by Brandi

"April had heard the words the masseuse had spoken, but couldn't believe what she had heard. Turn over? She wants me to turn over? I haven’t recovered from the orgasm I just had and now this girl is promising me another forty-five minutes! I know my nipples are still hard. If this girl touches them they will only get harder, April thought. I am still wet. My clitoris is still hard, like a pebble. If the girl left the room, I would stay in here and fantasize about her and give myself another orgasm. But here she is offering to continue the massage for another forty-five minutes! Maybe she likes me as much as I like her?

April began seeing the two of them together in her mind. The masseuse was holding her hand while they walked down the street, both of them oblivious to the stares of the passersby. They were on their way to April's apartment.

"Turn over, love." The masseuse said. April, jolted back to the present, looked up from the table where her head lay and could see only the small ring in the masseuse's navel. Even her navel was beautiful! And her stomach was flawless and ripped. April turned over slowly, her whole body awash with need. As she turned her eyes upward, she could see the lower part of the masseuse's breasts as the crop top gapped open at the bottom.

April moved her hands up towards the girl's breasts. Swiftly, the masseuse caught her hands and put them back on the massage table.

"Not now." She said. "This massage is about you. If I let you touch me, I will lose my concentration, which is totally on you. We are only beginning, baby."

April's mind tried to comprehend what the girl was really saying. April had fantasized about the girl's breasts. She wanted to see them. She wanted to touch them. She wanted to see how the masseuse would react to her touch. But now her fantasies were not to be. The masseuse would be in total control over April. This excited April in a way, as she had never thought about what it would be like to be in another woman's control.

She drew in a deep breath.

"You are so beautiful." April said. "I have wanted to caress your breasts ever since I saw you. I want to kiss them, to suck on your nipples." As the words flowed from her lips, April became aware of a new wetness between her legs. She was surprised at her boldness.

"You won't remember wanting to touch me when I am finished with your massage," the masseuse breathed into April's ear. "After I have taken you where I am going to take you, you will wonder how you lived without me."

April blushed. The girl was truly beyond her years sexually. April pressed her shoulders to the mattress of the massage table and pushed her breasts up towards the girl's beautiful face. Please, she thought, touch my breasts. The masseuse, sensing April's desire, moved her head toward April's nipples, her mouth tantalizingly close to them. She slowly breathed on them and blew a puff of air. She watched as April's aureoles developed small bumps around the nipples. She knew April was ready. She felt her own wetness in her panties. She blocked the feeling out of her mind, though it was becoming more difficult for her to do.

April sensed that the masseuse was going to put her lips around her nipples. She tensed and closed her eyes.

She felt her nipples stiffen even more. She felt as if her head would explode from the tension.

The masseuse moved slowly away from April's nipples, letting her tongue brush along April's exposed neck. She heard April gasp, as if she had been holding her breath. The girl ran her fingers through April's long hair and let it drape over the end of the massage table.

"You have gorgeous hair," the girl said to April. "It's so black that it looks blue. Your skin is so milky white against it."

"Thank you," April said. She wished the girl would touch her breasts. They were aching. The more the masseuse talked, the more April's edginess increased. She wanted to touch herself, to feel her wetness, to press her fingers against her clitoris, to rub herself to orgasm. But the waiting was such sweetness, an aching sweetness. She had never felt herself get as wet as she was now, not even when she was pleasuring herself in the privacy of her bedroom, with every fantasy available to her. This girl had made her come once and was delaying April's further pleasure in order to torture her, to make her beg for it, to make her cry out, "please put your fingers inside me! Please suck my breasts! Please make me come again!" I think I would do anything, say anything, to get her to touch me right now, April thought. Gee whiz, all she did was say I have beautiful hair and I am ready to come right now!

April could not take her mind off of the girl, watching the girl, feeling the girl running her fingers through April's hair, wanting the masseuse to bring her hands back up above the table.

The masseuse cupped her hands around April's jaw line. "Open your mouth." the girl said. April obeyed, not knowing what to expect. The girl gently began tracing April's lips with the edges of her thumbs, letting them drop down into April's mouth, inside her lower lip. Slowly, her thumbs felt for April's teeth, gently pressing them against the edges, absorbing April's saliva.

April felt a new bond with the girl. The girl had part of her body inside of April's mouth. As the masseuse's thumbs left April's teeth, April closed her lips around them, drawing them into her mouth with a sucking motion. She ran her tongue around the girl's thumbs, feeling the nails with the tip of her tongue, and then concentrating her sucking on only one of the thumbs, taking it into her mouth until she knew she had the whole thumb in her lips. She continued sucking, watching the masseuse's face as she did so, seeing that the girl had been genuinely surprised by April's action.

April released the thumb with a sigh and opened her mouth, the thumb now glistening with her saliva. The masseuse slowly lifted her thumb to her mouth, and while looking at April, put it into her mouth. She sucked the wetness from it, never taking her eyes off of April's, knowing that April was watching, waiting to see what the girl would do.

The pure eroticism of the moment stunned April. She had had this statuesque beauty's thumb in her mouth and had sucked it like it was a small penis! She could still feel the texture of the girl's thumb on her lips, and the idea that she had sucked on a part of this girl's body caused her to shiver.

The masseuse reached over to the side table and took a bottle of massage oil and poured it into her hands. She rubbed her hands together, all the while looking into April's eyes. She slowly leaned over April’s head and placed her hands around April's breasts. The warmth of the oil startled April, but her body responded with pleasurable feelings. April felt the masseuse's fingers move firmly over her breasts, bringing the most wonderful feelings to the surface, making her nipples harden until they seemed to look like little ice cream cones. The girl brought her thumb and forefinger together around each breast's nipple and squeezed them, causing them to rise to further attention.

"You have exquisite, natural breasts." the masseuse said. "They don't stand up, they lay to the side like they are supposed to. And they feel so soft! I could massage your breasts forever." The girl's voice was soft, like cotton it seemed to April, and it seemed as if the girl's voice had a little catch in it now.

April saw the masseuse's lips turn up in a small smile as she looked at April. April could still see the bottom of the girl's breasts below her crop top. April wondered quietly if she would be able to get the masseuse to remove her top before time ran out today.

"I wish you would massage them forever." April said. "They look like they want you to."

With that, the masseuse leaned over and her hands began their journey down April's rib cage and towards her stomach. "Your belly button is cute." the girl said. "Let me get my stool." She got up and walked a few steps over to the side table and took a small stool from below the table. She brought it to the head of the massage table stood on it. It lifted her up so that she could reach over April's body and massage the lower part of April's body. The only part she probably won't be able to reach, April thought, is my legs.

As the masseuse leaned over April, her crop top fell open further and April's view of the girl's breasts was enhanced. She could see the whole bottom of her breasts and could almost see the girl's nipples. Now the girl was massaging April's stomach and her hands were traveling down close to the beginning of April's vaginal hair. April could hear her wetness making a squishing sound as the girl approached her vaginal area. She was rhythmically massaging towards the junction of April's hips, where her legs met her torso. And she was driving April wild. April wanted to thrust up to meet the girl's hands, she wanted to tell her to plunge her fingers into her! But she wanted to wait too. She wanted to let the girl work her magic.

The girl's own stomach was just above April's head. She could reach up and kiss the girl's stomach if she was brave enough. But the girl had said not to touch her. April was afraid to break the spell the girl had on her by violating one of her rules, if that was what it was. So she didn't kiss the girl's stomach. She lay there letting the girl's sweet flesh move within inches of her lips.

April began to move her hips in rhythm with the girls massage. As the girl would get close to her vaginal area, April would move her hips upward, trying to meet the girl's fingers, hoping her fingers would find April's opening.

The masseuse needed a better position. She wanted to get close to this woman's vagina. She couldn't do it by staying on the stool. She moved her knees up onto the massage table, on the sides of April's head. Now she had the leverage she needed to work her technique. She kneaded the woman's stomach muscles and kept working down closer and closer to her vaginal area. She let two of her fingers trace through the woman's vaginal hair as she moved her hands and fingers to that sensitive area between the woman's legs and her torso. She began to knead that area in a special rhythm and she noticed that the woman would move her hips up to meet her hands and fingers. That was good. The woman was ready, primed for her next orgasm. And it would come much sooner than the woman thought.

April kept moving her hips, hoping that the masseuse would finally find her vagina and let her fingers enter her. April wanted to rub against something. She would settle for a pillow! Something to release this feeling that kept building inside of her. She lifted her hips higher and felt a hard surface. She spread her legs open wider and lifted up again.

The hard surface was there again. She began to reach for that hard surface with each thrust upward, faster and faster as the masseuse's hands increased the pace of the rhythm of the massage, moving closer and closer to her vagina.

April did not know what the hard surface was; only that it was there, and she reached for it again and again.

Each thrust was bringing her closer to orgasm. The surface seemed to stay in one place, and April counted on it being there as she closed her eyes and watched the explosions behind her eyelids. She reached up and grabbed onto the masseuse's thighs and held on as her orgasm overcame her, then another wave of pleasure swept her away as she pressed her eyes even more tightly closed. Her clitoris was still rubbing against the hard surface, her hips thrusting up involuntarily, like they had a mind of their own.

April opened her eyes to see her fingerprints on the masseuse's thighs.

"I hope I didn't hurt you," April said. "I know I wasn't supposed to touch you, but I needed something to hang onto."

"That's okay, baby. You came and came. I loved watching you. When you grabbed onto me, I felt as if I was coming with you. You made me feel part of your pleasure." The masseuse's voice was coming from between April's legs, her breath blowing into April's vagina with every word. April couldn't help it, but she was getting excited again.

"Did you?" April said. "Did you come?"

"No. Remember, this is about you."

The masseuse rose up from between April's legs and April could see her juices displayed on the masseuse's chin. The masseuse moved down to stand on the stool again, her face directly above April's.

"That was your chin, the thing I was rubbing against." April's eyes were wide. "I came on your chin."

"Yes, baby. Do you want to lick yourself off of my chin?" April wanted to grab the girl and bring her lips to her own, that's what she wanted to do. But she said instead, "yes." The masseuse brought her chin to April's lips and April opened her mouth and sucked on the girl's chin until all of her juices were gone.

"How much time do we have left?" It felt as if time was running out and April wanted this girl again.

"I'll let you know when time is up." the masseuse said. "Don't you worry about time. All you need to concern yourself with is orgasms."