by Brandi

"Yes, baby. Do you want to lick yourself off of my chin?" April wanted to grab the girl and bring her lips to her own, that's what she wanted to do. But she said instead, "yes." The masseuse brought her chin to April's lips and April opened her mouth and sucked on the girl's chin until all of her juices were gone.

Tasting her sexual juices electrified April’s sexual need. She was exhausted, yet she longed for this girl to bring her to another orgasm. Her curiosity about her attraction to other women had become an obsession, an obsession with this girl. She had thought that she would satisfy herself that this attraction was nothing, that she would see that it was all just a fantasy. But the attraction had proved to be real. It proved to be real the moment this young masseuse had walked through the door of the room.

The immediate sexual interest April had felt upon seeing the masseuse had caused her to have chills, and then the chills had turned to fever. Now the fever had become a fire and the fire was still burning.

"How much time do we have left?" April felt as if time was running out. Her obsession was limited by the clock. She was nude in front of this girl with her legs still apart, feeling completely vulnerable. She longed to surrender to this helplessness.

"I'll let you know when time is up." the masseuse said. "Don't you worry about time. All you need to concern yourself with is orgasms."

Why was it that this girl could make April weak just by talking to her? Her voice was velvet. Sex seemed to radiate from her.

“That seems to be a good thing to be concerned with.” April said. The masseuse smiled a knowing smile and reached down and brought both of April’s hands up to her mouth. She took two of April’s fingers and started to draw them into her mouth, sucking on each finger as she did so.

“You taste wonderful,” she said. Removing April’s left hand from her mouth, she continued to suck on April’s right index finger and held April’s left hand close to her left breast.

“Why are you torturing me like this?” April’s vulnerability was now complete. She was nude, her legs open, her arms held above her. Her need for this girl was now more than an ache. She feared that she would come again without the girl ever getting near her opening. She knew she would come right away if she could get her hands down to her vagina. One slight touch to her clitoris would cause an orgasm that would travel from her toes right through the top of her skull. But the masseuse held her left hand firmly against her breast and her right hand was being licked and sucked, the masseuse’s tongue moving down to the base and up again. April closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling. The brush of the masseuse’s breast against her left hand made April reluctant to move her hand away.

Without answering, the masseuse moved her tongue slowly along the edges of April’s hand and with the passion of kissing settled her tongue on April’s palm. The girl seemed to be trying to move her tongue through April’s palm; such was the force of her tongue.

April could not control her body’s responses. Her body became aflame with incandescent orgasm. Her hips rocked with the force of her orgasm, her hands pulling against the masseuse’s grip. The girl enfolded April’s hands and arms to her bosom as April convulsed, and watched the beautiful brunette’s nipples harden and her breasts ripple with pleasure. The masseuse heard April begin to moan as her orgasms subsided. It was a moan of both pleasure and frustration, pleasure as April relished the absolute bliss of the moment, frustration as April realized how totally dependent on this girl she now was.

As the girl looked at April, she could see the flush of orgasm across April’s breasts.

“You have a stunning orgasmic flush.” She said.

April opened her eyes and looked at the masseuse. “I must be red as a beet then.” April said. She laughed, to think she had come three times and this girl was making her hot again by talking about an orgasmic flush!

“Did you get wet that time?” April wanted to know that she had had some effect on this girl.

“Yes, I stayed wet." The masseuse placed April’s hands on her breasts. From this position, April felt contorted, but she didn’t dare say anything. She was getting nearer to her goal. The girl had put April’s hands on her breasts; April hadn’t asked or begged, although she would have.

April squeezed the girl’s breasts gently, finding the nipples and pulling on them with her thumb and forefinger. She felt the girl’s nipples become firm beneath her fingers. April continued her exploration of the girl’s breasts, finally taking the entire breast into her hands. She began to massage them and she felt them become firm. She knew she was getting this girl excited.

The masseuse wrapped her fingers around both of April’s wrists and removed April’s hands from her breasts.

“That’s enough of that.” She said. She began walking toward the foot of the massage table and flipped off her “flip-flops” along the way.

“Now she is barefoot, April thought.” “That’s a start.” April let her gaze wander over the masseuse’s legs. Her thighs were what would be called voluptuous and her legs were in direct proportion to her thighs. The results of workouts were evident, as the masseuse’s legs looked strong to April.

April’s initial shyness returned as she realized that the girl would now have a direct look into her vagina. But April did not want to move her legs. She wanted the girl to see her wetness, to feel it, to see how available and in need she was.

The girl stood at the end of the table and gazed into April’s eyes. April’s lust was at once evident to the masseuse. From her eyes, the masseuse’s gaze traveled down April’s body, admiring the exquisiteness of her breasts, the slight crest in her stomach and the thickness and blackness of her hair. The wetness was profuse around the clitoris and some wetness had found its way onto the inside of the woman’s thighs.

This part of the massage was not going to need powder or oil. The girl would use April’s natural wetness to lubricate the massage. The girl doubted that she would get far into the massage before another orgasm overtook the woman.

The masseuse moved between April’s legs, lifting her right leg up, draping it over her left shoulder. From this position, the girl could massage from the inner thigh all the way to April’s feet. April’s thigh was pressed against the girl’s breasts, causing April’s breath to catch in her throat. Her legs were spread entirely open now, and she could hear her wetness as it made its plea for attention.

The girl kissed along April’s calf, running her tongue down the back of the muscle. April squeezed her eyes shut. She surely did not want to come again quickly. This girl would think she had no control at all if that happened again.

The masseuse’s tongue found its way to the back of April’s knee and followed down the back of her thigh, its exploration now just inches from April’s anal opening. April was moaning, her animal lust coming to the fore. She couldn’t take it anymore. The girl’s tongue and lips were making oral love to her thigh and getting closer and closer to her anus.

As April was concentrating on this feeling, the masseuse dipped her index and middle fingers into the edge of April’s wetness, coming away with both of her fingers coated. She rubbed April’s thigh with the liquid and then brought her lips and tongue to suck the liquid away.

The sucking feeling against her thigh was driving April mad. Why couldn’t the girl just put her mouth on her clitoris and make her come? What was she waiting for? April thrust her hips upward toward the masseuse’s mouth, hoping that the girl would get the message.

“You are so wet.” The masseuse said. “I love your wetness. I want to spread it all over your body.” She brought her fingers to April’s opening again, feeling toward the bottom of April’s vagina, gathering the wetness. She trailed her fingers upward to the top of April’s vagina and lightly flicked April’s clitoris.

April groaned, the first time she had really made any significant noise. Her hips rose up and she let out a breath. The girl moved closer to the table and gave her fingers to April to suck. April’s lips groped for the fingers without wavering. She swallowed her fluid. She would have swallowed the masseuse’s fingers if she could have. She was craving any touch she could have with this girl. But she lay helpless, seeming to be under a sexual spell.

The masseuse knew April was ready to come again. This time would be the best. This time would be good for her too. She trailed her fingers through April’s vaginal hair, feeling its silkiness.

“You are like silk.” She said. Those words drove April to raise her hips again. This time the masseuse caught her hips as they raised, both hands below April’s thighs, lifting her hips into the air. Her hands settled on April’s ass cheeks. She drove her mouth into April’s opening, letting her tongue find the liquid waiting for it inside. She brought her tongue up and let it glide toward April’s clitoris, flicking it once and settling on top of it as her mouth sucked the clitoris and the juices from April’s vagina.

April’s hands were now in the masseuse’s hair, grabbing and pulling the girl’s hair, forcing her face farther into April’s vagina. The masseuse’s lips closed around April’s clitoris and brought the nub into her mouth. Her tongue flicked once more and she felt April go rigid with tension. April groaned piercingly, her orgasm taking its hold of her. She pulled on the masseuse’s hair again, not wanting her face, her tongue, her mouth to leave.

April lay still, trying to catch her breath. “You are incredible.” She said. “I think I had more than one orgasm that time.” April smiled. She couldn’t believe how intimate she was being with this girl. She was talking to her like she was a lover. But then, she is, isn’t she? Her thoughts were jumbled, her body still on maximum wattage.

“Oh, you definitely had more than one that time and every other time. I think I counted about seven.” The masseuse’s look was sultry. It was a look that said she was going to stay in the room longer than the hour.

“I’ve got to go now.” She said.

“What do I do about seeing you again?” April said. “I want to see you. I don’t know what I am going to do until I see you again.”

“You mean you want to see me outside of here?” The girl seemed pleased.

“I mean I want to take you out, buy you dinner, things like that.” Gee, I sound like a guy, April thought. “Do you have a boyfriend...Or a girlfriend?”

“I have girls I go out with. I don’t bother with men. But none of them are customers. That would change the nature of our relationship. I could see you outside of here if you wanted a massage, if sex is all you want. I’ll make you come forever.” The masseuse brought her face down to April’s vagina and flicked her clitoris again. It was still hard. This woman was amazing.

“Umm….” April said. “That’s not fair.”

“Let me give you a card. It has my home number on it. Call me after you’ve come down from your high. If you still want to go out, then we’ll go out.” The girl leaned over and kissed April’s breasts, taking one nipple into her mouth and massaging the other breast.

“Don’t stop.” April said.

“That’s just a goodbye kiss.” The girl lifted April’s legs and slapped her on her bottom. “Hmm. Nice ass. Call me.”

April looked at the card. “It’s nice to know your name. Mine’s April.”

“It’s nice to meet you, April.” The girl reached down, retrieved her flip-flops and as she left, she walked the sexiest walk April had ever seen.