By NylonNY

Jane sat on a chair by her locker in the cheerleader’s locker room. Jane had just changed out of her cheer uniform and into a pair of spandex shorts and a sports bra after a hard try-out for the captain's spot on her cheerleading team. She had been on the squad for 2 previous seasons and had hoped this season she would finally make captain. There was only one person left to perform for the captain spot, Crystal, a tall curvy blonde. Jane didn't think Crystal had a chance as it was only her first year on the squad, and she lacked experience.

Suddenly Crystal burst into the locker room smiling from ear to ear. It took only a moment for Jane to notice the red 'C' on the right of Crystals' white uniform top. Crystal posed with her large chest puffed out; she was a knockout, long blonde hair, lightly tanned skin. Her breasts were large and round with a slender waistline and curvy hips and a well rounded ass and legs that were long and lean. Her Cheer uniform accentuated her looks even further, a tight white bikini style top, with a red and white micro skirt and a pair of white cheer panties under the skirt, finishing off the outfit was the standard shiny pantyhose and a pair of knee high white go go boots.

Jane exploded, "You Bitch! There is no way that you could have beaten me for the captain spot!, I have been training for a year to get that spot!"

Crystal looked shocked but quickly shot back, "I guess you should have trained harder then."

Jane jumped up from the bench and came over to Crystal. "You think you are so hot, don't you?" screamed Jane.

"I guess I am, I won didn't I?" sneered Crystal as she tossed her long blonde hair over her shoulders.

"How bout we have a little wager then miss hot stuff?”

"Sure, what do you have in mine LOSER." said Crystal.

"How about we have a little contest and see who can make the other cum first?" stated Jane.

Crystal looked nervous, she never had any sexual experience with women but then again, that may be an advantage in that she didn't think Jane would have any success getting her aroused. "Ok bitch, I'm game, what are we fighting for?”

"If I win I get the captain 'C' and you quit the squad. If you win, doubtful as that is, I will quit the squad."

”Sounds like we have a deal then" Crystal laughed.

"How bout we start right now?" asked Jane.

"Let’s see what you got loser..." snarled Crystal.

Jane was a bit shorter than Crystal, but not by much and was leaner and more muscular. She had on her black spandex shorts and matching sports bra which clung to every curve. She had her light brown hair tied in a ponytail, and her skin was well tanned. Crystal remained in her cheer outfit since she didn't get a chance to change, but she didn't think that would affect her in this kind of fight.

"Ding, Ding" called Jane as she circled Crystal, slowly moving closer to her opponent. Jane suddenly lunged forward taking Crystal by surprise, and tackling the blonde onto the rubber matted floor of the locker room.

"Oooooof!" stammered Crystal as she landed hard on her belly. Jane jumped on top of Crystal and wrapped her legs around her midsection and twisted her into a sitting position.

"Ughhhhnnnnnhhh...owwww" yelled Crystal, as her midsection was being squeezed between Jane’s legs.

"Don't worry honey it will only get worse!" giggled Jane. Crystal kicked at the floor, her pantyhose clad legs trying to break free. Jane reached her arms around her struggling foe, rubbing her hands along Crystals midsection and up towards her large breasts.

"Ughhhhhh, you can't beat me" struggled Crystal, as she felt Jane's hands sliding over the tight fabric straining to cover her breasts. Jane began to feel Crystal's nipples harden beneath the tight white fabric; she began to pinch them through the material.

"" stuttered Crystal, who was starting to get turned on.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" whispered Jane from behind her ear."

You can't beat me, Bitch!" stammered Crystal.

Jane began to nibble and lick Crystal's earlobe and neck, as Crystal continued to struggle. Finally Crystal managed to wedge her arms between Jane's thighs and break her scissor hold. Crystal jumped up and flipped Jane onto her back before Jane could get to her feet. Crystal got her legs around Jane’s neck and arms and had her rapped in a modified arm bar.

"Let’s see if you can take it" said Crystal. Crystal moved her free hand down over Jane's heaving breasts teasing them until she saw her nipples straining against her sports bra, then she continued moving her hand above the waistband of her opponent’s shorts.

"I think you are going to like this" Laughed Crystal.

"Fuck you!" squirmed Jane, as Crystal slipped her hand under Jane's shorts. Crystal slid her hand down into Jane's shorts and under her panties and found Jane's vulnerable clit. "MMMMmmmm what do we have here?" she laughed.

Jane felt Crystal beginning to flick and lightly touch her clit, she knew she had to do something, she could feel herself already beginning to get wet.

"Oooo someone is getting hot, why don't you give up already..."

Jane was searching for a way out of the hold she was in, Crystal really started to work her clit and she was not going to last too long if she didn't get this bitch out of her pants. Jane strained her arm that was closest to Crystal's cheer panties and strained her fingers but finally was able to grab the waistband of the panties and yank them down, exposing Crystal's pantyhose covered ass.

"Hey bitch!" Yelled a shocked Crystal as she felt the cool air hitting her ass. That was all Jane needed as Crystal was distracted long enough for Jane to get free of her hold. Crystal quickly stood up and pulled her panties back in place.

"No more fooling around" Yelled Jane.

"Let’s see who the real woman is" demanded Crystal.

"No more wrestling, if you cum you lose! Now get over here and kiss me!" said Jane.

Crystal walked slowly towards Jane, Jane reached out and grabbed Crystal’s hands and the two opponents locked in a tight embrace. Jane’s lips met Crystal’s and their tongues teased each other as they kissed deeply. Jane moved her hands to the tight material covering Crystal’s breasts rubbing and caressing her opponent and pinching at her nipples. Crystal felt her nipples harden and released a soft moan. Crystal slid her hand down Jane’s exposed mid section to the tiny black spandex hot pants she was wearing and began to rub her crotch through the tight black material. Jane grunted and as much as she tried not to she couldn’t help but grind her pussy against Crystal's massaging hand.

“Feels good, doesn’t it? Snickered Crystal.

“You don’t have what it takes to make me cum, bitch.” Grunted Jane.

Jane felt her pussy getting wet, Crystal didn’t seem to be bothered much by her breast rubbing and nipple pinching, she had to up her game before she succumbed to Crystal’s sexual attack. Crystal wedged one of her pantyhose clad legs between Jane’s legs and started to grind it up into Jane’s crotch.

“Unghhh, you…unghhh bitch…” muttered Jane as she felt Crystals long leg grind against the crotch of her dampening shorts.

“You should just give up now before you embarrass yourself” smiled Crystal.

“Fuck you!” said Jane as she struggled and squirmed. Jane watched as Crystal’s long nylon clad leg slid back and forth under her crotch, she hated that she found herself grinding against it, it felt so good, the pantyhose so silky and soft rubbing against the crotch of her hot pants. Jane knew she had to change tactics or she was going to lose, she forced herself away from Crystal’s leg and reached under Crystal’s tiny white skirt and began to rub her crotch through her tiny white cheer panties.

“Hmmph..Think that’s going to help you?” laughed Crystal seemingly unfazed. Crystal moved her hand back to Jane’s damp shorts and once more began rubbing.

“Unghh…damnit….unghhh..” struggled Jane as she once again felt herself grinding against her opponents probing hand.

“Your shorts are getting wetter by the minute, won’t be long now until its all over, should I help you pack your things now?” sneered Crystal.

”I’ll …unghh…be…unghh..packing your things” stammered Jane.

Crystal giggled. Jane was beginning to really sweat. Her breasts strained against the confines of her top…she was really struggling to contain the fire burning in her pants. Jane felt Crystal pull open the front of her shorts, and her hand plunged down inside. Jane soon felt her fingers probing her pussy.

“Stop….Don’t ….Ugnhhhh..nooo…” gasped Jane fearing she was reaching the point of no return.

“My my, your pussy is soooo wet. Ready to lose babe?” said Crystal.

“Not….going…to…ungh….be..that ….easy” struggled Jane.

Jane quickly ran behind Crystal and grabbed her around the waist as tight as she could, Crystal lost her grip on Jane’s pussy and had trouble trying to get into Jane’s pants again as Jane was behind her, and out of reach.

“What’s the matter? Feeling a bit helpless?” said Jane.

“Hiding behind me isn’t going to help you win.” Said Crystal.

“Oh I think it will” giggled Jane. Jane held onto Crystal’s waist and used her free hand to go under Crystal’s skirt and slide beneath her pantyhose and cheer panties where she began to rub her shaved pussy. Crystal squirmed; Jane could see her ass quiver in her little white panties as her pussy was being invaded.

”Feeling a little hot and bothered yet?” snickered Jane.

“Ha, not going to have any effect on me with those tactics” said Crystal.

Jane moved her hand around inserting two fingers into Crystal’s pussy, looking for her G-spot. Crystal kept taunting her as she once again managed to reach behind her and slide her hand into Jane’s shorts and into her pussy.

”MMMMmmm..Someone is about to cum” said Crystal.

Jane was struggling, still hot from all of Crystal’s earlier manipulations and now standing behind the tall sexy blond looking at her beautiful panty covered ass quivering in front of her, and feeling her pussy being stroked to near orgasm. Jane desperately kept probing her opponent’s pussy.

“Give it up…You don’t have what it……”said Crystal, as she suddenly went quiet.

Jane felt Crystal’s pussy get suddenly wet; she realized she had finally gotten to the sexy blonde. “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? Or does someone have your pussy?” Laughed Jane.

Crystal really began to fight to get loose from Jane’s grip, but Jane had a real good hold on her and wouldn’t let go.

”Unghhhhhh…no….” cried Crystal suddenly sounding very fearful of losing her captain’s C. Crystal felt her pussy dripping, nobody had ever gotten to her like this bitch. The crotch of her pantyhose was getting wet from the struggle going on in her pussy. Crystal twisted and squirmed trying to get Jane’s hand out of her crotch, she forgot all about playing with Jane’s pussy and was desperately trying to break Jane’s hold on her. Her breasts were heaving against her tight white top; she was bucking her hips trying to get some relief. Crystal’s tight pantyhose weren’t helping her as they just added to the friction against her pussy as Jane continued to pound her fingers in and out over and over again.

“You’re going down bitch” sneered Jane.

Crystal was trembling, grabbing at her crotch trying to dislodge Jane’s hand from inside her pantyhose, she couldn’t form a reply.

Jane felt Crystal’s soaking wet pussy, felt her rock hard clit, she knew she almost had her beat. Crystal was tiring from the struggle; her legs were shaking her breasts heaving with the effort of trying to resist her urge to cum. suddenly with the help of her high heeled go go boots and weakened legs she slipped to the floor, taking Jane down with her. Jane quickly got up and grabbed the dazed Crystal. Jane dragged her over to a nearby bench and bent the blonde over her knees like a schoolgirl. Jane lifted her skirt up exposing Crystal’s perfect ass covered in her white cheer panties and pantyhose, she slipped her hands under the waistband of Crystal’s panties and hose, and once more found the blonde’s G-spot.

“Noooo…stop…Ungghhhhh…you….can’t…beat…ungh…me….” muttered the once confident blonde.

“Sorry honey, you had your chance and you just weren’t woman enough to finish the job.” Smiled Jane.

Crystal couldn’t believe this, bent over Jane’s knee like a schoolgirl with her hands in the back of her panties getting finger fucked silly. She tried to get her hands out of her panties but Jane grabbed her hands and held them pinned behind her while she continued to pound her pussy. Crystal’s pantyhose clad legs and high heel boots were kicking in the air trying to help her break free but Jane held her tight. Jane noticed the crotch of Crystal’s cheer panties.. They were wet. Her pussy had soaked through the pantyhose and now the panties themselves.

“Stop….Unghhhh…no….Ughnnnnhh…Pleaseee….Unghhh,” sputtered Crystal.

“Why would I stop now?” Laughed Jane “I’m about to win.”

“Fuck you…Unghhhh..I’m the…Captain….Ugnhhhh…you wont win…Unghhh…fuckk……..”

Jane smiled as she continued to pump Crystal’s pussy.

“Ungghhhh….god….ughnnnnhh…unghhh” gasped Crystal as her whole body trembled and shook with her building orgasm.

”Noooo..I’m….unghhhh…going…unghhh……..cum…..unghhhh…no…unghhhhh….fuckkkkkkkkkk……noooooooooo…..” Screamed Crystal as her body thrashed and squirmed with a massive orgasm on Jane’s lap.

Jane rolled Crystal’s trembling sweat soaked body off her and onto the floor of the locker room. “Looks like the better woman won” Said Jane.

Crystal lay on the ground too weak to move, her chest heaving, her panties soaked. Jane reached down to her top and grabbed the captain “C” and ripped it from her cheer bra. Jane knelt down beside the beaten blonde and planted a final kiss on her lips. She stood up and said “Maybe next year you can try out for the squad again…”