As Emily ran her fingers through the hair and labia of Bev's crotch, Bev slowly slid her hand down Emily's stomach and into her open crotch. She didn't waste any time teasing the clitoris as she ran her fingers along the inner walls and felt the wetness, then smoothly slid it up and around the clitoris. What had been done to their breasts was now being done to their crotches as loose arms went around their backs, holding their embrace and totally engulfing them in their masturbation contest.

They both began to moan with arousal. Their foreheads pressed together as they groaned in unison. Both women were now getting to the other and they both knew it! Their hands brushed against each other as their fingers slid in and out and all over each other's pussy. Their hands partly tried to push the other's hand away while at the same time continuing to stimulate her opponent.

Emily's fingers massaged the hot, wet and responding pussy of her opponent. Their bodies were locked together, clenched teeth only separated by pressed lips as each could feel the labored breathing of the other. Bev's experienced fingers were arousing Emily, as the women's bodies moved with full arousal.

Bev withdrew her cum-soaked hand and grabbed Emily's hair and forced her onto the bed as their aroused bodies twisted and squirmed together in a tangled bundle of arms and legs. Their aroused and wet crotches searched each other for a confrontation of their own.

Bev now pinned Emily body to body as both meshed breasts and rubbed crotches. Both locked the other up by wrapping their arms around each other, grabbing two mutual handfuls of hair. Both women worked their crotches into intimate wet contact and challenged each other sex to sex!

Emily managed to roll Bev over and continued the sexually arousing battle between them. Emily knew that Bev was close to climaxing, but she, herself, was caught in the erotic stimulation of two naked pussies. Each woman used all the feminine power she had.

Bev moved her own wet clitoris up against Emily's. Their clits slid in tight, skin to skin, as the erotic stimulation was almost too much to stand. Both women sensed the end was near, both knew they had the other on the verge of orgasm and that they themselves were on the edge, too.

Slowly Emily brought her face up to Bev's and they looked into each other's eyes. Lips pressed together, separating teeth, each wanted to use them on the other. As if by mutual agreement, arms locked around each other, bodies plastered together, crotches in intimate contact, legs entangled, they mashed their breasts and nipples together.

They quickly came to full arousal and the sex struggle totally enveloped both women as their crotches dueled for sexual supremacy. Groaning and heavily aroused, straining gasps came from both women. Both women fought with their bodies, their sex rubbing, pressing, tightening in between their bodies.

Bev growled twice and instinctively Emily knew that Bev was going over the edge. Emily pressed her attack, pumping her crotch into Bev's. Bev began to shake. She grabbed two handfuls of Emily's hair and fought back as she passed the point of no return. Bev's crotch shuddered as she pressed into Emily's tight and hard.

Emily grabbed Bev's hair as she continued pussy to pussy, fighting her to the edge of orgasm. The two women humped and strained as the first wave rolled through Bev's body. They screamed and squealed together and continued to sex fight as the second wave, stronger, hit Bev and the first wave jolted through Emily's body. Both women continued to fight each other through the climax until both sweaty, tight bodies had forced the climax completely from the other!