(By HGHunt)

Jenny v Sue

Next paired up on the battle chart were the two gladiatrixes who had fought that stupendous kiss-duel ending in Jenny's surprising victory. Sue was still bitter about the outcome of that kiss. She thought Jenny had cheated. There was definitely animosity lingering in her mind. For her part, Jenny hadn't really thought too much about that, but was nonetheless remembering the predicament Sue had put her in with those same tits back in their kiss-fight. They sauntered nonchalantly to the middle of the room, each acting as though she had not a care in the world. They each moved forward. Both sets of shoulders were back. Both pair of bountiful tits pointed proudly at their nemesis' tits in front of them.

Then without warning Sue charged tit-first directly at Jenny. Jenny tried to brace herself but the impact knocked her backwards, causing her to land hard on her ass, legs spread wide, and with a totally shocked look on her face. "What the hell are you doing?" Jenny spouted. Sue spit back, "I'm titfighting. How about you? You know if you can't stand the heat then get the hell out of the kitchen!" Jenny drawled in her super-sweet saccharin voice, "So you want to talk about the kitchen, do you?" Then she continued in a totally changed voice that sounded like a cross between a rattlesnake and a wild cat, "Well this is my kitchen! I'm the one that sets the temperature, and I'm gonna make it way too hot for you!" The words practically spit out of her mouth. She jumped up and immediately charged across the room at Sue. Sue had enough time to charge forward also and they met tits smacking head on with incredible force. The noise was like 2x4 blocks being smacked together. The bone-jarring impact this time sent Sue reeling backwards, but did not knock her off her feet. She gritted her teeth into a snarl and raced directly back at Jenny. Jenny also lunged forward and again their breasts smacked together. They backed off again, charged again, smacked tits again. These two angry hellcats were actually acting out a ritual paralleling the mating ritual of Bighorn Sheep from the Rocky Mountains. It was obvious though that the powerful impacts were not something that sensitive breasts could long endure, but they kept it up. Smashing together, backing off, doing it again. The one thing that they started doing after about the eighth or ninth impact was not back up quite so far. Their efforts were now begun from a distance of only about four or five feet, still enough for loud smacking noises, still enough for painful cries from each woman upon impact. How long could they keep this up? How smart was this tactic? Each woman had the expectation of fighting another titfight after they settled their own score. What condition would their breasts be in if they kept this up for very long? A partial answer came when on the 12th crash Sue fell backwards, exactly like Jenny had done on the first surprise attack. Sue's ass made a loud thump on the floor, she caught herself with her hands to keep her head from snapping back and hitting the floor, but just barely. She too found herself spread-eagled on the floor. Her womanhood was displayed for all to see. By this time she was tired enough that she didn't jump up and counter attack like Jenny had done earlier. She rose slowly, watching Jenny intently. Jenny stood with her hands on her hips, breathing heavily, as was Sue. Eyeing each other very carefully, not an ounce of trust in their faces, they moved closer together. This time they allowed each other to come to mere inches apart.

The brutal intensity of just 2 minutes of tit smashing had left both women extremely sore in their prize frontal possessions. While the smashing battle was waged, their adrenaline high prevented them from feeling the pain, but now it was apparent to both women. Sue was beyond second-guessing herself about those tactics and Jenny was just glad that phase appeared to be over. So they now, both tired and hurt, moved toward each other with very gingerly short steps, neither willing to make the first thrust, just edging closer and closer. Zap! Their nipples touched. Even in their anger and feuding, adrenaline filled bodies, the nipples maintained their status as sexual organs. The almost spiritual feeling of joy, heightened by the adrenaline coursing through their veins, set off shudders of excitement that made both women wobbly in the knees. They didn't fall but instead leaned into each other, nipple to nipple, compressing softened tit-flesh around the nipples of both. Arms snaked around each other's bodies, mostly in an effort to stabilize their balance and avoid toppling over. Each woman, not wanting to look like a lost fighter, began grinding her breasts in a circular rotation around and against the other's equally damaged breasts. They were going in the same direction. Not hard, but hard enough to make it appear vigorous. Spectators Lynn and Rose weren't fooled. They had been as surprised as Jenny when Sue made her vicious frontal attack and amazed at the quick energy lost by the two women. The fight was now barely three minutes old and already it was looking like they had endured 15 rounds of punishment. But Jenny and Sue continued their slow grinding tit circle. Their hands, having wrapped equally around each other's body, lowered themselves to waist level. As the rules had been stated (Sue's idea), hands weren't supposed to be used below the waist of an opponent. But, surprisingly to Lynn and Rose, when the two combatants hands dropped down as far as each other's waist, they didn't stop. As if by mutual and simultaneous agreement their hands continued to slowly, slowly lower themselves until their hands came apart from a squeezing grip and separated from each other and landed directly on the ass cheeks of their foe. Sue's right hand was in firm grasp of Jenny's left ass cheek. Jenny's right was likewise on Sue's left ass cheek. Hmmmm. Their circular tit-grinding continued, but the women weren't responding in pain. Their already pain-wracked tits were now receiving what amounted to nipple massages. The pressure was mild and they would have been too tired to mount a vigorous attack anyway. Both wanted to maintain the contact. Both wanted to win. But right here, right now, what they both wanted was to recuperate from the damage they had done each other. But in doing so they were each, deep inside, reminded of the sexual nature of their body contact. As those hands had snaked down each other's back and finally rested on sumptuous ass cheeks, the sexual energy of the other woman had discharged back and forth between them. First in that nipple encounter, and then again when those hands found such a perfect-fitting grasp on the other woman's behind. When they pulled each other towards their own body, their dark triangles of sex fur lined up perfectly. They came together, pressed into total mixed up contact. Jenny's thick brown curls invaded and were in turn invaded by Sue's long ebony ringlets. A practically explosive discharge of sexual energy leaped between their groins. Inside their pussies, now just fractions of an inch apart, clits leapt to attention. Still standing up, tits grinding slowly around and around, hands pulling the opposite pussy closer and closer, those fuzzy forests beginning to rub gently against each other, the two women found themselves transported into a totally different dimension. It hardly looked like a fight anymore.

Lynn and Rose were transfixed by the sea-change in events they had just witnessed. But this wasn't their fight. As four or five minutes passed. The energy level of both women began to return. However, neither even thought of trying to mount a violent attack on her nemesis. Both had changed gears completely. The goal was now sexual release. Their own would be highly desirable. But neither was foggy-headed. Both knew if they could force such release on the other that they would indeed be the winner. So the stand-up full-body pressing (titfight?) continued. Sue began rhythmic clinching of Jenny's ass cheeks, first the right, then the left. Their thickly furred pubic mounds kept up their own dangerous yet delicious dance. Their pussies began to ache for orgiastic release. Jenny felt slippery juices running down both legs, inner thighs glistening with the moisture. Sue felt her clit grow and grow and begin poking its crimson head out from between her very swollen labia. The very tops of each pussy would slide smoothly across the hairs offered up as resistance by the other woman. They had both lost total track of the fact that this was supposed to be a titfight, but since both were 'breaking the rules' equally, what did it matter? First to submit loses, or now, as seemed infinitely more likely, first to orgasm loses. The outcome (outcum?) was still up in the air. Jenny began thinking how delicious this felt, even as she couldn't forget the pain and soreness in her precious tits. She knew this was a very different battle of attrition. This was a battle like none she had ever fought in her life. But it was a battle she very much wanted to fight, ..... and WIN!

She began reciprocating the ass clenching rhythm Sue had initiated. Their bodies were swaying to some unheard beat. They were in perfect unison. Their feet were spread just far enough apart to maintain balance, close enough together to keep body parts perfectly aligned. That alignment was beginning to cause moans of pleasure to seep from Sue's mouth. Her protruding clit had somehow found a way to bump up and into Jenny's bush, sending her closer and closer to the edge. Jenny fought hard in her mind to control her pent-up desire. Her clit was now finding itself fully engorged, reaching, reaching for Sue's menacing clit. She couldn't help it. As if by some unseen hand, their pussy mounds began a more rapid, ragged pulsing, bumping grind. Without labia ever touching labia, they were now fabulously close. Jenny hoping against hope that she would soon hold a shuddering orgasmic Sue in her arms, pulled her tits apart just enough from Sue's to re-align their opposing nipples. The erect rigid poles (having returned to rutting prominence from the flaccid state the ramming impacts had) were re-engaged in a sexual jousting match. No violent thrusts, just poking, sliding and nipple across nipple, gently, and with great effectiveness. With sex-energy flowing freely back and forth between these cats-in-heat, the battle continued. Jenny found herself spiraling towards her orgasm: one she knew would be hard and powerful, when she grabbed Sue's ass cheeks, used every ounce of energy she possessed and lifted her just about six inches off the floor, and with a swift move pulled her up and over her own pelvis as she leaned her upper body back just enough to shove her own pelvis forward between the unsuspecting legs of Sue. She maintained her balance, and now with Sue suspended just off the floor, and Sue's wide open pussy resting perfectly on Jenny's bushy mound started bouncing Sue up and down. Surprised and relieved all at once, Sue started humping and grinding down against Jenny's perfect mound with total abandon.

Her pussy was totally on fire from within and she exploded into an intense orgasm. She jerked and cried out in ecstasy. After three orgasmic bounces on Jenny's pussy bush, the two women fell to the floor. As Sue's orgasm subsided, Jenny rolled Sue onto her back, lifted her legs wide in the air, lowered her totally drenched cunt down onto Sue's equally sopping gash and slipped her cunt into and around Sue's until she matched her clit up directly with Sue's large clit. She ground it around and around in tight circles and within 30 seconds was herself jerking and shouting out her cries of pleasure. She was in total orgasmic heaven for nearly two minutes. Sue also shuddered into an immediate second, smaller orgasm. When the orgasmic shudders subsided the two women rolled onto the floor and with ragged breaths tried to regain their wits about them. Neither had ever been involved in anything so incredibly sexy in their lives. The fact that it had all started with the most violent confrontation of any of the matches yet was quite perplexing to both of them. It was equally startling to Lynn and Rose, the spectators who sat transfixed throughout the battle. It was so hot and sexy that each found herself fingering nipples and pussies as they watched. They weren't at all embarrassed. It was just the most natural thing to do. This whole titfight had lasted less than 15 minutes. But its intensity had made it seem much longer.

So now we finally had another winner and loser. Jenny had bested Sue again. Sue at this point wasn't even complaining about it. When she had re-gathered enough of her strength to sit up. She just said, "Fuck, that was the most powerful orgasm I've ever had!" "Me too," said Jenny quietly. They both eventually made it up onto the couch when the intense soreness of their battered boobs began to throb back into their consciousness. Both found their tits very sensitive to the touch. Both women felt like they couldn't go on. Lynn and Rose knew that they had probably just witnessed the turning point in their sex-matches. They could be both more violent and more sex-driven than any of the fights they had fought earlier. The ramifications of this however were not scary for either woman. The adrenaline that had been flowing, the sexual heat Sue and Jenny had ignited, had been diffused throughout the room and was shared by Lynn and Rose as well. None knew what the future would bring in these fights, but one thing was certain, they would be very exciting. Right now there was definitely a question that needed to be answered. Was Sue in any condition to take on Lynn in the next bout? Indeed would Jenny be ready for a titfight with Rose after that? Both women's tits were so obviously sore and hurting, that Lynn and Rose, even in their competitive mind-set, knew that it would be unfair to force them to continue right away under these circumstances. The women looked at the clock for the first time in hours, and noted that it was nearly 4:00 AM. They had been going for about twelve hours and with only time out for the drive to town for dinner. It was agreed that they would resume in the morning. Both Jenny and Sue, even in their pain, had agreed that they should get going again after a good rest.

And so it was set: A good sleep, breakfast, showers, and then the battling titfights would resume. Next up would be Sue and Lynn, to be followed by the last fight of this marathon round robin, Jenny and Rose.