About 10 minutes into this video both women are grinding wet and mixing juice. This video is not for everyone. Only the true lover of erotic competition will appreciate the chess match this sexfight became. As most of you know Mandy has two speeds when it comes to sexfighting - on and off - where Mishell fights a more defensive fight, both physicaly and mentally. She lies back, closes her eyes and, I assume, enters her happy place. She rarely makes eye contact. Mishell counter-attacks but is her grind any match for Mandy's? Mandy is all about siege attacks. Mandy attacks like no other woman. She is dripping in sweat early on and determined to wedge her clit deeply in between Mishell's pussylips and make as much clit contact as possible. Her clit is larger than Mishell's and harder. To defeat Mishell she would have to pull her mentally out of her happy place and into the reality of her clit grinding - and - pull her clit out from in between Mishell's thicker lips. Not an easy task. This video was one of the most difficult I've ever edited, because with 4 cameras and both women remaining fairly static I had ample time to adjust shot composition. Nice tight shots with a great view from each angle. The final score is 1-0 and if you only want the winning orgasm purchase clip 9. This is an 80 minute war where grinding is either lusty wet or painfully dry. Nearly non-stop grinding interrupted only by position change.