Chapter 18 - Awakening to a New Day

Monday morning dawned for me with a warm wet mouth trying to swallow my cock. Sally sure beat the hell out of my usual alarm clock. We had obviously slept for many hours as the daylight edged in between the cracks of the hotel drapes. I rolled onto my back to allow Sally a little more freedom from her awkward position. Without saying a word, Sally swapped ends and plopped her fuzzy pussy in my face. The strong aroma didn't bother me a bit. Our rigorous activities of the evening before had left her quite pungent. I didn't care one iota. Sally's pussy was the only place I wanted to be. We slurped and sucked each other to a wake-up orgasm. She drained the small volume of cum from my cock and I gave her the 'girlie-wiggles.'

She rolled off and rearranged herself to snuggle with me. We hadn't spoken any conversational words in nearly 15 hours. "Hal," Sally finally spoke. "We know what we must do, you and I. We must end this and return to our own loving spouses, me to my James, and you to Gwen." She paused before continuing; "I think you must know, Hal, that what you shared with me yesterday afternoon and evening fulfilled me like no other experience in my life. Your singular devotion to my pleasures and my senses, my feelings, was incredible. I know you had a very good time, I could see it in your eyes, finally. But I felt it in your touch all the while. Every part of your body, including your cock, spoke to me with a simple eloquence. I was bound physically, but my feelings for you and our sharing were boundless. My spirit soared above the clouds, oblivious to the humdrum existence of our daily lives. I must thank you for that from the bottom of my heart."

A tear formed on my cheek as she finished. I too felt the kind of spiritual connection she spoke of. Some of my words may have fallen short of the true inner feelings, but I tried to convey to her what I felt. "Sally, I've never experienced anything like this either. Warmness has flowed through me ever since we coupled together in private. I would like to think that after today I am a better person than before. I must thank you for THAT."

Sally glanced at the clock and reminded me, as if I'd forgotten, that check out time was noon and it was already 9:30 A.M. "Are you UP for any more sex? We still have two and a half hours before I return you to your wife and give her my speech."

I didn't know what she meant by 'speech' but I figured I'd find out soon enough. In answer to her question, I thought maybe if we had some breakfast first, we might have just enough more energy to hook up again.

She liked the thought of food since neither of us had eaten much since yesterday's breakfast, just snacks and drinks. We ordered from room service and then we each cleaned up somewhat in the bathroom. The food came and we ate more than we probably should have, but we were both famished. We talked and laughed and giggled together as naturally as a couple that had been together for decades. We both were comfortable with the reality that we must part shortly, but we both knew it would require a degree of emotional compartmentalization that wouldn't be easy. I knew my thoughts would drift to Sally many times in the future. I was bothered that it might mean that I wasn't being fair to my wife. The fact that I had done all this within her sphere, under her nose almost, and with her consent, didn't mitigate the fact that the powerful attachment I felt for Sally would continue to influence me in the days and years to come. But it was a reality I couldn't change. I had no choice but to deal with it in the best way I could.

We finished by 10:30, having eaten naked by the window, drapes cracked to let in the morning sun. I sipped my last juice only to feel Sally's foot rise up my leg and make a direct attack on my crotch. I had certainly lost count of my ejaculations over the past day and a half, but I knew that some limit must have been approaching. My cock was soft, but it responded to her toes. I figured two could play this game. My foot found her crevice under the table. We pretended not to notice. Our actions above the table continued by nibbling at the last bites of our food and sipping some hot coffee. We talked a little about ourselves, trying not to talk about our marriages. We accomplished that by giving each other a background of our lives as children, growing up, etc.

My efforts at concentration were stumbling as her foot somehow managed to wring another full-fledged erection out of my 50-plus-year-old penis. Sally had slid a bit lower in her chair to accommodate my toe exam. I ever so carefully nudged open her labia, wiggled my way inside, finding the early formation of dewy liquid. As my toe wiggled I felt Sally's other foot join its mate. Together they expertly toyed with my cock, softly sweeping up one side and down the other with her toes. She squeezed her feet together, imparting special pleasure on my sensitive areas. Before I knew it I was humping my hips to literally fuck her foot sandwich. She had angled her feet so that the soft inside arches of both feet were pressed up against the sides of my cock, forming a sort of perfect little fuck-tunnel. I tried to sip some coffee, hoping to look nonchalant. I'm afraid I wasn't very good at that. Sally's last sip of coffee resulted in a small spill and she wisely set her cup down. My toe had continued to probe and examine her wet pussy. I can't say it was as much fun for me as eating or fucking or fingering her pussy, but it was pretty groovy in its own right. Soon we had quit talking and began to focus on our mutual foot-fuck. Her arches pressing in on the sides of my cock were such a delight that I knew I would come soon. Sally wasn't holding back, but she needed more time. As my cock began to generate its own rhythm, a premonition of orgasm, my foot stopped of necessity. In moments I shot a load of cum under the table. It shot up onto the underside of the table, fell on my hairy groin and lubricated her feet with a fair amount of goo. It wasn't nearly the volume of earlier emissions, but it was the real thing and Sally smiled as I shuddered and groaned out my vocal orgasm.

I returned to my task. Without having to worry about my pleasure any more, Sally opened her legs wider, wiggled a bit harder, began begging me aloud to fuck her good and deep. She acted as if I was plunging my cock into her, even though it was only a two-inch toe. I found her clit and rubbed it around as best I could. My big digit must have found the right spot, because Sally soon was humping and grinding away at my foot, gathering momentum that finally brought her to her own shuddering climax.

After that we took a bath together, but instead of sex, we just held each other close, talking softly, whispering sweetness to each other and reconciling the reality of our parting. We had fashioned our minds to accept the sweetness that was our tryst, without the sadness of parting. I believed (only abut 50%) that I could do it. But I certainly tried to convince myself. As the time drew nearer to have Sally return me to Gwen. Other thoughts intruded too. What had Gwen been doing? Had she recovered from her devastating, but narrow defeat to Sally? Would she accept me back with open arms or would things be different between us?

We cleaned up and dressed in our casual attire. I wasn't at all sure what the final parting would be like, but Sally mentioned to me that all the things she told me were the absolute truth and that whatever she might say in front of my wife would be for her benefit, and that I shouldn't take offense. I assured her I could do that. Sally was ready and so was I. I noticed a slight change in Sally's demeanor as we prepared to go upstairs to my suite. Sally seemed a little more edgy. I suspected that having to return to see Gwen was the reason.

Just before we left our room Sally turned and put her arms around me one last time. We hugged and kissed for about a minute, knowing that it would be our last. It was soft and nice, the perfect kiss. We walked upstairs and knocked on the door.