(By HGHunt)

Dinner Preparations

The competition was beginning already. The women were forced to think about all their options in dress, what to say, body language, what to eat, etc. This was a sexy physical challenge among four gorgeous women and an intriguing chess match too. The psychological battles were already being waged and Rose made her first move by jumping up and heading to the bathroom so as to be first in the shower. This left the other women to lounge around the room, relaxing and talking. They made small talk and tried to avoid direct mention of the afternoon or the upcoming events, but they were always on their minds.

Sue began to think about how she had lost and what she might be able to do to each of the other women to obtain victories. She had scored the first point way back at the golf course veranda by surprising Lynn and being brazen. She had lost to both Jenny (bite) and Rose (unexpected grabbing and tit-rubbing) and she could see that the element of surprise was really important. She began thinking about the other's bodies. Rose had the biggest tits and probably had the longest nipples too. Those big tits were impressive enough but Sue figured if she could use her nipples to defeat Jenny (as she almost had) she thought for sure she could do the same to Rose. Her nipples were so long they were bound to be more prone to bending from attack with her own hard nipples. She knew that if she came up against Lynn she would be in for a hell of a battle. Lynn's tits weren't quite as large as hers but they were very firm and her ass looked to be as hard as a rock. The other thing that Sue counted in her favor was her legs. They hadn't yet come into play in any way and she was sure that if she could use them that she could whip any of the other women in that department. When Rose exited the shower, Sue quickly went in.

Lynn, was a a supremely confident young woman and her thoughts also turned to what she believed were her opponents weaknesses and her own strengths. One of the things that was totally up in the air was the degree of sexual responsiveness that they all had. Lynn had seen how Jenny had nearly been forced to orgasm against her will by Sue and so she had an idea about how sensitive Jenny was. But even though she could tell that Rose and Sue had been turned on she really had no idea of their staying power. But one thing she was confident of, and that was her own impressive sexiness. She had often used it to get her way with men and women, both at work, at play, and in her personal life. She was sure that she had what it takes to bend any of them to her will. She knew it wouldn't be easy, but she was confident. She hopped into the shower when Sue finished. She felt the pelting water cleanse her body and replenish her spirit. She came out with the attitude of a hungry tigress after her next meal, her next victim. This 27 year-old in the prime of her sexual life would be ready for anything the evening could offer.

When Jenny finally took her turn in the shower the others had begun the various stages of primping, combing their hair, putting on make-up and choosing their outfits for the evening. They had all brought along a complete summer wardrobe to cover any occasion that might arise. Tonight's meal demanded that they look their very best. Not because they were going to a charity ball or the symphony, but just to make sure they weren't out-dressed by their friends and competitors. Rose found a dress that accented her curves perfectly. It was a black dress that plunged in a gathered fashion from over both shoulders to deep below her breasts. Her impressive cleavage would be visible at all times, even without bending low. It bunched tight at the waist and bounced out and around her hips and hung elegantly to just above her knees. She chose matching black bikini panties, black garter belt, and sheer black stockings. She chose a pair of black shiny open toe high heels to finish her clothing. Her only jewelry was a necklace that dropped to just about the top of her breasts with a sparkling diamond radiating out to all who would see. The necklace was sure to draw attention to her big tits and their gorgeous cleavage even though it wouldn't have been necessary. Her assets alone would have done the job.

Since Jenny and Rose were sharing the bedroom on one side Sue and Lynn found themselves dressing in the same bedroom at the same time. Two gorgeous women intent on competing, confident in their own sexuality found themselves in a situation full of potential for mind games and confrontation. Since there was only one mirror they had to share. Since they were dressing in front of each other and since they each wanted to act as disinterested in the other's body as possible, they both tried to avoid being caught looking at the other. But the close quarters and the dressing they each needed to do meant that some quick stealthy looks were inevitable.

Sue had the head start on the dressing routine and she was sitting on the stool in her undergarments combing and drying her hair in the mirror when Lynn came in. Lynn saw that Sue had chosen a baby blue theme for her underwear. The stockings she chose were pale blue with white diamonds accenting the blue hose exquisitely. The stockings were held up by a blue garter belt. It hugged Sue's waist tightly. Her panties were thong-style in blue with white diamonds to perfectly match her hose. She had just finished putting on her bra. Wow! It was strapless with a half cup that allowed her nipples to protrude just above the bra fabric. Even now they were half-erect and looked like they were aching to be sucked. That fleeting thought caused Lynn to remind herself that too much lust could be a big problem and she began her preparations by positioning herself in just such a way that she was sure Sue could see her movements reflected in the mirror. She certainly didn't want to overtly pay attention to Sue but she was dying to know her reaction to what she was about to do. When she reached the spot beside her bed where she was sure Sue would be able to observe her, she noticed that she could see a reflection in the turned-off television of Sue. She was sure that Sue didn't know she could see her that way. This gave her plenty of boldness to put on a show for Sue that Sue was sure to see, and she could watch her reaction in secret to Sue. She knew that Sue wouldn't dare to say anything because that would be admitting she was watching. Lynn was feeling her own hormones leap a level in anticipation.

She began adjusting her terrycloth robe and began tousling her hair and tossing it from side to side. That was pretty innocent and she saw no reaction from Sue. Lynn felt the power of her edge over Sue and she was intent on using it to the fullest. She didn't know how long it might last so she got down to business putting on a show for Sue. It was easy for her to take glances at the blank TV screen and see Sue continuing to work her hair. Lynn had been told many times in the past that she had the body of a stripper and she was ready to put it to good use, even if the audience wasn't a bar full of men. Sue would do just fine. Lynn lifted her right leg and put it on the side of the bed. The robe had fallen away to reveal its golden shine clear up to her upper thigh. She ran her hands down her thigh and calf, relishing in the feel of newly shaved smoothness. She repeated the movements three more times, each feel lasting a little longer than the one before. She had to admit that it felt good to use her hands like that on her own body. Lynn was confident that Sue had been watching but no signal revealed itself in the reflection. Sue continued to brush her hair. Lynn swung her body around to now partially face towards Sue. She knew this would require Sue an extra effort to keep from looking up directly into the mirror since she would be given away if she did. Lynn lifted her left leg up to the bed in order to repeat the sensuous leg massage on the other leg. Her robe had not been tied shut and this movement let a flash of her downy blonde pubic hair jump into the mirror's reflection. She proceeded to run her hands slowly up and down over her left leg as she had done with the right. Sue tried not to be conspicuous as she watched in the mirror. She knew that Lynn was putting on a show and she wasn't surprised. She set her hair dryer down for just a moment and with both hands reached down and pretended to adjust her bra using her fingers to wiggle her tits back and forth in a fake effort to perfect the 'fit.' She pinched each of her nipples and rolled them around between her fingertips. Sue was thinking, "two can play this game." While she didn't dare to look directly into the reflection to see Lynn she had been confident that Lynn would have caught at least some of her actions. She was pretty sure of it when Lynn turned around to face the other way. Lynn was enjoying this. She had seen what Sue did and got a kick out of it. Yes it was sexy, but mostly she thought how Sue was still unaware of Lynn's ability to see Sue even when facing away. Advantage: Lynn. Facing away from Sue and the mirror Lynn let her robe drop completely away, revealing that delicious, tight, hard ass. She raised her hands above her head and stretched high on tiptoes and let out a low but distinct sigh. She dropped her hands down and reached around behind herself and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand. She squeezed and kneaded her tight ass flesh and then spread her feet about two feet apart and leaned way over towards the floor offering an uninterrupted view of her fresh clean pussy. While showering she had given her pussy a nice smooth shave. Her labia lips were as smooth and slick as they could be. She was a real blonde, as evidenced by the very light yellow pubic hair adorning the mound above her pussy. She wore bikinis often and she kept the edges very neatly trimmed, allowing her to wear thong bottoms without allowing any stray hairs to show at the edges of her bikini bottoms. She was very proud of her pussy and knew the power it had over men. And since the events of today, she was sure it would have the same effect on her older women friends. She planned to fully utilize her youngish looks and sex equipment to dominate her friends in their upcoming contests. She brought her right hand around from her ass cheek and licked her middle finger and let it trail down her body to her pussy and then in plain view of the mirror used that slick wet finger to manipulate her pussy lips back and forth. She let her finger slide knuckle deep into the now wet folds of her pussy and rotated it around and around causing her pussy lips to open. Lynn kept using her finger to slide in and out and all around her pussy. She even spent about a minute flicking her clit. This was exciting as hell. Lynn couldn't believe how good it made her feel to be giving Sue a little sex show. She realized that she was just about as sexually excited as she had ever been in her life. The thrill of showing off her body and at the same time knowing she was gaining psychological advantage over Sue was a potent brew. She had been watching the TV reflection to spot any responses from Sue. While Sue never spoke, she had stopped brushing her hair twice, staring directly at Lynn's reflection. Lynn even thought she spotted a little shudder when she had first inserted her finger into her slick pussy. Lynn was certain that Sue had been affected by the sight, and she relished the power she was feeling from using her sexuality this way. She now stood back up and went to the drawer to choose the underwear she would wear. They were planning to leave in about 20 minutes.

For her part Sue had no idea that Lynn had seen her reactions in the reflection from the TV. She knew that she didn't dare say anything overt because that would be admitting she had stared. She wasn't planning to give her the satisfaction. Sue wasn't unnerved by Lynn's erotic display. She had just decided to relish the view. She didn't care if it turned her on. She knew she couldn't avoid looking, so she just decided to take it all in. Sue was the one among them who had a brief lesbian encounter back in her sorority days in college. Even though she never thought of herself as a lesbian she did have a pleasant memory of the fling. While her battling, competitive instincts weren't gone she found herself thinking a lot about her sexy friends and what delicious things she might do to their bodies. She eventually finished her hair and stood up and went to the bed to get the dress she had laid out earlier. It was short, oh so short, pretty blue in a satin fabric. Even though she was 34 years old she kept plenty of sexy clothes in her closet. If there was ever a time for sexy clothes this was it. The dress slipped down over her body and she smoothed it into place. Spaghetti straps, a shallow v-shaped neckline, a slight narrowing at the waist and then it ended abruptly mere inches below her crotch. Her half-bra allowed those generous nipples to poke distinctly through the blue fabric. Those long skiers legs were her pride and joy and now she was dressed to let everyone see them displayed. In fact the shortness of the dress was so dangerously high that simple body movements would bring the tops of her baby blue stockings into view, and with that the sexy garters she wore. She was ready and went out into the living room to wait for the others.

Lynn was selecting her underwear hoping for a powerful impact upon the other three ladies. It had to be showy, that's for sure. She chose crimson red thong panties and a strapless bra. The thong was one of those 'barely there' items. It rose very high up the sides and narrowed to only just enough material to cover her pubic mound and the delicious pussy underneath. Her bra also was cut quite low, allowing her nipples to poke out over the top. She chose to wear no hose at all. She had gorgeous legs and they were incredibly smooth. Satisfied with her underwear she now pulled on her dress. The long dress was a deep dark red and it was strapless but snug just above her breasts. It followed the contour of her breasts and then fell away almost to the floor hanging loosely all the way. The most stunning feature of the dress though was the extremely long slit up the left side. It rose clear to mid-hip. Only the highest thong cut bikini underwear could possibly be worn with such a dress. It would have been easy for one to see that much leg skin and think she just HAD to be naked underneath. She wasn't of course, but that tiny thong and long slit sure did let a lot of skin show. She just knew that when she went out and crossed her legs in public she might be in danger of causing heart attacks. That was the kind of sight she wanted her companions to see. It was a fact: they would be jealous of her gorgeous ass and legs.

By the time Jenny had gone to shower Rose was just leaving the bedroom to go out and wait in the living room. Jenny sure did notice Rose's low-cut dress and she had to admit she was impressed with how wonderful Rose looked. But she chose to just raise her haughty nose a little as they walked by each other. Jenny said nothing. When she got into the shower, all the thoughts she had been tossing and turning in her head continued. She was thrilled at the result of the afternoon's events. She had two wins and only one loss, but she also knew that both her wins were of the 'just-barely' variety. Her power kiss over Rose had come early in the series of kiss-battles and maybe Rose hadn't been taking it very seriously. She was acutely aware that her sexual arousal had almost cost her the final match against Sue as well. Only the biting surprise had enabled her to get that 2nd win. She was still turned on by all of this and deciding that she didn't want to be over-sexed, she spent the first five minutes in the shower masturbating herself to an orgasm. She hardly ever did that sort of thing, but she thought that if she 'used up' a bit of her sex drive she might be better able to keep control of the situation. That was what had won her that last match against Sue, after all. Control. That was what Jenny wanted. And she knew that she could use sex to get it if it didn't get her first. When she finished she went to her room and got dressed. Her outfit was composed of white fishnet pantyhose over white bikini panties. Her bra was white, lacy, and deeply cut, it did cover her nipples, but just barely. The bra pushed her breasts forward and up, accentuating her already impressive cleavage. She chose a lavender dress that dropped into a deep cut between her breasts and flowed smoothly down to mid-thigh. She wore a lavender belt at her high waist, further emphasizing the expanse of her tits. Her breasts might not have been quite as large as Rose's but the way she was stacked into that bra and dress would be sure to make one look twice. She had yet to see Lynn or Sue's dresses.