Many men are known for particular tastes in women. There are breast men, ass men, and leg men. What is not as well-known is there are women with the same tastes in other women. This is a story about two such women.

Under normal circumstances Barbara Borsten and Stephanie Roper would not have gotten along. They worked for competing departments in the same company. Both were recently married, and they became friends because their husbands had been close buddies since college. At 28 Barbara, a very attractive brunette, was a year older than Stephanie who was a beautiful black haired woman. They were both tall and shapely, and both women could turn men's heads.

One fall Sunday the two couples gathered for an early afternoon dinner at Barbara's house. This was followed by the two husbands getting comfortable in the family room in order to watch an NFL football game. When the game started the two women left their husbands, and went to the living room and decided to pass the time by becoming better acquainted.

When the two women sat down together on the couch neither one could help noticing how shapely and sexy the other woman's legs were. Barbara was wearing a very short dress, and Stephanie had on an equally short skirt with a low cut jersey. As a result when they sat down they both revealed a lot of leg. Both of them were wearing black silk stockings and high heels which added to the sexy picture.

Barbara commented, "Since I normally don't see you wearing something that short and sexy to work I guess it's safe to say you are dressing this way for your husband's benefit?"

Stephanie replied, "Yes, he loves sexy legs and I try to please him as much as I can. I like to drive him crazy whenever I get the chance. He loves it when I wrap my legs around his waist. But looking at you I'd have to say I'm not the only one who does things with her legs. I saw the way your husband looked at you when you bent over to pick up something you dropped."

Barbara laughed, and added, "What you didn't see was the way he came up behind me in the kitchen when I was bending over to get the roast out of the oven. The way he moved into me from behind almost made me forget there was someone else in the house. I guess it's safe to say that both of our husbands are leg men."

The two of them then spent time sharing stories about having great sex with their husbands because of what they did with their legs. It became obvious after they spoke for a while that each woman admired the other's assets, particularly their legs. Barbara then put forth an idea she had been thinking about, and said, "Whenever I see a woman with attractive legs I wonder how good they are."

Stephanie looked puzzled, and asked, "What do you mean by having good legs?"

Barbara answered, "I guess I don't mean good. A more descriptive term would be strong. I think in addition to woman's legs being shapely and sexy they should also be strong. A man likes the feel of strong legs to go along with everything else."

Stephanie nodded her head in agreement, and echoed the thought, "I agree. I like to think my legs are very strong, but it's hard to know how to measure that."

Barbara smiled, and began a story, "A few years ago my husband and I were on vacation in Europe when we saw one of the most unusual shows I could ever imagine. We were in Austria staying in a nice hotel outside of Vienna, and one night my husband and I set out to find a good nightclub show. He gave the cab driver a large tip, and told him to take us to an out of the way club which offered unusual shows. After about 15 minutes we pulled up to a nightclub which I had never heard of from anyone who had been to Vienna."

"After we got seated we had a few drinks, and waited for the show to begin. In the beginning nothing seemed unusual. There were a few dancers, and a couple of strippers, but nothing really different. Then after a few hours two very beautiful women came out on the stage. They had on very low cut short sexy dresses, black stockings, and high heels. Both looked like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine. They stared at each other for awhile looking each other up and down without saying anything. Then they began to talk, but we couldn't understand them because they weren't speaking English. The waiter near our table told us they were insulting each other's looks especially their legs. Apparently each one was telling the other her legs were sexier and stronger."

"After a few minutes of this they appeared angrier, and all of a sudden they locked their hands in each other's hair. They did not pull hair, but continued to talk. After a few moments they nodded their heads as if they had agreed on something. In a moment they were both down on their backs lying ass to ass with their legs up in the air. They entwined their legs together and started to leg wrestle. The object was to pin the other girl's legs to the floor. First they did one leg then the other, and finally both legs. It went on for about 15 minutes before one girl finally won. Then they stood up, passionately kissed one another, and left the stage. The place went wild. Everyone wildly applauded. A couple of sex acts followed, but nothing was as popular or erotic as the girls competing with their legs."

"I knew what was coming when we got back to the hotel. When we got in our room my husband didn't even let me take off my clothes. I have to admit I was pretty excited by it too. I had never seen anything like it. It was a unique, and interesting way to decide who had the better legs."

Stephanie questioned, "Have you ever tried something like that with another woman?"

Barbara answered, "No, I haven't had the guts to ask anyone, but I'd love to sometime."

Stephanie, giving Barbara a very coy look, and in a low voice said, "I know where you can find a volunteer if you would like one." Barbara looked so surprised she couldn't speak. Stephanie continued, "I don't think there's anything wrong with a little friendly competition if it's something we both want to do."

Barbara, finding her voice, asked, "Are you sure?"

The two women were sitting very close together with their legs crossed. Stephanie didn't say anything. Instead she took her right leg, reached over, and lightly rubbed Barbara's right leg with it. Barbara motioned for Stephanie to follow her, and they both walked into the family room. Barbara made sure that both men were well supplied with snacks and brought each one a fresh beer. She then told the two of them that she would be upstairs showing Stephanie their remodeled bedroom.

Stephanie followed Barbara upstairs, and they walked into a spacious well appointed bedroom. There was a small loveseat against one wall, and the two women sat down very close together. Barbara spoke first, "I'd really love to do this now, but I don't think we can. With our husbands downstairs it wouldn't take much to get one or both of them up here. Do you have any suggestions?"

Stephanie thought for a moment, and then replied, "Tomorrow is a holiday, and they have planned a fishing trip together. There's no reason why we can't get together, and since we'll be alone we don't have to worry about any interruption."

Barbara nodded her head in agreement, and with a sly smile on her face leaned over and said, "I think we are both competitive enough to want to win, but I think we should add a little incentive. Let's face it. This is going to be a very intimate competition, and the loser should have to pay a penalty."

"Okay," replied Stephanie. "What would you suggest?"

Stephanie knew what Barbara was going to say, but she wanted Barbara to put it into words. Barbara complied, and said, "I think the loser should satisfy the winner by licking her pussy until she goes off."

Stephanie nodded her head in agreement, and added, "That's fine with me, but I think the winner should have her way with the loser anyway she wants to including having the loser kiss the winner's legs all over, and it can go from there."

Barbara nodded her head, and said okay. Then for a few minutes the two of them taunted one another as to who had the best legs and who would be winning. With their legs crossed each woman pulled up her own skirt or dress showing off her legs and thighs to the best advantage. Then both women turned slightly and faced one another. Each one slid one leg between the other's legs, and started to rub them together. They both were aroused and wanted to start right then and there, but with great reluctance they agreed to wait until the next day. Barbara stood up, and said, "When two men reach an agreement on something they seal it with a handshake. Since our agreement is much more intimate I think we should seal it with something much more personal."

Stephanie stood up, and the two women moved close together. They grasped each other's hands down at their sides, and leaned into each other. They could feel one another's very ample breasts pushing together. Their faces were only a few inches apart, and they stared intently at one another for almost a minute. Then Stephanie's lips parted, and her tongue slowly moved toward Barbara's lips. Barbara did the same, and their tongues met. They played with each other's tongue for a while, and then their open mouths came together in a very passionate kiss which lasted a long time. After they finally broke apart Stephanie whispered to Barbara, "You really want me don't you?"

Barbara answered, "Almost as much as you want me, but there is something I want even more. I want my legs to dominate yours. When we came together I could feel your large breasts against mine. We appear to be evenly matched physically."

Stephanie said in a loud whisper, "We may be evenly matched with our breasts, but I think I have something you don't, nice large nipples. I've never seen a woman with nipples as large as mine."

Barbara countered, "Honey, I guess that means you haven't seen my nipples. My husband tells me they are the biggest nipples he has ever seen."

Stephanie replied, "I guess that means after we are finished with our legs the next competition will be nipple to nipple. After I win you will be sucking my nipples."

The two women came together again in another passionate kiss. This time they put their arms around one another so they could mash their bodies together. Each one slid her right leg forward between the other's legs, and they started to grind and rub their legs together. They were really getting into it when a voice called out from downstairs to tell them that the game was over and it was time to end the day. Barbara answered, and told the men they would be down in a minute. They took a few moments to brush their hair, regain their composure, and calmly walked downstairs to meet their husbands.

At 1 o'clock the following afternoon Stephanie rang the doorbell of Barbara's house. After Barbara answered the door, and Stephanie stepped inside the two women took a long look at one another. Although both women knew they would not be fully dressed for very long they had taken great pains to look as sexy as possible. Barbara was wearing a very tight, low cut black dress which was very short. Stephanie was wearing a short blue halter dress which seemed to defy the laws of gravity. Both women were wearing black silk stockings and high heels.

Barbara led Stephanie to the living room where they both sat down on the couch. She asked Stephanie if she would like a glass of wine. Stephanie nodded yes, and Barbara left the room returning a few moments later with a glass of wine for each of them. They sat in silence for a few moments sipping wine, and each woman found herself staring at the other's legs. Stephanie broke the silence, and asked, "Do you like what you see?"

Barbara answered, "Of course I do. You have gorgeous legs. I can't wait to wrap mine around yours to see who is better. I have to admit that after you left yesterday I was so turned on I jumped my husband in the family room, and we took each other for almost an hour."

Stephanie smiled, and agreed, "I was just as turned on as you were, but I had to wait until we got home to make my husband take me. You look just as hot as you did yesterday, and I had trouble going to sleep last night just thinking about what we were going to do today. You have the most beautiful legs I've ever seen on another woman. I can't wait for our legs to tangle."

Barbara stood up, took Stephanie by the hand, and led her upstairs to the bedroom. For a few minutes the two of then discussed how they were going to compete with one another. They decided to skip doing one leg at a time, and would get right to it with both legs. Barbara had placed a double timer on the bed, and they settled on ten minutes as the length of time they would compete with both legs. Since it was a test of strength, and not endurance, they both felt if no one could win within that period of time it should end in a tie. Each woman would try to pin the other's legs down to the bed on her right side. They would allow three minutes before starting to get their legs in position.

Barbara questioned Stephanie asking, "When two men are ready to begin a boxing match they touch gloves in a gesture of sportsmanship. How should we get ready to start?"

Stephanie did not reply. Instead she closed the space between the two of them, put her arms around Barbara, pulled her close, and the two began to kiss. Their tongues began to stab one another as each woman tried to prove she was the better tongue kisser. When they finally broke apart Stephanie moved her mouth close to Barbara's ear, and whispered, "I want you to know I'm not wearing panties under this dress. I don't want them to be in the way when you have to suck my pussy."

Barbara ran her tongue around Stephanie's ear, and whispered back, "That's funny. I guess we both think the same way. I'm not wearing any panties either. Let's get out of these dresses, and get it on."

The two stepped back, unfastened their dresses, and let them fall to the floor. They looked at one another like two alley cats ready to tangle over a morsel of food. Their first gaze was to each other's large shapely breasts. They found neither was exaggerating the day before when each had described her nipples. They were much larger than usual, and very firm and erect given the erotic competition the women were about to begin.

As the two women openly looked each other over their eyes moved down to a neatly trimmed dark bush which could be seen on both of them. Although both women were wearing thigh top stockings they also had on a garter belt. It not only looked sexier, but it provided a little more support for their leg fight. To avoid doing any damage with their high heels both women kicked off her shoes. Without any further words they got up on the bed, and faced each other. Barbara reached over and set the timer. As agreed they got down on their backs ass to ass with their legs straight up in the air, and hands near their sides palms down.

Barbara pressed the button on the timer, and the two women started to entwine their legs. They had three minutes to get in the position they both wanted. They started to rub their legs together, and taunt each other at the same time. They each promised to melt the other one's legs, and assured one another they had the stronger legs and would win. For a few moments the only sound in the room was that of stocking covered legs rubbing together. Then the next buzzer sound went off, and the leg fight began in earnest.

The four legs rocked from side to side as each woman tried to force the other one's legs down to the bed. Neither woman spoke as they each concentrated on trying to get the other one's legs far enough over to one side so she could pin them. Each effort Barbara made was met by an opposite reaction from Stephanie. Try as they might neither woman could get the other one's legs even halfway down. While neither one was winning their leg wrestling was producing another effect within each woman. Each one loved attacking the other's beautiful legs with her own, and they were getting very turned on by what was happening. When the buzzer went off signaling the end of their leg fight both women were surprised the ten minutes had gone so quickly.

They pushed slightly away from each other, and brought their legs down to rest them. The only sound was heavy breathing from all the exertion. They raised up enough to lean back on their elbows, and looked at one another to see any reaction there might be. Stephanie began to caress Barbara's left leg with her right foot, and exclaimed, "That was fantastic! I've never done anything like that before with another woman."

Barbera returned Stephanie to caress with one of her own, and replied, "I know. The best part about it is we probably both think we should have won."

Stephanie got an evil grin on her face, and said, "I think you should know I not only have beautiful legs, but I have great feet."

Still feeling aroused she took the foot she used to caress Barbara's leg, and moved it up to one of Barbara's breasts and began to rub it. Barbara immediately did the same thing to Stephanie, and for a few minutes both women were using their feet the same way they would use their hands on one another's breasts.

Then their arousal took a very erotic turn. Stephanie slowly moved her foot along the inside of Barbara's thigh until she reached Barbara's pussy. Barbara, seeing what Stephanie was doing, slid her foot until she was very close to Stephanie's pussy. The two women stared at one another intently as though each one was daring the other to go first. Stephanie smiled, and slowly pushed her stocking covered foot into Barbara's wet pussy. As Stephanie started to move her foot in a stroking motion she could feel Barbara's foot come into her own pussy. Both women started to stroke each other's pussy, and the room was filled with moaning sounds as each woman cried out in delight from the sensations.

As they watched one another each woman spread her legs open wider to make it easier for her rival to attack her pussy with her foot. Stephanie said, "If I can't beat you with my legs I'll get you with my feet."

Barbara replied, "You whore! You'll do anything to try and beat me. I'll get you first."

Each woman knew she was getting close to going off, and they were both so aroused they couldn't move their toes in and out fast enough. As though they both had received the same signal at the same time each woman grabbed the foot that was stroking her and moved it deeper into her own pussy as though it was some man's cock. They moved it deeper and faster until after a few minutes neither woman could hold back any longer. Barbara's head tilted back, and her eyes closed as sensations racked her body. A few seconds later Stephanie joined her in erupting, and both women loudly squealed as they reached a thunderous orgasm. Just before both women fell back Stephanie reminded Barbara who had won saying, "I told you I had great feet. It was close, but I got you off first."

Then they both laid flat on their backs until they could recover. Both women remained motionless for some time. After almost ten minutes, first Stephanie, and then Barbara sat up. The two smiled at one another, and Barbara said, "See what happens when two women with sexy legs test each other?"

Stephanie smiled, and answered, "That's because you're a slut."

Barbara exclaimed, "Look who's talking. Aren't you the slut who challenged me to a nipple fight yesterday when you thought your nipples were bigger than mine? Not only that, but every time we kiss you think you can do that better too. Maybe we should make those our next test?"

Stephanie quickly responded, "I'd love to."

As the two women moved to their knees, and started to close the distance between the two of them each one saw the other as a sexual conquest to be made. They stared intensely at one another's large nipples as though they were targets to be aimed at. They both realized that each one was looking at the largest nipples she had ever seen. Each woman cupped her own breasts, and guided them so their nipples would press together. Both women gasped at the pleasure, and Stephanie said, "Let's see who can nipple fuck the best."

Barbara nodded her head, and the two women banged their nipples together time after time. Then they moved them from side to side trying to bend each other's nipples. After a time the two moved closer so their nipples were pushing into one another's breasts. It quickly became a breast battle as the two women put their arms around each other pulling hard so they could tit fight. They swiveled their upper bodies so first one breast, and then the other, would bang together. Then they rubbed them from side to side. Barbara gasped, "You have great tits, but mine are better."

Stephanie, feeling just as aroused as Barbara, replied, "Prove it."

They tightened the grip around one another's back, and squeezed together in a partial bear hug. The two women alternately pulled and loosened their grip so that each time they mashed their breasts together a loud moan could be heard coming from each woman. It was a combination of pain and pleasure. At this point Barbara changed tactics, and locked her hands in Stephanie's hair. Stephanie responded by doing the same thing, but neither woman did any hair pulling and Stephanie wondered what was coming next.

The two looked at each other intently for a time with each waiting for the other to move. Stephanie had her question answered when Barbara slowly pulled her head forward until their lips were only a few inches apart. When Barbara slowly slid her tongue out Stephanie knew what she wanted. Stephanie met Barbara's tongue with her own, and the kissing duel began. Their tongue fight was everything both wanted. For a second they both stopped, and Barbara challenged Stephanie saying, "Show me how good you are. Make love to my tongue with yours."

Stephanie responded by gently grabbing Barbara's tongue with her lips, and started to suck it as if she were giving head to a man. Not to be outdone Barbara did the same thing to Stephanie, and the two heads took turns bobbing back and forth. They finally locked their mouths together in a hot passionate kiss and each one drove her tongue deep into the other one's mouth. Working their mouths against each other both women were now gasping and moaning from the pleasure the kissing and the breast grinding was producing.

When they finally broke apart Stephanie began to kiss Barbara's neck, and slowly worked up to her ear where she whispered, "My pussy wants to tangle with your pussy. I want to know which one of us is going to get the other one off first."

Barbara licked Stephanie's ear in return, and replied, "My pussy is hot to lock up with yours you slut. Let's find out who is hotter."

The two women pushed slightly away from one another, and sat on the bed with their legs spread apart. They looked in anticipation as they scooted closer together, and each slid her right leg over the other's left one in a scissors position. As their pussies locked together both women gasped at the feeling of pleasure they felt. They started to slowly grind into one another. Each woman was so aroused she felt if she went too fast she would lose.

Barbara spoke first, "Lover, you feel so hot and wet. I'm going to love it when you come for me."

Stephanie quickly replied, "You're the one who is so hot she's dripping. I'm going to bring you to ecstasy. I can't wait to feel your love juice in me when you go off."

The two of them began thrusting a little harder into one another. They both had their eyes closed, and with their moans the two of them could feel themselves getting closer to going over the edge. Their pussy banging grew faster, and with a squeal Stephanie found herself reaching an intense orgasm. She started to tremble as the sensations seemed to engulf her whole body. She grabbed Barbara, and pulled her close. Even as she was going off she continued to thrust into Barbara as fast as she could. This caused Barbara to erupt, and with a scream of ecstasy she joined Stephanie in a mutual orgasm. They held on to each other until they both calmed down.

Their eyes met, and Stephanie asked, "How did a little leg wrestling turn into sexual competition?"

Barbara answered, "Simple, we turned each other on with our legs, and after that we both wanted to. I'll bet you loved it just as much as I did."

Stephanie nodded, and leaned forward so she could kiss Barbara. The two shared a tender kiss, and reluctantly broke apart so nothing else would happen. Barbara looked out the window, saw that it was raining hard. She made the comment to Stephanie that the bad weather would probably bring their husbands home early. Stephanie agreed, and got dressed so she could go home. As she got to the front door she turned to Barbara and said, "Our competition was pretty even today. I hope we can do this again real soon."

Barbara replied, "Oh, I can promise you we will. Two hot women like us will never wait too long to tangle again."

They would, however, wait longer than they wanted for their rematch.