Erotic Pin-Up Artwork by VARIOUS ARTISTS

As a youngster feeling the pains of approaching puberty I always looked forward to visiting the various service stations around our neighborhood whenever our family car needed fuel.  Many of you, I'm sure, remember when service stations actually gave service.  They checked your oil, tire pressure and even washed your windows and headlights and, almost all, had a mechanic on duty.  The one sure thing you could count on at a service station was that the mechanic would have a pin-up calendar above his workbench.  I remember vividly peeking into the service bay and staring intently at these calendars, snapping a mental picture of the women who adorned them.  As you can clearly see below these were ripe, active, healthy, happy women always smiling and inviting.  These were the first women who fueled my erotic fantasies while the service station attendants fueled my father's car.  I hope these pictures bring back as many fond memories for you as they do for me. -Michael