THE COACH by Rodmanwriter

Sharon was an only child. Her parents had divorced when she was very little and she lived alone with her father. After cheating on her dad for years, her mother had taken off with her lover and made no effort to fight for custody. Sharon’s father had recently started seeing another woman named Joanne. Joanne was always over at Sharon’s house, had her own key, and often spent the night. Sometimes she could hear them late at night, fucking each other’s brains out sounding like two cats fighting. Joanne tried to relate to Sharon like a mom would, but Sharon resented her trying to act like her mom. Even though Sharon’s dad did the best he could, having to work all day he had little time to help Sharon with the trials and tribulations of adolescence. Even when her dad sensed a problem, he had trouble relating to the “female” issues that inevitably came up with an 18 year-old girl. Subjects like hair, clothes, periods, and bras, were like a foreign language to her father and he struggled to relate to Sharon.

Actually, if you saw Sharon, you would say 18 year-old “woman” instead of “girl.” She was an early bloomer and already had the womanly curves you would expect to see on a college senior instead of a high school senior. In fact, you could say that Sharon had a “real woman’s” body you would describe as voluptuous, but not in a bad way. Sharon’s body reminded you of the centerfolds in those old Playboy magazines your dad used to look at from the 60’s with those full figured women. Sharon had full hips and a round hard ass, but no excess fat or cellulite. Her legs were long enough to compensate for her hourglass figure and were firm with muscular calves. Although not washboard, her stomach was hard and flat with a deep sexy belly button. As you would expect with this body type, her breasts were no less than eye popping. Sharon’s boobs were a sight to behold, full and wide, with dark silver dollar sized areolas and thick rubbery peaks. Sharon’s hourglass figure measured 38D-26-38.

Sharon had an incredible body, a body that would make Hugh Hefner blush, but despite her exceptional assets, she dressed and behaved like a shy little schoolgirl. To describe Sharon as insecure would be an under statement. Without a mom in the house, she dressed much like a tomboy and wore no makeup. Her clothes tended to be plain and baggy, only revealing a hint of what her body was like when you saw her on campus. She had few friends and mainly kept to herself at school. She would notice the junior and senior girl cliques and longed to be popular and fit in. The older, well-developed girls would proudly and skillfully flaunt their firm, high tits with tight blouses and halter-tops, displaying their cleavage and hard nipples. Sharon saw how the cute boys would drool over the sexy stacked ones and she envied them. She didn’t envy their bodies, she knew what she had, but she envied their attitude and confidence.

One day at school while sitting alone in her usual lunch spot, Sharon noticed a group of the four most popular girls in the school looking in her direction. Soon, the one named Carol (Sharon knew them all by name) strolled over to Sharon and addressed her by name. “Sharon, right?” “Yeeeessss” Sharon stammered. “A bunch of us are going over to my girlfriend Page’s house after school to mess around, and we were wondering if you wanted to come.” “Aaaaaahhh, sure, I guess.” Sharon replied with a puzzled look on her face. Carol looked delighted and asked Sharon to meet them out front after school so they could go in one car. As Carol returned to her clique, Sharon could see looks of approval on the other three girl’s faces as their messenger acknowledged that Sharon had accepted the invitation. Now Sharon was surely naive, but not born yesterday. “Why would the single most popular group of girls in the school invite me out with them?” Sharon thought to herself. Desperate to fit in, Sharon convinced herself that their intentions must be genuine. When the time came, the four girls pulled up to Sharon in front of the school in a red Mustang convertible. Sharon hopped in the back seat and squeezed between Gail and Sue, with Carol driving and Page in the front seat. Sharon sat silently as the four girls chattered and gossiped, all with the same valley girl accent.

Arriving at Page’s house, they all piled out, ushering Sharon through the front door and upstairs to Page’s bedroom to lounge around and continue chatting. Feeling a bit more comfortable now, Sharon relaxed but still didn’t say much. As you would expect from a bunch of high school girls, the girl talk quickly turned to sex and then degenerated to a series of catty remarks about the bodies of other girls in the school. Sharon was very uncomfortable with this line of talk and her heart began to beat faster. Suddenly, after a particularly derogatory remark by Gail about some new girls flat chest, Sue said under her breath, “Yeh, but I bet she could take you.”

“Well if she could take me, then she could certainly smash yours flat!” Gail snapped back at Sue with hands on her hips, chest thrust out.

“I beat you last time Gail. You know mine are bigger than yours and obviously firmer.” Sue retorted, in a matter-of-fact tone.

Sharon couldn’t believe her ears. She was pretty sure of what they were referring to, but still couldn’t believe these two preppie teenagers were talking about their boobs. Gail and Sue (the two arguing) had roughly the same size boobs - full Cs I would say. Carol had a nice pair also, but hers seemed to stick out much further, probably a large C or beginner D. Page’s were undoubtedly Ds and she seemed unconcerned with Gail and Sue’s boob squabble. Gail and Sue were now both standing in the middle of the room, face-to-face, hands on hips, chests thrust out, glancing down at each other’s fully clothed breasts.

“I can’t believe you still think you are bigger than me after I destroyed you last time.” Sue announced.

“I gave up because I was tired, not because I lost to those weak little things.” Gail spat back, looking down at Sue’s bust.

The girls were really pissed now and they looked over to Carol and Page on the bed for some kind of official judgment. Carol and Page just smirked and shrugged their shoulders.

“Ok fine! Then I’ll prove it!” Gail said and began to unbutton her blouse. In response, Sue rolled her eyes and also began to release the buttons down the front of her own blouse. Both quickly peeled off their blouses to reveal two very similar white lace bras that barely held each girls full young breasts. As the conflict escalated, Sharon sat motionless against the wall in shock, trying not to panic.

“It looks to me like this question has been settled now, hasn’t it.” Gail declared as she moved her lace-covered breasts close to Sue’s to compare.

“It sure has honey, and I think you must have stopped growing.” Sue shot back as she showcased her breasts only inches from Gail’s almost identical tits.

“Sure, with that padded bra of yours.” Gail said with an insecure laugh.

“In your dreams little girl.” Sue snapped as she reached back with one hand and expertly undid the back clasp on her spring-loaded bra, immediately removing it and throwing it to the ground.

Seeing Sue remove her bra, Gail undid her own white lace bra, dropping it to the floor. They compared completely topless now with backs arched and shoulders pulled back, forcing their engorged breasts out to their fullest extent. Sharon let out an audible gasp at the sight of Gail and Sue’s creamy white breasts, both with fully erect nipples. Again, the two busty teenagers looked over to Carol and Page on the bed for a judgment. Carol just shrugged like last time, but to Sharon’s horror, Page looked over at her and said, “Ask Sharon what she thinks.”

Gail and Sue simultaneously turned their upper torsos to face Sharon, giving her an unobstructed view of their magnificent young breasts. As they turned, their heaving breasts swayed back and forth before coming to a stop, pointing directly at Sharon. Sharon finally panicked! Feeling like she was going to urinate right there on the floor, Sharon jumped up and ran out the bedroom door and down the stairs. She stopped at the front door, face in her hands, crying. Carol ran down after her to explain. “This is just girl stuff.” Carol said in a comforting manner. “You know how competitive girls get about their tits.” Carol went on to explain that at first they just compared in bras, but their nasty little contests eventually went nude. Carol smiled to try and calm Sharon. “We’re not lesbians or anything, if that’s what you are worried about. It’s just a little harmless titfighting.” Sharon managed to stop crying momentarily. “Come back upstairs ok? That’s why we asked you over. You looked like you could hold your own.” Carol said, looking down at Sharon’s carefully hidden bust. Shocked by Carol’s insinuation, Sharon yelled “No!” and bolted out the door and down the street, eventually walking home.

Arriving home, she ran to her room, locked the door, and threw herself on the bed crying. A few moments later, there was a knock on her bedroom door. Thinking her dad had come home early, Sharon forced herself to stop crying and answered the door. To her surprise, it was her dad’s girlfriend Joanne. “I heard you crying and thought you may want to talk about it.” Joanne explained. Feeling she had to talk to someone, even Joanne, Sharon agreed to talk.

Sharon proceeded to explain about what had happened at Page’s house, describing the near titfight between Gail and Sue. With a confident smile on her face, Joanne sat down next to Sharon and said, “Oh yes, reminds me of my high school years.” “What do you mean?” Sharon said, expecting Joanne to be just as shocked as she was. “Why do they do that?” Sharon asked curiously. “It’s only normal that girls your age become competitive about their boobs once they start to develop.” Joanne explained. “I think they wanted me to do it too.” Sharon said in an embarrassed tone. “Do you want to hang out with these girls?” asked Joanne. “Yes, I guess so.” Sharon said, deep down knowing she would do just about anything to be part of their clique. “I can help you with this if you want me to.” Joanne said hesitantly. “You’ve done it? You've actually put your tits up against another girl’s and fought with them?” Sharon said with a wide-eyed expression. “Sure did, and I was tough to beat too.” Joanne said like a retired pro football player. “I’d like to think I could still hold my own if I had to.” Joanne said, thrusting her chest out and looking down at her impressive bust line.

Joanne was young looking for her age and at 35, was obviously in great shape. It wasn’t hard for Sharon to understand why her dad loved to fuck Joanne’s lights out on a regular basis. Joanne had a slim but shapely body with a flat stomach and tight little ass. Sharon only now noticed Joanne’s substantial breasts, in perfect proportion to her body. Joanne had not gone through childbirth and breastfeeding so her boobs still had plenty of perk to them. In her mind, Sharon estimated that Joanne’s tits were easily full C’s, comparing them in her mind to the clear look she had gotten of Gail and Sue’s perfect C cups at Page’s house. Joanne’s measurements were 36C-24-36.

At that very moment, Sharon somehow resolved herself to cross some imaginary line in her head she had always been afraid to cross. She knew that if she didn’t do something drastic to change her image, she would continue to have few friends, no boyfriend, and basically no life. Having made this fundamental decision in her own mind, Sharon looked at Joanne with steely eyes and said, “Show me everything you know about titfighting.” “This is not kid stuff we’re talking about here.” Joanne cautioned. “It can get pretty rough sometimes, depending on your opponent and the rules.” Joanne went on to explain. “I don’t care.” Sharon proclaimed in a resolute voice. “I’m not backing down this time, I always back down.”

Seeing the determined look on Sharon’s face, Joanne gestured for Sharon to stand and face her in the middle of the bedroom. “Take that baggy old sweatshirt off and let me look at you.” Joanne commanded like a football coach. Sharon did what she was told, crossing her arms as she pulled the sweatshirt over her head, throwing it on the bed. Joanne looked down to see that Sharon was wearing a bra that her grandmother might wear, with huge padded cups and thick straps. The bra showed almost no cleavage and did not showcase Sharon’s substantial assets. “Let me explain something to you.” Joanne started, shaking her head as she looked down at Sharon’s outdated bra. “A titfight is a psychological contest as well as a physical battle. You must intimidate your opponent visually first then dominate her physically.” Joanne said as she held her hands up cupping her own breasts without touching them. “Look, let me show you what I mean.” Joanne said as she quickly unbuttoned and removed her blouse.

Sharon couldn’t help but blush as Joanne revealed a very low-cut, lacy, red, under-wire bra like something you would see in a Victoria Secrets catalog. It lifted and squeezed Joanne’s breasts together creating a huge cleavage, barely covering her nipples, now clearly visible through the sheer material. Joanne showcased her breasts to Sharon by moving her upper body slowly from side-to-side. “You will need to maximize what you’ve got and show that yours are sexier, not just firmer.” Joanne said as she flexed her pectoral muscles and sucked in a deep breath. This made Joanne’s boobs expand, almost popping out the top of her sexy bra. “I don’t have any bras like that.” Sharon said in a disappointed voice. “Take mine.” Joanne said as she reached back to undo the clasp. As Joanne reached back, Sharon panicked saying, “No No No! I can’t take yours!” but it was too late as Joanne’s bra snapped off and slid down her arms. Joanne held the bra out to Sharon with one hand and said, “Go ahead, put it on.” At this point Sharon was staring at Joanne’s breasts, she couldn’t help it, they were beautiful. They were mature looking breasts, widely set on her chest with small dark nipples just above center on each one. They swayed back a forth as Joanne gestured again for Sharon to try her bra on. Sharon couldn’t help but notice that Joanne’s nipples were terribly erect, her breasts covered with goose bumps.

With her heart pounding, Sharon slowly reached back with both hands and undid the row of clasps that connected the two-inch strap of her bra. As she let her bra slide down her arms, Joanne let out a loud gasp. Beet red, Sharon just stood there, shoulders hunched, head down. Even with that posture, Sharon’s magnificent breasts swayed and bounced with their substantial weight. “Head up, shoulders back.” Joanne commanded. Sharon obeyed, thrusting her shoulders back, looking up at Joanne. “My god girl!! You are absolutely stacked!!” Joanne exclaimed loudly like a proud mother. Joanne just stood there for a moment admiring Sharon’s spectacular young breasts. Sharon’s large brown areolas were now bumpy and erect, sticking out at least a full inch. “These are lethal weapons girl! You are going to dish out some serious punishment after I’m done with you.” Joanne said in amazement, staring at Sharon’s rack. At that moment, they both looked at the sexy little red bra dangling from Joanne’s hand and burst into laughter. “We’ll go out and buy you one, ok?” Joanne said as she threw it over her shoulder.

Sharon and Joanne just stood there topless for a few silent moments in mutual admiration of each other’s breasts. “Ok, now let’s get down to business.” Joanne said in a commanding voice. “Intimidation only goes so far with this sort of competition. You eventually will have to back it up.” Joanne explained. “Big isn’t everything.” she said. “A firm pair will destroy a big flabby pair every time.” Joanne said as she cupped her own breasts, lifting and squeezing them then letting them drop. Her breasts were incredibly firm still and only bounced slightly after she let go of them. “How firm are you?” Joanne asked, looking at Sharon’s melons. “Pretty firm I think.” Sharon said, as she turned sideways to show Joanne, lifting both of her breasts and squeezing them at the same time. The sensation Sharon felt as she caressed her breasts was incredible and she only then realized how aroused she was when she felt her rock hard nipples stabbing the palms of her hands as she squeezed. When Sharon let go of her tits, they bounced and wiggled but did not sag at all.

“Good.” Praised Joanne. “Have you ever felt another girls breasts against your own?” Joanne asked in a serious voice. “No, never.” Sharon replied. "You can’t go into this completely green.” Joanne said. “Practice with me.” Joanne firmly suggested, thrusting her chest out with hands on her hips. “I’m not sure I can do this.” Sharon said sheepishly. “Come on, I’ll go easy on you.” Joanne said with a superior grin on her face. Joanne’s comment had its desired affect and Sharon was visibly pissed off. “I’m certainly not scared of you.” Sharon shot back, “It’s just the whole idea of this titfighting I’m not sure of.” “What, you’re scared of your dad’s old lady?” Joanne said as she moved her tits closer to Sharon’s, deliberately trying to goad Sharon into tit sparring. That really pissed Sharon off and she too thrust her tits out, lining up her young hard nipples with Joanne’s experienced nips, now only inches away.

Both women now looked down at each other’s breasts to compare. With their breasts only inches apart, the visual comparison was devastating for Joanne. Sharon’s big firm tits visually dominated Joanne’s in almost every aspect. In addition to being bigger in volume, Sharon’s areolas were now swollen under her thick rubbery knobs, making her nipples look twice the size of Joanne’s. “I wonder what your daddy would say now about his precious little girl?” Joanne said in a sarcastic tone. This last comment sent Sharon over the top. “Ok, fight me then!” Sharon squealed, pushing her shoulders back and pressing her heaving breasts into Joanne’s. Joanne responded in kind, moving forward to meet Sharon’s assault, also with hands on hips. Never having felt another woman’s breasts against her own, Sharon gasped when her throbbing breasts came into contact with Joanne’s firm bust. The initial thrust was head-on and both women’s breasts compressed tightly, mushrooming out to the sides. At full compression, both looked down in amazement to see that Sharon’s firm young breasts had fully engulfed Joanne’s proud bosoms. Joanne’s boobs were pressed flat to her chest while Sharon still had plenty of cleavage showing.

“Oh my god!” Joanne shouted as she bent her knees slightly, sliding her firm tits under Sharon’s and driving her nipples up into the soft underside of Sharon’s heavy breasts just below her nipples. As Joanne stabbed upward, Sharon’s tits mushroomed up toward her face, her nipples sticking almost straight up. Joanne slowly scraped her sharp nipples up and over Sharon’s soft titflesh taking dead aim at her swollen brown areolas. When Joanne’s hard nipple knobs met Sharon’s areolas, Sharon squealed and then yelled “Ouch!!” as Joanne’s nipples dug into Sharon’s areolas and then flicked across Sharon’s tender knobs, painfully bending them over.

Shocked by the sting of Joanne’s nipples scraping across her sensitive points, Sharon stepped back, cupping her boobs with both hands. As Sharon cupped her breasts, she massaged the sting out of her nipples with her thumbs and forefingers. “What did you do to me?!” Sharon asked in amazement. “Titfighting is not just about brute strength honey.” Joanne preached. “Having big fat nipples like yours will be a great asset once you learn how to use them, but they can also be a liability if you’re not careful.” Joanne explained. Sharon nodded her understanding, still rubbing her nipples.

“Ok, lock your hands around my back at the base of my spine.” Joanne instructed. Sharon obeyed, slowly wrapping her arms around Joanne’s waist. Joanne raised her arms up to let Sharon lock her hands and get a good grip. Joanne then reached around Sharon’s waist, locking her own hands tightly at the base of Sharon’s back. This position brought their breasts tightly together again, nipple to nipple, causing them to mushroom upward to form a massive cleavage. Sharon maintained her grip, but only squeezed lightly. Like a father showing his son how to shake hands, Joanne roughly squeezed hard around Sharon’s waist, slapping her flat belly against Sharon’s and increasing the pressure between their now damp breasts. “Come on you little pussy! This is not a dance, this is the end game move I’m showing you here.” Joanne barked.

Sharon’s eyes lit up and she squeezed back as hard as she could. Sharon’s arms were inside of Joanne’s in this backbreaking bear hug and her biceps were squeezing her breasts together, forcing them to penetrate deeply into Joanne’s tits. With their lips almost touching, Sharon looked into Joanne’s eyes and could see that she was in pain as Sharon’s big hard nipples dug into Joanne’s nipples, forcing them back into her rib cage.

“If you can get your opponent locked up like this, make sure your arms are on the inside.” Joanne instructed through gritted teeth. “Look what it does to those big tits of yours.” Joanne said, looking down at Sharon’s sweaty tits engulfing hers. “Now, rub back and forth against my nipples.” Joanne ordered. Sharon obeyed and slowly slid both of her nipples across Joanne’s flattened boobs. Sharon could feel her nipple knobs flick roughly across Joanne’s simultaneously, painfully bending them over. But this time, it was Joanne that let out a loud squeal as Sharon’s big hard nipples dug deeply into Joanne’s sore buds. Hearing Joanne yelp gave Sharon a huge feeling of satisfaction. Maintaining her tight grip, Sharon immediately slid her big nipples back across Joanne’s tits the other way, again feeling her daggers flicking across Joanne’s now softening nipples painfully.

“Ok, that’s enough!!” Joanne yelped loudly. Ignoring Joanne’s order to stop, Sharon scraped her boobs back and forth across Joanne’s compressed tits two more times, each time eliciting agonizing squeals from Joanne. “I said stop now!!” Joanne cried out, half commanding and half begging. Now Sharon poured it on, racking her tits back-and-forth, back-and-forth across Joanne’s sore boobs, each time dragging her still rock-hard nipples across Joanne’s nipples. Joanne pleaded with Sharon to stop, her arms now limp at her side. Now, instead of feeling Joanne’s nipple knobs flicking across hers, Sharon felt no resistance as her own stiff points scraped across Joanne’s areolas. After one more deep and agonizing grind, Sharon released her grip around Joanne’s back and let her collapse on the bed. Standing there triumphantly over Joanne, hands on hips, boobs thrust out, Sharon said, “Think I’m ready coach?”