Becoming a Champion in any sport is a coveted Title. To Joslyn the Tribfight Championship Title has proven to be an elusive accomplishment. Mishell and Joslyn have been sexfighting since CF38 and each time they've fought Mishell has forced Joslyn to orgasm just 1 time more than Joslyn has forced her. Each time Joslyn has fought to the brink of stealing that Title away from Mishell. It is a source of frustration for Joslyn and a humorous anecdote for Mishell, which really pisses off Joslyn. This video showcases their fifth sexfight and ends in controversy. There is an extra piece of video added after the end of the fight and it is because the loser needed to prove her controversial point. You be the judge. Does she have a valid complaint? Choose the FULL version or any of the 6 smaller videoclips.