(By HGHunt)

Sue v Lynn

There were no words spoken now. All knew from last night what was going to happen. Jenny and Rose, the fighting match that would follow this one, found seats on the comfortable couches and waited for Lynn and Sue to begin. Lynn took a deep breath and began approaching Sue in a kind of circular closing path. Sue immediately responded in kind. Their hands were out to their sides, like claws. Watching, waiting, circling, closer and closer they came. When their chests were about a foot apart their hands came together. They clasped together, each striving for an advantage. Their arms went wide to the side and their breasts, anxious for battle, came together. Sue wasn't remembering her sore boobs, just the motivation to prove her boobs and herself superior to Lynn. With her arms locked in a battle with Lynn's arms, hands clenched tightly on Lynn's hands, Sue planted her feet behind her and pushed for all her might, forcing her chest to ride upward into Lynn's boobs which were there to meet her own. This was a moving battle. Trying to push their foe's arms backwards and behind, feet jockeying for a position of power, their breasts kept rubbing forcefully against each other. As they planted their feet wide and behind them, and leaned in close to keep their breasts in tight contact, they each found their head to the right of the other's head. This struggle continued for three or four minutes. The agility and mobility of each woman was tested as lunges and pushes were sometimes met with equal force in response, and sometimes not, causing both women to stumble forward or back.

With no apparent advantage to either fighter and with their arms tiring, they shook each other's hands loose and stepped directly up to each other, putting hands on the foe's waist. Now they began what in the earlier matches had been the opening salvo in those breast battles. They began poking nipples at each other. With the Jacuzzi action not far behind them, and the skin contact already begun here, both sets of nipples were erect and proud. Lynn's light pink areolas formed the ideal background for her long perfectly round nips. Sue's darker, chocolaty areolas were in stark contrast to the tender pink of Lynn's. Her areola were just as perfectly circular as Lynn's but not with the same outer dimensions. Both terminated in a perfect edge between creamy tan breast flesh and the areolas themselves. Lynn's nipples were nearly three-fourths of an inch long, approximately three-sixteenths of an inch longer than Sue's. But Sue's were just as thick, maybe even thicker.

As these differing nipples worked back and forth against each other, both women kept a keen watch on the proceedings just below their intense faces. Each was looking for some advantage they might exploit. Lynn began trying to attack Sue's nipples with angled attacks from the side. She was trying to bend Sue's nipples sideways with the force and strength of her own big nipples. Sue was trying the exact same tactic in reverse. Each woman thought her own nipples were the strongest and most powerful. Each thought the other's nipples would cave in and lose their attacking hardness. Would they be content to leave this a purely nipple duel? The twisting upper bodies and torsos, helped along with hands gripping waists continued on and on. Pokes of brown nipple on pink nipple struck home, but those long pink nipples stood their ground, never wavering, never softening, and never bending. Sometimes the aim was not so good and nipples would poke hard into the pretty areolas surrounding the sword-like nipples. Soreness was beginning to return to both fighters' nipples, but on they went. Long pink nipples scored direct hits on creamy fudge-colored nipples, but they remained proudly resilient, never folding over. After nearly fifteen minutes of nipple attacks, they took a moments interlude from the direct poking and did a grinding, pushing, turning motion, small in size, that just kept nipples in contact with each other or just the immediate surrounding tit tissue.

The break from poking ended just as quickly as it had begun and the nipple-poking resumed. Lynn was extremely proud of her tits, and now having seen the nipples that she knew drove men wild, dishing out such incredible pokes and receiving just as many without nary a flinch, began to feel new power. With her nipples maintaining their hard erect fighting stance she decided it was time to begin generating some real power behind those thrusts. Just pushing Sue's nipples into flaccid submission wouldn't be enough (even if she could make it happen), she wanted to totally dominate those 38C tits that were even still attacking her nipples just as much as they had at the start. Lynn now used the move she had used successfully against Jenny in the first titfight. Jenny and Sue were just about the same size, both in body and in breast, so she had a feeling it would work. She lifted Jenny briefly as she lowered her body to point her tits directly at the underside of Sue's big boobs. With her nipples feeling invincible she began pushing and poking those dagger-like nips again and again into Sue's tits. This move put the hurt on Sue, she had deep bruising on the underside of her tits, left over from the violent smashing they had endured with Jenny yesterday. She winced in pain and tried to evict Lynn's grip from around her waist. Lynn wouldn't budge her arms and she continued the onslaught of nipple against lower tit over and over again. Lynn's poking was met by attempts to twist and turn away. Sue was gritting her teeth and grunting to try to extricate her tits from this predicament. Her own nipples, affected by fear were beginning to shrivel in size. They were still big and sexy, just not as imposing as earlier. Her thick black bush was proximate to Lynn's blonde bush and they were rubbing mounds together in the battling predicament, but this time there was very little sexual heat being generated. This was woman muscle and tit versus woman muscle and tit. Lynn knew the determination of Sue not to lose. Hell, Sue had even proposed the titfight and so far she had only one win to show for it. She knew Sue would not give up easily. So Lynn paced herself, she pushed her heavy nipples again and again into Sue's tender tit-flesh. Sue battled and battled, even pushing back directly against the attack sometimes. But the effort and the pain were wearing her down, and with no apparent alternative, Sue relinquished the fight. "All right. All right. You win." Lynn was ecstatic. She had won two out of three titfights, all against women who had breasts bigger than her own. She was the first one to win two titfights as well. She pulled away from Sue and strutted around the room, sticking her tits out as far as she possibly could. Her nipples had won it for her. They were impressive feminine tools for the bedroom, and now it was proven that they were dominant on the tit battlefield too.