(By COLT 45)

Dot opened the door to the lingerie shop slowly. She had come here to continue her new found hobby of female vs female catfights. Her neighbor, Jane, had introduced her to the owner of the shop, Paula, over the phone and said they had much in common.

Dot was thirty-something, about 5ft. 5in. tall and measured 42DD-28-40 with dark hair. She had started by wrestling/sexfighting her neighbor, Jane, several times then this opportunity came along. She had only spoken to her opponent on the phone but all that was about to change.

"Hello, may I help you this evening?" asked a lovely blonde haired woman of about Dot's own height and weight. She was maybe, in her late 30's to early 40's in age and had a voluptuous body.

"Yes, I'm here to meet the owner of the store, Paula, I believe." was Dot's reply.

"Well, you've found her, how may I help you?" Dot said. "My name is Dot and we spoke on the phone and agreed to meet here tonight to discuss our mutual hobby."

"Yes! How nice to meet you, Dot. I'm very glad to see you. I was hoping you would stop by this evening because I had a match lined up but it has been called off. After talking to Jane and you on the phone and now seeing you "in the Flesh" so to speak, I think we can have a great time. Let me close up the shop and we'll go in the back of the store and talk, or maybe even more."

With that, Paula turned the sign in the door to "CLOSED" and locked up. Both ladies walked to the back of the shop, thru a door and into the fitting area which had 3 small rooms and a large open area in the middle with a thick, soft carpet on the floor. Mirrors were on three walls and made the middle area visible from anywhere in the room.

Paula said, "Just to let you know about myself, I'm 40 years old, 5ft. 5in. tall and my measurements are 42DD-29-42. I have been wrestling for years and have enjoyed the type of matches you and Jane have had. I realize this is very short notice but my match tonight was cancelled and I was wondering if you would be willing to wrestle me now?"

Dot was momentarily stunned, yet this was what she had come here for, to try a new opponent. "I'd love to. What rules do you prefer?  I'm limited to the underwear I have on or less."

Paula purred, "Less is fine dear, all I'm wearing under this dress is a garterbelt and nylons and that's just fine with me. As for the rules, very simple: No biting, scratching, kicking or closed fist punches. Slapping from the neck down and all standard wrestling holds are allowed. And I include tit-fighting, and hair pulling, both head and pussy. I will also fuckfight. You can do what ever you want because I will to you, too."

Dot replied, "Ok, but where are we going to fight?"

Paula pointed at the open area and said, "Right here and right now."

"Do we undress in front of each other?" was Dot's only reply.

Paula answered by stepping out of her shoes and reaching behind her to run down her zipper. Dot laid her bag down and slipped off her own shoes and began unbuttoning her blouse. Paula's dress pulled at their nylon covered ankles revealing her 42in. chest with no bra, a black garterbelt bisecting her tummy and her hairy brunette twat showing as well. Her legs were encased in seamed black full foot stockings just made for catfighting.

Dot said, "I see you weren't kidding about no underwear."

Paula had removed her blouse and skirt by this time and quickly stripped off her white bra and panties. Dot stood revealed in her white garterbelt and dark brown full foot stockings. She waited for Paula to take the next step.

Paula stepped to the middle of their "ring" and said, "Why don't we warm up with a little tit-boxing. Hook your thumbs in your garterbelt or grab your ass cheeks and swing your tits!"

Paula shrugged her shoulders making her large breasts dance in a challenge to Dot. She responded by shaking her own big tits and raising them to meet Paula's. Four huge tits bulged as they collided. Both women swung their titanic tits smashing them into each other for many minutes. Each began sweating and their nipples got larger and harder. Both were so excited they could smell their sex in the air.

Finally, Paula backed off, breathing heavily and said, "Enough. Let's get our hands on each other. C'mon let's wrestle!"

Dot and Paula came together with a loud smack as each woman grabbed a handful of her opponents hair and her big tit. They squeezed and pulled with all their might trying to twist the other down. Dot swept her hands down breaking the holds and grabbed Paula in a side-headlock and attempted to twist her to the carpet. Paula went down but grabbed a handful of Dot's twat hair and pulled her down with her.

Dot screamed, "I'll snatch you bald for that you bitch!"

Dot now found herself the victim of a head scissors attempt. Paula 's nylon covered legs could not keep the grip but she did get a body scissors on Dot. She responded with one of her own only to find herself open to Paula's fingers.

"Now I've got you." Paula said. "I can fingerfuck you all day and pin you. You'll end up eating my twat out you BITCH!"

The last phrase came out as a hiss as Dot began to finger Paula's swollen pussy. The pressure built in both fighters but Paula was primed for her fight and she felt her orgasm building. Dot was excited too but was responding slower because she hadn't been expecting to fight. Paula kicked out of the scissors and both women rolled away, breathing heavily.

Finally both made it to their feet to stand facing each other. Dot wanted to lock up with Paula like she had with Jane, so, she stepped forward and spread her legs and bent slightly at the knee, punching her pelvis out and then lifted her heavy right tit.

"Come fight me, tits and twats! We squeeze a tit and yank twat hair till one of us gives up. Come on Cunt, let's finish it. IF YOU DARE!!!"

Paula assumed the same position and said, "I'll match you and fuck fight you as well. The loser eats twat."

Each woman nodded to the other and reached out and gripped the offered heavy nippled tit of her opponent and got the grip she wanted. Both women ran their hands over their bellies to the thick hairy twat of their opponent and grasped a handful of pubic hair. They both nodded and began to squeeze tits and pull twat hair. Rising to their nylon covered toes and falling back flat footed with each yank of the hair, muscular asses clenched and unclenched with each pull.

First Dot then Paula invaded the twat of her opponent with her fingers, each hissing and gasping as they sank to their knees. Suddenly, Paula exploded and screamed, "YOU WIN!!!"

Dot dropped onto her back and Paula knelt between her legs and gave the winner her due. Dot's smile said it all, "I love this fuckfighting. I wonder who I will fight next?"