(By HGHunt)

Round 4-2 Sue vs Lynn

The next hour went by slowly for Jenny, Lynn, and Rose, but for Sue it seemed to just fly by. She had just whipped Jenny and now had to try to back up that win with another over Lynn. She wished that she had more time to recover physically from the effort it took to out-fuck Jenny. The one good thing was that her libido was really satisfied from the bout with Jenny. Lynn couldn't wait to tackle Sue and had paid close attention to the intricacies of her battle with Jenny. It was apparent that Sue had lots of control over her arousal and Lynn knew that a win would not come easily. Sue had replayed in her mind the sweet victory over Jenny for at least the first half hour of rest time. It was very sweet for her and she just basked in her own feeling of glory. Finally she began to think more about her upcoming pussy fight with Lynn and began to think how sweet it would be to out-fuck a woman five years her junior. Lynn was a very haughty woman, and even at 29 years old and among women older than herself, she carried herself as if she were the queen. "Yes," Sue thought, "making Lynn cum screaming would be real satisfying!"

The women, with the occasional waiting time between matches, were typically quiet. Not wanting to intrude too much on the thoughts of the upcoming battlers, the two who would be watching rarely spoke, while the two combatants usually saved their tongue warfare for just prior to coming to grips with each other. Occasionally there was talking but it usually was just about placement of the furniture or getting a drink and not too often directly about the sex wars in progress. This break was no exception but the silence that pervaded the room had an impact on all of them. It seemed to raise the electrical energy in the room. The tension was omni-present and even though most talk was in pleasantries, it wouldn't cut through the building excitement. The women wouldn't have had it any other way. They were all relishing the totally erotic competitive atmosphere. It was as if a pea-soup fog had settled into the room, but instead of moisture it was sexual tension between all four women. Friends and enemies all rolled into one. Sex partners and warriors were indistinguishable. It was heady stuff and Lynn and Sue prepared to go at it. Sue had freshened up in the bathroom and came back out still naked and proud and walked with a little bounce in her step that clearly showed she was in a happy and confident mood. She was just beaming with that special glow, almost like a young bride on her wedding day.

Rose announced the last two minutes of rest and Lynn, now returning from the bathroom, had decided to strip before entering the room. She walked in and began an energetic pacing around the perimeter of the room. It was like one of her power walks that she so regularly took around her neighborhood back home. Sue was already walking when Lynn came in and now they looked like two tigresses circling their prey, and the prey was the other. Lynn, by walking quite fast around the perimeter, was forcing Sue to move closer to the middle of the room to avoid being overtaken by Lynn. She wanted to maintain a 180 degrees difference between them, but since Lynn was walking so fast she kept moving towards the center of the room. This now gave the appearance of Lynn walking circles around Sue. It must have been part of her plan to try to throw Sue with her athleticism even before the 'festivities' began. Sue certainly noticed the ploy but she didn't do anything to prevent Lynn's actions. She just gritted her teeth in determination and anxiously awaited Rose's voice announcing the time to start.

"Get ready to go down sweety," intoned Lynn as she slowed her pace. "Nice job against Jenny, but I think your learning curve for pussy fighting just got a whole lot steeper. Your pretty pussy will be a whimpering quivering juicy mess when my pussy takes control."

"Not a chance. Even Jenny, with her cheating ring, couldn't handle the power in my cunt. I'll eat your little blonde pussy alive with my bushy black haired cunt. Get ready to line up right beside Jenny the loser!"

"Time to go!" shouted Rose.

With that the two fiery women moved confidently closer together. Sue used both her hands under each boob and lifted them higher and jiggled them from side to side in an enticing way. Her hips swayed rhythmically with her walk. Her nipples grew quickly to the big protruding knobs she was so proud of. Her lush bush, which played such an important part in forcing Jenny to climax, stood in dramatic contrast to her smooth lustrous skin. Lynn's fresh skin glowed with health. Her nipples were also growing proudly to meet the challenge of Sue's hard nipples. She provocatively wiggled her hips, drawing attention to her pretty blonde pubes. Licking her lips in erotic anticipation she drew up close to Sue, body fully ready. Lynn's arms went out slowly, but Sue reacted defensively and grabbed Lynn's hands on either side of her body. Fingers interlocked and they began a test of strength, each trying to bend back the hands of the other. Both gritted their teeth and pushed with all their might. Tendons in their arms showed through their skin. Bodies angled towards each other as they leaned forward for leverage their faces came nose to nose. Their eyes were only centimeters apart staring intently straight through their opponent. Breasts came together and pushed firm nipples into nearly as firm breast flesh.

Lynn, seeking to intimidate the larger Sue, grimaced and said, "Is that all you got?" With their faces now touching forehead to forehead, Sue retaliated not with words but with a quick bite on the nose. She raised her head enough to put her teeth on Lynn's nose and clamp down. "Ow!" cried Lynn, but for fear of ripping her skin she didn't pull away. She just drew on a deeper energy reserve and muscled Sue's hands backwards a little bit, but there was an immediate response on her nose. Sue's teeth came down harder, threatening to cut. Instantly Lynn recognized Sue's strategy. More pressure with her hands would be returned with a harder bite and so she backed off and got the results she wanted. Sue loosened her bite and when Lynn shook her hands free Sue let go of Lynn's nose. She left behind four very definite marks but fortunately no blood. Lynn's face radiated anger at Sue and Sue's re-radiated it right back.

Immediately their arms shot around the other's body, and embracing tightly, they began kissing. Lynn bit Sue on the lower lip only to have Sue return the favor on her upper lip. Lynn didn't bite too hard but hard enough to hurt Sue and vice versa. Lynn let go and began to tongue the underside of Sue's upper lip. Sue brought her tongue into battle and began a vigorous jousting match. Both women sought as much domination as possible early in their fight but wanted to make sure the juices were flowing within their enemy as well. Sliding her tongue deeply into Lynn's mouth she practically made Lynn gag. Lynn in retaliation reached up with her right hand and grabbed Sue's thick hair and jerked. Sue's head snapped back several inches and she opened her mouth with an "Oooww!" when Lynn leaned over her and spit directly into Sue's open mouth. She spit again but missed, hitting Sue in the eye and on the nose before Sue could react and grab Lynn's hair and yank sideways, pulling Lynn off balance and tipping her to the floor. Rose shouted 10 minutes to go with foreplay! This was foreplay?

Maybe there was some sexuality involved, but five minutes into their 'warm-up' this was looking more like a catfight than lovemaking. Sue landed on top of Lynn and immediately spread her legs wide apart for leverage to keep Lynn underneath, but Lynn squirmed very quickly to her right, and with her hand still in Sue's hair, pulled Sue over to the floor and executed another 90-degree roll and landed on top of Sue. Sue's legs were still wide apart and she immediately locked her ankles behind Lynn's back and began squeezing. Her powerful leg scissors immediately forced a loud grunt from Lynn, who began yanking on Sue's hair back and forth while Sue retaliated using both of her hands to grab large clumps of Lynn's long blonde hair and jerk her head violently back and forth. Both women were breathing very heavily now. Sue yelled at Lynn, "You bitch, don't ever spit at me again!"

"Who's calling who a bitch? You're the one that practically gagged me with your tongue...Bitch!" They continued like this for a while, Lynn on top but within the confines of a strong leg scissors from Sue underneath, yanking each other's hair but on the downward slope of their intense anger and fighting action. As their hair pulling subsided and Sue's scissors let up a little bit, Lynn found she had a perfect angle to begin some pussy rubbing, so in one quick move she let go of Sue's hair and scooped her head up in her arms and returned to kissing her on the lips and at the same time forced her hips lower between Sue's legs and began to rock her blonde bush up into Sue's black bush. Sue for now reciprocated with some passion in her kiss. Less biting more tongue dueling, picking up that battle where it had left off a few moments before. Knowing Sue's strong legs were still locked behind her back caused Lynn to be wary of the next few moments. She knew she had the edge on Sue in the pussy fight because Sue's legs were spread apart to maintain the semblance of a scissors, while her own were tight together allowing her to fuck Sue's pussy in a more open position than her own. Sue's big clit she assumed would be protruding from between her lips already and receiving some stimulation as Lynn dragged her soft blond curls across Sue's pussy over and over again. She was right of course, Sue had a very large clit protruding far from its sheath when aroused, and even in the anger of the last few minutes it had begun to grow and grow. Sue showed contentment to lie in this position, maintaining her legs around Lynn and dueling with her tongue. She began playing the passive role, much like she had done during portions of her pussy fight with Jenny earlier. She began moaning softly between her still ragged breaths. She sucked Lynn's tongue into her mouth as far as it would go and swirled her own tongue around it repeatedly. "Five more minutes," announced Rose.

It seemed like much longer but only 10 minutes had elapsed in the 'foreplay round' and already they were going pussy to pussy and the time had seemed much longer, especially to Lynn and Sue. Sue knew she didn't want to stay in this position for long and she tried to roll over to her right by pulling on Lynn's head with her arms which were wrapped tightly still around her head, as Lynn's were wrapped around hers. The maneuver did not work, as Lynn was low to the ground. Sue tried again and again to roll but Lynn just kept her there. Each attempted roll threw their pussies together with Sue's large clit being sandpapered by Lynn's lovely lower pubic hair. Physiology being what it is, her loins began to feel the heat of sexual stimulation. Lynn was feeling it to of course, but not to the same degree. When Sue failed on the third roll-off attempt she maintained a strong grip on Lynn's head but re-applied the leg scissors around Lynn's waist. Squeezing as hard as she could in hopes of forcing Lynn into a response that would let her escape the inequitable pussy tormenting. Lynn grunted in pain but did not make any false moves. Lynn was in very good shape and her stomach and back muscles were capable of withstanding much punishment. Punishment is what Sue was trying to dish out too. Through all of this they kept up their kissing. When Lynn had grunted it was directly into Sue's mouth, giving her the immense satisfaction of feeling Lynn's response so intimately to her powerful leg squeeze. Lynn broke off the kiss and with Sue's arms still wrapped tightly around her head whispered into Sue's ear, "Are you ready to pussy fight now?" "You bet I am," whispered Sue.

Sue unclenched her arms and legs from around Lynn and Lynn lifted up off Sue and stood up taking a breather. Sue slowly stood, feeling pretty pleased about what had transpired so far. She felt she had dished out a lot of punishment to Lynn. Lynn also was very confident and happy about her domination of Sue's pussy with her own. They now stood up, breathing heavily and perspiration glistening on their skin. "Pussy time!" yelled Rose, which was her signal that the 15-minute time had elapsed. With that the two women gingerly moved to the carpeted floor on their backs and inched together in right leg over left scissor position. Unlike Sue's hard charging banging that she used to begin her pussy fight with Jenny, this first touch pussy kiss was tender, in sharp contrast to the violence of the warm-up period. The razor-sharp touch that often accompanies such contact was absent with this pair. The previous intimacies and fighting had already taken them over the edge of unexpected sensation. So they began to slowly slide their wet pussies together. Sue's dark-haired slit slid deliciously over Lynn's shaved lips. Each woman was leaning up on her arms and when Sue asked Jenny to give her one of the large pillows laying on the side of the room to rest her back on, Lynn asked the same. Adjusting their position to the pillows allowed them to use more of their energy in their lower bodies. After getting situated comfortably they began a sideways rocking motion, Lynn's protruding pussy lips slid across Sue's and as each lip met a lip of the other they stretched them gently in opposing directions. In each direction one lip would push its opposing lip closed and then immediately pull the other lip open. This gentle rocking and pulling of lips saturated Sue's fuzzy labia hair with moisture from both women. The tactile feeling of Sue's hairs bristling against her bare labia was enough to cause Lynn to feel the second layer of arousal emanating from her cunt. Sue found herself relishing the feel of Lynn's very slippery labia as they continued their rocking contact. "Feels pretty good, doesn't it bitch? Feel how my pussy makes yours all slippery and hot," purred Sue. Lynn couldn't let the comment go by untouched and she replied, "I'll show you what a nice hot pussy can do. Your fuzzy cunt is already aching for more of my pretty hole. You'll never be able to keep up with me!"

With that last comment Lynn began a more vigorous rubbing action, continuing the back and forth rocking motion, she would pull back a little and throw a bump into the mix. Sue matched Lynn's action and threw in her own twist, a grinding action at the end of each sideways slide. The heightened lust combined with the rocking actions had opened up the pussies of both girls. Lynn's clit was now poking distinctively out from the top of her slit and Sue's clitoris had grown to its full proportion and was now nearly in contact with Lynn's. Sue raised her butt off the floor a little to smear more of her juices on and around Lynn's clit and she let her hips dance a little wiggle with Lynn's clit poking into her very slobbery wet hole. Lynn allowed this for only a few seconds when she too raised her hips to retaliate in like fashion. For the first time she felt Sue's clit slide inside her hole. She was surprised how much like a small cock Sue's clit felt. She rocked against it and even tried to squeeze her labia closed over Sue's big clit. Rocking gently in this position both women began to moan. Shivers of pleasure rippled outward from Sue's clit and when those shivers continued she managed to move her clit upwards to find Lynn's clitoris. Lynn played hide and seek with her clit and kept wiggling to avoid the attacking clit from Sue. Sue didn't like the teasing and more vigorously than ever began to seek Lynn's clit. Their clits bounced around each other's pussies, Sue's seeking Lynn's while Lynn tried to avoid her clit being caught by Sue's double-size clit. Occasionally they met and the feeling was electric as clit touched clit, but Lynn kept up the hiding and Sue kept up the seeking. Frustration set in for Sue, and it was sexual frustration just as much as combative frustration. She WANTED Lynn's clit to mate with her own. Five minutes went by, ten minutes went by, and the lust built to new levels in both women, but Sue's frustration began to show.

Lynn began to think about bringing Sue to orgasm and she thought she might have to sacrifice her own clit to do it. She weighed other options but she remembered how Sue had managed to beat Jenny and figured that her win there was more because of the dominant position she had managed than because her pleasure stick of a clit was less sensitive to stimulation than Jenny's. Lynn felt that as long as Sue was at least as far along as she was that in a head-to-head clit duel she would whip Sue. And so it was that after twelve minutes of clitty hide and seek she let the seeking clit find her own. Now the humping and pushing began in earnest. Sue, finally achieving what she wanted, began immediately to wage clitty war on Lynn's smaller but very firm clit. Lynn pushed back with intensity. Lining up their clits directly at each other they began to push. Lynn tried to push Sue's big clit right back towards her pubic bone while Sue was definitely returning the favor. They wiggled clit against clit with the slippery knobs flexing against the pressure and springing back upright the moment pressure was relieved. The intensity and volume of the moaning women grew and grew. The perspiration on their bodies was now a thick coat of liquid and the heat of the mutual fucking was sending the orgasmic elevator towards the top floor.

Lynn managed to screech out of her mouth a few words, "My pussy is pounding your pussy, my clit is whipping your clit all over the place, you're no match for me. Can't you fuck any harder than that?"

"You bet I can!" spewed Sue, and she instantly began grinding harder and harder into Lynn. Sue's clit tried to push Lynn's clit this way and that way and the slippery juices were sending chills and shudders through her groin. Lynn too, was grinding back in like fashion. Like two cats in heat they were now each racing toward their own orgasm and desperately trying to avoid it at the same time. Faster and faster they went. Raunchy pussy odor intoxicated their nostrils and still they kept grinding and grinding. Sue could feel her impending orgasm but was powerless to slow down her pussy grinding and she began to grunt unintelligible noises of primal nature that gave away her heat. Louder and louder she began to scream and as though she was shot with a slingshot into a cauldron of pleasure. Her orgasmic shouts made Jenny and Rose think that the neighbors might be imagining some sort of foul play (maybe with good reason). On and on for two-plus minutes Sue shuddered and shook with orgasm. As her own grinding slowed down, Lynn actually speeded up her grinding humping action, making sure to keep as much clit to clit contact as possible. Sue's sensitivity to over-stimulation set in and she begged Lynn to stop, but Lynn was now like a wild woman herself and she humped Sue's pussy with a maniacal glee. When her orgasm hit, it hit with a force equal to Sue's, like slamming her into a brick wall and she kept up her humping right up to the very end. They lay there with their wet sticky pussies practically glued together, Sue almost sobbing and breathing heavily, but Lynn was smiling broadly and breathing heavily too.