CFC108 features the return of ALEXIS after a 7 year hiatus. She meets KENNA for what is supposed to be an "ANYTHING GOES" rules sexfight. Once the women locked up pussy-to-pussy it became a trib only sexfight with lots of kissing in between orgasms.

KENNA loves to trib and so does ALEXIS. There was no lubrication needed as the women kept each other wet throughout this 70 minute grind. There are many mutual orgasms plus rodeo trib, scissor trib and missionary trib. I also witnessed a few trib positions I had never seen before like side-by-side trib and ass-to-ass trib.

ALEXIS is in great condition as she jogs and runs marathons. It showed as she stretched KENNA to her limits forcing the brunette to dig deep down expecially near the end to gather all of her energy and stamina to keep up with the hard pounding trib that ALEXIS was dishing out. To me there were times when KENNA looked like she was trying not to get bucked off of a mechanical bull.

This sexfight has given me great respect for both women. KENNA gave as good as she got and ALEXIS gave more than I've seen since the days of SASHA and MONIQUE. ALEXIS gives it her all and KENNA takes every bit of it. When the 60 minute timer went off the women just kept fighting. This video is hard grinding trib interspaced with tender kissing. There is no trash talking and very little talking at all. You will hear a lot of very wet trib, moaning, screaming and heavy breathing.