A Massage Orgasm - Part 5

(by Brandi)

As the cab rolled down St. Charles Avenue, Lisa looked out the window and wondered how people afforded to live in these grand old houses. Although many of them had been renovated and configured for apartments, as had the one April rented, many more had been kept up over the years and the breath of ‘old money’ seemed to flow from the buildings themselves. Lisa figured the electric bills alone were more than she made in a month.

April watched as Lisa admired the old houses. Her eyes were reflecting the lights of the avenue, and April could tell by the way Lisa was taking it all in that she didn’t make it down to St. Charles Avenue very often. But really, not a lot of people did. Most locals used the Expressway to get to Downtown and the Quarter, riding by the Superdome and never even thinking of St. Charles Avenue unless that was their destination. Even most tourists missed the magic of the area unless they took a ride on the Streetcar Line that ran from Canal Street to Claiborne Avenue. So Lisa could still be sophisticated and yet be amazed by St. Charles Avenue. April thought that it gave Lisa an aura of innocence, although she knew that Lisa was far from innocent in other ways.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” April said.

“Yes… yes it is.” Lisa said. “I’ve only been down here a couple of times. Once with my parents when I was about fourteen and once with a date who got so drunk and obnoxious I had to call a cab to get home.”

“Really?” April was shocked. “What happened?”

“I was only about seventeen at the time and we had been at Ruby Red’s on Esplanade Avenue. He started to get loud and yell at the bartender and I could tell they were going to throw us and the couple we had come with out on the street. I left him in the bar and pretended I had to go to the bathroom. It took him an hour to realize I was gone. What a jerk. But it worked out. I wound up going to bed with his best friend. It was funny. The guy who I left in the bar never would go to bed with me.”

“You’re kidding!” April wondered how anyone could turn down sex with this girl.

“He was good with his fingers, though! I have to admit he made me come with his fingers. But I couldn’t get him to make love to me. He was afraid I would get pregnant. But his friend didn’t have those hang-ups. I dated him a few times, but it wasn’t anything special. And he didn’t know what he was doing. I never came with him. God, I can’t believe I am telling you all this.”

April found herself giggling. “Here I am an amateur and my first date is with a ‘woman of the world.’”

“Oh, I don’t know. That was my last experience with a man. I met a girl my senior year and she made me come with her fingers. And I haven’t looked at a man since then.” Lisa turned and leaned over and kissed April on the neck. She whispered in April’s ear, “How are your fingers?”

April felt herself redden. “I don’t know…. I guess alright….. I can make myself come.” Lisa laughed and shook her head.

April felt Lisa breathe into her ear, “If you can make yourself come, you can make me come.” April glanced in the rearview mirror to see if the cabbie was getting an earful. He was just driving. April was getting goose bumps but it wasn’t cold outside. She felt Lisa slide her hand onto her thigh and slowly move her fingers up and down the length of her thigh. Lisa let her fingers trace up the inside of April’s thigh and cup April’s vagina through her jeans, Lisa’s middle finger settling right under April’s opening. April felt her wetness begin.

April closed her eyes. Lisa’s lips journeyed around to the front of April’s neck, her tongue finding the hollow. Lisa’s thumb imitated her tongue, traveling up towards April’s clitoris and down to where her wetness betrayed her.

“Lisa…,” April moaned. “I think we might be giving the driver a show,” she whispered.

Lisa looked up at the rearview mirror. “He’s a good driver. He’s pretending he doesn’t see us.” Lisa lowered her voice and whispered, ”I’ll bet he’s hard. We’re giving him something he’s never going to tell his grandchildren.” Lisa’s lips moved to meet April’s. Her kiss was hard, insisting. April relented and opened her lips to let Lisa’s tongue have its way with her, just as she had that afternoon. Traffic passed on the avenue, but the girls were unaware.

Lisa moved her leg over April’s thigh and moved her knee up against April’s vagina. April felt Lisa’s knee settle perfectly between her legs and she wished she could have just Lisa’s knee and not the hardness of the denim.

Lisa broke the kiss and whispered as she brought her lips to April’s mouth again.” Rub against my knee, April. Go ahead, move against my knee, baby.” Lisa’s left hand slowly moved up to caress April’s right breast, her fingers closing around April’s extended nipple. She opened her legs to allow Lisa’s knee even greater access and began moving her hips against Lisa’s knee. “That’s it, fuck my knee, April." Lisa’s mouth jammed hard against April’s and the sound of the obscenity coming from Lisa’s beautiful lips increased April’s excitement. The incredible sensation of hardness against the hardness of her center combined with Lisa’s kisses to make April gasp audibly. She groaned aloud. “Lisa……oh, Lisa….Lisa….”

April’s hips moved in rhythm with Lisa’s kiss, thrusting against Lisa’s knee as Lisa thrust her tongue into and out of April’s mouth. Lisa murmured, “You’re going to come, April, I can feel it. Go, baby….come for me… come for me…don’t stop…..” Lisa’s lips moved to April’s ear and she sucked it and moved her tongue deep into it, French kissing her ear like she had her mouth. Lisa’s right hand moved to caress April’s left breast, her fingers pulling the hardened nipple and centering her palm around it, closing her hand to encompass all of it. April felt her clitoris stiffen and she moved with more frenetic force against Lisa’s knee. Putting her arms around Lisa’s back, April pressed herself into Lisa, holding onto her, clutching her, pulling on Lisa’s lace top, wishing it were not there, feeling Lisa’s breasts against hers, just the fabric separating their hardened nipples.

April’s orgasm started in her breast and moved rapidly down her body. She sucked Lisa’s tongue and clung to it, treasuring the feel of it inside her mouth, afraid to let it go, afraid of the sounds she would make. She wanted to scream out her orgasm, but she wanted it to be silent too. She moaned through her throat and into Lisa’s mouth, sucking, sucking on Lisa’s tongue, April’s guttural moan becoming one with them in their kiss.

Holding tightly onto Lisa, her shudders subsiding, April slowly broke the kiss. “My God, Lisa...Oh…you are unbelievable.” April opened her eyes and looked into the most beautiful pair of blue eyes she had ever seen.

Lightly kissing April just below her eyes, Lisa said, “No, you are unbelievable…you are so alive…so vibrant….so…lovely.” She let her lips travel to April’s lips and gave April little pecking kisses along her upper and lower lips. Finally her mouth found April’s again and she kissed April deeply. April greedily sucked Lisa’s tongue again, savoring the taste of Lisa’s juices, swallowing all the fluids she could draw out of Lisa’s mouth.

This time Lisa broke the kiss, taking a breath. “We could go on like this all night.”

“Yes…we could.” April said.

“You love this, don’t you?” Lisa said.

“If you mean doing what we just did together, yes I love this…I especially love it right now with you.” April stared into Lisa’s ocean blue eyes.

“You are an extremely sexual woman, April. You let yourself go. You totally give of yourself.”

“I don’t know. I’m the one who just had an orgasm in a cab. Seems like I did all of the taking. You did all of the giving.” April brushed Lisa’s hair back and kissed Lisa on the cheek.

Lisa leaned forward into April, her breasts pressing into April’s. April lifted her lips to Lisa’s neck and sucked on the side of her neck, her tongue grazing Lisa’s skin.

“See what I mean? You are extremely sexual, April. You are turning me on, sucking on my neck, using your tongue to drive me insane. I want you so badly right now.” Lisa buried her face in the side of April’s neck. April could feel a wetness against her neck. Lisa was crying.

April took Lisa’s face into her hands. “I’ve never thought of myself as sexual, Lisa. I never even had an orgasm except with myself until this afternoon! Now I’ve had nine!” April laughed. “Maybe you have a point.”

Lisa drew back, smiling. She brushed her tears away with the back of her hand and said, “Nine? This afternoon you said Mary France had given you seven orgasms. Did I miss one?”

Running her tongue across her lips and cocking her head, April said, “Yes, you did. I couldn’t get you out of my mind this afternoon and I masturbated when I got back to my apartment. You were sucking on my breasts when I came. So I guess you’ve made me come twice today.”

“And you called me a minx!” Lisa laughed.

“Pat O’s, ladies,” the cabbie said.

April leaned forward over the seat and whispered to the driver. He nodded and gave April his card and wrote something on it. April kissed him on the cheek, handed him some cash and got out of the cab.

“What did you tell him?” Lisa said.

“I just told him we wanted him to drive us when we were through in the Quarter. He gave me his card and his cell number and I gave him an extra twenty. So when we’ve finished dinner, we call him and we have our own cab.” April brushed her lips across Lisa’s ear and said, “That way we don’t have to break in a new driver.”

“You think of everything.” Lisa kissed April on the cheek.

“Oh, not everything. You think of some incredible things yourself!”

April took Lisa’s hand. As they entered the bar, April said, “Let’s go get a Hurricane. You made me thirsty.”

The bar was packed with people. Tourists were standing in a line outside, waiting to get into Pat O’s famous Piano Bar, where the songstress took requests from folks visiting from all over the country. The lady had been singing for years and no one had ever stumped her when it came to football fight songs or alma maters.

April and Lisa headed for the regular bar, a small bar where locals went to get some of the best drinks in town. If you wanted a regular drink, Pat O’s had the best drinks and the best prices, something not even locals were totally aware of. The bar was packed, this one with locals and some tourists who had stumbled in, not wanting to wait in line. Farther on into the building was Pat O’s famous Patio Bar where couples went for a romantic drink by a fountain that was always on. It was a true New Orleans place. Legend had it that Pat O’Brien’s served more alcohol than any other place in the world. And they only accepted cash. No credit cards, no checks, only cash. Small signs were posted on the walls, indicating “We do not serve Coca Cola.” Years ago, The Coca-Cola Company had sued Pat O’s because customers would order a “rum and coke,” and the waiters would not advise the customer that Pat O’s did not serve Coke. They used Pepsi, had for years. Coke won the suit and the bar had to place signs around the establishment letting people know that they did not serve Coke. It was said that the owners of the place would not let a Coke truck park outside the bar to deliver to other customers in the Quarter. Nobody ever confirmed that rumor, but everybody seemed to believe it.

And Pat’s was still the place to be. Everybody in the Quarter had copied the Hurricane drink Pat’s invented; Pat’s even marketed a mix you could take home with you. But people still came to Pat O’Brien’s. It was the Original and it was a good bar. To women, it was the place to meet men, to men the place to meet women. Pat O’s was the original “meat market,” before anyone had ever heard that expression.

April pulled Lisa into the regular bar and signaled for the bartender’s attention. Almost immediately, the bartender was standing in front of April. “Could you get us a couple of Cosmopolitans?” April said. She smiled and the bartender’s face lit up. “Right away, m’am,“ he said.

“Cosmopolitans?” Lisa said. “I thought we were on Old Fashioneds.”

“We were. But we’ve already had one and we still have to have our Hurricane. I want to be able to walk out of here, even if I’m not driving!” April put her arm around Lisa’s waist and drew her nearer.

April had to raise her voice so she could be heard, and said, “Lisa, I am so glad I met you this afternoon. If you wouldn’t have said anything when I wanted to leave a tip for Mary France, we wouldn’t be here.” April noted that a couple of guys that had been standing nearby had overheard her.

“All the women want to leave a tip for Mary France. But most of them are older, and like I said, a lot of them are married. You were so young and beautiful. I couldn’t let you get away without at least trying to talk with you. And I was thinking that Mary France had probably really liked you. But I liked you as soon as I saw you come out of your massage room. And you had that “satisfied” look about you, like you had just had the best sex of your life.

“Really? It was that obvious?” April squeezed Lisa’s waist. “I must have looked a wreck. I remember lying on the massage table wondering if I was going to have the energy to get up. I was naked, my legs were still spread, Mary France had just up and walked out on me. But she slapped my ass before she left and just turned me on more.

"Oh….,Lisa….I forgot.”

“What?” Lisa was enthralled with the direction the conversation was taking.

“I forgot about one orgasm. I masturbated when Mary France left the room, before I got dressed. I was so scared someone would walk in on me!” The two men who had overheard April at first were now pretending not to pay attention, but April could tell that they wanted to hear more. When they heard the word ‘masturbated,’ they could not hide their interest anymore. They were staring at April and Lisa, looking as if they couldn’t believe these two beautiful women were gay.

“So that’s ten then.” Lisa said. “Holy cow, you are a nymph and I love it!”

“You think so? You know, I could be making up for lost time. I am in my twenties, you know.” April smiled her patented smile.

“I think we need to go have that Hurricane.” Lisa said. She turned and led April out of the bar into the Patio Bar. The tables were almost all taken, but the girls found one in the back among the palm fronds. It was steaming outside, and the New Orleans humidity was stifling tonight. Lisa could feel the warmth of the humidity start to soak her lace top. She was braless and her breasts were outlined against the soft material.

April looked at Lisa as she sat enjoying the atmosphere of a great New Orleans night. April could see Lisa’s nipples through the lace top. It was as if she were wearing a teddy and had put it on in a steamed up bathroom. April wanted to reach over and take Lisa’s breast into her hand. She looked down at her own top and realized that she too was showing her breasts to their best advantage.

Lisa saw April looking down at her breasts and reached over and took April’s hand in hers. “You look like something out of a dream.”

April felt her sexual desire stirring inside of her. This girl had a way with words.

“Your breasts are pink.” April said. “I can’t help looking at them.”

“You and every guy in here,” Lisa said. “Look at those guys over there, the ones from the bar.” April turned to look over to where Lisa was pointing.

“They might as well just let their tongues hang out.” April said.

“Too bad for them it’s not their tongues that I’m interested in.” Lisa said. She leaned over the table and kissed April softly on the lips.

“I think it’s time to eat.” April said.

April and Lisa got up, and hand in hand walked out of Pat O’s and onto St. Peter Street. April led Lisa around the corner to Jackson Square. Artists were busy painting and drawing caricatures of tourists, a few fortune tellers were stationed around the Square, a relatively new addition to the Square, one that hadn’t been received very well by the artists. But the fortune tellers were here to stay, it seemed. April kept walking until she and Lisa reached Decatur Street. They took a left at the Café Du Monde and walked past several famous old places, including the Central Grocery, where the first Muffaletta had been sold, always cold, never hot.

“Where are we going?” Lisa was famished and a little drunk.

“To Tujaque’s , it’s one of the oldest restaurants in the city. And it’s got a century-old tradition that got broken in the late ‘80’s. They finally got their first woman bartender. I met the woman who made the break. She’s beautiful. She still works once in a while. But guess what? Most of their bartenders are women now. Customers seem to like it that way. The food is wonderful. Just one menu, no decisions to make.” April pulled on Lisa’s hand as she hurried along the street. “Come on, it’s just up here on the left.”

The restaurant was old and looked run down on the outside. But the inside was true New Orleans. As the maitre’d turned to lead the girls to a table, April caught his arm and said,” I want to show her the bar first. We’ll get our table later.”

It was dark and the bar still carried a distinctive male flavor as it had since its beginning. At one time, women had been forbidden to enter the bar, and then later they had been allowed, but only with a male escort. Back then, unescorted ladies were assumed to be prostitutes.

April took Lisa’s hand and started toward the bar. “April, I am starving.” Lisa said.

“We’ll eat in a few minutes. I want you to see this bar.” April tugged on Lisa’s hand. Lisa followed.

There were two bartenders tonight, both of them female, and as April and Lisa sat down, Lisa watched the bartenders, seemingly deep in conversation. One was a blonde and the other brunette, and as the blonde walked toward Lisa and April, the brunette patted her on the behind.

Lisa put her hand on April’s thigh and whispered, “the bartenders are gay. I saw the brunette pat the blonde on the ass as she walked away.” Lisa brought her hand up the inside of April’s thigh and let it rest there with her fingers crooked into the crease at the top of April’s thigh. April drew a breath.

“Don’t move your fingers. Keep them there.” April closed her eyes. The bartender arrived just as April closed her eyes.

“Having good thoughts?” she said. April quickly opened her eyes, smiling.

“Matter of fact, I am.” April said. “And later they’re going to be more than thoughts.”

April flipped her hair and winked at the bartender. April felt Lisa squeeze the inside of her thigh. April thought she saw the bartender blush. April leaned back and stretched, knowing that her top was wet with sweat, her nipples accentuated and very visible. "Are you going to take our order or just stare at me all night?” April said. She felt a satisfaction that she had made this good-looking blond uncomfortable. But the bartender recovered quickly.

“I think I’ll do a little of both since the scenery is so nice.” She smiled and met April’s eyes with an intense gaze. “What’ll it be, girls?”

April felt challenged now. She said, “Do you know how to make an Old Fashioned?” She knew this would throw an inexperienced bartender, as making a real New Orleans Old Fashioned was a work of art. She stared directly into the bartenders eyes, daring the bartender to make another smart remark.

“Of course, this is Tujaque’s. You have to be able to make one before you can get the job, baby. This isn’t some bar at a chain restaurant. And guess what? I’m not a rookie, at anything. So that’ll be two, girls? Or does your beautiful girlfriend want something else?” The bartender’s gaze shifted to Lisa, who had been taking all of this in with a quizzical look on her face.

“No. I’ll have an Old Fashioned too.” Lisa said.

“Coming right up,” the bartender said. As she walked away, Lisa watched the sway of her hips.

“That bitch,” April said.

“Yeah, but she is hot,” Lisa said. “Her body is made for serious loving. And she’s available.” April’s head pivoted toward Lisa.

“How do you know that?” April said.

“It’s obvious. She’s into women, you’re a woman, I’m a woman. I can tell. After all, I’ve been at this a bit longer than you have.” Lisa squeezed April’s thigh again.

“Get your hand off of my thigh.” April said. “If you think she’s so hot, why don’t you take her home with you tonight?” April’s green eyes threw darts into Lisa’s blue ones.

“Come on, April, you’re the one who gave her a show. What did you think would happen? She’s interested in you, that’s why she came back at you like she did. Who wouldn’t be interested? You practically invited her to squeeze your tits.” Lisa’s voice had risen to normal level and the word ‘tits’ seemed to reverberate around the room.

“Keep your voice down.” April hissed. She looked quickly around the bar, but it was getting late for dinner and there was only one couple at the other end of the room.

Lisa lowered her voice to a whisper, put her hand on the back of April’s neck and said, “Oh, so now you’re going to give me the ‘this is a respectable place’ bit? After you almost turned it into a strip show? Why don’t you just show her your breasts when she comes back with the drinks?” Lisa looked down at April’s breasts and noticed that April’s nipples had hardened to a point. They were long and extended. Lisa reached and cupped April’s nipple like she had in the cab. She heard April swallow and let out a breath.

“I dare you,” Lisa said. “I dare you to lift up your top and show that blonde your breasts when she comes back. Give her something to remember this night by.”

“That’ll get us thrown out of here.” April said.

“No, it won’t. There’s only one couple in the bar and I guarantee that they are not paying any attention to us. Here is what we’ll do. We’ll move over to that table in the corner while she is making the drinks. Then when she comes over, you find a way to show her your breasts. I know you want to. Your nipples are poking through your top. I’ve dated guys whose dicks didn’t get as hard as your nipples are.” Lisa brought her fingers to a close around April’s nipple and pinched it, sending a shock darting down through April’s entire body.

Lisa got up and walked over to the table in the corner. April reluctantly followed. “We’ll be over in the corner, bartender.” Lisa said.

“Gotcha.” The bartender replied. She looked over at Lisa and winked.

Lisa sat down facing the bar and let April sit closer to where Lisa figured the drinks would be delivered. As the bartender walked over, Lisa noted her clothes for the first time. She had been so enamored by the bartender’s looks and the way she had talked that she hadn’t noticed her outfit. She wore a short pleated skirt with a white long-sleeve blouse that buttoned down the front. Three buttons were unfastened. Lisa thought that the bartender had loosened two of the buttons while she was making the drinks. She was beautifully endowed but not overly so, her breasts a natural fit with her 5’3” or so frame. Lisa could see the second bartender glancing over at the table, a jealous look residing in her eyes.

The bartender set the tray down on the table and leaned over to place the drinks in front of Lisa and then April, her hair falling in front of her face. As she placed the drinks, her blouse fell open and her breasts tried to escape the confines of the blouse. But the third button kept them in place. Still, as she placed April’s drink down in front of her, April’s eyes were drawn to the blonde’s breasts. April sat transfixed, her eyes traveling over the sweet expanse of flesh. The bartender noticed that April’s mouth had fallen open in surprise.

“Like what you see?” She asked April. She was so close to April now that the scent of her perfume overwhelmed April’s senses. It was intoxicating. April, embarrassed, looked away from the bartender’s breasts and into her eyes.

“Yes.” She said. It was all she could say. A lump rose in her throat.

“I knew you would. And I liked what I saw when you stretched for me back at the bar.” The bartender’s lips drew near to April’s ear and she whispered, “Would you like to see more?”

“Here?” April said.

“It’s late and there are only a few customers. Why don’t you meet me in the ladies room? Go ahead in when you are ready and I’ll meet you in there.” The bartender straightened up and walked back to the bar.

“Well, she turned the tables on us.” Lisa said. “Are you going to meet her?”

“Do you want me to?” April said.

“If you want to, it’s okay. Do you want me to go with you?” Lisa winked at April.

“This is getting a little kinky.” April said.

“It got a little kinky when you flirted with her.” Lisa said.

“You want to go with me, don’t you?” April said. The thought of Lisa going with her to meet the girl made April draw a deep breath.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Lisa said. With a challenged look in her eye, April stood and walked over to where the bartender was pretending to be cleaning glasses.

“Could you tell me where the ladies room is?” April let her breasts rest upon the bar.

“Through that door and to the right.” The blonde bartender said.

“Thank you.” April said. She walked away, making sure to move her hips as seductively as she could. Lisa got up and followed April.

After giving April and Lisa time to reach the ladies room, the blonde bartender said to her brunette friend, “I’ll be right back. I have to go to the ladies room.” The brunette grabbed the blonde’s arm and stopped her. She pulled on the blonde’s arm until the blonde was close to her.

“You’re going to meet that bitch and her girlfriend, aren’t you?” Lightening flashed in the brunette’s eyes.

“No. I just have to go pee. Let go of my arm.” The blonde pulled her arm back from the brunette and walked quickly away.

April entered the ladies room and started to shiver. It reminded her of the shivers she had had earlier in the day as she waited for Mary France to enter the massage room. She was nervous and wondering what in the world she was doing. She went over to the mirrored and lighted basin and started to re-do her lipstick. Lisa came in and watched her.

The ladies room was beautiful, the way ladies rooms used to be in all the fine hotels and restaurants around the country, tiled floors and brass spigots and marble throughout. Only one old fashioned thing was missing: the female attendant. Personal service had suffered its demise even in the finest places.

"I thought the only person you were going to get gussied up for tonight was me.” Lisa said. She walked over and stood behind April, her eyes meeting April’s in the mirror.

“You wanted me to show the bartender my tits.” April said. “Having second thoughts?”

The bartender opened the door part way and looked around the room. The brunette and her redheaded girlfriend were alone.

“Looks like we have company,” The bartender said. “Maybe I should come back later.” She started to close the door.

“No, don’t go.” April said. “I told her to come. I was nervous about meeting you in here, so I asked her to come.” April turned around. Lisa stepped to the side, her hands on her hips, her fingers coming to rest near her belly button.

Quickly, the bartender walked over to Lisa, reached out and grabbed Lisa’s left breast and squeezed it, causing Lisa to gasp. But Lisa made no protest; she closed her eyes.

The bartender continued squeezing her breast, kneading it and bringing her fingers to close around Lisa’s nipple. With her other hand, the blonde put her hand behind Lisa’s head and brought her lips to Lisa’s. Lisa’s hands sought the blonde’s ass cheeks and pulled the blonde closer, pulling her hips between her legs. The blonde grinded her hips into Lisa’s, her left hand now finding the top of Lisa’s jeans. She unbuttoned Lisa’s jeans and pulled the zipper down, exposing Lisa’s red pubic hair. Her hand darted down into Lisa’s hair, her fingers swiftly finding Lisa’s opening.

April watched in fascination. It had happened so fast and so unexpectedly. Lisa had given in so easily…and the blonde was totally controlling Lisa. April’s hand sought her own breast and began to knead it slowly, imitating the blonde’s motions with Lisa. April imagined the blonde’s hands on her instead of Lisa, the blonde’s hands reaching into her jeans. April squeezed her eyes shut as her own hand found her wetness.

Lisa grunted from deep inside, her left hand still clutching the blonde’s firm globes, her right holding herself up against the basin. The blonde’s lips left Lisa’s, moving down to her neck and sucking. Lisa threw her head back. “Yes…right there, baby, please…don’t stop.” Lisa pleaded.

The blonde’s middle finger moved deeply into Lisa until her finger was totally embedded inside of Lisa. Lisa’s wetness coated the blonde’s finger and the bartender started a slow, rhythmic movement. Lisa bucked against the blonde’s hand. The blonde let her finger curl inside of Lisa’s vagina and found her G-spot. Lisa let out a guttural scream. She pushed harder against the blonde’s hand, both of her arms now around the blonde’s back, holding on tightly as she came. The blonde let Lisa’s orgasm subside, but her hand still rested inside of Lisa. She started to move her hand again and brought her lips to Lisa’s. Lisa kissed the blonde deeply, sucking on the blonde’s tongue, not wanting to let it go. The blonde broke the kiss. “I knew you were the one who was interested. You were the one who wanted me.” She slowly moved her finger to the top of Lisa’s vagina, finding Lisa’s clitoris. It was hard and extended and the blonde rubbed Lisa’s clitoris, letting Lisa’s wetness cover her fingers, reveling in Lisa’s rasping breaths. She heard Lisa gulp for air. The blonde pulled her fingers from Lisa and brought them up to Lisa’s mouth. “Suck my fingers,” she said. “Taste yourself.” Lisa greedily sucked the blonde’s fingers, tasting her juices. Too soon, the blonde pulled her fingers from Lisa and kissed Lisa roughly, plunging her tongue into Lisa’s mouth, tasting and sharing Lisa’s juices. She put her hands around Lisa’s waist and pulled hard on Lisa’s jeans, pulling them off of Lisa’s hips so that they fell at Lisa’s feet. Lisa’s gorgeous legs lay exposed and her vaginal hair showed her excitement as tiny droplets of wetness shown in the light.

“You want to come again?” The blonde said.

“…You know I do... What are you doing?” Lisa said.

“I’m going to watch your girlfriend make you come.” The blonde said. “Come on, Miss America, your girlfriend needs you.”

April’s hand was buried in her vagina when the blonde broke her reverie. Embarrassed, April pulled her hand away. Looking disheveled, April ran her fingers through her hair. “What?” She said.

The blonde strolled over to the door and locked the bolt. Then, she sauntered over to April. “I said, your girlfriend needs you. Look at her. She’s come once and wants to come again. She has her jeans down around her ankles. She is waiting for you.” Lisa looked down at herself but her excitement prevented her from pulling up her jeans. The forbidden aspect of her situation added to the stimulation of the moment.

“Go on,” the blonde said. “Go to her and make her come.”

“But I thought you and I….” April said.

“If you are good, maybe you and I later…” the bartender said. “Come on.” Pulling on April’s arm, she led April over to where Lisa stood. I’ve never seen anyone look so beautiful as Lisa does right now, April thought. The blonde took April’s hand and guided it to Lisa’s vagina.

“Feel how wet she is.” The blonde said. “Her clitoris is still hard. Here, feel it.” Her hand on April’s, the blonde took April’s middle finger and placed it on Lisa’s center. Lisa opened her legs wider, wanting April’s fingers totally inside of her. The blonde knelt in front of Lisa and removed Lisa’s heels and then pulled Lisa’s jeans off and threw them aside.

Lisa opened her legs even wider, her arms grabbing onto April’s neck as April’s fingers found her clitoris. Lisa’s hips started to gyrate against April’s hand and Lisa held her breath, her mouth glued to April’s neck. “Right there,” Lisa gasped. “Don’t stop…right there…yes…yes…oh, April….yes.”

April felt Lisa’s body tremble with her orgasm, her lips sucking at April’s neck, Lisa’s moans emanating from deep within her. Gradually, Lisa’s breathing began to slow. “Please, stay inside of me…” Lisa said. “Just stay inside of me…let me feel you inside of me…”

April glanced into the mirror behind the basin. The blonde stood, hands on her hips, a self-satisfied smile on her lips. Her blouse open, She moved over behind April, brought her hands around April’s body and cupped both of April’s breasts. She let her unencumbered breasts push against April’s back as she kissed the back of April’s neck. Softly she whispered, “When you get tired of not being able to satisfy the redhead, give me a call.” She trailed her fingers across April’s breasts, sending a shockwave through April.

Reaching into the pocket of her skirt, she withdrew a card. With two fingers she placed the card inside the front pocket of April’s jeans, her fingers lingering a little too long. The blonde drew back, buttoned her blouse and turned and walked to the ladies room door. “Better get dressed, girls. Never know when someone will walk in.” She unlocked the door and left.

Nervously, April ran over to the door and locked it again. Lisa, looking contented and a little drunk, was still leaning on the basin. April rushed over and grabbed Lisa’s jeans off the floor and knelt in front of Lisa. “Here, let’s get your jeans back on.” April said.

Lisa lifted her sculptured leg and put one and then the other into the jeans. April’s eyes roamed over Lisa’s legs, trying to put the beauty of them in her memory. Lisa pulled up the jeans, but before she could zip them up, April pushed Lisa’s hands away. April let her hands wander through Lisa’s hair and then around to her ass cheeks, gently squeezing them, making Lisa moan.

“We’ll never get out of here.” Lisa said.

April zipped up Lisa’s jeans and fastened the button. “You are beautiful.” April said.

“And exhausted. Let’s go.” Lisa pulled April’s lips to hers and kissed her.

“Oh, God, look at my hair and my lips.” Lisa said. She ran her fingers through her hair and tried to freshen her lipstick.

April stood next to Lisa, brushing her hair. “I guess we’ll pick something up on the way back to my apartment. The kitchen is closed now.”

“Something or someone?” Lisa said.

“Something. I’ve shared you enough. I want you all to myself the rest of the night.” April said.

April unlocked the ladies room door and took Lisa by the hand. As they passed the bar, Lisa stole a look inside. The brunette and the blonde stood side by side, the brunette’s hand on the blonde’s hips. Neither looked Lisa’s way.

April took out her cell phone and called the cabbie. He was just a few minutes away so April arranged to meet him at Café Du Monde. “Come on,” April said. “Let’s get some beignets and café au lait to stave off the hungries.” She placed her arm around Lisa’s waist and began walking.

Café Du Monde was crowded, but the girls found a table. The outside café was filled with an eclectic group of people, many of them tourists, but many of them locals. No one looked twice at the two beautiful girls who came into the café wrapped in each other’s arms. A Vietnamese waitress quickly took their order of café au lait and beignets. The beignets came, covered in powdered sugar as is the custom in New Orleans. April raised one of the beignets to her lips. “There is a special way to eat these.” She said. She looked over at Lisa. Lisa sat staring at April, watching her beautiful lips open to take a bite of the beignet. Just as April’s lips began to close on the beignet, April blew out a strong breath and powdered sugar rained onto Lisa’s top.

“Hey!” Lisa exclaimed.

“I can’t believe you don’t know this tradition, Lisa.” April laughed.

“I do, I do, but I never thought you would pull that stunt!” Lisa glanced down at her top and tried to brush the powdered sugar off.

“Don’t do that, Lisa. I want to fulfill my fantasy tonight…. I want to lick the sugar off of your breasts. So at least wait until the cabbie gets here.” April reached and squeezed Lisa’s hand under the table.

Lisa felt her sexual excitement begin again. It had never really stopped. Her body had wanted to go on and on in the ladies room at the restaurant. She had felt totally controlled by the blonde and she found she liked the feeling. When the blonde had forced April to come over and give her a second orgasm, she had reached a new level of excitement and had had another orgasm quickly. And then she had seen the blonde, with her blouse wide open, parade over and grab April’s breasts from behind. Lisa thought that the blonde was going to ravish April and this had heightened Lisa’s wetness. She had watched while the blonde had played with April’s breasts and had whispered something into April’s ear, something Lisa could not hear. When the blonde had left the ladies room, Lisa had begun to feel vulnerable, exposed, and afraid that she and April would be caught by the restaurant’s management or God forbid another customer. But Lisa had not been able to move, she had not been able to pick up her jeans. She had waited for April to do it. Then like a child she had put her legs into her jeans and pulled them up. She had seen April gaze at her legs and then April’s hands had moved to her most intimate spot. Lisa had been unable to speak. When April’s hands found their way onto Lisa’s hips and had begun caressing them, Lisa had wanted to stay there with April forever. That had made Lisa weak; she had felt like she had needed help to stand up. All of these images came flooding back to her now as April had revealed her fantasy. Lisa’s palm was wet as April took her fingers underneath the table. April moved her thumb to the center of Lisa’s palm and rested it there.

These feelings of weakness and loss of control were foreign to Lisa. She was the one usually in control. But it had started this afternoon when April had come back into the reception room and kissed her so sensuously. April had controlled that kiss, Lisa realized now. Lisa had flirted, but April had taken control. Lisa took a deep breath and breathed out slowly. She loved this feeling. Here was this girl who had never made love to another woman before, a girl who didn’t even know if she was a lesbian until this afternoon, and she was making Lisa feel weak and on edge. Lisa’s thoughts turned to her other lesbian experiences. She was always the one that girls and even older women desired. Except for Mary France, no one had turned the tables on her before. Mary France had made her beg, just like she had made April beg. But it had been at Mary France’s apartment. She had lain naked on Mary France’s bed as Mary France had teased her and made her come three times before Mary France had ever taken her clothes off. Lisa shivered as she remembered her anticipation as Mary France undressed.

“Where are you?” April asked. “You look like you are somewhere far away.” April rubbed her thumb over Lisa’s palm.

“Oh…no where, I was just thinking…” Lisa smiled as she blushed.

“Must have been nice thoughts…were they about me?” April said.

“About…things…and…yes…about you…” Lisa lied.

“There’s our cabbie,” April said. She closed her hand around Lisa’s and stood up. April pulled some bills out of her purse and left them on the table for the waitress. “Come on, let’s go home.” April snaked her arm around Lisa’s waist and the girls hurried to the cab.

“Evenin’ again, ladies,” the cabbie said as he tipped his cap. “Where to now, girls?” the cabbie said, looking into his rearview mirror. He noted the powdered sugar on Lisa’s top and wondered why she hadn’t brushed it off.

“Back to where you picked us up,” April said. “But first, stop at Camellia Grill and we’ll get a couple of burgers to go.”

“Let’s not stop, April,” Lisa said. “Let’s just go to your place. I think we can find something to eat there.” Lisa squeezed April’s hand and rested her head on April’s shoulder.

"Okay, driver, home it is.” April winked at the driver through his rearview mirror.

April let Lisa enter the apartment first. Then April silently closed the door. She leaned against the door and looked at Lisa. Lisa was so beautiful. Her skin was soft and white, the whiteness of her skin contrasting perfectly with her red hair. Her hair was disheveled, a portion of it hanging down to her neck. April walked over and took the rest of Lisa’s hair down. “That’s more like it. I love you with your hair down.” April said.

The temperature in the apartment was comfortable, but Lisa felt cold. She had felt cold in the cab, her senses on overload. She had snuggled with April in the cab, wrapping her arms around April’s waist.

April had refrained from any sexual contact, even though she longed to caress Lisa’s sugared breasts. But she wanted to wait. She wanted the moment she licked the sugar off of Lisa’s breasts to be special. So she had resisted her urges.

But now April was ready. She put her hand behind Lisa’s neck and drew Lisa’s lips to hers. The kiss was gentle and sweet. “My bedroom is this way,” April said as she tugged on Lisa’s hand. April pulled Lisa down the hall and into the bedroom.

Lisa’s gaze fell on the beautiful, frilly bedroom. Pink totally dominated the room and Lisa couldn’t help but utter a low, whispered, “wow!”

“You like it?” April said. “I was hoping you would.”

“Like it, I love it! What girl wouldn’t love it?” Lisa slowly ran her hand along the pink comforter that covered the bed. “You are all woman, April.”

Lisa threw off her heels and walked over to April. April was now almost three inches taller than Lisa. Lisa put her arms around April’s waist and lifted her lips to April’s. Lisa’s mouth was open in anticipation of the kiss and April didn’t disappoint her. She kissed Lisa aggressively, her tongue alive with passion. April pulled on Lisa’s waist until the girls were at the foot of April’s bed. April sat on the bed and pulled Lisa toward her. Lisa’s sugared breasts stood proudly in front of April’s lips.

April’s hands took hold of Lisa’s top and April’s lips found the powdered sugar at the bottom of the lacy top. She kissed it off of the top and her lips followed the trail of the sugar until they reached Lisa’s nipples. April pressed her lips to Lisa’s left breast and hungrily started to suck. She tasted the sugar that rested on the top, but her lips and tongue drew upon Lisa’s nipple. April lifted her head and gazed into Lisa’s eyes.

“I think there is some sugar under here.” April said as she lifted Lisa’s top up over her head. April’s eyes devoured Lisa’s pink breasts. Little traces of sugar had found their way onto Lisa’s breasts and April began her journey at the bottom of Lisa’s left breast, her lips carefully sucking on Lisa’s breast, being sure to get every trace of the succulent sugar. As she worked her way around Lisa’s breast, she could hear Lisa’s breathing start to get deeper and faster. When April’s lips found Lisa’s nipple, April felt Lisa’s hand pull her face hard into her breast.

“Yes, baby…” Lisa moaned. “Suck it…oh, April…”

April’s other hand found Lisa’s right breast and April’s fingers closed around the whole breast and softly kneaded it. April moved her mouth from Lisa’s left breast and began sucking at Lisa’s right breast, April’s lips finding and licking traces of the sugar.

“My fantasy is fulfilled now.” April said. Quickly April unbuttoned Lisa’s jeans and unzipped them. Reaching around Lisa’s waist as she had at the restaurant’s ladies room, April grabbed the jeans and pulled them down Lisa’s magnificent legs.

“Step out.” April said. Holding onto April’s shoulders, Lisa obeyed. April tossed the jeans into a corner of the bedroom.

April’s hands went up Lisa’s back and she pulled Lisa to her, her lips finding the nipple of the right breast again. April began sucking hard at the nipple, her efforts rewarded by Lisa’s gasping breath. April let go of the nipple and raised her lips to Lisa’s. Lisa leaned forward and crushed April’s lips, causing April to fall backward until she was laying flat on her back, Lisa’s lips and breasts mashing her own.

Lisa broke the kiss and crawled up April’s body until her breasts hung directly over April’s lips. “I’m in a bad way about you,” Lisa said.

April's eyes felt glued to Lisa’s breasts. She took both of Lisa’s breasts in her hands, her thumbs caressing Lisa’s nipples. She began massaging Lisa’s breasts. “I love your breasts, Lisa,” April said.

Lisa lowered her left breast into April’s mouth. April began sucking greedily, her tongue flicking Lisa’s nipple. April’s right hand left Lisa’s breast and began its journey down Lisa’s body, searching for Lisa’s open vagina. April’s fingers found Lisa’s wetness and April plunged her fingers into Lisa. Lisa gasped as April’s fingers filled her center. Lisa began to ride April’s fingers, her hips thrusting with every movement of April’s fingers. April sucked harder and harder on Lisa’s breast and she could hear Lisa moaning.

“Go, baby, go…” April said as she flicked Lisa’s clitoris. Lisa was bucking wildly now, April’s fingers buried in her and April’s mouth drawing out her very soul through her breast. Her hair falling over April’s head, Lisa threw her arms over April’s head and mashed her breast into April’s mouth. Her hips jerking spasmodically, Lisa’s orgasm overwhelmed her. She lay still as her orgasm shudders slowly faded away.

Lisa continued to lay with her breasts in April’s face and her arms over April’s head, April’s fingers still resting within her. Lisa wouldn’t let April take her fingers away. Lisa began moving her hips again, the feeling of April’s fingers inside of her making her excited again.

“You’re something,” April said.

“No…you’re….something…” Lisa said. Her hips continued to move faster against April’s fingers. Lisa moved her hands until they were supporting her, her breasts again brushing against April’s face. April opened her mouth to accept Lisa’s breast.

“Oh, baby…baby…,” Lisa groaned. She felt April’s finger move against her clitoris again. "How did this girl learn this?" Lisa thought as her orgasm drew nearer and nearer. Holding herself up with her hands on either side of April’s head, Lisa ground her hips harder against April’s fingers.

April sucked on Lisa’s breast, amazed by the sexual tenacity of the girl. She flicked Lisa’s nipple and sucked harder as Lisa ground her hips harder against her fingers. She could feel Lisa hold her breath as she came. Lisa’s groans became louder and fiercer as her orgasm approached. Finally Lisa collapsed onto April, her breaths coming in rapid succession, her mouth sucking on April’s ear.

“I’m naked and you aren’t,” Lisa said. She lifted herself up on her arms again and looked down on April. April looked up at Lisa and her eyes strayed to Lisa’s breasts.

“Don’t, I don’t think I could stand it,” Lisa said.

“What?” April said.

“You know what,” Lisa whispered. “My God…you are so good…”

“How can I not be? I have a beautiful woman lying naked on top of me, a woman who wants me to ravish her.” April smiled. “Can I take my fingers out of you now?”

“Yes…but…slowly…” Lisa gasped. April started to pull her fingers out of Lisa’s vagina, but the act itself caused Lisa to shiver. April stopped.

“Here, turn over,” April said. She wrapped her other arm around Lisa and rolled Lisa over until April was on top, her fingers still inside of Lisa.

Lisa slowly opened her legs wider. April watched Lisa’s face as she opened her legs. April’s fingers were firmly inside of Lisa now. April’s fingers were coated with Lisa’s wetness and April found herself surprised at how wet Lisa still was. April lowered her lips to Lisa’s and lovingly kissed her. April’s tongue traced the outside of Lisa’s lips as they had that afternoon. Lisa, her hand behind April’s neck, pulled April to her.

Lisa finally moved her lips from April’s.

“I want you naked,” Lisa said. “I want to feel your skin against mine.”

April sat up. She looked down at this divine creature laid out on her bed. Lisa’s breasts were magnificent; her whole body was magnificent. Her breasts were natural and soft and they lay to the side. April leaned over Lisa’s body and kissed Lisa’s stomach, right below Lisa’s belly button. Lisa drew a sudden breath.

“If you do that, I am never going to get your clothes off,” Lisa said. “I’ll just lie here and come all night.”

“I love it when you talk dirty to me,” April said. April straddled Lisa’s stomach and gazed down into Lisa’s eyes. “I want to kiss you all night.” April brought her mouth to Lisa’s neck and flicked her tongue in the nape of her neck.

“You can kiss me all night, baby, but you have to get naked first,” Lisa said.

April sat up and swiftly took her top off. "My breasts are not the feast hers are," April thought.

Lisa brought both of her hands to April's breasts. Her palms centered the nipples and her fingers closed around April’s breasts. “I am so glad you kissed me this afternoon,” Lisa said. “I want to take your jeans off.”

April moved off of Lisa and lay down next to her. April’s arm went behind Lisa’s head and Lisa moved her head to the crook of April's arm. Lisa’s fingers found April’s breast and she started to tweak April’s nipples. April’s nipples hardened at Lisa’s first touch.

Lisa leaned up on her elbow and brought her lips to April’s breast. She began drawing April’s nipple into her mouth, letting her tongue flick the nipple as her hand made its way down April’s body. Without hesitation, Lisa unbuttoned and unzipped April’s jeans. Her hand moved into the jeans and brushed through April’s hair. April opened her legs to allow Lisa greater access, but Lisa sat up and knelt between April’s legs. As Lisa pulled April’s jeans off, she paused to admire the beauty before her. Her eyes feasted on April’s breasts, her vagina, and her legs. Lisa stood up, took the jeans from April, and threw them in the same place April had thrown Lisa’s. April lay with her legs still open, waiting for Lisa to come back to her bed.

Lisa crawled between April’s legs, her hands on the bed on either side of April’s breasts. Lisa let her breasts brush against April’s. She leaned down and pressed her body into April’s, her breasts meeting April’s, her vagina pushing into April’s, her lips joining in fervent passion to April’s. Lisa began a slow, rhythmic movement with her hips, her vagina’s wetness brushing against April’s.

April kissed Lisa deeply, bringing her hands around Lisa’s back and her legs around Lisa’s waist. She could feel Lisa’s wetness melding with hers. She didn’t know it could be like this with another woman. Lisa thrust passionately with her hips and April answered with an upward thrust, matching Lisa’s passion. Lisa’s lips descended to April’s, her tongue entering April’s mouth. Lisa’s tongue thrust with each of her hip thrusts and April sucked on Lisa’s tongue every time Lisa pushed it into her mouth.

April felt her orgasm start in her wetness. She thrust up harder at Lisa, her legs tightening around Lisa’s buttocks, pulling Lisa in, trying to get Lisa inside of her. She could feel the hardness of Lisa’s clitoris rubbing against her wetness. She wanted her clitoris to meet Lisa’s in this wanton dance, but she could feel Lisa’s clitoris enter her and she tried to grab onto it.

Lisa knew this girl would come soon. April had started to suck Lisa’s tongue every time Lisa pushed it into her mouth. Lisa knew this was a good sign. She had brought many women to orgasm this way. Most of them had thought it wasn’t possible with a woman this way. But it was. It was extremely intimate and many times Lisa had brought a woman to orgasm and had enjoyed a simultaneous orgasm. Lisa knew she was a good lover. She could make women scream. But she had never been with a girl quite like April. April had taken to her lesbianism with enthusiasm. And she was willing to experiment, to take challenges or dares. Lisa could not believe that April had taken up the challenge of showing her tits to the blonde bartender and then watched as the bartender had ravished Lisa.

April was coming and Lisa could feel it. She pushed harder, her clitoris entering April’s vagina, April’s vagina trying to suck Lisa’s clitoris. Lisa felt her own orgasm start to rise within her. April’s legs pulled Lisa harder as April came. She groaned as she came, the groan coming from deep within her. “Oh, God…Oh, God…,” April moaned.

Lisa’s thrusts continued throughout April’s climax. April felt Lisa’s tongue enter her mouth and stop. April continued sucking on Lisa’s tongue. Lisa moaned into April’s mouth. April’s mouth circled Lisa’s tongue, April’s tongue finding Lisa’s. Lisa finally pulled her mouth away. She lay her head down on April’s neck. April lifted Lisa’s head and kissed her eyelashes. Her lips continued kissing Lisa’s face all over.

“I think I have a new girlfriend,” Lisa said.