As previously mentioned Barbara and Stephanie worked for the same company, but in competing departments. The company was an online accounting firm which had hundreds of companies as clients. In fact Stephanie was the supervisor for the accounts payable department while Barbara was the supervisor for the accounts receivable section. The reason the two divisions were in competition was that every 3 months a bonus was given to the group which completed the most work. Since all the employees were young women it was easy to see why they had a certain dislike for anyone from the competing department. The rivalry between the groups was intense.

Stephanie and Barbara, for the most part, stayed above the bickering. However, some days they spent much of their time making peace between some of the girls who worked in their departments. For the next few weeks after their first encounter the two of them were frustrated in any attempt to get together privately again. Whenever they were not at work their husbands always seemed to be around. Oddly enough it was a catfight between two of their girls which gave them a chance to be alone together for a short time.

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and Stephanie and Barbara met after work with two of their girls who had gotten into a catfight during lunch. For an hour after work the two women tried to make peace between their two workers. It was after 5:00 when they finished speaking with the girls who were still angry with each other, and sent them home. It was the first chance in more than two weeks that Stephanie and Barbara had a chance to be alone together.

Barbara turned to Stephanie, and said, "I hope that settles it between them. That's the second catfight those two have gotten into in the last month. Maybe with both of us talking to them at least if they have to fight maybe they'll take it away from the office?"

Stephanie replied, "They are two good-looking young women in different departments competing with one another. I understand two women having a healthy rivalry don't you?"

Barbara knew Stephanie wasn't talking about the two girls. She was talking about them, and she also knew she shared Stephanie's feelings. In a way their first encounter had left both of them feeling unsatisfied. Although they both enjoyed it very much neither one was able to dominate the other, and so far they had been frustrated in any attempt to take up where they had left off. Stephanie had a look of anticipation on her face as she moved closer to Barbara. Barbara smiled, and leaned against the wall waiting to see what Stephanie would do.

Both women were wearing business suits, nude stockings and high heels. Their skirts, while not overly short, still showed a lot of leg. Stephanie moved closer to Barbara almost touching her, and said, "Alone at last. We just can't seem to get together."

Barbara pulled her closer, and replied in a half whisper, "I'm sure when we do we'll make up for lost time."

The two women looked intently at one another. Stephanie finally broke the silence, "We have an unusual relationship. We're really hot for one another, especially each other's legs, but whenever we get intimate we start competing. We seem to enjoy competing sexually. What do you think about it?"

Barbara thought for a moment, and answered, "Maybe when we compete it makes us hotter? We are sure we each have the nicer body and better legs, and when we tangle it's very erotic for both of us. But we have really only locked up together once. Perhaps it will be different the next time?"

Stephanie said, "I have a surprise for you. Next time is sooner than you think. A few hours ago my husband called me, and told me what he's doing this coming weekend. You'll probably find out when you get home, but I'll tell you now. Apparently the day after Thanksgiving is the first day of hunting season, and our two husbands are going to spend the weekend hunting together a few hundred miles from here. I told him if they were going to abandon us for the weekend you were going to spend the weekend with me. They are going to leave Friday afternoon. We will have all weekend together."

Barbara squealed in delight, pulled Stephanie closer, and said to her, "I guess we'll have a lot of time to find out all we want to know about one another?"

Stephanie, instead of pulling away from Barbara after they were through hugging, kept her arms around Barbara for balance, brought one leg up, and pushed it between Barbara's legs. Barbara, using the wall for balance, put her arms around Stephanie and brought one leg up to meet Stephanie's. The two locked eyes, and started rubbing their legs together. Stephanie murmured, "This is just a sample of what I'm going to do to you Friday night."

Barbara answered, "I can't wait."

First Stephanie, and then Barbara reached down, and pulled each other's skirt high enough so they could squeeze their thighs together. They locked their mouths together in a passionate kiss, and started to play with each other's tongue. Barbara moaned, and said, "You bitch! I'll take you on right now." They kissed again, and were really getting into it when they were surprised by the sound of approaching footsteps. They had assumed that by this time of the day the building was empty. They quickly broke apart, and scurried together into the ladies room and locked it. They heard footsteps enter the room, and then someone turned out the lights and left. The two women looked at each other, and reluctantly agreed to wait until Friday to continue their encounter.

The two days went quickly. They spent Thanksgiving with their families, and on Friday helped their husbands pack and each woman gave her husband a very passionate goodbye. Around 8:00 Friday night Barbara rang the doorbell of Stephanie's house. Stephanie quickly answered, and the two women lightly kissed. Stephanie showed Barbara around the house stopping in the kitchen for a bottle of wine, and saving the bedroom for last. Barbara put her overnight bag down, and the two made small talk while sipping some wine.

They were sitting side-by-side on the edge of the bed when Barbara told Stephanie she had brought her a present. She explained, "I saw something in the lingerie shop the other day I thought you would like. As a matter of fact I liked it so much I bought one for me. I think now would be a good time for us to try them on. I won't tell you what's in there, but take in a pair of red high heels so you really look good."

Stephanie was excited to see what Barbara had bought them, and so Barbara handed her a small package. They went into separate rooms to change, and a few minutes later Stephanie walked back into the bedroom to find Barbara already there. Both women were wearing what Barbara had called a baby doll jacket. It was made to go over a baby doll which neither woman was wearing. It was bright red with long sleeves, and only came down to the waist. It was attached at the top with a tiny clip. The best part of it was the entire jacket was transparent, and could be opened just by reaching above the breasts and unsnapping it. Needless to say both women looked very sexy. They looked one another over, and spun around so each got a good look. Stephanie walked over to Barbara, and thanked her with a hug and kiss. While in each other's arms Barbara said, "You look really hot and sexy, and I love the idea of both of us looking the same. I'm going to finish what you started in the lounge a couple of days ago. I'm going to do things to you no other woman has ever done. I'm going to love having you anyway I want you."

Stephanie replied, "I love these jackets. You were right about the high heels. We both look really hot in heels and transparent jackets. You picked just the right color. Red is for naughty, and we'll find out who is naughtiest. I'll have you before you have me."

The two quickly reached over, and unsnapped the jackets so both women were immediately wide-open and nude down the front. Standing right next to the bed the two brought their bodies together, and began to exchange passionate kisses. They kissed and licked each other's ears, neck, throat, eyes, and finally locked their mouths together. They reached down, grabbed each other's ass with both hands, and pulled hard into one another. Both women moaned as their bodies ground together. Then they stopped kissing for a moment, climbed up on the bed, and faced each other on their knees.

Each one waited to see what the other was going to do. Barbara said, "After you pulled up my skirt the other day in the lounge I was really hot for you. Now I'm going to do to you what I wanted to do then."

She reached over with both hands, grabbed Stephanie's breasts, and began to squeeze and pull on them. Stephanie gasped, but quickly recovered, and joined the battle by doing the same to Barbara. During their first encounter neither woman had grabbed the other one's breasts, but they more than made up for it now. Both women were gasping and squealing as they increased their attack by jiggling and lightly pinching one another. Then they zeroed in on the target they both wanted, each other's large nipples. They pulled each other's nipples out as far as they would go without causing any pain. They moved closer and started grinding their extended nipples together. Barbara then suddenly stopped, put her arms around Stephanie, and pulled her down on the bed.

She then whispered to Stephanie, "Lover, I know you're nice and wet now. Are you ready for a challenge?"

The two women lay side-by-side with their arms loosely around one another. Stephanie answered, "Of course. I'll take you on anyway you want."

Barbara smiled, nodded her head enthusiastically, and said, "Good! We've waited for days to test one another. A few days ago when we pulled each other's skirt up we really couldn't do what we wanted to. Now there are no skirts or anything else between us. Let's find out who has the hottest legs. We'll entwine our legs, and squeeze and rub them together. Sooner or later one of us will lose control, and go off. I'm going to have my way with you."

Stephanie replied, "I know your legs are beautiful and sexy, but so are mine. You'll have your way with me, but not until after you please me."

The two of them settled in a side-by-side position, and wrapped their legs up together. They started to caress and rub their legs together. Each one would bend her legs up and slide them down against one another. They pressed calf to calf, and started to squeeze. They were squeezing their thighs together, and both were starting to become highly aroused. They pressed their upper bodies together, and each could feel the other's breasts as they squeezed together. They lay cheek to cheek, and whispered taunts in each other's ear about how great their legs were and who was going to win. The two women could only do this so long before they started wiggling more than their legs. They were now moving their hips against one another, and when they locked their thighs together they started to grind their pussies into one another. Stephanie moved her head in front of Barbara so they could look directly into each other's eyes. They were starting to gasp and moan as they began to passionately kiss.

Their tongues played together, and when they took a moment to catch their breath Stephanie whispered, "I love fighting with you this way. I can feel how close your pussy is to exploding. Come for me baby."

Barbara countered breathlessly, "Oh no! Not this time. I get you, and you pay the penalty. Then I'll be happy to go off all over you."

The two resumed their kissing duel, and were now grinding their bodies together harder and faster. Their thrusting became wild humping, and in a few minutes they both exploded in a wild gasping, moaning orgasm which consumed both of them. It was hard to tell who, if either, went off first. They clutched each other tightly until the sensations passed. They whispered in each other's ear words such as, "Slut, tramp, cunt and whore." However neither was serious. They kissed each other, broke apart, and sat up.

They were sitting next to each other cross-legged, and facing opposite directions. They looked a little disheveled, and they reached over to caress each other's face and pushed one another's hair back. Stephanie said, "God, that was wild. I've been with women before but never like that. You, and your legs, drive me crazy."

Barbara replied, "Your legs do the same thing to me mine do to you. One of these times one of us may actually win. We call our husbands leg men, but we are definitely leg women. We love each other's legs with or without stockings. We lust for each other's legs."

They sat there talking for a few minutes about the things they had done to one another during their encounters. They began talking dirty to each other, and both made promises of what they were going to do the next time they locked up together. As they spoke they both reached over with one hand, and started to lightly run their fingers back and forth over one another's breasts. When they realized what they were doing it grew silent and they locked their eyes together. They leaned to one side, put their arms around each other, and began to kiss. It started out as a tender kiss, but soon became passionate and demanding. Barbara whispered, "I want to taste you."

Stephanie nodded her head, and in a low voice answered, "I know. I want to taste you too."

Both women leaned a little further to one side, and down far enough to be able to bring their mouth to one another's breast. They began kissing, licking and sucking. Then they lightly clamped their teeth on one another's nipple, and gently pulled on one another until they both moaned from the pleasure. They continued attacking one another's breast with their mouth for some time. When they stopped for a moment Barbara said, "We tied before so I think we should both pay the penalty."

Stephanie readily agreed, and the two women changed positions so they were side-by-side with their heads down by one another's legs. They began kissing, licking and caressing each other's legs and thighs. The best way to describe what they were doing is to say they were making love to each other's legs with their mouths. This went on for some time. Then Barbara took Stephanie's legs, spread them apart, and found Stephanie's pussy with her mouth. She was now on top of Stephanie, and all Stephanie could do was to spread Barbara's thighs, and reach up with first her fingers and then her mouth to assault Barbara's pussy. The two women were in a 69 fight, and Barbara had a head start.

The two women were both very good using their mouths, and their tongues. There were moaning and gasping sounds coming from each. Stephanie knew she wasn't going to catch up, but she had a good time trying. Barbara moaned loudly when Stephanie inserted her tongue as far as she could. Barbara retaliated by inserting two fingers deep in Stephanie's pussy, and quickly stroking her. In a few moments Stephanie began to squeal and her body trembled as she reached an intense orgasm. Even as she was going off she continued to stroke Barbara's very wet pussy, and even though Stephanie lost she got some satisfaction out of hearing and feeling Barbara join her in going off. Barbara turned her body around, informed Stephanie she had won, and then the two of them kissed and licked the pussy juice from each other's lips.

They rolled away from one another, and Stephanie accused Barbara of being sneaky. Barbara denied this, and told Stephanie she should have known what was coming after kissing each other's legs. Stephanie replied by telling Barbara she would find a way to even things up sooner or later. Both women were thirsty so they got up and headed for the kitchen for something cool to drink. After relaxing for a few minutes they headed back to the bedroom.

When they got there they took off their baby doll jackets, and tossed them away. Stephanie walked around the side of the bed, and stood in front of the full-length mirror to see how she looked after all the night's activities. Barbara walked up behind her, and said, "You look pretty hot wearing nothing but high heels."

Stephanie looked at her in the mirror, and replied, "Why don't you show me how much you like me?"

Barbara spun her around, and the two women faced each other. After all they had been through they were still hot for each other. Stephanie slid one leg forward, and pushed her thigh into Barbara's pussy. Barbara returned this move with one of her own, and the two women started grinding into each other's pussy. They put their arms around each other's waist, and pulled each other closer. Stephanie, staying aggressive, challenged Barbara to tongue fight her. They move their mouths closer together, slid their tongues together and started to duel. They licked and sucked one another's tongue. Stephanie then pulled her head back slightly, and said, "Let's see what happens when we lock our pussies together."

Barbara nodded her head, and they got on the bed and immediately moved to a scissors position. They started to thrust their pussies together, and then they both lay on their back keeping their wet pussies locked together. Both women were very aroused from their mutual grinding, and were really starting to get into it. Stephanie looked at Barbara and saw that she had her eyes closed so she slowly sat up while still grinding her pussy into Barbara's. As she began to thrust harder Barbara opened her eyes, and saw Stephanie in what was now a position of control. She tried to get up, but Stephanie pushed her back and told her she was now the sneaky one. All Barbara could do was to thrust her pussy as fast as she could. She reached up, and pulled on Stephanie's breasts. But Stephanie was ready and did the same to Barbara. For a few moments they squeezed and pulled each other's breasts. But Stephanie was now controlling Barbara, and grinding her pussy even faster. Barbara could not hold back any longer, and with a scream erupted into an intensely erotic orgasm. She shivered and her whole body seemed to vibrate with sensations. She pulled Stephanie down on top of her, and passionately kissed her. This took Stephanie over the edge, but as she erupted she knew she had evened the score with Barbara. The two women curled up in each other's arms, and went to sleep.

They slept late the next morning, and Stephanie was already showered and in the kitchen when Barbara woke up. After showering she joined Stephanie in the kitchen for breakfast. They decided to spend the day shopping, and after getting dressed in jeans and a tank top they left for the nearest mall. They laughingly agreed that since their husbands had deserted them for the weekend they should make up for it by maxing out their credit cards. They spent most of the afternoon trying on, but not buying many clothes. As they were getting ready to leave they passed in front of a lingerie shop. Stephanie suggested they go in, and find something sexy to wear because as she put it, "We both know what's going to happen tonight. I think we should dress alike again just the way we did last night."

They looked around for a while, and then both fell in love with the same outfit they saw on a mannequin. It started with a white peek-a-boo bra which left the whole breast exposed and pushed up. Next was a white satin micro miniskirt which couldn't have been more than eight or 10 inches long, and barely reached the white thigh top silk stockings. It was finished off with white high heels. They made their purchase, and headed for home.

When they reached Stephanie's house they went inside, took off their jackets, and threw their packages on the couch. Stephanie turned around, and Barbara noticed that she had a funny look on her face. Stephanie moved closer to Barbara, and asked, "Do you remember last night when we first tangled? We got on the bed together, and all of a sudden you surprised me by indecently assaulting my poor breasts. Now it's my turn to surprise you."

She quickly reached up under Barbara's tank top, and grabbed her breasts. Barbara quickly recovered, and in a few moments both were under each other's tank tops squeezing and pulling one another's breasts. Barbara gasped, and said, "Honey, there's nothing poor about those beauties. I love playing with them. Aren't you a little early? I thought we were going to do this tonight?"

Stephanie replied, "I thought you were woman enough to take me on any time? You can please me now and later."

Stephanie reached down, grabbed the bottom of Barbara's tank top, and pulled it over the top of her head. She then raised her arms so Barbara could do the same to her. The two of them raised their arms to shoulder level, straightened them out to the side, and held hands. Then they started to grind their breasts together from side to side. They watched as they bent each other's nipples back. They were becoming very aroused, and increased their speed which made them feel even more erotic. They stopped long enough to let go of each other's hands, wrap their arms around each other, and began to passionately kiss. Their open mouths were almost animal like in attacking one another. It looked erotic with both women topless, but the jeans were not conducive to passion. That didn't stop either one as they began trying to grind their hips into each other.

Then the unthinkable happened. Stephanie's telephone rang. Normally she would have ignored it, but a few seconds later Barbara's cell phone rang. They guessed it was both of their husbands calling at the same time. Stephanie took a moment to catch her breath, and walked into the kitchen to answer her phone while Barbara answered her cell phone there in the living room. They both talked for about 10 minutes to their husbands. When Stephanie walked back into the living room she was laughing. She said, "My husband told me he really misses me. He wants me to meet him naked at the door when he comes home tomorrow afternoon."

Barbara was smiling broadly, and told Stephanie, "My guy isn't quite as bad as yours. I don't have to meet him at the door, but he wants me in bed with something sexy on. I don't need a lot of sexy lingerie. All it takes is a pair of stockings and high heels. Let's go out to dinner now, and pick up where we left off later. I hate to say this now but I'm really hungry."

Stephanie agreed, and they dressed to go out. Stephanie was wearing a short floppy green pullover dress with sandals, and Barbara borrowed a floppy purple dress from Stephanie to use with her own sandals. Since they were casually dressed they settled on a local restaurant which wasn't fancy. They picked a quiet secluded corner so they could talk. Stephanie asked, "What do you suppose our husbands would do if they knew how we were spending our weekend?"

Barbara laughed, and quickly responded, "I don't know about your husband, but mine would probably want to tape it. He loves to watch two women going at it."

Stephanie agreed saying, "I know what you mean. We rented an adult movie one night, and there was a scene where two women got into a catfight. It became a wrestling match, and then passionate lovemaking. I never saw the end of the movie. We took each other for hours. He'd probably ask us to do it over and over again. He loves women competing against one another in any form."

While they were talking the two women finished their meal. Barbara kicked off one of her sandals, reached over with one foot, and started rubbing Stephanie's leg. Stephanie did the same in return, and the two locked eyes while they were caressing each other's legs. When the waitress came over to ask if they wanted dessert they declined. When she walked away Stephanie said, "That's because I'm having you for dessert."

Barbara replied, "Not if I have you first."

It was after 9:00 when the women returned to Stephanie's house. They agreed to get changed into their new sexy outfits, and meet back in the living room when they were ready. Each woman realized it was going to be a special night, and took great pains to look her best for what she knew was going to be a very passionate encounter. They went to different rooms to get ready.

Without realizing it both women were doing exactly the same thing. After they put on their lingerie they added some touches which would make them as alluring as possible. White eye shadow was added to match the color of their lingerie. They put small sparkles in the corner of each eye, fresh lipstick, and each woman picked out her favorite perfume.

Stephanie arrived back in the living room to find Barbara already waiting for her on the couch. Barbara stood up to meet her, and the two of them came very close together. They took turns posing for each other, and showered one another with compliments about how beautiful and sexy each looked. Then they sat back down on the couch, and moved close to one another. Stephanie leaned over, kissed one of Barbara's breasts, and gently pulled on the nipple with her teeth. Barbara smiled and asked, "I love that, but why?"

Stephanie replied, "I just wanted to show you I love more then just your legs."

For a few minutes the two took turns loving each other's breasts in that manner. Then Stephanie took Barbara by the hand, and led her over near one wall. She pushed Barbara against the wall, and said to her, "I know you remember last Wednesday in the lounge after our catfighting girls left. We pulled each other's skirt up, and started to go at it until we heard someone walking in. That really made us hot. Wouldn't you like to take up where we left off?"

Barbara nodded her head, and the two grabbed each other's short skirt raising it high enough to do what both really wanted. Using the wall and each other for balance they stood on one leg, and pushed a thigh into each other's pussy. While pushing into each other they hooked their legs together below the knee and pressed their calves together. They started rubbing their legs and thighs together while standing on one foot. They began passionately kissing, and each was feeling very erotic. Their motion became frantic and wild as they became more aroused. Try as they might they could not maintain their balance, and slowly slid to the floor. They rolled slowly back and forth on the plush carpeting while each tried to get the top position.

They ended up side-by-side with their legs thoroughly entwined, and their arms locked around each other. Stephanie gasped, and whispered, "God I can't believe how hot we are for each other. I can feel how wet we both are. I love it when our legs are all wrapped up together. This time my legs are going to make yours melt, and when that happens your pussy will explode."

Barbara replied, "Baby we'll find out whose legs are going to melt first. Everything you have is going to belong to me, and I'm going to have you anyway I want you."

The two of them mashed their breasts together, started to kiss, and began to squeeze and rub their legs together. The gasping and moaning reached a fever pitch, and the two women were thrusting and humping faster and faster. Each begged the other to come. It didn't take long. In less than five minutes the two were screaming as a result of one of the most intense orgasms they had ever experienced. Sensations racked their bodies, and they both started to shiver and shake. Oddly enough when they both recovered enough to talk each one claimed the other had won. Each was overwhelmed by what the other had done to her.

After a few minutes Barbara stood up, and reached down to help Stephanie to her feet. She pulled Stephanie to the bedroom. She took Stephanie over near a large wall mirror, and they stood very close to it. They were close enough to see the look each had on her face. Barbara was standing behind Stephanie and slightly to the side. Stephanie asked, "Lover, I think I'm hotter in these outfits than you are. What do you think?"

Barbara responded by sliding one hand around and under Stephanie's skirt reaching for her pussy. As Barbara started to stroke her Stephanie turned her head and laid it on Barbara's shoulder. As they kissed Stephanie reached back with her own hand finding Barbara's pussy. They stared at one another in the mirror as they tried to get each other off. Stephanie turned to face Barbara, and with her free hand each grabbed each other by the hair so they could pull one another closer to begin kissing again. Both women started to gasp from the pleasure. Each one wanted to get the other off first.

They moved to the bed, and while on their knees continued attacking. Between kisses they taunted each other as to who the best woman was. It got so competitive that at one point they started to pull each other's hair, but they were so aroused they quickly returned to attacking each other's body with their mouth and hands. Barbara said to Stephanie, "Pussy fight me you cunt."

Stephanie quickly replied, "Gladly, you slut."

They let go of each other, and sat back. As soon as they were in position each one slid her right leg over the other's left, and they were quickly in a scissors position. As their pussies came together both women reached, and grabbed and pulled one another's breast. They started to moan as soon as their wet pussies started to grind into each other. Then they put their arms around one another so they could pull each other as close as possible. Their very long legs actually made it possible to lock them around each other's waist. As they were tongue fighting Stephanie managed to gasp the words, "Don't you love my legs wrapped around your waist while I pussy fuck you. I'll win this one bitch."

After sucking on Stephanie's tongue for a few moments Barbara replied, "My legs are around your waist too, and I can always out fuck a whore like you."

They pulled together hard so their breasts were almost flattened out, and began to pussy fuck faster and faster. They reached a tumultuous orgasm at almost the same time, and started to squeal and cry out from the pleasure. Both women started to shake from the sensations. While Stephanie was crying out Barbara was sobbing from the feelings that wracked her body. They held each other tightly, and began to shower each other's face and neck with kisses. As the sensations started to pass both women fell back, and lay flat unable to move.

Stephanie spoke first, "I love fucking you with our legs wrapped around each other. Who won?"

Barbara still couldn't speak and shrugged her shoulders. Stephanie pulled away from Barbara, stood up, and removed everything she was wearing. She then got on the bed, moved closer to Barbara, and started to pull off everything Barbara had on. Barbara helped, and in a few moments both women were naked. Stephanie snuggled up to Barbara, and pulled the blankets over both of them. They were both exhausted, and Stephanie whispered to Barbara, "When we sleep tonight I think we should be all wrapped up together with our legs entwined."

Barbara smiled, nodded her head, and the two of them locked up their bodies together. After a kiss they lay back on the pillow, and instantly went to sleep. The next morning when Barbara awoke Stephanie was not with her. After a few seconds she heard the shower running, and in a few minutes Stephanie appeared with a large towel wrapped around her body. She told Barbara there was another large towel waiting for her, and Barbara got up to take a long hot shower. After almost 20 minutes the two women lay on the bed, and started to talk.

Stephanie asked, "This has been a fantastic weekend. I know we both love our husbands, but we have a hot competitive relationship of our own. I know this sounds selfish, but how do we keep getting together without them knowing what's going on?"

Barbara replied, "I've been thinking about it, and there is a new hunting and fishing club nearby. If we give them memberships for Christmas they should be away quite a bit. Then we can fight and fuck all we want. That way you won't be attacking me in the employee lounge all the time."

Stephanie stuck out her tongue at Barbara, but told her she liked the idea. Then she asked Barbara what she would like for Christmas. Barbara wanted to know the same thing, but neither one would answer first. They finally agreed to write it down, and show them to each other at the same time. The wording each used was a little different, but the idea was the same. Each wanted the other to look very sexy, and they both wanted another leg fight.

They both stood up next to the bed, and removed the towels from their still wet hair. Barbara accidentally dropped hers on the floor. When she bent over to pick it up she heard a snap and suddenly felt a sharp sting on her butt. She yelped and jumped up. She realized Stephanie had snapped her with the towel. Barbara grabbed her towel, and immediately tried to retaliate, but Stephanie ran away laughing. Barbara chased her, and the two naked women ran through the house laughing. Stephanie ran around the corner to the living room, and when Barbara ran by grabbed her and the two wrestled to the floor. They rolled back and forth laughing at the same time they were trying to pin one another on the soft carpeting.

First one, and then the other would be in control. The wrestling produced erotic feelings in both women. Finally Barbara pushed away from Stephanie, and got to her knees. Stephanie joined her, and the two were facing one another on their knees only a few inches apart. Each one had a look on her face which combined lust with the desire to dominate. With their arms at their sides they looked like two cats ready to pounce. Stephanie moved a little closer to Barbara so that their breasts barely touched. They leaned into each other, but kept their arms at their sides.

"I know you want me," Stephanie said, "Put your arms around me and pull me into you."

Barbara answered, "No. You put your arms around me first. Show me how much you want me."

Each woman tried to get her sexual rival to make the first move, but neither would give in. Keeping their hands at their sides they started to grind their breasts together, and move them from side to side. They began to passionately kiss. They played with each other's tongues, and in between kisses taunted one another over who would use her hands and arms first. They took turns nipple biting one another and then they moved closer together, and each woman slid a thigh into her rival's pussy. The two naked women we're getting each other hot and wet, but neither one would give in and use her arms.

Finally, as they were grinding together Stephanie grabbed one of Barbara's hands with her own, and forced it behind Barbara's back. Barbara did the same thing to Stephanie with her other hand, and now the two were pulling each other closer. They finally let go of each other's hand, and the two of them grabbed each other's ass with both hands. As they gasped and moaned their wild grinding and humping finally took both women over the edge. They squealed, and wrestled each other to the floor as they went off.

They laid there until the sensations passed. They realized their weekend was coming to an end. Their husbands would be returning soon, and they promised one another each would give the other what she wanted for Christmas. Both of them knew Christmas was just the beginning of a very hot and sexy future with leg fights, and sizzling competitive sex.