(By HGHunt)

Rose v Jenny

"Good fight ladies," said Jenny, "as soon as you get out of the way Rosie and I can get it on."

"Hold your horses Jenny, we'll get out of your way when we are good and ready," said Lynn, and with that she wiggled her spent pussy against Sue's defeated pussy for fifteen or so seconds, just to prove a couple of points. First, to Jenny she was proving that she was in control when she was done, and second, to Sue that hers was the victorious pussy. Sue managed a feeble wiggle back with her own pussy and then she extricated her legs from their scissor position and she got up saying, "Just lucky, that's all you were Lynn. If we ever have a rematch it'll be different, I promise!" She went to the bathroom to take a quick shower, leaving the other three in the living room.

Jenny congratulated Lynn on her win but de-emphasized its importance saying that when they met up she would learn what pussy defeat feels like. Lynn mocked Jenny's arrogant attitude by telling her that she had better focus on the next fight against Rose before she worried about her. Rose chimed in, "go ahead Jenny, overlook me and you'll find out real quick what it's like to be pussy whipped twice in a row. I don't give a damn about that clit ring you are wearing either. I'll make Sue's pussy domination over you look like child's play."

"Domination my ass, Sue was lucky, very lucky. I almost had her!" Jenny made sure Rose knew she was still confident and full of determination. Rose acted like she didn't hear Jenny and just got up and went to the kitchen to get a drink. Surprisingly she poured a glass of wine and drank it right down and then poured one more, taking it back into the living room and offering it to Jenny. Jenny wondered about this but she took the glass and thanked Rose and drank it quickly also. Both women knew that wine had a couple of different effects; first it loosened inhibitions, but second it also dulled the sensory organs a bit.

Sue returned from her quick shower and took her ringside seat looking quite refreshed, considering the match had ended such a short time before. Lynn took a quick dash to shower as well and told Jenny and Rose to wait for her because she would be quick. Neither liked the idea of waiting but they did and when Lynn returned Rose got to her feet and quickly took all her clothes off. She made no attempt to disrobe seductively, just in a matter-of-fact manner as though nothing at all was on her mind. Nothing could have been further from the truth however. Her mind was racing with thoughts of lust and power and domination. She was only one win behind Jenny and a win now would put them into a tie in the battle for "best-sexiest-female" within their little foursome. Anxious to get going she asked Sue if she was ready to time the foreplay. When Sue affirmed, Rose turned to look directly at Jenny as if to say, "what are you waiting for, here I am." Jenny sensing the anxiousness in Rose's demeanor took her time and ever so nonchalantly got up from her seated position and ambled slowly over to Rose and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. Rose reached out and gently put her hands on Jenny's breasts and stroked her round orbs ever so gently. Jenny leaned in and kissed Rose on the other cheek and whispered in her ear, "Like my titties do you? Well they're all yours sweet thing. Do what you want with them. Can't you see how my nipples are hard and waiting for your touch. Please touch my nipples. I can hardly wait." Jenny was laying on the seductive voice very thickly and transparently.

Rose swooned (an acting job) and pretended to let her knees buckle and grabbed Jenny's shoulders to catch herself. "Oh, Jenny! Yes! I want you. See how hard my nipples are? They are expecting your caress. I nearly fainted from your touch. I can hardly control myself." Even if neither woman believed the other, at least the acting performances had the effect of diffusing the tension a little from the high tension left behind by Sue and Lynn's heated match. Jenny did reach out and begin to knead Rose's very large breasts and shortly was focusing her ministrations on her long nipples. She watched as Rose pulled and twisted her own nipples, making them feel really good. Rose knew just how much to pull on them without hurting and to create the most exquisite tingly excitement in her nipples. Jenny tried hard to match Rose's perfect manipulation, and from the look on Rose's face, Jenny believed she was succeeding. They spent at least seven or eight minutes just looking back and forth from the nipple at their breasts and into each other's eyes. Slow and gentle seemed to be the order of the day. Fake lust was beginning to be replaced by the real thing. Rose lifted her eyes to look at Jenny and licked her lips invitingly. Jenny took the bait and they leaned in, fingers still playing with nipples, and kissed on the mouth. The kiss was soft and closed mouth at first but after a couple of little lip nibbles by each woman on the other they invitingly opened their mouths and there were no surprises when a pair of tongues slid out of one mouth and into the other. Jenny's tongue focused on the inside of Rose's lips, trying to run a complete circle around the inside of Rose's mouth, but was interrupted by Rose's tongue as a barrier. She tried to push it out of the way, but Rose would have nothing to do with that. She wasn't about to let her tongue be forced out of the way and so a tongue-wrestle began just inside Rose's mouth. Jenny intent on pushing one way, and Rose just as firmly intent on going the other. Muscles tensed in their faces and necks as their tongues pushed without letup against each other. Within 30 seconds of this the tension had begun to extend into their arms and hands. The once gentle, loving manipulations of each other's nipples were getting harder to control. Who would lose control of their fingers first had now become an added contest to that of the tongues. Rose fought mightily with herself to maintain a caressing touch on Jenny's nipple as she fought a desperate, almost violent battle with Jenny's tongue. The same battle was testing Jenny's limits of self-control as well. When she lowered her tongue to try to go under and then around Rose's tongue Rose countered with a swift response and the pushing began anew. Jenny tried sneaking around again and Rose again countered forcefully. Back and forth the tongue game went, each woman trying to force the other in whatever direction it didn't want to go. Several moments of this tongue fight led to infinitesimal and not planned tightening of the grips on the nipples. "Five minutes to go," shouted Sue.

That was just the excuse they needed to change tactics. Lips parted and hands left the nipple pulling and arms wrapped around the other woman in tandem. Pulling each other close their breasts now plied each other with those fully extended nipples. Hips were pulled close and the thick auburn bush of Rose's mound met Jenny's newly shaved mound for the first time. Rose lowered her head and began to kiss Jenny lightly on the neck. Jenny began to run her hands slowly and gently through Rose's hair and both women found themselves swaying their bodies together to some unheard rhythm. Rose cupped her hands firmly around each of Jenny's lovely ass-cheeks and pulled her closer. She began to grind her mound against Jenny in a slow circular motion. With her hands still firmly on Jenny's ass she lifted Jenny off the floor and with a slow squeeze and turn laid her down on the floor. Jenny's legs came apart and wrapped around Rose at the hip and Rose now found herself, too easily she thought, in the good old dominant missionary position. Having expected Jenny to put up at least some sort of protesting action she took a moment before taking advantage of the situation and when she finally began her grinding her thick bush down into Jenny's bare pussy mound Sue yelled "That's it, 15 minutes are up. Lets see some pussy to pussy action now girls!"

That was Jenny's cue. She immediately locked her legs around Rose's waist and with her left arm wrapped around Rose's shoulder rolled her to her right, intending to gain the top position. Rose, being partially seduced by Jenny's relative inaction up to that point wasn't ready and found herself under Jenny. Jenny grabbed both of Rose's wrists and by leaning forward enough to put lots of her weight on them managed to hold Rose down by the wrists. Jenny slid her hips back into alignment with Rose's and began to grind downward with her pussy against Rose's bush. With her legs still wide and wrapped around Rose's waist, Jenny appeared to be bent up like a pretzel but the alignment of their bodies was very good for what she had in mind. That new clit jewelry was now protruding powerfully from between her lips and with the angle of their bodies, each time Jenny swiveled her hips or ground them downward against Rose, that ring found its way down into the top of Rose's sexy pussy. Rose was keeping her legs together to avoid a more frontal attack from Jenny's clit and ring but the ring found its way down through her pussy hair to reach her clit anyway. The effect was instantaneous for Rose. Her clit found the touch of that ring to be extremely erotic and stimulating. Of course the pressure and vibrations of the ring found their way back directly into Jenny's clit also. She was ready for her own arousal and practically put herself into a trance-like state to try to control it. She wiggled and ground downward on Rose's clit and pussy while maintaining the arm hold on her at the same time. Rose tried wiggling out and even bucking her hips upward to remove Jenny but those tactics didn't work. Rose was angry about her predicament and began to buck harder and harder, bouncing Jenny up and down like a Brahma bull. Jenny showed considerable skill as a bull-rider and with every bounce her clitty ring targeted Rose's pussy. Then Rose lifted her head and butted her forehead right into Jenny's forehead, stunning Jenny and forcing Rose to act quickly. She threw the groggy Jenny off and quickly grabbed a pillow and lifted Jenny's ass up onto the tall pillow. Then straddling her raised pussy she lowered her pussy down onto Jenny's and began to hump away. She ground her hips down, down, down, putting lots of pressure on Jenny's pussy with her own. Rose watched as Jenny slowly recovered from the head butt, rage clearly evident in her face. "No you don't bitch!" she shouted. "You don't head butt me and get away with it." She grabbed Rose's right leg and lifted it high into the air causing Rose to fall backwards with a thud onto the carpet, knocking the wind out of her. Jenny, still recovering from the head butt couldn't act as fast as she would have liked but she did manage to get out on top of Rose. This time she grabbed under each of Rose's knees and lifted them high to her shoulders, and even as Rose struggled to catch her breath, mounted Rose again. This time instead of grabbing her arms she grabbed her hair to hold it down with her weight on the floor so Rose couldn't repeat the head butt. This did leave Rose's arms free, but for at least a minute she was passive as Jenny, now in control began humping her pussy. From this position, Jenny had the most freedom of choice in how to use her pussy against Rose's thickly furred womanhood. By leaning far forward she could actually open up her pussy wide and expose her clit and its ring to use as a fuck-tool in Rose's vagina. The wet hole was easy prey for Jenny right now and she took advantage by hump-rocking her clit into and out of Rose's hole. In and out she went at a fast tempo. Rose still hadn't recovered from the loss of wind and the pained look on her face showed the desperation of a cornered cat. Which is exactly what she was. "You fucking cunt! You'll pay for that!" finally emerged from Rose's lips as her breath returned. She was in a tough predicament and she knew it. Jenny yelled directly in her face, "How you gonna make me pay? Huh, How? You're in no position to be making threats against me, bitch!" And with that Jenny began to hump harder and with less control. Her pounding pussy now slammed into Rose's cunt a hundred times in a minute. Her clit and the ring were banging into every part of Rose's ever-more juicy pussy. Pain grew as the onslaught continued in Rose's clit and she grew more desperate than ever. She wanted no part in the pain and she wanted no part in losing the race to orgasm. She reached up and put her fingers deeply into Jenny's hair and began violently jerking left and right. Jenny screamed in pain as many roots of her pretty hair were yanked out of her scalp. She continued her humping but began her own hair pulling of the woman underneath her. Her hands had already been on Rose's hair and now, like two she-cats they were screeching at each other as Jenny continued her erotic humping and while Rose tried to throw Jenny from the top. Arms were flailing as they jerked harder and harder on the hair of the other woman. Jenny couldn't maintain her hold on Rose and when Rose threw her weight to the right Jenny went toppling over with Rose following, striving for the top position again, but Jenny continued to roll seeking the same advantage. Rose could play that game too and she too forced another 180 degrees roll. Jenny's fingers once again found Rose's hair and the screaming catfight continued as they rolled back and forth across the floor, first in one direction and then the other.

This was now obviously very serious business for both women. Neither seemed willing as the fight progressed to let it be a 'fair fight' with just lining up pussies and going at it until one or the other had an orgasm. No sir, this was turning out to be a battle for domination where one woman would lose her fighting power and be forced to surrender to the erotic attacks of the other. This was one product of the vagueness in the "rules" they had established. It was understood that they would attack pussy with pussy, but since there was no mention of other restrictions that might apply, the battles kept getting more and more 'outside the boundaries' of what Lynn had intended. Jenny and Rose continued their screaming and cursing at each other with faces directly in each other. Through all this they did manage to keep their hips lined up and there remained frequent pussy-to-pussy contact. While not now as erotic as earlier, there was still the hint of sex in the air and the arousal that each felt had not dissipated away. When for a moment their rolling over and over stopped, Rose wrapped her left arm around Jenny's head and neck and pulled it in close for a solid headlock. Jenny maintained her grip on Rose's hair and was pulling for all she was worth when Rose rolled her over and was able to arrive in a kneeling position beside Jenny with Jenny's head under control of her arm strength. Four large breasts, glistening shiny with sweat were now hanging directly downward from the pull of gravity. Their swaying massiveness in the reckless fight was a sight to behold.

Lynn and Sue, both excited by the hot action of the fighting women, were doing all they could not to masturbate from their ringside seats. Both found it convenient to cross and uncross their legs often, providing much relieving stimulation to their own pussies. The main event was still intensely being waged on the carpet in front of them. Jenny screamed at Rose, "Let me go! Let me go! I mean it! Let me go!" But that just inspired Rose to put on even more pressure, even though the pain in her head and scalp was intense since Jenny had not once let up on her vicious hair-pulling. As Rose squeezed her headlock Jenny let go of Rose's hair with her left hand. Rose was glad the pain went away and for a brief moment she thought that Jenny might be about to give up. That hope was immediately dashed when Jenny's left hand came roaring around in a big whirlwind swing with a hard slap to the front of Rose's face, stinging her in surprise and pain. Now paying attention to Jenny's arm, she moved her head forcing Jenny's next slap to miss, as did the next. Rose knew that Jenny still wielded a lot of power and she had best be careful. She knew she didn't want to receive any more slaps like the first one. Eventually Rose noticed that Jenny's swings were slowing down and had less accuracy. Also her hair pulling was losing its power. Even through the mutual screaming that renewed, Rose began to feel the tide turning in her favor. It was a long way to go but she liked the tiring she felt in Jenny.

Jenny, meanwhile, was pissed! She had no intention of losing her second pussy fight and her fatigue angered her. Not as much as the anger felt towards Rose, but anger nonetheless. Knowing that she was far from erotically close to orgasm, she decided to save her strength and she quit fighting. The only sound now was from the heavy ragged breathing of both women. Rose sensed the fight leave Jenny and she let go of her headlock and moved slowly, because of her own fatigue, into a dominant position once again over Jenny. This time she took a little more time to situate a couple of pillows in such a way that she could rest her back at the same time as she moved her pussy. Jenny just lay on the floor, with her wide-open pussy spread out on the pillow awaiting Rose's attack. Taking several deep breaths to re-oxygenate her lungs, Rose slid into her favorite position. She was on top of Jenny and about to take a ride. She had straddled her left leg to the right side of Jenny's body and her right leg under Jenny's left leg, which she grabbed and pulled up straight to hold onto with her arms. With Jenny opened up like this, she could only stare in horror as she watched Rose lower her pussy onto hers. Rose began with slow gentle rubs: pussy across pussy. This reawakened the libido of each woman and the production of vaginal juices went back into gear. Rose used her labia to rub Jenny's labia back and forth, the slipperiness apparent in both the feeling and the noise of suction and slurping as they slid across each other. As Rose would pull away she could watch and see how the two pair of labia lips would actually stick together and stretch out towards the other woman as they parted. It was as if they were desperately aching, in glue-like fashion, to stay together. In mere moments the lustful aching was very real. As unfocused on eroticism as they had been moments before, and as unlikely that they thought it would be to get turned on in a hurry, they both were wrong. The adrenalin rush from fighting actually made it easier to get turned on, even when the partner was the 'enemy.' Jenny, in particular, was very surprised to feel the powerful stirrings in her clit and pussy almost as soon as Rose made contact. She was not ready! Her fatigue was still too great to mount a counter attack and therefore she had no choice but to hope that Rose would lose control herself. She hated the feeling of depending on the opponent to lose, instead of controlling her own destiny, but her energy was spent. In only three or four minutes of this pussyfight (one-sided for now) both women felt the rising heat of their own animal lust. Jenny tried hard to wish it away to no avail. Rose could see the grimaces in Jenny's face and felt powerful in her thrusting position. "Time to use my clit," she thought. Her rigid flap of skin beneath her outer lips was ready. Rose used her hands to open her labia wide and she made her clit take the plunge straight for Jenny's clit. Being in her position she could actually see Jenny's gaping hole and her clit with its big ring. This allowed her to poke Jenny's clit in exactly the way she wanted. First she poked just above that ring and wiggled. Next she poked just under the ring and wiggled. Already Jenny was beginning to climb rapidly toward orgasm. Rose knew her erotic temperature was rising too, but she could pull away or slow down if things got going too fast. She repeated her little clit pokes, above the ring, below the ring. Wiggle, wiggle. Jenny began to moan and groan louder and louder. Hating herself as she said it she yelled at Rose, "Fuck me! Fuck my clit! Fuck my pussy! Fuck! Fuck! Come on, fuck me harder!" Those were the cries of a woman about to be defeated. Rose knew it. Jenny knew it. And so Rose, without hesitation, did exactly as Jenny wanted. She pushed her firm clit down into Jenny's pussy, and with large forceful motion began grinding and pushing Jenny's clit, ring and all, all over the place. Ten seconds was all it took. Jenny exploded inside. Her body shook. Screams of joy rang out in the room. "Yes. Yes. Yes. Oooooooohhh God. Ooooooooh yes. That was good!" Now Jenny's pussy was fair game as a toy for Rose. She kept up the grinding and pushing, even as Jenny tried feebly to pull away, and succeeded in bringing herself to her own pulsing orgasm just half a minute after Jenny's had subsided. When Rose's orgasm had fallen away, she stood up, dropping Jenny's leg and staring down at her told her in a firm voice "Don't ever take me for granted again cunt!" She put emphasis on that last word to drive home the point. Turning and walking away from Jenny she glanced at the other two who were sitting there mesmerized and with big smiles on their faces.

Jenny rolled over, knowing she had been soundly defeated. She thought to herself that if it hadn't been for all the catfighting action her pussy could have defeated Rose's pussy. Trouble with that logic was that there HAD been catfighting action and SHE was the one who had lost. Never one to have a problem with her ego, she made all kinds of excuses in her mind, and within minutes she had practically turned it into a win. Actually however, Rose had now caught up with Jenny in total wins, six to six. Lynn was right behind with five, and Sue had four. The only thing was that now Jenny had another giant problem looming. Her name was Lynn. She would have an hour to rest, but after the fatigue of the last match, and with Lynn having twice as long a rest, she knew it would be difficult.

Rose and Jenny took turns in the shower. The evening had set in and they all took the break time to feed themselves a bit from the pantry and refrigerator. Little talking was again the norm, but the air was thick with tension. Every woman in the room knew that the intensity level, the violence, and the hatred (new way for these women to think of each other) was reaching new heights. Each had by now seen that not one of them backed down when cornered, but came out fighting. It was clear that this was competition at its most basic. It was you against me and we'll see who is really better. What began as "better at kissing" had progressed to "better at tits" to "better at pussy" to just plain "BETTER." The rules might change. The target might change. But one thing remained the same. These battles were turning into a test of wills. The inner persona of each woman was being challenged, and none wanted to come up short. This incredible vitality and spirit was in itself an aphrodisiac unlike any other. Maybe their feminine physiology hadn't changed, but, to a woman, they all knew that they had never had sex so intense and powerful before. Halfway through round four found them halfway through the first week of their "golf vacation." None had called their husbands as per prior arrangement, just so they could have their fun together, as Jenny's husband Harry had said before she left. If he only knew!