A Massage Orgasm - Part 4

(by Brandi)

April closed her eyes and watched the girl walk from the room again. What a beautiful sway the girl had to her walk. April wondered if the sway had been just for her, or if the girl walked that way all of the time. April decided that the walk had been for her. If the girl walked that way all of the time, the cops would never be able to work all of the accidents she would cause.

April’s feet remained on the massage table, her legs still open. Asking the girl out had been the most daring thing April could remember doing. Asking another woman out on a date? The thought of doing that had never entered her mind until today. Of course, getting a massage and being seduced by a beautiful lesbian had never entered her mind either. Having seven orgasms, lying with her legs open to the girl's gaze while begging for her number, wanting the girl to stay for the rest of the afternoon, none of that had entered her mind either. April could still feel the masseuse’s lips upon her breasts. It had been the only time the girl had tasted April’s breasts and it was just before she had left the room. April stroked her nipples with her fingers. Her nipples had responded immediately upon the girl’s lips touching them, growing harder as the girl sucked on one and kneaded the other. Abruptly she had taken her mouth away, slapped April hard on her ass and sauntered out of the room, leaving April wet and wanting more.

April’s fingers trailed down her body until they reached her wetness. Her fingers explored her vulva, extracting the abundant wetness, bringing her middle finger up to her clitoris. She closed her eyes again and pictured the girl’s breasts, hidden beneath the flimsy crop top, her nipples poking out through the material. She trembled. Her finger flicked against her clitoris, her hips raised violently to meet her finger. The girl’s mouth was on April’s breasts again, drawing the nipples into her mouth, her tongue drawing circles around the aureole, raising those little bumps. The girl continued to suck on April’s breast, bringing what seemed to be the whole breast into her mouth. The suction increased as the girl milked April’s breast, her lips and tongue working the nipple into what felt like a cement-like hardness. April pressed the back of the girl’s head harder into her breast.

April’s finger was unrelenting on her clitoris, her hips pounding against her hand. Her orgasm brought her head up off of the mattress, her body shaking. The force of her orgasm took her breath away. She lay drawing deep breaths as she tried to come down from the power of the orgasm. “That’s eight,” she thought. She let her fingers drift down to her vagina and slowly closed her legs around her fingers. She held her fingers inside, letting the tremors of her orgasm subside.

At last she made herself sit up on the massage table. Her hair was wet against her neck. There was an especially wet spot on the sheet. She looked at herself in the mirror that adorned the wall. She could see the “orgasmic flush” the girl had told her about. The redness on her chest colored the top of her breasts as well. She squeezed her legs together again to try to shut out the tremors that refused to leave.

April looked at her eyes in the mirror. They were red, like she hadn’t slept in days. She felt as if she had totally succumbed to the will of the masseuse. The girl had worn her out and then she had stroked herself to one more orgasm because she couldn’t get the girl out of her mind. Images of the girl’s beauty kept rushing to her memory, blocking out any other thoughts. She blew out a long puff of air and looked around the room. She knew she would never forget this room with its lingering aroma of the girl’s perfume.

She knew she had to freshen up, make herself presentable. She got up and walked over to the basin. She ran cold water and splashed it onto her face to get herself out of her daze. She wished she could brush her teeth. That would have to wait. She reached into her purse and pulled out her hairbrush and started to untangle her hair. How could a woman do this to her? She had been here only an hour and she felt as if she had been having sex for days. As she looked closer at her breasts, she saw a faint lip impression around her left nipple, the remains of the masseuse’s lipstick. Her mark, she thought. She left her mark on me. Her eyes traveled down to her hips and she could see lipstick on the very inner portion of her thighs. She sighed. She had to call this girl. She had to have her again.

April walked shakily over to the massage table and picked up the masseuse’s card. She had said her home number was on it. It was the only number on it, along with the masseuse’s name. “She made me come for an hour and I never knew her name.” April’s mind was jumbled, the thought of that making her weak. She looked again at the card. “Mary France” was imprinted in red in a light scrolling font. She closed her eyes and pictured the girl again. "Mary France," she thought, "I think I love you."

April dressed, took a long look again in the mirror, and satisfied she didn’t look like she had had sex all afternoon, opened the door. She peeked out, hoping that the hall would be empty, not wanting to be seen, exposed for the sex-crazy lesbian she was. She quickly stepped out into the hallway and made her way to the reception area of the massage parlor.

A girl about her age was sitting behind the reception desk in a pink sweater that did nothing to hide the swell of her ample breasts. It was buttoned down the front and the top two buttons weren’t. April could see the very top of the girl’s breasts as she leaned forward to talk to April.

“Everything go alright? “the receptionist asked.

“Great,” April said. April took a hesitant breath and said, “Do you think I could leave a tip with you for Mary France?” Worried about what the receptionist would think, April found herself holding her breath. Did other women leave tips? Did other women even come here?

“Sure,” the girl said. “She was good, wasn’t she?” The girl looked up at April with a gleam in her eye. “She’s our best. She specializes in women. I sometimes think she will have every woman in the city converted to lesbianism before long.”

“She has a lot of women clients?” April’s hopes of getting a date with the girl seemed to be fading.

“That’s about all she does. She used to do men, but so many women, especially married women, started hearing about her that she doesn’t have to do massages on men anymore. She still has a few men who have been coming to her for a while, but other than that, she doesn’t take men as clients.” The receptionist smiled at April. “Did she give you a card, the one with her home number? If she did it means she likes you.” The girl sat back in her chair and stretched, lifting her arms over her head. Please don’t do that, April thought. I am very vulnerable right now.

April breathed a sigh. For a moment she had felt like just another woman with Mary France’s card. Now she felt a little better.

“Yes, she did, “April said. “She said she wanted me to call her.”

“Did you have to ask for it, or did she just give it to you?"

“I had to ask,” April said. “Why?”

The girl leaned further forward. “She usually makes the women ask. Or I guess I should say, ‘beg.’ “Did you have to beg? Did you promise her anything?”

“Beg….?" April pictured herself lying on the table with her legs open, asking the girl for her number. “Yes…..I guess you could call it that. I was ...vulnerable. She had just made me come and I was lying there with my legs open. Mary France was standing between my legs, looking at me with those eyes of hers…. and I told her I would take her out to dinner. I remember thinking that I sounded like a guy asking her for a date. I haven’t ever asked another woman out, so I felt kind of strange.”

“Don’t feel bad. Most women have to beg her; most never get her card. The married women beg the hardest, they’ve never had an orgasm before, most of them, and they can’t believe they’ve had one with Mary France. But she doesn’t want to get caught fooling around with a married woman. You know that old saying about a “woman scorned,” well…that is nothing compared to a man finding out his wife is sleeping with another woman.” The receptionist placed her hands underneath her chin, her fingers interlaced. "Are you married?”

“No, I’m single, very single,” April said.

“I thought so,” the girl said. “You look too fresh, too innocent to be married.” April’s attention was drawn to the girl’s deep blue eyes. They contrasted with her auburn hair. April noticed some light freckles on the top of the girl’s breasts and she saw in her mind the image of her tongue on the girl’s breasts, licking the freckles off like powdered sugar from a beignet.

“Thank you….I guess that’s a compliment. I’ve never thought of myself as innocent, naive, I guess… sometimes…” April colored. Not so naive anymore.

The receptionist leaned farther forward, her elbows and forearms now supporting her breasts. Her breasts pushed together and an even greater expanse of flesh made itself available for viewing. "This is not what I need right now," April thought, but her eyes were drawn to the girl’s breasts, as if by an invisible magnet. God, they were lovely, and ripe, and full.

“Tell me,” the girl said, “what did you expect to happen when you came in here this morning, what were you thinking about?

“I wondered what…if…if I liked women sexually. I have had these feelings for a while, but I didn’t know what they meant. And I thought, well, if I get turned on during the massage, then I will know.”

“But you didn’t expect to have an orgasm, did you?” the girl said.

“No…but Mary France did some things that made me so wet that I couldn’t control myself. I just came, all at once. She said I had more than one orgasm every time I came. She said she counted seven. I think she enjoyed having that control over me. She said she could make me come forever.” April drew a deep breath.

“Forever,” the girl said, “I wish I had been there. And all of this was in the one hour session?” The girl’s eyes were wide in amazement.

“Yes,” April said. She felt herself blushing. “Is that unusual? I mean… for... I mean... I don’t know what I mean.” April covered her face with her hand.

“I want to ask you something,” the girl hesitated. “What are you going to do if Mary France can’t see you anytime soon? What if she is all booked up? She goes out a lot, has a lot of girlfriends. She might not be able to see you for a few weeks. What will you do then?

“You mean… for sex?” April felt a flush that began at her toes and was continuing up through her body and seemed to want to go right through the top of her head.

“Well, yes, for sex, but for dates too. I assume you’re not going to go out with guys again. Do you have any girlfriends who are gay and know you are gay? I guess what I am trying to say is…would you like to go out to dinner or a movie or something together?"

April’s insides flipped. This girl was coming on to her! “Sure,” April said. “When?”

“Soon, here, let me give you my number. Or better yet, give me yours too and I’ll call you if you want.”

“Okay…. that would be great. Or…well…what about tonight? Do you have any plans tonight?” April found herself holding her breath again. If this girl turned her down, she would die.

“No. The only plans I have are the ones with you, April. Give me your address and I’ll pick you up at about seven. We’ll decide what to do then.” April took a pad out of her purse and wrote down her address for the girl. It was then she realized she didn’t know this girl’s name either.

Before April could ask, the girl said, “My name is Lisa. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before now. I was so caught up in your experience with Mary France that I didn’t think about it.”

“That’s okay. I know it now, Lisa. It’s a beautiful name. I’ll see you tonight.” April leaned over the desk and gave the girl a kiss on the cheek. Lisa smiled. April turned to go and then remembered the tip.

“Here is the tip I wanted to leave with you,” April said. She rifled through some bills in her purse and pulled out four twenties. As she gave the bills to Lisa, her fingers lingered for a moment in Lisa’s hand. “See you later,” April said.

“See you,” Lisa said.

April walked on wobbly legs out to her car. Before she opened the door, she looked back, her eyes watching the front door of the massage parlor close. She turned, drew a deep breath and quickly walked back inside. Lisa was sitting at the reception desk, a far away look on her face.

“Oh, hi!” Lisa said.

“Hi, I just wanted to….” April walked boldly over to the desk and leaned over it. She took Lisa’s face in her hands and with bravado she didn’t know she had, kissed the girl hard on her lips. Lisa’s lips yielded and opened, responding to April’s kiss. Her tongue lightly traced the inside of April’s lips. April opened her lips to accept Lisa’s tongue. Hungrily, April formed an “o” with her lips and sucked on Lisa’s tongue, drawing it into her mouth. April felt Lisa respond, the girl grabbing the back of April’s head and pulling it closer, her fingers grasping April’s hair tightly.

Reluctantly, April let go of Lisa’s face and withdrew from the kiss. “My God, you are beautiful,” April said.

Lisa breathed in deeply. April watched as Lisa’s breasts rose and fell.

“My lips seem to like your lips," Lisa finally said. She raised her eyes to April’s, a look of surprise and desire residing there.

“Mine seem to like yours, too,” April said. A smile played across her lips. She was glad she had come back. Now there would be no questions when they got together tonight, no clumsy fumbling and no wondering if the girl wanted her. April looked at Lisa, not wanting to leave.

“Bye,” April said.

“Bye,” Lisa said.

April strolled back to her car, her legs no longer wobbly. She had done it, she had kissed Lisa! She had taken control of the kiss, initiating the kiss and ending it before Lisa wanted it to end. April took her keys out and started the Mustang and began to drive back to her apartment, images of her morning constantly replaying in her head.

As April pulled out of the parlor’s parking lot and pointed the Mustang toward the Garden District, her body cried out for a cup of coffee. She knew the Morning Call Coffee Shop was nearby and she steered the Mustang towards a cup of Café Au Lait and some beignets. That would be the perfect ending to what had become a perfect morning.

As she waited for the coffee and beignets to be served, her thoughts slipped back to Lisa. The girl had certainly been a surprise, her interest in April totally unexpected. She had been a pleasant surprise, to be sure, but a surprise nonetheless. April could still taste Lisa’s lipstick and the girl’s perfume had replaced the fragrance of Mary France in April’s mind. What had made her become so aggressive? Why did she feel the need to go back into the parlor and ravish Lisa’s lips? Had she finally accepted her lesbianism? Was she a lesbian? She had certainly acted like it. She had never kissed a man in the aggressive way she had kissed Lisa. No man had ever excited her like that.

She had decided, just like that. She had lain for an hour at the mercy of Mary France. She had opened herself to Mary France in a way she had never opened herself to anyone. She had felt frustrated and had masturbated after Mary France had made her come for an hour. Mary France had controlled the most personal part of her body and yet Mary France had remained completely clothed. Mary France had denied April’s need, had made her beg and April had found herself loving the denial, craving the helplessness, her body on fire with desire. Mary France had flaunted her control over April and spanked April’s ass cheeks right before she had strutted out of the room. Then April realized why she had forced her kiss on Lisa. She wanted to take some control back. She had seemed to be out of control, at the mercy of what Mary France or even Lisa would do. There would have been no guarantee that Lisa would have called her and surely no guarantee that Mary France would return her calls or agree to see her again. So she had taken some control back. A smile stole across her face.

With a renewed confidence, April negotiated her way back to her apartment in the Garden District. She found a parking space a block away from the apartment, a beautiful old home that had been converted to apartments some years ago.

Her spirits were soaring as she entered the apartment, throwing her keys on the sofa and heading for her bedroom. She undressed, unbuttoning her blouse and tossing it onto the bed, her hip hugger slacks following the blouse shortly thereafter. She faced her dresser mirror, noting the starkness of her raven hair against the white of her bra. Her hair, her eyes and her breasts had always drawn compliments from males and females, and she thought back to some of the girls who had expressed their admiration of her body. Had they been trying to hit on her? She knew she was naive in some ways, she had said as much to Lisa, but could she have been totally unaware of another girl’s interest?

She reached back and unhooked her bra and let it fall on the floor in front of the dresser. She looked at her breasts. She could still see the lipstick marks, but the orgasmic flush had receded. She traced the lipstick marks with her fingers and brought her fingers to her mouth, hoping she would still be able to taste Mary France’s lipstick. As she traced the lipstick mark, her nipple began to harden. She fondled the nipple between her thumb and forefingers, pinching it, watching it grow with want.

She brushed the palms of her hands across her nipples, feeling the stiffness that had occurred so quickly. Slowly, she moved her hands to the bottoms of her breasts and lifted them, offering them to herself in the mirror. “Here, kiss them, Lisa. Kiss them, suckle them and lick them. They are my gift to you.” April squeezed her eyes shut as she envisioned Lisa unhurriedly biting her nipples, grazing her teeth around them, and drawing them deep into her mouth. April hurriedly slipped her fingers into the waistband of her bikini panties and pushed them toward the floor. She kicked the panties off, turned and crawled onto the bed. “This is where you will be tonight, Lisa, with me in my bed.” Lisa’s unremitting sucking had made April aroused again. April moaned and let her hands roam down to the center of her being, her fingers finding her wetness and entering, plunging deeply into her vagina, then bringing the wetness to her mouth. She sucked on her fingers and dipped them again into her wetness, her vision of Lisa nursing on her breasts sending her into orgasmic orbit. She stroked her clitoris, her feet pushing against the mattress, her toes curling. “Oh, Lisa,” she moaned. “Don’t stop.” Her vision of Lisa’s hair and mouth and lips caressing her breasts kept on until the final rush of orgasm subsided. April lay looking up at the ceiling of her room. “You’ve got it bad, real bad,” she said. Halfheartedly, April lifted herself up, placed her unsteady feet on the floor and went in to take a shower.

The alarm of a fire engine in her dream awakened April, but as she looked at the clock, she realized it was the ringing of the phone. “Probably coming to put the fire in your body out,” she thought. She leaned over to answer the phone.

“Hello?” She said.

“Hi, it’s me, Lisa,” April looked at the clock: 6:30pm. Could she have slept all afternoon?

“Hi!” April’s voice came alive. Lisa had called. She wanted more. Lisa wanted the date as much as April did, maybe more.

“I thought I’d call you before I came over, to see what to wear and remind you of our date just in case you forgot.” Lisa laughed a nervous laugh.

“I don’t think I would forget a date with you, not after that kiss this afternoon.” April hoped she could set the mood right away, get Lisa thinking about kissing her again.

“Yes, that was nice, wasn’t it? I didn’t touch up my lipstick all day.” Lisa whispered. “I finally touched it up when I got out of the shower a few minutes ago. I touched some other things too,” Lisa whispered again.

“Hmm…. I felt your lips on mine all the way home." April’s voice caught, causing her to have to clear her throat. “But to answer your question…let’s go kinda dressy-casual."

“That sounds good. I’ll be over at seven. Do you have anyplace special in mind?” Lisa said.

“I thought we could go to the Quarter, maybe have a drink at Pat O’Brien’s and then have dinner. Maybe go over to the Riverwalk after dinner."

“I like the way you think…. and April, wear something sexy.” April heard Lisa make kissing sounds as she rang off.

April sat up in bed. She had fallen asleep in just her bikini panties. She got out of bed, stumbled to the bathroom and took a shower. She massaged her body wash all over, carefully avoiding sensitive areas. She quickly stepped out of the shower, dried herself off and wrapped a towel around her hair. As she finished in the bathroom, she dabbed some perfume on her neck, then decided to add a dab to the underside of her breasts. Lastly, she placed a dab on each of her inner thighs. She stared at her nude body in the mirror. "Not bad," she thought, "not bad at all."

“Wear something sexy," Lisa had said. April slipped into a pair of black dress jeans that molded around her hips, leaving her midriff bare. She donned a black lace top. She smiled. She knew her lace top looked just like a teddy. She would surely draw some attention tonight. She let her jet black hair fall about her shoulders. She finished brushing her hair and went to the closet for her backless black pumps. She was ready.

At a little after seven, Lisa rang the doorbell. She had taken a couple of wrong turns and got going the wrong way on one-way streets before she had gotten her bearings and managed to find the old home. One way streets were a way of life in New Orleans, especially in the Garden District. But she hadn’t done too badly and was only a few minutes late.

April looked through the peephole in the door and saw Lisa standing on the porch of the house, looking like something out of Playboy. Her auburn hair was up, a pair of hoop earrings dangled from her ears. She was stunning, her lips a cherry red. Her lace top was pink, her jeans a dress dark blue denim. She had a silver ring in her navel and was wearing the most beautiful smile April had ever seen.

A silver colored car sat at the curb right in front of the old home. It was a sports car and looked to be a foreign make.

As Lisa stepped into April’s apartment, April took her hand and led her into the kitchen.

“A drink is in order," April said. She turned and squeezed Lisa’s hand and drew her into her embrace. April kissed her on the neck, just below her ear. Lisa sighed.

“I could use one,” Lisa said. “What are you having?”

April brought Lisa’s hand up to her lips and placed a kiss on Lisa’s knuckles. “I am going to make you a New Orleans tradition…an Old Fashioned, ever hear of it?”

“I think so…they are supposed to be strong, aren’t they?” Lisa thought about the new interest cops had in giving out DWI’s in New Orleans, the ‘city that care forgot.’

"Oh, yes…that they are…but they are so good!” April turned and got the ingredients from her cupboard. She had learned how to make an Old Fashioned while she was in college and tending bar part-time at one of New Orleans’ best restaurants. As the owner of the restaurant used to tell her, “a couple of these and you’re on your ass, honey, so don’t drink them with someone you don’t really like.”

“So what are we going to do about driving?” Lisa’s eyebrows lifted again. "She is really good with her eyebrows," April thought. "She can say things with her eyes that other people can’t say in two days with their voices."

“We’ll take a cab…we’ll be drinking anyway and it’s only about a ten dollar cab ride from here to the Quarter.” April’s smile said everything.

“And you can get me drunk and we can neck in the back of the cab.” Lisa moved to where April stood, wrapped her arms around her waist and kissed the back of her neck.

“We’ll never get out of here if you keep that up,” April said. She wanted to go out, but she didn’t want Lisa to stop.

Lisa’s lips traveled around April’s neck to her collarbone. Lisa took the collarbone into her lips and sucked. April leaned her head back against Lisa.

"Are you going to finish making those drinks…..?” Lisa said.

“You minx," April said. “I’ve got an idea…I will finish making the drinks and we can take them with us…the cabbie won’t mind. We’ll have to take them in plastic cups, though. You can’t take glass on the street anymore, remember?”

“I remember. We can still get just as drunk, though.” Lisa laughed and hugged April closer to her. She let her hands roam up towards April’s breasts. April closed her eyes as Lisa fondled her breasts through her lace top, and then took Lisa’s hands away.

“If I don’t stop you now, I’ll never stop you,” April said.

April finished making the drinks and they called a cab. It must have been close to April’s apartment because it got there quickly. Lisa had hoped she and April would be able to neck on her sofa for 15 or 20 minutes while they waited for the cab, but, no, the world’s fastest cab pulled up 5 minutes after they called for it.

April and Lisa walked to the cab, their fingers entwined. The cab driver stood holding the back door of the cab open for them. “Evenin,’ ladies.” he said, tipping his cap. April and Lisa crawled into the back seat of what seemed like a brand new cab. After the driver was seated behind the wheel, April commented on the car. The driver beamed. He had just taken delivery of the cab that day. “You girls are breaking it in for me.” He said.

April turned to Lisa and a crooked smile played across her lips. She leaned over and kissed Lisa gently on the lips. Lisa held the kiss and traced her tongue lightly around April’s lips. “We’ll do our best for you," April said. Looking into the rearview mirror, April could see that the driver had seen them kiss. Even though he was black, she thought she saw him blush.

"Where to, ladies?” He said.

“To the Quarter, driver!" April said, "First stop, Pat O’s!”