as the twin hills of Alex’s perfect, heart-shaped ass moved up and down as the redhead ate her cunt.

“Oh fuck!!,” Brianna moaned, arching her back, working her hips so she could rub her bare, wet twat into her tormentor’s face. Her pulsing clit seemed just moments from exploding. She struggled to hold back the orgasm. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!!” Brianna cried.

Alex continued eating her, playing with her, the way a cat plays with a mouse. The redhead took Brianna up the pleasure curve then, when it seemed she would explode, took her back down, prolonging her sexual agony. Brianna cried out again and again, her whole body throbbing. Desperately, she tried to implement her plan.

“Please, Alex,” Brianna cried, “Do it to me cunt to cunt!” She panted frantically, desperately, conveying the image of a bitch in uncontrollable heat.

Alex paused, looking up from Brianna’s wet twat with a sly grin. “Well, that’s a real turnaround. You’re begging me for it already?”

“You fuck!” Brianna snarled, trying to give the impression that she was struggling to salvage her pride. “You’re doing it to me anyway, you might as well do it the way I like.”

Brianna saw Alex glance up at the eye in the ceiling. The aristocratic redhead smiled and slowly crawled up Brianna’s prone body. She lowered herself onto Brianna, holding herself up just enough that she could rub her tits around and around Brianna’s voluptuous rack, slipping their thick boobs in and out each other, sweat slicked flesh sliding deliciously. The blonde prisoner groaned angrily, gasping with effort as she tried to contain her orgasm. Her clit was throbbing so hard that she knew she could not last much longer.

Alex dropped her full weight on Brianna, mashing their massive tits together. Both women gasped in pleasure. With a cruel smile, Alex yanked viciously on Brianna’s blonde hair, pulling Brianna’s head back, exposing her throat. Alex kissed, licked and then bit at her prisoner’s throat, then released Brianna. The women panted into each other’s faces, watching each other through eyes half-closed with lust, as Alex moved her hips, working her cunt around and around Brianna’s dripping twat, before finally thrusting hard, spreading Brianna’s fuckmeat with her own, penetrating the blonde’s cunt, sliding her swollen clit deep into Brianna’s hot, tight slit. The redhead’s pulsing clit stroked Brianna’s clit, causing both women to shudder with ecstasy. Alex had only just started thrusting when Brianna realized she could not hold out a moment longer. With a shriek of absolute pleasure, she bucked hard, her pussy gushing uncontrollably as she came.

Alex smiled down at her, riding Brianna as the blonde came again and then again. Brianna collapsed on the altar, gasping for breath, hot juices trickling from the meaty vaginal join she shared with Alex . She could not see the eye past Alex’s smug face, looking down on her with a malicious grin. But she heard the grating sound as it opened further.

The redhead continued stroking her clit against Brianna’s wilting sexhorn and it was not long before Brianna felt her clit growing and hardening once again. She began to move her ass and wiggle her hips, doing everything she could to give pleasure to the woman attacking her. At the same time, she tried to keep her mind off what was happening to her, to distract herself from the sensual pleasure rippling through her body. It was inevitable that she would orgasm, but if she could do so less often than the redhead, she could begin to close the iris just a bit more. Eventually, however, she would need to be free. Her only chance of winning this battle for the future of the planet required that she contest this sexual war on equal terms.

Alex kissed Brianna ferociously, her tongue working hard in the blonde’s mouth. Brianna returned the kiss with equal passion, sucking spit from Alex, wrestling the redhead’s tongue with her own, their slick pink probes sliding and twining together. Alex’s red hair fell like a curtain across their faces, red hair tangling with Brianna’s blonde. The women writhed against each other, their massive tits grinding and mashing, hard nipples burning with friction and sensation, muscled bellies rippling against each other. Their thick-lipped twats were locked tight, gripping each other like clamps, both sets of genitals trembling with tension as they struggled to devour each other. Their throbbing clits rubbed and sawed against each other, erotic electricity radiating from their stroking, aching sexhorns. Alex twined her legs through Brianna’s legs, allowing both women the chance to strain against each other, muscle to muscle. The women fucked and fucked, their mutual pleasure growing more and more unbearable. Their cries of erotic joy spiraled higher and higher.

Moaning with pleasure, Alex suddenly pushed herself up and sat on top of Brianna, her legs to either side of her prisoner’s hips, her pussy still crushed to Brianna’s twat. Alex began working her hips and her ass in a scooping motion, grinding her throbbing clit into Brianna’s clit. She filled her hands with Brianna’s magnificent tits and squeezed viciously, kneading and manipulating the heavy titflesh, twisting Brianna’s jutting nipples between her thumb and forefingers like knobs. Brianna cried out with the intense pleasure. Alex thrust harder and harder, riding Brianna’s bucking body furiously, throwing back her head to cry out. She closed her eyes and reached up to squeeze her own tits desperately, to run her hands through her long, wild hair. She leaned back, reaching back to place her hands on Brianna’s thighs. She pumped harder, deeper. She howled in ecstasy and came hard, her pussy spraying hot cum all over Brianna’s naked cunt, her body going stiff as a board as the sexual tension building in her voluptuous body peaked and exploded. At the same instant, Brianna shrieked and arched her back, erupting with an intense orgasm of her own. Her throbbing pussy ejaculated powerfully into Alex’s pulsing cunt. Alex reached down to grasp Brianna’s massive tits and squeezed hard, desperately, as her body shuddered through a series of devastating orgasms. The women’s screams of sexual ecstasy harmonized and merged. Finally, gasping with pleasure, Alex collapsed on Brianna’s chest, crushing her tits into the blonde’s beautiful rack, resting her cheek against Brianna’s, burying her face in Brianna’s neck. The women panted, struggling to catch their breath. Their hearts pounded together through their mashed tits.

Brianna’s face was partly covered by Alex’s hair, but she was still able to see the iris. Panting, her body still vibrating with sexual power and pleasure, she watched the eye intently, hoping to see some confirmation of her theory. As she watched, the eye shuddered, then closed ever so slightly. She smiled. Her theory was correct. Alex had come a bit longer and harder than Brianna had and the iris had responded accordingly. Now, Brianna just had to find a way to get free.

As she rested under the redhead, their bodies soaked in sweat and cum, Brianna suddenly realized that she could feel a bit of heat at her throat. At the same time, she realized that she felt a spot of heat where Alex’s necklace was pushed against her chest.

“Of course!” Brianna thought to herself. “The necklaces!” She realized that the necklaces were more than just charms, allowing them access to the inner temple chamber. They also must serve as the conduits of the energy being released, or at least they played some important role in conveying the energy to the iris. What would happen if she took her necklace off? But, first, she needed to get free.

Alex raised her head and smiled down at Brianna. She looped her arms around Brianna’s back and pulled on the blonde’s hair, pulling Brianna’s head back. Alex bit and licked at the other woman’s neck and chin, even as she rubbed and thrust her tits, hard, into Brianna’s matching rack. Brianna gasped, wriggling beneath her enemy.

“You’re a fantastic fuck, you blonde cunt,” Alex murmured in Brianna’s ear. “I’m just going to fuck you blind. You might as well just lie back and enjoy it. We’re going to be here a long, long time.”

“Let me go and we’ll see who fucks who, you dirty whore,” Brianna snarled at her enemy.

The English beauty just smiled viciously. “I enjoy how helpless you are. You just hate being dominated, don’t you? Get used to it, baby. When Cthaka is free, I’m going to ask for you as my personal sextoy. You’re going to be spreading your legs for me for a looonnng time.” Her gorgeous face suddenly twisted with viciousness. “You’re going to be sorry you ever said ‘no’ to me, you little fuck.”

“Go to Hell, you cuntsucking slut,” Brianna snapped.

Alex forced her mouth on Brianna’s, forced her tongue into Brianna’s mouth, raping the other woman with her kiss. Brianna fought back. For long minutes, the women kissed passionately, viciously, ravaging each other with their tongues. But Alex used the advantage of her hands to control Brianna’s head and the blonde eventually had to break off the kissfight, gasping and coughing as Alex’s tongue overwhelmed her. Alex smiled triumphantly at her small victory.

“Get used to losing, Brianna,” Alex purred. “Any time you put your body against mine, I’ll humiliate you.”

“You’re a cheating cunt, Alex,” Brianna shot back.

Alex smiled, then peeled her wet, sticky body off of Brianna’s sweat-slick, cum-covered body. Alex rolled off of the altar, picked up the water canteen that was resting on the edge of the onyx slab, and padded across the sand, towards the ring of water bordering the altar. Her bare ass flexed enticingly, her hips swung deliciously.

The moment Alex turned her back, Brianna tried frantically to free her right hand from its bindings. The whole time that she and Alex had fucked, her entire body had – involuntarily – been pulling and straining at her bonds. She could feel that the ropes had begun to loosen. She prayed that Alex would not think to tighten the bonds before she could free herself. The only thing she could do was keep Alex distracted with her body, her sex, until she could gain her freedom.

Alex filled the canteen with water and then drank deeply of the mystical fluid. She smiled as power flowed through her once again. She felt rejuvenated. The sexual desire pulsing through her body came back stronger than ever. She did not know exactly why this was the case. Did she become hornier the more water she drank? Was her growing libido related to simply being in the room for so long? She did not know and did not care. She was enjoying the feeling. She was enjoying fulfilling her desires on Brianna’s gorgeous body. She intended to keep enjoying herself for as long as she could. Time was not a factor. The great god Cthaka was patient and time flowed differently for such a being anyway.

Alex refilled her canteen and walked back to the altar. She admired Brianna’s magnificent body as she approached. The blonde was absolutely gorgeous and her taut, tanned body, with its perfect, abundant golden breasts and succulent twat, had proven to be every bit as spectacular a fuck as Alex had dared to hope. She had to admit that she would have preferred to be fucking Brianna on equal terms. She enjoyed dominating other women in fair fights, she enjoyed the sensations of struggling with other women, twining limbs and straining muscles, arms and legs wrapped around each other, biting and clawing and kissing, forcing each other’s thighs apart and taking pleasure by being the stronger woman. Circumstances made it impossible to take Brianna in that way, so she would make do.

Brianna could feel her right hand coming free, the bonds loosening. But she had to time this correctly. She had to free herself while Alex had her back turned, or else she could find herself being rendered unconscious and tied again. Then, getting free before the eye opened would be next to impossible. She would have only one chance at this.

Alex grabbed Brianna’s head and tilted the water into her prisoner’s mouth. Brianna drank eagerly, enjoying the surge of energy, the rejuvenation that came with the liquid.

“I would like to be washed,” Brianna said, after she was done drinking. “I’m sticky and filthy.”

“I like it,” Alex said, smiling. “I’m just as sticky and filthy. It feels good. Besides, even if I washed you, you’d be sweaty and cum-soaked again in no time.”

“But I wouldn’t have everything built up on me.”

Alex shrugged. Then, with a sadistic smile, she poured about half of the water on Brianna’s chest and belly. She ran her hands vigorously over Brianna’s tits and abdomen, washing away the grime on the woman’s skin. Brianna gasped. Alex poured the rest of the water onto Brianna’s pussy and inner thighs and then smartly rubbed the water into the thick, juicy cuntflesh, taking care to shove a finger deep into Brianna’s twat. Brianna gasped at the unexpected violation.

“How is that? Happy?” Alex asked, a vicious smile on her gorgeous face.

“You’re a cunt, Alex,” Brianna growled.

“Of course I am, you stupid bitch,” Alex replied dismissively. She turned on her heel and walked back to the water, refilling the canteen. Then, after a moment of consideration, Alex stepped into the water. It tingled on her skin. She walked out to the middle of the moat, then immersed herself in the clear liquid, smiling at the sensation. The water washed her clean, leaving her fresh and cool. She climbed out of the moat, her nude perfection glistening with the moisture, her red hair flattened to her head. She walked across the sand, her wet bare feet crusting with the fine granules, and approached the altar.

As Alex bathed herself, Brianna worked frantically at her bonds. The water added to the sweat and other moisture on her body, making her even slicker. She had been pulling against the knots for hours and now, slowly, agonizingly, the rope on her right hand gave way. Instantly, her heart pounding with excitement, she tore at the bonds on her left hand. She had that hand free in a moment. For the first time since the ordeal started, Brianna sat up. Alex was still in the water, her back to the altar. Brianna quickly untied her ankles. She rubbed her wrists and ankles and considered what to do next. Quickly, she looped the rope loosely over her ankles and then laid back on the onyx slab. She twisted the ropes around her wrists again, creating the illusion that she was still tied down. Then, she waited.

Moments later, Alex returned from the moat. Her body dripped with water, its taut loveliness gleamed in the light of the fires. Her hair was slicked back on her head. Her majestic tits jiggled deliciously as she crossed the sandy ring, her hips swayed sensuously. Brianna had to admit that Alex was a spectacularly beautiful woman. She felt her lust stirring but, this time, she did not fight it. Closing the eye was going to require her to fuck Alex into submission, meaning her body would need to be at its sexual peak – at least until she could turn the tables on the bitch.

Alex smiled at her helpless victim. She looked up at the eye. It was maybe 25% open at this point, but she knew that it needed to be 100% open for Cthaka to come through. She knew that the past few sexual encounters had little effect on the iris because both she and Brianna had been exchanging orgasms. The iris may even be a little smaller than when she had started taking her own pleasure. Alex decided that she had better make up a bit for the lost ground. Then, when the eye was maybe 40% open, she would go back to fucking Brianna to mutual orgasms, at least for a time.

Alex placed the canteen at the top of the altar, then climbed onto the lower part of the altar, seizing Brianna’s muscled thighs and positioning herself above the blonde’s swollen twat.

“Lie back and enjoy this, baby. I’m going to eat you out for a little while. You taste so sweet, I just can’t resist. It’s like honey!”

Alex bent her head to her task, shoving two fingers up the prone woman’s vagina, using her tongue to lick at Brianna’s swelling clit. She had just started to suck when, completely unexpectedly, Brianna’s powerful thighs suddenly closed around her head like a vise. Alex barely had time to gasp before she was being suffocated, choked by the powerful grip. She pulled up, but Brianna rose with her and tightened her grip. At the same time, the blonde grabbed Alex by her red hair, pulling savagely.

A snarl of vengeful glee contorted Brianna’s beautiful face. Her plan was simple: she was going to choke this redheaded cunt into unconsciousness, tie her to the altar, and then go to work on the bitch’s twat, doing to Alex what Alex had done to her. Except, this time, the effect would be to close the eye and seal Cthaka out of the earthly realm.

Alex lurched up to her knees, gripping Brianna’s thighs, trying to pry them apart. But, of course, that could not work. She was being smothered inside of Brianna’s cunt. She did the only thing left to her. She began to bite at the other woman’s genitals, savage bites that brought a yelp of agony from the blonde. In an instant, Brianna released her redheaded enemy and, twisting her hips, threw Alex off of the altar and onto the sand.

Brianna sat up on the altar, her legs hanging over the side, and examined her pussy. She was unhurt, but that could have been a close thing. If there had been no other choice, she would not have let Alex go. But she was confident in her ability to beat the redhead into unconsciousness, if necessary.

Panting, holding her throat, Alex kneeled in the sand, regaining her breath.

The women glared at each other hatefully. Brianna climbed down from the altar and fell into a fighter’s stance. Alex got to her feet and assumed the same kind of position. Hands extended, crouched down, the two beautiful Amazons began moving in a circle, looking for an opening.

Brianna moved forward carefully, offering her hands. Alex took them. Their fingers twined, hand to hand, the two powerful women engaged in a test of strength. Brianna tried to bend Alex’s hands back, to bring her to the ground. But she was surprised to find the redhead immovable, resisting her and trying to bend her back with equal strength. Brianna suddenly pulled their arms apart and closed the distance between their luscious bodies, bringing her beautiful form crashing into Alex’s with a loud, fleshy slap. Instantly, both women wrapped their arms around each other, mashing their tits and their taut torsos tightly. Bare feet danced in the sand, trying to find strong purchase. Their powerful legs twined and, in moments, the women fell into the sand, arms and legs wrapped around each other, their magnificent bodies crushed tight in a savage bearhug. Screaming, snarling, shrieking at each other, the two women pulled hair, they punched and wrestled violently, naked bodies slipping and sliding, rubbing together with erotic intensity. Locked in an intertwined ball of female fury they rolled over and over in the sand, each woman struggling to get a grip on the other that could force her enemy’s surrender. At the same time, neither woman could deny that her pussy was getting hot, that their nipples were spearing each other like fleshy rocks. Snarling at each other, yanking viciously at each other’s hair as they thrashed against each other, Alex and Brianna were caught by surprise when they rolled off the edge of the central circle and into the moat.

Gasping the women broke apart and burst to the surface only feet apart. Instantly, Brianna lashed out, hitting Alex with a powerful punch. Alex gasped, absorbing the blow, then fell into a boxer’s crouch. Brianna assumed the same position. For the next few minutes, the two Amazon warriors pounded each other in the waist deep water, exchanging vicious blows to their rock-hard abdomens and their taut breasts. Occasionally, one or the other got through her opponent’s guard to deliver a stinging blow to the other’s gorgeous face. It soon became apparent to both women, however, that they were evenly matched and that the water was an impediment to their ability to fight. Brianna threw herself at Alex, hoping to drag the redhead down and render her unconscious under the water. But Alex countered by getting up a knee, driving it into Brianna’s stomach. The blonde backed off, glaring in frustration. She backed up to the edge of the moat and pulled herself up onto the sand. Her soaking body was tingling, the mystical water flowing on her skin. Brianna decided to try a different approach.

“It’s over, Alex,” Brianna said to her foe. “I’ve figured out that you need to fuck me on the altar for this to work. And you’re not getting me up there again. In fact,” she said, as she reached behind her neck to undo her necklace, “I know that I need to be wearing this for the process to work.” She pulled off the medallion and held it out. “What if I just throw this away?”

Brianna was about to do so. “No!” Alex shouted, horrified. She threw out her hands, splashing water. Brianna paused.

“You need to wear the necklace to get in or out of this place. But there’s more. The only way the passage to this place works is if the eye is completely open or completely closed. There is no in-between.”

Brianna considered what this meant. If true, the only way to get out would be to complete the fuckfight, until one of them surrendered completely, and the eye either opened or closed completely. She considered her options. She could still beat Alex senseless, tie the woman to the altar and sexually stimulate her until the iris closed and it became possible to leave. But it looked like she and Alex were even matches as fighters and in physical strength. There was the risk that she could end up back on the slab as a sacrifice.

There was only one other option left.

Alex had climbed out of the pool and stood facing Brianna, just a few feet away.

Her eyes never leaving Alex, Brianna put the necklace back on, closing the catch behind her neck. She backed up to the altar and picked up the canteen. She took a deep swig and closed her eyes in pleasure as the cool water flowed through her, filling her with energy, healing all of her bruises and scratches. She threw the canteen to Alex. The redhead caught it and took a deep drink of her own.

Brianna climbed onto the altar, and pushed herself to the top of the onyx slab. Her heart was pounding, her twat was growing wet with excitement and anticipation. Her breasts were heavy with arousal, her nipples hard and throbbing. Her swollen clit bulged from the top of her luscious cunt. Brianna slowly, tantalizingly spread her legs, opening her naked twat.

Alex’s eyes feasted on the beautiful erotic invitation before her. The redhead licked her dry lips and reached up to knead her pulsing tits and tweak her burning nipples. She climbed onto the bottom end of the slab. She spread her legs wide, mirroring Brianna’s position.

Both women looked at the other’s dripping, unspeakably beautiful twat. Their eyes roamed over the other woman’s perfect, voluptuous body, the tight, muscular flesh, the round, thick tits, the sharp, swollen nipples. Both women reached down between their wet thighs and spread their labia, coaxing their swelling clits into the open. Both looked closely at the other woman’s engorged clit. Hearts pounding with excitement and lust, tits starting to heave with their pants of desire, Brianna and Alex locked eyes.

“Come and get it, you bitch,” Brianna growled, gasped.

The rivals began sliding down the slick black surface on their round asses, their legs spread, sexual weapons facing each other like pink, fleshy mouths, ravenous for each other, ready for the war to come.