(By COLT 45)

The hot August sun had made the whole day a drag for Dot as she entered her house. Kicking off her shoes and dropping her purse she hurried to the spare bedroom which was now her "wrestling room". She and her husband had converted the old junk bedroom into a place for Dot and her opponents to get it on in safety. The thick plush carpet and pad was covered by three layers of quilt-like moving mats and a satin sheet. The corners of the floor had pillows taped there to prevent injury. Dot went in and turned on the overhead lights and opened the wall vents. She was expecting to do battle that afternoon with a lady she had contacted on the phone. She had less than an hour to prepare and no time to get the room ready.

Dot quickly ran to her bathroom and took a quick shower in anticipation of the afternoon's delights. The lady and she had agreed to fight in crotchless pantyhose and topless. Quickly putting on her hose and drying her hair she waited for the door, looking in the mirror revealed her shapely 44D-28-40 body and she shivered with anticipation of the woman to woman conflict to come.

Hearing the doorbell, she quickly grabbed a robe and pulled it on while slipping her feet into backless heeled shoes. Carefully closing her robe, she opened the door to find a very well built lady of 40 or so, light-sandy coloured hair and wearing a very feminine dress and heels in the heat. Even with the afternoon's plans she could not help wonder and pity whoever this poor women was.

"May I help you?", Dot asked, with pity and some slight humour in her voice.

" Yes, My name is Nancy and I'm your new Cosmetic Sales Lady for this area. We have a new complete line of cosmetics for you and your husband, as well as a lingerie line you both will truly love!" the sweating lady gushed. "And may I say, it is HOT out here!"

Even though Dot loved nothing better than to get sweaty with a women in a sex wrestle, this one was about to collapse. "You'd better come in and cool off honey before you and that dress melt any further." Dot told the saleswoman. "If you're not used to it this weather will drain you like nothing else."

With that, both ladies entered Dot's house. "Let me get you something cold to drink. You just sit down right there on the couch and I'll...., Do you feel alright?" Dot asked.

"I could really use the rest room, please?" Nancy replied.

Dot quickly guided Nancy down to her bathroom and right past her wrestling room. Leaving Nancy to "freshen up" Dot quickly went and got her a glass of iced tea and brought it back to the living room. Then the phone rang.

"Hello?", Dot said into the receiver. "Well that's too bad about your car. Are you sure you're alright? We can always reschedule, just give me a call. If there's anything I can do?...Okay, hope everything's okay. Bye."

"Well shit!!! There goes another wasted afternoon." was Dot's disgusted revelation. "I wonder if the saleswoman is alright?" Dot mused as she suddenly remembered to watch her mouth since she wasn't alone.

Dot quickly hurried to the bathroom only to find it empty. Looking around quickly all she saw was a pile of clothes on the floor, including the dress the Cosmetics woman was wearing.

"Now what the hell is going on?" ran thru Dot's mind as she retraced her steps to the living room. She heard a bump and turned and looked into her "wrestling room" to find her guest standing in the middle of the room in just her stockings.

"I hope you don't mind, but I'm new to the area and this is the first wrestling room I've seen out here and I just had to stand in one again. It's been so long since I had a good fight that I was just reliving some memories. By the way, My name is Nancy."

To say Dot was speechless would have been an understatement, for she was looking at this beautiful sandy-blonde headed 42DD, big thighed, hairy twated woman standing in her wrestling room telling her all this and then introducing herself. Dot, dumbfounded, shook hands with this crazy woman.

Nancy asked, "Were you getting ready for a match?"

"Yes, but her car broke down and now she's cancelled and I don't have another thing to do. Damn it!" Dot exclaimed.

"Well, I'm here and ready for a fight if you'd like. I don't bite, scratch, hit with a fist and slap faces, but anything else goes. I love to titty fight and pull pussy hair and I can sex fight real good. If you're woman enough!" Nancy challenged.

Dot opened her robe and kicked off her heels to reply. Moving into the room and closing the door, Dot stopped in the center of the mat and shook her tits and challenged, "Come on honey, you want to titfight? Well, so do I and I love a good twathair grab and I'll fuck fight anyway you want."

Slowly both women began to circle each other, swinging their big heavy tits. Four nipples grew till they felt they would break, then finally with a grunt, both rammed their heavy tits together and grabbed each other by the ass cheeks and began to crush the other's set of tits. Dot was grunting and groaning and feeling the heat rise in her twat when Nancy stuck her tongue in Dot's ear. Dot couldn't get away so she began to kiss her opponent's neck. This didn't last long as both women wanted to fight.

Dot quickly shoved Nancy into the corner and rammed a nylon coated thigh into her twat and began to rub, while still bashing her tits against Nancy's. Fire in her eyes, Nancy retaliated with a heavy grunt and grabbed the back of Dot's hair and pulled. Dot was yanked backwards and fell to the mat with Nancy on top.

Nancy quickly grabbed both of Dot's tits and squeezed expertly, first hard, then released, then hard, then shake. Dot's hands reached up for and found Nancy's sandy hair and pulled her to one side while grabbing her right tit in a death grip. Dot was able to get a body scissors on the blonde and began to apply the pressure till Nancy grabbed the open crotch of Dot's pantyhose and ripped, then grabbed a handful of Dot's pussy hair.

Dot screamed with pain and opened her legs grabbing for the thick blonde pussy hair in front of her. This time Nancy screamed but only grabbed Dot's left tit and continued the pussy pull. Dot also grabbed the blonde's breast and the fight slowed.

Nancy gasped, "Let's finish it pussy to pussy, or if you really want to with my two headed friend."

Dot had never fought a dildo match and was very excited anyway so, "We're not getting anywhere this way. Let's go with your two headed cock."

Both ladies let go and separated and Nancy crawled to her bag and pulled out her 14 in two headed dildo. Dot stripped off her torn hose and spread her legs. Nancy stripped off her stockings from around her ankles and squatted down in front of Dot. Both fighters put one leg over the other and inched closer till the double dong was between them. Each grabbed the opposite end and began to caress the pussy of her opponent, then they both shoved the cock into each other with a moan and a gasp. Both began to fuck trying to take as much of the dildo inside herself as possible. Grinding their pussies into each other the dildo brought quick orgasms to both fighters. Both kept at it with a fury. Dot was not going to lose to this bitch from nowhere.

The fuck fight went on for many minutes, till finally Nancy began to gasp and moan. "No more, please No More. I give up, I GIVE UP!!!!"

Dot and Nancy collapsed backwards away from each other. The dildo was dragged from Nancy's twat by Dot. It was a long time before either woman could talk, let alone move.

And then rain began to fall.