This is the long awaited Championship match between Kenna and Amber for the title of BEST BREASTS CHAMPION.

The rules were fairly simple: Each woman uses her breasts only to force her opponent to quit the breast-to-breast contact. It was often pleasurable but after several minutes it turned to pain and discomfort.

When one of the women forced her opponent to quit she was awarded 1 point. If she brought her opponent to orgasm through breast-to-breast or nipple-to-nipple contact she also received 1 point.

To give the women time to let the pain subside they engaged in trib until orgasm. Like always, the woman who forces her opponent to orgasm is awarded 1 point. Once a trib orgasm has occurred the women return to the breast-to-breast competition.

After 60 minutes there was a clear winner and a Champion emerged. As tired and sore as they were I asked the women if they would be interested in a double-dildo competition and they were. It was very back and forth with each woman controlling the dildo at one time or another. This competition ended in a tie and both women were exhausted.