Chapter 19 - Reunion

In a few seconds the door opened and Gwen let us in. I could feel the hair on the back of my neck prickle with the immediate tension. Gwen looked fine, but her mood was definitely antagonistic. Sally had returned to the same harsh attitude from Saturday night. Gwen walked to the far side of the room and turned to face us. I remained standing beside Sally, who waited a moment to speak. The silence added to the tension in the room.

"Gwen, I took my prize as I promised you. He is your husband and you can have him back now." She paused for a moment. Gwen did not speak. "Maybe next time you'll think twice when a real woman walks into the room about challenging her like you did me. You got what you deserved. You're just a gutter slut who doesn't deserve a man like this. We made love almost continuously the whole time since we left you. I used him to please me and he did so magnificently. He even tied me to the bed and fucked me so many ways I can't even remember. He could have come back to you and left me, but he didn't. He wanted me and he got me. It was so good for him that whenever you make love to him in the future you'll be wondering if he's thinking about me instead of you. I promise you he'll never forget me!" She turned to me briefly and added, "I'll never forget you either."

Gwen looked as if she was ready to speak. I sat on the edge of the bed between the two women. Sally faced Gwen again, hands on hips. The glaring eyes were just as intense as before they tangled.

"Get your stinking ass out of here, you gutter slut, shit bag whore! Maybe you did have a few hours of fun with Hal, but he's mine and mine forever. And as for your stupid comment about a REAL woman, as I recall when my pussy tangled with your tramp twat it was yours that was dominated by my REAL pussy. So get your little ass out of here. I'm not afraid of you!"

Sally responded as coolly as she could, "Don't worry about me. I'm out of here in just a minute. But you said you're not afraid of me? Good, because if I ever see you again I'll make you kiss my ass! Your husband did, you know? ..... AND he loved it too! Bye."

Out the door she went before other words could be spoken.

Feeling rather meek, I sat on the bed waiting for Gwen to share whatever she felt the need to share. I hoped for the best, but feared the worst. I know she had trusted me, but facing the reality of a husband who had just had a 30-hour tryst with your enemy might not be the same as it seemed beforehand.

"Is it true?"


"Did you really kiss her ass?"

Feeling honesty was the best policy I confirmed that indeed I had kissed her ass, rather intimately too.

"Was it as good as mine?"

"No dear. Your ass is the sweetest tasting ass I've ever tasted." Not that I'd ever tasted very many. But in fact, taste was surely never the reason I licked bum anyway, so I didn't feel any reason not to go along with her line of questions.

"Was she telling the truth about the rest?"

"Yes. She didn't lie. She and I pretty much fucked like bunnies the whole time. I think she wore me out."

"Did you tie her up?"

"Yes I did. I had her just about every way I could think of for about 6 hours." I hoped that continued brutal honesty would eventually re-forge the bond between us. Risking a bit I continued, "Gwen, I saw you put everything you had into your fight with Sally. I marveled at how you never gave up, but gave 100% of yourself to the battle. I sort of felt that if I did anything less then I would be doing a disservice to your effort. Does that make any sense to you?"

"Maybe in a hundred years, but now it sounds like a bunch of shit to me."

"But dear, didn't you nod twice at me, sort of giving your permission?"

"Yes, of course I did. It wouldn't have been honorable for me not to allow it. After all, I had every intention of using and abusing James had things turned out differently. But I never said you had to like it."

I finally detected a crack in her stern demeanor. Her last phrase had left her lips with just a slight smirk appearing at the corners of her mouth. It was definitely a sign of humor that she had detected within her own words. She knew me well enough from our long marriage that there wasn't much sex I didn't like. So on the very face of it, her statement was a bit ludicrous. How could I 'NOT' like it? Impossible! She knew it too.

Inwardly I breathed a small sigh of relief. "Ok. Ok. I hated it. It was really awful. I wish I'd never been forced to go through all that."

She let a real smile escape now. "You are one bad fucking liar. You know that? You loved it and I don't care. There is one thing though that I hope you were lying about, and that is that she wore you out. Its only Monday and we have the room until tomorrow morning right?" Of course I knew that we had the room until Tuesday checkout, but ever since the party began on Saturday night I hadn't really contemplated that. It took Gwen to remind me.

"Well, dear. I know we have occasionally tested my physical limits, but in all honesty, I've never used up so much of my sexual stamina as I have over the last day and a half. I don't know how much I really have left to give. But Gwen how about you? How are you? Are you all right?"

Gwen came over to me and kissed my head. "Of course I'm OK. You don't think that tramp could keep me down for long do you? I'm all recovered. Now I think we should put our plans for you in motion. Come here Julia."