By JB57

Brianna returned to consciousness with the feeling of someone pouring cool, sweet water down her throat. She was drinking as though she was ravenously thirsty. Then, suddenly, power seemed to surge through her. She had never experienced anything like it before. One moment, she was groggy and disoriented; the next, she was fully alert and felt energized, as though electricity was flowing through every muscle in her body. With a start, she suddenly realized that she also felt powerfully aroused, though she had no reason to be. But she was aware that her nipples were erect and her breasts were swollen with heat. Her pussy felt tense and seemed to be getting hotter by the moment.

Alex was standing beside her, trickling water into her mouth from her canteen. When she saw Brianna’s eyes open, she smiled and stopped.

Brianna took in her situation in an instant. She was absolutely naked, tied to the black stone slab under the statue on the altar. Her hands were tied to either side above her head; her legs were tied to pull her thighs apart and leave her pussy exposed and vulnerable. She looked up and saw the eye of the temple staring down at her naked body. Now, more than ever, she was certain that a malevolent consciousness was centered in that eye.

She turned her head to glare at Alex. “Am I going to be a sacrifice to your god, Alex?” she asked grimly. “Is this why you went to all the trouble of getting me here?”

Alex smiled, a smug, self-satisfied grin. “Almost, my friend. You are going to be a sacrifice, but not quite in the way you think. You see, your energy is going to open that portal.” She pointed to the stone eye staring down at Brianna’s prone body. “When it opens, the great god Cthaku will come through and return to Earth. And I will be rewarded for my role in bringing It back.”

“You evil bitch!” Brianna snapped. “You’re willing to sacrifice the entire world just to gain – what? More power? More wealth?”

“Oh, I was thinking more like immortality and the power of a god. But, yes, I am an evil bitch. I’m very comfortable with the fact that I’m a sociopath, my stupid little pet.”

Alex smiled wider. “But here is where this whole thing becomes a lot of fun for both of us. You see, it’s not your life energy that’s going to open the portal. It’s your sexual energy. Cthaku is held in the outer dark through a balance of forces. It’s a very delicate balance. Your sexual energy is going to overturn that balance and open that eye. And I’m going to help you release that energy.”

“Fuck off, whore!” Brianna cried. She had heard of these kinds of rituals before. The elder gods frequently feasted on the energy created by orgies and other acts of debauchery. The primal forces unleashed in such acts were a vital part of their magic.

Alex smiled. She ran a finger along Brianna’s chest, between the blonde’s massive, perfect golden orbs. She ran the finger down Brianna’s belly, pausing to delve into her navel, before continuing down her clean shaven pubes until her finger was sliding over Brianna’s thick, wet cuntlips. Brianna shuddered at the touch. She could tell that something in this place was greatly increasing her sexual desire – maybe the air, maybe the water, maybe the stone itself. But she could not deny that her beautiful body was boiling with sexual need.

Alex leaned closer, her sweet breath washing over Brianna’s face. “This is the real reason I brought you here. I needed a sexually voracious woman, someone who I knew could generate the kind of sexual power that I’ll need to get that portal open. You’ve definitely got the juice, baby, and I’m going to enjoy myself fucking every drop of cum out of that little pussy. You’re going to be begging me to fuck you before I’m done with you.”

“Cunt!” Brianna shot back. But she was sure that the redhead was right. Already, her body’s deep lust was betraying her. It had been months since she had last had sex and now her body was like a cauldron, waiting to boil over, and this place was feeding her libido like an electric generator.

Alex stepped back from the black stone slab. Smiling lasciviously, she reached up to her head and let down her wild red mane. She whipped her hair around. She began to unbutton the few closed buttons on her shirt, then pulled the blouse wide open, exposing her massive tits. Brianna could not look away. She felt a spike of lust as the redhead’s magnificent golden orbs bounced free. Alex’s tits were perfect and Brianna struggled against the urge to bite and suck the succulent titflesh. Alex reached down and pulled off her leather boots, then slid her skin-tight pants down her long, muscled legs, and smiled. She was naked under the pants, her clean-shaven twat glistening with wetness. Putting her hands on her hips, she thrust with her pussy, teasing and tantalizing her victim. The only item of clothing Alex left on was her golden necklace.

Brianna could see the pure lust shining in Alex’s eyes. Without another word, the naked redhead moved onto the slab, stretching herself out beside Brianna. She propped up her head and smiled down at her prey. “You filthy fuck, don’t touch me, slut!” Brianna snarled. But she knew that, deep inside, she really did want Alex to touch her, to fuck her, to give her the sensual pleasure that her body craved. Her revulsion towards the woman and what Alex was doing to her fought the primal lust boiling in her blood.

Alex ran her hand over Brianna’s bare, taut belly, then reached up to knead and cup the blonde’s left tit. Brianna gasped and moaned. Alex lowered her head to the thick, succulent gland and began to suck, hungrily, at Brianna’s throbbing meat.

“Oh fuck…” Brianna gasped, sobbed, as she struggled to control herself.

Alex sucked and sucked, beside herself with lust and joy. She broke off from Brianna's left tit and maneuvered herself so that she could reach the blonde’s right tit. “You see how good this is, baby?” Alex murmured. “Think about what we could have been doing to each other for the past few months… all those hot, sweaty nights when we could have been fucking each other’s brains out. Well, I’m going to make up for all of that now.”

She climbed over Brianna and feasted on the blonde’s tits, going back and forth, sucking and biting until Brianna arched her back and cried out in joy. Her massive breasts felt like they had swollen to three times their normal size. She writhed uncontrollably on the onyx slab. Hot sweat dotted her tanned skin. Alex worked her way down Brianna’s luscious body until she was perched between Brianna’s legs, licking and sucking at the blonde’s dripping twat. Alex used her tongue to play with Brianna’s clit, feasting on the exquisitely sensitive organ, feasting on her until, with a shriek of pure sexual ecstasy, Brianna came harder than she ever had before, her convulsing cunt jetting hot cum into Alex’s eager face. The redhead laughed with delight as Brianna sprayed her surrender.

The blonde lay gasping on the slab, only semi-conscious. She had the distinct sense that the slab below her was somehow feeding on her energy, feeding on her sex. Alex and Brianna looked up as a rough, scraping sound rumbled through the air. The eye above their naked bodies slowly, slowly, grated open. It did not open much, but it opened enough to send a hot blast of air whirling through the massive room. The sense of power grew stronger, the sense of sexual desire grew, if anything, even more intense. Brianna sobbed in rage. Her own body was betraying her. She was being manipulated by her own sexuality, turned into the engine of the world’s destruction, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Alex smiled hungrily and returned to her task of sucking and manipulating Brianna’s aching genitals. The redhead’s expert fingers and tongue probed deep into Brianna’s womanhood. Alex drove her fist deep into Brianna’s throbbing cunt and twisted, pulling another devastating orgasm out of the blonde’s womanly core. Brianna screamed in pleasure and watched, horror-stricken, as the eye opened a little bit more.

This went on for more than two hours – Alex feeding on Brianna, feasting and kneading at her tits, playing with her cunt, licking and lapping and nibbling at her victim’s most sensitive body parts. Brianna came and came, orgasm after orgasm. Her body was soon slick with sweat, her lower body damp with cum. And the eye continued opening wider and wider until it was almost a quarter to its full size.

Alex stopped and climbed down from the altar, leaving the panting, gasping Brianna writhing on the slab. She filled her canteen with water from the spout. She took a deep, deep swallow and smiled ecstatically as the water fully replenished her body, filling her with energy, but also energizing her sexual power and desire. Her clit grew harder than rock. Alex tried to ignore it. She had been fucking Brianna relentlessly for the past two hours, but she still had not relieved her own desire. She walked back to the altar and forced Brianna to drink deeply. In a moment, Brianna’s eyes cleared and the look of sexual exhaustion on her gorgeous face was gone, replaced by wanton hunger and anger.

“You bitch, you fucking bitch, I swear to God, I’ll make you pay for this," Brianna gasped.

Alex smiled, but her lips trembled with her desire. She knew that she could not wait any longer. Smiling, she climbed back onto the altar. For the first time, she slowly mounted Brianna’s luscious body, stretching her body the length of her victim’s form, fitting her thighs between Brianna’s spread thighs. She held herself up by her arms, her tits hanging just inches above Brianna’s delicious rack. Then, slowly, carefully, Alex lowered her tits down onto Brianna’s matching glands, taking care to press nipple to nipple. The women moaned in concert as their incredibly sensitive nipples fused to each other.

“Yes,” Alex moaned, “Oh god, oh, yesss, that feels so fucking good.” She threw back her head, her eyes closed, a smile of rapturous pleasure on her gorgeous face. This was just how she had imagined it would feel, when she was lying in bed, masturbating to thoughts of Brianna’s voluptuous body writhing and straining beneath her. The feel of thick, meaty flesh crushing and yielding and resisting, of warm glands melting together – it was every bit as delicious as she had imagined. Alex dropped her belly onto Brianna’s matching torso, enjoying the suction between their navels, the feel of smooth skin sliding on sweat-soaked flesh. Carefully, she slid the thick, wet, slick meat of her burning vulva onto the sex-slicked, fleshy pads of Brianna’s matching cuntlips. Brianna spread her legs a bit more and arched her back, giving Alex even greater access to her cunt. The women groaned in concert as their wet, hot pussy lips caressed each other, slick juices lubricating them as they mated. Alex shoved hard with her hips and ass and cried out as her pussy lips flattened against Brianna’s cuntlips, as their thick pink labia melted together, as their twats opened and sucked each other in, hot, wet slots merging. Brianna thrust up, trying to move with Alex as best she could, keeping their ravenous cunts locked together. The women moaned in shared pleasure as their throbbing clits came together, sex nubs rubbing and grinding against each other, sending waves of electricity racing through their locked bodies. Alex and Brianna rubbed and rubbed, clit on clit, tit to tit. They panted and moaned furiously into each other’s face until Alex could not take it anymore. She locked Brianna into a deep, questing kiss, her tongue scouring the inside of Brianna’s mouth, even as Brianna pushed back with her tongue.

Alex broke the kiss, threw back her head, and gasped, then screamed in ecstasy. She thrust down and into Brianna with all her power, driving and holding their pulsing clits together, as she ejaculated powerfully into Brianna’s waiting twat. The black altar, already wet with sweat and cum, grew slicker still. Alex shuddered with pleasure and came again and again, drowning Brianna’s hungry cunt in her juices. She collapsed on top of Brianna, gasping uncontrollably, her whole body burning with electricity. Under her, Brianna panted furiously, but her clit was still as hard as a rock. She had not yet had her orgasm and she struggled to keep it down, to force it back. Every orgasm she had opened the eye a little more.

Suddenly, as she watched, Brianna saw a startling sight. The iris of the eye, which to now had been gradually expanding, suddenly began to contract. It got just a little bit smaller. She could not believe her eyes but, as she lay under Alex’s sweating, hot body, enjoying the weight of the other woman, the sensation of their thick clits pulsing into each other, she began to understand what was happening. Her body was providing the sexual energy needed to open the iris. But, somehow, Alex’s sexual energy had the opposite effect – it closed the iris or somehow worked against the effects of Brianna’s power. Brianna realized that Alex had not been satisfying herself. In all the time she had been ravaging Brianna’s body, she could have done this while pleasuring herself. Instead, she had driven Brianna over the orgasmic edge time and again while refusing to take pleasure for herself - at least until just now, when she could not resist the need any longer!

Her mind was hazy from the sexual pleasure vibrating in her body, but Brianna formulated a plan. It was very simple. She had to get free and fuck Alex until the bitch’s orgasms closed the eye. The fate of the world depended on it.